Liver Aid

Liver means Live! The size of a football, performing the most essential of all duties located in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen. Weighing in at about 3.3 lbs, It’s a chemical storage factory of shipping and receiving. About one quarter of the detoxification of our bodies occurs in the intestines. Dr. Christophers Formulas has an Herbal Cleansing Kit, consisting of bottles of Lower Bowel Formula, Liver and Gall Bladder, with Kidney and Blood Stream. A very intense Cleansing Kit for those with special and drastic health issues. Liver is sitting behind the lower ribs on the right hand side of the abdomen disposing of ammonia, which is a byproduct of protein metabolism, and upon which it effects everything we do, and put in our mouths. Liver Produces cholesterol, different forms must be transported through the blood to trillions of cells for use. Electic Institute with it’s Vita Lipotropic, has the Choline and Inositol, which are high amounts of the B-Vitamins (you can’t get enough in a multi) also Dandelion, Celandine, Beet Greens, wonderful Milk Thistle. This formula helps breaks down bad fats in the Liver.

You’ve heard of Fatty Liver? Poisonous compounds, what we breath, constant exposure to free radicals. The Liver has to overcome all of these substances, and make them less harmful. Liverite Products has Liver Aid with Milk Thistle, also with Silymarin, a very potent form of Milk Thistle, also has the Lipotropics, B12, and Aminos, and Choline and Inositol. Quite a combination. The Great DeFatter. The burden that is suffered by the Liver is enormous and overwhelming. Cumulative effects of constant exposure to all of your cells. Dr. Christophers Liver And Gall Bladder Formula could even help with flushing out gall stones and eliminates toxins and poisons. Here they are! As if you didn’t know this! Pesticides, Fungicides, Propylene Glycol, Heavy Metals, Motor Vehicle Fumes, Hydrogenated Oils, etc. The liver regards all of this as toxins and attempts to detoxify to prevent cell damages. Bupleurum Liver Cleanse by Planetary Formulas, a program that goes way back in time and because this is of world wide importance now, the natural cleansing of the Liver combines these Chinese 5000 year Herbs, written about in the Materia Medica as Yin and Yang Harmony.
Toxic Liver Syndrome is actually impossible to escape entirely, because of all the dumping in our environment. Now Foods has Liver Support in Tincture, for those that need support in liquid. a combo of well known Liver Support Herbs. And this one’s a Killer-Herb from South America, called Agaricus Bio Blazei by Atlas World USA. Now Foods has a very well researched formula called AHCC, comes in caps and powder. A complete Mushroom Blend of Chinese Herbs, greatly enhancing the Livers detoxification powers. How quickly the Liver becomes overwhelmed! Lets look at Liver Dysfunction Syndrome- Dark Circles, Bags under the Eyes, Intolerance to Sugar, Starches and Alcohol, Chemical Sensitivity, Very Pasty Skin, Intolerance to everything including Multiple Sensitivities. Your Liver just can’t handle all of this, it has enough to do with just every day onslaughts filtering a quart of blood every minute and carrying out the body’s fuel supply into the blood stream.

Here’s a fairly new weapon Futurebiotics Antioxident Superfoods. They are Premier Ones, Bio Vine, a patented Grape Seed, Extract, Resveratrol, combo of Grape Seeds and Skin, PomElla, Pomegranate Extract, has ORAC units of 5000 This is Liver Protection of free radicals. Futurebiotics also has the Vital Greens, with Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley Greens in a 375 concentration of Tabs. You see how right Mom was, when she told us to eat all our Veggies. Klamath Blue Green Algae also in caps, also Acid and Alkaline Balance. Here’s your Oxygen! While Peter Gillhams Natural Vitality Formulas has Kidney Rejuvenator, Liver and Kidney work together as one unit. Helping the Blood flow with Cedar Leaves, Lycci Fruit, supporting vital functions as well as Hair and Eyes, according to Chinese Herbology (Called Kidney Essence) Liver Rejuvenator by Peter Gillham, also a combo of Chinese Herbs & American. You can do both for excellent results. And the one everyone knows about, Nature’s Way Thisilyn Extract, a 2X one. Helps to build up Liver Enzymes. In order that it can carry out at least 500 functions, we need to continue to strengthen all our organs, Bio Strath Liquid, an Immune enhancer in a raw Honey Blend of 15 Herbs helping strengthen your liver and gives protection and endurance. Biotec Foods Has A Chewable Antioxdant with that SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) Pay Attention-That’s in all your Greens. Has Desiccated Liver too.

All this in good percentages. Ayurceutics has Mangosteen in Caps, incase any of you have tried the Liquid! Another Liver Enhancer. Children also need Liver help. Kids Immune Protect Liquid by Source Naturals, Nature’s Way also has the Primadophalus & Bifidus in Freeze Dried for poor food choices and other issues. Dynamic Labs has a Dolphalus with Noni in yummi flavor of Apple Strawberry. For Pets, Nature’s Answer has a Liquid Pets-K-9 for Harmony, easy to take. American Liver Foundation in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, ranks it the Third Disease for youngish Americans, includes all Liver disorders, Hepatites and Cirrhoses, from inflammation, swelling and fatty degeneration. The Liver is the storehouse of Life. Liver Heal Thyself, Let’s live the Lifestyle to do so!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    describe how products from the salivary glands,stomach,pancreas,and liver aid in the process of digestion in?
    describe how products from the salivary glands, stomach, pancreas, and liver aid in the process of digestion in human?

    • ANSWER:
      Salivary glands produce saliva containing amylase which breaks down amylose. The pancreas releases amylase into the stomach to further break down starch molecules. Islet cells in the pancrease release insulin to convert excess glucose to glycogen. The liver produces bile which is stored in the gall bladder and released into the stomach, and the function of bile is to emulsify fats in food to increase surface area which allows easier absorption of fat.

    How do liver cleansing supplements work. I just started on Liverrite Liver Aid w/ Milk Thistle?
    I took the first two capsules so far. I am just wondering how does it actually work? Am I going to poop out stones or go to the bathroom more or how am I going to know that it is actually working?

    • ANSWER:
      In and of itself, Milk Thistle and other liver supporting items actually nourish the liver. When the liver is healthier, it’s able to clean itself out and clean out the body more efficiently, which is what helps clean in general.
      Most people don’t notice a major difference in their stools, but for bigger liver cleansers, they tend to notice more toxins coming out in their stools as more of a yellow tint to their stools. It’s not very common to find stones or to poop more with liver cleanses (unless they have a lot of extra fiber to help clean the colon as well), but it depends on what kind of toxins and junk are in your body that need to be cleaned out.

      I like the mental image of a child that doesn’t want to do chores… you give them the treat they want and they can work easier to clean themselves and clean their room. ;-) Regardless of how you look at it, that’s the nature of what it does. I hope I helped!

    The liver and gall bladder aid in the digestion of which nutrients?
    The liver and gall bladder aid in the digestion of which nutrients? for example, fat, protein, starch and so on
    so cud you answer like this
    liver: blah blah blah
    gall bladder: blah blah blah
    thx alot!

    • ANSWER:
      I think the gall bladder stores bile (made by the liver) which digests fats. I’m sure the liver digests a variety of things too, though I can’t remember exactly what. Sorry.

    How does the frog’s liver aid in digestion?

    • ANSWER:
      The liver is the largest gland in the body. It destroys old red blood cells and converts them into bilirubin and biliverdin, which along with bile salts form bile. Bile is stored in the gallbladder before entering the small intestine, where it emulsifies fats. The liver also stores glucose as glycogen after eating. Between meals when the blood glucose level decreases it converts the glycogen back into glucose. Glucose is the energy source for metabolism. The liver produces urea from the breakdown of amino acids. Urea is the main waste product in urine. The liver makes blood proteins such as albumin, which help to maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance of the bloodstream. The liver also detoxifies the blood by removing poisonous substances.

      The liver acts as the gatekeeper of the digestive system. Once nutrient molecules have been absorbed by the small intestine, they enter the hepatic portal vein, which carries them to the liver. As the blood passes through the liver, it removes poisonous substances and works to keep the contents of the blood constant.

    How does the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and salivary glands aid in digestion?
    How does the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and salivary glands aid in digestion?

    • ANSWER:
      The liver converts excess glucose to glycogen, which is then sotred. If there is insufficient glucose, the glycogen is converted back to glucose. The liver also breaks down excess amino acids into the carbon group, which is deaminated to form urea and is excreted.

      The enzmyes produced in the pancreas are secreted into the small intestine to help in the digestion of food. But keep in mind, the enzymes produced work well in alkaline conditions.

      Bile, a greenish yellow liquid, which emulsify fats produced in the liver are stored here. Bile is released into the duodenum through the bile duct when the gall bladder contracts. Bile speeds up the digestion of fats.

      Salivary Glands:
      Salivary glands secrete salivia, which contains salivary amylase. Salivary amlyase breaks down starch to maltose.

    How does the frog’s liver aid in digestion?

    • ANSWER:
      The liver is the largest gland in the body. It destroys old red blood cells and converts them into bilirubin and biliverdin, which along with bile salts form bile. Bile is stored in the gallbladder before entering the small intestine, where it emulsifies fats. The liver also stores glucose as glycogen after eating. Between meals when the blood glucose level decreases it converts the glycogen back into glucose. Glucose is the energy source for metabolism. The liver produces urea from the breakdown of amino acids. Urea is the main waste product in urine. The liver makes blood proteins such as albumin, which help to maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance of the bloodstream. The liver also detoxifies the blood by removing poisonous substances.

      The liver acts as the gatekeeper of the digestive system. Once nutrient molecules have been absorbed by the small intestine, they enter the hepatic portal vein, which carries them to the liver. As the blood passes through the liver, it removes poisonous substances and works to keep the contents of the blood constant.

    How does the liver aid in Homeostasis?
    Detail would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I think a lot of what you need to know about the liver’s role in homeostasis is here:

    Which vitamins/herbs should I take to aid in a liver detox program?
    I am 5′ 10″ and 150 pounds & I am in excellent overall health.

    • ANSWER:
      These Homeopathic Remedies are prescribed to enhance your liver and to help detox. SULFUR 200, BRYONIA 200 and CARDUSS MAR(St. Mary’s Thistle) Q(Mother Tincture) SULFUR and BRYONIA just once a day together first thing in the morning and 20 drops of CARDUSS MAR in a sip of warm water thrice a day half hour before or after meals. No better tonic known for liver then these remedies Take them for a week and stop.
      No side effects or Complications.
      Take Care and God Bless !

    How does the liver aid in digestion???

    • ANSWER:
      The liver aids in digestion mainly by producing bile. Bile allows you body to be able to digest fats.

    which is better in the treatment and maintenance of hepatitis, essentiale forte or Liver Aid?

    • ANSWER:
      go to your doctor .. is better ❤

    I would like to know of a good body cleansing supplement that detoxes and is a good liver aid.?

    • ANSWER:
      An excellent idea with many health benefits.
      Milk Thistle is a specific for rebuilding/detoxifying the liver. Follow bottle directions and buy a well known brand. To speed up the effect, temporarily go on a vegetarian diet, with home made vegetable juices if you have a juicer. No commercial, sweetened fruit juices. Red beets are very beneficial for the liver and gall bladder. Shred the beets raw with cabbage for an excellent cole slaw.

    what does the liver do to aid in a womens menstrual cycle?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing….it is not a reproductive organ.

    how does the liver aid in digerstion in a frog?

    • ANSWER:
      all i know is that there peroxidase in liver (enzyme which breaks down hydrogen peroxide)
      hope that help lol

    Is there a drug/medicine to cure Hepa B? Is Liver aid/Liver min or Red Juice supplement can help cure it?tnx..

    • ANSWER:
      no unfortunately hep b is uncurable, if you have it and noticed it after a few years then yea you are stuck with it for life or until a new drug

      first, have everyone around you living with you tested then vaccinated.

      then seek treatment, because without treatment hep b often causes liver cirrosis and later liver cancer, which is now often a death sentence. with constant treatment with antiviral drugs, your chances of not getting cancer increase alot.

      make sure to not drink alcohol, take any drugs with “see your doctor if you have liver disease”, and eat a low fat diet, because all these things may speed along cancer.

      there is evidence that an antioxidant in grapefruit whites (the bitter nasty part) that is very very effective at keeping the virus at bay.

      im presuming you are a chronic case not acute

    the liquid produced by the liver to aid digestion is….?

    • ANSWER:
      Bile – secreted by hepatocytes and stored in the gallbladder. It aids in the digestion of fats.

    is it ok to have 2 beers once a week while stacking a pro hormone? and will damage my liver more?
    i wanna know if it will be a set back on my muscle gains and will it be ok if i take consume 2 beers with a liver aid….
    or any type of alcohol i can consume…like wine or something..

    • ANSWER:
      - hey Luis !

      - actually drinking 1 beer or 1 glass of wine (which ever U prefer) a day is actually really good for U.
      - especially in the evening after diner, cuz it can greatly improve digestion.
      - if U keep it 2 a minimum nof only 1 or 2, I don’t see any problem coming 2 U’re liver.
      O ! & it’s a 100 % true fact ta-boot.

    please list the five transport systems that aid the liver?

    • ANSWER:
      If you keep asking people to do your homework, you’ll never make it through Med school.

      Or worse… You might end up as my doctor. eeeee!

    What is the name of the enzyme in the liver that aids in the process of digestion?

    • ANSWER:

    Allergic to kool-aid singles??? Is it my liver? Can I reverse it?
    I seem to be allergic to everything!

    I don’t ever remember my body reacting to everything and anything under the sun like this. I have severe allergies to peanuts and all nuts and can’t even be in the same room as someone who’s just had peanut butter, etc or I’ll react violently, and will go into shock…

    I just bought orange kool-aid singles to flavor my water a little…. I use a tiny pinch of the single really… for one full cup…. and still have more than half of it left in the pack after having drank 6 cups or so (past two days)…

    However all of a sudden my face is itching!

    Is it normal? Could it be something else? It began itching today right after I had a cup…and yesterday the same thing.. just my face though…

    Is this something with the liver or is it just normal to react to things like this? Can I get rid of these allergies? Will it get passed down to future generations?


    • ANSWER:
      Hi, not sure why you think it is your liver (do you have an underlying liver problem?), but, there are a few things that could be going on.

      Ok, first of all, I am a paramedic, have dealt with allergies for 18 + years.

      Secondly, I too have allergies.

      Lastly, my allergies are FAR WORSE this year, including becoming allergic to tree nuts and eggs this year.

      Kool-aid singles have things in them that you may not recognize as a known allergen. There are so many different words for the egg in foods for instance—over 20!! And, egg is not highlighted at the end of the list of ingredients to alert people that it is in items.

      Peanut allergies are related to other allergies. This time of year, there is alot of pollen, could be related to it. Perhaps, perhaps not.

      Your allergist—not all are created equal it turns out.

      My last one told me to eat eggs and tree nuts, and avoid other items—I swelled up like a balloon. Turns out I was allergic to them. They didnt call me for over a month with the results of the blood work, and even then, after telling me I was allergic to them—more than I was allergic to hornets which they gave me an epi pen for (which I have needed several shots of epi in the past for—including double shots some episodes), they told me to go and eat eggs—and eat tree nuts, I should be fine. I was having problems breathing by then, and swallowing. That was a VERY stupid allergist/ENT.

      I see a new one in a few months.

      I just found out that there is TREE nuts in the hot cocoa I was drinking—never would have suspected it.

      Now, not knowing what other allergies you have, it is hard to tell WHY you are having the reaction to the koolaid. Could it be a new allergy? could it be ORAL ALLERGY SYNDROME? Could there be a related allergen (peanuts are legumes, and soybeans are legumes, so any soy item in the kool aid could potentially become a problem in the future).

      could it just be a reaction to the preservative?

      I for instance can not drink or eat anything with sucralose (splenda). It is chlorinated, and it sets off my asthma and I swell up like a balloon. I take an inhaler before swimming in chlorinated pools and will not swim in the chlorine is heavy or it is really humid and the chlorine is evaporating and hanging over the pool surface.

      Hope this helps, sorry I couldn’t be more help.

      Good luck to you.

      Also, yes, it is normal to react like this to food allergies.

      Does it mean you will pass it down to future generations—not necessarily, although alot of docs say yes, some do say no. We really do not know.

      If you specifically know what you are allergic to, you can try allergy shots (or, they are trying under the tongue drops) to build up immunity to it, but, it does take time and dilligence. IT works for some people, on some allergens.

      Hope this helps.

    Liver Cancer Charities/Financial Aid?
    Hey guys, I really need your help.

    A very very close friend of mine has a dad who is dying from liver cancer, he was diagnosed in 2005. His insurance dropped him about a year ago and he’s been perfectly fine until about 3 days ago when he just started to snowball. A new insurance plan is in affect beginning March 2009… but that might be too late. He only has his Dad, his mother being a neglective psycho-nut, he’s got everything going in his life; baseball star being drafted by professional teams while he’s still a junior in highschool, great GPA, and an overall amazing kid. The only thing is that his family does not have the money since the insurance company pulled out. His Dad is everything to him, taught him how to play ball in the first place.
    I need real solid financial or charity groups that we can contact, ones that aren’t a scam and actually make the effort to help.
    If you have any information or contacts, please let me know.

    Thank you soo much
    thank you


    • ANSWER:
      Sorry to hear about your situation. Ameriplan USA is the #1 medical and dental plan benefits company in the US. They will that person! Nobody should be denied! Ameriplan will not deny anyone regardless of an on-going medical condition! Please see the link below!

    What can cause a liver functionality test to be low?
    My dad had a liver functionality test done, and it came back low. He takes diphenhydramine in a sleeping aid to help him sleep. He also had a PSA and he got a 6.3 on it.

    • ANSWER:
      this doesnot make sense usually when a person has liver disease he has high liver enzyme and not the reverse

    Does anyone know of any foods or drinks that aid in the cleansing and healthy maintenance of liver and kidney?

    • ANSWER:
      when i was sick from my kidneys my doctor recomended that i drink 100% cranberry juice.

    Is anyone aware of any alternatives to “Midol” as an aid to an extremely painful Menstrual Cycle?
    My closest “Friend” has an extremely painful menstrual cycle each month. She also has a damaged Liver, which prevents her from taking “Midol”-type pain remedies, since they contain Acetaminophen, a damaged Liver’s worst enemy. I need an effective alternative to Midol for her to take. Yes, I am aware of the possibility of Ovarian infection, and I am well-versed in a damaged Liver, as I have one myself.
    Can any of you provide her with an effective pain aid?

    • ANSWER:
      I myself suffer from horrible cramps and periods due to ovarian cysts. My dr perscribed me brith control meds to stop my ovulation. Without ovulation there your periods are lighter and the cramps aren’t as bad. Another thing to keep in mind while on birth control Is there is no need for a period so in most cases you can take ur birth control 3 months in a row before having a period.

      Before starting birth control ask your dr and ask about taking them to not get periods every month.

      If birth control isn’t an option hot baths with Epsom salt is a great way to soothe cramps and hot water bottles also. Excercise also helps lessen cramps

    How can I “refresh” my liver?
    I’m 28 years old. I used to be a heavy drinker and smoker for about 8 years. About 2 years ago, a doctor told me that I had a “fatty liver.” He said that if I didn’t stop drinking, I would die. I stopped smoking and drinking one year ago, and I stopped drinking coffee 4 months ago. I pretty much eat healthy foods (I try to eat a lot of artichoke, asparagus, and I only use olive oil, and don’t eat fatty meats), and I exercise regularly. I’ve been taking Milk Thistle, American Ginseng, Vitamin B-Complex, and a Liver-Digestion Aid, but I want to know if there is anything else I can do to refresh my liver, such as dietary changes, herbs, exercise, etc.. Will I ever have a normal liver again?
    If I take more supplements, will it speed up the process? What dosage of supplements should I be taking, specifically for Milk Thistle and American Ginseng. Do these supplements really help refresh the liver?

    • ANSWER:
      There is an INDIAN MEDICINE LIV 52 tablets . take it.
      Take lemon juice twice daily. Take Sugar cane juice.Take Orange juice. All citrus fruits help improve liver.
      Homeopathy has very good medicines. Ask for jaundice medicines.
      Continue the medicines you have mentioned.
      For some time take fat free milk or skimmed milk.


    what causes: liver problems,night sweats, weight loss, diarrhoea,vertigo, sensitivity to band aid and metal,?
    the person with the symptoms has been screened for hepatitis a,b, and c – all negative. heart function is fine. the senstitivy to band aids and metal costume jewellery is new. person has not had tattoos or piercings for over 15 years. person is 38 year old caucasion female

    • ANSWER:
      Could be lots of things. Take the person to a doctor.

      Beginning menopause might be the answer. Some people start it young and it does go on for years.

    s anyone aware of any alternatives to “Midol” as an aid to an extremely painful Menstrual Cycle?
    My closest “Friend” has an extremely painful menstrual cycle each month. She also has a damaged Liver, which prevents her from taking “Midol”-type pain remedies, since they contain Acetaminophen, a damaged Liver’s worst enemy. I need an effective alternative to Midol for her to take. Yes, I am aware of the possibility of Ovarian infection, and I am well-versed in a damaged Liver, as I have one myself.
    Can any of you provide her with an effective pain aid?

    • ANSWER:
      Heating pad will help. Take a lot of hot baths. She may have a cyst on her ovary or endrometiosis. Both are very painful.

    What are symptoms of liver failure/disease/problems?
    I ask because I’ve been taking Tylenol almost daily for pain in my foot and then again nightly (sleep aid form) almost consistently for the last four years and I was just recently told that it could be damaging to the health of my liver.
    I’m 17, by the way.

    • ANSWER:

    Can anybody recommend a good OTC sleep aid?
    For the past month or so, I’ve had a difficult time falling asleep without the use of the sleep aid Tylenol pm. So far it’s been working great, but some of my loved ones are concerned that I am destroying my liver. I know that Tylenol can cause liver damage, but right now I’m just glad that it helps me sleep. I guess I just need to find a sleep aid that won’t hurt my internal organs…any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I have insomnia. I take calcium magnesium with vitamin d And I also take valerian root about an hour before bed. Works great. The calcium makes you pretty calm. I am an all natural herb chick I have done alot of research.

    Question about cat greens and liver disease?
    Our cat has liver disease.We grow the cat greens that you get from pet stores etc. for our other cats seeing they are indoor cats and use the greens to aid digestion etc. Is it OK to let the sick one eat those greens? Before she was diagnosed with liver disease she ate them but would throw them up most of the time. Our other cats throw them up but rarely.
    We dont want to aggravate her liver problems with the greens.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s fine.

      Cats don’t digest “greens”. If you’ll notice, it comes out of the cat (either vomited or pooped) looking just like it went in. (Gross, I know, but interesting)

      It doesn’t damage the liver, because no part of it gets to the liver. It passes right out of the cat. Sort of like if they’d eaten a rock.

    How long does it take your liver to detox?
    I’ve been unhealthy for a while now. I eat fast food, take sleep aids, and drink alcohol on a regular basis.
    Bottom line, my liver isn’t in peak condition.

    My question is how long does it take the liver to naturally cleanse itself? Does the length of an unhealthy lifestyle complicate the process?

    • ANSWER:
      You’ve been sucked into a bunch of garbage pseudoscience. Your liver is constantly detoxifying the substances you put into it. Within a few hours of consuming alcohol, your liver has broken it down to harmless compounds and prepared it for excretion from the body.
      Stop thinking in terms of “cleansing” the body. You’ve been abusing your body with this disgusting lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that you’re “dirty,” only that your body is overworked and run-down.

    Can I die from drinking too much kool-aid?
    My mom told me that if I keep drinking a LOT of kool-aid that my liver will turn red and I will die.. Is that true?

    • ANSWER:
      no, but it will reduce your sperm count and lead to an earlier case of male pattern baldness, it may also give you aids..

    what is the best over the counter sleep aid?
    I am pretty sure I am addicted to Tylenol PM lol. I know that the “tylenol” part of it is really bad for my liver and I have taken between 2-3 a night for about 4 years. I cant sleep without them. I have been on Ambien and it didnt work at all for me. Is there any other over the counter sleep aids I can take that really work? Or are the prescribed ones the better way to go? Thanks for the help

    • ANSWER:
      None are great. They are basically just antihistamines with a different label usually. I can’t believe Ambien didn’t work. Puts me out. Try Lunesta RX maybe?

    so the liver makes bile which aids in overall digestion of chyme but the pancreas makes enzymes that specializ?
    in breakdown of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates in the chyme?

    is that close?

    • ANSWER:

    What drug has liver damage side affects for Crohn’s disease patients?
    The question asks it pretty pointedly. There are multiple drugs for aiding in the remission of a Crohn’s flare up, one of these drugs has very high risks of liver damage. What is the name of it? Please, help?

    • ANSWER:
      hi be, I am a female crohn’s pt. as well. If you check out the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’s site and post your question on their open forum to others who have CD, you will get a better response. They have a live chat & hotline run by healthcare experts as well as great stuff on surgery, diet, latest treatments, finding a local CCFA support chapter, etc.

      Immunosuppressants such as 6MP and Imuran affect the liver BUT if you have a good GI, he will check the liver for toxicity via bloodwork every 3 months. As soon as it starts to show signs, the med is stopped ASAP. I am speaking from experience when I was on 6MP.

      Definitely check out the site and post your question and look around to educate yourself about Crohn’s. best of luck.

    What do you suggest i could use as supplement to aid mobility in my pony?
    I have a 12yr Irish cob who has a clicky hip, this don’t seem to bother him until it rains or is damp. Then he can become a bit stiff on it, i do give him cod liver oil but is there anything i could use that will help make him a bit easier in his movement?
    What is the point Ashley B??

    • ANSWER:
      You can get a 4 way supplement that has hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chrondroitin and MSM for the same price as many glucosamine only products. All four assist with arthritis, joint lubrication and act as an anti-inflammatory. Here’s a link for one such product.

    how can I get financial aid for medical purpose besides Medicaid?
    There is not Medicaid for my dad and he needs a liver transplant but also he has two tumor on his liver. Is any one can give some ideas about this matter. I’ll appreciate it very much for your cooperation.

    • ANSWER:
      Be informed. Go to web site of Web MD,AMA,ACP and American College of gastrentrology ans America Society of Cancer.Ask treating doctors many questions, go to medical library, see social services. Be informed and make information based on this

    What kind of damage can taking at least 8-12 dyphenhydramine hcl sleep aid pills a night be doing to my body?
    Could this cause sever liver damage? I’ve been taking them for almost a year every night. it’s become a dependence.

    • ANSWER:
      Better talk to a doctor about this. Eight pills is WAY too much. The main damage is most likely to the brain and heart, but the liver and kidneys can get messed up also.

      - dry mouth and throat
      - increased heart rate
      - pupil dilation
      - urinary retention
      - constipation
      - hallucinations or delirium
      - motor impairment (ataxia)
      - flushed skin
      - blurred vision
      - abnormal sensitivity to bright light
      - difficulty concentrating
      - memory loss
      - visual disturbances
      - irregular breathing
      - dizziness
      - irritability
      - itchy skin
      - confusion
      - decreased body temperature
      - erectile dysfunction
      - excitability
      - cardiac arrhythmia
      - seizures
      - coma

      And yes, liver damage.

    Is it possible for HIV/AIDS virus to hide in the liver and go undetected?
    about 6 months ago I was diagnosed with liver failure due to alcoholism. the doctors tested for HIV/AIDS and the results came back negative. I am just wondering if the virus did not show up in the blood work, is it possible for the virus to have been incubating all this time (6 months)? or am I at risk? i figure since my immunity was pretty low at the time the virus would have shown up. please help.


    • ANSWER:
      Unless you have had unprotected sex, shared drug needles, or had a blood transfusion in a country that doesn’t rigorously screen their blood supply for bloodborne pathogens…Why are you concerned about HIV?

      You drank your liver near to if not totally to death. HIV does not come from a bottle.

      And no the virus doesn’t “hide” in organs. It targets the immune system and therefore it lives primarily in the blood.

    Natural alternatives to study aid stimulants like Ritalin and Concerta?
    Definitely no caffeine, no 5 Hour Energy, and no study drugs.

    Are there any? I was thinking maybe I should load up on B vitamins and Omega-3′s…But I was hoping for something that will help me concentrate fast and be easy on the liver.

    • ANSWER:
      B Vitamins and fish oil capsules are useless. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something.

      There are NO “natural” alternatives to Ritalin™, Concerta™, Adderall™, etc. But there are plenty of Internet fraudsters hawking scam products who will be more than happy to take your money in exchange for some useless ditchleaves.

      Caveat emptor.

    Are Doxylmaine Succinate sleep aid pills bad for you in any way?
    …when taken at the recommended dosage, not abused, not taken with alcohol or any other drug?

    I just want to take one for my insomnia but last night I experience pretty bad back pain (which I think was kidneys) and liver pain as well. Would taking one 25mg tablet be devastating?

    • ANSWER:
      I would not think that 1 pill with that low of dosage would do that much to harm you. Maybe if it caused some fast breathing problems or something but i don’t think it would harm you in anyway. Might ask b4 you take more though! You might be taking other things that don’t agree with it!

    Can OTC sleep aids cause liver/kidney damage over prolonged taking?
    I have been addicted to OTC sleep aid for about 6-8 months now, I used to take 6 or 8 each night to get to sleep, but I have weened myself down to 2 per night and it makes me sleepy and gets the job done. My question is this, can taking 2 per night over a long period still cause liver/kidney damage? I feel a little weird in my lower stomach area and I’ve decided to just stop taking them all together, but I’m wondering what the chances are damage has been caused and if the body can heal that type of damage itself as well?

    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Always remember that all drugs you take weather it is an OTC drug or Prescription Drug goes directly to your kidney and the liver filters it.
      Trust me when I say that more people die in hospitals because of kidney failure due to so many drugs that has been prescribed for their medications.

      Don’t be drug dependent. There are tons of natural/home remedies for your sleeping problem.

      Common side effects of OTC sleep aids

      * drowsiness the next day
      * dizziness and forgetfulness
      * clumsiness, feeling off balance
      * constipation and urinary retention
      * blurred vision
      * dry mouth and throat

      Taking sleeping pills too often can lead to addiction so you have to keep that in mind. Also, use sleeping pills as a last resort if nothing below helps.

      Below is a long list about ways to fall asleep. The list is so long that reading it might put you to sleep :-)

      What helped me a lot to fall asleep, especially when my mind was racing, was to lie in bed and listen to relaxation CDs, especially those that contain someone speaking with relaxing music in the background. The combination of voice and music is very soothing. Many of these CDs are available on eBay for very low prices.

      A warm bath is a great way to help you to sleep (depending on the season). If you can’t take a bath, you can give yourself a foot massage with slightly warm massage oil, sesame oil, or castor oil from a health food store.

      A helpful technique is to relax your body one part at a time. So you could relax your feet, your lower legs, upper legs, moving up from your lower belly up to your chest, etc., until your whole body is relaxed.

      Of course, guided relaxation methods can help. As vividly as possible, imagine yourself at the beach, in the mountains or country, or whatever is most soothing to you.

      If you have annoying thoughts that run through your mind when you are trying to sleep, you might have to talk to a counselor or therapist about that.

      There are herbs that might help you to sleep, eg, valerian root, chamomile, hops, passion flower, skullcap. However, what most people don’t realize is that it can take at least a few weeks for some herbs to build up in your system before they start to work.

      The minerals calcium and magnesium might be helpful for sleep. You can also try 5-HTP, L-theonine or melatonin. I would not take melatonin for over a month unless your doctor says it is ok.

    Is it mandatory to take a pct after a pro hormone? what exactly is a pct? and what can i take for a pct?
    is it like a liver aid? can you give some examples of a pct?

    • ANSWER:
      Visit the website given below to get the answer for your question.

    my dauhter is disabled, I would like caretaker aid she is 30 years old?
    She is waiting for a liver transplant.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you applied for aid? I’m sure there is some available, at least there should be! I wish you and your daughter well!

    Where does the liver & pancreas fall into the digestive system?
    I know they are not part of it, but they aid in digestion.
    At what point do they aid in it in relation to this:

    Mouth->Pharynx->Esphagus->Stomach->Small Intestine->Large Intestine->Rectum->Anus

    • ANSWER:
      It would be;

      Mouth -> Pharynx (not really apart of the digestive system though) -> Oesophagus -> Stomach -> Liver -> Pancreas -> Small Intestine -> Large Intestine -> Rectum -> Anus

      Once food leaves the stomach and is heading toward the small intestine, the gall bladder secretes bile (which had been produced by the liver) and the pancreas secretes a selection of digestive enzymes which work on the food once it enters the duodenum (first section of the S.I).

    Where can i get activated charcoal for my liver?
    Rite aid? Walgreens? or is it only prescribed

    • ANSWER:
      You should find it at any reasonable sized health food store.

      Activated charcoal is usually for your digestive system, used to treat diarrhea or poisoning. If you’ve eaten anything particularly toxic, it could help remove it from your digestive system before it gets to your liver.

      Note that it will remove everything from your digestive system, including the necessary bacteria and use a lot of water to do so. You need to make sure you drink plenty of water while you are taking it and take some good probiotics for a few days afterwards.

      EDIT – Unfortunately, Dave still hasn’t learnt anything from the numerous previous posts on this topic. Activated charcoal is not only used under medical supervision. If that were the case, you could not buy it over the counter. It is a great alternative to imodium for diarrhea.

    please please help i am failing sicience and if i get these answsers correct i can pass?
    where is the site where undigested food is excreted from the body?

    where is the site where food is ground into small pieces?

    what contains hydrochloric acid and an enzyme to digest food?

    where is the site of the major part of the digestion process?

    what receives juices from the pancreas and liver that aid in digestion?

    what absorbs water from undigested food?

