Stages Of Liver Cancer

What To Expect During The Final Stages Of Cirrhosis Of The Liver
A person who is in the final stages of cirrhosis of the liver will go through many complex bodily changes. Here are some of the changes that may be encountered:

- Acites is the build up of fluid in the abdominal area. The liver usually makes a protein called Albumin, which keeps the fluid inside our vessels, but during the final stages of cirrhosis of the liver, it no longer does this accurately. The fluid seeps out and collects in the abdomen. The good news is that the fluid can be drained out to make the person more comfortable, but keep in mind that the fluid will return due to the loss of this important protein.

- Edema is the retaining of fluid and swelling in the legs and feet. People in the final stages of cirrhosis of the liver tend to retain lots of sodium. Their doctor will put them on a lower sodium diet and give them diuretics to try to flush out the sodium. Sitting in a reclining chair and elevating the feet and legs above heart level may give a person relief from the pressure.

- Loss of appetite People with liver disease tend to experience nausea and lose their appetites. They can take some vitamins and other supplements to help with malnutrition.

- Encephalopathy affects the memory. When the toxins that the liver can no longer handle go into the blood, they can end up in the brain. This leads to confusion, memory loss and other various mental changes. The prescription drug Lactalose can help remove this toxin.

Even after liver failure, a person can continue surviving and thriving. In fact, there are many safe, effective, natural treatments and techniques that can help reverse symptoms of liver cirrhosis. Just because you have been told that you’re in the final stages of cirrhosis of the liver, doesn’t mean you need to give up on life. It can be turned around with a good diet, stress-reducing techniques and natural supplements. You can get your life back starting today.


Types & Effects of Eye Cancer
Eye cancer is also known as ocular cancer. In medical terms the eye is called ocular (with the eye). There are basically two types of eye cancer, namely – primary intraocular cancer and secondary intraocular cancer. Cancer that resides inside the eye is intraocular in nature, while those affecting the outsides of an eye are extraocular. Melanoma can be of both types and is the most common primary type of intraocular cancer in adults. These types of eye cancers usually start in our skin and are known to develop in the eyes as well as in other parts of our body. Melanoma can start in the eyelids, eyeball or in front portion of the covering of our eyeball. Lymphoma of the eye is a very rare kind of cancer and is intraocular in nature as it begins inside the eyes. Retinoblastoma and rhabdomyosarcoma occur in children below age five and are rare types of eye cancer.

Cancer that spreads to the eyes from other parts of our body is called secondary cancer. In women this can happen through breast cancer and in men through lung cancer. One can look for symptoms like a growing dark spot on the surface of iris, a change in the position of the eyeball inside the socket, bulging signs related to the eyes and difference of movement of the eyes within the socket.But exact identification of the disease calls for a proper diagnosis. Cancers related to the eyes can only be detected through eye cancer diagnosis as those affected by symptoms of eye cancer can rarely identify these by self examination. It is very important to report all the symptoms to your doctor periodically. The diagnosis process can involve a visit to the doctor if you notice problems in your eyes. If a tumor is discovered (it will mostly be benign in nature) through an in depth eye examination, you will most like go in for an angiography or ultrasound test. These tests help determine the malignancy of the tumor. If lifestyle changes are advised like quitting your smoking habits then please do it at the earliest and stick to it.

Benign eye tumors are common, and if detected, please do consult your doctor. This will help in preventing the growth from turning cancerous as treatments for eye cancer are best if resorted to in early stages of the disease. Yearly eye examinations aid in treatment and preventions of the disease. An early eye cancer diagnosis means a better chance of dealing with the disease through early treatment. As a patient you are at a liberty to choose a health care provider of your choice, one who can render quality treatment. Side effects of eye cancer treatment can be short or long term in nature. Loss of eyelashes, feeling of tiredness, increased pressure in the eye, are all classic short term side effects of eye cancer that can be experienced by those who undergo radio therapy. Long term side effects include difficulties related to focusing, cataract and dry & sore eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

    can a veteran’s family sue the government for agent orange desease?
    A vietnam veteran died of agent orange desease. His desase was lung metastsic cancer and livercancer. The Veteran filed for 100% compensation and was granted it 15 days later from the V A. 85 days laterthe veteran died.

    • ANSWER:
      I have cancer+ related to Agent Orange exposure and receive some benefits from the VA for it. You cannot and should not be able to sue the government for compensation in relation to injuries received in a war zone. That’s what the military does – go to war when the country requires it of them. Granted, Agent Orange was a very nasty substance and millions were affected by it, but bombs (think napalm) and bullets were/are pretty nasty too. Naturally, I hate to hear of vets sick/dying from the effects of AO as one day I am going to be one of them. What I hope is, is that medical research continues to come up with successful treatments for the diseases caused by AO and that the Vets experiencing those diseases are identified and helped. That affected Vets get in to the VA as soon as they realize they might be able to get help, medical and financial. I hope also that the experiences of the Viet Nam Vets was a learning experience and it helps ease the way for the men and women returning from the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan to receive quicker and more compassionate care than the Viet Nam Vets got when they came home. It just ain’t happening yet! The help they are getting is anything but quick or compassionate and that is NOT the fault of the folks at the VA clinics! They are undermanned, under-paid, and for the most part busting their butts.

    liver transplantation in india?
    want to know which of the hospitals can transplant liver, and price wise and result wise which hospitals are better.
    my mother aged 55, living in pakistan, have livercancer and doctors in pakistan can,t cure any more, as the only choice is LIVER TRANSPLANTATION, so my family wants to traveel india for the transplantation.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you sure of the transplant? My mother had colon cancer and liver cancer. We live in Gibraltar so she had to go for treatment to the UK as here there are no oncologists (doctors who specialize in cancer) She used to go to the Royal Marsden hospital in London. If my mum had only had colon cancer she would have had more chance of survival but having liver cancer aswell was not good. We talked to the doctors there and suggested a liver transplant but they told as that was not an option for my mother as usually when a person has liver cancer its because that’s a secondary cancer, that means that they have cancer in another place as my mum had. Have your family had a second opinion? I think it is wise going to another doctor for a second opinion. Good Luck and God Bless.

    i need a good song to let my boyfriend know that im here for him, bcus he just lost his grandma to cancer?
    He just lost his grandma to LiverCancer. He’s very depressed and just sad about it. I’ve never experienced any sort of death in my life, and this is like the fourth death he’s experienced within the last couple of years, so I don’t know how to go through with this situatuion. But I want to let him know that i’m here for him, so I need like a song that can help me express my feelings more. Also just some plain old advice. Idk what to do?:(

    • ANSWER:

Autosomal Polycystic Kidney Disease

Treatment by Type of Kidney Stone Hyperuricosuria Treatment | We Care
Polycystic Kidney Disorder Treatment

What is Polycystic Kidney Disease?

Polycystic kidney disease is an inherited disease characterized by the growth of numerous cysts filled with fluid in the kidneys. Polycystic kidney disease cysts can slowly replace much of the mass of the kidneys, reducing kidney function and leading to kidney failure.

Polycystic kidney disease can also cause cysts in the liver and problems in other organs, such as the heart and blood vessels in the brain. The cysts may also cause pain or may get infected. There are two types of Polycystic kidney disease (autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive).

Polycystic kidney disease is also called PKD.

Types of Polycystic Kidney Disease

Autosomal dominant Polycystic kidney disease is inherited. This kind of Polycystic kidney disease accounts for about 90 percent of all Polycystic kidney disease cases. The term “Autosomal dominant” means that if one parent has the disease, there is a 50 percent chance that the disease will pass to a child.

Autosomal recessive Polycystic kidney disease is also inherited. This type of Polycystic kidney disease is rare. Parents that do not have the disease can have a child with the disease. How can this happen? If both parents carry the recessive gene and pass the recessive gene to their child, the child will have two recessive genes and develop the disease.

What are the symptoms of Polycystic kidney disease?

Polycystic Kidney Disease has many symptoms. Individuals with Polycystic kidney disease may not experience all of the symptoms.

Some of the most common symptoms of polycystic kidney disease are : -

* frequent kidney infections
* high blood pressure
* back and side pains
* blood in the urine
* urinary tract infections
* liver and pancreatic cysts
* abnormal heart valves
* kidney stones
* aneurysms in the brain
* diverticulosis

Polycystic Kidney Disease Statistics

* Polycystic Kidney Disease is the most common inherited disease.s
* Children of parents with Polycystic kidney disease have a 50% chance of getting the disease
* Polycystic kidney disease is the fourth leading cause of kidney failure.

How will Polycystic Kidney Disease affect my health?

Most people with Polycystic kidney disease can lead a normal life. In most people, Polycystic kidney disease is mild and causes only minor problems. In severe cases, Polycystic kidney disease can cause kidney failure. About 60% of patients develop high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be treated with medication. About 50% of patients with Polycystic kidney disease have kidney failure by age 60. Dialysis and kidney transplants are both effective treatments for kidney failure. Polycystic kidney disease is generally worse in men, African Americans and patients with sickle cell disease.

Will other organs be be hurt by Polycystic kidney disease?

Maybe. People with Polycystic kidney disease may also have cysts in their liver. However, the cysts in the liver seldom cause problems. Heart valve problems sometimes occur. Other organs that may be affected include the brain, intestines, pancreas, ovaries and spleen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How likely is it that I have polycystic kidney disease (autosomal dominant)?
    I would like to know how likely it is that I have autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD). My mother had it, two of her three brothers have it, her father had it, and his mother had it. I understand that the disease is dominant, which means that my mother carries one dominant gene (the disease) and one recessive gene (normal), and my father carries two recessive. I’m pretty sure that means that I have a 50% chance of having the disease.

    I’m almost 16 years old and I’m in good health. I have lower than normal blood pressure, I run several miles a day and I play sports with no problem, I’ve never had kidney pain or urinary tract infections, and I’ve never physically felt any cysts. My parents think it isn’t a good idea to get an ultrasound just yet because they think I’m too young for it to be detected, but I just really want to know if there’s some other way to tell if I might have it, like other symptoms maybe. I know that you might say it’s better to not know until it will affect me, but it’s been like a raincloud hanging over my head. Thanks guys, this is important to me.

    • ANSWER:

    Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease?
    My 1 month old daughter has it. They thought she had polycystic kidney disease alone inherited from me and her kidneys were enlarged. She had surgery last week and got one kidney removed which is when they found that shes more likely to have autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease. can anyone tell me what this is and whats likely to happen to my baby??

    • ANSWER:
      A diagnosis like this must be quite a shock. This disease usually reduces life expectancy, but the nature and severity of effects from this disease vary. The docs will be able to give you an assessment of her prognosis once they perform a few more tests.

      The primary risk from this disease is eventual kidney failure, which could occur in adolescence or early adulthood. Sometimes there are also problems with the liver. Most likely, even under the worst-case scenario, she will probably have a mostly normal childhood at least through her grade school years. Once kidney problems progress, dialysis will probably be needed.

      A kidney transplant could possibly be an option once the disease advances, and after a transplant, if it is successful, people lead normal lives.

    is it possible to develop autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease at 14-16 y/o?
    my friend was wondering. i mean like, not develop but just start getting symptoms of it then and if u can what is the chances of survival and what kind of treatment is there?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it is possible. PKD runs in my family. All 4 of my Uncles, my Aunt, 7 cousins and my brother have it. My Mom also had it and she died a year ago from complications of dialysis. I am 25 and have been tested and luckily I do not show signs as of yet.

      There is no cure for this disease but there are treatment options. When end stage renal disease occurs your options are dialysis or transplantation. You can live a long life with this disease. My Mom was diagnosed in her early twenties, her kidneys did not go into renal failure until her early forties and then she lived until 56. My Uncles are in their 60′s and 70′s.

      If your friend is worried about getting this disease then I would strongly encourage him/her to go to their doctor. Their doctor should be able to set up a consultation with a nephrologist to answer any questions.

    Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease testing-PRIVATE ?
    What specific test do I need to see if I have it ?
    Found a place that offers them totally private but they have a LOT of different ones.

    Addison’s Disease Screen (Basic)
    Albumin, Serum
    Antiglomerular Basement Membrane Antibodies, Quantitative
    Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies (ANCA)
    Beta-2 Microglobulin, Serum
    Calcium, Ionized, Serum
    Calcium, Serum
    Calculi, Urinary (Kidney Stones)
    Carbon Dioxide, Serum
    Carnitine, Total and Free
    Creatinine, Serum
    Diabetes Check Panel
    Free Kappa and Lambda Light Chains Plus Ratio, Quantitative, Serum
    Free Kappa and Lambda Light Chains Plus Ratio, Quantitative, Urine
    Glucagon, Plasma
    Kidney Function Profile
    Osmolality, Serum
    Osmolality, Urine
    Phosphorus, Serum
    Potassium, 24-Hour Urine
    Protein, Total, Serum
    Urinalysis, Complete Profile
    Urinalysis, Routine Profile
    Urinary Tract Infection Panel
    Urine Culture, Comprehensive
    I think I need an ultrasound.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello. My guess is that only a doctor, or someone in the medical profession, would be able to answer this question. I don’t think most people on here will have a clue. Wish i could be more help, sorry.

    Are any of these supplements a concern for someone with kidney disease?
    Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)

    Ginkgo Biloba
    Fish Oil
    Baby Aspirin
    Claritin or Zyrtec

    And medicines Pravastatin & Lisinopril/hctz.


    Apparently I have a 50% chance of having Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD). No insurance and if I ask my Dr about it, I can never get insurance.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not aware of any of these causing problems in compromised kidneys. Some family members of mine have igA nephropathy, and all they’re told is to stop smoking, alcohol, and caffeine.

      You CAN go to Canada or Mexico to get tested. If you’re over 30, the tests are 100% reliable.

    What is a polycystic kidney disease?
    Is a polycystic kidney disease:
    a). an autosomal dominant trait
    b). an autosomal recessive trait
    c). an X-linked recessive trait
    d). a chromosomal error
    e). a multifactorial trait (polygenic disorder)

    Thanks for any help!
    Chromosomal errors may take several types:
    a). a particular missing chromosome
    b). an extra chromosome
    c). damaged chromosome

    • ANSWER:

      There is one type of polycystic kidney disease that is autosomal dominant: Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)

    I apparently have a kidney disease?
    Or, at best, a 50% chance of having it as my 5 year younger brother was just diagnosed.

    Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)

    My issue is, I am 48 and have NO insurance. The disease is apparently genetic.

    I was thinking about buying a high deductible insurance policy next year because frankly, I figured I will be having a heart attack sometime in the next 10 years or so.

    My question is, since i have not been tested or diagnosed would insurance cover me if I bought it ? Would there be a delay, like a year or would they never cover me at all ?

    Finally, is it safe to ask my Dr about it or would that screw up any chance of being covered by insurance assuming I indeed have it and I probably do.
    My only symptom would be lack of energy, tiredness but that might just be because Im 48. Plus, I have extra weight around my belly which may or may not be enlarged kidneys, again, it could be because Im 48 and eat a lot.

    My brother urinated blood after one of his kids kicked him in the stomach while playing.

    • ANSWER:
      Insurance companies cannot use genetic information as a basis for denial or rateups. You do not need to mention anything and as long as you do not have any symptoms you’ll be OK. There will be no delay. If you do have any symptoms then you do have a pre-existing condition.

      If you do not have any symptoms and you ask your doctor about it they may run tests which could then “screw up” your chances.

    Where can I get an Ultrasound without giving my name ?
    Its very possible i have PKD.(50% chance) I have no insurance and Id like to find out without killing my chance at getting insurance in the future.

    Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease
    Why is it federal law ?

    • ANSWER:
      Who’s going to order the U/S?? You???

      If you withhold health information at the time you apply and it’s discovered, subsequent claims relating to the condition may be denied and you could be held responsible for repaying all claims paid out, and your policy cancelled. Furthermore, this cancellation of your policy would become public information with the Medical Information Bureau which would likely prevent you from being able to obtain insurance from any other insurance company. In fact, most applications will ask you if you have ever had health insurance cancelled due to fraud.

      I suggest you secure insurance before you have the U/S, which you’re going to need a health care provider to order anyway.

    How do you cope with ADPKD?
    I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. She is in her early twenties and currently very shocked, as she had no idea anything like that was going on until she went for a routine examination for something else.

    Do any other people, especially the young, suffer from this condition? How do you manage it in everyday life, and how do you feel about the future?

    Thanks from myself and my friend for any guidance.

    • ANSWER:
      My friend’s dad died of PKD when he was young, and he has about a 50% chance of having it. Under different circumstances, I would have recommended your friend do what my friend is doing – don’t get tested at all, at least not early. But now that she knows she has it, she has to cope with a lot of stuff. She may want to go on antidepressants at some point to help out. The initial shock of knowing you’re going to die a lot earlier than you thought is worse than it actually gets, though. Once she gets through this time, you can try to talk to her about the different treatments available, possibilities for transplants and dialysis, and the advancements in medical research. It’s similar to a cancer diagnosis in a lot of respects. Get through the first few weeks, then reassure her that it’s not the end of the world.

      If all else fails, she can spiral into a drug addiction. I hear that helps some people.

    My unborn baby has ‘enlarged and echogenic kidneys’, 4.7 and 4.5 cm long. What is the probability of ARPKD?
    Our kid is due on April 20th, and had the following report at a 36week ultrasound:

    “noted are bilateral significantly echogenic fetal kidneys
    measuring 4.7 and 4.2 cm in greatest longitudinal dimension.”

    What is the chance that our kid has a serious disease such as Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease (ARPKD)?

    • ANSWER:
      i don’t know the statistics but from my experience i have had 2 babies with enlarged kidneys both boys (I’m told its more common in boys) and neither had any kidney problems whatsoever one is 11 yrs old one is 2 months try not to worry

    What kinds of disorders are associated with enlarged echogenic kidneys on a fetal ultrasound?
    My wife is 29 weeks pregnant. At 20 weeks we went for our first ultrasound. Both kidneys were found to be echogenic but of normal size. In addition, the amniotic fluid was normal. We went for a level 2 ultrasound today at 29 weeks pregnant. They found that both kidneys were echogenic and measured about 47mm in length. I believe at 29 weeks they are supposed to be 31mm. Our doctor is suggesting autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease. As far as my wife and I know, we are not carriers for this disease, but this has not been confirmed. (No one has had any kidney problems in either of our families.) To make things stranger, my wife has polyhydramnios as opposed to oligohydramnios normally associated with ARPKD. I can also tell you that everything on the ultrasound looks great. You would think everything was 100% okay if it weren’t for the kidneys and amniotic fluid. So I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what this could be. Of course we will have genetic counseling to see if we acually are carriers for ARPKD but if this turns up negative, does anyone have any thoughts on this? I’d appreciate anyone’s input.

    • ANSWER:
      Your situation seems to be almost identical to mine. At 20 weeks we were told that the baby’s kidneys were echogenic and enlarged. We were given an ARPKD diagnosis and we had an amnio so that the baby could be tested for the mutations. At 29 weeks, the kidneys were still enlarged, although they said they were not as echogenic and I was also diagnosed with polyhydramnios so they were stumped. The pediatric nephrologist said that polyhydramnios does occasionally happen in ARPKD, but it’s much rarer (he doesn’t think this is ARPKD). So now I am 37 weeks pregnant and the Drs are basically telling us that they simply don’t know. Our little guy’s kidneys never grew as large as they expected so his lungs are not at all compromised and my amniotic fluid is now back to normal. His kidneys are still in the 90th-95th % in terms of size. With regards to the testing, it didn’t give many answers. First off, they did the testing backwards where they tested our blood before they tested the amniotic fluid. They didn’t find any mutation in me, but they found an incredibly rare mutation in my husband which they aren’t sure has any clinical significance whatsoever. Our son also has my husband’s mutation.

      I wish you and your wife the best and please keep me posted!

    Genetic Disorders?
    I need to know whether the following disorders are autosomal or sexlinked AND if theyre dominant or recessive:

    Fragile X
    Phenylketonuria (PKU)
    Turner syndrome

    Werner’s syndrome
    Polycystic kidney disease

    Any help would be great, so if you don’t know them all please help with whatever you can :)

    • ANSWER:
      Alzheimers is polygenic (many genes)
      Fragile X is X linked recessive
      PKU is recessive
      Turner Syndrome is chromosomal, not at the gene level
      autism is probably polygenic
      Werner’s is autosomal recessive
      hemophilia is X linked recessive
      PKD comes in an AR (recessive) and an AD (dominant) form

    I apparently have a kidney disease ?
    Or, at best, a 50% chance of having it as my 5 year younger brother was just diagnosed.

    Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)

    My issue is, I am 48 and have NO insurance. The disease is apparently genetic.

    I was thinking about buying a high deductible insurance policy next year because frankly, I figured I will be having a heart attack sometime in the next 10 years or so.

    My question is, since i have not been tested or diagnosed would insurance cover me if I bought it ? Would there be a delay, like a year or would they never cover me at all ?

    Finally, is it safe to ask my Dr about it or would that screw up any chance of being covered by insurance assuming I indeed have it and I probably do.

    • ANSWER:
      Please check into this extensively yourself, but here are some things that I know that may point you in the right direction. First, since there is no treatment or cure for PKD, there is no need to find out if you have the disease. Look for the symptoms and treat the symptoms. A typical symptom is high blood pressure.

      As for insurance, it has been my experience that as long as you have not been diagnosed with a disease, you should not have problems obtaining coverage.

      Good luck to you and your family.


Best Advice For PKD Patients And Their Diets For Kidney Disease
If you’ve been diagnosed with PKD or poly-cystic kidney disease, feel relieved that there are several treatable methods that have proven to slow the disease. That’s the good news. The bad news is scientists have not figured out a way to actually cure the disease permanently. The best way to slow the progression of kidney disease is through a natural diet that consist of a low sodium and low protein diet. Although these diets have proven to be helpful, many people are still reluctant to try.

Starting the right kidney diet has proven in many cases to slow the progression of most kidney problems. The main goal for all kidney patients, no matter what stage they may be in, is to eliminate the need for any surgery or dialysis. The number of people diagnosed with PKD that should be on kidney machines and are not is staggering. This is because with the correct low protein, low salt diet kidney function is stabilized and sometimes increased.

Kidney disease affects millions of people each and every year. Some of the main causes for kidney problems include genetics, toxic drugs, and lack of physical activity. However, diet is the main contributor to the ever growing problem. High levels of sodium and protein in many peoples diets is more than likely the prominent reason.