    • ANSWER:

    Helping the Liver!?
    What is good for helping the liver? Maybe herbal or otherwise.
    Is milk thistle good for the liver and if so, how does it aid the liver? What else could the liver benefit from? Anybody?

    • ANSWER:
      Foods that are healthy for the liver fall into two main categories. First are those that promote the detoxification process of the liver. And second, are those that are high in antioxidants and therefore protect the liver while it’s carrying out its detoxification processes. Below are a list of the top eight foods that are considered to be good for your liver.

      Garlic and onions.

      Garlic contains allicin which is a sulphur-based compound needed by the liver for effective detoxification. Garlic helps the liver rid the body of mercury, certain food additives and the hormone oestrogen.

      Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage).

      These vegetables are very powerful detoxifiers of the liver. They contain chemicals that neutralise certain toxins such as nitrosamines found in cigarette smoke and aflotoxin found in peanuts. They also contain glucosinolates that help the liver to produce enzymes it needs for its detoxification processes.

      Freshly squeezed lemon in hot water.

      Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice in a cup of boiled water first thing in the morning helps to cleanse the liver and promote detoxification. It also stimulates bile production, cleanses the stomach and bowel and stimulates a bowel motion.


      It’s a blood-purifying tonic that is also capable of absorbing heavy metals. More information on beets

      High-antioxidant fruits.

      Prunes, raisons, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums, oranges, pink grapefruit, cantaloupe, apples and pears. Antioxidants help to protect the liver from the high levels of free radicals that are naturally produced during the process of detoxification.


      Apples contain pectin that bind to heavy metals in the body (in particular in the colon) and help their excretion. This reduces the load on the liver and its detoxification capacities.


      Increases bile production. One of the jobs of bile is to remove toxins through the bowel, as well as ‘unfriendly’ micro-organisms. It has been suggested that 30 minutes after eating globe artichoke, bile flow is increased by over 100%.

      Bitter leafy salad greens (dandelion, chicory, endive, rocket).

      The bitterness of these foods helps to stimulate bile flow within the liver.

    what compounds are manufactured in the liver, salivary glands, pancreas, stomach and small intestines?
    and How do they aid in the digestion process in humans?

    • ANSWER:
      i’m assuming by compunds you mean digestive enzymes…


      the liver produces bile to breakbown fat
      salivary glands produce amylase which breaks down starch
      pancrease produces proteases that break down protein

    Is kombucha good or bad for your liver?
    I’m confused – kombucha is said to help promote liver function and helps the liver cleanse toxins from your body. However, it’s also been said that drinking kombucha has lead to jaundice and liver problems when drank for prolonged periods of time.

    If you don’t know what kombucha is – it’s a fermented tea used for benefiting your health.
    So, I just want clarification as to whether or not kombucha is good or bad for your liver, being that i have liver problems (I’ve only had a couple kombuchas in my life, I want to know if I should start drinking them on occasion to aid my liver’s health, or not drink them at all?)

    Thank you!
    How about ask a doctor? I don’t have health care, I asked on here for a reason.

    • ANSWER:
      According to this site; kombucha tea does cleanse your liver.

      Natural News is a site I’ve been getting their newsletters for yrs. and they are “right on”.
      Here’s their article on kombucha tea and it’s many benefits.

    my dog’s liver is failing…any advice?
    We went to the vet because my dog, who is a husky-german sheppard mix breathing looked suspicious. turned out his breathing was ok but when he got his blood work done, he had elevated white blood cells and might have cancer and issues with his liver. he is an older dog and seems completely fine but i was wondering if there was any medicine/food that can aid his liver just to help him along. Im so upset he is such a great dog and i know that everyone’s time comes sooner or later i just want him not in pain and i want do do anything i can do to just help him be healthy as long as i can :(

    Thanks ahead for all of your answers

    • ANSWER:
      really bobby, is the spelling of the dogs breed is as important as the issue at hand? obviously this person is in contact with the vet, and is seriously worried about their pet. in the mean time, while waiting for results from the vet, a question was asked. i would go along with the holistic diet, as natural foods offer more in the way of nutrition and anti-oxidants that could help your pet regain a healthier functioning system. (Sorry, I just really want to slap the living daylights out of Bobby L.)


Detoxification or detox is the process of eliminating toxins from the body, which is mainly carried out by the liver and kidneys. Detoxifying these organs is critical because while they have their own detox process, the body is often exposed to many toxic elements that can build up in the liver and kidneys and may cause various illnesses. If you have been asking yourself “how do I detox my liver and kidneys?” then you are on the right track to achieving and maintaining good health.

How do I detox my liver and kidneys in a natural way?

There are many ways to perform a liver and kidney detoxification, one of which is to go on a detox diet wherein certain foods are eliminated and specific foods are combined that when consumed has the effect of stimulating the waste elimination process of the body. Another common way of cleansing the body is through fasting or abstaining from food. When you fast, you only take in liquids like water or natural juice. Fasting can be done over 1 to 2 days.

How do I detox my liver and kidneys through proper diet?

Changing what you eat is one of the best ways to help your liver and kidneys eliminate toxins. Foods high in antioxidants should be part of your daily diet. Some examples of foods good for detox include beets, which is high in beta-carotene, flavonoids, and carotenoids – substances that help the body restore health. Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes are good sources of essential vitamins including B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants like lycopene (tomatoes) and selenium.The powerful antioxidant beta-carotene as well as Vitamin C is also present in carrots, peppers, citrus fruits, papaya, guava and plantains. Some people undergo a rigid detox diet in addition to making permanent dietary changes to improve the function of their liver.

How do I detox my liver and kidneys using supplements?

Liver aid supplements are designed to assist your liver as it performs its filtering functions. At the same time, liver detox supplements contain ingredients like milk thistle that have properties that protect and restore the health of an overworked liver. There are many liver detox supplements and tonics available in the market and you can choose those that is appropriate for your need. You can use a liver detox supplement either as a preventive measure or as treatment.

How do I detox my liver and kidneys safely?

One of the best ways to ensure safety when undergoing a detox plan, whether you plan to go on a diet or take an herbal liver supplement, is to tell your doctor first about it because you might have medical conditions that could interact with the detoxification routine. There are many over-the-counter liver aid supplements. Again, consult your doctor about them. Read the labels and always take them as directed.

Frequently Asked Questions

    why can the liver grow back the same size and weight after being dysectored imean life tissue whats the amino and other acids what make this happen

    • ANSWER:
      ‘dysectored imean life tissue’ makes no sense!

      The liver can regenerate, no particular dietary intake is required other than a good balanced diet.

    What’s the difference between liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver?
    Is there a difference between liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver? If so what is it? Someone on here said I am at risk for liver cancer cause of how much I drink but that confused me cause can liver cancer be caused by drinking a lot? I know cirrhosis can be but what about liver cancer? And which hurts more cirrhosis or liver cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      Liver cancer or hepatic cancer is properly considered to be a cancer which starts in the liver.
      The most frequent liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) (also named hepatoma, which is a misnomer because adenomas are usually benign). This tumor also has a variant type that consists of both HCC and cholangiocarcinoma components. The cells of the bile duct coexist next to the bile ducts that drain the bile produced by the hepatocytes of the liver. Cancers which arise from the blood vessel cells in the liver are known has hemangioendotheliomas.

      Cirrhosis is a consequence of chronic liver disease characterized by replacement of liver tissue by fibrosis, scar tissue and regenerative nodules (lumps that occur as a result of a process in which damaged tissue is regenerated), leading to loss of liver function.
      Cirrhosis is most commonly caused by alcoholism, hepatitis B and C, and fatty liver disease, but has many other possible causes. Some cases are idiopathic, i.e., of unknown cause.

    What could elevated liver enzymes mean in a newborn besides liver disease?
    My 2 1/2 month old son has had elevated liver enzymes since birth. We saw a liver specialist today and he said he doesn’t think it’s any kind of liver disease, but could be other things. Only he didn’t explain what the other things are.

    • ANSWER:
      A liver specialist would be a hepatologist. (A gastroenterologist deals with the entire digestive system) It may not be a liver problem but could be a biliary problem. The liver makes bile that flows through tube like structures, known as ducts, under the liver to the gallbladder and then to the intestines. The bile helps emulsify the fats we eat so they can be digested.

      These problems comes to mind:
      Biliary atresia where bile ducts are absent or injured, causing bile to back up into the liver. Congenital Biliary cysts, or cystic fibrosis.

      However, in some cases, some patients have elevation of these enzyme levels and it is normal for them.

      There are different hereditary liver diseases, but you said it wasn’t the liver…however, here is a listing of some of them:
      ***Hemochromatosis (abnormal iron accumulation )
      ***Wilson’s disease (abnormal copper accumulation in the liver).
      *** Alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency which is the absence of this specific enzyme in the liver
      ***Galctosemia is a rare genetic disorder that hampers the body’s ability to process the sugar galactose. Fructuse intolerance
      ***Urea cycle defects (ornithine carbomoyltransferase deficiency)
      ***Glycogen storage disease where there is an inability to properly utilize sugar.
      ….Amino acid disorders[tyrosinemia),
      —Bile acid disorders
      ….Carbohydrate disorders (eg fructose intolerance, galactosemia,)
      ….Lipid disorders (abetalipoproteinemia)
      Inherited diseases interfere with the way the liver produces, processes and stores enzymes, proteins, metals, and other substances.
      ….Phenylketonuria is a rare condition in which a baby is born without the ability to properly break down an amino acid called phenylalanine. It is inherited…both parents have to pass on the gene.

      The liver enzymes are made by the liver cells. The one liver enzyme would naturally be elevated and that is the Alkaline phosphatase…since the child is growing and this is elevated because of the growth of the bones. The doctor is probably also looking at the liver functions tests ( Bilirubin, Albumin, INR, Pt, Ptt) and also the viral tests for hepatitis A,B,C,etc. To look up these tests and the liver enzymes (ALT, AST, GGT, and Alkaline Phosphatase), here is a link to click on:

      Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your son’s doctor…you are paying him for his advice, diagnosis, and time. He may not know, without testing being done, exactly what the problem is off hand. When he gets the results of all testing back…he will then be able to give you more information and a possible diagnosis. I will tell you that he is probably having more blood testing done and will compare it to the first set…as blood testing is not always 100% accurate and many things can affect these tests.

      I hope this information has been of help to you. Best wishes

    What can feeding too much liver do to a dog?
    I have been giving my dog lots of pure liver treats everyday. Does liver have lots of iron?
    What kind of effects can eating too much liver have on a dog or person
    @Joh good answer!

    • ANSWER:
      Liver is an essential part of any raw diet and the general guide when raw feeding is to feed either about 5% of the total diet or about once a week.

      Liver is high in vitamin A which is fat soluble so gets stored in the body. Too much may lead to toxicity but as you can see you would need to feed quite a bit each day. Unless you’re feeding seal or walrus liver anyway (see the link below)

      Beef liver
      Possibly dangerous amounts for a golden retriever eating this food
      daily for 2 months:300 g (=2/3 lb)

    Is it good for your liver to drink alcohol?
    I know that too much alcohol does harm to the liver, but my cousin said that a little bit of alcohol is actually good because it “trains” the liver for when you get older and have to face illnesses. He also said that never-drinking alcohol could actually be bad because your liver’s not getting “practice.” I hope you get the jist.

    Is he right?

    • ANSWER:
      i’m not sure if your cousin may just be ‘guessing’ that this is the case as it may seem sensible. a thought that comes to my mind would be alcohol is bad for and therefore weakens the liver. but that is just my guess, i’m not an expert. i do hear a glass of wine a day is good for you. research this on google for deeper explanations.

    How does a liver transplant work if the donor is still alive?
    I watched this documentary where the father was donating his liver to his son.

    How is this possible, do they extract pieces, can you live without a liver?

    • ANSWER:
      I believe the living donor can spare up to 60% of his/her liver to the recipient. Each person will grow back their missing portion in about 6 weeks. It’s an amazing organ.

    How soon can the liver recover after prolongued heavy drinking?
    I’ve heard that the liver can regenerate itself so as to, in effect, cancel the effects of alcohol abuse providing someone abstains for long enough to allow the liver to actually do that. Is this correct and, if so, how long would this process take?

    • ANSWER:
      Not if you have Cirrhosis of the liver…but yes the liver can recover to a certain extent depending on the amount of damage.

    What can damage the liver apart from drinking too much alcohol?
    A lot of people know that drinking too much alcohol can damage the liver. What else can damage the liver? Taking too much of certain medications, contracting hepatitis of all kinds…
    Anything else?

    • ANSWER:
      Anything that goes through it.

    When glycogen is processed in the liver or muscle cells, can it be expelled as fuel for energy?
    I am aware that glucose can be removed from the blood via the kidneys and into the bladder. When the pancreas produces insulin, the glucose is sent to the liver and muscle sells, and converted into glycogen for easy storage. Glycogen can then be removed from the cells or liver after the pancreas releases glucagon, which stimulates the liver or cells to release the glycogen to raise the blood sugar level. However, can the glycogen be expelled for energy?

    • ANSWER:
      Glycogen cannot be expelled and converted using technology to extract energy since glycogen is produced by attaching an extra carbon molecule to glucose. The chemical reactions that form glycogen are done in very tiny processes inside cells, which occur on a molecular level. Extracting energy from glycogen would be like trying to imitate plants by forming glucose from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide.

    How long does it take for your liver to dissolve something?
    Hydrocodone and Dxm are bothy dissolved by the same liver enzyme, is what ive been told.
    So if i took some hydrocodone how long would i have to wait to make sure my liver could handle 300mg of dxm and dissolve it all like normally.
    Basically if the liver dissolves 2 things at the same level how long would you have to wait to take the 2nd one?

    • ANSWER:
      This medication is prescribed. You should take it according
      to what the doctor says on your prescription bottle. It depends
      alot on what strength both the medications are, how old you are,
      what medical problem you are using it for and more.
      You should contact the doctor office with this and be sure
      when and how to take it, or even get in touch with the pharmacist
      who filled your prescription. These medications are usually
      prescribed at a certain dosage every 4 to 6 hours.
      Whether you should take them at the same time or separate
      is entirely up to the physician prescribing them.

    How to experiment what alcohol does to the liver using a sponge to represent the liver?
    For school we have to create a project where we will be using a sponge to represent what alcohol does to the liver. How do we work this project? How exactly does it represent the liver? What do we do?

    • ANSWER:
      This sounds more like theatre than science.

      Alcohol causes, initially, fatty deposits in the liver; and later, inflammation, and eventually scarring and hardening of the liver tissues.

      How you’d represent this with a sponge, I can’t imagine.

    How long does it take for liver disease to progress?
    I have slightly high unconjugated bilirubin, (41mmol) at 20yrs old. Never drank.

    Docs aren’t sure what’s causing it as tests have shown that my liver is still working normally.

    They have ordered annual LFT’s. How long does it take liver disease to progress and is this suitable?

    • ANSWER:
      It can take many years. Everyone is different. Follow your doctor’s instructions.

    What’s the difference between liver pain and right chest pain?
    I feel pain around my right chest. Would that be liver pain? What’s the different or major difference between liver pain and chest pain?

    • ANSWER:
      If the pain comes after eating, I’d say it’s more likely a gallbladder issue and not a liver issue. This is definitely something to speak to your PCP about or a gastroenterologist if you have one already.

      A HIDA scan w/ CCK was the ONLY test that showed the disease and they ran several on me (including a gallbladder ultrasound w/ cck)

      Good luck!


      Gallstones – Symptoms

      The most common symptom of gallstones is pain in the stomach area or in the upper right part of the belly, under the ribs.

      The pain may:

      * Develop suddenly in the center of the upper belly (epigastric area) and spread to the right upper back or shoulder blade area. It is usually hard to get comfortable; moving around does not make the pain go away.
      * Prevent you from taking normal or deep breaths.
      * Last 15 minutes to 24 hours. Continuous pain for 1 to 5 hours is common.
      * Begin at night and be severe enough to wake you.
      * Occur after meals.

      Gallstone pain can cause vomiting, which may relieve some of the belly (abdominal) pain and pressure. Pain that occurs with a fever, nausea, and vomiting or loss of appetite may be a sign of inflammation or infection of the gallbladder (acute cholecystitis). Symptoms that may mean that a gallstone is blocking the common bile duct include:

      * Yellowing of the skin and the white part of the eyes (jaundice).
      * Dark urine.
      * Light-colored stools.
      * A fever and chills.

      There are many other conditions that cause similar symptoms, including heartburn, pain caused by a heart attack, and liver problems. Stomach flu (gastroenteritis) and food poisoning also can cause symptoms similar to gallstones. Diarrhea and vomiting occur with the flu and food poisoning, but the pain tends to come and go rather than be constant. Also, pain with these conditions may be felt all over the belly, rather than in one spot.

      Belly pain that comes and goes (rather than being constant) and that occurs with nausea and vomiting and possibly a mild fever is more likely to be caused by stomach flu or food poisoning than by gallstones. This is especially true if others around you are sick with similar symptoms.

    How long does it take your liver to detox?
    I’ve been unhealthy for a while now. I eat fast food, take sleep aids, and drink alcohol on a regular basis.
    Bottom line, my liver isn’t in peak condition.

    My question is how long does it take the liver to naturally cleanse itself? Does the length of an unhealthy lifestyle complicate the process?

    • ANSWER:
      You’ve been sucked into a bunch of garbage pseudoscience. Your liver is constantly detoxifying the substances you put into it. Within a few hours of consuming alcohol, your liver has broken it down to harmless compounds and prepared it for excretion from the body.
      Stop thinking in terms of “cleansing” the body. You’ve been abusing your body with this disgusting lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that you’re “dirty,” only that your body is overworked and run-down.

    What does it mean when my liver enzymes are elevated and how could it affect my health?
    I had blood work done four months ago and my liver enzymes were elevated. I had my blood tested again this week and they are saying my liver enzymes are still elevated. What could be doing his to me and how is it going to affect my health in the future.

    • ANSWER:
      This link will tell you, from a professional, why your liver
      enzymes may be elevated:

      The liver enzymes are known as the ALT and AST.
      There is also other tests that show how the liver functions,
      known as Bilirubin, INR, and Albumin and Alka Phos.

      Since you said they are stating it is the liver enzymes.
      The ALT is mainly made in the liver. The AST is not
      only made in the liver but other organs as well. That
      is why the doctors look first at the ALT level.
      When the cells of the liver become damaged, these
      enzymes are released into the blood and picked up
      on your blood test. If this is definitely the liver causing
      this elevation, it will usually start out as inflammation.
      Inflammation can be controlled and go away with
      medication. If the inflammation is not treated,
      then the cells of the liver can die and this is known as

      Knowing your past medical history and seeing your lab
      work and other tests results and also knowing your
      family history would tell the doctor much more whether
      he should suspect liver disease. There are many
      different causes of this disease as you will see in the
      link I posted for cirrhosis.

      There are things a patient, who has a liver problem, can
      do now to try to prevent any further damage that may be
      causes: Avoid alcohol beverages, stay away from chemicals,
      be around only healthy people, inform the doctor of every
      medication you are taking which includes over the counter
      meds and herb and any medications prescribed by other
      doctors. Why? Alcohol, in some people is very toxic to
      the liver…liver damage can be caused by mixing drugs with
      alcohol also. Being exposed to harsh chemicals…like
      carbon tetrachloride can cause liver damage. If your body
      is trying to heal, it is best to protect yourself from others who
      may pass on to you another illness and make your body
      weaker. Almost every medication that enters your body,
      no matter how it is taken, goes through the liver to be
      broken down….and some medications have warnings that
      they can cause damage to the liver. The doctor has to
      weigh the pros and cons of using the medication. It is
      well known that many NSAID med (pain medication brought
      over the counter) carry this warning on the box.

      If this is liver damage, the doctor may do further testing.
      This would include more blood work, ultrasound, Ct scan.
      The very best test for liver evaluation is the liver biopsy.
      The best doctor to be with is a Hepatologist.

      I hope this information is of some help to you.
      If you do find out it is liver disease…here is a site to
      look at. This is a book written by a hepatologist and
      is the very first book I read. You can read articles free
      on line from this book.

      Best wishes

    What is the relationship between the liver and the duodenum?
    What is the relationship between the liver and the duodenum? I know that bile is deposited into the duodenum where bile salts emulsify fats so that pancreatic lipase can digest it in the pancreatic juice, but that is from the gall bladder, not the liver. Any help?

    • ANSWER:
      bile is produced in the liver, then stored in the gall bladder prior to entering the duodenum.

    What causes elevated liver enzymes in an otherwise healthy person?
    My mother (early 60s) walks every day, eats in moderation, drinks occasionally, and does not smoke. Her blood test came back for elevated liver enzymes, which is very concerning, since she seems very healthy.

    • ANSWER:
      No one blood testing is 100% accurate…it
      takes more than one to be sure.

      The liver enzymes are a hint that there may
      be liver cell damage. However, The
      ALT enzyme is the most specific to the
      liver diagnosis, since it is mostly made in the
      liver…the other enzymes are made in the liver
      but also, in about the same quantities, in other

      It takes more blood tests to truly confirm
      it is a liver problem. These tests include
      the liver functions tests (Bilirubin, INR,
      Albumin, Pt, PTT) which shows how well
      the cells of the liver are able to perform
      the functions to keep the body well and
      also the viral testing to see if a virus is
      using the liver cells to replicate itself
      (like Hepatitis A,B,C,etc).

      Patients who have liver disease, will not
      know they have it. The liver is very quiet
      about damage done to it, until the cells
      start to die off and the functions deteriorate.
      They may appear tired or sometimes have
      flu like symptoms…this could be mistaken
      for other medical ills.

      Some of the things that can cause liver damage
      that doesn’t involve alcohol is:
      medication toxification
      chemical exposure
      hereditary conditions
      autoimmune disease
      fatty liver disease
      biliary obstruction/malformation/infection
      cancer or tumors/cysts
      cardiac problems
      parasitic infections
      viral infections
      and there are others.

      Some of these liver enzymes can be elevated
      if you have trouble with the bones or
      if there is a biliary problem, have heart problems,
      or have exercised alot before the testing.

      If her enzymes stay elevated…they may
      examine her to see if they can feel if the
      liver is enlarged. If the cells of the liver
      are damaged, the immune system of
      the body responds and causes inflammation
      in the liver which causes the liver to enlarge
      in size. If this happens to be the case,
      they may do an ultrasound or Ct scan
      to look at the liver. She should be referred
      to a gastroenterologist or hepatologist if
      they see an enlargement or tumors or if
      the blood isn’t flowing well through the liver.

      It is difficult to wait for the next blood tests
      results…but, at times, they will return to
      normal. In some people, elevated levels
      are their normal for them.

      Hope things work out that she doesn’t
      have any problems. Best wishes.

    How does a liver-selective glucocorticoid antagonist work?
    How to they make it so that the glucocorticoid antagonist only goes to the liver?
    Could the same thing be done in the brain? If so, how?

    • ANSWER:
      In this case, they conjugated a bile acid (the top molecule) to a synthetic glucocorticoid (the bottom molecule), which keeps the drug in the biliary tract and keeps most of it out of the bloodstream, where it would cause adrenal affects.


    What causes elevated liver enzymes in dogs?
    My dog (less than 2 yrs old) has elevated liver enzymes and is on Sam-E to lower them as well as some pain medication.

    • ANSWER:
      A complete systemic imbalance. You can mess around with expensive blood tests, etc. and your vet will only be guessing at what the problem is.
      First thing you should do is to feed your dog a species appropriate raw diet. Dogs are carnivores. Commercial dog food does a lot of damage to their system, because they were not designed to eat grains and fillers — that’s what 70% of dog food is.
      Check out the files/research at the Yahoo Group Raw Meaty Bones.
      Raw fed dogs avoid preventable health problems like pancreatitis, diabetes, bladder stones, impacted anal glands, ear infections, periodontal disease, allergies, hot spots, skin problems and even cancer.
      There are plenty of sick dogs that recovered wonderful health after their owners stopped feeding the equivalent of doggie junk food. It’s as bad as us eating at McD’s every day (Supersize Me).
      Vaccination can be another source of serious adverse reactions leading to health problems. These reactions can happen months/years after a shot. Another great Yahoo Group is Truth about Vaccines. Anyone who owns a dog owes it to themselves and the dog to keep abreast of the independent research that is being/has been done and not rely on the money-motivated claims of the veterinary/pet food industry.

    Seeking info regarding the liver. How much liver can the body safely function on?
    If someone had part of their liver removed, where would the scar be (if any) and can the body actually function on half a liver? Does it grow back? Myth or fiction? Can you have half your liver removed with keyhole surgery?

    May seem queer, but these questions i would love the answer to for peace of mind. Or, any websites i can visit to give me the answers to these questions.

    • ANSWER:
      The body can function with up to 80% of the liver cut out. It also will grow back in about a year, not sure about the keyhole…but I had a friend with liver cancer…she had 80% removed and its all grown back cancer free….

    What exactly would happen if a liver is rejected?
    If someone got a liver transplant, and their body was rejecting the liver, what exactly would happen? Would they get another transplant? Or just take the anti rejection and immunosuppressants ?

    • ANSWER:
      The person would start to experience many of the same *first*
      symptoms they experienced with liver disease:
      Fever over 38°C or 100.4°F…Fatigue…Jaundice (yellowing of skin or eyes)…Darkening of urine…Clay-colored stools…Pain over liver

      They would contact the gastroenterologist or hepatologist that
      is associated with the Liver Transplant Team. They would
      probably be admitted to the hospital and started on other
      medications…maybe more Prednisone and having a change
      of the anti rejection drug or dosage change of the anti rejection
      drug they are already on. Most rejections can be stopped by
      doing this.
      Some of the drugs used for immunosuppression are:
      Prednisone, Cellcept, Prograf, Sirolimus, Myfortic and

      However, if the organ continues to reject, then they would once
      again be evaluated and placed back on the transplant list for
      possible liver transplantation. If they are rejecting and in
      very serious danger of losing the organ fast…they would be
      placed at the top of the list for the next available donor organ.

      People are placed on the transplant list according to how
      much time a person may have left to live if they do not
      receive a transplantation. Someone who is rejecting an
      organ, if they have little time left, would definitely be placed
      near the top of the list for the donor organ.

      The Transplant List is based on a patients MELD score.
      This is determined through having blood testing done:
      Bilirubin, INR, Creatinine, Sodium
      The MELD score runs from 6 to 40. Those who are
      closest to a 6 score are the healthiest on the list and
      may go off the list if they get better. As you go up
      the list closer to the 40, the patient becomes alot
      sicker and more in need to have a donor organ
      for transplantation to be done.

      I hope this information has been of some help to you.
      Best wishes

    What do the liver and pancreas use to produce enzymes and bile for chemical digestion?
    Hi, I’m doing a biology packet for homework, and my book nor the internet says what the liver and pancreas use to produce enzymes and bile for chemical digestion. Please tell me if you know the answer to this question. Please help, it’s due on Monday.

    • ANSWER:
      bile- main content is cholesterol. also contain bilirubin which is derived from the heme portion of phagocytosed RBC. electrolytes, water, phospholipids.
      enzymes- made out of proteins. thru transcription and translation

    What type of liver disease or kidney disease makes people smell from sweat?
    Just asking, cuz I know a person whos has liver illness, and smell from the liver damage.

    and how can you make the liver better, do u have to change your diet?
    she only 16, she had it since she was a lil kid, i dont think she was drinking.

    • ANSWER:
      stop boozing…


    What are the effects of prolonged hydrocodone use on the liver?
    One of my friends has been addicted for several years, but decided to detox this past weekend (say a prayer that he won’t relapse). He said that he could have had liver and heart problems if he would have kept taking them.

    What actually happens to the liver as a result of hydrocodone use? How does the person know they have liver problems as a result of the hydrocodone use?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s the acetaminophen used with the hydrocodone that does the real damage. Unless your friend has a source for pharmacy compounded pure hydrocodone.

      And there are plenty of people who have died in their 20′s from liver failure due to recreational addiction to pain killers containing hydrocodone.

    What can cause liver pain after overeating?
    My mother, who has a fatty liver, told me that she occasionally gets liver pain/pain in the liver area of her body after she overeats.

    What can cause this? Does overeating cause the liver to swell at all? Is it because she has a fatty liver? Is it perhaps not even her liver, but perhaps another organ pushing against her liver to cause the sensation of pain, like her stomach?

    • ANSWER:
      Liver is painless.

    is dehydrated chicken liver good for dogs and cats?
    I heard that dehydrated liver is good for dogs, but he wasn’t specific if it was beef or chicken liver. So what I am wondering is are dehydrated chicken liver, gizzards and hearts good for dogs and cats, and do I have to do anything other than put them in the dehydrator for a few hours?

    • ANSWER:
      I feed my dogs raw chicken livers, but for treats i buy livers that are dehydrated. I feed gizzards and hearts too, but I just feed those raw.

      Here are a few sites if you want to learn more.

    What does an irregular liver function test really mean?
    What are some of the causes of the liver not working properly – is it serious?

    • ANSWER:
      nothing called irregular liver function, may be abnormal or elevated liver function … means elevated enzymes .. sign of liver abnormalities … usually in north America due to alcohol, but many other reasons.. medications(cholesterol meds, Tylenol and narcotics), hepatitis, some congenital diseases, Iron excess, copper excess,infections, gall bladder obstruction, cancers etc…

    What happens when your liver stops filtering alcohol?
    After you get drunk your liver stops filtering alcohol. Is it possible to piss out alcohol? Or is it just all thrown into your bloodstream.

    • ANSWER:

    Do you know any really good tasting liver recipes?
    My older sister is having a baby and the doctor said her iron level is low (11 level) and i found out liver have very high iron…. what is really tasty recipe for liver that my sister would eat…?
    Or if youb have anyother HIGH iron foods that she would like that would work too?

    • ANSWER:
      High Iron Diet containing Heme Iron foods

      Excellent Sources Good Sources

      Pork Liver
      Chicken Liver
      Beef Liver


      *this website has some great info.*

    What is your favorite recipe for chicken liver?
    I am getting tired of eating southern style fried chicken liver. What other ways are there to cook chicken liver so that it is delicious?

    • ANSWER:
      Chicken Livers with Caramelized Onions and Madeira

      1. 3 tablespoons cooking oil
      2. 3 onion, sliced thin
      3. 3/4 teaspoon salt
      4. 1/4 teaspoon fresh-ground black pepper
      5. 1 1/4 pounds chicken livers, each cut in half
      6. 1/2 cup Madeira
      7. 1 hard-cooked egg, chopped
      8. 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

      1. In a large frying pan, heat 2 tablespoons of the oil over moderate heat. Add the onions, 1/2 teaspoon of the salt, and 1/8 teaspoon of the pepper. Cook, stirring frequently, until the onions are well browned, about 15 minutes. Remove the onions from the pan and put on a serving platter or individual plates.
      2. In the same frying pan, heat the remaining 1 tablespoon oil over moderately high heat. Season the chicken livers with the remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon pepper. Put the livers in the pan, in two batches if necessary, and cook for 2 minutes. Turn and cook until browned, about 2 minutes longer. The livers should still be pink inside. Remove the chicken livers from the pan and put them on top of the onions.
      3. Return the pan to the heat and add the Madeira. Boil rapidly, scraping the bottom of the pan to dislodge any brown bits, for 1 minute. Pour the sauce over the livers and the onions. Top with the egg and parsley.

      Yield: 4 servings

    how do I make liver and onions from a frozen state?
    I own a pub and have recently added liver and onions to my menu. I’m not sure if I should soak it in milk, freeze it and then flour it when ordered. Will the flour stick if it is frozen? Will it become tough if I unthaw it a bit in the micro first? Any help would be appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Liver is tricky. Don’t try any of the above; you nor your patrons will not like the results. If it comes frozen, allow it to thaw completely in the fridge before trying anything else. If it comes fresh, use it that day.

    Why is secondary liver cancer from the colon so hard to treat?
    My friend’s Dad has received bad news about liver cancer and she’s having a hard time processing the information.

    I’ve looked on google but I cannot find something that simply explains why liver cancer (secondary) is so hard to treat.

    Her Dad has two small spots on his liver and feels good but there are no treatments for him left. His CEA is very high (100+). She’s struggling with understanding why two small spots cannot be treated. Anyone have an articles online that explains it?

    • ANSWER:
      He does not have “liver cancer” but metatstatic (Stage IV) colon cancer. The spots in the liver are colon cancer cells, not liver cancer cells. Yes it seems trivial, why not just operate and take them out, but many years of experience has shown us that this treatment is futile. The patient is put at risk during the operation and his life will not be lengthened at all by removing the two spots. The two spots you see on the imaging are only the tip of an iceberg; there are many more cancer cells growing and spreading, and we can not operate to remove them all.
      Your friend’s father will almost certainly die of colon cancer, but no one knows when. There are some very effective treatments for Stage IV colon cancer that can let him live a productive and happy life for a few years. My advice is to get the very best care he can and to live every moment he has left as well as he can. You can play a part in this too, help your friend through this, tell her to cherish every moment she still has with him. Take trips, throw parties, bake cakes, celebrate his life, and live! Good luck to you all.

    What conditions cause inflamed liver and high blood pressure in a 22 year old man?
    My friend is 22 years old, and hasn’t suffered any serious health problems before now. Recently he has been suffering with headaches, dizziness, abdominal pains and tiredness. The doctors say he has an inflamed liver, and very high blood pressure, but have said nothing further. They are running more tests. What conditions can cause these symptoms? Especially in a young man with no previous problems.

    • ANSWER:
      Taking too many painkillers is what got me. I don’t drink and I had the same problem at 25 years old. I also had a dying gallbladder that was infecting my liver, so I got it from both sides. Is your friend overweight? That can cause a toxin buildup and is commonly called “fatty liver disease”. On a kinda plus side, the liver has the ability to recover at an insane rate. That’s why you can live for so long with liver problems. Your friend may have a miserable existence for a while, but he will likely live through it ok. Im going on two years now, and its still bothersome for me, but I’m alive and my quality of life is good.

    How can I make liver taste good?
    My doctor told me to eat liver but it’s pretty nasty….any ideas on how I can make it taste a little better?
    My doctor is a chinese medical professional, and it’s to help treat depression. Not to eat often, but every so often. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • ANSWER:
      yeah, throw it away and find something else to eat…LOL…JK…
      Fry some bacon, then fry onions in the bacon grease. Lightly flour the liver and fry in bacon grease.

    What can cause a liver functionality test to be low?
    My dad had a liver functionality test done, and it came back low. He takes diphenhydramine in a sleeping aid to help him sleep. He also had a PSA and he got a 6.3 on it.

    • ANSWER:
      this doesnot make sense usually when a person has liver disease he has high liver enzyme and not the reverse

    What is the monetary value for a human liver?
    I am wondering, what is the value of a human liver? Is there anything that can effect the value, and make some livers more valuable than others, such as blood type, health? Is there a good way to estimate the value for someone?

    • ANSWER:
      You can’t put a price on life.

    What are the causes of liver cirrhosis or cancer?
    Alcohol is largely to blame for liver cirrhosis but my friend hasn’t really abused it yet he got the ailment. What might have caused it besides alcohol abuse? He’s skin and bones right now and deteriorating fast. Please add curative suggestions if any. His doctor sent him home as a hopeless case so i’m appealing for any other remedies. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      I’m going through the same thing with my husband. He just came home Tuesday night and I have hospice helping out. He is already getting to where he can’t walk hardly. People keep talking about a liver transplant but my doc. said my husband wasn’t a candidate because he has cancer. But my husband drank alot when he was younger. He has been on alot of pain medicines. Along with meds for blood pressure and cholesterol. I think the cholesterol drugs caused this cirrohsis. He was taking to much at one time but thats what the doctor told him and it started scarring his liver. And later they changed it and he started getting jaundice and thats how they found the cancer. He also has blood clots from his heart to his liver. His liver isn’t functioning right along with his kidneys. I wish you luck with your friend.

    How does enzyme function in the liver affect a person with cirrhosis?
    The function of the liver is to break down fats and build certain proteins. Cirrhosis of the liver is a disease which causes the liver to become thickened and “rubbery.” Hypothesize how enzyme function in the liver would be affected in a person with cirrhosis.

    • ANSWER:
      Cirrhosis is death of the liver cells and scar tissue formation inside the liver.

      The liver cells are what makes these enzymes: known as the ALT, AST,
      GGT, and Alkaline phosphatase. When the liver cells become damage,
      these enzymes leak out of the cells and go higher on the blood tests results.
      Enzymes are used to speed up reactions.

      A healthy liver is usually very smooth and soft organ.
      When the liver cells become damaged, the immune system responds to
      this damage and causes inflammation inside the liver which will cause
      the liver to enlarge and take on a spongy texture.
      If the cause isn’t found, or the liver cells start to die off…then it becomes
      this progressive, irreversible disease known as Cirrhosis of the liver.

      Scar tissue forms inside the liver as the liver cells die off. This scar
      tissue will block the flow of blood through the liver on its way back
      to the heart and also block the flow of blood to the functioning liver
      cells that are left, so they continue to die off. The liver is actually
      starting to die inside the living patient. It will start to shrink in
      size and take on a harder texture. You could say
      thickened and rubbery.

      The liver cells are what makes the enzymes, as I mentioned above…
      however they also do the other many functions, that the liver does
      as a whole, to keep the body will…over 500 of them.
      Since the liver cells have died, then the proteins that normally would
      be made will start to decrease. Especially the one known as Albumin
      that hold fluids inside our vessels. This fluid will then leak out and
      collect in the abdominal area (it is known as Ascites). The liver also
      may not be able to produce bile efficiently, this means that the fats
      may go undigested and not be able to be absorbed into the body…
      that means that the stools will have fat content in them and may
      float on top of the water. Since the fats are not absorbed, then this
      also means that the fat soluble vitamins may also not be absorbed…
      leading to deficiencies.

      I hope this has been of some help to you. Best wishes

    How do I fix my liver from alcohol damage?
    I drink alcohol – lots of it very regularly. Is there a way to ward off liver damage in my case? Can you suggest ant remedy?

    • ANSWER:
      Why do you think you have liver damage? If a doctor told you then he would have also given you treatment options. Drinking is not the leading cause of liver damage. It is only a contributing factor. And then only in those who are already prone to liver disease.

      Cirrhosis, or death of liver tissue is caused by Fatty Liver Disease. Alcohol can contribute to that, IF you are already predisposed. Alcohol consumption in and of itself does not cause liver disease.

      The belief that drinking caused liver disease is a common fallacy. It falls under and Ad Hoc, or Faulty Causation. Is it one of the many alcohol myths I see perpetrated on Yahoo Answers. Quite simply alcohol does not cause liver disease any more then filling a car with gasoline causes an accident.

    What would happen if a fresh sample of liver was heated to 37.5 degrees then added to hydrogen peroxide?
    well, I already know that over heating the liver could make the liver denatured and ineffective. but that’s about it.

    • ANSWER:
      You would activate the peroxidase enzymes in the liver and break down the peroxide into O2 and water.
      Maybe thats catalase, however they both breakdown peroxide.

    What are the symptoms of liver stones, is there such a thing?
    My husband asked me to post this question, to see if anyone knew anything about the symptoms of liver stones. The word appears on Google listing, but I can’t get any further information about it there. These are supposed to be another kind of “stones”, separate from kidney and gall stones. Would anyone have any information about this? Thanks in advance for your comments.

    • ANSWER:
      Your husband may be referring to Gallstones or calcification or calcium deposits in the liver. Choledocholithiasis is the presence of a gallstone in the common bile duct. The stone may consist of bile pigments or calcium and cholesterol salts. It may cause obstructive jaundice.
      Cholelithiasis is the presence of one or more calculi (gallstones) in the gallbladder. In developed countries, about 10% of adults and 20% of people > 65 yr have gallstones. Gallstones tend to be asymptomatic. The most common symptom is biliary colic; gallstones do not cause dyspepsia or fatty food intolerance. More serious complications include cholecystitis; biliary tract obstruction (from stones in the bile ducts or choledocholithiasis), sometimes with infection (cholangitis); and gallstone pancreatitis. Diagnosis is usually by ultrasonography. If cholelithiasis causes symptoms or complications, cholecystectomy is necessary.
      Take abdominal ultrasound scan for further investigation in consultation with a gastroenterologist.

    Why is the pancreas and liver so important in the digestive system?
    Why is the liver and pancreas so important in the digestive system. Also what substances they produce and can you please explain their function.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, the goblet cells in the pancreas produce insulin as already mentioned and it also produces Glycagon. Insulin in the anabolic (building) anabolic compound which forces the carbs in your body to go into storage around key parts of your body like the liver e.t.c.

      Glycagon does the opposite of insulin, being the catabolic (breakdown) compound. The key thing is that the pancreas senses the blood sugar level and reacts to control it by producing these chemcals accordingly….. Forms of diabetes (type 2 e.t.c.) are caused by abnormal or failed functions within the pancreas.

    What happens if you drink everyday and your liver all of a sudden hurts but you drink anyway?
    My friend has been getting liver pain but she still drinks anyway, what can happen????????
    She says that when her liver hurts she drinks and it goes away for a short time but it comes back.
    Can she die? :O

    • ANSWER:
      How long and how much has your friend been drinking? The experts say that 10 years of heavy drinking can put a person on the road to having serious liver disease. If she falls in this category, then I would say she could have a serious problem. She can die in time if she gets cirrhosis, but she would have many other symptoms and it usually takes years before actual death occurs. If she was in the last stage of cirrhosis, she would definitely know it.

    How much liver tissue do you need for it to continue functioning?
    If you have only 50% of your liver functioning because of cancer how much do you need for it to continue to function? At what point (20%,30%) does the liver shut down?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes after about 30%

    What happens when you get hit in the liver?
    I’ve seen people who get hit in the liver and they drop to the ground in a ton of pain.

    I’ve heard things about nerve endings that cause paralysis or that if it’s hit hard enough it releases toxins into your body.

    So does anyone know the science of why exactly getting hit in the liver causes so much pain?

    • ANSWER:
      It hurts like hell :(

    Why does epinephrine cause a liver cell to hydrolyze without ever entering the cell?
    The Hormone epinephrine can cause a liver cell to hydrolyze its stored glycogen ad release sugar without the hormone ever entering the cell. Explain why this occurs.

    Thank you for any responses! I greatly appreciate the help!

    • ANSWER:
      Epinephrine binds to a receptor in the cell membrane. This causes the release of cAMP, called a “Second messenger” inside the cell. This second messenger begins an enzyme cascade that causes the hydrolysis of epinephrine.

    What are the signs the your liver is producing to much Alkaline phosphatase?
    There are bumps on my face which I think has a lot to do with the Liver results of my blood tests. What could be the problems?

    • ANSWER:
      Here is the best site to learn about any of your
      blood lab tests results:

      Here is a link, on the same site, that explains
      about Alkaline phosphatase.

      The doctor does different testing to check and
      see if it is a liver or biliary problem:
      1) The liver enzymes (known as the ALT, AST,GGT,
      and the Alkaline phosphatase)…these can show if there
      is liver cell damage or a problem in the bile ducts.
      2) The liver functions tests (known as the Bilirubin, INR,
      Albumin, Pt, PTT) which show how well the liver cells
      are able to do the functions (over 500 of them) that the
      liver does as a whole to keep the body well.
      3) The liver viral tests to see if a virus has entered the
      body and is using the liver cells to replicate itself.

      If you do have a liver problem…you may start to see
      spider like veins start to appear on the face, neck,
      chest, and shoulder area. When you press on them,
      they can blanche and look pale until the veins fill
      again with blood after you remove your fingers.
      If this is a liver problem…the ALT enzyme is most
      specific to the liver as it is made mostly in the liver..
      there other ones are found in other areas, also.
      The Alkaline Phosphatase is made in the liver…but
      is more connected to the Biliary area of the liver.
      The liver produces bile, that flow through tube like
      structures (known as ducts) to the gallbladder and
      then from the gallbladder to the intestines.
      These ducts can become blocked by a gallstone,
      infection, growth, or can be malformed, or cirrhosed.

      Sometimes certain medications, that you may be
      on, can also cause a rash or bumps.

      It is best to have more testing done to see if your
      level returns to the normal range. No one blood
      testing is 100% accurate: many things can effect
      the results of these tests. Our body chemistry
      changes constantly.

    How much tylenol does it take to damage your liver?
    I have been on Lortabs for a couple of years now, and I take 10-12 pills a day, At 500 mg of Acetaminophen per tablet, that is a daily in take of about 5,500 mg of tylenol a day . With that amount how long if any will it take to damage my liver and how will I know that liver damage has set in.

    • ANSWER:
      The maximum recommended dose would be 4000mg/day. If you are exceeding this, you might be injuring your liver. Don’t you have concerns about taking an overdose of narcotics and tylenol?? If your liver gets hurt, in general, you do not get a new one. Get help with your drug habit, and ask that your liver function get checked. Be responsible!!

    How does Exotoxin of Pseudomonas affect the liver?
    The exotoxin of pseudomonas is composed of an A-B component. The B target site is the liver. Once A attach to a receptor in the liver, the A dissociates. The A then blocks translocation so it inhibits protein synthesis.

    Since the target site of Exotoxin of Pseudomonas aueroginosa is the liver, what kind of damage/pathology does it do to the liver?
    Corynebacterium diptheria toxin primary target is the heart, nerves and epithelium. This is because the B component of the A-B diphtheria toxin binds to receptors to those tissues. As such it results to myocarditis, recurrent nerve palsy and pseudomembrane respectively.

    However, the Pseudomonas toxin wherein the B component primary target is the Liver does not seem to show disease in the liver. Pseudomonas cause cellulitis, pneumonia, septicemia, UTI.

    The liver having the receptors for the pseudomonas toxin does NOT seem to show directly the cause & effect for its disease process unlike the diptheria.

    • ANSWER:
      The exotoxin from Pseudomonas aeruginosa is Exotoxin A (PEA). It inhibits protein synthesis especially in the liver. Injected into mice, it causes liver cell death, which was somehow due to T cells responding to other immunokines like TNF, IL-2 and IL-6, and Interferon-gamma. Neutralization of the TNF prevented this liver cell death. The conclusion from this article says liver damage is possibly due to protein synthesis inhibition and cytokine mediated damage to the hepatocyte

    What exactly occurs when the liver is inflamed?
    A patient is told his liver has become inflamed because of his heavy drinking and that if he continues to drink, his liver will shut down.

    Lets say he never drinks againl. Ever. What can happen even after he stops? What precautions can he take to help his liver?

    • ANSWER:
      When alcohol is consumed, the liver takes
      the alcohol and uses the cells enzymes to
      convert it to acetaldehyde and then to
      acetate. It is then further converted to
      carbon dioxide and water that the body can
      dispose of.
      If a person is sensitive to alcohol or takes
      too much, the liver may become overwhelmed
      and it won’t go through the complete process
      the way it should. It may only reach the
      acetaldehyde phase. Both alcohol and,
      the breakdown acetaldehyde, can be toxic
      to the liver cells and damage them.

      When the cells of the liver become damaged,
      the immune system of the body responds to
      this and causes inflammation to develop in
      the liver, which will cause the liver to enlarge
      in size…even though it is surrounded by
      a tight membrane capsule.
      If the alcohol is stopped and the inflammation is
      treated, then the liver cells may heal.
      However, if this is not done…it can advance
      where the liver cells die off and scar tissue
      formation takes place inside the liver that
      blocks the flow of blood. This is then
      known as Cirrhosis of the liver and is
      irreversible. It can lead to having to
      have a liver transplant that can cost in
      the range of 0,000 and up.

      The best step to take is to have blood testing
      done asap. Simple blood tests can show
      The liver enzymes test will show if the
      cells of the liver are damage.
      The liver functions tests will show how
      well the cells of the liver are able to do
      the 500 plus functions to keep the body well.
      Viral testing to see if a virus has entered
      the body and is using the liver cells to replicate

      If the liver is determined to have a problem…
      it is best to be referred to a gastroenterlogist
      or hepatologist. If the doctor sees that
      the blood tests levels are not right, he
      may order an ultrasound or Ct scan to
      look at the liver. They will be able
      to see if the liver is enlarged, if the blood
      is flowing well through the liver, and if
      there may be any growths there.

      The doctors are the only ones that can
      determine if there is disease present and
      how far advanced it is…through their test
      results. The liver is very quiet about damage
      being done until the liver cells are not
      able to function or die off…it is important
      to be checked.

      All liver patients are told not to drink any
      alcohol. They should try to stay away from
      others who are ill and use purell…
      stay away from open salad/food/dessert
      bars where people can sneeze or cough into
      them. They should only take medications
      that are approved of or prescribed by their
      doctors…since medication goes through
      the liver first to be broken down before
      going to the rest of the body. He should
      speak to the doctor about any vitamins
      he may be lacking…since those who are
      alcoholics tend to lack certain ones.

      If they have a hard time stopping the alcohol,
      the doctor has medications that can help
      with the symptoms of coming off it slowly.
      He may also suggest a detox program at
      the hospital.

      A patient cannot be listed for a liver transplant
      unless they are free of alcohol consumption
      for a period of six months prior to the
      evaluation. Many patients die before being
      placed on it because they refuse to give it

      I hope this information has been of some
      help to you.
      Here is a link to a Cirrhosis site to learn
      more about it:
      (just click on it)

Liver Action Air Rifle

Lever action rifles have always dominated deer hunting for a very long time, big game hunters had a penchant for the old flat sided Marlin and Winchester rifles chambered for 30-30 win, but these aren’t the only lever action guns to enjoy considerable success with deer hunters, below are other classic designs worth their weight in gold.

Marlin Model 336

Marlin’s Model 336 is one of the most successful lever-action rifles in history – and deservedly so. Whether chambered for 30-30 Win or the harder-hitting 35 Remington, the 336 provides a strong, smooth, well-designed action in a rifle that is a pleasure to carry and shoot. Side ejection and a solid top allow for easy, solid scope mounting above the bore.

Browning BLR

Browning’s BLR, released in 1971, is their offering to lever action lovers, and it has gained quite a following with some hunters. The rotating bolt allows for positive lockup, and side ejection makes scope mounting a breeze. The detachable box magazine also makes it a standout rifle. Chamberings from 22-250 by 450 Marlin.

Marlin Models 1895 & 444

Marlin big-bore lever-action guns are just as good as the smaller 336 – and they should be, since they are simply scaled-up versions of the same gun. Chambered for 45-70 (Model 1895) or 444 Marlin, these guns pack a wallop, and will handle tougher game than their smaller antecedent.

These full-grown lever guns are some of the most dependable and precise.

Marlin Model 1894

Marlin’s Model 1894 is a bit unique than their other lever guns but just as good. Instead of the round bolt found on those above, the 1894 has a flat-sided bolt that sits flush with the receiver, offering a solid top and side ejection for proper scope mounting. Three chamberings: 357 Mag/38 Special, 41 Rem Mag, and 44 Rem Mag/44 Special.

Ruger Model 96/44

Ruger’s Model 96/44 is a sweet rifle. Though it looks a lot like the old favorite Model 44, the 96 has a detachable rotary magazine instead of the tubular mag found on its semi-automatic predecessor. Side ejection and solid top receiver for scope mounting. My experience indicates this is a very smooth and accurate little gun, excellent for close-cover brush hunting. Chambered for the 44 Rem Mag.

Winchester/USRAC Model 94

When it was last being built, the Winchester Model 94 was probably the most-recognized lever-action rifle in the world still in production and widespread use. While not as inherently smooth or strong as the Marlin Model 336, the Model 94 has a loyal following, and it has done the job for many years. Common complaints include the open-top receiver which makes scope mounting undesirable. Chamberings from 30-30 Win to 480 Ruger. Manufacture of these rifles was discontinued in 2006.

Savage Model 99

Though it is now discontinued, the Savage 99 is a rifle that broke the mold for lever-action rifles. The rotary magazine (later a detachable box mag) allows for the use of pointed bullets, unlike the tubular magazines often found on lever guns. The action is both strong and smooth, with a wide and hand-filling receiver rather than the tall and slim style found on the Marlin 336 and Winchester 94.

Layer Of Fat Around Liver

Do you know how to lose fat around stomach? This is simply the hardest place to lose fat, you can lose weight easily and gain muscle in arms and legs, but the stomach demands more from you.
If you follow these simple tips, it can be easier.

Do you eat before go to sleep?

Don’t eat late at night. The fat food you consume before go to bed will be stored right in your stomach.
If you feel hungry before your bedtime, eat something healthy like fruit.
It is very important to make various small meals during the day, this habit makes the body maintain stable on the blood sugar scale and, as a consequence it will store less fat.

Control the calories you eat

The calories are fuel, its from where you get your energy. When you consume calories and you don’t burn them, they will be stored in your stomach area as fat. So CUT CALORIES on your diet, don’t starve yourself but chose the right foods and again eat often, in small portions. Choose foods with healthy, like Omega 3:

-salads without satured fats, unhealthy chemicals or made with inferior oils.
-use butter, margarine and salt with moderation.
-prepare your food with olive oil, is much healthier than hydrogenated oils;
-avoid high satured fat foods such as beef, pork and lamb.
-eat fish, choose the ones riches in Omega3.
-eat fruit, legumes and vegetables

Move yourself

You don’t need to run 3 hours a day, but you need to exercize.If you realy want to lose fat around stomach get at least 30 minutes of cardiac exercise every day, along with a properly executed abdominal workout. Don’t go buying the latest AB machine, you don’t need such thing.
The bicycle and crunch on an exercise ball are two of the best exercise for stomach toning.

Start now, not next week

This is the main problem: START. Don’t get discourage if you have a fat belly and think that its go to be too difficult. Once you started you’ll see quick results and that will give you new forces to match your goals. You’ll be feeling much better and more self-confident.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Why don’t I say something when my feelings get hurt? Instead of letting it go?
    Every once in a while my boyfriend will make a joke about me that irritates me, and I laugh instead of saying something. sometimes I find it funny at first until I think about it. Or like last night I told him I think I’m going to drink some beer soon because its been so long, and he got this serious look and said ” I’m not getting involved in that with you” I asked why? He said he isnt drinking any alcohol until he finds out whats going on with his liver(his doc said he has a layer of fat around his liver or something). So I said ” I didnt say I was going to buy a 12pak and make you drink with me” That was pretty much the end of it and we had a good time the rest of the night and he was pretty sweet to me as usual. But he sounded so gruff and disgusted when he made that comment, it made me feel bad. I didnt tell him that though. I just wonder if maybe I’m just not used to him yet and how his emotions and feelings come out or am i too sensitive?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m having the same exact experience as you with my boyfriend. I realized a few days ago that I was over-analyzing everything, and that the best thing to do is to take a step back and stop worrying so much and questioning everything. Things that feel like a big deal to us women tend to be not such a big deal to our men. This has given me space to relax and be more objective about what is really going on between me and my boyfriend, and more importantly, what do I need to do take care of myself, to make sure my needs are being met. Are you repeating patterns here of not voicing your feelings and needs to people? If so, this is an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to express yourself and your truth. Another thing to remember is that you and your bf are learning about each other right now, and so it is perfectly normal to have misunderstandings; it’s especially through mistakes and misunderstanding that we really learn how to communicate and show ourselves to others in a deep way. After a handful of times when I didn’t speak up about my feelings being hurt or whatever the issue was, I got up the nerve to say what was on my mind – because I knew if I didn’t say something resentment would build and cloud our relationship as we try to grow closer. I dont want that mess in the way, so I needed to keep the lines clear between us by expressing my feelings. Because it was my first time speaking up for myself I was nervous and didn’t do it “perfectly”, I was afraid to make him mad or to point out flaws in our relationship; and I was also afraid that i didn’t have the “right” to have these feelings. I think I was also afraid that he didn’t care enough, or wouldn’t listen, or would think I’m being high maintenance. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done, because it opened up an incredible line of communication between us and I learned things about him I wouldnt have known if I had kept my mouth shut. We grew closer as a result, and each time after that I say what I feel, I do a better job at expressing it in a way that he can really hear, because I’m learning what he responds to and how to speak so as not to make him defensive. It sounds like your boyfriend cares about you, and that comment he made was more about how he feels about drinking than anything to do with you, but if he is also making little jabs at you hidden in jokes, thats going to build up and you will crack one day! He won’t know unless you tell him that it’s not acceptable to you, as this is probably his communication style, and he may not even realize that he’s being hurtful. If you decide to do something about it, don’t make it some big drama and don’t blame him or point fingers at him. Don’t make it an argument or a power or control game. Just express yourself and show yourself honestly to him. and don’ make apologies for your feelings either! You’re going to grow and open doors you may not even know were locked! And if he doesn’t listen to you, or gets defensive or angry, you are still learning about him and knowing better what really constitutes your relationship. This will only help to inform you whether or not this is the right relationship for you. . . because you don’t want to be in a relationship in which you can’t be yourself, or fear that expressing yourself is not okay. I’d say take a week or two to see if these are all isolated incidents, determine what your feelings are and what you need to feel good about yourself and take care of yourself, without over analyzing or getting too critical or anxious. If you recognize that something needs to be communicated, be fearless and sensitive and honest, and know that whatever happens it will be for your ultimate good.

    Why do ‘beer bellies’ occur?
    Obviously the average man with a beer belly leads a fairly sedentary lifestyle, doing little exercise and over-indulging on the calorie side.
    However, I was wondering why all the fat seems to accumulate around the lower torso. For instance, if a man ate a lot of McDonalds food but no beer, would it be evenly distributed about his body, or again accumulate around the belly area. Obviously it’s different for different people, but I’m talking on average here.
    I heard it is something to do with bloating, but I can’t really think how bloating could have anything to do with gut content, whereas beer bellies seem to be a solid layer of fat.
    Also I heard it is something to do with fat accumulating around the liver, as it tries to fight of the poisonous alcohol.
    Any thoughts?
    (and I don’t have one myself, it’s just I went to a beer festival yesterday, so there were lots of them about and it got me thinking)
    it just seems odd from an evolutionary point that it should all accumulate in one place – people with huge beer bellies seem to be otherwise fairly averagely built, why does it not spready out more evenly?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve heard its not so much the beer causing the belly, its what you eat when you get the munchies after a lot of drinking.

    Why is my waistline almost as big as my hips?!?
    I’m a woman who is 5’9″ and having trouble trying to gauge what healthy measurements are for me. I am very active but find that lately my waistline has increased to 36″. This is really weird considering I have usually had a much smaller waistline of 27″ in the past. My bust and hip measurements have increased slightly by one inch each: 41″ and 39.5″ respectively. I wonder if I have a high amount of cortisol lately, hence my increase in abdomen and overall weight gain. No, I am not pregnant. I am under stress. I have read that vitamin C tends to fight cortisol release. I also read that coffee increases cortisol release. I do forward crunches and side crunches, but it’s not the muscle, it is a layer of fat! I am worried that it will started developing around my intestines, liver, and heart. What can I do to speed up weight loss around my middle. I do walk quite a lot as my form of exercise; should I increase the speed and intensity moving up a notch to running?

    • ANSWER:
      You can’t spot reduce fat. I suggest running and other cardio exercises like jump rope and jumping jacks. Also, when you are under stress and gaining weight you are more likely to put on weight around your middle. Try to take some time for yourself and just relax.
      Hope this helps! :)

    What workout plan could I do to transform my entire body into pure endurance, stamina, and strength?
    Im a 20 year old male, 165 pounds, and am in better shape than most. I have been working out continuously for the past 3 months and have not seen any real gains in muscle size and strength. My buddy and I lift weights for about an hour and a half a day and I run anywhere from 3 -8 miles everyday. For some reason I don’t get sore from the workouts and I know Im pushing myself very hard. When I was around age 14 I would lift weights for 30 minutes a day maybe 3 times a week and my muscles were completely obliterated for days, ate more than seemed humanly possible and I was toned and jacked. Although I am much stronger and faster now, I cant seem to gain any muscle and ive got a layer of stomach fat that never goes away. What am I doing wrong? I stopped eating tons of heavy food like I used to and lost 10 pounds. I feel like shit all the time and I havent had a good nights sleep since i was 16. I would like to know a full body workout that will create real muscle gains and also allows me to stay skinny and “fit”. And none of this new complex workouts where you stack 50 kinds of pills that destroy your liver. I want to know the tried and true solution. Man has been jacked for thousands of years without NOExplode so Im obviously missing something basic and extremely important. And if you say sleep deprivation you better give me a damn good solution because ive tried about everything for that.

    • ANSWER:
      Bodypump at the YMCA.

List Of Liver Diseases

Deceased Donor Liver Transplant/ Cadaveric Donor Liver Transplant DDLT / CDLT

Whole or part of liver is removed immediately from the patients who are brain dead but have functioning organs and transplanted to a patient of chronic liver disease.

History of liver transplantation

Initial attempt to transplant liver were carried out in animals like dogs and cats. First human liver transplant was carried out in 1963; patient lived for few days and succumbed to death. Discovery of better immunosuppressant drugs and understanding of pathophysiology lead to improved survival gradually. Dr. Thomas Starzl performed the first successful liver transplant in 1967 in America. There have been many advances since then and by the early 1980′s liver transplantation was widely accepted as a treatment of choice for many patients with advanced liver disease or unbearable symptoms of their liver disease. Techniques and technology have been advancing and a lot of research is going on in basic sciences like immunology and cell biology for further improvement. Transplantation of organ spells out the success story of medical science of twentieth century.

Consult regarding Liver, Liver Disease, Pre-Transplant Preparation, Peri or Post Transplant Care or any queries related to this field

Also Cadaver organ, how to get cadaver organ, where to apply for cadaver organ

After working as a Senior Transplant Coordinator in a renowned centre with renowned surgeons and with the experience of dealing with about 10000 liver disease patients and about 600 liver transplant patients Jyotsna Verma started feeling that I should provide the benefit of my experience to all the patients in need for Transplant and not restrict myself to a single Team, Centre or Area. I want to share my experience as a coordinator and to share the moments faced by the patients in their Pre, Peri and Post-transplant Period.

I am available on Facebook, Skype, Orkut, Google-Talk 24 hrs. Video conference and meeting by prior appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Transplant List For Liver On West Coast that doesn’t have a weight requirement.?
    My husband is in end stage liver disease with Cirrohsis, and has a herniated disc in his back, the transplant list we are trying to get on is requiring he lose 55 pounds, does anyone out there know of a transplant list or lists that doesn’t have a weight requirement, on the West Coast or close to Nevada, Las Vegas.

    • ANSWER:
      My understanding is that there is only one transplant list…the national one. There are regional review boards who make the decision if a patient meets the criteria to be on the list but there is only one transplant list. Since the criteria is very strict, if your regional review board said your husband must lose weight, another regional board will tell you the same thing.

      The criteria are very strict because they want the transplant to be a success so that the patient has a great chance at a better and healthier life.

      As hard as it is, try to encourage your husband to lose weight and help him reach that goal. If necessary, get the doctor to refer him to a nutritionist for a workable diet plan. Good luck!

    help with info on LIVER DISEASE?
    - is the liver the only body system impaired by liver disease?
    - how does liver disease actually cause failure of the liver?

    please list sources

    • ANSWER:
      What you have a problem in one part of your body, it affects everything else, specially an important organ like your liver.
      Not only is your liver the largest organ inside your body, it’s also “chief cook and bottle washer,” responsible for keeping the rest of your organs and systems free of toxins and functioning smoothly—and it has a pretty big job description:

      * Producing bile, which aids digestion and emulsifies fats
      * Metabolizing proteins and converting amino acids
      * Regulating thyroid hormones
      * Creating GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) to regulate blood sugar levels
      * Transforming nearly all nutrients into biochemicals the body can store, transport, use and much more.

      To learn more click on the link below.

    What can be done to help a patient with liver disease?
    My step-dad is in Stage 4 liver disease.

    I am wondering what we can do to improve his quality of life to keep him strong enough and healthy enough to be put on the transplant list.

    Whats foods are good?? Not good???

    What can help with the swelling in his legs and stomach????

    ANY help is GREATLY appreciated!!!

    Thumbs down not from me!

    • ANSWER:
      Taking the herb Milk Thistle is good for a diseased liver.

    When is it to late for a liver transplant?
    When 1 is on the liver transplant list… When is it to late what i mean is when has it gone to the point of no return????? Before one reaches that point that they cant et the tranplant becasue their disease has taken over…..

    • ANSWER:
      A person is placed on the transplant list according
      to how long they will be able to live without a
      transplant. The ones who are at the bottom of
      the list, may become well and go off the list.
      As you go up the list, the sicker you are, and will
      need a transplant sooner.

      If someone drinks alcohol, they have to be free
      of it for six months before they are placed on the
      list and once on the list, they can never go back
      to it again.

      The liver has different stages of failure. When
      they say failure, they mean that the liver isn’t
      able to do the functions it once did because
      the liver cells have died. Cirrhosis, which is
      death of the liver cells, form scar tissue inside the
      liver and blocks the other healthy cells from
      receiving the nourishment and oxygen they need
      and they die also. So, someone whose liver
      is now mostly dead cells needs a transplant
      faster than someone whose liver is not consumed
      by this as yet. As the cells die, the function the
      liver does also drops down and more symptoms
      will appear.

      There are times that a patient may not be able
      to make it to have a transplant because they
      are so mal-nourished and have no strength….or
      they have very serious heart problems or other
      disease that the doctor think they will be able to withstand the long hours it takes for the surgery which can range from 6 to 14 hours in some cases. Or the patient may suddenly go into the coma state.
      Some people miss out on a transplant cause the
      transplant team cannot contact them. Also, an
      organ may not become available, in time for them,
      where it matches according to blood type and
      other requirements needed to be transplanted.
      Or the organ the doctor receive isn’t any good to
      transplant…you have to remember it is an used
      organ, not a new one and it could have things
      wrong with it that the doctors can see.

      If a patient cannot eat, either because of the
      fluid in the stomach area or other things…they
      should ask their doctor about supplements they
      can use. This will keep the body receiving
      nourishment and help it heal. They should
      try to do some exercise according to what the
      doctor tells them to keep their heart in the best
      shape. They should only take medications that
      the doctor prescribes for them and be sure
      to tell the doctor all medications they do use,
      whether over the counter, herbs, herbal teas.
      They should rest whenever they are able to do
      so. Many patients, who have cirrhosis, will
      notice that their sleep times have become
      awkward. If they get tired and even fall asleep
      for a 10 minute period, it is better than no sleep
      at all. If the fluid becomes too much in the
      abdomen, which is caused because of the lack
      of a protein the liver once made, it can be
      drained by a simple procedure known as
      paracentesis. Doctors will do the procedure
      only if it become very difficult for the patient to
      breathe because of it, or they are not able to
      rest…since any opening through the skin can let
      in bacteria.

      I believe I gave you more information than you
      asked for…but it give you a bigger picture to
      look at.