If you’ve been diagnosed with PKD it’s important to start your diet as soon as you can. If you know that you or someone in your family as the gene for PKD, it would be advantageous to go ahead and begin a kidney diet treatment even if there are no symptoms yet. This is because the likely hood for you to start having kidney problems if very good. So whether you have the gene or are already have the symptoms, get started immediately on a kidney diet to prevent and slow down the progression to avoid dialysis or even transplant.

There are nutritionists who specialize in kidney disease and can provide you a personalized diet regiment to treat your kidney problems. If you know you have the PKD gene and are not yet feeling the symptoms, do yourself a favor and start the kidney diet now.

Abdominal Cancer

How To Cure Abdominal Cancer With Date Fruit? The date is known to be one of the most nourishing fruits which abundantly used by Muslims in the month of Ramadan, when they fast from dawn to dusk. It can be consumed in both fresh and dry form. This is a cylindrical fruit with yellow or reddish brown colour.

The date fruit belongs to the Persian Gulf area or Mesopotamia. It is widely grown in the parts of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Spain, Italy, Egypt, China and U.S.A. It contains sulphur, calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, folic acid, volatile oils, Iron and Magnesium, Vitamin-B6, Potassium, sugars, proteins, vitamins and natural fibers. This fruit provides natural sugar by way of fructose and glucose.

It is widely known as the bread of Sahara and is usually consumed raw with milk. The seeds of the fruit are used in the roasted and grounded form for making a date coffee. People relish these in numerous ways such as mixing it with yoghurt, milk, butter or bread. Being rich in nutritional value it is recommended for children and adults, particularly at the time of recovery.

Dates prove to be really beneficial in treating numerous health ailments, let us know how:

Intestinal Disturbances: It is advised to have liberal use of dates into your diet plan to keep intestinal disturbances at bay.

Constipation: This is the laxative food for treating constipation. It is advised to consume fine syrup of this fruit by immersing these in water for whole night and later have it the next morning.

Intoxication: For curing intoxication mainly occurred because of alcohol it is advised to drink water in which the dates are soaked to have relief.

Weak Heart: Dates proved to be an effective remedy for weak heart. It is advised to consume 4 to 5 dates soaked in water and later crushed, early morning particularly for seven days to have beneficial results.

Children Diseases: This fruit proves to be really benefit to cure various children diseases such as a date tied to the wrist of the baby and sucked during the teething time helps in hardening the gums. To cure diarrohea or dysentery it is advised that a paste made of date should be consumed in one tsp should be taken thrice a day for beneficial results.

Nervous System: The consumption of dates in about 500 mg quantity helps in keeping the healthy nervous system of the body and prevents the risk nerve strokes.

Anaemia: The consumption of this fruit daily in diet helps the anaemic patient in regaining the iron deficiency in body.

Night Blindness: To cure night blindness it is advised that consumption of 40 Gms of this fruit daily is must. This will help in maintaining healthy eyes for lifetime.

Weight Gain: If you really want to gain weight then you are advised to 4 to 5 dates along with the cucumber paste daily to have beneficial results.

Abdominal Cancer: This fruit proves to be an effective remedy for abdominal cancer. It is advised to consume it daily in liberal quantity to have beneficial results.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How much money is raised for abdominal cancer each year?
    Hi. This is the woman from this account’s daughter.

    She passed of abdominal cancer 2 weeks ago.

    I want to know – just how much money is raised for abdominal cancer every year?

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry to hear about your mom. Her abdominal cancer may have been peritoneal mesothelioma which is caused by exposure to asbestos. I’m not sure what is raised, but there are trust funds set up to help pay the costs due to this disease. There have been awards in the millions.
      Asbestos was used in homes, factories, ships, etc – many women got ill by handling there husband’s clothing from work. Is your Dad still alive?

    What side effects will occur from having chemo for abdominal cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      There are over 100 chemo drugs.
      This is something doctors go over with the patient before treatment begins.

    What side effects will occur when getting Chemo for abdominal cancer?

    detailed answers please.

    • ANSWER:
      Chemotherapy for abdominal cancer can cause two effect either increase or decrease motility of the intestines.

    Can Seroquel cause stomach cancer or abdominal growths?
    Can Seroquel give someone cancer of stomach and/or abdominal growths?

    • ANSWER:

    What experiences have you had with abdominal cancer fluid (ascites)?
    Girlfriend with ovarian cancer and ascites.

    • ANSWER:
      If you are referring to treatment . . my son had ascites that was handled by using lasix . .he than underwent abdominal cytoreduction surgery and hyperthermic chemoperfusion (heated chemo placed directly into the abdominal cavity) . . he didn’t retain fluid after that . . I believe that hyperthermic chemoperfusion is done with Ovarian cancer as well:

    what color represents an abdominal cancer like pink does breast cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      There are many different types of abdominal cancers so you need to be more specific . . there are some major organs that reside within the abdominal cavity and they each have their own ‘ribbon’ colors. And not all cancers are ‘organ’ related . . some involve the soft tissue of the body. Not all cancers are carcinoma’s . . some are sarcoma’s . . there are many different subtypes of sarcoma that can affect the abdominal cavity. Sarcoma is represented by the color yellow . . and sometimes the SunFlower is used as a symbol for sarcoma as well.

    With ovarian cancer does the abdominal pain go away and come back or is it constant?
    Idk what it is. My last two “month” things were horrible the first two times it has ever happened and now like i’d say i still cramp a little bit about a week after “my time” just want to make sure its nothing to worry about

    • ANSWER:
      IF you think you have ovarian cancer every time you have some menstrual pain, you’re going to be a panicked, constantly worried person. The problems you describe do not sound like ovarian cancer symptoms at all. but it could be other things. You should see a doctor to get checked out, anyway.

    I have shooting pin pain in my upper right abdominal area, is this a symptom of pancreatic cancer or disease?
    I’ve had it for a long time and I am just wondering because I know that upper abdominal pain is a symptom for pancreatic cancer. My pain is SHOOTING PIN PAIN
    I was wondering if this is a symptom for pancreatic cancer
    Please Help

    • ANSWER:
      . I suggest to you that you go to the doctors, if anything so that you can get piece of mind. My mom died of pancreatic cancer just last Wednesday and I think that if you ever have pain in the (bread box area) upper stomach, you should have it checked. Good luck and think positive, be brave and get it checked.

    Does anyone have experience/knowledge regarding liver/abdominal cancer?
    Specifically looking for information on treatments that have been successful, etc.
    I am looking for anyone who personal experience with carcinoid tumors. Carcinoid tumors that cannot be surgically removed. Anyone who has tried any particular treatments, etc.

    • ANSWER:
      There are hundreds of different cancers, so what we really need to know is what kind is it? Did it arise in the liver? Liver/abdominal is too vague. We also need to know the histological type and if it is resectable, at a minimum and the stage and the grade, if possible.

    alternative healing for abdominal cancer?
    where can i read up on alternative medicine for pancreatic or abdominal cancer

    • ANSWER:
      I’m afraid you can’t there is no such thing as alternative healing for abdominal or pancreatic cancer.

      I’m sure you will get some weird and wonderful answers to your question, my favourites so far are Oleander soup or Vitamin C.

      Do you think that millions of pounds/dollars would be spent annually on research into cancer cures if a simple natural remedy worked?

      Do you think that people would have to suffer the side effects of radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy if bathing in cabbage water worked?

    Abdominal Cancer Chances?
    Im 16 with abdominal cancer which has begun to spread. What are my chances of surviving and dying. I am having Chemo.

    • ANSWER:
      You should ask your doctors this question. No one here will accurately be able to tell you what you need to know without a medical degree and your medical history and test results. Your doctors have all of these things. Good luck with the chemo.

    Do I have Abdominal Cancer or am I being Paranoid?
    Hi, I am 16 years old and am quite worried, I have these small red, spot-like bumps on my arms, I have looked on the internet and found something called Keratosis Pilaris or something which sounds like the same thing, the bumps seem to be less frequent lower down my forearms and seem to change throughout the day, like they become less prominent and stuff, now I am quite fat and tend to sit in the house allot, my mam says they are just from lack of sunlight, but she has made me a doctors appointment I have had them for a long time, perhaps forever, but recently I have had constipation, when I go to the toilet my poo is small and hard and it is difficult to pass, after looking on the internet I was worried that the symptoms may be connected and be caused by Abdominal Cancer, this is because I looked on a symptom checker and it said that this cancer is caused by obesity and can cause constipation and affect the Lymphatic system causing spots or whatever, please I’m really worried

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing you describe sounds like abdominal cancer. You have some type of rash and a doctor will be looking at it soon. All you can do is wait for your appointment. Good luck.

    I had Had abdominal cancer in 1999 could it come back? I have been having the same symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      What type of abdominal cancer did you have 10 years ago?
      Sarcoma? Carcinoma?
      Colon, ovary, uterus, stomach, and many others are possible.
      These are all very different diseases.
      What was the stage? What treatment did you have?
      You cannot get an educated answer without telling us these details.
      We don’t even know your age.

    Can abdominal ultrasounds be used to detect cancer?
    If yes, does anyone know what kinds?

    • ANSWER:
      Abdominal ultrasound visualizes the pancreas, liver, gallbladder and common bile duct, kidneys, spleen, urinary bladder, aorta and vena cava.

      The tumors most easily visualized with ultrasound would be those on the liver, bladder or kidney. If a mass is seen which is not a simple, benign cyst (a fluid filled sac, which has a very unique characteristics), we might not be able to tell if that mass is cancerous or benign. Some masses might be indeterminate, suspicious for cancer or very suspicious for cancer. Other imaging studies (such as a CT scan) might be needed, for further information. The only was to say 100% that a mass is cancerous, is to do a biopsy and have the cells examined, under a microscope, by a pathologist.

    Sharp abdominal pains related to cancer?
    A friend of mine says she is having strong pains in her side, she doesn’t want to go to the doctor cuz she thinks it’s cancer and can’t afford it. Her relative passed Some years ago becuase of cancer. I’m worried bout her, but she is only seventeen, is there a possibility it could be somethin else?
    IT’S on her right side, and advil nor Tylenol are strong enough to stop the pain.

    • ANSWER:

    What are some simple, inexpensive ideas a cancer patient can do when they’re feeling blue?
    My sister is being treated for abdominal cancer and sometimes feels so blue she just sits–understandable—I want to make her a little box
    with a bunch of cards with ‘feel good’ ideas to get her up and doing things for short bursts of time. Any ideas? She’s still pretty mobile.
    eg I sent her worth of dimes to toss in wishing wells or fountains.
    She’s 48 and lives in San Antonio.
    She’s 48 and lives in San Antonio.

    • ANSWER:
      Since I don’t really know where your sister is located I only have a general idea of things to do.

      - Knitting/Baking Lessons at a local Crafts and Hobbies Store

      Visits to your local:
      - Botanical gardens/ arboretum
      - Museum (Natural History, Modern Arts, Etc.)
      - Zoo ( I Love the Zoo)
      - Coffee Shop on a night when local performers play music (Almost always free)

      Most museums and botanical gardens have no entrance fee or have a very minimal “suggested donation” its a great way to enjoy a day out with out dropping a lot of cash.

    Ovarian Cancer Abdominal Pain 3 Months After Surgery…?
    …any ideas why my mom would still have bad abdominal pain 3 months after having surgery for ovarian cancer (stage 3). Brief overview is she had a total hysderectomy, part of her intestines removed, lymph nodes, partical colon removed, etc. The pain is always in the same area. She does have a partial bowel blockage, but is this all cancer related (or did they leave something in!) and if so will the chemo help her with the pain later? She just had her second chemo treatment a few days ago (carboplatnim). Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately, it sounds normal with the blockage and the recent hysterectomy and other surgeries. Best wishes.

    How will I know when or if my cat is in pain? He has been diagnosed with cancer and he is so so thin.?
    Chester has been diagnosed with abdominal cancer. He is very very thin and they gave him 3 months to go. Is he in pain? He is still eating and voiding but very weak. He still wants to be around me.

    • ANSWER:
      If he is often sitting in what some people call like a “meatloaf” position, hunched together, legs tucked in, that can be a sign of abdominal pain. Or in general if he stays in one position and does not seem comfortable moving.
      and obviously if he cries or growls or tenses up if you touch his abdomen.

      Cats can really hide pain though. Talk to the vet about whether it might be a good idea to assume that he is in pain considering the cancer he has, and get some Buprenex (generic name buprenorphine) to give him just as a person with terminal cancer is on morphine to make their last days more peaceful. Bup can be given as often as every 6 hrs. (but usually one would first try every 12 or every 8).

      I’m very sorry about Chester’s diagnosis. and i am glad you’re considering that he might be in pain and will get something to help him. that Buprenorphine helps wonderfully! It is absorbed through the lining of the mouth, NOT absorbed well in digestive tract. so for it to work well you put the oral syringe in the pocket of his cheek and give it VERY SLOWLY, just drops, so it will absorb. if he gets impatient stop and then give the rest of the dose in a few minutes.. That will help it work a lot better than if you give it fast and he just swallows it.
      Also Pepcid AC (half a 10 mg tablet) might help his stomach feel a little better and maybe he could eat more? but check with your vet.
      And spend lots of time with him and treasure it. And “listen” to him to let you know when he is ready to go.

    Im 99%sure I have had abdominal cancer for 3 months but to scared find out. When is it to late that I will die?

    • ANSWER:

    Can lower abdominal cramping (like menstrual craps) on right side be a symptom of colon cancer?
    There are no other symptoms. No bleeding, constipation or diarhea. This has been happening on and off for about a month. Worse after eating.
    Have had hysterectomy.

    • ANSWER:
      Haley, this exact same thing happened to my daughter. I begged her to see the Dr. I really thought she had appendicitis. She kept saying, “Mom, you’re a nurse, not a doctor.” True but I do know the symptoms of appendicitis and it looked like it. After about a month, I got a call from the hospital from her husband, she was rushed into the hospital by ambulance with ruptured appendix. Thankfully she didn’t get a serious infection because her surgeon cleaned her out good. You see, when it ruptures, pus comes out and sometimes will cause a very, serious infection and you could end up very sick. Now, do you have this. I don’t know, but you should see a Dr because you don’t have the signs of colon cancer. Good luck.
      ADD so you already had the hysterectomy which makes me thing even more that you have an appendix problem

    What causes vomitting, nausea, abdominal bloating when it’s not pregnancy or cancer?
    I’ve had an endoscopy, upper GI, CT scans of stomach/pelvis, sonograms (to rule out ovarian cancer & pregnancy), MRI of brain, inner ear evaluation and my doctors don’t know what’s wrong w/me. I’m nauseous everyday & vomit almost daily. I get headaches & have dizziness ocassionally. I’m young & w/the exception of the last 6 months, have always been healthy. Can anyone help?
    I’ve also had a small bowel series workup, bloodwork, and an EEG. Every test has been normal and they’ve ruled out IBS & several drs. have said they don’t think it’s psychological, but they just can’t get to the root of the problem. I’ve heard of the parasite thing as something to consider, but I haven’t been out of the country in over 3 years–should I be worried about that?

    • ANSWER:
      Irritable Bowel, psychiatric causes, food and or drug allergies are other potential causes. Any new stresses in the last six months? Dietary or lifestyle changes?

      Try to think of anything that may have coincided with or be related to the onset of your symptoms. Think of what brings on the symptoms, prolongs them or shortens them, makes them more or less intense, affects them in any way.

      Often, it is hard to think of anything that is related, especialy after so many tests, but it is a way to find answers. Consider keeping a diary of your symptoms and observations to help find associations with diet, activity, daily stressors, etc.

      Share your fidnings with your doctor(s) see if they spark any thoughts about possible causes. Best wishes – I hope your symptoms resolve soon. Take some solace in the fact that alot of really bad things have been eliminated as possible causes.

    After having a full abdominal hysterectomy can i still get cervex cancer?
    just had my surgryfew days ago in alot of pain everything went well im 32 had a lot of problems just querious do i have to worry about cancers down there now?since they removed all that stuff
    im gonna ask my dr ? just was too nervous to think of any at the time thanks everyone for your advice

    • ANSWER:
      A total hysterectomy with salpingo-oophorectomy removes both ovaries and fallopian tubes, along with the uterus and cervix. In such cases, although the ovaries have been removed, it’s still possible to develop ovarian cancer. How is this possible? During each menstrual cycle, some cells from the ovary are released into the abdomen. Rarely, these cells can later develop into cancer.

      A Pap smear is a screening test for cervical cancer. So, if you’ve had your cervix removed as part of the hysterectomy, you usually don’t need an annual Pap test. But you still need regular pelvic exams. Doctors also recommend continued Pap tests for women who have had cervical, vaginal or vulvar cancer before a hysterectomy. Unfortunately, there’s no standardized screening test for ovarian cancer.

    Symptoms of Abdominal Cancer?
    I’m doing a report on it for a over summer homework class for accelerated classes (I skipped 2 grades) and they are asking us to do a report on our assigned topic. Please Help!

    • ANSWER:
      There are a lot of symptoms, since abdominal cancer encompasses many different kinds of cancer- an extensive list can be found at:

    i have severe abdominal pain do i have pancreatic cancer or indamitriosis?
    i am 32 i have been feeling awful.i have had severe abdominal pain it feels like something is twisting inside me ultra sounds show nothing.i feel full even when i eat very little i am weak tierd and cant get out of bed somedays.i also have daily headaches.

    • ANSWER:

    Can the Chemo Bath treatment be used to treat breast cancer?
    I heard about the Chemo Bath treatment being used for abdominal cancer, and was wondering if it could also be used to treat breast cancer.

    • ANSWER:
      No it is not used for breast cancer. It is an intraoperative procedure used in self-contained areas such as abdominal, bladder and sometimes the colon. Try to use it on a breast it would roll off the body onto the floor. Besides it is far easier to get clear margins with a breast.

    Abdominal cancer question?
    If you feel a lump in your upper abdomen, suppose it is cancer but you didn’t know (so you didn’t seek treatment). Would it be possible that 1 or 2 years go by without any apparent change/advance of the cancer? (in other words, from the time when the lump can be felt, to the time when it becomes obvious that it’s a serious illness, can the time in between be as long as a couple of years?

    • ANSWER:
      What’s our purpose of asking this question? anything is possible and the science of medicine is far from being perfect. there are many things even the best doctors are not sure about. Don’t wait 2 years before seeing a doctor if you have a suspicious lump. It may be nothing serious, it may be a slowly growing benigh tumor that may become malignant later on.

    Completed Cancer treatment but cannot gain weight?
    I was diagnosed with abdominal cancer and had to go for radiology for 25 days. Still having problems with my running tummy and cramps and I just cannot get to pick up any weight? I am also type 1 diabetic.Anyone who can give some advise?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately your weight does not come back right away after you finished your chemo and/or radiation treatments. It took my son at least a good year before he put on and kept on 20 pounds. He lost approximately 70 pounds during treatment. He was only 15 at the time. He is now into his 4th year of remission and 21, and is only now really working out and keeping his weight where he wants it.
      I’m not sure what is appropriate for diabetics to eat, but my son’s doctor suggested he take in more starches like rice, potatoes, breads and even bananas.
      You really need to speak with your doctors to decide what foods and maybe light work out program would be best for you.
      Hope this helps and I will add you to the list of patients I keep in my prayers.

    With colon cancer, is the abdominal pain and blood in stool, intermittent or constant?

    • ANSWER:
      If you or someone you know is having these symptoms you need a go to the doctor right away. Dark tarry stools are never a good sign

    average age for abdominal cancer??

    • ANSWER:
      It depends. There are different types of cancers that most often occur in the abdomen.

      Wilm’s Tumor (immature kidney cells) is usually diagnosed before age 6 and Neuroblastoma (of sympathetic nervous system usually found at the adrenal glands) also affects mostly young children.

      Hepatoblastoma is a solid tumor of the liver that occurs in young children.

      Rhabdomyosarcoma is a cancer of the soft tissue that tends to develop during periods of growth. Thus, it appears mostly in children and teens.

      Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma can manifest itself (in later stages) as a large abdominal tumor and is a cmmon cancer found among teens and people over the age of 50.

      Pancreatic, stomach, adrenocortical carcinoma, and other cancers are normally found in adults, but rarely show up in young children.

      Cancer in general tends to be seen mostly in older adults. Age, diet, gender, and other environmental factors (including smoking and using tanning beds) all play a role in the diagnosis of a malignancy.

      Basically, your question doesnt really have an answer unless you are more specific with an actual organ or specific type of cancer.
      Hope I helped!

    Im scared i have abdominal cancer please help?
    5 years ago when i was 14 i had leukaemia and had chemo and a bone marrow transplant. this puts me at risk of other cancers. I have just had my annual GFR (kidney test) and its lower than last time. i also keep having nausea and vommitting, fatigue and my stomach is really hard and i cant suck it in. i also have a sore belly button that i have to put cream in and i found that directly behind the skin in my belly button is a hard, round lump about the size of a brussel sprout.
    ive searched the internet but cant find much information.

    what do yo know about this?

    • ANSWER:
      omg go to the doctor the doctor can help you and your belly button may have some infection

    How do you know if you have abdominal cancer?
    A few weeks ago, I found a lump exactly over my stomach. Not near my belly buttons.. Now it moves sometimes.. But I also found there’s a large lumpy mass near it, as well.. And I have pain there.. This is on my left side, as I’ve said, near my stomach.. Now I’ve found another lump in the same area on my right side.. I also feel full easily, I have problems with constipation and diarrhea and I feel fatigued a lot.. And I’ve discovered, I have pains around my side and near my spine.
    I’m very scared..

    I am seeing my doctor next week to find out for sure, but I’m just wondering if anyone has gone through this before and if they may know what is wrong..

    • ANSWER:

    Lower abdominal Pains? Cervical Cancer?
    I am 22 years old now and I have been having this lower abdominal pain since I was 12. that’s when it started. I didn’t lose my virginity til I was 16. and I never had sexual intercourse pains til a few yeas ago. Ive never had a pap smear and every time i make an appointment for one i cancel it. im scared and I don’t like the thought of it. Since this pain has been going on since I was 12 I wasn’t really thinking of having cancer but now im not sure. Like I said I sometimes have pains during intercourse and I don’t know why. and right where my bladder is , it sometimes hurts too. Do u think it could be cervical cancer? or what else may it be? please help.