      Someone, I know, was at the top of the list and
      received a transplant when the doctor thought
      he could only last a few more hours at the most.
      Don’t give up…you just never know.
      I will say, that if They are farther down the list
      and receive a transplant, it is easier cause they
      will recover much faster than someone who is
      at death’s door.
      You are placed on the list according to what your
      blood work shows and other conditions you may

    My father has end stage liver disease – how much time does he have left?
    My father is 53 years old and has just been diagnosed with end stage liver disease. Unknown to the family, he had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C nearly 10 years ago and never sought treatment. He was in ICU on a ventilator and bleeding from his nose and mouth for about a week, he is now at home. His abdomen is very swollen (he looks 9 months pregnant), and his bloodwork and ammonia levels are all out of whack. When he was in the hospital, they said in order to be put on the list for a liver transplant he had to be alcohol free for 6 months. He can’t be put on the list because the doctors said he doesn’t have 6 months left to live, but this is the only sort of time frame we’ve been given. I moved out of state in February and it is hard for me to get up there to visit him, as it’s either a 14 hour drive or a very expensive plane ticket. I just wish I could know how much time he has left. Any input or help at all is much appreciated . . . feel free to email me as well. Thanks.
    FYI – it has been about 3 weeks since his initial diagnosis.

    • ANSWER:
      No one can actually give a specific time frame. Drs. can only give an educated guess. Im a hospice nurse. I would suggest referring your dad to a hospice agency nearby, if he isn’t already on services. The nurses work together with his Dr. to make sure he is comfortable and instruct the patient and family on signs and symtoms of approaching death. Taking care of a very ill person is very overwhelming and this really helps to allow family members spend more quality time together. I still think if at all possible, placement on the liver donor list would be a good idea, because like I said Drs. can only give an educated guess. I have seen patients, given the medications and diet needed able to hang in there for even a year longer. I do not want to give you false hope, I do not know what exact condition your dad is in. I hope that this helps.

    How does disability (social security) work? Is the ‘list’ only factor?
    Say you’ve been diagnosed with a genetic disorder or liver disease, is the diagnosis the only requirement to getting disability? Are other factors involved? I have had relatives who were simply diagnosed with a disease on the ‘list’ and received disability.

    I have been diagnosed with a genetic chronic liver disease but can still physically work at least part time. I am being urged by family members to apply for disability. My main symptoms are iron overload, fatigue and a bunch of other non-work-related symptoms. I experience a bit of pain from joints and the fatigue does have an influence upon the quality of my work and my ability to maintain my current work load effectively. But, until diagnosed, I didn’t consider myself ‘disabled’. Now, I don’t know what to think.

    Just curious what to think since the SSA website is hush hush and websites re: my disorder say nothing of filing for disability.

    What do you think? Should I apply? Would I likely get it?

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a link to the “list” you speak of, it’s called the bluebook:

      If a person meets the criteria for a condition then yes, they receive disability. These are the cases that take less than 90 days.

      If you don’t meet a listing, you have to prove how your condition prevents you from gainful employment and taking care of yourself. This usually requires a consultative exam, arranged and paid for by SSA and a visit with Voc Rehab to make sure there is no other work you can do. Age and education play a role here. If they find you can do other work, even if you would make less money than before, they will not find you disabled.

      Here’s a link to their evidentiary requirements:

      And how they decide if you are disabled:

      Good luck!

    I need a list of nutrients to support healthy organs.?
    I can’t seem to find a list of nutrients to support a healthy liver, pancreas,gallbladder,thyroid etc. All I can find is diseases of, or general food suggestions. Can someone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      What are you typing into the search engines? Try typing in “nutrients for a healthy liver” or “nutrients for a healthy pancreas” etc. I found this site on nutrients to support a healthy liver:

      In the article you’ll find the technical names of nutrients that support it.

      You can also type in names of fruits or vegetables to see what chemicals they contain to help the body. I have read that cabbage is very good for the liver but I’m not sure exactly what chemical is in it that supports it.

      Good luck! :)

    Any link from using store brands cleaning aids to rise in diseases, illness?
    We are aware manufacturers use all sorts of toxic chemicals in detergents, floor cleaners, handy wipes, etc. in place of natural ingredients because of costs factor. In there any correlation to the ever increasing medical problems we are facing. Cancer, kidney/liver damage, stroke, allergy, the list goes on.

    • ANSWER:
      The truth is that the chemicals used today in cleaning products are not as harsh as they used to be. There is certainly research showing the damage these products have done to the environment. In July there was a report linking cleaning products to breast cancer. Check here.

    Should she have gotten the liver transplant?
    I know of a girl who had an emergency liver transplant (she was not on a list or anything) because she overdosed on a whole bottle of Tylenol PM and alcohol. This was 5 years ago. I’m not sure whether or not she was trying to kill herself, but most people know Tylenol is dangerous, especially when mixed with alcohol. There are many people on lists to receive livers and other organs who have suffered for years from diseases they did not choose to have, do you think it is fair that this girl who was so careless with her life should have received that organ ahead of everyone else who was waiting for a liver? Any opinions on this? One more thing, she is in rehab right now so she obviously did not stopped using drugs and alcohol.

    • ANSWER:
      I do think she deserves another chance, but it’s not fair to give her that liver since someone else on that waiting list is going to die because they gave that liver to her and not them. People die every day on that waiting list from liver failure.

      Regarding Melanie2 answer, how many chances should we give people? Would you be so willing to give a new liver time and time again if your mother, child or sister/brother was the one to die that had been waiting their turn on a new liver for years when Miss Suicide comes along destroying their chance to live?

      Yes, she deserves a second chance if we lived in a perfect world. But with the way things are done now and the lack of organs, no I would not give her that liver when it was destroyed by her own actions.

    My mom has end stage liver disease and her teeth are deteriorating.Is this common? Does anything help?Thanks.?
    mom has end stage liver disease (meld score of 7), is on the transplant waiting list..her teeth were fine in they are loose and will fall out soon, or have to be pulled. She is only 55 and has always taken very good care of her teeth.

    • ANSWER:
      This is a quite common problem, fortunately not the most serious. It is necessary to cure all possible sources of infection before liver transplantation and dental granulomas are very frequent. Your mom needs a liver graft ASAP and she for sure prefers to save her life, not teeth.

    my dad has hepc and liver disease?
    I am his only daughter and im 31 and i am so afraid of losing my dad he is on the trans list and has a meld score of 25 he has to be at 28 3 mths ago he had 2 surgerys put chemo 24 hrs they burned the 2 tumors on the liver he is taking meds and lately hes been feeling weak always in bed does this mean he is dying

    • ANSWER:
      Forget about the milk thistle someone suggested to you. Your father is way past the stage that it will do anything for him. It’s good that he is on the list because that means the doctors feel he is healthy enough to get a transplant. His MELD score is pretty high and I look for him to be called very soon. The sad reality in the transplant world is that a person has to become very ill in order to receive a donated organ. The sickest get the organs first. I assume that his transplant center either does not do live organ transplants or that he does not have a live donor willing to give him part of their liver. If he did, he could get his transplant done at any time.

      I had liver failure and received a liver transplant in 2006. I know what it is like waiting for the call. I was called in 3 times only to be sent back home. On the 4th call, I got my transplant, so don’t be surprised if your father is not given a transplant on the first call.

      You and your family just hang in there. I know it’s tough, but there’s nothing else you can do. Your father is sick and cirrhosis causes a person to become very tired especially as the disease progresses. The sicker he gets, the higher he gets to be on the list. I was fortunate that my transplant center was huge and received a lot of organs. Transplants were given at fairly low MELD scores. Mine was only 15 when I got my transplant. I don’t know if your father is well enough to do it, but he can be listed at other transplant centers at the same time. Some people are able to get their transplants earlier by doing that.

      Even though transplant centers like to give healthy organs to everyone, your father could talk to the doctors about accepting what is called a compromised liver when means that he could get one from someone else having hep C. This sometimes happens when a person is extremely ill and there are no other options such as no other available organs. The organ won’t be damaged. It will just be from someone else who has hep C but no damage has occurred yet. I don’t know all that much about it, but have heard a little on this. Maybe your father could talk to the transplant doctors about it should he become worse.

      My heart goes out to your family. I have been there. I had cirrhosis from a biliary disease where my autoimmune system attacks the bile ducts in my liver. It was a tough surgery, but I am healthy and doing quite well today. I’m hoping that happens for your father very soon.

    They are so rude to his family?
    My boyfriends family is always there to help us. They take us out to dinner. No where fancy just out. They got a new grill they had is over 3 times in a week for lunch/dinner. We also brought food. It just seems like they are in such a worse spot off the my parents. (his father has a liver disease & is on the list to get a new liver. my parents don’t know how to spend money & are in debt.)
    Every time his parents come over they have something little for us. Or If they are going to store they ask if we want to go along so we save gas.
    My parents have been to our new house twice. 1 was after I kinda begged them. At the apartment that was less then 8 miles away from my parents the where over less then 5 times in 3 years.
    They were mad I still do laundry at their house since we don’t have a washer or dyer yet. Then got mad when I was going with his mom to do laundry.
    My parents seem to always put his parents down. Even in front of him. When we needed money his dad was going to try to pull from his 401k for us. My parents just said they didn’t have it until I said what his dad was trying then they lied about having the money. We almost lost the house we were buying.
    Why are my parents so rude to his family? In the 6 years we have been together I bet my parents have seen his parents less then 10 times. How can I stop them from being so rude?
    Right now his mom is laid off, his dad is sick. My dad is on work mans comp. off work. & my mom works part time. Its not like they are all so busy they don’t have time for us.

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, your bf parents sound really sweet and compassionate people unlike your parents unfortunately. Well, try having a heart to heart talk with your parents, and as far a changing them you can’t change anyone, they have to want to do that themselves, as far a being rude that they can and should change, it’s just a matter of respect I mean come on. And it kinda sounds like your parents are jealous of your bf’s parents, which is petty and stupid, they should be at the age where wisdom, kindness and respect prevail, I guess they haven’t reached that point yet. Well good luck, sounds like you’re definitely going to need it.

    General medical questions thanks for the help?
    In which diseases can we expect the elevation of the serum total bilirubin level?
    Malnutrition & malabsorption
    Instrinsic renal lesions
    Hepatitis b- think its this one
    Vitamin d deficiency
    Nephritic syndrome

    Clubbing of the fingers can be a sign of?
    Cystic fibrosis
    Kidney failure-maybe this one
    Tuberculosis- wrong answer
    Liver failure
    Sleen enlargement

    Second heart sound is produced by ?
    Closure of the pulmonic and mitral valve
    Closure of the aortic and mitral valve
    Closure of the aortic and tricuspid valve
    Closure of the pulmonic and tricuspid valve
    Closure of the aortic and pulmonic valve- think its this one

    Which of the diseases listed below is not a potential cause of dry, hacking cough?
    Viral infections
    Intersticial lung disease

    Which group of lymp-nodes located on the head or neck drainage the lymph from the abdomen?
    Posterior cervical

    The muscles used as the accessory ones during forced inspiration are?
    Internal intercostais
    External intercostals
    Abdominal muscles

    First sound is produced by?
    Closure of the pulmonic and mitral valves
    Closure of the pulmonic and tricuspid valves
    Closure of the venous valves
    Closure of the aortic and mitral valves
    Closure of the mitral and tripcuspid valves

    Which of the sentences about macrocytic anemia, mentioned below, are true?
    The mcv(mean corpuscular volume) is decreased
    The level of hemoglobin is increased
    The common cause is iron deficiency
    The common cause is b1 deficiency
    The common cause is foliate deficiency

    Chronic suppurative otitis media should be recognized if the drainage from the ear (otorrhea) persists for at least:
    1 month
    3 days
    3 weeks
    6 weeks
    1 week

    The muscles used as the accessory ones during forced expiration are:
    Abdominal muscles
    Sternocleidomastoid muscles
    External intercostals

    Which laboratory results should be considered as an indicator of the acute bacterial infections of the respiratory tract?
    Wbc: 5.0X10^9/L
    Esr: 15mm/hr
    Esr: 36mm/hr
    pO2: 95mmHg
    CRP: 3 mg/L

    Make a false sentence about cough typical for vital infections of respiratory tract:
    It usally last 7-10 days
    A non-productive period is often followed by a productive cough, with production of yellowish sputum
    In some patients it can lead to subacute cough
    Loud cough, non-productive or producing small amounts of sputum
    It is often aggravating at night

    Which from the following accessory investigations is not the imaging study:
    Magnetic resonance

    Which of the sentences about the evaluation of the patients reflexes, mentioned below are true?
    When damage occurs the upper motor neurons (cortical and spinal cord injuries) the reflex arc is interrupted
    During the evaluation of reflex, grade 4+ of the knee jerk means that this reflex is not present
    When testing the patient’s reflexes you don’t have to remember that reflexes can be influenced by age, metabolic factors or electrolyte abnormalities
    When damage occurs to lower motor neurons (the peripheral nerve or dorsal roots) the spinal reflex arc in uninhibited
    When damage occurs to lower motor neurons (the peripheral nerve or dorsal roots)the reflexes are decreased

    Associated with dyspnea:
    Pulmonary hypertension
    Mitral stenosis
    All of them can be associated with dyspnea
    Pulmonary embolism

    • ANSWER:
      1) Hep B
      2) Cystic fibrosis
      3) Aortic and pulmonary
      4) I’d go with tuberculosis, because it would usually be a cough productive of sputum
      5) Supraclavicular
      6) Scalenes
      7) Mitral and tricuspid
      8) Folate deficiency
      9) 6 weeks
      10) Abdominals and intercostals (so I’m not sure which you should put down – maybe abdominals?)
      11) None of them really tell you that, but ESR of 36 is the only unusual one there. Although a PaO2 of 95 could occur as well.
      12) They are all true
      13) Electrocardiograpy
      14) The last one is true
      15) All of them

    if someone is in Early End stage liver disease, what is the likely hood that they will end up on the?
    transplant list? Does it always get to that point if you stick to the diet and meds?

    My fiance was just diagnosed with Early End Stage Liver disease. I’m sure that it is due to his alcohol consumption since he also had alcoholic hepatitis. I need some encouraging words to get him back on his feet. We do not know if this is definitely a liver is dying situation as of yet, but given the diagnosis and that his liver counts were fine, I can only hope for the best. Can anyone tell me what to expect and if the Hepatic diet with the meds will help.

    They did not do any type of biopsy, but the did drain 4 liters of fluid out of his abdomen. I am really nervous and am trying to stay positive about the outlook and outcome.

    • ANSWER:
      They really need to do a biopsy to determine how much damage is present in his liver. The most important thing he can do is to stop drinking ALL alcohol. That is more important than anything else and will help him more than anything else such as diet. You don’t say whether or not they have told your boyfirend he has fibrosis or cirrhosis of the liver. There is a big difference. In the fibrosis stage, if he stops drinking and takes care of himself, then his liver can actually heal itself and he should be fine.

      When you say “:early end stage” they are usually talking about cirrhosis since that is true end stage liver disease. They probably mean that he has just a small amount of cirrhosis present right now. Cirrhosis occurs when scar tissue replaces healthy tissue in the liver. This is permanent damage that will never go away. If he continues to drink, more and more scar tissue will form until the damage is severe and total liver failure will eventually occur. I had cirrhosis and my first symptom was fluid in my abdomen that needed drained like your boyfriend. I was eventually sent to a transplant clinic for an evaluation. Everything right now depends on the amount of damage and whether or not he continues to drink. Everytime he takes a drink, inflammation to the liver continues and more damage is done. The good news is that a person can still stay alive even with a significant amount of damage since the liver is a pretty tough organ. If he stops drinking and it’s in the early stage, then he might be able to stop the progression of his cirrhosis to becoming total liver failure. Once the damage gets severe enough, there is no stopping it from progressing. It will continue no matter what you do. That’s why it’s so important to not drink alcohol. Even if he stops and starts doing better healthwise, he still cannot go back to drinking because the scar tissue is still there forever. The disease would just pick up where it left off at if he starts drinking again.

      The meds and diet will help control the symtpoms. If the cirrhosis progresses to being much worse, the meds stop helping and that’s when you know total failure is near. He could live a very long time as long as he starts doing the right thing, but if not, his prognosis is very poor.

    Dad’s health is declining due to liver disease…?
    My father is suffering from a liver disease that seems to be getting worse. He has cirrhosis and is having delusions and symptoms similar to dementia due to the high levels of ammonium in his body. How do I and my brother get to find out more info on his condition through his doctors? Right now they can’t tell us anything but isn’t there something we can get him to sign?

    Also, shouldn’t his current state put him on higher priority for a transplant? He’s already on a list but I really don’t know any more than that b/c his doctors can’t tell me anything.

    • ANSWER:
      Please DO NOT march your father into any Naturopath’s office as Zambiti told you to do. She has no idea of what she is talking about. Your father is in a very serious situation. I know because I have been in that same spot as him. The ONLY doctors your father needs to listen to is his transplant team and transplant coordinator until he receives his transplant and no one else. This is so important that I cannot stress it enough. NEVER take any medication or herb or whatever natural thing these places would try to give him without the approval of his transplant doctors. It could really hurt him and it could also ruin his chances for a liver transplant if they find out he is taking things without their knowledge. It would be very stupid of him to do this.

      His doctors know exactly what pharmaceuticals to give him for his condition and what his liver can and cannot take. I had cirrhosis and a liver transplant in 2006. I did take the Milk Thistle but only because my transplant doctor told me I could. He said there is some research that it may help some and it wouldn’t hurt me, so it was OK. But that’s the only one he would allow me to take. It didn’t do anything for me.

      Compliance with everything the doctors tell your father to do is one of the most important he can do. Does your father allow you or your brother to go with him to his appointments? Your father can tell his doctors that they can discuss his condition with you and your brother. They will give him a form to sign and then you will be allowed to know everything. If your father does not agree to give you permission, then there is nothing you can really do. Your father is going to need all the help and support he can get going through a transplant. It would be such a big help for him to include all of you in his care.

      Everyone on a transplant list is given a MELD score that goes up to 40 with 40 being the sickest. The people highest on the list gets called for the transplants first, but they also have to be a match for the donor liver. The MELD score is determined by the result of 3 lab tests (INR, biliruben, and creatnine). You can do a search on MELD and find out how to do it if you get the lab results of your father’s bloodwork. If he allows you to know, then they can just tell you where he stands on the list. All that is required for a liver to be compatible with someone is that they have compatible bloodtypes and their body size must be similar.

      The list your father is on to receive a transplant is a national list, not a state list. It is divided up into areas and gets quite complicated as to who gets what organs as they come up for donation. But all transplants in the nation have to abide by the UNOS (United Network of Organ Sharing) rules for receiving a transplant. They make all the rules in the country regarding transplantations and we all have to abide by them including all people, patients on lists, doctors, hospitals and transplant centers.

      The worse your father gets, the higher he goes up the list. When he is having problems, he needs to discuss them with his healthcare people so they can help him get through the terrible time up till he gets his transplant. Example: He is having delusions from high ammonia levels. That is just part of the disease that is really expected when it comes to cirrhosis. He probably takes Lactulose already for this, but he might skip doses because it causes a lot of diarrhea. I hated taking it myself. His dosage probably needs to be increased. There is a drug called Xifaxan that can help with that too, and it has no side effects. I used to take both and that is the only thing that brought my ammonia level down. He must tell his doctor about these things so they can give him the proper treatment. He may not realize he is as confused as he really is. That’s where it helps to include you and your family in his care.

      I am optimistic that your father will receive a transplant that will change his life for the better drastically. It’s a good sign that he is even listed because that means he passed a very rigorous evaluation process that resulted in him being determined healthy enough to become a candidate for transplant. Many people are turned down for various reasons, but your father got accepted.

      This disease can and often does make a person very sick before they actually receive a transplant. Don’t be surprised if he does not get a transplant on the first time they call him in for one. It’s pretty common to not get one on the first call. I got mine on the 4th call. After his transplant, he will definitely need help. Everything about the transplant is gone over in the evaluation process, and I don’t know what your father told them about his support plan both pre and post op, but he must have told them something that convinced them he would be OK.

      If you want to ask me anything else regarding a transplant, I will help you if I can. I w

    My husband needs liver transplant?
    What are the odds they will give my husband a liver transplant? He is 61 years old and has coronary artery disease plus a few years ago was diagnosed with type II diabetes (which doctors say is the reason for his liver disease). He had 8 by-passes in 2004 and within 3 years has blocked 5 of them already. His cholesterol is fine, it’s genetic for him. He also has very low platelets, around 76 is the highest for him. My question is, what are the odds they will actually give him a liver transplant? He asked the heart dr. last year if he could have hernia surgery (he has 4 hernias near the stomach and intestines and 4 bad discs in his spine). The heart dr. told him not to have any surgery unless it’s a matter of life or death because he cannot guarantee my husband will make it through the surgery. My husband has also had 3 blood clots since the heart surgery and needs to live on coumadin for the rest of his life. When I do research on all of this, it doesn’t look like they will consider him for a liver transplant. The gastroenterologist scheduled an appt. with a liver dr. for my husband. If they believe he is not a candidate for liver transplant, will they tell him or not? Will they make him believe he can get on a list and get the transplant even if he truly won’t be considered for one? Please let me know if my husband will actually be considered for a liver transplant with his health issues?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m basing my answer on my own personal experience on this plus talking to many others either needing a transplant or waiting on one. I would say that it is going to be difficult for them to approve him for a transplant because this is a very serious surgery which takes a lot out of a person to get through it. But don’t give up hope until they actually tell him no. They will give him an answer one way or the other and will not lead him on to believe he could get one when in fact they won’t give him one. The transplant doctors are quite honest about it and will tell him the truth.

      In order to get listed, he would need to pass a very extensive evaluation that includes a lot of medical testing and psychiatric evaluation. One of the first things he would have to pass is whether or not his heart is good enough to survive the surgery. I am curious to know how his diabetes caused his liver to fail. That usually involves the kidneys, not the liver. I had a liver transplant and my platelets used to run about 50 most of the time and even lower sometimes. This surgery was quite rough on me. I rode my bicycle on a mountain trail for 7 miles the day before my transplant so I thought I was in pretty good shape. I had no heart problems, no diabetes, no history of blood clots, and no lung disease. I was 47 years old. They said I was in good shape other than my liver. I ended up being in the hospital for over 2 months for my transplant and didn’t really get back to being pretty normal for 6 months. There were lots of complications and it took many weeks of intensive physical therapy just to get me walking again. This is not the way it goes for all transplant recipients, but this is how it was for me and I was pretty healthy prior to going in.

      It’s just a wait and see for him right now until the specialist goes over his history and makes a decision. I don’t know it they will just tell him no based on his history or go ahead and do the entire evaluation. If they believe he will not survive the surgery due to his heart problems, then I don’t look for them to put him through all the other medical testing that will be needed. He might have already gone through with a lot of tests already and not need all of them done over again. If his heart doctor didn’t even want him to get hernia surgery done, then I think having a liver transplant will not be approved. The liver specialists will rely on what his heart doctor tells them about him. They will value his opinion very much in making their decision.

      The good thing about liver disease is that it progresses very slowly. I don’t know how much damage your husband has right now with his liver, but the body can still function pretty good even with a lot of damage. I know that when I was diagnosed with my cirrhosis, my liver was 90% destroyed with only 10% function left. The doctors still gave me an estimate of 5 years before my liver would have total liver failure. I wish your husband the best and hope he can get the help he needs. If they tell him no, there is good reason not to have it done. I would like to know if they approve him or not. Do you think you can email me and let me know? Just do an email through my profile here on yahoo answers. I know you have to be going through a lot of heartache from your husbands illness too. I don’t know what I would have done without my family helping me get through my ordeal. Take care.

    I have not filed a US tax return since 1999.?
    During that time there were 6 years that I had plenty of taxes deducted from a pay check to cover my original tax obligation. Three of the years, however, I was self employed. I did not pay any estimated taxes for those 3 years. I made ,000 to ,000 each of those three years. I have federal tax returns completed for each of the years but have not filed them. I know . . . it’s time to pay the piper. My main problem is this: I have recently become physically disabled. I am on a liver transplant list and have a lot of fear about dying of liver disease in prison. I haven’t heard from the IRS until a recent letter asking if “this is your correct address.” I have not responded. If I file all my tax returns now, is there a chance I may be able to stay out of prison? Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      If you didn’t owe the IRS money then yo are probably not in trouble.. the IRS gives you 3 years to file your late Tax returns so those years 2006 and on you can file them and get a refund if you were getting one. Best of luck, but you should call them and ask.
      You can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 they should be able to help you’ll must likely have to wait on the phone.
      For the future you can try, this is a free online tax service i’ve used and they are helpful at answering my questions.
      The only ‘catch’ is that you have to sign up for a free/trial offer. But the offers seem legit
      Good Luck :-)

    liver problem (Medication help)?
    I have a liver problem, waiting to go to hospitial, been going on for a while now about 2 years, i have not been eating much and feeling like i am going to be sick for last couple months now while on waiting list , i recently started getting bad stabbing pains which lasted a week, the doctor has given me Sozol pantoprazole 40Mg to reduce stomic acid , since than i have been feeling more sick have been getting headaches , dizziness , diarrhoea , nausea bad stomach pain which makes me feel like crying

    as of now i no that my liver dose not regenerate and just has made me sick over a long time,
    in the booklet i found inside the meds says do not take if You have severe liver disease or cirrhosis

    dose anyone no much about this medication or is this common or should i be takening it?

    • ANSWER:

    Can i hear from women who’ve had Cholestasis/liver disease in pregnancy or know a lot about it?
    Crap, i’m freaking myself out now reading up on this stuff on the internet. I wanted to hear from other women who actually had it or know tons about it. How bad is it, what symptoms you had, what ended up happening, etc? I’m 25 wks pregnant. Have itchy hands and feet, that get worse at night, I have a pain (for like a month now) right in the area of my liver on my front and back that they originally figured was just growing pains. I just had horrible episodes with gastric pain like never before that put me in the hospital. I am currently being treated for a UTI, and have had a couple more in the course of this pregnancy. And all of those things are listed as symptoms or related symptoms to this liver problem. I have a doc appt tomorrow and will ask for the blood test but wanted to hear from other women about it.

    • ANSWER:
      My friend had it and other than a few of the symptoms she did test positive. She had her baby a month early by induction because it was starting to threaten the baby’s life. It can cause still birth and if you do have it, you have to be monitored very closely.

    Did my dog die because of the recalled food?
    So my beloved dog of 14 (yes 14) years died on January 29th (before the whole pet food recall). Yes she was old, but before that she was in perfect health, she was happy, running around with the younger ones and always full of energy. She was my best friend. Then a few days before her death there was blood in her urine and stool. We took her to the vet and she had liver disease .. I think it was. My dad actually took her to the vet without me knowing and had her put down :(

    Now with the pet food recall I am wondering if that killed her. Yes she was old and all but I believe she still had time in her. She ate the canned wet food, the ALPO brand which is on the list. I also believe I read somewhere that the food was recalled since november 2006. So I am wondering if this could have sped of her death … what do you think?

    and I know there is no way to prove it anymore … it just got me thinking.

    • ANSWER:
      I am sorry for your loss…. it sucks to lose a family pet.. I dont think dwelling on the reason would do you any good right now as the body is probably gone.. I would (if I were you) remember your beloved pet and think of the happy times…. again sorry for your loss…..

      You’re giving me a special gift,
      So sorrowfully endowed,
      And through these last few cherished days,
      Your courage makes me proud.

      But really, love is knowing
      When your best friend is in pain,
      And understanding earthly acts
      Will only be in vain.

      So looking deep into your eyes,
      Beyond, into your soul,
      I see in you the magic, that will
      Once more make me whole.

      The strength that you possess,
      Is why I look to you today,
      To do this thing that must be done,
      For it’s the only way.

      That strength is why I’ve followed you,
      And chose you as my friend,
      And why I’ve loved you all these years…
      My partner ’til the end.

      Please, understand just what this gift,
      You’re giving, means to me,
      It gives me back the strength I’ve lost,
      And all my dignity.

      You take a stand on my behalf,
      For that is what friends do.
      And know that what you do is right,
      For I believe it too.

      So one last time, I breathe your scent,
      And through your hand I feel,
      The courage that’s within you,
      To now grant me this appeal.

      Cut the leash that holds me here,
      Dear friend, and let me run,
      Once more a strong and steady dog,
      My pain and struggle done.

      And don’t despair my passing,
      For I won’t be far away,
      Forever here, within your heart,
      And memory I’ll stay.

      I’ll be there watching over you,
      Your ever faithful friend,
      And in your memories I’ll run,
      …a young dog once again.

      In Memory of Asta, Feb. 1997
      (c) Karen Clouston

    help me find whats wrong w/ my child….?
    my son who is 20 months has high liver & muscle enzymes, weak heart the 1 valve in his heart dosent pump properly, sleep apnea associated w/ asthma, when he was born he couldnt keep any food down and had eating problem’s. When he was 2 mnths old me and hubby to him to the er b/c he wasnt moving his arm they did x rays and found 6 broken bones that were in various stages of healing with no excessive force to the bones. they arreseted my hubby put him in jail on charges of child abuse, but how was this child abused w/ no excessive force on his bones????? my sons eyes are tinted gray slightly he wears glasses and his short in stature hes 20 months old weighs 22 pounds and his 28 inches tall. PLEASE HELP ME list any disease;s or syndromes with the symptoms i listed above……
    his arm was not broken in 6 places he had 6 different fracrures we brought him to the er cuz his arm popped. we did not know about any broken bones!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      There is a condition where children have brittle bones.

      Brittle Bone Disease

      Maybe your son could be tested for that.

      EDIT: There are several cases of parents being arrested for Child Abuse, where it has later been found that the child has this condition. You need to get your son seen by a Specialist, tested and then you need to get a Lawyer.

      Good Luck!

    is there any other treatment for alcoholic liver failure other than a transplant?
    my relative has been diagnosed with alcoholic liver disease and is currently suffering from most of the symtoms listed on various sites. although he has not touched a drop of alcohol in nearly 90 days, his condition deteriorates daily and the government hospital refuses to admit him as they say theres nothing they can do for him, they will also not consider him for a transplant as they say it is a self inflicted condition. we do not have a medical aid and would appreciate some advice. medically hes at the stage where certain brain loss symtoms are occuring

    • ANSWER:
      Alcohol can cause liver cell damage in different ways.
      1)Overconsuming alcohol in short time periods doesn’t give the
      liver time to convert the alcohol into acetaldehyde, then acetate,
      & then CO2 and water. 2) consuming alcohol over long time
      periods can cause the build up of fat inside the liver. This fat
      causes pressure inside the liver, which is surrounded by a tight
      membrance capsule. 3) Some people are more sensitive to
      alcohol than others are & some are even allergic to it.
      4)Taking medications with alcohol can cause such an interaction
      between them that it can instantly damage the liver cells.
      All of this, that I mentioned, can damage the liver cells.

      When the liver cells become damaged, the immune system
      of the body will respond to this damage & cause inflammation
      to develop inside the liver. Inflammation causes the liver to
      enlarge in size. Stopping the cause, (up to this point)
      then the problem may start to reverse & the liver cells can heal.

      Once it advances to where the liver cells start to die off,
      it is Cirrhosis of the liver…the doctors can only try to slow down the
      progression of this disease… it will eventually lead to where
      the patient will need to be evaluated for placement on the transplant list.
      Scar tissue inside the liver cannot be removed & it acts like a wall.
      It will block the flow of blood going through the liver on its
      way back to the heart and also from going to the functioning
      liver cells so they lack nourishment and oxygen & they
      continue to die off. The liver cells does over 500 functions
      to keep the body well. As more & more cells die off,
      the less functions the liver is able to do. [This is known
      as liver failure}The liver is dying inside the living patient.

      The best doctor:gastroenterologist or hepatologist.
      The best test to determine how far advanced in the disease:
      a liver biopsy.
      Most liver transplant centers require that a patient be detoxed
      from alcohol for a period of six months (with proof from his
      doctors) to be evaluated for placement on the Transplant list.
      Shortage of organs, drinking when needing to take medication
      afterwards, organ rejection, dying on the table during long hours
      of surgery, other medical problems, may be the cause of not

      Signs of being in the last stages of this disease are:
      1}Ascites: which is the build up of fluid in the abdominal area
      (can be mistaken for a beer belly). The
      liver can no longer make a protein, known as albumin, that
      holds the fluids inside our vessels. The doctor can do a
      procedure to remove this fluid ( more comfortable, able to eat, and
      easier to breathe)…it is known as Paracentesis.
      2}Edema: which is fluid build up in the legs, feet, etc.
      Build up of sodium in the body of patients with
      this disease. The doctor may place the patient
      on a “lower” sodium diet…telling him how much sodium &
      how much fluid he is allowed per day. (diuretic, also)
      Blood work done to make sure the sodium stays in the
      normal range [because of heart beat} and so
      patient doesn’t become dehydrated.
      3} Encephalopathy: the patient can become easily confused/
      disoriented. Sleep pattern changes/ hand tremors.
      The liver used to take this ammonia &convert it to urea,
      that the healthy body can dispose of in the urine. It
      is now in the blood & goes into the cause this.
      {this can be mistaken for drunkeness}
      Medications:..Lactulose or Xifaxin.. much be taken
      otherwise the patient may slip into a coma.
      4}Portal hypertension and varies. The blood is backing up
      into the portal vein & smaller vessels known as Varies.
      Varies can have weak spots,balloon outward,in area &
      break open. Emergency situation.
      Any blood seen in the sputum, vomit, or rectal area is an
      Emergency. The doctor can go in and try to band these
      varies to stop the bleeding. However, the liver is no longer
      able to make clotting factors to help the blood to clot….therefore,
      any bleeding from the nose or other areas should be checked, also.

      The main thing that I can suggest is to contact a
      Transplant Center (who does liver transplants) and
      talk to them. I don’t know if the Transplant Social
      Worker will be able to help you there or not.
      You may have to pay for their time.
      Please be sure you have an advance directive or
      durable power of attorney form signed by him giving
      you permission to act and talk to someone on his behalf.
      The privacy laws are very hard even on immediate family
      Transplant centers: (click on link)

      Transplant funding:

      I hope this has been of some help to you. Best wishes

    Please help, What is this man’s diagnosis?
    a 49 yr old man want to be tested for hepatitis c. he heard about a friend was sick with cirrhois due to hep c. he became concerned because he partied with this friend during a peroid of experimentation with injection drugs while in college. patient is otherwise heathly and denies any symptoms except for occasional fatigue after a long day at work. physical examination of patient is unremarkable. there are no stigmata of chronic liver disease. the patient returns several weeks later to discuss his test results. his HCV antibody test is positive. a liver panel obtained that day shows an ALT of 48 IU/L (normal range,0-20) and an AST of 39 IU/L (0-31). his albumin and total bilirubin are within normal limits. he is extremely anxious about his liver, as he has been in contact with his old college friend and learned that his friend is now on the waiting list for a liver tranplant.

    a. how do you interpret his tests (HCV Ab test, ALT,ALS). which of them is more indicative of liver damages?

    b. having estabished that the patient has hep c with elevated liver enzymes, the next step is to determine the severity of his liver disease. what is the only direct means to elevate the extent of liver injury?

    c. what are the chances for this guy to develop cirrhois?

    d. the patient is concerned that he may be neg. for HCV antibody. he is releived but asks for advice to prevent infecting them. what are you going to tell him?

    e. patient liver biopsy shows mild to moderate inflammatory activity and portal and periporal fibrosis(stage 2). he is relived to find out that he does not have cirrhois, but remains very concerned about his hep c. he asks about treatment for his HCV. what do you recommend?

    • ANSWER:
      His alts and asts are not that far out of range..just taking OTC medicine can give you elevated enzymes

      Hep C is called the SILENT KILLER because there are NO warning signs..I was with hep c for 25 years before I new I had did I know? simple physical and it came up.

      He HAS Hep C..he had a biopsy…he’s in stage 2..I suggest TREATMENT
      have him call the help line and let the nurses help him from her

      Cirrhois is the beginning of a serious liver transplant..suggest he talk to someone and get on treatment. If he cannot afford it the phamaculicales can give him the meds for free IF he qualifies..this is not a disease to ignore
      been there..cleared the virus at Stage 3

    HELP!! sick dog. need some answers :/?
    Okay, my Yorkie is 10 yrs old. since Thursday, he hasn’t been eating or doing anything. he’s been throwing up and having diarrhea. he was really yellow looking too. I took him to the vet and they said he has some kind of liver disease…. what it is, they don’t know. he’s been in a pet ER for 4 days on an IV and morphine and 00 later i have no answers. i need some help please. I’ve had this little guy since i was 9 yrs old and i cant think of putting him down. okay, ill add a list of his liver values from his blood work that was high.
    1.Alkaline, Phosphatase (ALKP) – Result = 1,954.0 U/L Range (23.0-212.0)
    2.ALT/SGPT (ALT) – Result = 865.0 U/L Range (10.0-100.0)
    3.Creatinine, Serum (CREA) – Result = 1.9 mg/dL Range (0.5-1.8)
    4.Phosphorous, Serum (PHOS) – Result = 16.1 mg/dL Range (2.5-6.8)
    5.Bilirubin, Total (TBIL) – Result = 7.1 mg/dL Range (0.0-0.9)
    6.BUN – Result = 71.0 mg/dL Range (7.0-27.0)

    if anyone knows anything about what this can be, please let me know.

    • ANSWER:

    My daughter has maple syrup urine disease, she is 19?
    She is currently on a liver transplant list, it will be a year at the end of the month. We will be staying in Pittsburg Pa for up to 3 months, she will also be giving her liver to someone else. I have been tryin to fund raise. Anyone have any ideas, everytime i come up with something, it gets shot down. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I am exceedingly well-versed in medicine and
      I have never heard of this disease.
      I’m sorry to hear that your daughter needs a liver donor.
      There are websites on line that you can check.
      Good luck and God Bless.

    I need info on family or friends being caregivers 24/7 & getting paid by the state.?
    I have end stage liver disease and am on the transplant list. My doctors and transplant coordinators require me to have someone with me 24 hours a day in case I need to be rushed to the hospital. My caregiver is a very good friend of mine but I have a very limited income and cannot afford to pay her. Is there a program that can help me

    • ANSWER:
      Yes! I am currently being paid by the gov’t to watch my brother-in-law who has cerebral pausy. There are several different organizations and gov’t programs available to you for aid. (mostly depending on the state you live in.) But if you would like to email me for more info you are more than welcome. I dont have the websites on hand right now but I can get them for you. In GA, some include Advantage Behavioral, and Oconee Area Home Health, but Im not sure if those would be helpful to you. Also many of them may require age limitations. Anyway, my email is If I can help anymore.

    Genetic testing for puppies before adoption? Liver Shunt etc. ?
    It’s only been 2 days since my beautiful Koda passed away. This beautiful Maltese was only 2 years old. It makes me feel guilty to even be thinking about another dog because I’m hurting so much. I feel an overwhelming need for him and I know another dog won’t replace him either.
    I have a fear of going through this again. Koda never had signs that he had a liver shunt. I’m reading all over the Internet about the symptoms other dogs hAd. He was just a fussy eater. He didn’t get sleepy after eating although, now looking back, he did sleep a lot. He never had the classic signs that all the websites list… He was a crazy, happy puppy.
    Does anyone know if tests can be done in puppies to see if they have liver shunts and other possible diseases? They found his with an ultrasound. He went downhill and started having seizures within a day. If there are tests, do you know the cost?

    • ANSWER:

    How would you feel if your friend was like this?
    I have been best friend with this girl for a really long time. I love her like a sister but, she can’t go anywhere without having a drink. Everywhere we go, she insists on having something off their drink menu. So needless to say i usually end up always being the designated driver. About a year ago she was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. The doctor gave her a list of things to avoid and alcohol is on the very top of the list. She always says “oh one or two isn’t going to kill me”. Truth is she doesn’t know how to pace herself. She always manages to get so drunk every time she goes out.
    This last month we went to a concert and 3 bands were playing. There was a tequila booth there (of course she noticed that first off) At one point in time she had 2 mixed drinks in her hand and so drunk she spilled more on herself and the girl behind her when she didn’t realize she had the drinks in her hand and she was cheering. The girl was mad a heck, and i was totally embarrassed.
    She is generally a shy girl when she is around guys. NOT when she is drunk. Every male young or old married or single she was either smacking or pinching their a$$es. I was afraid someones wife or girlfriend would come kick her a$$.
    She said she was going to go to the bathroom. She was gone for about 20 minutes so i went looking for her to make sure she was alright. She was off down the hall making out with some random guy (who btw was old, fat, and very ugly). When i walked up to her to tell her, ok, its time we got back to the show she said ohhhh sorry, i forgot about the concert. She also swapped her cell phone number with every “cute guy” (so she says) that flirted with her drunken self. Two weeks later she kept getting random disturbing picture messages from men she had no clue who they were.

    I am honestly worried more about her safety and health then anything else. I just wish she would stop and think about it. I would be terribly embarrassed if all of my friends had pictures from parties and i was the drunk fool puking and making a mockery of myself.
    What would you do or say to her? I don’t want to sound like her mother, but on the other hand sometimes i wish she would just listen to me.

    • ANSWER:
      First, talk to her. Tell her you love her and she’s already sick because of her alcoholism and you don’t want to see her at an open casket. Offer to help her become sober and avoid bars when with her. If you feel necessary, you could recommend AA meetings or rehabilitation centers. Warn her that you don’t want to stand around, helplessly watching her drink herself to death, and that might mean walking away from her friendship.

    If a person binge drinks every weekend and every friday how many years will it take for them to develop?
    Chirrosis? If they do develop it will they get on the transplant list? What do they do with diseased livers after taking them out of a person when they do the transplant? I was prescribed Metformin a few years back and I have not been taking it. I asked my mother what would happen if I do not take the Metformin and she said my liver will fail but then I found out that Metformin is a drug used to prevent diabetes not for the liver. I would like to know what I can take to prevent or reduce liver damage because I have decided that unless I get pregnant I will not give up alcohol completely.
    I know alcohol is bad for your liver but abstiance would kill me in a way since I love mojito’s and pomegranate martini’s, mudslides and pina coladas they just all taste so good and I cannot imagine a life with out a bottle of those. So if I plan to drink 4 sometimes 5 750 ml bottles a week what can I take to prevent permanent damage or to at least reduce it? Would drinking coffee help I read on one site how coffee greatly reduces the risk of Chirrosis between people who drink a lot will it help?
    I never want to be in the situation where I would end up needing a liver transplant since I know I probably wont get one knowing me I would never agree on giving up alcohol for the rest of my life which they require before a liver transplant. I wouldn’t be happy having a childish life where I would not be able to have alcohol at all forever and live like a kid even if it was either that or no life at all. Especially with all the birthdays, weekends and holidays during the year. Do you have to drink very heavily in order to get Chirrosis or can just 2-3 drinks a day do it if you do it for lots of years? I read that on one site even if a woman is having 2-3 a day she can develop Chirrosis if she does it over the years. I want to know if this is really true. One drink is about 4 ounces a day which is less than half a bottle which is nothing for me.
    P.S. please do not comment on me being drunk. I am sober when I type on here. I do not sit at the computer normally when I am drunk.
    I would also like to add that Roxy, on the show one life to live is also a drunk and drinks a lot but has no liver problems even though she is female.
    When I am drunk I am usually in bed not at the computer so whoever in the past thought I was drunk when asking these types of questions, you guys were wrong. To think about it if I was even typing drunk there would be a lot of mistakes in spelling and punctuation.
    no, no the reason I am asking is because on one site it says that even 2-3 drinks per day raise the risk for it to happen in the woman does it day by day for many years.
    Weatherman, that lady Baa Baa told me in my previous questions that it probably will happen and sooner then I think possibly 5 years or less if I keep drinking at my current level.
    and I’m sorry for asking you 100 times in a row all day every day, it’s just that my boredom is killing me and I have nothing else to do but sit on Y/A and ask the same questions over 100 times. Forgive me if I am driving you nuts by asking again and again.
    If only I would get a job I would be busy and not on here asking you the same questions over and over again all day but thank them not me, they are the ones who refuse to give me job training that’s why I am out of my mind with boredom all day every day.
    P.S asking these questions is fun for me for I get to see new answers each time I ask and I like reading what others have to say since everyone says something different.
    I am going to come up with more and more questions and they will get more interesting every time. trust me you will love my next one.

    • ANSWER:
      Only a few hours since the last one?

      It’s impossible to say how long your liver will last, as for your questions, I will only continue to answer them if they can help other people, you are in such a state of denial that your beyond help until you want to do something about it.

      You won’t get a liver transplant WHEN yours fails if the surgeons don’t think there’s a good chance you will abstain from alcohol, there are many more deserving cases and there is a waiting list for transplants, why should someone have to die to give you a liver that your going to abuse again?

      Regarding your own diseased liver, as a retired medical rep. I’ve been in an operating theatre during a liver transplant, your liver would be slopped into a stainless steel bucket by the operating table and incinerated in the hospital furnace, usually at night, with everyone else’s bits of useless organs.

    Driver Education quiz Help on (I DRIVE SAFELY) please.?
    1. __________ is critical to safe driving.
    Proper seat position
    Proper hand position

    2. ________________ affect the amount and rate the alcohol reaches the bloodstream.
    The size of the drink, your age, and body weight
    Drinking rate, body weight, and the size of the drink
    Time of day, type of alcohol, and body weight
    Drinking rate, the temperature outside, and body weight

    3. True or False: Driving a motor vehicle after taking substances which alter the central nervous system can have side effects which include impaired attention, reaction time, and vision.

    4. The faster alcohol is consumed, the faster it reaches the __________.

    5. Your field of vision is greatly reduced by________________________.
    Alcohol and speed
    Passing other cars

    6. Alcohol can increase __________.
    Reaction time

    7. Cirrhosis is a disease that affects which of the listed organs?

    8. Visual acuity is reduced more than ______________ at nighttime.
    Two percent
    Twenty-five percent

    9. The more alcohol-concentrated a beverage is, the __________.
    Faster it will be absorbed
    Slower it will be absorbed
    Better it will taste
    More likely it will cause a hangover

    10. True or False: Most drugs are eliminated by the kidneys in urine although some are excreted in saliva, sweat, or exhalation.

    • ANSWER:
      Drinking rate, body weight, and the size of the drink


    Do you know of any sites? ?
    Where I can find Special Recipes, or lists of foods, that a dog with Liver Disease Can Eat? As some of you know, I lost a Chihuahua named “Gigi”, to Liver Disease, from past questions I’ve asked! You may also know that Gigi, had 1 litter of two, Zoe and Gizmo, whom I have kept as mine! Gizmo seems fine health wise! Zoe however, is also fighting Liver Disease! She was diagnosed about 1 month after Gigi was! When Gigi was pregnant, according to the vets palpitations of her tummy and an x-ray to see how many puppies Gigi was carrying, the vet and I both only saw one puppy, all sprawled out, arms up, legs up, facing up on the x-ray. I could have sworn I felt two puppies and I told the vet that. She said she did not think so! Gigi delivered her first and only litter, and had no complications delivering Gizmo, who is now 6 pounds! According to what the vet said, we thought she was finished, but I decided to stay just in case, because like I said. I know I felt 2 puppies. 15 minutes after, Gigi whelped Gizmo, I was right, and out comes this beautiful, but very tiny little girl, and we welcomed both with open arms! Zoe is only 3 pounds. So far she is doing fantastic, running around like a little Energizer Bunny, putting on some weight, chasing and playing with the other dogs, eating, drinking, extremely active, and if you did not know she was this sick, you would not think she was sick, by watching her! She is keeping everything down and is on No Medications! Recently the vet did another x-ray of her liver to see if it was enlarged and Thank God it’s not at all enlarged. So some good news. I have asked two vets time and time again, what types of foods, I should feed Zoe, and asking what foods would be the safest, the best and the most beneficial, to feed Zoe, but can’t seem to get any straight answers! At the moment, Zoe is eating Canidae Chicken and Rice Wet food, (vet said that the wet food is ok for her to eat for now)! Zoe is also seeing a different vet than she was before! She is also eating, plain, boiled, unseasoned Chicken Breast. About the Chicken Breast, the first vet Zoe was seeing said that this was ok, however the new vet that Zoe is seeing, says that Chicken has too much protein for Zoe to be eating, he said the Canidae was fine for her to be eating. I don’t want to lose Zoe too, so if any of you know of any sites that have recipies that are specially made for dogs with Liver Disease, or if you know of any sites that list different foods that I can feed a dog safely, that has Liver Disease, I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me! For those of you who don’t know about Gigi, Zoe and Gizmo!
    Here is a picture of my tiny baby Zoe and her brother Gizmo!

    This is my sweet Angel Gigi! R.I.P. My Little Love!

    ADD: Please don’t make any nasty comments about Zoe being a sickly Runt. She is still a living, breathing and very loving little dog. I love her will all my heart and I will not stop fighting to keep her alive as long as I can, without her suffering, just like I never stopped fighting for Gigi! Just because a dog is a Runt, does not mean it should not be taken care of and loved!

    To Love Is WDR! I don’t know if I misunderstood your answer, but i hope you are not assuming that when I was breeding Runts, or selling Runts as “Teacups” for outrageous prices to anyone! I never even considered doing something so cruel, irresponsible, dangerous and stupid as breeding a Runt! Zoe and Gizmo both came from standard size Chihuahuas, both 6 pounds! The only thing I’m concerned with right now, is doing everything humanly possible, to save Zoe’s life. All my Chihuahuas are now Spayed and Neutered and have been for quite a while!
    To Love Is KDR! Thank You for your reply! I’m sorry again, if I misunderstood! I feel the same way, about BYB’s, that don’t care enough about the welfare of their dogs, and go ahead breeding tiny little runts, that can die in a heartbeat if they are bred, and all these idiots ever care about, is profit.
    Just wanted to add another picture of Zoe!

    • ANSWER:

    Should i get Blood tests done before i start to lose weight?
    i am 25yo 5’11 240pounds and i am tired of being overweight the only problem is i have no idea how to exercise and eat right. is this something i can ask my doctor? will she be able to help?

    also should i get any blood work or a physical done before i start something like this? to rule out anything like heart disease, diabetes, an under active thyroid, liver problems, metabolic syndrome, or high cholesterol.

    will a blood test show things like that? and will it show anything else i didnt list?

    • ANSWER:
      You should see a doctor before trying to lose weight, and she will more than likely have a handout sheet of a diet that’s appropriate for you. She will probably want to give you an exam, which might or might not include some blood work, depending on your known health issues. She might refer you to a nutritionist or dietitian, and that would be very helpful for you. She might also be happy to recommend an exercise routine, or let you know if you should not do a certain type of exercise.

      Blood tests will show all sorts of things, depending on what’s being tested for.

    12 patients of zodiac, being ill in Astrology? ?
    Astrology has also it’s own opinion about medicine science and some signs have more certain diseases and problems with health. But is this true in your case?

    Aries – Accidents, injuries to head, mouth and tooth diseases, ocular diseases, headaches and insomnia.
    Taurus – Angina and tonsillitis, kidney problems, health issues caused by over weight. Rarely sick.
    Gemini – Insomnia and problems to relax. Migraine, decent, asthma, skin problems, backache. Infections in hands, fingers and neck. Addicts easily.
    Cancer – Stomach pains and stomach ulcer. Anemia, stress, exhaustion and other psychosomatic problems. Burn outs and mental problems. Kidney problems and headache. Addicts easily.
    Leo – Depression, weak bloodstream, heart condition, backache and neck pains, stomach dysfunction.
    Virgo – Insomnia, neurogenic stomach and bowel pains. Haunch and hand pains, gout, arthralgia. Rarely sick.
    Libra – Over weight, kidney and urine diseases. Flus.
    Scorpio – Liver and artery diseases, genital diseases, varicose veins, sports injuries, nose bleedings, flus. Alcohol diseases.
    Sagittarius – Broken bones and sport injuries. Migraine, eczema. Liver and pancreas problems.
    Capricorn – Burn outs and stress. Mental problems. Headaches, eczema, migraine, allergies. Tooth problems. Cancer.
    Aquarius – Weak bloodstream. Heart, pineal gland, nervous system problems. Mental breakdowns. Weak skeleton.
    Pisces – Liver, lung and other visceral diseases. Allergies, eczema, rheumatism and weak metabolism. Alcohol problems. Flus.

    Have you ever diseased you signs typical diseases? Do you think this list makes sense at all?

    This list i guess is by sun sign, is there any else planet that might rule sickness?

    • ANSWER:
      Considering I am only 20 years old, I probably won’t be able to answer this fully. IN 20 years I might have a different answer.

      I have a lot of problems with head aches, mental breakdowns, bi polar ( which isn’t listed ), and stomach aches.

      So I guess that is a mixture of Leo and Aquarius, which is my moon and rising sun respectively. My sun is in Sagittarius which I have never had problems with any of that stuff. My sister is a Sag and she broke a bone.

    Acne/Skin Diseases and The Evil Eye?
    There are many causes of acne and various treatments for it, for example a woman suffering from oestrogen dominance can develop acne and taking Agnus Castus can clear this problem up. People with a weak liver can place a magnet over the liver and within a month have a much stronger liver and hence clearer skin and a better functioning body. Some people never know the cause of their acne, but simply taking antibiotics seems to do the trick.

    But what about when you’ve tried the western medicine approach, herbal and chinese, magnetic therapy and acupuncture, what about when you’ve tried everything but still you have persistent skin problems… acne seems like a curse, and so can rosacea, eczema, and the list goes on… but what if it actually is a curse.

    The Evil Eye is one such curse, it’s belief is still very much alive in countries such as Italy and Spain. It can be caused intentionally or unintentionally, and happens when a person purposefully wishes bad luck on a person through envy or jealousy, sometimes it can just happen through a compliment or staring with envy, if you google Evil Eye it will explain I’m not very good at explaining.

    I just find this interesting, it could all be nonsense, but I find that most of the time, I’m not saying always, but ALOT – acne and other skin disorders affect attractive people… I see some people, they are fat, drink, smoke and they have a fine complexion, where as others are drinking gallons of water, eating well, taking Dr pills and still have terrible oil and cysts. And it’s like, gosh, he/she would be so pretty with clear skin… and suddenly average people are now more attractive just because they have clear skin.

    Maybe these beautiful people were envied by someone with the Evil Eye, and in turn ended up cursed with a skin disorder, because let’s face it, that would be the ultimate revenge or want, to destroy their looks! And not just the attractive, but the clever, there’s always the spotty geek in school, had people envied his/her ability’s? And now his/her success is jeopardised by taking away their confidence?

    I’m not saying I believe in this, it’s just something that has come to light and I’m wondering what others think, have people ever felt they were cursed or have they had experience of curses and removing the evil eye?

    Comments welcomed : )
    LOL yeah I agree with the Hollywood thing, though I know Brad Pitt battled with acne and acne scarring for a long time. And some celebs have had their downfalls, just not all in the form of skin problems.

    • ANSWER:
      In that case.. half of Hollywood would have hideous skin diseases. Utter rubbish sorry.

    Homemade dog food recipes?
    Does anyone have an easy but well balanced recipe for dog food made from ingredients from a grocery store?

    My 15 1/2 year old lab mix is starting to go downhill, and she has decided that she no longer will eat dog food, but is still interested in people food. I’d like to put together meals for her that are as nutritionally complete as possible. I also need to avoid anything that might cause a problem for her liver (if you know which foods that might be, please list them), because one of her liver enzymes is ten times higher than it’s supposed to be.

    Despite her advanced age, she was in great shape last Monday, then something happened to her on Tuesday, and she’s been recovering ever since. She’s functioning at about 90% right now. The vet said her high blood test readings could be due to Cushing’s disease, liver disease or cancer. She also has a heart murmur that she’s had for a few years. She’s really too old to try to cure any of those things, so I’m just trying to keep her happy for whatever time she’s got left. Tonight I made her beef, carrots and enriched pasta (Barilla Plus, with Omega-6). I plan on cooking her an egg in the morning.

    So my questions are: dog food recipes, and any foods that might irritate her liver. Thanks.
    Edit: my vet has given me Tramadol, a narcotic pain med to be given on an “as needed” basis.

    • ANSWER:
      would you consider a raw food diet? with homecooking, there is no way to get enough vitamin E, fiber or calcium (that’s all I know there may be more) without supplements. but a raw food diet is balanced if you follow the prey model diet.

      you may also want to consider prednisone (discuss it with your vet the risks and benefits), if she is at her end-stage, because pred will help with pain and increase appetite.

      you may also want to try homeopathy- it can help with pain and health without side effects.

      Add: interesting, tramadol is not that strong for pain although it can be for serious injuries I guess your vet’s reasoning is fewer side effects than prednisone. but if it comes to more pain, I’d go with the pill with more side effects and give her less pain.

      if you want, has a forum on homecooking and raw. there are some good people there with expereince feeding sick dogs (look for names “sedona” or “max” ) I hope you find the path for your girl. it’s nice to see someone caring for senior dogs. too many people don’t when they start to get sick.

    If we have rapists and murderers sitting in jail and sick people dying from diseases?
    Why don’t we take the organs that sick people need to survive from convicted criminals? I know the whole human rights crap and all of that seems like bunk. I just don’t see why they can’t take a liver from someone that is on death row and give it to a dying person that would only need a liver or kidney to live. Blah blah blah, I know that some idiot is going to rant about how we can’t choose to take or give life, but I am talking about people that have killed and raped people giving something back to society not the 18 year old kid that couldn’t pay a parking ticket. Why do we let these body parts go to waste? We should be able to take a kidney from a rapist and harvest all of the organs that can be used from murders.

    There are currently over 80,000 people on the waiting list to receive a kidney. There are millions of people just sitting in jail that will never do anything for society that are just putting their kidneys to waste.

    We are just going to kill the people on death row anyway, why not put them to good use?
    Once you kill or rape another person you should forfeit your human rights.

    • ANSWER:
      You make far too much sense. Here in the USA we have a society run by idiots and hippies that would never go for that. It’s too bad that they are more worried about the rapists rights than some child with a failing liver.

      I don’t see how people can worry about their human rights when they are in jail butt raping eachother and living off of the tax payers expense. If it were up to me repeat offenders would get a bullet to the head. Why should the taxes that I pay go to feeding and housing a rapist or any other criminal. We need to just kill them all and wipe out the inner city gangs. If we can kill terrorists why not the bloods and crypts?

      China knows how it’s done!!! No wonder they are becoming so successful!

    Can you please help me?
    Does anyone know where I can find out, what special diets there are, or what foods would be safe and healthy, for dogs with Liver Disease? I recently lost a Chihuahua named Gigi, due to Liver Disease! Some of you may be familiar with some of the past questions I asked. I also have another Chihuahua named Zoe, who also has Liver Disease. She was diagnosed, 1 month after Gigi was! I’m trying not to lose her too! She is eating Canidae All Life Stages Wet Food, because she won’t eat dry, and the vet says wet Canidae is ok for now. Does anyone know if Chicken Breast, would have to much protein in it, to give to a dog with Liver Disease? I need to find some sites that list what types of foods are safe for a dog with Liver Disease to eat, because I know they can only eat certain foods. I’ve searched online, and cannot find this information anywhere! If you can please, help Zoe and me out and give me some links, if you know of any, I would be truly grateful! Thank You!

    • ANSWER:

    false positives for marijuana?
    i was told that some medications and/or diseases can cause a false positive for marijuana. im not taking any of the medications that they list but i am perscibed to methadone.Can this effect the lenth of marijuana staying in system or create a false positive? I have also had damage to my liver from overdosing off of the acetaminophen in percocet. would this fall into the catagory of “liver disease”? my levels are going down but my probation officer said that they are not going down as fast as they should be(it has been 72 days and my levels at 65)my tests which occur weekly have been(114,100, 104,95,90,92,85,82,78,65) if i am failing from a false positive would these levels be going down? If i do not pass a test(levels drop below 50) by my court date in 2 weeks they are locking me up. Even though it is obvious that i am not smoking because the levels are going down and i pay for swabs everytime i go and pass everyone.but they dont care. Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to be addressing this issue to your probation officer, not us!!!! Did you explain to him that you have liver damage? The liver damage, if it can be proven and shown in medical records CAN slow down the process of THC levels leaving your body. You will however have to be able to prove medically through records that you have this Dr’s. records. Your probation officer should be the one to point you in the starting direction. If you only have two weeks you should already be on the ball and working on this. Each day not doing something is a day wasted. Talk to your PO today. If he won’t help you you will need to go back to the judge that imposed your sentence. Do not wait until your court date or you probably will get locked up!! Take action NOW!!!!

    hiv ? what does this story means?
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    Re: Porn Stars Get HIV
    04/16/04 05:19 PM Reply Quote

    One ‘positive’ test for harmless anti bodies out of well over 20,000 porn stars who test monthly in ten years. Proof that ‘AIDS’ is not an std.

    Factors Known to Cause
    False Positive HIV Antibody Test Results

    1.Anti-carbohydrate antibodies 52,19,13
    2.Naturally-occurring antibodies 5,19
    3.Passive immunization: receipt of gamma globulin or immune (as prophylaxis against infection which contains antibodies) 18, 26, 60, 4,
    22, 42, 43, 13
    4.Leprosy 2, 25
    5.Tuberculosis 25
    6.Mycobacterium avium 25
    7.Systemic lupus erythematosus 15, 23
    8.Renal (kidney) failure 48, 23, 13
    9.Hemodialysis/renal failure 56, 16, 41, 10, 49
    10.Alpha interferon therapy in hemodialysis patients 54
    11.Flu 36
    12.Flu vaccination 30, 11, 3, 20, 13, 43
    13.Herpes simplex I 27
    14.Herpes simplex II 11
    15.Upper respiratory tract infection (cold or flu) 11
    16.Recent viral infection or exposure to viral vaccines 11
    17.Pregnancy in multiparous women 58, 53, 13, 43, 36
    18.Malaria 6, 12
    19.High levels of circulating immune complexes 6, 33
    20.Hypergammaglobulinemia (high levels of antibodies) 40, 33
    21.False positives on other tests, including RPR (rapid plasma
    reagent) test for syphilis 17, 48, 33, 10, 49
    22.Rheumatoid arthritis 36
    23.Hepatitis B vaccination 28, 21, 40, 43
    24.Tetanus vaccination 40
    25.Organ transplantation 1, 36
    26.Renal transplantation 35, 9, 48, 13, 56
    27.Anti-lymphocyte antibodies 56, 31
    28.Anti-collagen antibodies (found in gay men, haemophiliacs, Africans of both sexes and people with leprosy) 31
    29.Serum-positive for rheumatoid factor, antinuclear antibody (both found in rheumatoid arthritis and other autoantibodies) 14, 62, 53
    30.Autoimmune diseases 44, 29, 1O, 40, 49, 43
    31.Systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, connective tissue disease, dermatomyositis Acute viral infections, DNA viral infections 59,
    48, 43, 53, 40, 13
    32.Malignant neoplasms (cancers) 40
    33.Alcoholic hepatitis/alcoholic liver disease 32, 48, 40, 10, 13, 49, 43, 53
    34.Primary sclerosing cholangitis 48, 53
    35.Hepatitis 54
    36.”Sticky” blood (in Africans) 38, 34, 40
    37.Antibodies with a high affinity for polystyrene (used in the test kits) 62, 40, 3
    38.Blood transfusions, multiple blood transfusions 63, 36, 13, 49, 43, 41
    39.Multiple myeloma 10, 43, 53
    40.HLA antibodies (to Class I and II leukocyte antigens) 7, 46, 63, 48, 10, 13, 49, 43, 53
    41.Anti-smooth muscle antibody 48
    42.Anti-parietal cell antibody 48
    43.Anti-hepatitis A IgM (antibody) 48
    44.Anti-Hbc IgM 48
    45.Administration of human immunoglobulin preparations pooled before 1985 10
    46.Haemophilia 10, 49
    47.Haematologic malignant disorders/lymphoma 43, 53, 9, 48, 13
    48.Primary biliary cirrhosis 43, 53, 13, 48
    49.Stevens-Johnson syndrome 9, 48, 13
    50.Q-fever with associated hepatitis 61
    51.Heat-treated specimens 51, 57, 24, 49, 48
    52.Lipemic serum (blood with high levels of fat or lipids) 49
    53.Haemolyzed serum (blood where haemoglobin is separated from red cells) 49
    54.Hyperbilirubinemia 10, 13
    55.Globulins produced during polyclonal gammopathies (which are seen in AIDS risk groups) 10, 13, 48 cross-reactions 10
    57.Normal human ribonucleoproteins 48, 13
    58.Other retroviruses 8, 55, 14, 48, 13
    59.Anti-mitochondrial antibodies 48, 13
    60.Anti-nuclear antibodies 48, 13, 53
    61.Anti-microsomal antibodies 34
    62.T-cell leukocyte antigen antibodies 48, 13
    63.Proteins on the filter paper 13
    64.Epstein-Barr virus 37
    65.Visceral leishmaniasis 45
    66.Receptive anal sex 39, 64

    Christine Johnson, a researcher and author, compiled this list of conditions documented in the scientific literature to cause positives on HIV
    tests, and provides references for each condition.

    Christine notes:

    “Just because something is on this list doesn’t mean that it will definitely, or even probably, cause a false-positive. It depends on what
    antibodies the individual carries as well as the characteristics of each particular test kit.

    For instance, some, but not all people who have had blood transfusions,
    prior pregnancies or an organ transplant will make HLA antibodies. And some, but not all test kits (both ELISA and Western blot) will be
    contaminated with HLA antigens to which these antibodies can react. Only if these two conditions coincide might you get a false-positive
    due to HLA cross-reactivity.

    There are conditions that are more likely than others to cause false-positives. And there are some conditions that we aren’t aware of yet which
    may be documented in the future to cause false-positives. Some of the factors on the list have been documented only for ELISA, while some
    have been documented for both ELISA and Western blot (WB) tests.

    People may be eager to argue that if a factor is only known to cause false-positives on ELISA, this problem won’t be carried over to the
    WB. But remember, a WB is positive by virtue of accumulating enough individual positive bands to add up to the total required by whatever
    criteria is used to interpret it 39. So the more exposure a person has had
    to foreign antigens, proteins and infectious agents, the more various antibodies he or she will have in their system, and the more likely it is
    that there will be several cross-reacting antibodies, enough to make the WB positive.

    It is to be noted that all AIDS risk groups (and Africans as well), but not the general US or Western European population, have this problem
    in common: they have been exposed to a plethora of foreign antigens and proteins. This is why people in the AIDS “risk groups” tend to
    have positive WBs (i.e., to be considered “HIV-infected”) and people in the
    population don’t. However, even people in low-risk populations have false-positive Western blots for poorly understood reasons 47.

    Since false-positives to every single HIV protein have been documented 36, how do we know if the positive WB bands represent the various
    proteins to HIV, or a collection of false-positive bands reacting to several different non-HIV antibodies?”

    Post Extras:

    Entire thread
    Subject Posted by Posted on
    hiv test nomoreworry4me 01/19/08 06:24 PM
    I”M NEG woo hoo just wanted to know what does this mean,,

    • ANSWER:
      There’s a bunch of people out there who variously believe that HIV does not cause AIDS, or that AIDS does not exist, or that HIV is not sexually transmitted. They have been well and truly refuted on all counts.