    I know nobody would know until I get a pap smear but I want to know what u think.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m having the same issue with the lower ab pain. Especially during my period it’s almost unbearable. I looked it up online and it said ovarian cysts. And many ones the most painful “fits” are the most bynine. However I havnt been to a ob/gyn yet idk why but I need to. I would get a pap though just incase. If I were u I would want to rule out negative possibilities

    Found lump on abdominal area – cyst? cancer? please help?
    My sister is 19 and has been experiencing abdominal pain, had a greeny coloured discharge and felt a lump in her lower abdominal area. She was worried to go to the dr incase she was pregnant or had a STI (she has a boyf of 4 years and is on contraceptive pill so it would be doubtful) but i made her go as i was worried. she got a smear test and swab test taken, her cervix is red and swollen. she has to go for an ultra sound on tues and should get her swab test results back then too, previous blood test results shown a slight infection but they couldnt say what it was? If its a cyst, it is dangerous, could she die? if its removed will she not be able to have kids. Im devestated for her, so worried, i cant bear the thot of waiting to tuesday. She is coping fine, she’s so nieve tho she prob doesnt realise how bad this could be. Could it be anything else? If you’ve experienced anything like this please let me know. she’s only 19 so im praying its not cancer, i know its more common in much older woman.
    Ali are you stupid?? did you not read the question? she has been to dr, all im asking for is if anyone else has had experience like this! anyone who has symptoms

    • ANSWER:
      I have had a large ovarian cyst removed and did not have the symptoms that your sister has, just the pain . It sounds like she has a very bad infection, this would cause the swelling of her cervix also. Hopefully they will be able to culture the swab and give her antibiotics and she will be just fine. Usually cancer is undetectable by a person until they go in for routine checkups. Try not to worry too much..I wish her well.

    is vaginal discharge and abdominal pain symptom of an ovarian cancer or sexually transmitted disease?

    • ANSWER:
      I could be just a simple infection. Women are highly susceptible to getting them for many reasons, besides sex. I’d get a check up to find out what’s going on.

    Extreme Abdominal Swelling and Ovarian Cancer?
    My grandmother, who is 83 years old, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer over two years ago. She has been stage 4 once, back to stage 2, and now back to stage 4. She has extreme abdominal swelling and pain (ascites). She had 6 quarts of fluid taken off her stomach 3 weeks ago, and 8 more quarts taken off two days ago. Her stomach has already begun swelling again. She can not take certain types of chemo because her esosphagus has been damaged. She was supposed to get chemo intraveneously yesterday, but the doctor would not allow it because she did not look well enough. My grandparents are old school and do not question the doctor on anything, so we have no idea how long she may have to live. Does anybody have any experience with a prognosis, life expectancy, quality of life?

    • ANSWER:
      I am very sorry to hear that your grandmother is having to suffer from this terrible disease; my own grandmother died at age 63 of ovarian cancer.
      I think the best thing you can do is ask her doctor questions, even if she won’t (if she hasn’t signed a release saying the doctor can give you information, though, he can’t legally answer your questions). He probably has a good reason for not wanting to give her treatment. Chemotherapy is very hard on even strong people, and it can kill someone who is very weak.
      I don’t know about life expectancy, but I know that stage 4 is not good. As far as quality of life, my grandmother eventually decided to quit chemotherapy and just have comfort care to the end of her life, because the chemo really made her sick and reduced her quality of life. I’m afraid this is pretty much the extent of my knowledge on ovarian cancer.
      Again, I am very sorry that you and your grandparents have to go through something like this, and I hope for the best for all of you.

    describe the abdominal pain caused by liver cancer?
    how sharp? where is it felt? how long does it last
    how often does the pain come? does it get worse by time

    • ANSWER:
      very sharp, and they probably come and go. Not only does it get worse in time, but it’s an irreversable one way ride, and a fast one. from a few months to ayear or so. but, your doctor knows best.

    Is abdominal pain, fatigue, and blood in stools sporadic with colon cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      It could b a number of things. But my exp with colon cancer was that my symptoms were sporadic. I made the mistake (and my doc who blew it off 5 yrs ago) of thinking that if it were cancer the pain and blood would be there all the time. When I finally went in for a colonoscopy the tumor was almost completely blocking my colon. They had to do surgery quickly (before path was back from biopsy) just so I didn’t get a complete blockage. They were shocked that my symptoms were not worse than they were. So I vote for erring on the side of caution. Always get it checked out. Then if it is something simple you will have it taken care of and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing. If it is cancer, it can be taken care of. Earlier the better. I am relatively young (late 30′s) with 5 young children at home and I am so glad that this was found and I am here to enjoy my children!

    what kind of cancer can cause abdominal pain in women?

    • ANSWER:

    Who is the best doctor to treat a very large abdominal hernia in a patient who has had major abdominal surgery?
    My father is 78 years old. He has a large abdominal hernia many years following major abdominal surgery for colon cancer and he has a permanent colostomy near the site.

    • ANSWER:
      Mass General Hospital might be your best bet if you’re close to the East Coast. It’s one of the best hospitals in the world (as are others in the Boston area).

    Cancer from Laptops – Is it possible to get cancer?
    Is it possible to get ovarian, testicular, abdominal, etc cancer from setting using a laptop on your “lap.” My aunt had a bunch of cows that had a lot of birth defect – the suspected reason was the large transformers/electrical structures build on her land in Canada by the local works dept. Any info would be helpful. I want to make sure I won’t have kids with defects when my husband and I try to conceive.

    • ANSWER:
      With respect to your laptop: Not a problem, or at least it does not present any more danger than other devices in your house (eg. toaster, electrical wiring, fridge, etc..) If however it is equipped with a wireless network, WiFi, etc. then there would be a slight increase in the amount of RF exposure but unlikely to cause any great issues. That is unless of coarse you use it for extended periods each day for many years, it may then have some adverse effect but it has not been proven, unlike mobile phones and HV transmission lines.

      If you are not sure best to avoid placing yourself in that situation.

    What is the cancer risk of an abdominal ct scan to a 10 year old child?
    My 10 year old son had a really bad tummy ache one night and I ended up taking him to the emergency room. He received an abdominal ct scan (7 mSv; 700 mrem). At the time, I had no idea that a ct scan posed a cancer risk and I got no information from the hospital prior to agreeing to the scan. I have since researched a bit on-line and it is very scarey – especially for a child! An abdominal ct scan has a much greater radiation exposure than say a head ct scan does – about 3 years worth of radiation at one time! Please, is there anyone who can help put this in perspective for me and make be feel any better. I have a beautiful, smart, healthy child and I’m afraid I have given him a cancer sentence.

    • ANSWER:
      Very critical, he may develop stomach cancer a few years from now.

    If you had stomach cancer would doctors see it on a ct scan of the abdomen?
    While searching for the cause of my abdominal pain would stomach cancer show on a ct scan?
    Would an ulcer show up?

    • ANSWER:

    what is the cause of cancer?
    I just found out that my mom has abdominal cancer, and I’m afraid she might die.

    • ANSWER:
      No one knows what causes cancer.

    Has anyone ever had radiation therapy for cancer here??
    I was wondering if anyone had links for side effects or could tell me side effects of it? My brother has an abdominal cancer but its spread to other areas and their doing radiation treatment to a tumor on his hip. He can even walk or barely move now after 4 treatments.

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve had radiation treatment, but the effects weren’t that fast!

      It would depend if it is internal or external treatment and what else is going on in htearea.

      After a bout 10 – 15 treatments I had what felt like svere sunburn, which was very painfull. If he is having the treatment on his hip, perhaps his groin has been affected which would be VERY painful and this could be the problem.

    i am waiting on results of an ultrasound on an abdominal lump. have i got cancer?

    TallPaul: because I TRUST you ;-)

    • ANSWER:
      If the medical experts can’t tell you yet, what makes you think that a bunch of retarded teenage internet addicts can tell you?

    can you get cancer from 1 abdominal/pelvic ct scan?
    i am 21M weigh 135lbs
    i only had 1 scan to check for appendicitis
    does my weight have to anyting with it?
    radiation was 10msv
    please experts give some info

    • ANSWER:
      You have asked this question 30-40 times now. The answer is not going to change.

    Do bowel cancer symptoms come and go?
    I am experiencing symptoms of bowel cancer such as abdominal pain, change in bowel habits, anaemia and I have seen a doctor. The real question I want to know is do the symptoms especially abdominal pain come and go? I have some periods of up to a week where i experience no pain, then it returns again. I also get a huge amount of gas and bloating. Is gas and flatulence a symptom of cancer? The cause of my symptoms is being investigated.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello Jamie,

      Waiting for tests and investigations can be very stressful and so I can appreciate why you have questions to ask about what might be wrong. But until you have had the investigations and the results are available it is not possible for anyone to tell you what the matter is.

      But it may be helpful to know that bowel symptoms that come and go are often related to Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This is a very common condition which affects many people at sometime in their life. But it is only possible to diagnose IBS through taking a through medical history and carrying out tests. So your doctor is doing the right thing in sending you for investigations and hopefully this will rule out anything serious.

      Disclaimer: We hope this general information is helpful. For any specific queries we recommend you seek independent professional advice. See the full Yahoo! Answers disclaimer here:

    Severe abdominal pain at orgasm after cervical cancer?
    I am having severe (like child birth!!!) abdominal cramps in stomach and bottom last time for about hour and half afterwards then stomach aches for days afterwards. Seven months ago i had abdominal hysterectomy for early stage cc (all really quick last smear a year ago was clear) followed by 3 months ago granulation tissue removal (biopsy clear).
    I do have another appt in september but does anyone have any idea what this could be?? does it mean cancer is worse than originally though or has spread?? or could it be something simple.
    The pain is really bad, and gets worse every time we have sex (we have now stopped until after appointment) Don’t want to run to the consultant like a complete neurotic but obviously I am worried??

    • ANSWER:

    Can abdominal xray show signs of liver cancer?
    Dear friends,

    Can abdominal x ray show some changes happening on the liver, like cancer, or some other problems?

    I had adominal x ray and they said everything is fine, but I dont know what that “all” mean, so I would appreciate your help.

    Thank you!
    @ Chris – doctors didn’t have any doubts, they said Xray was OK; and and did urine and blood tests that came out OK too. I am a bit hypohondriac, so I had to ask :) Thank you for your answer!

    • ANSWER:
      Simple and best way is to get ultrasound of abdomen .
      It has very high potential to diagnose mass lesions in abdominal organs like liver,spleen,kidney,bladder,prostate.
      X ray imaging has limited value on that front.
      It is more advisable for intestinal obstruction,viscous perforation.
      This is information for you,it does not mean you have cancer and doctors are missing it.
      Trust your Doc.who has actually examined you.

    what kind of abdominal pain is associated with colon cancer?
    I have read that abdominal pain and discomfort is associated with colon cancer, but what exactly does that mean? Would the pain come and go? Is it a sharp pain, a severe pain, etc?
    If it was cancer related, would it be persistant or would it go away? And exactly where would it be located?
    Yeah, I’m afraid I might have it. I had very low abdominal tenderness for the past 5 days. No pain at all, but just tender/sore. I’m worried about it because my dad just passed away from it 2 months ago. He was 91. I’m only 29, but I also know that doesn’t technically matter.

    • ANSWER:

Polycystic Renal Disease

Treatment of Polycystic Kidney Disease by Micro-Chinese Medicine
Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder characterized by the growth of numerous cysts in the kidneys. The kidneys are two organs, each about the size of a fist, located in the upper part of a person's abdomen. The kidneys filter wastes and extra fluid from the blood to form urine. They also regulate amounts of certain vital substances in the body. When cysts form in the kidneys, they are filled with fluid. PKD cysts can profoundly enlarge the kidneys while replacing much of the normal structure, resulting in reduced kidney function and leading to kidney failure.

While in Chinese medicine, the treatment for PKD is different, and it can effectively avoid the surgery and pain. Micro-Chinese Medicine in treating PKD is aimed at shrinking these cysts, and restoring kidney function.

The first,The active ingredients of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are able to work on the cyst walls and inhibit the activity of cyst walls. The cysts can grow bigger because of continual accumulation of cystic fluid which is released by the cystic walls. If the activity of cystic walls can be inhibited, of course the cysts will no longer enlarge. Micro-Chinese Medicine, which is made up of herbs works to inhibit the cystic walls from releasing cystic fluid.Thus decreasing the pressure to kidney tissues. Another, Micro-Chinese Medicine increases the permeability of cystic walls promoting reabsorption of cystic fluids. Therefore, cystic fluid will be reabsorbed and then excreted out along with the urine.

The Second , ingredients of Chinese medcine soften the cyst wall, and inactivate cyst wall's secretion of liquid. Softened cyst wall paves way for easier cyst liquid filtrating into blood capillaries, and inactivated cyst wall become incapable of secreting more cyst liquid. So, once these cysts in kidney are shrunk, they hardly have the chance for relapse.

In this way, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy interact with each other to improve your kidney function. It usually takes months to pull you out from PKD, so you have to wait patiently to see how effective Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is in treating PKD. As long as you have confidence and face the disease positively, PKD will not be that horrible as you have thought before.

Frequently Asked Questions

    what is the most common extra-renal manifestation of adult polycystic kidney disease?

    • ANSWER:
      The most common extra-renal manifestation of APKD is having multiple asymptomatic hepatic cysts, which occurs in up to 1/3 of patients. Another interesting finding in 25% is mitral valve prolapse. Even though they love to quiz on it, berry / cerebral aneurysms only occur in about 10% of patients, and I believe that link is solely due to the fact that they usually have chronic hypertension from their disease.

    early symptoms of kidney failure, from those who have been in renal failure?
    this question is for those only who have been in renal failure, please dont give me and copy/paste from webmd, i can do that.

    what were your first symptoms? did you have alot of nausea, and what finally made you decide to get checked out. im particularly interested in those who have polycystic kidney disease.

    thanks in advance, if you could share your story it would be greatly appreciated. if its more comfortable please email me, i need to know and would be so grateful for any experience you share.

    • ANSWER:
      early symptoms are not very noticeable.
      i worked in a vet clinic, for older dogs and cats, there is a blood test and urine test too.
      protein in the urine is one of the signs.
      constant thirst and constant peeing is a bad sign:the kidneys cant concentrate the urine.
      nausea and weight loss is when the animal is in kidney failure:you will see animals and people with the eyes turn yellow(white part of the eye)
      very skinny, dehydrated,the skin wrinkly looking.
      refusing to eat, due to bad nausea from byproducts in the blood.
      ultrasound of the kidneys will show polycystic kidneys.

    Yes or no only,please. No cut and paste jobs. Is the kidney failure in Polycystic Kidney Disease caused by..?
    …by scarring in the kidneys? I need to know the EXACT thing that causes the renal failure.

    Please, NO CUT AND PASTE JOBS! I just need a simple answer.

    • ANSWER:

    Interpretation of renal CT report?
    “Conclusion: Chronic obstruction of an upper pole component of a right renal duplicated system with marked hyrdroureter which has a diameter of 2.5 CM. There is no viable renal parenchyma associated with this component. The lower moiety demonstrates normal renal parenchyma although with mild fulness of the proximal right ureter. A dilated right ureter extends to at least the right mid pelvis although a complete duplicated system cannot be confirmed on this exam. The pelvic soft tissues are otherwise unremarkable.”

    I originally was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, but this report (from the radiologist) does not mention any cysts. I also was recently diagnosed with hypertension.
    Could the situation described in the report be causing the hypertension?
    I have an appointment with a nephrologist in a couple weeks, but I was just curious if anyone here would know anything about this. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      You are right in that you don’t have any active cysts, however, PCKD doesn’t always mean you have active cysts. You do have hydroureter, and a duplicated renal system, which is a functional abnormality of kidney development. It’s possible that your problem is is PCKD, but abnormal kidney anatomy and development. In any case, your nephrologist can interpret this result better for you, based on your history and other tests

      Good luck

    Help i have a Quiz???? PLEEEAASSEE?
    . Which of the following is a possible sign/symptom of a urinary system disorder?
    A. Urgency
    B. Occult stool
    C. Nausea and vomiting
    D. Diarrhea

    2. The most common lab test done is:
    A. clearance test.
    B. urinalysis.
    C. blood tests.
    D. culture and sensitivity

    3. Which of the following is true re: Diuretics?
    A. Also known as ‘salt pills’
    B. Dry mouth is a common side effect.
    C. Most common diuretic used is Diamox
    D. Used only in lymph and urinary diseases

    4. Which of the following is true re: Hemodialysis?
    A. It is also called peritoneal dialysis
    B. It is usually done at home.
    C. It is usually required 3-4 times per week.
    D. It has no potential complications.

    5. Which of the following is not true re: urinary tract infection?
    A. A predisposing factor is a condition that impairs free flow of urine.
    B. It only refers to a bladder infection.
    C. Incomplete emptying of the bladder may help cause it.
    D. Scar tissue may contribute to infection.

    6. Which of the following is not a common developmental abnormality of the kidney?
    A. Renal agenesis
    B. Duplication
    C. Malposition
    D. Polycystic disease

    7. Which of the following is not true re: Polycystic Disease?
    A. It is an inherited disorder.
    B. It progresses rapidly.
    C. There is no cure.
    D. May not have symptoms until adulthood

    8. Which of the following is not true re: Urolithiasis?
    A. It is also known as ‘kidney stones.’
    B. A possible treatment is lithotripsy.
    C. Renal colic is a rare symptom.
    D. A predisposing factor is an increased concentration of salts in the urine.

    9.Symptoms of Chronic Renal Failure may not appear until what percentage of the kidneys have failed?
    A. 15-20
    B. 35-40
    C. 55-60
    D. 75-80

    10. Which of the following is a possible cause of acute renal failure?
    A. Shock
    B. Myocardial infarction
    C. Frequent urination
    D. Nocturia

    • ANSWER:
      All right, here we go again. What level of schooling is this?

      1. A
      2. B
      3. B
      4. C
      5. B
      6. D.
      7. B
      8. C
      9. D
      10. A

      These are pretty bad questions, by the way. Not too specific. Last question, for example, both A and B are correct.

    Can you answer any of these?
    any answers would help. thanks

    2. The body gains solutes from all of the following processes except ________.

    a.secretion by cells

    b. metabolism

    c. respiration

    d. sweating

    3. All of the following metabolic waste products are removed primarily by the urinary system except ________.

    a. carbon dioxide

    b. uric acid

    c. ammonia

    d. creatine

    4. The structure that carries filtrate from the kidney to the bladder is the ________.

    a. ureter

    b. urethra

    c. nephron

    d. distal tubule

    5. The kidney’s central cavity is called the ________.

    a. kidney medulla

    b. renal pelvis

    c. renal capsule

    d. kidney cortex

    6. The structure of the nephron which receives the substances filtered from blood is the ________.

    a. glomerulus

    b. Bowman’s capsule

    c. loop of Henle

    d. collecting duct

    7. In a nephron, the glomerulus is located between the ________ and the ________.

    a. Bowman’s capsule, loop of Henle

    b. afferent arteriole, efferent arteriole

    c. efferent arteriole, peritubular capillaries

    d. proximal tubule and distal tubule

    8.Which nephron structure is not correctly paired with its function?

    a. glomerular capillaries, filtration

    b. loop of Henle, urine concentration

    c. proximal tubule, secretion

    d. Bowman’s capsule, reabsorption

    9.Reabsorption returns all or most of the ________ in nephron tubules to the blood.

    a. water

    b. glucose

    c. amino acids

    d. all of the choices

    10.Urinary secretion maintains the body’s acid-base balance through secretion of excess ________.


    hydrogen ions

    potassium ions


    11.In the nephron, cells of the ________ prevent water from escaping.

    peritubular capillaries

    proximal tubules

    descending loop of Henle

    distal tubules

    12. Which hormone produced in the brain increases water reabsorption in the distal tubules of the nephron?





    13. The “thirst center” in the brain monitors ________.

    the amount of saliva produced by salivary glands

    the juxtaglomerular apparatus

    blood pH levels

    blood volume

    14. The kidneys control the body’s acid-base balance by ________.

    excreting bicarbonate buffer

    forming new bicarbonate buffer and adding it to the blood

    excreting excess H+ ions

    all of the choices

    15. Kidneys excrete excess H+ ions by combining them with ________.

    phosphate ions

    ammonia (NH3)


    all of the choices

    16. Glucose in urine may be a sign of ________.


    urinary tract infection



    17. Which disease affecting the urinary system is more frequent in women than in men?

    kidney stones

    polycystic kidney disease

    bladder infection


    18.Symptoms of kidney-function impairment include ________.



    memory loss

    all of the choices

    19. A hemodialysis machine ________.

    selectively exchanges solutes across a membrane between the patient’s blood and a chemical solution

    replaces the patient’s blood with a balanced chemical solution

    adds a balanced chemical solution to the patient’s blood

    transfuses cross-matched blood to the patient

    • ANSWER:
      no idea
      either B or D
      not sure about 14
      or 15
      C, bladder infections
      don’t know 18

      P.S. You don’t learn anything from letting other people do your homework for you, but I like the challenge and did it anyway.

    Respiration Digestion review questions?
    Disorders Review Sheet

    Bronchitis Cystic Fibrosis Emphysema Pertussis Pneumonia

    1. Viral or bacterial infection of lungs causing sputum of pus or blood.

    2. genetic condition casing production of thick, gooey mucus in respiratory
    tract; death causes in most cases by blocked respiratory passages.

    3. degenerative condition characterized by broken alveoli

    4. infection of bronchial tubes, may lead to pneumonia if untreated.

    5. bacterial infection of lungs characterized by intense coughing.

    Colitis Dysentery Hepatitis Stenosis

    6. inflammation of small and large intestines, caused by drinking polluted

    7. inflammation of liver, viral, most common forms are A, B, and C

    8. chronic inflammation of large intestines causing diarrhea or constipation

    9. a narrowing if the intestines

    Polycystic Kidney Disease Respiratory Acidosis Urinary Tract

    10. caused by hypoventilation, body cannot remove enough CO2

    11. bacterial infection within urethra, usually caused by E. coli

    12. genetic, cyst develop along renal tubules causing nephron/kidney failure

    Chlamydia Endometriosis Gonorrhea Hydrocele Prostate

    13. endometrial tissue grows outside uterus causing extreme pain

    14. STD caused by bacteria, causes PID, affects epithelial cells in
    genital/anal area + throat and eyes

    15. swelling of scrotum due to excess fluids

    16. cancer of gland, initial signs include problems urinating in male

    17. bacterial caused STD, some forms will affect lymph nodes; young
    women at higher risk

    Ectopic Pregnancy Placenta Previa Toxemia

    18. part of placenta tears away from uterine wall

    19. high blood pressure during pregnancy

    20. pregnancy progressing within fallopian tube
    im ot a med student … my professor never goes over the answers for our test!!! thats why i need the answers

    • ANSWER:
      yeah… you can’t use yahoo answers to get yourself through medical school… after seeing this, I am afraid to ever get sick or get hurt, because people that work like this may end up being the people that treat me.

Sign Of Liver Problems

Chronic Liver Disease, Be Aware Of Liver Common Symptoms
Liver, just below the diaphragm, right side, approximately 2 kilograms in weight dark red color is a soft organ. Necessary to live a lot of chemical events occur here. Liver Duty: – The day is approximately 4 cups 1 liter secretes bile. – Fat, protein and regulates glucose metabolism. – The body’s temperature settings. – Body in need of water and makes vitamin. – Oil, protein, sugar and blood is necessary for the construction materials store, Adjusts the amount of blood. – On the role of hormones is effective.

Liver can not make any of the above-mentioned tasks will become if, various diseases occur. One of the most important ones, liver failure, liver inflammation, liver cirrhosis, gallbladder stones and gallbladder inflammation is.

Chronic alcohol poisoning, chronic liver tract diseases, malaria, syphilis, jaundice in the case of diseases such as severe liver tissue is damaged.

Instead of the tissue collapsed connective tissue typical of cirrhosis occurs. Usually between the ages of 40-60 is seen in men.

Liver swelling: Any liver disease during liver cell swelling and blockage of the bile duct as a result an emerging. In the language of medicine is called hepatitis jaundice. All the tissues of the patient or an even yellow white of eyes is painted. Urine becomes dark. Itching of the skin is visible.

Liver failure:
Liver the result does not do enough in common tasks is a disease. Symptoms of intestinal gas, abdominal swelling, pain in the right flank, nose, reddening, pale color, face and get spots such as freckles, strawberry tongue, bitter mouth, nausea, constipation, palpitation, swelling of the hands and feet, decreased vision and hearing can be seen. Urine color, dark mornings, the day is clear. Urine is much quit. Patient’s chocolate, spicy foods, pickles, fried food, and should not eat fatty things.

Liver Common Symptoms of disease: The patient feels pains in the right flank are in excess of intestinal gas. Swollen abdomen, anus nasty smells coming out of gas. Skin color and sometimes it turns yellow eye whites. Spots on the face and hands are like freckles. Complains of indigestion. In the language of rust and bitterness in the mouth feels in the morning. Breath also smells. Feels pain in the neck in the morning. Palpitations, loss of appetite is. The color of yellow and dark urine in the morning, in the later hours, the clear and open. I often go to the urine. Calf muscles are sore. The hands and feet are swelling. Does not want to sleep at night. Vision and hearing or feeling weak.
Digestive disorders, mild nausea, loss of appetite, gas first express symptoms.
They then jaundice, abdominal dropsy, severe symptoms such as weight loss occurs.
Leather the color of dirty yellow.
Most of the time hemorrhoids bleeding are seen.

Abdominal bloating after seeing the treatment of cases not taken seriously go to the road, but unless the patient can live 3-4 years.

A diet rich in protein should be applied, as well liver should be given nutritious vitamins. Alcohol and fries type food should be forbidden.

Liver Pain Causes

Liver Diseases Symptoms, Causes of Liver Problems
The liver is a very important organ that performs a variety of functions in the human body. Being a large organ, the liver can cope with small damages. If the damage is left untreated, it can worsen the condition of the liver and prevent it from functioning. Severe damage to the liver can result in liver failure and death. Some of the conditions that can lead to death from liver disease are alcoholism, liver cancer, cirrhosis, and viral hepatitis.

Liver disease symptoms can be hard to detect initially. For instance, a loss of energy that often is the first sign of liver problems can be confused with a myriad of other problems, including things as simple as a reaction to a seasonal change or a lack of sleep.

There are dozens of diseases that affect the liver. The two most common causes of liver diseases are viral infections and drugs. Though there are different causes of liver diseases, the clinical signs and symptoms are divided in to two categories.

Keeping your liver in healthy condition is very necessary and that can be done by eating a varied nutritional and vegetarian diet. Junk food, alcohol intake, low quality oils, chemicals -in air and we breathe are the main roots for liver maladies.
About 90 percent of patients diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis are women over the age of 40. Women living in northern Europe tend to be more susceptible to this disease compared to women in other parts of the world. Women in Japan have the lowest rate of diagnosed cases of this disease.

The liver can get inflamed due to certain conditions, use of alcohol and certain chemicals. The conditions that can cause liver inflammation are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Autoimmune Hepatitis, and Wilson’s disease. Extensive alcohol use also causes inflammation of the liver. Some drugs and industrial pollutants may affect the liver. Inflammation is characterized by redness, swelling, heat and possible pain in the liver.

Alcoholic liver disease occurs due to an acute or chronic inflammation of the liver due to alcohol abuse. This disease usually occurs after a prolonged use of alcohol. In the United States 10% of men and 3% of women suffer from problems related to alcoholic consumption.

The symptoms of impending liver deterioration cross over into other medical problems as well making early and precise laboratory tests and narrative. The symptoms will likely include nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and tenderness, vomiting, fever and jaundice. Further complicating the issue is that symptoms of cirrhosis are quite often almost identical to those of alcohol hepatitis.

If you only had one choice for picking a natural cure for liver disease it should be Milk Thistle Seed Extract (…fortunately you have more than one choice, so why not use all of them, it will only speed up your healing). There are a few reasons why Milk Thistle Seed Extract (also referred to as “Mte”) is beneficial to the liver and liver regeneration. Firstly, it protects the liver from toxins.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the the inflammation of the liver causes pain in your stomach?
    I went to the doctor and he did me an ultra sound. When he got the results he told me I had liver inflammation. For several years I’ve been having some strange and painful stomachaches is this the cause of my inflammation of liver? I would like to know so I can know what to do for it.

    • ANSWER:
      No, liver inflammation causes no pain. The liver itself has no nerve endings, therefore, no pain. That’s why people can have cirrhosis of the liver and not even know it. I had no idea anything was wrong with me until my liver was already 90% destroyed due to many many years of constant inflammation caused by an autoimmune disease. The only way I knew something was wrong was because I suddenly swelled up with a lot of fluid. I had liver failure and a liver transplant and never experienced any liver pain. Now there is a sac around the liver that can cause some pain, but it never gave me any problems. People are just not aware when their liver is inflamed because they have no symptoms. By the time any physical symptoms of liver failure appears, the failure is often far advanced.

      What can you do about it? Find out the real reason your stomach hurts. What can you do about liver inflammation? It depends on what is causing it to inflame in the first place. If you can get rid of whatever is irritating it, then the inflammation will go away. Example: If alcohol abuse is causing it, then stop drinking and it should go away as long as no permenent liver damage has been done yet such as cirrhosis. Example: My liver inflammation was caused by an autoimmune disease in which there is nothing I can do to stop it. It depends on the cause and whether or not you can get rid of the irritant.

      You need to discuss this with your doctor and find out what your options are for treating both problems such as your stomach and inflamed liver. I’m no doctor, but in my opinion they are going to be two separate problems in which both need addressed. You should not have to go for years with stomach pain and not know what is causing it. Hopefully, you can get the help you need by following up with your doctor and demanding some answers. If this doctor cannot help you, then find one who will.

    What can cause liver pain after overeating?
    My mother, who has a fatty liver, told me that she occasionally gets liver pain/pain in the liver area of her body after she overeats.

    What can cause this? Does overeating cause the liver to swell at all? Is it because she has a fatty liver? Is it perhaps not even her liver, but perhaps another organ pushing against her liver to cause the sensation of pain, like her stomach?

    • ANSWER:
      Liver is painless.

    What causes liver pain? :(?
    For at least the past year, I’ve been having what I believe is liver pain. It may not be my liver, but it’s exactly where my liver is at so I don’t know what else it could be. The pain isn’t excruciating, it’s more like a dull ache, or a discomfort. It worries me because I’m afraid it’s something serious. I don’t have health insurance and can’t afford to go to the doctor. :( I don’t know what to do. I don’t have any other symptoms, just the pain. Does anyone know what this could be?

    • ANSWER:
      A liver usually doesn’t cause pain because it has no nerve endings. But there is a membrane that surrounds it that can cause some pain. I had end stage cirrhosis in which my liver was very enlarged at first and then shrunk up as it was dying along with an enlarged spleen which happens with cirrhosis. With all that, I never felt any pain from my liver. I’m not saying it is impossible that it could be your liver. I’m just saying that chances are that it is probably something else. Gallbladder which is in the same area can cause a lot of discomfort and pain.

      Try to find a free clinic in your area if possible and some places will take patients based on their income. Call your local hospital and see if there are any programs for the uninsured that might be able to help you. If all else fails, you can go to the emergency room and they will have to try to help you even if you cannot pay. That’s where a lot of uninsured people with medical problems end up since they have no other options.

    Can an enlarged liver cause pain ?
    Pain in the right buttock , can this be caused by an enlarged liver , especially at night ?

    • ANSWER:
      It would be very unlikely that an enlarged liver would cause pain in your buttock. The liver is pretty high up and really nowhere near. I had an enlarged liver and it never caused me any pain. After it was enlarged for years, then it started shrinking as it was dying. I had to get a liver transplant. I never had any pain from it the entire time whether it was big or small. Liver disease also can cause an enlarged spleen. Mine was very large, but it never hurt me either.

    Is it wrong to tell my 78 year-old father that he has terminal cancer of the liver, if it causes him pain?
    My brother was upset with me because after I told my father what the doctor said, he later started crying (which is rare for him to do). He said that we should lie to him and that perhaps he would live longer. I felt that he had the right to know.

    • ANSWER:
      wow this is big. my dad had cancer and a hearing problem. when we went to the doctors he just nodded and pretend to hear the doctor then after we left the office he would ask us what the doctor said. we never told him in deatil what the doctor said and he felt o.k. for the most part. then my brothers wife told us we were wrong not to tell him he had 6 months to live so we felt guilty and so she told him. the very next day he died from a heart attack. the fear is what i believe killed him he was actually scared to death.

      so thats my experience hope that helps

    Tiny biopsy needle in liver causes agonizing pain, but bowhunters claim arrow is painless?
    I have a friend at my work here in Los Angeles who came out from Rhode Island. She has no family out here. She is a hepatitis carrier and has to be careful of getting liver infections and damage to her liver. From time to time, she has to have a biopsy needle thrust into her diaphragm so they can get a sample of her liver to send to the lab. This is very painful for her. Every time they do this, she suffers really bad for several days, because the pain is so bad that she weeps. It hurts every time she breathes. She has trouble sleeping due to the pain, and they give her painkillers. And a biopsy needle is very small. To get to her liver, they have to penetrate the diaphram muscle that you breath with.

    I have bow hunters here who INSIST that a broadhead arrow through your chest is totally painless. Or that all bowhunters hit the deer in the neck, and kill it instantly. Or that an arrow kills a deer in an average of 7 seconds.

    How can this be?

    Have you had a biopsy needle penetrate your diaphram muscle? No. So you actually have no idea what you are talking about, correct?

    • ANSWER:
      All three of those statistics that bow hunters suposedly told you were true are completely bogus.

      Arrows are not totally painless no matter where you hit the deer with them.

      Bowhunters who know anything about hunting would never shoot for the neck because it offers such a tiny lethal target area. It’s virtually impossible to get an arrow into the spinal cord inside the neck bones and the jugular veins are only 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide. Bow hunters always shoot for the chest cavity that offers a 12 inch lethal area.

      Arrows very rarely kill deer in less than 5 minutes. When an animal is killed by an arrow they die from the bleeding out which takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, even after the heart stops beating the brain can stay alive for up to three minutes. This is why bowhunters typically wait a minimum of an hour before they begin tracking any animal that they shot with a bow. This allows the animal time to bleed out and die without pressuring them to run any farther then they would if you started after them right away.

      There is no way to garuntee that you will painlessly kill any animal with a rifle or a bow. It’s just one of those things that you can’t change unless you quit hunting.

      I’ve seen you post questions that refer to your desire to go hunting, like asking about the Remington Model 8 with the side mount scope that you thought about purchasing. If your actually serious about hunting you shouldn’t be worrying about how painful an arrow is when shooting a deer with it.

    Will any lesion in the liver cause pain in the back? or stiffness?
    A friend of mine has backache since last two years.he has pain or stiffness on the right back above the pelvic region or near the mid rib? Is t due to lesion/ fatty infiltration of the liver.

    • ANSWER:
      fatty infiltration of liver would not cause pain. Unless there is some swelling of the liver capsule. And there would be some other symptoms than the pain in the back. Usually more symptoms in the front. what is his age? also kidney and urinary tract is another organ system that causes symptoms in that region. and more commonly a para-spinal spasm which would subside with rest and pain killers. Get his back examined by a good clinician. If there is muscle spasm, it is usually a local issue. Also a clinical exam would direct what next step needs to be taken

    Causes of purpura and liver pain?
    I have pain over my liver (upper right abdomen under the ribs). Its a constant dull pain and I sometimes get stabbing and burning pains there as well as in the side and round the back. I have lost a lot of weight, had about 4 weeks of vomiting almost every day, also get a burning pain in the centre of the abdomen under the ribs. About 8 weeks ago I developed a fairly large bruise/rash on my lower right side abdomen. It is a kind of dull grey/purple colour and gets red and spreads across my stomach sometimes. My doctor referred to this as purpura but so far does not know what has caused this.

    Other symptoms – Fatigue, light headed/faint, pins and needles/tingling in my arms and legs, stiff neck, flu like symptoms, mental changes, nausea

    The doctor took some blood tests to check if my blood was clotting and everything seems ‘normal’. She then said she would refer me to a gastroenterologist and asked me a few questions relating to hepatitis. Is it possible that hepatitis could cause these symptoms? Ive had them for 2 years now and liver function tests etc all seem normal.

    I should also add that the pain is worse after drinking any alcohol and I get a fever the day after drinking even 1 or 2 bottles of beer. im not a heavy drinker and very rarely drink any more, although I did drink a lot at weekends when I was younger.
    Should add that I have had an endoscopy (which found gastritis) and I have also had a barium meal and follow through which was normal and ruled out bowel diseases. (ulcerative colitis, crohns etc). I have also had an ultrasound which was normal (abdomen and pelvis).

    • ANSWER:
      Can be ulcerative colitis, ask your doctor

    Could a steroid cause extreme liver pain?
    I was diagnosed with tonsillitis and prescribed prednisone to reduce swelling about a week ago. Since I started taking the medicine I have been experiencing extreme pain on the right side of my chest below the rib cage. Could the medicine be affecting my liver?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be gallbladder pains. I’d go to the doctor to get it checked out.

    Can Ibuprofen cause kidney of liver pain?
    I was prescribed Ibuprofen for a strained achilles tendon and I am feeling some pain in the kidney or liver area. Is this a common or known problem with Ibuprofen? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Ibuprofen is metabolized by your liver, and excreted by your kidneys — via urine. Since, it is metabolized by the human liver, it causes the liver enzymes to get elevated — liver function tests: SGOT, SGPT.

      Where does it hurt specifically? Does it hurt on your entire abdomen? Upper right quadrant (liver area), or Upper left quadrant and epigastric (upper middle area of the abdomen) = stomach area.

      The usual side effect of Ibuprofen is gastrointestinal in nature — gastric irritation, ABDOMINAL PAIN, usually epigastric.

      If you experience flunk pain (kidney area), it could be something else — it could be urinary tract infection, kidney problem/damage etc. It’s best that you consult your doctor for further assessment.

      You need to drink water in order for you to excrete the “metabolites” of Ibuprofen. High doses of Ibuprofen can cause liver and kidney damage — Greater than 3200mg per day in an adult (under strict medical supervision). The usual adult dose is 1200mg per day in 3 or 6 divided doses.–> 400mg every 8 hours or 200mg every 4 hours.

      High doses of Ibuprofen is pretty stressful to the kidneys and liver. It increases the workload of these organs. Ibuprofen is considered “hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic”.

    What procedures are used to manage chronic pain caused by liver and kidney failure?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello my advice to you is to have a full work up done cbc, (complete blood count), creatian level (kidney function) etc. and find out what the under lieing cause of the condition is. I experienced this a few years ago when I became septic (blood poisoning) from MRSA infection. The pain was controlled with opioid meds morphine usually in the hospital while the work up is being done. Your Dr. should also order a gallion scan, ultra sound and perhaps a MRI of the lower abdomen, lumbar spine and pelvis. This can be a serious condition and should have a complete work up I can’t emphasis that enough. The pain I know is terrible but really more importantly find out the cause. I am not a doctor nor am i able to give medical advice but am Rather giving you my opinion from personal experience I wish you the best of luck.


    does haptitic B causes cancer after 21 years? and is UNonoing stomach pain a sign of liver cancer?
    please ppl i need to know, there is someone very special to me who have had hapititc b but like 21 years ago! she is doing very well and even forgot about it, the virous lives peacfully in her so it doesn’t effect anything.. but now i’m reading that hapitiic b cause liver cancer! OMG, please tell me is that possible? and after 21 years? she told me that she once read in a newspaper that it might causes liver cancer but between 15-20 years after that, when it’s 20 years it can’t!

    this person had an argument with someone abotu work and she cried and she wasn’t fine, so she had some stress. and after like an hour of that stress she had pain in her stomatch, she wasn’t fine for the whole day, she went to the doctor and he told her she is just fine and it’s just just stress! but he didn’t check her liver? … that was like 2 days ago, she is just fine now although yesterday it hurt her for like an hour and she was fine! she is just fine and she laughs and she walks out and goes out…

    • ANSWER:
      It is true that patients who have had Hepatitis can develop cancer. The same goes for anyone who has not had Hepatitis. So, you realize that anyone at anytime can develop cancer, so the time span means nothing.
      However, we cannot live our life in fear, so don’t panic. It is good to check ourselves, of course, especially when we have a pre-disposition to a problem. I would advise your friend to have a blood test, to check transaminases and the indexes that indicate cancer. It is quite simple. A sonogram could help too, because apart from cancer, she could have stones in her bile for example, that cause the stomach pains. Or gastritis in her stomach. So it’s a good idea to have a check up, especially if the pain persists. Stress is a parametre that brings problems to the surface, but I don’t believ it can cause you to hurt for very long if there is no real problem, even a minor one. Good luck, and don’t panick!

    Can acidity (empty stomach) cause liver pain or liver discomfort?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes and Yes.See a Doctor.

    Does problems with your liver cause stomach pain and problems urinating?

    • ANSWER:

    So I went to the doc for pain in my side, and they tell me my liver hurts…?
    What could cause liver pain? I’m waiting on bloodwork to come back as we speak, but I’m looking for ideas of what could be making my liver hurt.

    • ANSWER:
      this is just a little something i found…just somethign to read…not saying any of this is what you have, it may be something completely different…but something to read.

    I am having middle to lower back pain and nausea. Can my liver be causing this?
    I take allot of over the counter Tylenol and ibuprofen,for various pain issues and head aches.I am now suffering for sometime now with middle and lower back pain and nausea.Can this be caused by liver problems?

    • ANSWER:
      Your liver is on your right side, right under your ribs. Lower back pain would more likely indicate that there’s something wrong with your kidneys. Then again, if something’s wrong, it sometimes shows up with a symptom in a different place (blocked sinuses can cause toothaches, an inflamed appendix can cause your hair to fall out, etc.). Go see your doctor about it.

    What can cause liver pain?
    My husband has been having on and off liver pain for about two weeks now. He was drinking a lot of energy drinks (started off with one a day and progressed to three a day in three months) and he also started drinking alcohol more often (about 5-6 oz of vodka every other day for about two weeks). His body was not used to this, as he used to drink alcohol once, maybe twice a year and 1 (maybe 2) energy drink every two weeks. I am worried this can be Hepatitis C, but he hasn’t had any other symptoms except the liver pain. Could it be something else? He already stopped drinking both energy drinks and alcohol. He does smoke marijuana (hasn’t in two days). PLEASE HELP! I am very worried! Let me know if there is anything else that can be causing this.

    BTW, he’s not fat at all, so I doubt it’s fatty liver.

    • ANSWER:

    Can fatty liver cause pain? what can be the cure for it?
    For almost four weeks already ive taken my mom 70 yrs. old with diabetes to the doctor weekly for lab tests for her nagging abdominal pain. Her ultrasound showed no stones anywhere but fatty liver. Last weekend she’s been given essentiale, nexium and euglodin. Today her FBS result is 6.6. Tom her amylase level result will come out. What do you think is the best cure for fatty liver and if ever to pancreatitis? Moreover, she has nerve pains along the back of her legs and also cramps, too.
    I will surely appreciate your advice. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:

    what cause liver pain?
    can the liver hurt the middle of your back?i have alot of symptoms of Pancreatitis but they did a ct scan of the stomach and they say all my organs looks good. i have the upper right side pain agoes to the back can the upper right side have burning feeling? only thing they told me is i have a high hertia and acid relux and fatty liver. the pain goes away but when it comes back it will for about 2 weeks. i tested for hepatitis and came back negative please help

    • ANSWER:
      Liver Pain can be an effect from malnutrition. This is because eating disorders can actually cause liver problems and digestive disorders. Eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia cause malnutrition in the body. Other disorders, like wheat or gluten allergies, coat the intestines and prevent nutrient absorption regardless of how much you eat.

      When the liver does not get what it needs to carry on normal liver functions from the food, it behaves like any other living thing …it weakens, slows, shrivels or swells and eventually stops working (dies).

      Be honest. Be honest with yourself. Evaluate yourself and your eating habits. Overweight can be a symptom as much as Underweight. Eating Disorders are illnesses. There is nothing wrong with you-as a person, only with your body and the signals it is giving you in your mind and your stomach and your thinking. If you think you MIGHT have a eating disorder, check it out on the internet and talk to your doctor…just as you would if you think you might have diabetes or heart problems. If you are able to suspect you have a problem, you are able to SOLVE any problem.

      So, if you have Liver Pain and are looking for solutions, don’t forget to evaluate the possibility of having a eating disorder. Most times, liver problems are caused from other sources. The liver is the organ that takes the hit.