      They make pests of themselves by spamming various websites and bulletin boards with long copy and paste posts, mostly taken from two or three AIDS denialist websites. They attacked Yahoo answers for a few months last year. It looks like they’re still spamming boards with the same stuff. The numbers in this post originally referred to footnotes, but the text has been copied and pasted so many times that the footnotes have disappeared from most versions.


      It is true that false positive ELISA tests for HIV occur – about 3 in 1000 tests give a false positive. The list is of apparent causes for these false positives.

      Positive ELISA tests are always followed up by a confirmatory test – usually a Western Blot or similar. A diagnosis of HIV infection is only made if both tests are positive. The rate of false diagnoses using both tests together is extremely low.

      Negative ELISA tests by themselves, however, are quite reliable, so long as they are done after the window period (13 weeks).

    Do Red Hots (candy) contain acetaminophen?
    I have a chronic liver disease and my doctor instructed me to limit my intake of acetaminophen. My ex-wife told that Red Hots contain a signification amount. Anyway, I checked the website and it failed to list the Red Hots active ingredients. Are they trying to cover it up? Anybody know for sure? I love those things!

    • ANSWER:
      You could talk to a pharmacist, but i doubt it. There is not taste or preservative benefit and it would just make the product more expensive to produce. I always thought red hots cleared up my sinuses as a boy and confused them with Sudafeds.

    Wrestling death list?
    This is my report of the
    so called death list of the wrestlers
    who’ve died before their 50th birthday

    the fist row is the year they died

    second row is the promotion they worked

    (indi= indipendent)
    (n/a= they were out of the business when they died)

    Third row
    cause of death

    Fourth row
    name of wrestler

    How or why they died

    Can anybody tell me why is
    the wwe taking the heat for
    deaths that happen in the 80 in wccw?

    2000 – uxw – heart attack – Gary Albright – diatbetes coronary arteries
    2000 – wcw – overdose – Bobby Duncum Jr – accidental
    2000 – indi- heart attck – Yokozuna – natural
    2000 – indi- complications – Jumbo Tsuruta – kindney transplant

    2001 – n/a – blood clot – Terry Gordy – heart attack
    2001 – n/a – ghb overdose – Chris Adams – overdose
    2001 – n/a – heart attack – Mike Davis –
    2001 – n/a – overdose – Bertha Faye – drugs

    2002 – indi- heart attack – Rocco Rock –
    2002 – n/a – kidney failure – Big Dick Dudley –
    2002 – n/a – cancer – Randy Anderson –
    2002 – n/a – hearth attack – Davey Boy Smith – steriods

    2003 – wwf – suicide – Crash Holly – ingested 90 pills
    2003 – n/a – overdose – Pitbull #2 – homemade oxycotin
    2003 – tna – heart attack – The Wall – sudden
    2003 – n/a – overdose -Ms Elizabeth – lex luger
    2003 – n/a – heart attack – Hawk – abuse
    2003 – indi- cocaine od – Curt Hennig – cocaine

    2004 – wwf – breast cancer – Marianna Komlos –
    2004 – n/a – heart attack – Big Boss Man – massive
    2004 – n/a – heart attack – Hercules – sleep

    2005 – tna – blood clot – Chris Candido – flight altitude
    2005 – wwf – heart faliure – Eddie Guerrero – disease

    2006 – n/a – sleep apnea – Johnny Grunge – sleep
    2006 – n/a – cancer – Earthquake – bladder

    2007 – n/a – heart faliure – John Kronus – enlarged heart
    2007 – wwf – suicide – Chris Benoit – murder/suicide
    2007 – n/a – suicide – Mike Awesome – hung
    2007 – n/a – stroke – Biff Well – heart attack
    2007 – n/a – unknown – brian adman – not known
    2007 – n/a – murdered – Nancy Benoit – chris benoit
    2007 – n/a – overdose – scot Bigelow – cocaine
    2007 – n/a – unknown – sherrie martel

    1990 – n/a – suicide – Ed Gatner

    1991 – wccw- suicide – Chris Von Erich – shot hiself
    1991 – n/a – car crash – Vivian Vachon – accident
    1992 – indi- heart attack – Buzz Sawyer

    1993 – wcw – suicide – Kerry Von Erich
    1993 – wcw – heart attack – Andre Giant – after fathers funeral
    1993 – wwf – accident – – D.J.Peterson – bike crash
    1993 – n/a – murdered – Dino Bravo – gang hit

    1994 – wwf – car crash – Joey Marella – fell asleep
    1994 – aaa – aneurysm – Art Barr -
    1994 – n/a – unknown – Ray Candy -

    1995 – n/a – liver cancer – John Studd – liver cancer
    1995 – n/a – heart attack – Eddie Gilber – overdose
    1996 – indi- heart attack – Dick Murdoch – heart attack

    1997 – wwf – heart disease – Brian Pillman – arteriosclerotic
    1997 – wcw – heart failure – Jeep Swenson –

    1998 – wcw – suicide
    1998 – wcw – car crash – Brady Boone –
    1998 – n/a – car carsh – Junkyard Dog – drunk driver

    1999 – wcw – suicide – The Renegade – depression
    1999 – wwf – fell 78 feet – Owen Hart – blunt trama
    1999 – wcw – cancer – Mark Curtis – stomach
    1999 – wcw – heart attack – Rick Rude -

    1985 – wwf – heart attack – Rick McGraw –
    1985 – awa – heart attack – Jay Youngblood – ruptured spleen
    1986 – wccw- overdose – Gino Hernandez – cocaine
    1987 – wccw – suicide – Mike Von Erich – overdosing/tranquilizer
    1988 – awa – car crash – Adrian Adonis – swerved/moose
    1988 – indi- murdered – Bruiser Brody – by fellow wrestler

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, so many legends, such a tragedy. You should be commended for composing such a list as it must have took some time to do. I for one would like to thank you because some of these are news to me. Good job, starred, most def.
      Your question- you know how the media is. They find something they want to attack(i.e pro wrestling) and wait….wait for one opportunity to strike and the Benoit was that one incident. So they basicly found all the dirt that they could and used it as ammo for the press to attack the WWE. They do this with everything that isnt completely socialy accepted and G rated. It really makes me sad for the news. And this is why I dont watch the news.
      This was a fantastic question and thank you for the list

    Wrestling list please help me ?
    This is my non detail report of the
    so called death list of the wrestlers
    who’ve died before their 50th birthday

    If you want i’ll post my detail report
    with all of the names and dates

    the fist row is the year they died
    second row is the promotion they worked

    (indi= indipendent)
    (n/a= they were out of the business)

    if you believe that i’m a serious
    person and i won’t lie about the
    research. then please leave me the
    number of times you see

    wwf – wcw – indi- n/a
    finally tna.

    Can anybody tell me why is
    the wwe taking the heat for
    deaths that happen in the 80 in wccw?

    00 uxw – heart attack
    00 wcw – overdose
    00 indi- heart attck
    00 indi- complications kindney transplant
    01 n/a – blood clot
    01 n/a – ghb overdose
    01 n/a – heart attack
    01 n/a – overdose
    02 indi- heart attack
    02 n/a – kidney failure
    02 n/a – cancer
    02 n/a – hearth attack
    03 wwf – suicide
    03 n/a – overdose
    03 tna – heart attack
    03 n/a – overdose
    03 n/a – heart attack
    03 indi- cocaine od
    04 wwf – breast cancer
    04 n/a – heart atack
    04 n/a – heart attack
    05 tna – blood clot
    05 wwf – heart faliure
    06 n/a – sleep apnea
    06 n/a – cancer
    07 n/a – heart faliure
    07 wwf – suicide
    07 n/a – suicide
    07 n/a – stroke
    07 n/a – brian adman unknown
    07 n/a – murdered by husband
    07 n/a – overdose
    07 n/a – sherrie martel unknown

    90 n/a – suicide
    91 wccw- suicide
    91 n/a – car crash
    92 indi- heart attack
    93 wcw – suicide
    93 wcw – heart attack
    93 wwf – accident
    93 n/a – murdered
    94 wwf – car crash
    94 aaa – aneurysm
    94 n/a – unknown
    95 n/a – liver cancer
    96 indi- heart attack
    95 n/a – heart attack
    97 wwf – heart disease
    97 wcw – heart failure
    98 wcw – suicide
    98 wcw – car crash
    98 n/a – car carsh
    99 wcw – suicide
    99 wwf – fell 78 feet
    99 wcw – cancer
    99 wcw – heart attack

    85 wwf – heart attack
    85 awa – heart attack
    86 wccw- overdose
    87 wccw- suicide
    88 awa – car crash
    88 indi- murdered

    • ANSWER:
      Pointing to WCCW, WCW, ECW (owned by Heyman), and the Independent Circuit is pointless. No one will know or even care when half of the promotions aren’t even in business any longer.

      The WWE is “THE” promotion, the largest federation with the largest roster and the deepest pockets. A victory for the press would be a victory. Hell, they;re even beginning to mention TNA once or twice because they have a television deal with a major network, SpikeTV, even though they are still a small outfit compared to the WWE … TNA is larger than most of the Independent promotions, with the exception of the NWA, which does not have a major television deal and the NWA is divided into many circuits across the country.

    What are the rules for getting a liver transplant in the state of New York?
    My friend’s relative has chirrosis of the liver due to alcoholism. The doctor’s ran tests on him and said yeah that his liver was fried and he his only hope is a transplant. They gave him approximately five more years till his liver goes into complete failure. But can he get a transplant? He says he is not drinking anymore and never will. However yesterday I found him hiding out in the basement with a bottle of Vodka in his hand. I told him he promised not to drink anymore. He said it was his last time. What are the rules of liver transplantation in New York? I know other’s have told me if the disease was caused by alcohol addiction then the patient has to stay sober for at least 6 months before they consider putting them on the list. And then it’s a long waiting period till they find a proper organ for him/her. And that sometimes they don’t find an organ on time. But I assume these transplant centers were not in New York. Recently I heard on the news about an alcoholic who got a transplant . I don’t know how since people have told me they don’t get them unless 6 months of sobriety has been proved. But he got one. He is now drinking again with the new liver. It was on the news. If he got one then what are the chances my friend’s relative will?
    P.S. the guy who got the transplant despite being a severe alcoholic lives in New York. He is now back to drinking again. He was recently arrested for drunk driving. According to the cops his BAC was 12 times higher then what is allowed for driving.

    • ANSWER:
      So your friend is also a relative, as I think the person with liver damage is yourself (but you don’t have the guts to admit it).

      As for the answer, I would guess that seeing as they give convicted killers preferential treatment an alcoholic would have no problems.

      Myself I would put anyone with self inflicted (alcohol/drugs) damage to any organ right at the bottom of any transplant list.

    Cirrhosis of the Liver???Will my dad die?
    My dad has been a raging alcoholic for 20+ years. Hard liquor from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed. It’s his life.

    About a year ago he was admitted into the hospital for Kidney Failure but made it out of it okay.

    Just about a week ago he was admitted into the hospital because his skin and eyes had turned yellow and he collapsed. During that time the doctors explained that he was no longer a candidate for a Liver transplant, his liver was beyond repair, they can just treat the symptoms….
    He was let go after 5 days of being in the hospital because he was stable. 2 days following he was readmitted into the hospital only this time he’s worse…….
    here is a list of his symptoms;
    Weakness (can barely lift a bottle of soda to his mouth)
    Weight loss (20 + pounds in a week)
    Stomach Pains
    Severe Jaundice….like glowing
    Very swollen abdomen
    Personality changes, forgetfullness
    Decreased mental function, slow to respond, blank stares
    Fluid retention
    bad shaking
    loss of balance, equilibrium problems

    It’s just terrible and it’s breaking my heart seeing him this way.

    I was reading posts from people who had someone close with this disease, they described the same symptoms I did and there loved ones ended up dying.. I’m so afraid of that.

    What are the chances??

    Any help or enlightment would be greatly appreciated!
    Im not sure if I should be precise…..When I say fluid retention, I mean fluid in around his liver which they already had to remove
    The honest prgnosis is they are not sure at this point whether he’ll live or die.
    They say it may be time to start making out his will and planning his funeral arrangements just to be safe

    • ANSWER:
      I can answer your question because I had liver failure and a transplant. Your father has cirrhosis from his alcoholism. That is when healthy tissue is replaced with scar tissue in the liver and it can no longer function very well. Even though others will tell you the liver can regenerate, this is not the case when it comes to cirrhosis. Scarring is permanent in the liver and does not go away. The damage has been done from many years of alcohol abuse.

      Everything you told me tells me that your father is in end stage liver disease. His condition is serious and he will not get better unless he receives a transplant. When the liver is beyond repair, that is when a person needs a transplant. The problem with your father is that he is an active alcoholic. There might also be some other medical reasons he could not qualify, but that is the first thing they look at for a candidate.

      It’s very difficult for an alcoholic to receive a transplant, but there are many success stories out there. The patient has to be committed to changing their lifestyle and never drink alcohol again for the rest of their life. Transplant centers require at least 6 months of proven sobriety before they will even begin to consider an alcoholic for a transplant. The problem that happens with many alcoholics is that they don’t have 6 months left to live with their disease. They let it go too far and ignore it until they are near death before seeking help.

      I don’t know how your father feels about his disease and his alcoholism, but if he is serious about staying alive, he could go to a transplant center and at the very least talk to them. They will tell him what his options are for getting help and possibly getting a transplant if he has enough time left. If he is still drinking after all this, then I would say there is not much hope for him getting well. He has all the typical signs of end stage cirrhosis.

      It’s also extra difficult for an alcoholic to get a transplant because they not only have to deal with the cirrhosis, but they also have to deal with their addiction to alcohol. But as I said, there are many success stories. The husband of a family friend of mine just recently got his transplant and he was an alcoholic for at least 20 years+. When he found out he destroyed his liver, he went to the transplant center, did everything he was supposed to do including rehab for 6 months and submitting to random drug/alcohol testing prior to his transplant. After the 6 months, he got listed and just recently received his transplant. I hear he is doing very well now. I don’t know whether or not your father could be one of these success stories, but I want you to know that it might be an option for your father if he is willing.

      I had cirrhosis too but mine was from an autoimmune disease. No matter what the reason for having cirrhosis, it pretty much acts the same for everyone.

    Help! Is this a liver condition?
    Lately I have been having problems with my thyroid (swelling of the neck, shortness of breath/rapid pulse, sweating/hot all the time, insomnia, eye protrusion, hair falling out, weight loss, the list goes on), and getting the doctors to check it is like pulling teeth. My doc only checked my TSH level (I have been too antsy to concentrate in school so she said it would be good to check my thyroid but for w.e. reason she left out my T3 & T4). I am left handed/anbidexterous (a risk factor for Grave’s disease) & my LEFT HANDED paternal grandfather was a type 1 diabetic. My maternal aunt has scleroderma & hypothyrodism. I have raynauds phenomion & have flare ups of joint pain/swelling. I get white spots in my fingers, neck, & feet. (I have been tested for lupus, RA, blah blah blah but everything’s f***cking negative). My thyroid condition seems to be flaring up again, but lately despite having smooth, velvety skin, i have had itchy rashes & my skin looks yellowish. I have been INCREDIBLY hungry the past few days (and i am NOT PMSing) & despite eating a lot I have lost weight (not a dramatic amount though). (When my thyroid flares up I do loose weight despite eating HUGE portions, but I do not recall being THIS hungry!) I am eating very healthfully (that is my nature & i eat 100% gluten/dairy free). On the other hand, the past two days I have pooped 4-5X each day. This may sound like TMI, but my poops had been green, then they became yellow, and now they are really loose & grey. This sounds weird, but I smelled something funny & my sweat underneath my pits smells fruity & sweet. So yeah, is there something going on with my liver, or what could this be?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. It does sound like that. Get along to your doctor as soon as you can.

    Job vs. Terminally Ill child?
    Just wanted to get a little advice on a situation that i’m currently going through. First off, im 24, and I have a 4 year old daughter with a life-threatening liver disease called PFIC-2, and she is currently on the transplant list. Im stuck in between a rock and a hard place. I’m currently looking for part time work to help sustain me while I’m going through nursing school at wayne state. The issue that i have is im debating if I should tell my employer about my child’s condition BEFORE im hired or after. I had a part time job back at the end of 2010, but I was let go when my daughter’s liver went into the early stages of cirrhosis. Basically, her doctors at U of M keep her under a close eye, and when ANYTHING in her blood work elevates, she is usually hospitalized or we are asked to IMMEDIATELY come in for further tests. I got a job back in september 2010, but was fired the week of thanksgiving due to my daughter’s condition deteriorating and needing emergency tests and treatments. They basically told me that I was a liability to the company because I was unable to show up for my schedule a lot of the times. I was not eligible for FMLA because i was not a full time employee. Basically all protections under the law i was ineligible for due to me being a part-time worker and not having been there at least 12 months. Now I’m stuck trying to find another job that will not hold my daughter’s illness against me. Her father and his family don’t help at all(he’d doesnt want anything to do with us because i got him put in jail when he physically abused me while i was pregnant with our son). My mother died from a drug overdose and i was taken away from my dad because of child abuse so I have no family to help either. Anyway, seeing as though my daughter is on the transplant list right now, even if I was to get a job, I would lose it the moment she gets that call, because her full time recovery care would be about 2 months after surgery. She is currently receiving insurance through the state of michigan for terminally ill children that covers all her medical expenses, THANK GOD. For those of you unfamiliar with how the organ donor list works, i can get a call AT ANY TIME to go in for surgery. So what am i supposed to do? welfare is not giving me enough to cover all my expenses, and quite frankly, I want to be off of the cash assistance as soon as possible. Should I apply for a job and just say ‘my daughter needs a liver and I could leave any moment as soon as a liver is available, but dont worry about that because i’m a good employee?” Most employers would look at me as a liability to the company……

    • ANSWER:

    Why do they want to KILL our Dogs?
    If you are a dog owner you’re probably aware of the recent pet food scandal that has rocked the nation, resulted in several pet deaths, hundreds of animals falling mysteriously ill and the nationwide recall of 60 million packages of dog food products (and counting) as well as other pet foods!

    The Culprit

    Melamine: This is the substance at the center of the pet food poison scandal. Pure melamine is used to make plastics and fertilizer so how the heck could it make the transition into dog food? Well the story begins in China…kind of.

    Animal feed producers in China have apparently for some time routinely supplemented their feed with melamine to artificially boost the protein content (which translates into more profit). Protein readings are done by assessing the nitrogen levels of the feed and guess what? Melamine has a high nitrogen content!

    Unfortunately this sordid tale gets worse. As if adding poisonous melamine to your dog’s food was not bad enough another toxic ingredient is routinely added to Chinese animal feed products. This substance is known as cyanuric acid. In the United States this stuff is commonly used to disinfect swimming pools!

    Investigators looking into the hundreds of pet food poison related deaths now believe that the combination of those two ingredients in commercial dog food and other pet food synergistically elevated the toxins to the point where they became lethal to pets.

    The Dirty Secret Close To Home

    Although American food safety regulators are pinning the blame on pet food contaminated with Chinese animal feed products, the alarming truth is that dog food manufactured in the USA is also toxic to your pet!

    Commercial dog food manufactured in the US contains no less than 6 deadly chemicals that have been banned as unfit for human consumption because they cause:

    Hair Loss (fur loss);

    Kidney Disease;

    Liver dysfunction;

    Stomach cancer;


    Leukemia; and

    Skin cancer, to name but a few! The substances that cause these problems are found in preservatives…

    Oh But I Always Use Preservative Free Dog Food!

    You may think that your dog is safe and healthy because you only insist on buying preservative free dog food. Well dog manufacturers have found a legit way around that too! Many dog foods labeled as preservative free in fact contain preservatives because the manufacturers exploit a loophole whereby they do not have to list any preservative that they themselves did not add.

    And unfortunately many preservatives are added to pet foods at the rendering plant well before the meat is ever sent to the manufacturer. One of the most widely used and most powerful preservatives also happens to be one of the most toxic! It is called ethoxyquin (EQ) and you aren’t going to see it listed on your dog food label anytime soon (even though it is in that “preservative free” dry pet food you love to buy) because the manufacturer has no legal obligation to list it.

    Although ethoxyquin is permitted in pet food, workers exposed to this substance showed symptoms similar to those of people exposed to agent orange (poisonous herbicide used by the US government in Vietnam War that caused cancer and other diseases).

    Your Dog Is Eating Dead Dogs And Dead Cats!

    Perhaps the sickest part of this sick tale is that euthanized (put down) dogs and cats are recycled as chow for your pet! The city of angels (Los Angeles) is known for the devilish practice of recycling approximately 200 tons of dead cats and dogs each month into pet food!

    Arrrgghh…disgusting huh?

    Still it gets worse; poisonous disinfectants and denaturing chemicals are used to treat those recycled dead animals and “render them safe” for your dog’s consumption, not to mention the fact that the toxin used to kill those animals (sodium pentobarbital) can withstand the heat used in the denaturing process.

    Bottom line: If you love your dog and want to see him/her live to a ripe healthy old age, perhaps it is time you considered alternative means of nutrition!

    • ANSWER:
      BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin (found in By-Products) are ALL known problem causers yet they are ALLOW in pet food…

      you should always look for food that says
      “HUMAN GRADE ingredients”

      here is a good link for info on some ingredients

      worst thing is vets actually recommend some crappy brands (like Science Diet) because they are PAID to.. and dont receive any education on ingredients and brands…

    are chemicals listed as toxic which are contained in soaps, lotions, creams, foods, etc. really that harmful?
    my family would always buy different personal care products switching from brands to brands since I was young. i’m confused which advise from them i would trust because i have become precautious over the years. now i’m 20 i’ve been doing a little self-research for weeks about chemical substances and ingredients of food and body stuffs. it really disturbs me to think that, as far as i have read, almost all of the products in this world contain some of the toxic and carcinogenic substances listed by sites and institutions. what should we use then? what should be done? i dont know what to advise my parents, my siblings – my big family. but are very very small concentrations or amounts of these chemicals in the products really dangerous to our body? do they really have bad effects? how about repeated use? long period of time? how much do they really put into the products and food? huhuhu

    adverse effects may not be immediately noticed and addressed but i know results in the long-term such as cancer, skin, lung, and liver diseases, etc.will surely come out. are products and foods today made to reduce population silently? are they purposely created to induce induce early deaths? i guess so. huhu bad people… evil business…greed… ignored health of humanity…degraded human life

    but then it would be very difficult to even bath using only water.hmmm…

    help. i need more knowledge……..

    • ANSWER:
      if your family changes brands everytime, try to convince them to buy an organic brand. the organic brands are supposed not to have chemicals or conservatives. so its healthier for the body. big companies have to put conservatives to the food and personal care products because they sell them all over the country or all over the world, so they constantly change in lighting, temperature, etc… and when they finally get to its final destination (the store) they are there lying waiting for someone to buy them… so its a long time since they are made, packaged, shipped, stored, and used. if they didnt have conservatives, the product instantly will fade to rot. in organic is different because the company is near the stores so any time the product is made and packed is shipped the same day and the same day is stored to sell… the bad here is organics are more expensive

    What are common causes for false-positive CA-125 Serum levels?
    What are common causes for false-positive CA-125 Serum levels?
    The CA-125 blood test, sometimes used as an ovarian cancer screening, has a high false-positive rate. Some possible conditions associated with an false-positive are fibroids, endometriosis, pancreatitis, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and benign ovarian cysts. I am looking for a COMPLETE list of ALL possible conditions associated with false-positive results. I’ve done a Yahoo and Google search but am not satisfied with the results. I seem to remember that rheumatoid arthritis is also associated also….for instance.

    If you are able, please provide a complete list. Thank you
    Yes, I realize it is a long list… but that is exactly what I am looking for.

    • ANSWER:
      The CA-125 is not intended to be a screening test and should never be sued as one. There may be a complete list of what may cause a false positive somewhere, but there is little need for such a list in a medical setting, as clinicians do not rely on lists. Any irritation in the abdomen can cause a positive result. It’s especially inaccurate in premenopausal women (accuracy rate of about 50%); endometriosis, early-stage pregnancy or even normal hormonal fluctuations can lead to elevated CA-125 levels. Therefore a complete list can be very long.

    Back in May I was told by the nephrologist that at some time or another I had contracted Hepatitis. He then sa?
    Back in May I was told by the nephrologist that at some time or another I had contracted Hepatitis. He then said that I should not worry about it because my body had built up it’s own antibodies against the virus and rejected it. Sounds heaven sent, but then a few weeks later I developed neurology problems, bone degeneration, pale stool, black spots on hands and feet, hair loss, brown spots on skin, bad breath, loss of reflux, belching and gas constantly, bone pain, itching, dark urine although I drink lots of water, panic attacks…and the list goes on. Even though the nephrologist said that I rejected the disease could I still have the symptoms of Hepatitis or Liver disease and still not have the disease? Could I have given it to my husband and we are passing it back and forth? I am trying to figure out why I still have symptoms other than the jaundice but yet the nephrologist said that I rejected the virus. Plz help me because I am now thinking for the worse. I wanted to start taking Paxil for the panic attacks, but I am so afraid because I don’t know if it will worsen my liver.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to see a Gastroenterologist or a General Practitioner instead of a nephrologist. A nephrologist deals with your kidneys not liver.

Lipitor Liver Damage Symptoms

Lipitor is indicated for the management of patients suffering from high cholesterol. Lipitor is dosed in tablets of 10, 20, 40 and 80 milligrams. It belongs within a group of medications called HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, which are referred to as “statins”.

Patients diagnosed with hyperlipidemia, or high cholesterol should not take Lipitor if the patient is pregnant or trying to become pregnant or if the patient is breast feeding. Atorvastatin is the main active ingredient in Lipitor and therefore if the person is allergic to the drug than they should not consume Lipitor. Lipitor can cause liver disease, and therefore if the patient has a history of liver disease than of course, the medication should be avoided.

The most common side effects of the medication are; constipation, gas, bloating and diarrhea, rashes, heartburn and vomiting. Statins have been known to have side effects, mainly on the digestive system.

Serious side effects have been reported, like liver disease – in patients who have been taking Lipitor for an extended period of time. In a substantial amount of patients severe liver disease occurred, which decreased the function of the liver putting the patient in harm. Liver function has been shown to increase after the medication has been stopped, although tests are inconclusive showing that the liver returns to normal function. In any patient taking Lipitor, regular monitoring is important through the means of liver function lab testing.

Signs of liver disease that patients should watch for include; fever, severe skin rashes including aching, blistering or peeling. Yellow skin, discolored urine or stools, or even difficulty breathing and abdominal pain can mean serious liver damage.

Signs of serious muscle disease should also be watched for while taking the drug – tenderness within the muscles, weakness or discolored or blood within the urine.

Many substances and medications can interact with the drug, including; grapefruit juice, niacin, antacids, birth control pills, fibrades and macrolide antibiotics and digoxin. Some supplements can also interact with the medication causing serious side effects, these include; caffeine and nicotine.

Lipitor can cause serious side effects in the muscles of the body, and grapefruit juice can interact seriously with these side effects by increasing the chances of developing serious muscle problems. The enzymes within the grapefruit, or grapefruit juice that break down the Lipitor, increasing the potency of the drugs, and the chances of developing side effects. One study had shown that the grapefruit/Lipitor interaction increased the potency of the drug up to eighty percent in patients who consumed grapefruit juice, compared to those who did not. These increased levels increased instances of myopathy and rhabdomyolysis which can lead to kidney failure in patients taking Lipitor.

The elderly, taking the medication and those over seventy years of age should be especially careful when taking the medication, as side effects become more pronounced.

There are many things that can be done to prevent, or lower high cholesterol without the use of statins (which have been proven dangerous, and come with many side effects). Diet and exercise as well as the implementation of proper vitamins and nutrients into the diet can make a large impact on lowering the cholesterol.

Frequently Asked Questions


    • ANSWER:


    • ANSWER:


    • ANSWER:


    • ANSWER:


    • ANSWER:


    • ANSWER:

Kidney Liver Problem Symptoms

Kidney problem symptoms share some characteristics, but there are a number of differences according to the cause of the kidney problem you have.

In some cases, symptoms of kidney problems don’t show up for years. Meanwhile, kidney function may be deteriorating without the individual even knowing something is wrong. This is not unusual in cases of chronic kidney failure.

However, kidney problems such as acute kidney failure or kidney stones can begin with a quick onset of symptoms, which may include intense pain.

This article will focus on providing a quick list and description of symptoms for kidney problems that are common today. It’s important to talk to your doctor as soon as you can if you start to experience one or more of the kidney problem symptoms described below.

Kidney disease is a general term used to describe any kidney problem that causes damage to the nephrons. These are the tiny tissues that filter the blood. Two of the primary symptoms of kidney disease are dark, cloudy, or blood-tinged urine and pain while urinating. You may feel the need to urinate more even when little or no urine is produced. Muscle weakness, fatigue and higher blood pressure is also typical in kidney disease cases.

Another type of kidney problem is a kidney condition, which may occur in one of two forms: chronic or acute. Kidney infections begin when germs enter the urinary tract and start multiplying. In chronic cases, years may pass before any symptoms appear. But acute infection symptoms can come on quickly and cause intense discomfort. When you have an acute kidney infection, you’re likely to have cloudy, discolored urine that carries an unpleasant odor. Back pain, chills, fever, fatigue and muscle weakness are also typical.

Kidney failure occurs when kidney disease or kidney infection symptoms go unnoticed or are ignored. The kidneys simply stop working when illness or damage prevent them from filtering the blood and removing wastes and toxins. As fluids begin to accumulate, someone with kidney failure will notice generalized swelling. Shortness of breath is common, as is fatigue, lethargy and overall weakness. As waste products build up, symptoms of this extremely serious kidney problem become more pronounced and may include loss of appetite, profound lethargy and decreased mental function and ability to think clearly. Someone with complete kidney failure only has two options for survival: kidney dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Kidney stones are exactly what their name says they are: small stones that form in the kidneys when crystals in the kidneys accumulate. The stones can be tiny, like a grain of sand. But some kidney stones grow as large as a golf ball. Kidney stones may or may not cause discomfort. But when they do, the pain can be agonizing. Anyone who has ever had severe kidney stone pain does not forget what it feels like. The pain is generally felt in the back, but it can also circle around the front to the abdomen and the genital area. Kidney stone symptoms are similar to other symptoms for kidney problems in that you feel the need to urinate frequently, even though little urine is actually produced. When you actually pass urine, it could be tinged with blood or dark and cloudy. You may also notice a foul odor. When you have kidney stones, nausea and vomiting are also typical.

Kidney cancer features some of the same kidney problem symptoms that also appear in other kidney conditions. Someone with kidney cancer is also likely to experience anemia, hypertension, low appetite, night sweats and weight loss.

Kidney cysts also sometimes take years to develop and you often don’t know they are there. Kidney cysts are pouches of air fluid or calcium that grow on your kidneys. Discolored urine is one of the primary symptoms of this condition. When pain occurs, it usually happens in the abdomen or back. Some people have simple kidney cysts that never cause symptoms at all.

Kidney damage is not always caused by disease or illness. Sometimes it can result from trauma – an auto accident or a heavy blow during athletic competition. Symptoms of kidney problems caused by tissue damage are a swollen abdomen, back and abdominal pain, and discolored urine. Other prominent symptoms include decreased alertness, higher-than-normal heart rate, pale skin, nausea and vomiting.

Symptoms of kidneys problems should not be brushed off as minor. If you experience any or some of the symptoms of kidney problems mentioned above, get medical attention as soon as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Could I have a kidney or liver problem?
    I have been having severe pain in the very low right side of my back, barely above my pelvis. It is a very sharp pinching pain that hurts my right leg when it’s bad. My doc set me up for an MRI this coming week to check for a herniated disc. However, this morning I noticed that the pain gets a little better after I empty my bladder. So, could we be going in the wrong direction here, could it actually be one of my organs? I think my doc and I actually assume it’s disc related because I had a severe fall on icy steps not long ago and that area of my back was black for weeks. Any help on kidney or liver problem symptoms would be helpful.

    • ANSWER:
      Amy..I think your doc is on the right track. I strongly doubt it’s kidney or liver, which are much higher. You probably have a bulging disc or maybe a hairline fracture. Emptying your bladder just takes a little pressure off the area. Just try to rest the area. Cold compresses may help.

    Before bloodwork showed with liver or kidney probs, what symptoms did you exhibit?
    For those people with liver or kidney problems…did you have your symptoms long before you were diagnosed with a problem?

    I seem to be exhibiting every serious symptoms of a kidney or liver disorder except bloodwork is showing nothing.
    Severe pruritus, itchy/buring skin, inflamed RUQ, swollen eyes, nausea and swollen joints, burning eyes. NO blood indicators.
    I have a lot of suspicion of have kidney problems, because it started when was holding 10lbs of water.

    Swollen kidney? Enflamed Nephrons? Without blood problems?

    Thanks very much for sharing your experiences.
    Also, this has gone on over year, without letting up… Im holding water in my gut too.

    • ANSWER:
      I have PBC – Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (Stage 3 liver disease) and am on medication for it. The only symptom I exhibited before being diagnosed is severely itchy skin, which I assumed was dry skin but never had professionally diagnosed. Apparently some liver diseases cause you to itch a lot. Luckily, I was diagnosed during a routine physical where my doctor ran a panel of blood screens and they found the liver enzymes were high. That led to more tests by a specialist, which eventually led to a biopsy to determine for sure what was going on. Anyway, have you gotten a second opinion or gone to a different lab for the blood work? Maybe the doctor isn’t running the correct tests on the blood? Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

    Symptoms of liver/kidney failure? Itching in particular?
    I think I have a few signs of kidney and liver failure. One of them is itching. I was just wondering what the itching of kidney/liver failure is like so I can compare it to the way I am. I have had liver/kidney problems in the past, I’m not just a hypachondriac btw.