      Love You Liver! If you feel you have pain under your right rib cage, or a full, swelled, stiff feeling on your right side that goes into your back or right shoulder, it very well could be honest liver pain and there is a lot of reasons that might be. Don’t forget to look at your eating habits and find someone you trust to help you evaluate yourself. And do the test. Ask for blood test and urine test. Your doctor should know what to order, but if (s)he doesn’t, ….look for another doctor.

    describe the abdominal pain caused by liver cancer?
    how sharp? where is it felt? how long does it last
    how often does the pain come? does it get worse by time

    • ANSWER:
      very sharp, and they probably come and go. Not only does it get worse in time, but it’s an irreversable one way ride, and a fast one. from a few months to ayear or so. but, your doctor knows best.

    Can the liver cause muscle pain in the lower back?

    • ANSWER:

    Can a fatty liver from drinking too much alcohol cause some slight pain?
    I have some pain in my liver area not much but it’s discomforting, I do have an alcohol problem but haven’t had drink in 3 days can it be fatty liver or something worse?
    I am going cold turkey no more booze for me I don’t want to damage my liver even more if it is damaged right now.

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to do, right now, is to go to the doctors and
      ask that liver enzymes and liver function blood tests be done to
      check your liver. The doctor can tell from these tests how bad
      your liver cells have become damaged and how well the liver
      cells are still able to do the necessary functions to keep the
      body well. He can also tell if this is a liver or biliary problem
      depending on which blood tests are high.

      Alcohol can damage the liver in different ways. The liver
      takes toxins from the blood and converts them to non toxic
      forms that the body can easily dispose of.
      Over consuming alcohol in a short time period doesn’t
      allow the liver time to convert the alcohol to acetaldehyde,
      acetate, and then to carbon dioxide and water. Not
      converted completely can cause it to be toxic to the liver
      cells. Consuming alcohol over long times periods can
      lead to a fat build up inside the liver. This usually starts
      out as simple fatty liver and as it continues to build up,
      it leads to Steatohepatitis. Steato is fat, hepat is liver,
      and itis is inflammation. This inflammation inside the
      liver causes the liver to enlarge in size. Another way
      it can cause damage is if the person is more sensitive to
      alcohol than others are or are allergic to it…they are
      more prone to liver disease than others are, if this is
      the case. One more way is to take alcohol with
      medications which can cause an interaction that will
      immediately damage the liver cells.

      If the inflammation has develop in the liver because of
      the alcohol itself, or fat build up in the liver…and it causes
      the liver to enlarge in size…then it can lead to where the
      liver cells die off and form scar tissue inside the liver
      that can block the flow of blood. This is then an
      irreversible, progressive disease known as Cirrhosis of
      the liver.

      Stopping alcohol is the best to do. Finding out how much
      the liver is damaged from this is necessary if you want to
      be sure it hasn’t reached the point of the liver cells dying.
      It depends on how much liver cell damage there is, how
      long it will take you to completely recover from it…as
      long as the liver cells haven’t reach the point of dying off.
      Stopping the alcohol, even if it has passed this point will
      slow down, considerably, cirrhosis advancing.

      You should be under doctor care when coming off the alcohol.
      The side effects of doing so can be reduced by the medications
      the doctor can provide. He can also monitor you to be sure
      that your body is able to adjust and handle what is taking place.
      It can be dangerous if this isn’t done.

      Best wishes to you. It is hard to come off the alcohol and you
      seemed strong willed enough to do it.
      I hope this information has been of help to you.

    Liver aching pain day after drinking. What could be causing it?
    Hi. I’m an 18 year old university student suffering from a small problem. Whenever I drink alcohol, the day after I experience a small aching pain on my right side by my rib cage (Around the liver region). I usually only drink once every few weeks and only drink around 15 units. Im pretty tall and heavily built and I was wondering what could be causing this aching pain?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Js…

      There is no way anyone here can help you in determining the discomfort you’re having. It could be hundreds of things causing it, some serious. Don’t take chances.
      My son had a similar pain last month. Before going to the doctor, I searched all through medical websites and literally there are hundreds of thousands of people with stomach ailments and temporary relief suggestions. Even when you see the doctor, he’s playing the guessing game, you see. Luckily, my old fashioned remedy worked for him. What I’m saying is, I did what I thought was best just to relieve the pain and discomfort, prior him going to the doctor. The good thing is that when he awoke, his pain had banished. Your pain and discomfort may be a minimal and not so serious thing, but just to be safe, see a doctor…soon. You will be relieved in just knowing you did the right thing. Knowledge is having peace in your mind.


    Does fatty liver cause any pain?
    i had an ultra sound.,,, and it shown that i have fatty liver, i have a pain like burning in right side of my stomach in one sopt . is that for fatty liver? or maybe something els hmmm

    • ANSWER:

      I am not sure about the burning, but fatty liver can cause discomfort of some sort on your upper-right side. Here is a reliable source from the University of Maryland medical center:

      “Fatty liver is excessive accumulation of fat inside the liver cells. Fatty liver is the most common alcohol-induced liver disorder. The liver is enlarged, causing upper abdominal discomfort on the right side.”

    Why a 65 year old person complains of pain in the lowerback. Is it due to the lesion in the liver?
    Does liver cyst or any lesion cause pain in the pelvic region or at the lumbar region? Is space occupying lesion causing the pain?

    • ANSWER:
      It has nothing to do with liver . Yes space occupying lesion in spine can cause it but why not think more common cause like lumbosacral spondilitis !

    What happens when you get hit in the liver?
    I’ve seen people who get hit in the liver and they drop to the ground in a ton of pain.

    I’ve heard things about nerve endings that cause paralysis or that if it’s hit hard enough it releases toxins into your body.

    So does anyone know the science of why exactly getting hit in the liver causes so much pain?

    • ANSWER:
      It hurts like hell :(

    What is Chirrosis of the liver and what causes it?
    If a person has end stage chirrosis of the liver do they feel pain in their liver and what happens to them?

    • ANSWER:
      The liver doesn’t cause pain in the same sense that other parts of the body do, although the ligament around the liver can convey an uncomfortable “stretched” sensation due to enlargement of the liver. However, liver problems frequently create a sense of nausea, ranging from very mild to severe.
      Following are some potential causes that (when overdosed on) can lead to liver damage, or eventually to cirrhosis of the liver:

      • Alcohol,
      • Antifungal medications,
      • Acetaminophen (Tylenol),
      • Viral infections (e.g. hepatitis),
      • Cholesterol-lowering (statin) drugs,
      • Food-related mold / mycotoxins (aflatoxin),
      • Hormones (e.g. androgens, anabolic steroids),
      • Heavy metal / toxic exposure (PVC, arsenic, pesticides),
      • Dry cleaning chemicals (tetrachloroethylene / perchloroethylene),
      • Genetic disposition (alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, hemochromatosis),
      • Herbal / nutritional supplements (Lakota, kava, devil’s claw, celandine, comfrey, chaparral).

    i am feeling an intermitent pain in my liver area. three months ago, i was diagnosed with viral hepatitis B.?
    what causes pain in the liver area? 4 months ago, i was diagnosed with viral hepatitis. my sgpt level reach 788 at one point and after two months it went down to 138. After three months, i am now feeling some pain in the liver area? any explanation? do i need to worry about this?

    • ANSWER:
      Hepatitis B is a virus that has entered your body and has gone to
      your liver cells to try and replicate itself. When it uses one cell,
      that cell dies and it continues to the next. Damage done to the
      liver cells and have them then die off can cause the immune system
      of the body to respond to this and cause inflammation to start
      to build up inside the liver. This can cause the liver to enlarge in size.
      This may be what is happening with you. The doctor can see the
      enlargement of the liver on an ultrasound or Ct scan.

      This enlargement can cause a full, tight feeling in the right side area and
      even some pain. Not all patients have pain, though.
      You should discuss this either with a gastroenterologist or hepatologist
      now. If this is liver enlargement, it can lead to something more serious.
      The liver cells may start to die off more rapidly and scar tissue can
      form inside the liver that will block the flow of blood through the liver.
      They sometimes can give a patient medications to help keep more
      inflammation from occurring.

      Best wishes

    can your liver cause u pain?
    i have been getting pain where my liver is about 1 a month for the past year it last for about ten mins but it ia agony when it happens . its like a burning pain

    • ANSWER:
      It’s uncommon for the liver to cause pain. Sounds more like a stomach or gallbladder problem. Burning pain could be a stomach ulcer, and gallbladder pains can be quite intense. You need to go to your doctor and pay attention to when you get these pains. Does it happen after you eat, after you exercise, etc.? Tell the doctor.

    Does An Enlarged Liver Cause Feeling Of Rib Cage Amd Back Pain When You Bend And Inhale?
    Have been drinking heavily a long time and now i really intend to stop as i know i am doing myself no good.
    I suffer with anxiety and so i could be just imagining the worst but i have noticed what if i bend over and inhale hard there is pain in my upper right rib cage and upper back area.
    Does this sound typical of an enlarged liver.? Many thanks.
    Based on your question, we think it be

    • ANSWER:
      This could be so many different things. However, an enlarged liver can cause
      discomfort and fullness in the right (anterior) upper quadrant of the abdomen,
      under the rib cage.
      If this was a gallbladder problem, mostly the pain is in the same area of the liver,
      (anterior or front side) but refers to the upper back to the shoulder area.
      If this was a kidney problem, it would be located on either side of the spinal
      column, under the rib cage, on the back side of the body (posterior)to start and
      then move to the front lower abdomen down toward the bladder area.
      This could also be a lung (breathing) problem or a pulled muscle, etc.

      The only way to be sure of a potential liver or biliary problem is to have
      blood testing done. The doctor does different blood tests to check this:
      liver enzymes, liver function tests, liver viral tests, and liver cancer test.

      When the liver cells become damaged, the immune system of the body
      will respond to this and cause inflammation to develop inside the liver.
      This leads to the liver enlarging in size and taking on a spongy texture,
      even though it is surrounded by a tight membrane capsule.
      All alcohol, if this is the cause, will have to be stopped (under doctors care)
      and the inflammation will have to be treated in order for the liver problem
      to be reversed; before it reaches the point that the liver cells die off and
      form scar tissue inside the liver (which cannot be removed).

      If you do find out you have a liver or biliary problem…it is best to be referred to
      a gastroenterologist. Best wishes

    enlarged liver and spots on my spleen and very large belly and in alot of pain and scared to death.was causes ?
    i have been on the pc and still do not know why this is going on.any help would be great.i can put on as much as 11lbs a day and then loss it the next.i have alot of swelling in my hands.please help

    • ANSWER:
      umm…go to the doctor!!!! dont take advice from people on here who dont know what they are talking about.

    How do blood test determine liver function?
    My Doctor had my blood drawn for testing. He said that my liver enzymes were high. How dangerous is this? Could it be normal for me? I have a friend who’s temperature runs higher than 98.6, he has an overactive thyroid. He can eat what he wants, and all he wants, and not gain a pound!!! If I even look at a picture of a big pizza I put on 5 pounds, God I hate him. But in all seriously could my liver enzymes just run higher than normal? Could all of the Tylenol I take for my back pain cause this liver condition? I have heard that Tylenol isn’t as safe as the public has been led to believe.
    First of all thanks, all of the answers were well thought out, and I have learned a lot. I don’t drink alcohol, the medication regiment I am on, put my beer drinking days behinding me.When you are taking drugs like Remeron, Klonopin, and Neurontin, drinking even 1 beer can leave you feeling very uncomfortable. I don’t use illegal drugs, haven’t smoked in 8 years. I am however 68 pounds over my ideal body weight. I have also been taking, Tylenol# 3 with codeine, 3 times a day for a year now. I suspect it’s the Tylenol that has my liver “out of wack”, and I have stoped taking it. I think Tylenol is far more dangerous than people have been led to believe,however Tylenol has became as American as apple pie. Tylenol is in some 60+ different over the counter cold, and flu medicines, if it is a liver toxin, getting it off the shelves, will require a Congressional mandate.

    • ANSWER:
      Your liver is the bloods filter. It’s functionality can be determined through a blood directed test,

    can an enlarged liver cause back pain?

    • ANSWER:
      Definitely, go to the dr and get checked out, this doesn’t sound good!

    fat in liver…..pain i think HELP?
    I went to the doctor two weeks ago I was having pains right under my rib cage and my right lower stomach and I peeing real yellow and it had a real strong smell I also had a hard time going to the restroom ( bowel move) I have hard time with gas also I went to go see the doc, he drew blood and sent me to get a sonogram he called be back after two weeks and told me that my blood wrok came back fine kidneys where ok liver function was ok gallbladder was ok but I did show to have fat in my liver but that he didn’t think that was making me hurt he found a uti and gave meds for that the following week I went to the er for the same pains they did x-rays and blood work and they said the same thing everything came back fine I did have blood in my urine but the er doc thought that the fat in my liver wasn’t cause my pain either what can it be?

    I weighed 275 pounds and lost 23 pounds in two months on a diet and exercise did that have to do with it?
    When I go use the restroom it come

    • ANSWER:
      If you are “fat, female and forty” you fit the profile for gall bladder stones. Otherwise, you seem to be in good shape. Your fatty liver could be due to your eating habits. In other words, Goosie, you are getting a bit of a foie gras!

    How much ibuprofin causes liver damage?
    I’ve been taking 2 doses of ibuprofen for the past 2-3 days for tooth pain that i’ve been having. I heard about the damaging affects and have vowed not to take anymore. I rarely take any form of medicine unless it’s absolutely necessary. Is my liver damaged? Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Well you picked the right one if you had to take something. Ibuprofen is very forgiving compared to acetaminophen (Tylenol). The suggested daily safe maximum of Advil (ibuprofen) is 1600mg per day without a doctors guidance. You can go as high as 800mg 4 times a day, but you need to contact your doc if you go that high in case the side effects get bad. But the Tylenol (and they put it in everything including Vicodin and Percoset) can destroy your liver even if you don’t exceed the max safe dose. Bad drug. But you should have nothing to worry about.

    Would overdosing on OTC pain killers, but not have to go to the ER from it cause liver damage / liver disease?
    I use to take alot of aspirin (more than the recommended amount) for a chronic pain which turned out to be gallbladder infection. Could this cause liver disease / damage? How would I be able to find out if I have liver damage / disease?

    • ANSWER:
      Aspirin is safe. Even in moderate overdosages.

      Tylenol (acetaminophen) is not safe, and it very easy to overdose and destroy your liver.

      A physician can talk with you about your concerns.

      A common sign of liver disease is jaundice, the whites of your eyes turn yellow.

    8 months PAIN in liver. Gallbladder taken out. Every scan/test done nothing shows up.Any help is appreciated!?
    My spouse has had a chronic pain in his liver that is non stop over the past 8 months. Before this over the past 12 years or so he would have the pain on/off but it wasn’t as bad as it is now and he could deal with it. He has had ever scan and test done. Nothing shows up. His gallbladder was taken out and they stated that it had polyups(sp) in it and it was a good thing they had taken it out then because it would have caused him problems later on. He has been seen locally and at the Mayo Clinic. They only state that he has NASH and the membrane surrounding his liver is causing the pain but the pain isn’t always localized(sp) to that area. I am worried about him and we have seen countless doctors. If anyone could be of any help I would greatly appreciate it and I ask that you please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.
    My spouse has had a chronic pain in his liver that is non stop over the past 8 months. Before this over the past 12 years or so he would have the pain on/off but it wasn’t as bad as it is now and he could deal with it. He has had ever scan and test done. Nothing shows up. His gallbladder was taken out and they stated that it had polyups(sp) in it and it was a good thing they had taken it out then because it would have caused him problems later on. He has been seen locally and at the Mayo Clinic. They only state that he has NASH and the membrane surrounding his liver is causing the pain but the pain isn’t always localized(sp) to that area. I am worried about him and we have seen countless doctors. If anyone could be of any help I would greatly appreciate it and I ask that you please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.

    * We have done the full change of diet and natural remedies but nothing along those lines has worked -thank you though for your suggestions I REALLY appreciate it!
    Yes, we do live in the USA, thank you so much for your answer I’ll be speaking to our Doctor about what you suggested LOU977 when we visit them next. Thank you VERY MUCH to both you and Flandargo for answering so quickly!

    • ANSWER:
      I am assuming that you live in the USA??? If so, there are PAIN clinics you can take him to that can help with more diagnosis. Also maybe see a nuerologist for other diseases or disorders.
      The reason I say this is because I have severe ( on again off again ) pain at the site of my liver. I have been dignosed with Localized Scheleraderma ( not the same as scheraderma) and Fibromyalgia. Its what hit me when I read your question. Never give up. Keep going to different doctors until you get the answers you need.
      Good luck!

    What causes elevated liver enzymes in dogs?
    My dog (less than 2 yrs old) has elevated liver enzymes and is on Sam-E to lower them as well as some pain medication.

    • ANSWER:
      A complete systemic imbalance. You can mess around with expensive blood tests, etc. and your vet will only be guessing at what the problem is.
      First thing you should do is to feed your dog a species appropriate raw diet. Dogs are carnivores. Commercial dog food does a lot of damage to their system, because they were not designed to eat grains and fillers — that’s what 70% of dog food is.
      Check out the files/research at the Yahoo Group Raw Meaty Bones.
      Raw fed dogs avoid preventable health problems like pancreatitis, diabetes, bladder stones, impacted anal glands, ear infections, periodontal disease, allergies, hot spots, skin problems and even cancer.
      There are plenty of sick dogs that recovered wonderful health after their owners stopped feeding the equivalent of doggie junk food. It’s as bad as us eating at McD’s every day (Supersize Me).
      Vaccination can be another source of serious adverse reactions leading to health problems. These reactions can happen months/years after a shot. Another great Yahoo Group is Truth about Vaccines. Anyone who owns a dog owes it to themselves and the dog to keep abreast of the independent research that is being/has been done and not rely on the money-motivated claims of the veterinary/pet food industry.

    what is causing my liver pain ?
    last night i took dayquil and 2 excedrin pm..
    i didnt know it would be badd cause i didnt pay attention to the active ingredientss.
    i feel finee, i just notice my liverr kinda hurts a little bitt.
    i also took some dayquil this morningg.
    i read that you can have up to 4000 mg of the ingredient that i took and i think i had like 2000 which i know isnt good.
    it may be all in my head cause i know myselff.
    when i think of pain, i get it haha and its usually my imaginationn.
    im not ever gonna do it again..
    but am i gonna be okayy ?
    i took it last night and im fine now so i was told i would be finee..

    • ANSWER:
      if you can have 4000 as you said and you had 2000, thats half of the allowed amount so how would that be your problem

    Can pain medication cause cirrhosis liver?

    • ANSWER:
      Most, if not all pain meds are metabolized through the liver. And as a chronic pain patient for over 13 years I take milk thistle once a day to help my liver.

      Since I have been on the milk thistle I have not had any elevated liver enzymes or abnormalities like I did before I started taking it.

      Tylenol and Advil, the generics of them and most NSAIDs are worse on the liver than the prescribed meds.

      Get some milk thistle and then you don’t have to worry about it so much.

    I have a 3.5 by 2.5 liver cyst, why wont my doctor remove it? It causes me severe pain.?
    Its not cancerous.
    He says he wants to rule out every other possibility before taking this out, meaning something else could be causing the pain. I have had a million tests already and nothing. I guess I am just tired of taking Vicodin for pain and just want a solution.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey sis, why don’t you ask HIM? He’s your doctor. We aren’t. We can only guess. He’ll tell you the truth. Give it a try!!!

      I am an RN

    What causes fluid around the liver?
    I have been having pain in my right side near my rib cage. The doctor thought it was my gall bladder, but it turns out that I have fluid around my liver. I cannot walk for more than fifteen minutes without feeling like collapsing. I just want to know what are the possible causes of this fluid. I don’t drink (at all) nor do I smoke. I will be giving choosing a best answer.
    My doctor is not that concerned. She said if it got worse, to go to the hospital, but it has not gotten worse.

    • ANSWER:
      If you are referring to fluid in the abdominal cavity, that is called ascites. Ascites is due to the liver functioning below 10% of it’s normal, healthy capacity. Ascites is a serious symptom of decompensation (liver failure) and should be taken very seriously. If you are so exhausted, as you said, you should be tested for hepatitis b or c. Liver disease, and symptoms such as ascites are related to hepatitis b or c, and other liver diseases, such as primary biliary cirrhosis, or primary schlerosing cholangitis. Very often with diseases like hepatitis B (HBV) or hepatitis C (HCV) people can be asymptomatic for years, or even decades. That is why they call HCV the “Silent Killer”. It is not until there is more advanced scarring of the liver that more significant symptoms occur. You can have cirrhosis without ever having a drink of alcohol in your life when you have liver disease. Identification of the disease is key in controlling and living with it. If your doctor is very blase’ about this, I would strongly recommend getting a second opinion from a gastroenterologist or hepatologist. I don’t mean to alarm you, but I would rather err on the side of caution than for this to progress due to your doctor’s lack of information. And by the way, as someone who has dealt with liver disease, and runs a hepatitis & liver disease support group for the last 7 years, I’ve seen MANY people who go undiagnosed until it’s too late. There are many primary care doctors who are not up to date on liver disease. That’s why we have specialists. Best wishes.

    what causes upper right stomach pain?
    i have been having this upper right stomach (near to the center of the stomach but more on the right side) i have pain amost everyday it comes and go (sometimes it can continue to pain for a few days) im very worried that it might be an ulcer/liver problem that cause the pain

    • ANSWER:
      Right Upper Quadrant pain can be a few things, however the first that comes to mind is Gallbladder. Pain in the RUQ radiating to the back, worse with eating especially fried or fatty foods. Also the 3 F’s…Fair, Fat and 40…fair skinned, overweight and near or over 40…does this fit? Could be ulcer, but I would expect that pain more centralized. Liver problems do not typically cause pain…just elevated blood tests and Jaundice(yellowing of the skin, eyes and under the tongue). If you develope a fever, have nausea, vomiting and or diarrhea…see a doctor. Good Luck!!

    Does An Enlarged Liver Cause Feeling Of Rib Cage Amd Back Pain When You Bend And Inhale? Please Advise?
    Have been drinking heavily a long time and now i really intend to stop as i know i am doing myself no good.
    I suffer with anxiety and so i could be just imagining the worst but i have noticed what if i bend over and inhale hard there is pain in my upper right rib cage and upper back area.
    Does this sound typical of an enlarged liver.? Many thanks.
    Based on your question, we think it be

    • ANSWER:
      I have the exact same feeling in the upper-LEFT side of my back area. Used to be a heavy smoker, quit for about 3 months. Do you smoke? If so, it could be an irritation in your lungs.

    what would cause pain in the right rib area-no cracked or broken ribs-hurts when touched?
    i have been told by my doctor that my liver has “issues” am i being paranoid, or could swelling of the liver cause this pain?
    the issues would be too much alcohol for approx 20 years.

    • ANSWER:
      That is one possibility. Another is costrochondritis, or inflammation of the cartilage in the area.

      More information and exam would be needed to be sure. For example, what kind of “issues” does your liver have?

    if you take a lot of pain killer will that cause liver cirrhosis?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it can… even none prescription like tylenol – especially mixed with alcohol.

    What Other pain Meds Contain Aspirin becides oxycontin?
    Hi, I have cronic pain a spine injury. Because i need long term treatment doctors wont keep me on anything with tylenol like vicodon, i understand the reason 1 they want a long acting drug, and 2 tylenol based pain meds cause liver damage if used for a very long time. So i get my choice methadone or oxycontin, i dont like any of these so for 10 points who can tell me a pain med thats 12 hrs, has Aspirin in it, and is not oxy like i take now, im seeing Doctor in the afternoon tomarrow may 30- 07 so im running out of time first to tell me a Aspirin based pain med gets the honor, Thanks, Mark…..

    • ANSWER:
      You could ask him about a lidocaine patch. Methadone can be a very dangerous drug and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Darvon doesn’t have aspirin or tylenol in it, Ultram is another drug that doesn’t have either of these in it. You should probably see a pain specialist who can find you something to take that will relieve your symptoms. The drugs you are currently taking are addictive as well.

    Would my diagnosis with a swollen liver be the cause of pain in my right lower back and right knee?

    • ANSWER:
      Liver conditions can cause back pain. If the liver condition is affecting the kidneys to some extent, you may have knee pain as well, but that’s likely due to fluid retention (kidney-related).

      Describe your back pain and knee pain in as much detail as you can/know about it- frequency, aggravating factors, etc. so that your treating medical doctor will know if it’s related or a separate orthopedic condition altogether.

    Does liver cancer cause great pain in the end stage?
    My step dad has liver cancer in the end stage and I am very worried about him. I’m 18 and he’s in his mid 50′s. I know he has only been my step dad for 1 and a half years but he was the nicest dad I had and I am going to miss him so much. I just think about all the times I was mean to him because he was lazy and tired all the time not knowing htat he was like that because he was sick. He was diagnosed a month ago and he’s had some treatment but the doctors said there’s nothing else to do that will prolong his life. The doctors estimated maybe 2-3 months left and I am just wondering will he be in alot of pain? I can accept that hes going to die but I really wish he wouldn’t die painfully.
    He is also starting to lose weight and is extremely tired alot…but he was always like this except the weight loss.

    • ANSWER:
      Well they should be able to give him medicine to help with the pain. And ussualy at the very end they will put you on morphine and you really want feel any pain.

      But you never know with these things, some people just go quick, some suffer.

    Does Jaundice causes liver enlargement? What is the cure?What food/liquids should one have and what should you
    There is a lot of pain in the stomach and the body is itching besides normal symptoms of jaundice.

    • ANSWER:
      Jaundice is a symptom, not the cause of liver problems. Jaundice is due to high bilirubin because the liver is not functioning properly. The itching is also due to the liver not filtering as it should. Please see a gastroenterologist, as this may be serious. Best wishes.

Liver Cancer Pain

Liver Care Remedies And Stop Liver Pain Problems Naturally
The liver is the largest solitary gland in the body. It is situated on the right side of the abdomen beneath the lower ribs and just beneath the diaphragm which divide the chest from the abdomen.

Liver perform a number of important functions in the body. When the liver is healthy it works very easily.

But the liver can be overstated by a number of serious chaos, such as virus infections, parasites, and turbulence of the circulation, stone configuration in the bile ducts, injuries due to poisonous substance, and various kinds of tumors.

The top priority for healthy livelihood with Hep C is to prevent, or at least decrease, further damage to the liver. Achieving this has two components. The first is to know what can damage the liver, and the subsequent is to know what can help the liver.

Causes of Liver Problem

The Mayo Clinic define the liver as “an organ about the size of a football that sits just under your rib cage on the accurate side of your abdomen.”

The liver is like a filter: it helps digest food by filtering out bad chemicals and matter from the food we eat.

It is a vital part of our digestive system, and one of the most important organs in our body.

However, the liver is also prone to damage. There are many causes of damage to liver, from chemical to disease.

Symptoms of Liver Problem

1. Feel tired and uninhibited when you wake up
2. Energy levels fluctuate throughout the day, with your tiredness becoming worse around mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon
3. Difficulty losing weight
4. Frequent headaches
5. Bad breath, digestive problems, bloating, gas, dyspepsia
6. Allergies and intolerances to foods that are deterioration as time goes on
7. Reactions to many chemicals counting cleaning products, petrol, paint, perfumes, bleaches, etc.

Treatment of Liver Problem

Treatment depends on the type and period of the cirrhosis. Its aim is to stop the progress of the cirrhosis, reverse (to whatever extent possible) the damage that has already occurred, and treating complications that are disable or life-threatening.

The treatment of fatty liver is correlated to the cause. It is imperative to remember that simple fatty liver may not have need of treatment.

The benefit of weight loss, dietary fat constraint, and exercise in obese patients is inconsistent.

Reducing or eliminating alcohol use can improve fatty liver due to alcohol toxicity.

Home Remedies for Liver Problem

Wash 3-4 leaves of sacred fig (Ficus religiosa). Mash them with sugar candy and mix it in 250 mg of water, drink twice a day after sieving the combination. This is a very good home remedy for liver care.

Decrease fat intake by 20-30 grams per day as in liver hurt, bile secretion and digestion is affected that hinders the fat absorption.

Liver cirrhosis treatment – Take one teaspoonful of glucose in one cup of water thrice a day in the morning, day and night.

Take juice of 2 oranges empty stomach for 5-7 days.

Take 50 grams of white radish leaves and stem, add darling candy in it and drink it every morning with empty stomach. This is a very easy and one of the effective home remedies for liver care.

Daily intake of a pinch of roast alum with buttermilk twice or thrice daily is very helpful in liver spoil treatment.

Prognosis Of Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer Diagnosis, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prognosis
Liver cancer also known as primary or metastatic hepatic carcinoma is a fairly rare form of cancer in the western world (1% of all cancers) but much more common in Africa and parts of Asia (10% to 50% of all cancers). It is much more prevalent in men and incidence increases with age. Liver cancer is rapidly fatal, usually within 6 months from gastrointestinal hemorrhage, hepatic failure or metastasis.


Most primary liver tumors are known as hepatomas (hepatocellular carcinoma and primary lower cell carcinoma). Some primary liver cancers originate in the bile duct and these are known as cholangiomas. Some rare liver cancers include Kupffer cell sarcoma and hepatoblastomas (which occur almost exclusively in children and are usually respectable and curable). Metastatic liver cancer is 20 times more common than primary liver cancer and after cirrhosis this is the leading form of liver related death.


Liver cancer does not normally cause symptoms until it is in an advanced stage.

Clinical effects of advanced liver cancers include:

1. A mass in the right upper side.

2. Tender, nodular liver on palpation

3. Severe pain in the epigastrium or upper right side

4. Weight loss, anorexia, weakness, fever

5. Occasional jaundice or ascites (fluid in the abdomen)


The exact cause of liver cancer is unknown in adults but in children it may be a genetic disease. Adult liver carcinomas may result from environmental exposure to carcinogens such as mold, contrast media (no longer in use), androgens and oral estrogens, the hepatitis B virus or by damage to the liver due to cirrhosis caused by too much prolonged imbibing of alcohol.


Liver cancer is difficult to diagnose in the presence of cirrhosis, but several tests can help identify it: The combination of an imaging study (ultrasound, CT, or MRI scans) and an elevated blood level of alpha-fetoprotein will most effectively diagnose liver cancer, electrolyte studies may indicate increased sodium retention, a liver biopsy can make a definitive diagnosis.


Treatments for primary liver cancer depend on the extent (stage) of the disease, age, overall health, feelings and personal preferences. Surgery is the most effective treatment for primary liver cancer, but this is not always possible due to the size or position of the tumor. Radiofrequency ablation is an option for people with small, unresectable hepatocellular tumors and for some types of metastatic liver cancers. During this procedure, the hepatic artery (the artery from which liver cancers derive their blood supply) is blocked, and chemotherapy drugs are injected between the blockage and the liver. Cryoablation may be an option for people with inoperable primary and metastatic liver cancers. Removing the whole liver and replacing it with a liver from another person is another possible form of treatment for primary liver cancer.

Even when treatments fail to provide much improvement in the liver cancer itself, pain and other signs and symptoms caused by liver cancer can be aggressively treated to improve quality of life. In general, the treatments available for children are the same as for adults, and the best approach depends on the stage and type of cancer as well as the child’s age and overall health.


Prognosis is poor when cancer is advanced, but for small tumors that are confined to the liver, ablative therapies are palliative and surgical resection or liver transplantation

Frequently Asked Questions

    Liver Cancer.My Father.Prognosis?
    My father was diagnosed with Cirrhosis 4 months ago, had massive ascites….the Cirrhosis was brought on by years and years of hard drinking. He recently found out about 2 lesions/tumors on his liver which means he has cancer. He always stays positive and doesn’t want us worrying, but he’s talking about transplants, 5 years down the road, etc., but it doesn’t take a genius to google Liver Cancer Prognosis and read that it’s a poor prognosis, no matter what stage he is at. He told me has a Stage 1, Localized, Primary Liver Cancer…I just don’t really know what to think..should I trust his words about how positive he is or should I be a realist and go by what I’m reading about, online? Thanks a lot.

    • ANSWER:

    Liver Cancer Prognosis?
    Was diagnosed with cirrhosis 4 months ago..from being an alcoholic for the past 10 years..was recently diagnosed with liver cancer, primary, localized…2 days ago he was admitted to the hospital for vomiting blood and has been here since..I should be expecting a lot of these hospital visits or what? He is all doped up on morphine and ambien and doesn’t look great..what can I expect..I think his cancer is stage 1 or 2 :(


    • ANSWER:
      Liver cancer is a tough one, and it is hard to make predictions.
      Yes, it doesn’t sound like he’s going to live for another 10 years, *but* he probably will make it out of the hospital.
      The thing with the liver is that it affects blood clotting (hence the vomiting blood), so that has to be controlled.
      I wish him, and you, a smooth journey.

    Prognosis for early stage secondary liver cancer?
    My aunt has recently been diagnosed as having bowel cancer. They found a 2 inch tumor in the large intestine. A CT scan has since shown the cancer has just begun to spread to the liver. The liver has some spots on one side of it. The dr’s are going to treat it with chemotherapy. Does anyone know prognosis statistics for this type of cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      I am sorry to tell you, but an “early stage secondary liver cancer” is an oxymoron and not correct. Your aunt does not have liver cancer at all she has a stage 4 colon cancer. The 5 year survival rate is about 5%.

    Prognosis of Liver Cancer….?
    My Father has bowel cancer which has gone into both lobes of his liver.He was diagnosed last week and is waiting for his 1st lot of chemo,which should begin in 2 weeks.He is 77 and has mild diabetes.He has lost nearly 2 stone in a month.What is the prognosis for him ( be honest,I just need to hear truths at this stage).He has lost all appetite and just drinks water.He sleeps all the time.I know each person is different,I would like some ideas please : )

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, I’m not sure but it sounds like he doesn’t have long. My mother lived for about a week at this stage, not to scare you. I’m sorry. She passed away on July 12th and everything spread quickly and basically when it spread to the liver she had no chance whatsoever because it’s a vital organ. They can still hear until the very end even if they’re in a coma, so please don’t hate me for saying this- but make sure you tell him everything you want to tell him ASAP. When he stops drinking altogether and you can only wet his mouth with sponges expect it to be one to three days.

      Wait- I just reread your question…can he get out of bed and go to the bathroom? That would make a difference. But I’d say his prognosis either way isn’t good. My mother started sleeping all the time and stopped eating and then within a couple of weeks she was bedridden and two weeks later she died. I’m no doctor, but it sounds like chemo won’t happen. If it does, you can only wait and see.

    Prognosis for liver cancer?
    Got the news today we had all been dreading- my ex’s mum has bowel cancer that has spread to her liver. I think I suspected it all along,but did not want to believe it.
    Can someone tell me what her chances are? I have read the treatment offered just extends your life,and does not cure it. She is being referred to chemo I think.
    Have the hard job of telling my kids that their other gran has cancer.

    • ANSWER:
      How to Stop Cancer
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    What is the prognosis for stage 4 liver cancer? more details…?
    He had pancreatic cancer first and after getting it removed the doc said his cancer cell count(i guess that’s what it’s called) was 6000 and they never saw anyone live past 1200. How long do you think a 72 year old man could live with this type of cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      He still has pancreatic cancer, not liver cancer and the median survival is 2-6 months.
      If what you mean by “count” is his CA 19-9 this is an indication he will probably survive 6-12 weeks. I’m sorry.

    What is the prognosis for metastatic liver cancer in the elderly?
    My father was recently diagnosed with liver cancer, he’s 88. He has multiple lesions on his liver. It is the secondary site – he had a bout of bladder cancer which (we thought) was being successfully managed. He’s been in great shape, good health and very active his entire life. He is not your typical frail elderly person in their 80s. Its hard to see someone who was formerly energetic and vibrant slipping away. They have done ultrasound and CT scan and needle biopsy is next. We are being told by oncologist that treatment options are limited or that he “may not be a good candidate for chemo”, presumably because of his age and I guess b/c of the advanced stage the cancer may be at. Does anyone have any similar experiences? The Internal Medicine Resident who first saw him said “3 months” but she’s not an oncologist so not sure how much weight to put in that. I’ve heard liver cancer has a bad prognosis and is very quick/aggressive. Would be interested to hear about anyone having similar experiences. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Liver cancer usually does have a poor prognosis, but I’m not so sure that is what he has. If it is a secondary site than it is not liver cancer. Are you saying it’s metastatic bladder cancer? Are they doing a biopsy of the liver? Maybe they are not sure what the primary site is.

    my mum in her eighties has primary liver cancer. what is the prognosis, how much time does she have to live?
    the diagnosis is cholangiocarcinoma and doctors says it has spread all over liver and blocked her bile duct. they put in a stent to drain bile but said no other treatment is possible. she has lost much weight but feels no pain. just yellowing skin and lost of appetite. becoz the docs said no other treatment she thinks that she has been cured but we need to know what to expect in order to plan caring for her. can anyone tell us?

    • ANSWER:
      Life and Death only The God Almighty can predict.
      I have cured a few patients whom our Conventional Doctors had diagnosed as Uncurable please read the following carefully :-

      Homeopathic treatment for Liver Cancer / Hepatitis C-B and Liver Cirrhosis :-

      1.SULFUR 30C
      2.BRYONIA 30C
      3.CARDUUS MARIANUS in Q (Mother Tincture)
      4.CHELIDONIUM MAJUS in Q (Mother Tincture)
      5.LYCOPODIUM 1M(1000)

      Take remedy 1 and 2 thrice a day half hour before meals followed by 20 drops each of 3 and 4 half hour after meals together in a half a cup of hot water and take 5 after a week of taking the above regularly just one dose a week. Avoid Chocolates, Coffee, Mints and Red Meat while taking Homeopathic Medicines and avoid all foodstuffs, which gives you constipation at all costs.
      If there is any ambiguity about the dosage or the potency of the medicine please ask me before doing anything.
      And keep me posted about your progress at least every three days.
      It would be better if you send me the details of the patient exactly the way he or she feels not the doctors Diagnosis let the patient describe their own feeling exactly the way they are feeling the above will clear all in any case but it would be lots better if you send complete details.

      Take Care and God Bless you!

    cancer from lung to liver?
    whats the prognosis of liver cancer just wondering my mom had lung cancer and now theres a spot on her liver

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, some types of cancer travel from organ to organ. Sometimes even into the brain.

      Good luck to her and you. Pops

    Secondary cancer of the liver?
    Someone very close to me has secondary liver cancer (it has spread from the breast) She also has tiny amount of secondaries on the lung. She found all this out in january but i’m unsure how long this may have been there for. She responded well to treatment until now. Now it’s been downhill. She’s unable to walk far or eat much, constant pain, los loads of weight. Basically is beginning to look ill for the first time. She starts a new treatment on thursday which may or may not work. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me, as it’s not the kind of thing you ask, how long she may have left taking all this into account. I know there is a really bad prognosis for liver cancer and I know once cancer has spread it’s incurable. I guess i’m wondering how long might be left as we’re approaching christmas and i’m aware it could be the last. I want honest answers and don’t know where to get them from. I’d appreciate some advice. Thanks.
    I know alot about secondary cancer/metastatic/advanced breast cancer etc (not curable, breast cancer cells in liver not liver cancer ones if that makes sense!) but still feel like I know nothing!

    • ANSWER:
      There isn’t any way to look into the crystal ball and give you a good answer, which is why you don’t find one. The only person who would know exactly how advanced things are would be her doctor, and even he/she can’t give you a good idea. The fact is, she has advanced cancer which has spread to the lungs and liver, and probably other spots they haven’t detected yet. Treatment at the end mostly centers on buying time and controlling pain. If she was diagnosed in January, she’s pretty much coming in on the end- which could be anywhere from next week to another six months or more. However, it is a good bet that this will be her last Christmas, yes- barring a miracle. However, it’s a lot better for you and everyone else, not to mention her, if you don’t exactly start the mourning process just yet. You want to avoid every gathering being a prep for the funeral, with false hilarity and stress on how this is “the last”. Let everyone have happy memories, but not strained happy memories. After all, it could be anyone’s last Christmas. She just has had a little more advanced notice than the rest. You can always hope the new treatment buys her some more time, and that hopefully that time is pleasant for her. All you have to do is work to make your end that way, without focusing on the timing of the end.

    Prognosis for dog with secondary liver cancer?
    My dog Bobby had a Splenectomy approx 8 months ago., and they found that the growth on his spleen was cancerous and had spread to his liver.

    He bounced back exceedingly quickly, and is full of beans! Which is certainly a real blessing, that’s for sure. Bobby’s nearly 10 yrs old.

    However, there’s a niggle in the back of my mind that I don’t know what to expect. Will he suddenly deterioate etc. The vet’s opinion is ‘how long is a piece of string’

    Would be really grateful to hear from fellow dog owners about their experiences with such matters. Nothing beats shared knowledge & experience.

    • ANSWER:
      I lost my heart dog to liver cancer 1 1/2 years ago. All I can tell you is that this dog didn’t show any signs of illness, no signs of being in pain, ate and drank like normal, loved his walks and played every day (he was well over 11), until only a few days before he had to be put down.

      He’d vomited twice, hours after he ate, and the day I took him to the vet he refused to eat breakfast at all. The vet x-rayed him, and basically I took him home only to say good-bye; he went back the next day. I don’t know your dog or how he’ll react, but my dog showed me yet again just how stoic greyhounds are.

      I’m very sorry for what you’re going through with your dog; I believe when the time comes that you have to let him go, you’ll know without a doubt.

    Cancer prognosis?
    My mum recently passed away due to primary liver cancer. Unfortunately, i wasn’t at the hospital when they told her that she had liver cancer, she died within 2 months of being told. When I asked my sister if the doctor told my mum how long she had left, my sister said that the doctor didn’t, she said my mum asked but the doctor wouldn’t say, i think my sister is lying, surely if my mum wanted to know how long she had left, the doctor would have given her an estimate? What if she wanted to sort out financial affairs, funeral etc? What do people think? Has anyone had a similar experience? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      so sorrry for your loss… i too lost my dad recently to lung cancer after just 3 months of diagnosis….
      i am tempted to think that maybe your mum asked the doctor and he would have probably given her his best estimate, but maybe when your sister asked your mum…..maybe your mum wanted to save your sister and yourself from knowing the terrible prognosis…….parents always want to protect their children!
      I hope you find peace with this soon xx

    My Father has advanced cancer in his bowel and liver,he hasn’t started chemo yet.He is 77.?
    My Father was recently diagnosed with advanced bowel and liver cancer.He is 77.He hasn’t started chemo yet and he won’t eat anything at all…just a few glasses of fruit juice or lemon tea a day.Be frank.What is the likely prognosis as he obviously won’t be able to start chemo as he isn’t strong enough.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m having a difficult time understanding what is going on here as most patient’s appetites returns after surgery and they make sure he will tolerate a normal diet before he leaves the hospital. Stage 4 colon cancer has a poor prognosis regardless of treatment. It has a 5 year survival rate of 5%. If he did not have surgery chemo will make little difference and is done to decrease symptoms it would not likely increase survival. His doctor is the best person to ask this question as they have all the information needed to give you the best answer. However, from my experience, which is nowhere near the same as a doctor, and from little information you give it would be 9 months to a year at most.

    my nine year old dog was recently diagnosed with liver problems, she has been peeing herself all day. Why?
    Is this another sympton, or does this mean that her kidneys are also affected? She has been in and out all day, but when she lays down to rest, she wets. also when moveing round she dribbles behind her. Also what is the prognosis of liver disease/cancer/failiure?

    • ANSWER:
      Liver problems by themselves do not cause this and l would get another opinion as obviously she is in renal failure which has spread to her liver and perhaps elsewhere.This a serious issue so do not wait but find a really good competent vet explain what is happening and he may do some tests or x-rays to determine whether is is a serious condition which can be treated.Unfortunately once the live stops functioning there is not medication in the World other then a transplant that can help your pet.So sorry.In the meantime look up or google to read what function the liver actually does plus the kidneys and you will understand what is happening

    What is the prognosis of stage 4 ovarian cancer that spreads to colon, liver and spleen? What is average time?

    • ANSWER:
      The 5-year survival rates for ovarian carcinoma are as follows:
      * Stage I – 73%
      * Stage II – 45%
      * Stage III – 21%
      * Stage IV – Less than 5%
      From this 1990 study – the estimated median survival times for stage III and IV ovarian carcinoma patients was ~ 20 months.

      A word of caution – median survivals do not help tell us much about any one individual. Some do much better than 20 months, and some do not live as long. There is a wide variation in lengths of survivals.

      There are many factors that would affect an estimation of prognosis – factors that the oncologist following this case knows and we do not. How old is she? What is her overall health status? What therapy has been tried? Is she refractory to front line chemotherapy? What is her overall health and performance status? What is the estimated bulk of her malignant disease? Has the cancer been optimally debulked surgically? Is she a candidate for aggressive surgery?