    • ANSWER:
      Itching from organ failure occurs indirectly though dried out skin. In winter, its not uncommon to have dried out skin, so there’s not much diagnostic value – too many possible causes. To put your mind at ease go to the doc for a blood test panel.

    My lower back and sides are hurting…kidney or liver problem?
    I think I’m starting to feel the effects of long term ephedrine abuse, but how do I know for sure if I’m having kidney or liver problems? What are the symptoms of your organs starting to fail? It doesn’t hurt when I urinate or anything like though, so what could be the problem? Also, whenever I drink alcohol, I get the same pains.

    • ANSWER:
      If I were you I would do a complete system cleanse. Here is some info.

      Have you already gone through the full kidney and colon cleansing processes?

      Kidney cleanse is any procedure that involves drinking a huge amount of liquid, and taking care what you are eating. Just a better diet with more water can be enough! But, also any form of bowel cleansing will also help kidneys! The Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet is also a Kidney cleanse, juice fasting is also a kidney cleanse, and any other form of fasting that incorporates a lot of liquids, will in the same time clean a kidney. Do you need special herbs? Only if you have acute lower back pain, clear symptom of Kidney stones (sharp glass like crystals, made of phosphoric acid, or sometimes may include other acids). In special occasions, you can get a kidney stone crystallized in less then a few days !!! To melt a stone/stones, you may need a few weeks, or one day with the Watermelon Cleanse.

      Herbal Kidney Cleanse Designed by Dr. Hulda Clark from her book “The Cure for All Disease”, explains in detail how to cleanse the kidneys, and her cleansing program will get rid of most if not all the stones, WITHOUT surgery.

      1/2 cup dried Hydrangea root
      1/2 cup Gravel root
      1/2 cup Marshmallow root
      4 bunches of fresh parsley
      Goldenrod tincture (leave this out of the recipe if you are allergic to it)
      Ginger Capsules
      Uva Ursi capsules
      Vegetable glycerine
      Vitamin B6 250mg
      Magnesium oxide 300mg or 1/4 cup Green Drink Beverage

      Measure ¼ cup of each root and set them to soak, Together in 10 cups of cold tap water, using a non-metal container and a non-metal lid (a dinner plate will do). After four hours (or over night), bring liquid with soaked herbs to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes. Drink a ¼ cup as soon as it is cool enough. Pour the rest in through a bamboo or plastic strainer into a sterile pint jar (glass) and several freezable containers. Refrigerate the glass jar.
      Find fresh parsley at a grocery store that does not spray its produce (ask the owner). Boil the fresh parsley, after rinsing, in 1 quart of water for 3 minutes. Strain out the liquid, then drink ¼ cup when cool enough. Refrigerate a pint and freeze 1 pint. Put the cooked parsley in your compost bucket.
      Dose: each morning, pour together ¾ cup of the root mixture and ½ cup parsley water, filling a large mug. Add 20 drops of goldenrod tincture and 1 tbs. of glycerin.

      Drink this mixture in divided doses throughout the day. Keep cold. Do not drink it all at once or you will get a stomach ache and feel pressure in the bladder. If your stomach is very sensitive, start on half this dose.

      Save the roots after the first boiling, storing them in the freezer. After 13 days when your supply runs low, boil the same roots a second time, but add only 6 cups water and simmer only 10 minutes. This will last another 8 days, for a total of three weeks. You may cook the roots a third time if you wish, but the recipe gets less potent. If your problem is severe, only cook them twice.
      After three weeks, repeat with fresh herbs. You need to do the kidney cleanse for six weeks to get good results, longer for severe problems.

      Also take:

      Ginger capsules: one with each meal (3/day).
      Uva Ursi capsules: one with breakfast and two with supper
      Vitamin B6 (250mg): one per day
      Magnesium oxide (300mg): one a day

      Take these supplements just before your meal to avoid burping.

      Some notes on this recipe: this herbal tea, as well as the parsley, can easily spoil. Heat it to boiling every fourth day if it is being stored in the refrigerator; this resterilizes it. If you sterilize it in the morning you may take it to work without refrigerating it (use a glass container).

      There are probably dozens of herbs that can dissolve kidney crystals and stones. If you can only find several of those in the recipe, make the recipe anyway; it will just take longer to get results. Remember that vitamin B6 and magnesium taken daily can prevent oxalate stones from forming. But only if you stop drinking regular tea and cocoa. Tea has 15.6 mg oxalate acid per cup. A tall glass of iced tea could give you over 20 mg oxalate acid. Switch to herb teas. Cocoa and chocolate, also, have too much oxalate acid to be used as beverages.

      Remember too that phosphate crystals are made when you eat too much phosphate. Phosphate levels are high in meats, breads, cereals, pastas, and carbonated drinks, eat less of these, and increase your milk (2%), fruits and vegetables. Drink at least 2 pints of water per day.

      You can dissolve all your kidney stones in 3 weeks, but make new ones in 3 days if you are drinking tea and cocoa and phosphate beverages.
      Cleanse your kidneys at least twice a year.

      kidney cleanse

    Liver/kidney problems!!!!!!?
    What are the symptoms of liver and kidney problems??!!
    Please tell me all that you know!!!


    • ANSWER:
      Inability to pass motion properly;
      Blood in stools;
      Blood in urine;
      Inability to control bladder;
      Yellowness in your skin;
      Extreme fatigue;
      Unhealthy looking skin.

    Is it true that itchy skin is a symptom of kidney problems?
    This is a general itchiness all over but no rash, spots or bites. I’ve heard that liver problems can cause an itchy skin, but kidneys too?
    I didn’t really believe the person who told me, just checking and wondered if anyone else had heard of it.

    As I don’t feel particularly ill and the only other symptoms are the usual hay fever ones I thought the itching was due to the pollen.

    • ANSWER:
      They can, but you would have other symptoms and be rather ill.

      Chances are you have an allergy to something.
      The body getting too hot can also give these symptoms.

      Keep checking for a rash or bites, sometimes they don’t come up straight away.

      If you are very concerned please visit your doctor

    Will a blood test tell if i have some sort of a liver problem?
    I am going to the doctor tomorrow, i am going to ask for a blood test (full one, kidneys, Liver, Blood group, red/white cells) now i for the last year have been drinking 3-6 times a week and i think i might have a liver problem, ive noticed darker urine, whiter stool and ive had a stinging pain every few hours on my right side. I was going to go to the doctor ans ask fora blood test (routine check up) and not tell him my symptoms due to me not wanting him to know about me drinking (im
    underage + family doctor) now will a blood test show if there is anything wrong with my liver? even mildly??

    • ANSWER:
      Your liver enzymes might show up a bit abnormal if you are drinking as much as you say. That doesn’t mean there is any permanent liver damage. It would probably mean that your liver is telling you that it doesn’t like you giving it something toxic so often. That irritates the liver which causes inflammation. Frequent inflammation can eventually progress to permanent damage over a very long period of time.

      If you have been drinking like this for a year and you are still underage, you are certainly putting yourself at risk to becoming an alcoholic if you aren’t already. My cousin started out like you and was dead at 36 from cirrhosis. I had cirrhosis from an autoimmune disease and had to get a transplant. My cousin was denied a transplant due to his alcoholism. You never want to get this disease. Trust me. By the time any symptoms show up that liver disease could be present, it usually is too late because too much damage has already been done. My liver was 90% destroyed before any symptoms appeared. Many people mistakenly think the liver is able to regenerate and heal itself from any damage. The liver is able to regenerate and heal itself to a point. Cirrhosis is when scar tissue replaces healthy tissue in the liver and this damage is permanent that does not go away ever. There is no regenerating scar tissue.

      You need to think about your future and how this drinking is going to affect your health in the future, and also how it will affect your life each day.

    Doctors do not know what it is and all the symptoms?
    hello i have these symptoms

    51 yr old women (have three kids)
    fatty liver
    kidney problems
    thyroid problem
    dont excersise frequently
    eat okay
    ovarian pain

    Ruled out: No cancer at least they have not found any
    doctors do not know.

    they say many problems, but they all must have a connection;.

    i feel is that it is one major thing that is causing all of this, what are somethings that these symptoms fall under????????????????

    is there a website where u can type in all my symptoms and look at what possibilities of what i might have??????????

    • ANSWER:
      Some of these are not symptoms, but rather illnesses. They can contribute to any of your problems. I’ll take a stab at this. The fatty liver and obesity are related to diet and exercise. Depression may be related to poorly managed bipolar disorder. Obesity could be related to hypothyroidism, poorly controlled bipolar disorder or diet and exercise. They are all working together and in a vicious cycle. The ovarian pain could be caused by cysts, adhesions, pelvic inflammatory disease, or cystitis.

      My suggestions would be to work on the things you can control. Improve your diet and exercise. You would be surprised to find your fatty liver, weight, depression and ovarian pain might improve. Have your doctor review and update your labs to make sure your thyroid levels are therapeutic. Ask if your bipolar meds need to be adjusted. Are you taking them? Most people with bipolar disorder stop taking their meds because the feel better.

      I hope I got them all. I hope you feel better soon!

    What is wrong with me? Doctors do not know (here are my symptoms)?
    hello i have these symptoms

    51 yr old women (have three kids)
    fatty liver
    kidney problems
    thyroid problem
    dont excersise frequently
    eat okay
    ovarian pain

    Ruled out: No cancer at least they have not found any
    doctors do not know.

    they say many problems, but they all must have a connection;.

    i feel is that it is one major thing that is causing all of this, what are somethings that these symptoms fall under????????????????

    is there a website where u can type in all my symptoms and look at what possibilities of what i might have??????????

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a different doctor. What makes you think you could get a proper diagnosis here?

    Symptoms What Do i have?
    hello i have these symptoms

    51 yr old women (have three kids)
    Forget things alot (appt, keys, jobs)
    Sleep Constantly (24hrs i sleep, somedays i do not sleep at all)
    Heart palpatations
    fatty liver
    kidney problems
    thyroid problem
    dont excersise frequently
    eat okay
    ovarian pain

    Ruled out: No cancer at least they have not found any
    doctors do not know.

    they say many problems, but they all must have a connection;.

    i feel is that it is one major thing that is causing all of this, what are somethings that these symptoms fall under????????????????

    is there a website where u can type in all my symptoms and look at what possibilities of what i might have??????????

    • ANSWER:
      the people who could provide you with the best answers is God (if you believe) or your doctors.

    sighns of liver problems? what 2 look for please help.?
    I am 18 year old male, and im not sure what 2 look for but i think i may have liver problem or kidney problems and i really want 2 catch it early if i do.

    I am a recoving meth/cocaine addict as well and those 2 drugs happen to be very bad on that part.

    however my symptoms are very mild, mabye im just paraniod.

    i somtimes get a slight pain in my torso area, the right side of my body, right in the middle of my rib cage.

    its a very minor pain to the point i dunno if you should even call it a pain, more like discomfort.

    its not always, and seems to act up when i use a drug. the thing is cocaine and meth dont make it do much when i use these drugs, however on marijuana it hurts pretty bad witch gets me thinking its all in my head (mj makes me paraniod) you would think the more destructive drug would hurt more…

    so what signs to look for? my urine looks fine, its pretty much just the pain, however i get dirriha and neasea on random occasions but i serously think its unreaated.
    my moms been a meth addict for 20 years, and she has very slight kidney problems, and no liver problems, so i dunno if its that, if her 20 years of use didnt serously hurt her liver i dunno why my 3 years of abuse would. but i guess everyones different.

    my main fear is they were messed up before the drugs and the drugs made them worse

    • ANSWER:
      sweetie it sounds like just maybe u should get checked out for just maybe some form of hepatitis but like u said its early if thAT BE THE CASE GOD BLESS

    What does a 24 hour urine test look for w/ your kidney.?
    I think that i have a blood sugar problem, and i went to the doctor and he is looking for a chemical from my kidney. I have a mother w/ hypoglicemia and two diebedics in my family and i have all of the side affects of diebedes: thirst, uritation, dry skin, nausia over heating, fatigue, blurred vision, hunger, & attitude. So why are they checking my liver w/ a 24 hour urine test. Is there a kidney problem that has all of these symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      they are not checking your liver but the amount of proteins your kidneys are excreting in 24 hrs ,

    Possible alcohol allergy? Dehydration? Liver? What is this?
    In my early 20s, I drank heavily and almost daily without any real problems. The past 5 years it’s very rare if I ingest any alcohol more than once a month. The past 1-2 years I’ve noticed that the day AFTER I drink I develop a painful skin ‘condition’ which feels like just a sunburn WITHOUT any redness/flushing/rash. It usually involves my upper arms, torso and thighs being painful when touched. It takes anywhere between 2-5 days before fully going away. It has happened with as little as 2 beers (or more), mixed liquor drinks or wine.

    I read much about alcohol related allergies but found nothing involving this particular symptom. Most refer to rashes or flushing of the skin which I never have. I haven’t found anything about painful skin. Has anyone heard of this? Could this be a simple allergy or a symptom of some other problem? Liver or kidney disorder? If it’s dehydration, why would this be happening now and never in the past?
    I have no problem quitting altogether if that is the only answer but I’d still like to know what is causing this.
    I am not on any kind of medication of any kind nor do I use any other drugs

    • ANSWER:
      My suspicion is that it is reaction in the presence of another medication.

      There are cells in the blood called the “Mast Cells” they produce chemicals causing swelling, redness and pain. It is typically activated with allergy. But what you are describing sounds more like a drug reaction, or an overreaction to alcohol.

      1- First check what medications you are taking, even over-the-counter ones like acetaminophen (Tylenol), that is metabolized by the liver. Also birth control medication or any other drugs.

      2- Then establish the cause-effect relationship, drink alcohol and write down the symptoms –> then do not drink alcohol for a while (for about 5 to 6 times the period it took for the reaction to appear) and write down the outcomes –> then drink again and document the symptoms.

      3- Know that ANYTHING at all can cause allergic reaction, their is what is called “aquagenic urticaria”, yes allergy to water. Know also that different people react differently to the same allergen. You may also have allergies or reaction to allergens, food or medication.

      4- The next step is to check the liver function and the kidney function. This will now have to be done by a doctor. You can not afford to have liver disease and not seek proper medical attention.

      Good luck!

    I have a health question regarding an Over-active Thyroid & Liver problem?
    I have been diagnosed with an Over-active Thyroid but I do not have all the symptoms of an over-active Thyroid?. I have some symptoms of an Under-active thyroid, Why is this? Also I have been told my blood test showed signs of abnormalities of my Liver and Kidneys? I forgot to tell my Dr that I have been sick a couple of times and there has been blood? Is this a sign that somethings wrong with my Liver & Kidneys? (I also feel very unwell)

    • ANSWER:
      Over active and under active thyroids have some of the same symptoms and signs. Sometimes if your thyroid is out of control it causes your liver and kidneys to malfunction. You need to call your doctor and tell him/her about the blood. That is vital to him/her finding out what is really wrong with you. When your thyroid is out of whack so to speak you will feel very unwell. I know I have thyroid problems.

      Just do as your doctors say and listen to them its for the best my dear. Trust me!!

    I really need some medical advice because my doctor is a fool who lies and wont listen to me.?
    I have been to the doctors several times and at first they were very helpful ordered a cbc test and coplete metabolic panel. These test check fo anemia,liver problems kidney problems etc.. My symptoms are quick weight loss fatiuge etc.. Very vauge they look at the preivious test and say your fine dont worry. The more I read the more iI think it may be my pancreas it is the most overlooked organ in the entire body
    and may be the cause of my irritabilty and fatiuge in the mornings.
    I have a dull pain around that area have history of heavy drinkin smoking. These factors alone paly a role in 80% of all pancratitis atatcks. I may only be 26 but I think I am on to something And not dying and having a serious disease is very high on my list. In the last 1.5 years of going to these doctors my health has improved I have gained 16 pounds and feel better yet still have lingering effects on my drug abuse. Every time I go to doctors they lie and say Im fine the truth is they dont know and dont care to purse my request. They have ordered the same test twice and have the same results. Isnt that the defintition of isanity? I also had speck of blood in my phelghm ans wanted to see a lung doctor because of my smoking history they set it up I waited 2 months went to the specialist he told me to go home Im fine! How the fuck does he know You see risk factors are really strong
    if you quit smoking and see blood in your phlegm then they better check it out. Im starting to figure out that only the rich get good medical care And im not rich so I get shuffled around until i get fed up.
    They dont care unless its an emergency I really truly believe that with the reseach I have done that I know more about what im talking about than my doctor. What am I to do I go to a clinic thats free where can i go to get good medical care somoebody that checks all possibilities before dismissing you?? Please forgive my spelling spell check doesnt work sometimes yahoo answers need help lol…

    • ANSWER:
      i can’t really offer you advice… i am in a very similar position and am frustrated with the way i have been treated by the medical profession as a whole- my GP is supportive and has gone above and beyond the call by helping me compile a full medical history, or at least as far back as we can find names and addresses of… i suggest you keep trying to find medical professionals that are willing to listen and offer a plan- no one doctor or specialist will have all the answers- especially with vague and persistent symptoms such as ours.
      i wish you luck in your search and that you may find ways to manage your symptoms…. if they can’t name it they can’t treat it- but you can find ways to live better.
      i have reached the point where i’m not sure if i should waste my time- i can manage my fatigue and joint pain by sleeping more, keeping warm and eating unprocessed/ uncooked foods…
      it has made a lot of difference but i must be sparing- i can’t afford my food bill, so i will have weeks where i eat 2 minute noodles and feel like s**t… i’m over having the stress.
      also though- if you are concerned about the blood you are couching up occasionally or more critical things- all i can suggest is go and sit in the emergency department until someone orders the tests and scans you need.
      more money won’t guarantee better treatment… it just means they will pretend to listen to you for longer.

    What are the noticable symptoms of liver failure?
    My dad passed away in January. He drunk a lot of alcohol all his life, he did like a good drink but I believe he wasn’t alcoholic.
    I was told by the doctors died of pneumonia, but he was in and out of hospital a while before that with problems (wasn’t eating, weak, very very skinny, yellow eyes, seemed to be disorientated as if he had no idea where he was or what he was doing). It turned out he did indeed have liver problems, but they kind of…pushed it to one side, and told us to just buy things for our home to help him walk and get up, like zimmer frames and stuff.
    Just before he died, his liver had completely failed, as well as his kidneys, pancreas and spleen.
    I’m just wondering, what are noticeable signs of liver failure? Would I have known this would happen and could I have prevented it?
    Thanks x

    • ANSWER:
      You could not have prevented his organs from shutting down. There were signs. Early on brown spots on the back of his hands and forearms, the yellow eyes, and a (Jaundice) yellowing of the skin. He would have noticed the color of his urine being dark instead of clear, and would likely have had pain in the small of his back (kidney area). These things happen over time, and unless he mentioned them, you would be unaware.

    rare Interferon side effects when used for melanoma?
    my step dad has melanoma and is having interferon treatment. He was admitted to the ICU early this morning with severe muscle pain and weakness, kidney failure, liver problems, signs of dehydration even though he isnt dehydrated, and extremely low BP. he is normally on high BP medication which has been stopped. They are telling us that there is a rare side effect where the muscles start eating away at themselves but they cant give us any reason for the rest of the symptoms. anyone have any anwsers?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello friend,
      Melanoma is a nasty disease! I lost my husband to it six years ago. As a nurse myself; I have never heard of “muscles eating away at themselves” from chemo-therapy. Obviously, Interferon is a toxic drug; all cancer drugs are and it does cause a diverse range of symptoms. Sorry to tell you but melanoma does not respond well to chemo but it’s always worth trying.
      Good luck and many prayers to your step-dad and you. Hang in there and enjoy every day.

    Should we sue the doctor for malpractice?
    Okay so my mother is 69 years old, and she THINKS she has gout.
    Her right middle finger has swollen up and was a deep deep purple for a month. She thought it would go down because this has happened before and it went down. She finally gave in and went to the clinic in our home town and saw the doctor. When he walked in he asked her if she has diabetics, she said yes. She then said, “I also have had 4 congested heart failures, and bad kidneys”, he then grabbed her finger (knowing it was hurt) and asked if it hurt. (DUH) He said if it is gout the medicine will clear it up, and if it doesn’t clear up come back and he’ll give her a different medication because it must be a under the skin fungus.
    He told her he was going to give her colchicine and to take two initially and 1 every hour. This was on Monday. She took 12 pills out of the 30 in the bottle.
    She started vomiting/diarrhea/weakness/tired/heavy breathing and loss of breath.
    When she was puking in the bathroom she was coming back and she collapsed on me and couldn’t speak for about 10 minutes.When she could, she was breathing so hard and speaking so weakly it was hard to make out what she was saying.
    She stopped taking the medication on Tuesday at 2 in the morning.
    She is very tired but can walk now.
    I read in the TWO papers that the medication came with
    it says ,”do not take if you have a history of kidney/heart/liver/stomach problems.” “Symptoms: nausea,vomiting,diarrhea/stomach ache or upset stomach, sore throat, fever, unusual bleeding or bruising, or numbness or tingling. An allergic reaction to this medicine is unlikely, but seek immediate medical attention if it occurs. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, itching, swelling, dizziness, or trouble breathing. This is not a complete list of all side effects that may occur.”

    I looked it up on a medical website and this is different from the paperwork. The following reads:”Colchicine poisoning has been compared to arsenic poisoning: symptoms start 2 to 5 hours after the toxic dose has been ingested and include burning in the mouth and throat, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and kidney failure. These symptoms may set in as many as 24 hours after the exposure. Onset of multiple-system organ failure may occur within 24 to 72 hours. This includes hypovolemic shock due to extreme vascular damage and fluid loss through the GI tract, which may result in death. Additionally, sufferers may experience kidney damage resulting in low urine output and bloody urine; low white blood cell counts (persisting for several days); anemia; muscular weakness; and respiratory failure. Recovery may begin within 6 to 8 days. There is no specific antidote for colchicine, alt”.
    This man asked if she had diabetes and he was aware of her kidneys and heart problems, but yet he STILL gave this to her? Where she could have lost her life?
    And another thing I read was that gout can only be determined from an X-ray and then they extract fluid from the joint and run a test to see if it tests positive for gout. All they did before was draw a vile of blood and said she had it.

    From what you read, does it sound like we have a suit?
    And no my mother is NOT obese.
    She hardly weighs 115lbs.
    Don’t make assumptions.

    • ANSWER:
      Ask your mother if she is willing to go through the cross examination that the defense will put her through. They will rake her over the coals, try to portray her as scum & make it all her fault.

    10 yr. old Shih Tzu high liver enzyme (sap) & slightly enlarged liver. What type of diet should she be on ?
    I took her to the vet because of some symptoms she had developed. Due to her age liver & kidneys seem to be the first things that are checked. Blood workup showed the high serum alkaline phosphatose so an x-ray was done showing slight enlargement of the liver. I have concerns it maybe Cushings due to other symptoms she has, so we will do the test for that. However I would like to put her on a diet that would not aggravate the liver problem. Could someone suggest one? Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      LOW salt, high in potassium. Bananas would be good to give her if she’ll eat them. Also, low in iron if you can. Lots of water of course. More water the better seeing as it will help flush out the toxins in her liver. Good luck sorry to hear about your doggy being sick :(

    My husband has a weird stomach problem that no Dr. can seem to diagnose. Can anyone relate???
    Okay. At first it just looks like acid-reflux, but its more like compulsive vomiting throughout the day. He can control the compulsion to some degree, and manages to not loose all of his nutrition. However, the stomach Acid is damaging his esophegus (sp?). He has been tested for Celiac Spru, Stomach Paralysis, and he’s not allergic to meat or dairy. He doesn’t smoke, drink coffee or eat acidic foods. It can happen 5-10 times a day before or after meals and also between meals altogether. If you have anything like these symptoms or have a guess as to what is the culprit, please drop me an email. Also, one more strange thing is that all throughout his childhood he would compulsively eat plain table salt. I have heard that this was indicitive of a metabolic disorder, but I can’t find out anything more about it.
    Additional Details
    1 day ago
    No, he has not had a colonoscopy. He has had an endoscopy and some sort of digestion test, where he drank radioactive stuff and then they watched him digest it. Both showed nothing.
    Its hard to answer the question about his current symptoms because he tries very hard to prevent himself from actually throwing up . With a lot of concentration and relaxation, he is able to not loose his food-so its kind of like heaving but he is usually successful at keeping the food inside and not out. When it does occasionally come out its kind of whiteish. it doesn’t seem to be associated with any specific time of day (although without fail first thing in the morning he has it). like i said before, it can be bore meals, right after a meal, when he’s really hungry, when he’s not, etc. However, it doesn’t seem to affect his appetite at all. He eats many times a day, though on days where is stomach is worse, his portions are smaller. He hasn’t had any head trauma, headaches, or really any other problems.
    1 day ago
    He takes asprin very rarely, and we drink alcohol (within moderation) a few times a week. However, in Nov. he got mono and didn’t have a drop of alcohol for 3 months-symptoms of stomach problem did not change. He hasn’t had any of these probelms:kidney-liver-disease ?
    gall stones ?
    headache ?
    head trauma?
    abdominal surgery ?
    no results from any blood tests done so far. no pain, fever, diarrhea, constipation. he doesn’t feel thirst, fait, or have dry mouth. But one of his biggest ways of easing his stomach just a bit is to drink ice water. so he drinks probobly 2ce the amount of water that most people due.
    oh-and its been a problem for the majority of his life – he’s 23. And his Dad has always had a wierd stomach problem. Whenever his dad wouldn’t get enough sleep at night – we would vomit and feel tsick the next day. —just a side note.

    • ANSWER:
      I know this is really off the wall, but if I were him, I would have a TB test done.!!! TB is on a big comeback, can present these symptoms in rare cases. US doctors are NOT used to seeing TB, so often miss the diagnosis for years, long after the damage is done. This is NOT something to play with, for many stomach infections can leave perminent scarring, and if an artery ruptures, he can bleed to death in a matter of minutes and never know it. Get a TB test done immediately. IT costs little, and hopefully, it will be negative. A Positive TB test does NOT mean that is what it is, but it is an indication that further tests need to be done immediately. You would be better off with a foreign doctor who is used to seeing “wierd” symptoms daily. Good luck

    my husband has a weird stomach problem that no Dr. can seem to diagnose – can anyone relate?
    Okay. At first it just looks like acid-reflux, but its more like compulsive vomiting throughout the day. He can control the compulsion to some degree, and manages to not loose all of his nutrition. However, the stomach Acid is damaging his esophegus (sp?). He has been tested for Celiac Spru, Stomach Paralysis, and he’s not allergic to meat or dairy. He doesn’t smoke, drink coffee or eat acidic foods. It can happen 5-10 times a day before or after meals and also between meals altogether. If you have anything like these symptoms or have a guess as to what is the culprit, please drop me an email. Also, one more strange thing is that all throughout his childhood he would compulsively eat plain table salt. I have heard that this was indicitive of a metabolic disorder, but I can’t find out anything more about it.
    Additional Details
    1 day ago
    No, he has not had a colonoscopy. He has had an endoscopy and some sort of digestion test, where he drank radioactive stuff and then they watched him digest it. Both showed nothing.
    Its hard to answer the question about his current symptoms because he tries very hard to prevent himself from actually throwing up . With a lot of concentration and relaxation, he is able to not loose his food-so its kind of like heaving but he is usually successful at keeping the food inside and not out. When it does occasionally come out its kind of whiteish. it doesn’t seem to be associated with any specific time of day (although without fail first thing in the morning he has it). like i said before, it can be bore meals, right after a meal, when he’s really hungry, when he’s not, etc. However, it doesn’t seem to affect his appetite at all. He eats many times a day, though on days where is stomach is worse, his portions are smaller. He hasn’t had any head trauma, headaches, or really any other problems.
    1 day ago
    He takes asprin very rarely, and we drink alcohol (within moderation) a few times a week. However, in Nov. he got mono and didn’t have a drop of alcohol for 3 months-symptoms of stomach problem did not change. He hasn’t had any of these probelms:kidney-liver-disease ?
    gall stones ?
    headache ?
    head trauma?
    abdominal surgery ?
    no results from any blood tests done so far. no pain, fever, diarrhea, constipation. he doesn’t feel thirst, fait, or have dry mouth. But one of his biggest ways of easing his stomach just a bit is to drink ice water. so he drinks probobly 2ce the amount of water that most people due.
    oh-and its been a problem for the majority of his life – he’s 23.
    We know that he doesn’t have an eating disorder and its not related to any anxiety problems – He’s had it pretty much since he was 4 years old, after he had been hospitalized for pneumonia.

    • ANSWER:
      Was he tested for potassium levels?
      Potassium levels usually vary with sodium levels. When sodium levels increase, potassium levels decrease, and vice versa. Potassium levels are also affected by a hormone called aldosterone, which is produced by the adrenal glands.
      Does he have Edema (fluid retention) or high blood pressure?

    Are there any other conditions with the same symptoms of Diabetes?
    I have been tested for Diabetes but the test shows I do not have it. Nor do I have a problem with my thyroid. My symptoms are:
    Excessive thirst( I drink at least 2-3 gallons of water a day), excessive urination, shakey, weak, I had an episode where I was so shakey it felt like my heart racing, my hands and feet tingle at times, my mouth feels like it’s dry even though I drink way too much water.
    My A1C came back 5.7, red cells are fine, not my thyroid, liver and kidneys are fine, I am not pregnant( lol! yeah they did a pregnancy test too) My dr is stumped. One morning my blood sugar was 149 before breakfast and my last meal was a 4pm the day before( no snacks either)
    Any ideas so I can ask my dr to check up on?

    • ANSWER:
      Theoretically if your blood sugar IS higher than 126 mg/dl before breakfast, it should be measured again and if it still is higher than 126 mg/dl then diabetes CAN be diagnosed… did your doctor measure your blood sugar before breakfast more than once? if he didn’t then you should insist on him ordering the labs again because you MIGHT have the disease.
      Hope you found this useful.

      You should check out this link:

    Liver Disease and your imput…?
    My mom died 10 years ago due to several different health problems, it all started off with bad blood, she had one thing wrong with the next, liver, kidney, you name it. She suffered for 19 years, and I was told I have alot of her symptoms, kidney disease, thyroid, and now liver damage. I am so tired of one doctor to the next, it seems they are never sure what I have definatly.
    My question is I was recently told that my liver looked bad, but not for sure that it is damaged as of yet, I go for more test in a few days. DOES drinking make it worse? Am I suppose to totally stop all together, and besides medication through the years and drinking, is there any other way that I got this? What is your advise on whether you think drinking is going to make it worse or not, and is there something I can do to keep me healthier like does excerise even help or taking vitamians, cause I am SO tired of finding horrible doctors that never know whats going on anymore!

    • ANSWER:
      There are some hereditary liver diseases. Sounds like you need to thouroughly understand which one yours is. Drinking DEFINETLY should be off your ‘to do’ list. It always will make liver disease worse, no matter the cause.
      Be careful of vitamins too, some of those are harmful
      Is there any way you can bring someone with you to your docs appt.? Sometimes, having someone there with you will help you later understand all they said. Also, if that’s not possible, write down all your questions first, and bring the list with you. Some questions I would ask:
      1)specific diagnosis (then you can look it up later for more info)
      2)drugs and OTC to avoid (so you don’t cause more damage)
      3)Any thing more can be done to help (any studies, experimental drugs, anything new going on to treat this?)
      4)Any other opinions? (search for the latest info on your diagnosis)
      Good luck, I hope you get to the bottom of this and feel better soon. Be proactive in your health, information will help you understand what you can do for yourself!

    am I dying of liver failure?
    Hey I am a 19 year old male. I was exposed to a high amount of naphtha fumes about 12 times in a short period of time. I am now showing scary signs/ I have not gone to a doctor because I have no money or insurence. My symptoms are portal hypertension ( I know from veins appearing in the back of my throat) prominent veins ( not to bad but more but can see my arteries in my arms more then usual) I think I have jaundice in the roof of my mouth, its a little yellowish. My urine was cloud for a bit but that has stopped. I have minor itching. Some adominal pain. My gums bleed randomly, Usualy towards night. It was bad before but then stopped for a bit then started again but is very light now. I did lose my apetite for a bit but now Im eating like normal again. I was depressed for a bit. Wasnt taking care of my self. Wasn’t bathing, grew a beard. But now I am fine. I am up and out riding my bike and enjoying nature. I dont really have problems with sleepyness, a little tired but nothing that will keep me from being active. My kidneys hurt a little time to time. I was having light colored foul smelling stool but that ended to. Im confused and stressed a little because it seems Im getting better but at the same time getting worse. As most of the symptoms I stated have faded. The prominent veins are new symptom. they come and go through the day. Ive done very extensive research so I know all the symptoms of liver problems. Ive stated all the symptoms I have. Its just that there is so so so much mixed info on the net. What I have been doing to treat my self is taking milk thistle, cranberry extract, pomigranent extract, flax seed oil, and once the following come in the mail Ill be doing them, castor oil therapy with a heating pad, dandelion extract and artichoke extract. I told my work Im not going to be in for a bit because Im very sick. I figure avoiding as much stress as possible is vital to recovery. Please only answer from people who really know what they are talking about. I know I should be going to a doctor. But there is no way I could afford it

    • ANSWER:
      Ethan, the only way to know for sure is to have
      blood work taken for the liver enzymes and
      liver function tests levels. The liver is very
      quiet about any damage that may be done to it.
      It usually starts to show signs and symptoms if
      the liver cells are damaged to the point that
      they start to die off.
      For portal hypertension, the vessels that
      become enlarged are usually found in the
      lower part of the esophagus, in the rectum,
      and around the belly button area.
      Liver disease can cause a person to become
      really tired and the tiredness doesn’t usually
      go away.
      When noticing jaundice, it is best down in
      outside lighting, as inside lighting can mask it.
      It does appear in the mucus membranes, but
      it is usually most noticed in the whites of the
      eyes and the skin area.
      The urine will become darker in yellow and
      even turn into a deep brown if a person is
      jaundice. This is caused by bilirubin rising
      in the blood. Bilirubin is a pigment (colors
      things)that is made from our dead red blood cells that flow with the bile from the liver through tube
      like structures, known as ducts, to the
      intestines to help emulsify and digest the
      fats we eat. If the liver cells become damaged
      where they are not able to convert this non
      soluble bilirubin into a soluble form…then it
      can go higher in the blood. Anything that
      blocks the ducts or if the ducts are malformed,
      can stop the flow of this bilirubin and it can
      back up into the liver and go into the blood, also.
      If the bilirubin doesn’t reach the intestines,
      the stools will be light in color, almost a grayish
      white and they may float on top of the water.