      Every person is unique. We cannot predict expected times of death months ahead of time. Family members often push for a guess, and we usually wind up being wrong when we try to make long term predictions. The end is easy to see only when it is near – in the last few weeks or days.

    Should my Uncle go for Liver transplant or not?….HELP SAVE A LIFE?
    May be i should put this question to a liver surgeon…but may be if some doctor is seeing this, he could reply….I would be grateful…

    I have an Uncle who has been diagnosed with Liver cancer. He has a past history of Hepatitis-C…for which he was treated and he got cured…but now he has developed a cancer in his already damaged liver… here are the prognosis of the cancer (got this information from the hospital where he is admitted)

    •He has 02 Nodules 3cm each in the left lobe of his liver which are cancerous
    •Outside liver just besides these nodules are 02 lymphnodes which are also cancerous (this has been verified by fine needle aspiration biopsy)
    •Cancer type is HCC
    •Primary cancer is in the liver
    •Secondary in the lymphnodes
    •His lungs, pancreas, kidney, spline, stomach are all clear
    •His age is 58years; and he is taking exionol tablets 400mg one in morning and one at night)


    1.With the conditions mentioned above do you recommend liver transplant or not? (Doctors in my country aren’t very confident about the transplant; so i need a second opinion or some good suggestion)
    2.What would be the recovery time?
    3.And what is your prognosis after the treatment
    4.What will be the total cost of liver transplant (the donor of liver is already available, its his daughter who is 20years old)

    I will be very grateful to someone who can reply….May be by replying… you might be saving one life….

    • ANSWER:
      If the cancer was just in the liver only and
      had not spread to other areas, then they would
      consider a transplant to be done.
      They have many things in the USA to try to
      treat this cancer. Things like Sir Spheres
      which is a non surgical therapy that uses
      radioactive microspheres to deliver radiation
      directly to the site of the liver tumors.
      They also have theraspheres which uses
      microscopic glass beads to deliver radiation to the liver tumors.

      However, once the cancer has spread to anything outside the liver, they usually will
      not do a transplant. Considering it is in the
      lymph nodes…that means it can easily go
      to any other part of the body. The lymph
      circulates through the whole body. It might not
      yet appear to be in another area, may
      still be there.

      Carcinoma is considered a fast growing
      cancer…I think I would contact one of
      the Cancer centers in the US and talk
      to someone there about this matter.
      Here is a list of cancer centers by the state
      you live in.

      You could also contact one of the Transplant
      Centers (you can find them by typing the
      state you live in and Transplant Center after
      that in your search engine).
      Here are a couple of links that explains the transplant process…You may be able to
      contact someone to answer this question
      on either of these sites:

      Since he may have a living donor…they may
      take a chance on trying to remove the
      liver and the lymph nodes, with the cancer, and
      do the transplant.

      Transplants, in the US, run in the range of
      0,000 and up. You need to have very
      good insurance to cover the cost or try
      and raise the money needed to make up
      the difference for what you may have to
      pay out of pocket. Many insurance have
      special case managers that handle
      Transplant patients.

    My friend has just been diagnosed with Liver Cancer?
    A year ago she had a radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer. She now has a tumour the size of an orange back in this area but is yet to find out if it is malignant but on top of this she has been told it has spread to the liver but until her appt next week she dosn’t know any more but has been told the prognosis is not good! There is a history of liver cancer in her family and she has been in pain for the last couple of months under her rib cage so this dosn’t sound to good. I just don’t know what to expect or how long she will have?

    • ANSWER:
      I am sorry about your friend. No the prognosis is not good. Liver cancer and cervical cancer are two different things. The fact the tumor came back so fast is not good and it probably is malignant as she now has a tumor in her liver too. The tumor in her liver is likely cervical cancer that metastasized there, not liver cancer.

      She will probably have a PET scan and a few other tests in the next couple of weeks that will show if cancer has spread anywhere else and from there the doctor will be able to give some options and time frames.

      If and when the doctor suggest hospice encourage your friend and her family to consider it. These people are wonderful. They are kind and caring and specialize in end of life issues. They not only help the patient but they help the family too.

    Liver cancer. Doctors / nurses ?
    Hi, My dear lovely friend has liver cancer (secondary) and has just had 10 litres of fluid drained from her abdomen. She is still in hospital and we are waiting for her to come home. She is now only going to receive palliative tx regarding her cancer

    She is very weak and tired, and has very little appetite. Her family are hoping that when she comes home she will have chance to get a bit stronger and be able to see as many people as possible. She hadn’t been out or seen people for weeks as her appearance has changed drastically as she has lost so much weight and is so tired.

    i know the prognosis, but how long do you think she has? is this amount of fluid unusually high? , and do patients of this kind manage to recover a bit and get to feel a bit better before the fluid builds up again?

    i live in Sweden and she is in UK. I would like to fly to see her, but don’t know how much time i have to organise child care etc. and I know that she would see me, but if she had chance to feel better in herself then I would honour her wish to have that time to get stronger and stronger/more confident to see me.

    Is it imminent? I was hoping to go next weekend if possible – or am i being pessimistic and she should commonly have weeks or months? if that is the case i could leave booking the flight and allow her the time to get a bit better.

    Thank you for your help – i suppose that’s alot of questions, but I need to know if i am jumping the gun by hopping on a plane so soon. maybe that would scare her into thinking that i think she is going to die really soon.
    I can’t pretend i am visiting UK for another reason as i was there last month. I couldn’t see her then as I had a very bad cold and her immunitly as low.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi. I’m sorry about your friend.

      As you might have guessed, it’s impossible to say how long she has. For example, it sounds like this is metastatic cancer that has spread to the liver, so a lot depends on what the primary cancer is/was.

      Palliative care, in a very general sense, is usually prescribed when the prognosis is for less than 6 months, but there are exceptions to this and, also, it might be different in Sweden.

      I personally think the best course is to let her call the shots. Write her and tell her you want to see her, but you’ll let her decide when this is.

    Are seizures a symptom of liver cancer?
    My mom has liver cancer, which they did not think had spread to anywhere else, although the liver cancer is fairly advanced.

    This morning the nursing home called me because she had a grand mal seizure and were taking her to the hospital for a brain scan. She had a brain scan a few weeks ago and it was clear.

    Could the seizures be a sign that toxins are getting into her brain because her liver is failing? Or is it more likely that the cancer has spread to her brain?

    Or maybe it’s totally unrelated? She’s never had seizures before. They had just given her Vicadin for pain. During and after the seizure her oxygen was only 85.

    If anyone has experience with this I would appreciate it. I know it won’t make any difference in her prognosis but I just like to have an idea what is going on. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Seizures is not a symptom of liver cancer. The toxins are not going to her brain and I doubt she has brain mets. Wait for the MRI results.

    I’m So Scared – Father Has Liver Cancer – Is The End Near?
    Diagnosed with Cirrhosis last June, diagnosed with Liver Cancer in August..had ascites, had 2 tumors, no spreading, had chemoembolization done, had bleeding varices and spent 4 days in late October in the hospital. Been going back for endoscopies, MRI/CT Scans every 3 months and cancer has not spread yet, luckily. I know you’re going to tell me talk to his doctors, but wait first, because I asked them all what they think about prognosis and they said it’s too hard to tell, so I was hoping I could get some responses and input from anyone who has gone through this with someone. I know he doesn’t feel gravely sick or anything like that, he’s just constantly tired, can’t do much physical, sleeps a lot, doesn’t work anymore, and just hangs out around the house, walks around very slowly, but he is still almost totally coherent. It’s very odd cause he has his good days and his bad days. Now my wonders are if he is just going to drop dead one day, unannounced or if this is going to get progressively worse and I’ll know when the end is near? This was all brought on from alcoholism (btw) and he is waiting to get on transplant list…he hasn’t drank since he was diagnosed with Cirrhosis and he’s still there but he’s also not still there, if you know what I mean. In a matter of the last 7 months, he’s changed so much, it’s so sad and makes me want to the hell will I know that it’s almost over or is he just going to drop dead at any second? :(

    Thanks for taking the time

    • ANSWER:

    My 79 year old father-in-law was recently diagnosed with secondary (metastatic) liver cancer.?
    He has multiple lesions on his liver. The doctors have been unable to determine the primary site of the cancer. They “think” it may be the pancreas and have advised that it is sometimes difficult to diagnose cancer in the pancreas. He is bleeding internally and has needed several blood transfusions over the last 6 months. He has lost 35-40 pounds. His ankles are very painful and all the doctors can say is that it is an infection, which they are treating with aggressive intravenous antibiotics. Due to his age and other heath concerns (prior heart attacks), the doctors do not think chemo is possible. He has not been given a prognosis; (no one has asked). Can anyone give me a prognosis of how long he might have?

    • ANSWER:
      It is difficult to treat cancer with chemo when you do not know the primary site. They should be able to tell from a liver biopsy. He should have also had a PET. If this is the only area cancer is seen it will depend on how much his liver is involved. If it is pancreatic cancer the median survival is 2-6 months. If they cannot stop the internal bleeding it will be several days to a few weeks.

    Grandpa has cancer – 4-10 months to live – what should I do?
    My grandpa was recently diagnosed with advanced stomach/liver cancer, with a prognosis of 4-10 months to live. I just feel at a loss right now. What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      well you never know if he’s going to survive.
      think positive.

      but start by beginning to accept the fact that he does have cancer and might pass away.
      and spend every single moment with him.

    Treatments for stage 4 liver cancer with unknown primary, suspect lung or colon and has metasized to bone?
    My mother has this and they’ve said chemo will not change her prognosis. If she gets the chemo, there is a 4 out of 5 chance it won’t work, if she gets it there is a 1 out of 5 chance it will. It will most likely make her sick while she is on it, and if it does work it will only extend her life about 3 to 8 months if it goes into hybernation, but it will eventually return. her life expectancy is less than 6 months, chemo may only extend it a few months. If she gets radiation to the bones where she is in a lot of pain, she will feel better in a few doses, and with her pain meds she will feel pretty well for a while with almost no side effects, except fatique, but it will not extend life and she could have less than 3 months of survival. She doesn’t really want the chemo, and neither does my Dad, for them quality of life is more important then length, and she doesn’t want people to see her go through the chemo. Does anyone have info on this what would u do? we have second opinion friday

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry for your situation. The doctors are right with what they are saying if they cant locate the primary cancer they wont know what type of chemo to give your mum so it will be trial and error which i def dont recommend. Stage four cancer is incurable and almost certainly terminal. once cancer has reached the liver the life expectancy is less than a year, this happened to my Mum. Mum was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last may. It was in her liver lung and kidney they couldn’t find the primary cancer either. they eventually did and it was diagnosed ads kidney cancer, Mum pasted away 4 months from first diagnosis aged 60. i agree with your mum and dad if chemo is only going to extend her life a few months i wouldn’t go thru the pain and trauma it will make her sicker than the cancer itself and will make her bed ridden. Mum went on a trail drug for 2 weeks and it was the worst thing we could have done she lost all dignity and control of her bodily functions it was terrible. definitely get your second opinion. contact me if you need support or info. xx

    is this denial of cancer?
    bassically, my grandad informed us last week that he had been diagnosed with liver cancer and was finding out the prognosis this tuesday just gone. However, when we contacted him to see how things had gone he is now saying that they havent put him on any drugs or started treatment as the doctors don’t know whats wrong with him. Do you think this is denial? or is he losing it? do you think it could be a practical joke? surely no one would joke about things like that? pleas ehelp

    • ANSWER:
      No, no real medical person would joke about liver cancer. It is serious, and can be deadly.
      Some things that might factor into all of this:

      Just because a spot was seen, or their were symptoms, does not mean they were cancer. There are other diseases and maladies of the liver. And sometimes, a shadow on an x-ray is just that. Nothing. Was a biopsy done? Was it positive or negative for cancer? If not, is Grandpa scheduled for one? this is the only definitive diagnostic tool for cancer of the liver.

      The general public thinks that a person diagnosed with cancer would be/should be rushed to a treatment center immediately and started on a treatment within the hour of receiving a diagnosis of cancer. And that is not true, and not what is done. Sometimes there is more testing needed to make the diagnosis. Or to find out if there is cancer and it has spread, or a need to know how big it is. There is a process to go through to get the right treatment for the right cancer, the right dose of chemotherapy or radiation. There is a process to talk about if the patient should get treatments, or if they are healthy enough for them. Radiation treatments must be set up, the skin marked with the measurements so the radiation machine can be lined up properly.

      Have one family member who Granddad trusts talk to him about what the doctor said. If it sounds weird or fishy, or like Grandpa just did not understand, which would be more likely than having denial or suddenly “losing it”then have that person get GrandDad’s permission to call the doctor’s office and get more info.
      And for heaven sakes, and his own protection, get Grandpa to allow someone to take him to the doctor, and listen in to what is said. Did you know that “they” did a survey, and discovered that the average patient only hears 60% of what the doctor tells us during an appointment? It is thought that we are scared, and probably partially undressed or embarrassed about the discussion, so our brain is worried about those things instead of listening good. It might not be Grand dad at all, just the human brain interfering.

      good luck to you and grandad

    Cancer taking life of loved one…?
    My grandfather just found out he has liver cancer…They don’t know the prognosis, but I’m really sad about this I cant stop crying and I can’t eat…My job took alot of my time for the past 2 years and I hardly spent any time with him at all, I feel terrible…I want to call him, and stop down, but I feel like he is upset I don’t see/call them much. I feel so awkward, like, I just show up out of the blue and be like, “oh, how are you?” what am I suppossed to do? How to I overcome this? I want to spend time with him but I don’t have the energy, it sounds so selfish and I HATE myself right now…I just want him to know I love him, and that I’m sorry for being such a disappointment…I’m sorry but I’m really upset and I have no one else to talk to cuz I’m a lowlife loser friggin pillhead (just to deal with the pain I’ve felt for many years prior to this)…again sorry

    • ANSWER:
      If you don’t take the time to visit now you will not have many more chances to do so. Create the energy! You will regret it if you don’t.

    Lung cancer – prognosis?
    I’ve recently found out that a close relative has lung cancer – and found out today that it has spread to her spine and liver. It’s small cell lung cancer, and inoperable, so she’s having radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She was really positive when I saw her today, but i’m not sure whether that was just an act – anyone know what the chances are of her being cured/what the prognosis might be?

    • ANSWER:
      Pray for your relative, because she needs it. Honestly the prognosis is not very good. But remember that the prognosis (statistics) are based on other people with the same condition, their survival rates and time lengths…There is nobody but God who can decide when it’s someones turn to go. I am an aggressive cervical cancer survivor at 27. My Grandma died in her 30′s, before I could even have a chance to meet her, and she died from a small cell lung cancer (oat cell) which had also spread throughout her body. Of course this was 30 years ago and the treatments were not like they are now. My dad remembers her going into the hospital for a week of chemo, then coming out and just when she would feel good again it was time for chemo again. I just went thru several months of chemo and honestly it was not nearly as bad as I ever imagined. Radiation was far worse. There is someone named “millie” on here and I think she has a similar cancer, I hope she might see this and answer because she is stage 4 and it was in her spine too, and she is hanging in there with a positive attitude and improving, even though technically there’s no “cure.”

      Please do not give up hope…medicine can do miracles these days and there is a chance of the cancer seemingly going away with chemo since this cancer responds to it…and there is pallative care, which can basically stop cancer from growing, shrink it, even though it may not be curable. I think it sounds like the type of scenario you are looking for in this case.

      I’m sorry about your relative, cancer is evil :/ I hope she is able to continue on to live many more happy years. Best wishes.

    Once cancer starts spreading (from pancreous to liver in this case) is there more possibility of death?
    My friend is 37 and been diagnosed with cancer, they have told him the prognosis is not good because its spread from pancreous to liver. He starts chemo next week, do you think maybe I should start preparing myself for the worst?

    • ANSWER:
      Those are 2 dangerous organs to cancer in. It’s bad enough when it’s in one, but both. Boy, I never, ever give a prognosis and I won’t start now, but I’m just going to say to hope and pray for the best. Miracles happen and I am a firm believer in miracles. Perhaps the chemo will slow it down as well. Is this cancer just starting? If it is, then chemo should do a good job, but because you said it spread to the liver, it sounds like he’s had it for a while and didn’t know. He had to experience some pain before he was diagnosed. I wish I could give you a good solid answer and tell you all will be great, but I can’t. What you should do is be there for him. He’s going to need you a lot when he starts chemo. Chemo alone is tough on anyone. He will be weak from it. He won’t want to do much of anything because chemo really compromises his immune system. He’s going to have to be careful who comes to see him. No sick person should be near him and he will need you to see to all those things. Never be afraid to be yourself around him. Laugh with him, cry with him. Just always be the person he knows and loves. You will both be in my prayers God bless you every single day.
      ADD Mike S, Get off your high horse and stop being so darn negative.

    Gift for friend with cancer?
    Her last round of chemo is tomorrow, and her prognosis looks good (thank God). We aren’t extremely close, but I sort of want a ‘celebration’ type gift. I’ve done what I can to help out, offering my time mostly.
    She has 2 young girls, and just lost her mom this year to liver cancer.
    Any suggestions are appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Since you aren’t extremely close, maybe a gift card to a shop or store she likes would do it.
      If you know she likes fragrances, something from Bath & Body Works (or similar) would be a real treat.

      For something she can share with the girls, possibly a gift certificate for a tea room or little cafe would be nice.
      You could even make your own gift basket or purchase one ready-made.
      Gift certificate for books…

      Just some ideas.

    I need direct answers (no refs) to small cell cancer, chemo for this and prognosis…FACTS?
    Info needed asap. Patient, 73, male, small cell cancer in lung & liver/colan areas. Chemo begins this Tues. We’ve been married for 4 weeks and in order to control my emotions, I need to be prepared so I can provide everything possible on my behalf. Everything I have received thus far has been references to references and I don’t have time for the run-around. If you can’t help, please do not give me more references. I have not yet discussed this with his hemotologist because…guess I’m afraid to know or acknowledge prognosis in front of my husband. I need to make him positive, happy and worry-free, every second.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I can actually just tell you about chemo. Chemo can be a pretty scary thing, not to frighten you or anything. Your husband will likely need a lot of love and support during this difficult time. I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for but…I know some side effects of chemo. First off, what chemo basically does is attack cancer cells but it attacks the bodies healthy cells too. Your husband will have a severely reduced immune system, meaning it will be very easy for him to get sick and if he does get sick, he might not be able to fight off whatever he caught (even if it’s only a cold). So, do everything in your power to make sure he doesn’t get sick after chemo. Changes are also, after chemo, he will be very tired…he might lose his hair and he may very well be sick after it (nausea, vomiting etc.). You just have to take care of him, make sure he doesn’t over-exert himself. And be positive around him. The best thing you can do is be there for him with support because that helps a lot more than people know. Good luck to you…I hope everything goes well.

    cMy father was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer?
    It has metastisized and has caused multiple tumors on his upper spine and a large one on his lower spine he also has in the dr.s words a massive brain tumor..and hydrocephly(water on the brain) My father had an aneurysm when he was 30yrs old due to either the spud wrench that fell from the fourth floor of the building he was welding fore M J Woods that hit him so hard it split the hard hat in two and they stapled him back together or from Cerebral arteriovenous malformation a birth defect that weakens the viens in the brain.or both..Anyway My father is not a canidate for treatment he is not in the best of health and it has metastisized my question is for anyone who has been thru a situation like this..They dr told us the prognosis was about 6 months my father is in alot of pain from the tumor on his lower spine and the water and tumor in the brain he is sleeping alot. He gets up around 6am has a cup of coffee with his cigarettes!!! Goes back to bed around 730 800 does not get up til around 2 eats like a bird and goes back to bed to sleep. He is weak how long does it take for the cancer to spread to the final stages and when will we know it is the final stages? My fathers brother uncle Randy died in March due to liver cancer and hep c the dr gave him 6 weeks he died 2 days before the 6 week mark but he went from a lil confusion and still walking around he saw his kids at 7pm on sat and went into a coma at 11pm that night he died in a vegatative state at hospice sunday morning we had no idea it would happen like that but there was something peaceful about it he didnt suffer for long. That is all I pray for my daddy..I just have never been around anyone with lung cancer and i just need the painful truth of what to expect will it be as bad as i am thinking it will? Will his pain just continue to get worse? He cries cause of the pain and I will be 30 years old this Sunday and I dont remember ever seeing my daddy cry except when his brother died it was his baby brother and everyone in his family his parents and grandarents died of cancer mostly lung but i was to young my parents hid it from us until they passed we just knew they were rea sick to sick for us to visit .

    • ANSWER:
      Your dad should NOT suffer in pain. I wish I could tell you that all will be okay and he will live for a long time, but his time is short. He should not have unbearable pain during this transition. Please think about hospice care for your dad. Hospice will also care for you and your family, to alleviate your emotional pain. Hospice will provide medications so he will not have pain, will be able to breathe better, and he will not be anxious. I have cared for many lung cancer patients at the end of their lives, and their families. Please talk to his doctor for information about hospice. My prayers go out to you. I am sorry you have to face a birthday in this manner.

    Poor Metastatic Breast Cancer Prognosis?
    My girlfriends mother was recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She had breast cancer when she was 39 and the cancer was in remission until now. She has lesions on her lungs and liver and an 8cm lesion which 80% of was removed from her brain. She also had 2 smaller lesions on her brain that the surgeon did not remove b/c he stated they would be better handled by radiation. She has since undergone 15 whole brain radiation therapy treatments but has not started chemo yet because the oncologist needed to wait until the radiation was done. I was reading over his notes and she has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and a poor prognosis. Does anyone know what a poor prognosis in medical terms actually means?

    She has also begun to become very confused and asks the same questions over and over. she is not sure about what she is supposed to do on a daily basis. she knows what a shower is for, but she doesn’t understand why she took one yesterday. she knows that she gets cold when the air condition is on, but isn’t sure if it should be turned off or not. She can barely ambulate because she is so weak and sleeps about 5 or 6 hours during the day. Thanks.
    I am fully aware she is going to die. it’s unfortunate but it’s something that we’re trying to be positive about. However I’m just curious if there are different prognosis levels and what they generally mean.
    She had the tumor in her brain removed on March 13th and began radiation on or about April 15th.

    • ANSWER:
      Poor prognosis is just a doctor way of saying there is very little hope of recovery. Nothing in medicine is ever 100% certain (except that we all die eventually) Prognosis isn’t really a precisely defined term, and is more of an educated guess as to the expected outcome.

      The treatments she is getting now are clearly palliative…they are meant to help reduce severe symptoms of the disease progress, but are not being offered as curative. She needs to be referred to a hospice or palliative care facility as wellk if she hasn’t already.

    What is the prognosis of stage IV colon cancer that spread to adrenal gland?
    My friend has been through chemo already, had portion of colon removed, and had spot on liver and lungs. All of this was taken care of and now she has a new tumor on her adrenal gland

    • ANSWER:
      Stage 4 generally means the primary cancer has spread to distant areas of the body. Stage 4 is the least curable stage of cancer. Never give up hope.
      Although a cancer may not be totally cured, it can be held back by chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy-depending on the exact type of cancer and where tumors are. Ask your friend to consult with her physician and cancer specialist-oncologist.
      As the adrenal gland is an endocrine gland-she may also wish to consult with an endocrinologist-but first have here see her cancer specialist-oncologist for such a referral.

    Cancer prognosis? how bad is it?
    My father in law has throat cancer they just discovered it has spread to his lungs, stomach, and liver he’s not giving us a lot of information so what I’m looking for is a guesstimate of his chances

    • ANSWER:
      The fact that is has metastasized is in general not a good sign. That shows that it is in the late stages. Also, that it has spread to his lungs is not a good sign.

    Cancer Prognosis for stage four lung cancer patient?
    My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer,stage four,right after Christmas.We are now almost finished with radiation to a large tumor,4cm that has ate through her cranium.Most of that mass is external,but after PET scan we have three tumors in one lung,one a large mass with internal necrosis(sp),several (5) small lesions in her liver and her lymph nodes are affected,unknown quantity but started out to be two of them.There is also a mass on her spine causing back pain,some days worse than others.What kind of life expectancy are we facing here?I have heard the terms quality of life and how well she deals with the chemo.But no one will tell me and I hate to ask while my wife is sitting there with me.Everyonne is trying to keep her up beat,and sheis doing a wonderful job,but with no insurance I am going to have to make some serious decisions here,any help is greatly appreciated,Robert

    • ANSWER:

    Bowl cancer with secondary liver?
    My mum has recently been diagonsed with bowel cancer, which has spread to her liver. The two extreamly large tumors took over the the left lobe of the liver and she has 8-9 small spots on the right lobe.

    We were told the prognosis was grim when we went to speak to a cancer specialist, however, a terrific surgeon decided that he would operate on her to remove the two large tumors from the liver (approx 70% of liver) she is recovering from the operation at home now.

    What would be the ‘conventional’ route to go down next? As they still want to operate on the liver to remove the spots and also an operation on the bowel to remove the cancer. But would chemo be done prior to this?

    Also how does the suregry of removing the large tumors now help the prognosis… is she still in that terrible bracket of 3% survive the 5 year rate? She is young and fit and healthy otherwise.

    Thanks a lot

    • ANSWER:
      The conventional’ route would have been to remove the tumor and the liver lesions at the same time followed by chemo. Removing the liver lesions does little to change the prognosis if the tumor is still present in the colon. Survival rates are based on stage and this does not change the stage.

    Prognosis for Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer that has spread?
    My mother was just diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer, that metastisized to her liver, spine, some lymph nodes and bones. There was a tumor on the skin of her hip, that was removed to do a biopsy, that’s how we found about the cancer, but she also has the same tumors (smaller) on her neck, face and scalp. She also has small ascites in her abdomen. She is 50 years old, and just got her 1st chemo treatment since Friday. Can anyone tell me what her prognosis may be? I need to prepare myself emotionally if she doesn’t have much time…

    • ANSWER:

    Prognosis of terminal brain cancer?
    My Father was diagnosed with aggressive Stage 4 Colon Cancer in June.It has spread to his liver.He had 7 chemo seesions which shrunk the tumour and slowed it down in his liver.He had the tumour in his bowel/colon removed 4 weeks but rapidly deteriorated and after scans we were told yesterday it was found he has terminal aggressive brain cancer.He is 78.How long do you think he has left with us ?

    • ANSWER:
      6+/- months

    stage 4 lung cancer?
    Uncle with history of liver transplant 4 years ago, old liver had cancer, now cancer is detected in the lung stage 4 with mets from original cancer. Cancer is located in the plural space of the lung
    what options are available and prognosis?

    • ANSWER:
      Several options are available (radiation in some patients, lung resection (removal of art of the lung), and chemotherapy), however patients with Stage IV lung CA with mets have a 1% 5yr post diagnosis survival rate. Several MDs may not attempt any of these treatments, and if they do it may be to help ease the pain, not to cure. I am very sorry. Good luck.

    please friends dad is yellow with jaundice,hes been going to doctors for 6 weeks,?
    hes had blood tests at docs and hospital,then he had 3 scans (ultrasound, ct abdomen and chest)why chest???he has to wait 4 weeks before he goes for results. hospital said he has a blockage but they dont know where!hes lost lots of mum died from gall bladder/liver cancer and he seems to have the same symptoms.i know the prognosis is not good for this cancer,and time could be short ,i cant understand why the hospital is taking so long to diagnose,could it be they might think its cancer and are enabling him to stay at home for as long as possible, or they think its just a gallstone blocking the bile duct and easy to treat.why is there no urgency with this case???

    • ANSWER:
      Your Dad should be seeing a gastroenterologist
      or hepatologist.

      They usually do an ultrasound first, then a Ct scan.
      However, it will show if there are gallstones in the
      gallbladder, any infections, stones or growths in
      the bile duct, how well the blood is flowing through
      the liver, if the ducts are malformed or twisted in
      nature and other things.

      His ” blood tests” would of indicated if the liver
      cells are being damaged from the bile backing up
      into the liver, how well the liver cells are able to
      do the functions needed to be done, and if
      there was a virus that is using the liver cells
      to replicate itself. If they did the Alpha Feto protein
      test, this would be the one blood test to check
      for any cancer of the liver.

      If your Dad isn’t having pain, then it may not be
      a stone…as the stone causes nausea, vomiting,
      and pain when it is in the ducts.

      The doctors can do a procedure known as
      ERCP. They can go in and shoot dye up into
      the bile ducts. They can remove a stone there or
      even expand the bile ducts if they are narrowed
      by using a balloon catheter.
      Here are some links about this procedure:

      Jaundice comes from Bilirubin being in the blood.
      Bilirubin is made from our dead red blood cells.
      The liver takes this bilirubin and converts it into
      a soluble form to become part of the bile.
      The bile flows from the liver to the gallbladder,
      through tube like structures (known as ducts)
      to be stored and concentrated. When food
      moves into the first part of the intestines
      (known as the duodenum) hormones are
      released that causes the gallbladder to
      contract and release the bile into the common
      bile duct to flow to the intestines to help
      emulsify the fats we eat so they can be
      digested. Anything that blocks the flow
      of this bile can cause the bile/bilirubin to
      back up into the liver. This causes a
      rise in the bilirubin level in the blood and
      this yellowing color. Bilirubin is a brownish
      yellow-green substance that colors other things
      (a pigment). If your Dad is noticing a lighter
      color to his stools and that they are starting
      to float on top of the toilet water…then this
      is a sign that it is the blockage of the bile
      ducts. That is because the bilirubin isn’t
      reaching the intestines.
      When the bilirubin is high in the blood, the
      kidneys pick it up and he may notice that
      his urine becomes darker in color.
      From a darker yellow (after the first void
      of the morning) to a deep brown.

      They normally do a chest xray if one hasn’t
      been done for awhile. They want to check the
      heart should surgery be needed.
      The wait to find out the results is hard. I think
      I would call the doctors office and ask them if
      they have received the results of these scans
      already. Sometimes things get rushed at these
      offices and they either don’t receive the results
      right away, or they don’t take time to look at them.

      I hope this is of some help. Unless your Dad is
      in pain, the doctors may not take this as being an
      urgency, depending on what his blood tests have

      Best wishes

    Father has throat cancer – refuses treatment. Prognosis?
    I know it’s tough to really pinpoint this kind of thing. My father, an alcoholic and heavy smoker, has been diagnosed with throat cancer. It’s affected his lymph nodes but hasn’t spread any farther. He’s had cirrhosis for 20+ years, and refuses to quit drinking. They suggested both radiation and chemotherapy, but he’s refusing the chemotherapy because they’d have to place a feeding tube, which means no more drinking.

    Without sugarcoating things, has anyone had experience with something like this? I’m really not sure if his body could withstand the treatments because of his failing liver as it is. Any thoughts?


    • ANSWER:
      Sadly your father has made his choice If he has chosen no treatment then really you cant nothing about it It sounds as though the choice he has made will end his life , and I somehow think he knows it. Sometimes you have to let what will be will be. I lost my mom to cancer and its hard to face but it his decision and only his and you have to let him make it

    Mom was dx w colon cancer then found on liver now in a lymph node. All this from stomach pain 1 month ago. ?
    Looking for real answers on prognosis. She is in hospital now with pneumonia which i fear is lung ca not dxed yet. I am a nursing student about to get degree in a couple months. I am 800 miles away and scared i may not make it there’.. I have seen the misdiagnosis now on 2 pts that only survived a couple weeks after ca was found in their lungs. Theirs were primary. Can someone please give me ideas of time and will tx only be palliathtf? (sorry.. Palliative)

    • ANSWER:
      Her cancer is not curable so yes treatment is palliative.
      The median survival is 2-2.5 years with a 5 year survival rate of 5%.

    high AST/ALT, normal ALP,Bilirubin, possible reasons?
    I have some questions pertaining to my lab results. I’m slightly hypochondriac, due to things that have happened in the past, and would like to ask for expert opinion. FYI, I’m 31 years old, male.

    My lab results are:
    AST = 118 (norm 0-40)
    ALT = 175 (norm 0-40)
    ALP = 87 (norm 25-150)
    Bilirubin = 1.0 (norm 0.1 – 1.2)

    Doctor’s reaction to the lab results is to repeat the test in 6-12 months. I feel it’s a bit lax, since in addition to benign reasons for the elevated liver enzymes, there could be very serious ones.

    My main worries are: heart muscle damage, and liver cancer. I’m scared about the heart problem, because for about two months I’ve had some sporadic chest pains, though not associated with exercise. Before now, I had thought that the chest pains were due to stress and anxiety (work and school related). Getting back to the gym seems to have alleviated the chest pains.

    The liver cancer worry is there because slightly more than 2 years ago, I had a squamous carcinoma on my nose. It was removed successfully, and the doctor gave excellent prognosis. Naturally though, I’m a little freaked by these results. Although, I was calmed when I read that the ALT is usually 5 to 10 times the high limit for people with liver carcinomas. In my case, it’s not quite 5 times the high limit (175 = 4.35*40).

    Also, about the time of the exam, I was still sore from going to the gym after a long hiatus. In fact, maybe a week before the exam, I had very sore muscles. My arms, shoulders, back, all ached. I’ve heard that it is possible that the enzymes can be high after muscle injury.

    Finally, I don’t drink (maybe one or two cans of beer in few months), but I did have hepatitis A when I was maybe 9 or 10 years old.

    In your expert opinion(s), what are the possible reasons for my liver panel results? Should I be worried? Should I test for AFP (Alpha-fetoprotein) and DCP (des-gamma-carboxyprothrombin)? Should I get an ultra-sound exam?

    Thank you very much for you help.

    • ANSWER:
      Your ALP and Bilirubin are within normal range, so you can take them out of the equation.
      As a fellow ‘hypochondriac’,
      (I drive my family nuts)
      I can tell you, the more you dwell on your issues, the more likely you are to draw illness to you. Yes, you had cancer. Yes it was removed successfully. You have not had a relapse.
      The chest pains have subsided with exercise. Yes, muscle enzymes that are produced during intense exercise can alter bloodwork. But as I am not an expert, I can’t tell you why.
      What I CAN tell you is that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I worked as a veterinary technician for 13 years. My medical knowledge does transfer to humans on a lesser scale. That fact gives me enough knowledge to make my doctors and my family crazy. Every burp or fart and I think I’m dying. It’s making me crazy, too.
      I am learning to calm my mind about my body. It is doing just what its supposed to do. I am getting older now, which brings its own set of aches and pains. I have to learn to live with that.
      And the fact that no one lives forever. As much as I fear dying, it will happen whether I want to or not. So why worry?

    Colon cancer which has mestastasized in the liver…..?
    My father started his chemo on Thursday and the District Nurse removed the pump on ?saturday.He will be having this treatment for every 2 weeks for 3 months then he will be reassessed.He has a massive tumour in his bowel which has gone into his liver,both lobes are riddled.He is 77.Any idea of prognosis??? Be frank.

    • ANSWER:
      His doctor should have explained to you that his cancer is not curable therefore the prognosis is poor. The median survival for stage 4 colon cancer is 2.5 years.

    Caretakers in California?
    Last November I was diagnosed with liver cancer. I am 53 years old. And this was not due to drinking. The cause is hep-c which I recieved from a blood transfusion in Feb of 1974. Hep C was not discovered until the late 80′s. My prognosis is 2 years to live, give or take a few months.

    I know the time will come when I am going to need help with daily or weekly needs. I am curious in regards to caretakers. I have found guidelines online about caretakers that assist the elderly. See I am only 53. I am not elderly. I suppose what I am asking is – How do I gather information? Do I go the the County Department of Human Services? I reside in Sacramento, California.

    I do not need assistance yet, and I will only ask for it when I know the timing is right for me. I am looking for online links , or suggestions where to start, and/or whom to contact.

    Also even though have one of the worse forms of cancer (no cure at all), I accept my future. When I mentioned the hep-c? When I was a kid I had Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia or A.L.L for short. Well St. Judes had just 3 or 4 months prior came up with the first combo that created a cure. Thats why I stay in a positive mood. I survived with never going out of remission for 37 years almost now. If St. Judes had not found this treatment plan, I was told I would only have 6-12 months to live.

    See I figure I got 37 extra years.

    Thanks to all for any help at all!!

    • ANSWER:
      Your oncologist and/or the social worker at the hospital should be able to assist you with this.
      It needs to be adjusted to your situation and needs.
      I don’t know if you have family to help or not. When it gets a little more difficult Meal On Wheels can be a great help. Local hospitals also offer and know of local services for several things, sometimes things as simple as daily phone calls to check in with you, prescription delivery, etc. The American Cancer Society is a great resource for anything cancer. They have resources for help getting to appointments to wigs even attorneys to help with insurance issues and wills.
      When things become most difficult hospice is there to manage pain control, answer your questions and your families. They are wonderful and help you and your family go through this last stage of life and make the transition as easy as possible. Best wishes.

    My cat’s blood work showed elevated liver enzymes. Prognosis?
    My 7 year old cat has been over weight for about 6 years, we found her as skin and bones in our neighborhood. Now, she has lost 5 pounds in about 3-4 months. She acts completely normal, and there is no loss of activity whatsoever. She still eats, but I’m not sure if she is eating less or not (we have two cats). The water bowl seems to need refilled more often than it did previously.

    We took her to the vet, and she said everything felt and looked fine. They tested her blood and it showed increased liver enzymes. She goes in for x-rays tomorrow. The vet thinks cancer or a kind of infection.

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve given you a link that you might find informative.

      If it is cancer, it depends on how far it has spread and the condition of the liver. Whether the liver can be treated so it will heal and regenerate is not something anyone can tell you right now.

      If it is an infection, then a full treatment should help remarkably. The liver is tricky, as it can be affected by other things going on in the body, wherein the liver is not the primary issue. The liver is also quite remarkable in its ability to heal itself if given the right chance.

      I know you are and will be on edge until a definite answer is given. All I can urge you to do is not fret (or your cat will pick up your stress and make her feel poorly) and do some research on the internet to pass the time until you can get the results from the vet.

      Good luck.

    Dealing with my fathers diagnosis of esophageal cancer? Wanting answers on prognosis, and other feelings.?
    Just a few weeks my father was confirmed of having esophageal cancer. (lower portion) It has spread to his surrounding lympth nodes and the belly button lymth node and his doctor said that was not treatable. He is a stage 4 tier unknown because they have not confirmed two spots on his liver..more tests next week.

    I am emotionally not a stable person, I have GAD and PTSD. I feel sometimes I am still in denial of all this. I assume this is normal? However, I had a hard time picking out a fathers day card and cried when I read every one. I am close to my parents we talk daily and live 5 minutes away from one another, although Friday night I could only stay for about 30 minutes it was too hard and yesterday could not even go over there, instead I was selfish and hung out with two new friends and had a few drinks. ( Don’t really have friends, due to mental issues until recently) I should have been over there!

    My dad has a hard time eating and is suppose to have surgery next week to out in a tube in his chest for his treatment.

    The doctor referred to making my father comfortable and it is not treatable, although they are going to use a “strong treatment” on him.

    Anyone gone though anything similiar, I would appreciate your honest feedback. (Coping, Supporting, Time Frame) anything, because the not knowing is hurting me, let alone not knowing how much time I have left with him.
    Bubbles: I am sorry to hear about your father and wish you two the best of luck as well. It is hard and I feel your pain so much! I read that my father has 6 months two… not sure if that began when they diagnosed it or when the cancer began?
    Midnight: Very nice answer. I am on the list to speak to his doctor and have been to each appointment and have taken notes. I just did not want to ask those questions in front of my father. I definitly will take your advice and call. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      First, taking a break for me time is NOT selfish. Me time is important during times like this. In fact, you should try to make sure you have atleast 30 mins to an hour of me time at least a day, in my opinion.

      But, my best advice is for you to join a support group. His doctors will be able to give you references to several local groups. Most people going through this stuff needs some sort of outside help to deal. The support group will give you a safe outlet to vent your feelings.

      As far as answers on prognosis, your father (or you if your father allows you to talk to the doctor) need to ask some pointed questions and get some actual explanations. You guys should write out all of your questions, schedule a consultation apt with the docs before treatment starts, and have the docs explain the answers until you can walk away and explain it to someone else. If you want bring a voice recorder, but I recommend at the very least writing down the answers.

    What is the prognosis or 5 year survival rate of Stage IV colon cancer?
    My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer that has metastasized to her liver this week (I know, Merry Christmas, huh?). In my research, I am finding the survival rate at anywhere between 1-30% depending on the article and source. Is anyone wear of a reputable study with a reliable statistic?
    Sorry, I meant “aware,” not “wear.” My head isn’t where it’s supposed to be lately.
    They removed some tissue and are starting chemo. She’s always been healthy and strong, rarely got sick. (which is why the diagnosis at this advanced stage was so surprising. She was asymptomatic until about 3 weeks ago). But she did smoke for years, but quit about 4 years ago.

    • ANSWER:
      The 5-year survival rate for stage 4 colon cancer is 5%. This means 5 years after diagnosis of stage 4 disease 5% are still alive.

    gastric cancer with metastasis to bone only?
    Anyone know the incidence of gastric cancer with metastasis only to bone. All other organs are clear (Liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, etc). Other primary cancers are being evaluated but gastric cancer has the worst prognosis so I am looking for some information reagrding these statistics.

    • ANSWER:
      I have heard that the bone cancer is very painful. Don’t know about the gastric. Sorry

    what is the long term prognosis for metastatic rectal adenocarcinoma (lung and liver)?
    I’d like to thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this Q and just help me understand what i may have to expect. My father was diagnosed with colorectal cancer about three years ago for which he had to have an op and have a colostomy bag. this has subsequently been reversed and I thought everything was back to normal as his health was good. In the last 4 weeks he has presented with the above and has started to undergo a 12 session course of the required chemotherapy (has had his second one only today). I have been told that once the word ‘metastatic’ is used then that indicates its of an aggressive nature and the prognosis is not good and that there is no ‘staging’ for a secondary cancer. is this true? I have yet to converse with his doctors but hope to do so when he next goes in. Given that it is in both his lungs and liver cannot be a good sign for sure but has anyone had similar experiences of relatives/friends surviving this type of secondary cancer? my father is 64 and although not in the greatest of shape he’s certainly not one to sit around all day. He’s never in the house! Please can anyone shed some Layman’s terms on the matter. I have been trawling through the internet but that’s not too healthy all the time! I am quite familiar with all the scientific terminology as i work in the research science industry….Cancer in particular…BUT before you all say why dont i ask someone i work with ……they’re not medically qualified Doctors of Cancer, just the clever bods behind all the Research of Cancer :-)

    Thanking you all again for taking the time to read this


    • ANSWER:
      To be honest your father has advanced disease and therapy options are only palliative.
      Isolated solitary metastasis in liver or lung can be resected surgically provided patient is fit to undergo operation.
      But in this case as stated spread is in either lungs and also in liver.
      Survival is really poor but is unpredictable in individual case.

    Tony Snow-Several Questions concerning his cancer?
    Did white house press secretary Tony Snow have all of his colon removed years ago and does he have a colostomy? During an interview yesterday w/ Brian Williams he looked very sick. Has the cancer spread to his liver? What’s his prognosis? My prayers are with him and his family at this time.

    • ANSWER:
      If he had his colon removed he probably has a colostomy. He recently found that his cancer had metastasized after being ‘no evidence’ of disease for two years. This is not uncommon for a cancer patient. ‘No evidence of disease’ does not mean it is not still there, it just means that no one can see it and the imaging tools we have cannot pick up microscopic cancer cells. So, the cancer can ‘re-occur’ . . but actually the cancer never left it was just too small to see.

      No one knows what the prognosis is for each individual fighting this type of cancer. Even if it has spread to the liver, the secondary source can be removed and prognosis good. Much really depends on the size of the tumors . . if they are small than surgery or a process called radio frequency ablation is a possible means to remove them. Tumors attached to the outside of the liver are easier to treat than ones located inside the liver. My son has had successful surgery to remove tumors on the outside of the liver and caked onto the diaphragm (hundreds about the size of quarters). So, I know it is possible to do. I also know people who have had RFA to ablate their liver tumors which worked well too.

      Tony Snow is a brave individual to continue working while under treatment for such a brutal disease. I have great admiration for Snow and Elizabeth Edwards and for anyone living with cancer. And, that’s what it is . . living with cancer. Hopefully he will be able to stablize the disease and stop any tumor progression. If he can find the right combination of medication he can control the disease and live with it much like Elizabeth Edwards will be doing. This does not mean it is cured . . it means the disease is controlled in the same way that diabetes can be controlled but not cured.