      I know that no one here will be able to tell you
      for sure what your medication problem may
      be…I think you should locate a free clinic
      in your area and go to them…it is the only way
      you will know for sure.

      Best wishes

    Just wondering?
    If somebody overdoses on iburophen… They took between 120 and 150 in three days… What are the effects of that. It’s been a week and they seem alright . She did not get sick or anything but she has been peeing a lot and it hurts a little but not to bad. Should she be worried at all?

    She really feels fine other than very slight pain. Not really that bothering her….

    If there was a kidney or liver problem would’nt there be more symptoms and a lot more painfull?

    • ANSWER:
      whoever it is, they need to go to the doctor or hospital.

    Alcohol consumption and body odor?
    For the past couple years, i consume just shy of .5 liters of tequila a day… and I am in the process of quitting. I always consume lots of water as well. I shower twice per day, in the morning and before bed. The past couple months, even though I shower before bed, in the morning my room and I smell really bad, almost tart if you will. I don’t sweat while I sleep either. Overall, I feel great. Have great energy and am in decent health. I’m wondering if this is a possible symptom of liver or kidney problems, I did have a friend pass away from liver failure, so it crosses my mind… paranoid i guess. Or could this be just the alcohol getting out of my body through my skin?… and if so, why did it start recently?

    Thanks, Matt
    and it’s nothing in my room either, I keep it and my sheets clean.

    • ANSWER:
      it might be. i would talk to a doctor about your plan. drinking that much a day for a few years can change your body. your body is used to having that much alcohol available and when you start to take it away, it might actually do more harm then good initially. i would set up a plan with a doctor so you can do it supervised so no health problems arise.

    Help with agonizing pain?
    I’ve had an intricate series of misfortunes over the past two weeks. Last Thursday I had to get a root canal done on my lower left molar and there was a serious abscess. The first part went fine and the dentist prescribed me with penicillin and hydrocodone for the week following. He also recommended taking advil, but the pharmacist told me to be careful mixing the advil with the hydro, so I didn’t take any advil until the 4th day after the procedure after finding it was safe. My gums were quite swollen and painful, but the medication did an ok job of dulling it all. Once I started taking the advil, I felt like my throat had closed a little and that my tongue was swollen, but I thought it was just from the surgery. I turned out after another 4 days of taking the advil that I was having minor allergic reactions to it, which in turn made the overall swelling worse. I stopped taking the advil and took some benadryl to treat the allergy, which worked over 2-3 days. By this time I was out of the hydrocodone and had the 2nd stage of the root canal done the next friday, which irritated the swelling and induced more pain, but I was not prescribed any more painkillers. I started taking tylenol extra strength every 4 hours, and accidentally took 16 of them over the course of 31 hours due to the recurring pain. I have only been able to sleep for 1-3 hours at a time up to this day, and the pain is always what wakes me up and I am unable to return to sleep until about 20 hours later. After finding I had taken too many tylenol, I called poison control and they told me to get to ER immediately since I was having some symptoms of overdose. I went and got the blood work done and everything came out fine, liver %100 perfect and acitominophen levels at zero. They told me not to take any more tylenol for the next 24 hours, which was quite hard for me to deal with because of the pain. Almost exactly 24 hours later I returned to the tylenol, which relieves the pain for about 2-3 hours in 1000mg doses. I’ve been monitoring my time/intake to the minute now. I went to the dentist again yesterday to make sure there was no infection or anything, and he said I checked out fine, despite the excruciating pain. This is now the 12th day after the procedure and nothing has changed. I need the tylenol or the pain is totally unbearable, but this doesn’t seem right. I started fasting the day I got the 1st part of the root canal done out of fear of infecting it, and had lost 14lbs by the 8th day. I am now at a 17lb loss total, but I’ve been trying to eat properly since I am hypoglycemic and have been getting headaches. But from the fast, now whenever I eat I feel nauseous and haven’t had an appetite this entire time anyways. The pain from my gums seems like it is channeling itself through my entire body. I feel like all my senses are extremely heightened and that is agonizing on its own. My hair touching my face feels like needles, if a light is on I get a headache, if even the slightest sound is made it sounds like an explosion in my head, the only thing un-heightened is taste really and the increased sense of smell doesn’t bother me as long as nothing smells bad. I think the heightened senses have to do with not eating, because this has happened before, but not to this degree.

    I have also been under a lot of stress. I’m a college student and have exams this week. I thought I was going to die or have serious kidney/liver problems for the rest of my life from the tylenol OD. And on top of everything, I slept with a woman who I found out the next day was an escort, and yes I wore protection, but still a scary thought. I had severe anxiety attacks for 2 days before going to ER.

    I am closing in on my maximum daily dose of tylenol and when that comes to an end, the pain is likely to return and the vicious cycle will start again. If anyone has any recommendation besides seeing a doctor, please let me know what you think. I bought some orajel and tylenol PM extra strength to possibly help me sleep today.

    • ANSWER:

    Could I possibly be pregnant?
    I am on my 60th day without a period. I have not been on birth control for 2 years. I just had a physical last week and was deemed very healthy! (No Thyroid, kidney, liver problems) I am 5’ 8” and range between 135-140 lbs. I eat relatively healthy and exercise every now and again. My cycle on average is about 31 days. I have a range of about 2 days depending on the seasons, (winter is a bit longer between cycles, summer is shorter.) I am not a stressed person at all.

    My question is, could I be pregnant? I have taken 4 pee stick test all of which were negative. I have some “pregnancy” symptoms, but I do realize that this could be attributed to anything. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why it’s been 60 days since last af?
    I am married and 28. We’re TTC.
    last cycle start was 1/4/10. Had sex on 1/17 and 1/27.

    • ANSWER:

    Please any doctor or nurse help me ?
    male 24, I have been really really sick for couple of months. I had all these tests before and well and that time Doctors diagnosed me with chem imbalance depression and Anxiety.

    I haven’t taken any SSRI yet as I am not convinced I have depression.

    My symptoms include a lot of weakness. no energy in legs, arms and legs get heavy.fatigue, my appetite is craving for sweets and fry foods. I hate waking up in morning and sleep all day and I am up all night. I have withdrawn from everything as I feel to ill in general.

    I barely go outside and this has been hapening from past 5 months.

    I went to another doctor and she has ordered following tests.

    Biochemistry- Glucose, TSH, Creatine, Uric Acid, Sodium, Pottasium, Chloride, CK, ALT, Bilirubin, Albumin, Cholestrol, B12, Ferritin, Urinalysis (Chemeical)

    Other Tests – Si Calcium
    Vit D

    FOBT (Fecal Occult Blood Test)

    She want’s to do all these before referring me to Psychiatrist.

    Any can these Tests see if there is any Nutrional deficiency, Liver Problem, Kidney Prob, Stomach Problem, or any infection in Blood ?

    I went to Cardiologist who performed several tests and said my heart is fine.

    Will all these tests give doctor a good indication if I am physically healthy

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not a doctor or a nurse, but a suffer of serve depression for almost 4 yrs. I did know what it was because I grew up with a parent who suffered the same thing. All of these symptoms you are describing are to the detail of the ones I have been thru for yrs. You do need to see a professional in mental health(Psychiatrist) because severe deppression can make you physicaly sick also. I have expericened this first hand. And had all the symptoms you have described, and it will not get better on it’s own. I wasted over 2 yrs. of my life going to a regular MD, instead of a professional, untill I had a nervous break down, then I got on the right treatment plan and medication, and at last I have MY life back. So please seek help ASAP for the deppresion, because life will get better, I’m living proof. God Bless You

    please any doctor or nurse help me ?
    Male 24, I have been really really sick for couple of months. I had all these tests before and well and that time Doctors diagnosed me with chem imbalance depression and Anxiety.

    I haven’t taken any SSRI yet as I am not convinced I have depression.

    My symptoms include a lot of weakness. no energy in legs, arms and legs get heavy.fatigue, my appetite is craving for sweets and fry foods. I hate waking up in morning and sleep all day and I am up all night. I have withdrawn from everything as I feel to ill in general.

    I barely go outside and this has been hapening from past 5 months.

    I went to another doctor and she has ordered following tests.

    Biochemistry- Glucose, TSH, Creatine, Uric Acid, Sodium, Pottasium, Chloride, CK, ALT, Bilirubin, Albumin, Cholestrol, B12, Ferritin, Urinalysis (Chemeical)

    Other Tests – Si Calcium
    Vit D

    FOBT (Fecal Occult Blood Test)

    She want’s to do all these before referring me to Psychiatrist.

    Any can these Tests see if there is any Nutrional deficiency, Liver Problem, Kidney Prob, Stomach Problem, or any infection in Blood ?

    I went to Cardiologist who performed several tests and said my heart is fine.

    Will all these tests give doctor a good indication if I am physically healthy

    • ANSWER:
      Every single test I would’ve ordered is on that list. Everything you asked about will be investigated with these labs. Depending on your age, the only thing that is even remotely possible in addition to these that would be of any consequence is testosterone levels. (I’m assuming the CBC will come with a peripheral smear to rule even more….it usually does. And the 1st answerer didn’t see it, but TSH is already being checked.)

      Your symptoms fit many diseases and conditions, including several electrolyte imbalances, type II diabetes, Hypothyroidism, anemia, and many more. However, yes, all of those also fit depression. If each of those labs comes out negative, I’d say with a high level of certainty that you likely have clinical depression.

      Rest assured your doctor clearly knows what they are doing. They are covering all the bases, and all your organ systems.

    gout/foot/ankle swelling?
    I was diagnosed with gout, after several attacks. Swelling, pain, etc. The dr. put me on Alluprionol, and I have not had a bad attack since. However, me feet and ankles still swell, and my legs get cramps, although not in the past couple of days. When I was diagnosed with gout, they also took my blood and urine and said everything was normal, except high uric acid. But when I google swelling of feet, ankles, edema comes up, saying liver, kidney problems, diabetes, HEART FAILURE, etc. I have not other symptoms. Could the alluprinol be causing the swelling, or could it be remnants of gout? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The gout and the edema would be signs of Kidney (energy system) deficiency in Chinese medicine, so the two are related medically. While it is possible to stimulate the kidneys to drain uric acid through diruetics, you may want to consider Kidney tonic herbs to restore your Kidney energy before other symptoms begin to appear. Here is some educational material on Gout and Chinese medicine:

    Is the Swine Flu epidemic overblown? How are people reacting in your part of the globe?
    Despite being in New York City and constantly hearing TV anchors screaming “Don’t Panic” as many times per minute as possible, I get the feeling here in the streets that no one actually cares. New York Public Radio did a segment on the lack of any response to the swine flu by most people in the Metro Area. Actually I haven’t met one person that cares at all yet.

    However, outside of the U.S. people I talk to seem quite frightened.

    Is it that New York’s Flu season usually kills hundreds any normal year anyways? I remember plenty of years where the flu was much stronger. I’m aware of basic biology, and viral mutation etc., but human viruses can just as well mutate? So why the fear? I’m not aware of a mass pig death epidemic?

    Am I naive? Or will this turn out to be even more hype than SARS?

    (What scares me is that people are being quarantined now worldwide because of low grade fever and 1 day upset stomach, or regular cold like symptoms, and I see no animal kingdom epidemic that could even be close to a human mutation not to mention it would have to remain just as pathogenic with a very different genes)

    It just seems odd to me. The media seems to be underplaying the fact that both people who died here in NYC had serious underlying health problems already incluing liver/kidney problems and possible gout? Consider that with how difficult Tamiflu and antiviral medication is on the kidney and liver, and then Swine Flu becomes even less threatening.

    Something just does not seem right.

    Maybe someone from New York can vouch for this. Is New York already “crisis’d out”? Are we numb? I’m actually glad to see that no one seems to really care despite the media sensationalism, but is this justified on my part?

    • ANSWER:
      Well im in Melbourne, Vic Australia and there are 300+ cases that have come pretty fast we were swine flu free like a week ago, but Im not scared or anything its just a flu and they treat it like any other. The fact that a kid got it and was all better like a week later doesn’t exactly strike fear!!!
      Everyone just needs to calm down and if you are scared just get a mask it cuts down the chance of getting it by 85%

    My chow chow recently sick seriously…any idea why?
    Symptoms found as below:
    1. Lack of appetite
    2. Weight loss dramatically
    3. Coughing ( feel like something stuck in throat and try to cough it up )
    4. Like to drink plenty of water
    5. Eyes discharge (yellow / black )
    6. Urine normal, no blood in stool, sometimes diarrhea ( little )
    7. No energy

    I had sent to vet check, the doctor also cannot determine the actual diseases even though he had
    conducted blood test on it. He suspected kidney and liver problem.
    The result is as below:
    1. UREA 227 mg/dl
    2. GPT 131 U/1
    3. HB <5.00g/dl 4. GOT 74.5 U/1 5. BIL <0.500mg/dl He is now taking some medicines for 3rd day and seem no improvement. I plan to go for another vet doctor if the condition remain no improving. Anyone know what happened to my doggy before I consult the next vet doctor? The vet doc only tested on this few items, so bad. He didn't suggest to find out more details.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry to hear about your chow chow being sick. They are beautiful, loving dogs.

      Try asking on one of the free “ask a vet” sites such as this one:

      And this one (which is a forum in which a vet reads and answers the posts):

      There are more here:

      Trying another vet is a good move. Ask around before you choose one, and look up your local vets online first. That will help you to find a good one. As for all professions, some vets are better than others. (That’s not to say that your present vet isn’t good, just that not all vets have equal skills and that it’s a good thing to look for one who is known to be good.)

      I hope your chow chow gets better soon. Hang on in there, and keep trying. xxx

    Possible Lymphoma or liver cancer?
    Im a 26 year old.For over 6 months now ive had right back pain near the spine in line with my kidney.It seems to swell occasionally and is sore when touched.My lower spine is tender to touch as is my ribs and abdomen on the right side. I wake up every night in the early hours after a few hours sleep with severe pain in my back and side/ribs, hip and abdomen. This happens whether I lie on my left side, right side or even my back. I end up having to wake up, put four pillows behind me and sit up to go to sleep. Even then it throbs and burns that much I can’t get back to sleep. Im on several pain killers co-codomal,tramdaol,anti inflammatory, amitriptyline and even anti depressants and nothing is helping. Ive woke up today with my whole right hip and side in pain and swollen,My friend stayed over and when i stood up this morning she said what has happened to your side.I looked in the mirror and its swollen twice size of the left side.Im in agony.I just dont know what to do. They doctors have did some blood tests which showed higher ESR and CRP but that was about it. They havent even examined my spine,ribs e,t,c or touched them.They just keep dishing out painkillers which isnt helping and im getting more sick.I also have other symptoms of muscle twitching, night sweats,feeling sick,(although on anti sickness meds),no appetite,fatigue,insomnia,thirst,cough/breathlessnes that doesnt seem to go but not sure if that is to do with asthma.All the pain is in the right side but is spreading and getting worse.
    Im sorry Ive gone into detail but im at my wits end.Im fedup being given tablets that dont work.Ive had no proper tests and Im considering going to the emergency department.
    Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Any ideas of what it could be?My friends a registred nurse an shes concerned it could be lymphoma or a liver problem?
    Im not looking for diagnosis just some support or ideas n how to go about getting some proper help.

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:

    HELP! i am so desparate!!!!!!?
    ok well i obviously have some kind of health problem but my doctor or nobody knows what yet. ok i have had and upper GI (barium swallow) and blood tests for celiac they both came out negative. and my doc says it is not diabeties and not any liver or kidney problems. (a few years ago i got tested for those)
    so here are my symptoms:
    -i feel faint sometimes like my hands are uncontrollably tingeling
    -i ALWAYS feel nausiated
    -my throat gets really tight
    -i have troubles breathing
    - my hands are always clammy
    -cold feet
    today i was sitting in school and right before lunch i started to feel REALLY faint. i mean i called home it was that bad. like my hands just started vibrating i felt like i was going to collapse any second. so i went home. had some thing to eat and i was ok but i still felt naucious. well the problem could be that i never eat breakfast or i rarely eat lunch becuase i fear i am going to be sick. so here is what i think it might be. tell me your opinions…
    superventricular tachycardia
    low blood sugar
    anything else anyone can think of i would be sooooo appriciative.

    • ANSWER:
      Low blood sugar would definately cause the nausea and dizziness. but mainly sounds like you have really bad anxiety. You don’t even have to be conscious of what is causing the anxiety. But b/c your anxious of getting sick after you eat, is causing you to not eat, dropping your blood sugar and causing you to feel faint. I would go back to your primary physcian and ask if the symptoms you list are the physical symptoms of anxiety.

    Does anyone else see the danger in some of the nitwit “best answers” to medical questions?
    One poor woman was suffering from BURNING FEET SYNDROME. This can be a symptom of a serious medical problem. I suggest you leave these questions alone unless you are familiar with all the illnesses that can cause this ie. Diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, kidney problems, etc. . Someone like me will eventually get to the question and give a medical answer. Maybe I just got in to this site and did not realize that it was ALL ABOUT FUN and fatulance questions. I tryed to add a comment to the totally inadequate “voted best answer” but not allowed enough words to give this young woman a good solid comprehensive answer. Dr. Jame Ronning

    • ANSWER:
      When you joined Yahoo!Answers, you agreed to the User Agreement (did you take time to read it?). Actually, part of what it says is that the comments posted on this website should NEVER be used as a substitute for a doctor’s medical advice and you should ALWAYS seek the advice of qualified medical professionals. Now, that’s more for Yahoo!’s protection, but it’s also setting the standard that this is a forum to discuss, not a place to receive an official diagnosis.

      But what I’ve found after participating on this site for several years is that many people who ask medical questions on this site can’t afford a doctor or their copays or coinsurance is too high for them to go to the doctor for something that might be mundane.

      It’s much like the justice system. For the very very large percentage of cases, the bad guys go to jail, and the innocent ones go free. But sometimes, the bad guys go free and the innocent ones go to jail. It’s not perfect.

      Y!A is much the same. For the large part, the people who comment are medical professionals themselves, or have a very intimate knowledge of the condition being spoken of (take myself for instance; I am not a doctor, but I know as much about Multiple Sclerosis as some doctors I know because I have it and have done research on it for years now). So for the most part, questions are answered accurately, and people get good advice. But sometimes, bad advice slips through (like people advocating pills or diet regimens to “cure” Multiple Sclerosis). Someone could follow that advice instead of seeking professional medical advice and their conditions could get worse.

      Hopefully, if people can get true medical attention, they would, rather than resorting to the Internet.

    My doctors can’t give me a good answer or direction to take. Can you help?
    Hi, My name is Matt and I apologize in advance for the long question. I’ve been having a chronic health problem for the past year and half now, and I’m not much closer to solving the problem of why I feel so awful than I was at the start. Different doctors will tell me I have things that other doctors say there is no way I have. Others tend to throw antibiotics at me, push me out of the office, and hope the problem magically disappears. My faith in health care professionals is ebbing away more and more everyday.

    Anyways, here are my regular symptoms:
    Loss of focus/concentration, extreme fatigue, constantly hungry, feeling very faint and weak kneed, stiff joints and muscles, stuffy nose, sore/tight throat, chest pain/tightness right along my sternum, irritability, and heavy breathing.

    For the past year and a half, I’ve exhibited these symptoms on and off. I have good days and bad days, but especially lately, much more so bad. Also, even the good days give me some fatigue, but the difference is pretty night and day. I feel a lot more capable.

    I’ve been diagnosed with a severe dust mite allergy, pumped full of medications, continued to get sick, and later found I had no allergy to dust mites according to another doctor and another test. The new doctor diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis. I’ve tried corticosteroids, antihistamines, nasal rinses, vitamins, and all sorts of things. The only thing that gives me any real relief is the sinus rinse, and that relief is pretty fleeting. Now I’m being told that I have allergies again, despite the fact that no allergy medication has done me any good, and the skin tests say I’m not allergic to anything.

    I’ve also recently had some new symptoms, on top of the old ones being more severe than usual (especially the fatigue, hunger, and faint feeling). They are: constantly thirsty, nausea, frequent urination (happens a lot, regardless of how much water I drink, always comes out crystal clear, and I can’t seem to hold it at all), about 10 pounds of weight loss 2 weeks ago, and now, very little weight gain, despite eating like crazy.

    I’ve had a complete blood count recently. It showed my glucose as normal, so diabetes is not the problem. Kidney and liver functions were also normal. My lymphocyte level came in a little high at 47 (12-44 is normal), absolute neutrophils came in a little low at 1.67 (normal is 1.8-7.7). It looks like I have a slight anemia, because my hemoglobin came in at 13.2 (normal: 14-18) and my hematocrit came in at 38 (normal: 42-54). I’ve started taking a multivitamin, and eating more red meat in case of iron deficiency.

    Yet, I find it hard to believe that anemia is to blame for all of my new/worsening of symptoms, and more importantly, I’ve had numerous blood tests over the past year and a half, and never came up as anemic, so even if it is the complete cause for my new and worsened symptoms, it still doesn’t explain my regular fatigue and general feeling like garbage for over a year.

    As for my habits, I generally eat a very healthy diet, and also exercise frequently. I’m in pretty good shape, and am in the right weight range for my height (6 feet tall, 170 lbs). Also, I’m only 20 years old, so I feel like I shouldn’t be getting winded by taking the stairs, or needing a nap after 2 hours of work. The only hospitilizations I’ve had are for a concussion at age 16 sustained while playing rugby (very light concussion, blacked out for 10 seconds, can’t remember some of that day, but I was fine after a few hours), and a surgery to take out my tonsils and open up my sinuses (which did seem to help my breathing a bit, but didn’t stop the sickness from coming over and over and over).

    As for medications, I’ve been on pretty much every allergy medication around, and none of them stop me from getting sick. Plus, most of them leave me in an even worse brain fog than when I’m just feeling sick. I’ve also been pumped full of more antibiotics than I can count. At this point, I’m quite adverse to taking more medications, considering that none has helped me thus far, and they always, always come with side effects.

    I really just want to know whats wrong with me, whatever it is, so that I can get about fixing it. It’s a number one priority for me, because it just makes everything in my life so much more difficult. Even the simplest classes and tasks and work become grueling when I’m feeling like this, and I’d say I feel like this about 85-95% of the time, especially as of late. My problem is, I’m at the end of my rope. My doctor’s can’t give me any good ideas or directions to take, they just tell me the other one is an idiot and that I need to just keep putting money in their pocket. I’ve tried so many options and been tested for so many things, and I can’t seem to get a truly conclusive answer. I’m ready to try just about anything. In fact, I’m getting ready to make an acupuncture appointment, and maybe start taking some herbs. I mean, it may be a

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, have you tried cutting out gluten in your diet. I have this friend who did exactly this and she became human again and she felt more alive than she had in years. She had some of the symptoms that you have been suffering. Hope this helps.

    Constantly fatigued and miserable. Need help please!?
    Hi, My name is Matt and I apologize in advance for the long question. I’ve been having a chronic health problem for the past year and half now, and I’m not much closer to solving the problem of why I feel so awful than I was at the start. Different doctors will tell me I have things that other doctors say there is no way I have. Others tend to throw antibiotics at me, push me out of the office, and hope the problem magically disappears. My faith in health care professionals is ebbing away more and more everyday.

    Anyways, here are my regular symptoms:
    Loss of focus/concentration, extreme fatigue, constantly hungry, feeling very faint and weak kneed, stiff joints and muscles, stuffy nose, sore/tight throat, chest pain/tightness right along my sternum, and heavy breathing.

    For the past year and a half, I’ve exhibited these symptoms on and off. I have good days and bad days, but especially lately, much more so bad.

    I’ve been diagnosed with a severe dust mite allergy, pumped full of medications, continued to get sick, and later found I had no allergy to dust mites according to another doctor and another test. The new doctor diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis. I’ve tried corticosteroids, antihistamines, nasal rinses, vitamins, and all sorts of things. The only thing that gives me any real relief is the sinus rinse, and that relief is pretty fleeting. Now I’m being told that I have allergies again, despite the fact that no allergy medication has done me any good, and the skin tests say I’m not allergic to anything.

    I’ve also recently had some new symptoms, on top of the old ones being more severe than usual (especially the fatigue, hunger, and faint feeling). They are: constantly thirsty, nausea, frequent urination (happens a lot, regardless of how much water I drink, always comes out crystal clear, and I can’t seem to hold it at all), about 10 pounds of weight loss 2 weeks ago, and now, very little weight gain, despite eating like crazy.

    I’ve had a complete blood count recently. It showed my glucose as normal, so diabetes is not the problem. Kidney and liver functions were also normal. My lymphocyte level came in a little high at 47 (12-44 is normal), absolute neutrophils came in a little low at 1.67 (normal is 1.8-7.7). It looks like I have a slight anemia, because my hemoglobin came in at 13.2 (normal: 14-18) and my hematocrit came in at 38 (normal: 42-54). I’ve started taking a multivitamin, and eating more red meat in case of iron deficiency.

    Yet, I find it hard to believe that anemia is to blame for all of my new/worsening of symptoms, and more importantly, I’ve had numerous blood tests over the past year and a half, and never came up as anemic, so even if it is the complete cause for my new and worsened symptoms, it still doesn’t explain my regular fatigue and general feeling like garbage for over a year.

    As for my habits, I generally eat a very healthy diet, and also exercise frequently. I’m in pretty good shape, and am in the right weight range for my height (6 feet tall, 170 lbs). Also, I’m only 20 years old, so I feel like I shouldn’t be getting winded by taking the stairs, or needing a nap after 2 hours of work. The only hospitilizations I’ve had are for a concussion at age 16 sustained while playing rugby (very light concussion, blacked out for 10 seconds, can’t remember some of that day, but I was fine after a few hours), and a surgery to take out my tonsils and open up my sinuses (which did seem to help my breathing a bit, but didn’t stop the sickness from coming over and over and over).

    As for medications, I’ve been on pretty much every allergy medication around, and none of them stop me from getting sick. Plus, most of them leave me in an even worse brain fog than when I’m just feeling sick. I’ve also been pumped full of more antibiotics than I can count. At this point, I’m quite adverse to taking more medications, considering that none has helped me thus far, and they always, always come with side effects.

    I really just want to know whats wrong with me, whatever it is, so that I can get about fixing it. It’s a number one priority for me, because it just makes everything in my life so much more difficult. Even the simplest classes and tasks and work become grueling when I’m feeling like this, and I’d say I feel like this about 85-95% of the time, especially as of late. My problem is, I’m at the end of my rope. My doctor’s can’t give me any good ideas or directions to take, they just tell me the other one is an idiot and that I need to just keep putting money in their pocket. I’ve tried so many options and been tested for so many things, and I can’t seem to get a truly conclusive answer. I’m ready to try just about anything. In fact, I’m getting ready to make an acupuncture appointment, and maybe start taking some herbs. I mean, it may be a shot in the dark, but at least I’m taking a shot.

    Anyways, if you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you taking the time to read

    • ANSWER:
      ok i lived this already you need to see an endocrinologist i suffer from multinodular goitor never detected i have normal tsh t4 t3 i have a high globulglobin antibody which is a precurser for an auto immune defect in my case hashimoto thryoiditis , i have hypo thyroid symptoms with normal thyroid levels i am on VIT D as it was dangerously low giving me chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms the IBS symptom depression and now i have a gluten sensitivity so you can try swollowing vit D at walmart and VIT E high doses my VIT D rx is 50,000 IU 1 x per week so the second thing i would do is pump up your VIT B drink vitamin water like propel , stop eating wheat products so i am eating puffed rice corn flakes potatoes etc stay away from MSG also , cream of rice grits read the boxes eat lots of fresh fruit and vegs and meat PLAIN no seasoning see if you perk up, i am on synthroid 37.50 mcg a day and i feel human again, so have an ultrasound of your thyroid , start drinking pomegranite juice 4 oz a day and eat yorgurt with ACTIVA like enzymes , the antibiotics are slowing your system down yeast build up , unless you can get a RX for nystatin its suppose to break down the yeast in your body , or maybe swollow Diflucan to remove yeast that is what i have been living , now my mom likes those chinese foot toxic pads for your feet she says her burning feet has miniumized with this? try a massage also, stop smoking and drinking alcohol detox your body , drink V8 splash soy milk silk milk? hope something i do helps you? walmart sells all natural snacks world gourmet when pigs fly.. it gives you a serving of fruit or sensible portions co are all natural NO WHEAT in these snacks no preservative ,

    Why does my tummy hurt?
    I have had several scans of my stomach, including an MRI, an MRA, a CT scan, as well as an X-Ray, I’ve had a high point scan of my gallbladder & several blood tests that have ruled out Kidney disease & Liver problems. My stomach hurts on my right side, below my ribcage, right in my Gallbladder/Liver area.

    I don’t understand why all the tests come back normal, when there is obviously something going on there! Could it be appendicitis?

    These tests have revealed Polycystic ovaries, acid reflux, degenerative disk disorder (in my back/spine), but nothing that explains this pain.

    A little more info about me: I have Meniere’s Disease (a chronic disease of the inner ear that causes vertigo, as well as many other symptoms. See here for more details::

    I also have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (for more info on TLE see here:

    As well as chronic Migraines, Osteoarthritis, & I’m blind in my left eye & deaf in my left ear.

    Believe it or not, I live a normal life, & until recently, I was a full time nursing/ Medical Laboratory Tech student & I maintained a 3.8 GPA. I also worked full time.

    With the recent pain in my side, I do OK, but keeping up with my kids & my husband is about all I can do. I can’t go to the gym as much as I use to & my housework has fallen behind on more than one occasion.

    If I can live a completely normal life with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Osteoarthritis, Meniere’s Disease & chronic migraine, I feel confident that I could resume that if I had a solution to this horrible pain in my side!

    Any clues would be great! I really prided myself on being able to maintain through all the problems that have come up & it seems silly to me that a pain in my stomach/side could debilitate me as much as it has!

    Thanks for the response, but I actually drink loads of water & I eat soup, & oatmeal at least 12 times a week! I actually live on Ensure & Slim Fast drinks when I’m in school.
    I think it may be appendicitis! Please help!!!

    • ANSWER:

    I’m afraid I might have throat cancer (im 20 years old)?
    Just over a week ago I started feeling something in throat, where I swallow food. It felt like a piece of food got stuck there. So, like usually, I drink fluids and eat something pasty like bread or pasta to wash it down and it always works. Anyways, I did that and the feeling was still there. I went to a doctor already and he only took a look with the wooden Popsicle stick and his light, he couldn’t find anything nor did he tell me to get an exam of that area with a camera tube. Instead, he prescribed me nasal spray because he thinks it’s a sinus infection. I didn’t get the nasal spray because frankly, I’m not convinced with his analysis.

    It’s not exactly hard to swallow as I can eat food normally, but It does feel weird when i drink water. The feeling of something stuck in my throat seems to calm itself down after I wake up from a night’s sleep, but it does re-appear again throughout the day and is most noticeable at night.

    I have smoked before, nowhere near a pack a day, maybe a pack consumed in two weeks time at most. I have smoked more this year, but it was on and off, with 1 or 2 cigs a day. 3 or 4 the most, then a 2 day interval break in between. Alcohol I barely drink, maybe 3 times a year? And one shot glass at most if anything. I have drunk a lot of pop over the past few weeks (mostly cola zero) and have had a lot of heartburn too.

    Now I know smoking draws me one step closer to cancer, but at this young of age? Common. I know it can occur at any age really but for this type of cancer, it’s more common for people in their mid 40′s, just like any other serious cancer. I don’t recall my family having a cancer history as much as kidney and liver problems mostly.

    So, I’m going nuts here because I’m a hypochondriac. I researched every possible cause of my feeling (globus, GERD, throat cancer, sinus infection, lymph node etc) and I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. I’m fearing for the worst because when I’m told it’s not that, then I get the ultimate relief. I’m booking an apointment to a different doctor now. It also feels like I have a bump under my neck if I lift my head backwards. It’s not visible in the mirror, but you can feel it under skin. Bumpy, not lumpy. I’m really hoping it’s just some acid reflux and the nasal spray will do it, but as I said, this has been here for more than a weeks time. I don’t want to die at this young of an age. I stopped smoking and I probably will never smoke again in my life after this ordeal. I know others who smoke 10 times worse than me and they’re fine as ever.

    I just don’t know what it is. I obviously want to hear good responses to tell me not to worry, but I know that I might not get that on yahoo answers. I have typed this feeling in google. Just give me some opinions please. Be sure about them. Oh and no websites for spam telling me I need to order this and that to make it go away.

    I haven’t coughed up blood, my chest doesn’t sting or burn, it’s not difficult to swallow food nor does it hurt, I have none of the proposed symptoms, but maybe I don’t have them yet. When people do get those symptoms, they’re in the late stages of cancer, right? Or still in early stages?

    Thank You.

    • ANSWER:
      See a laryngologist or a gp (not an oncologist) because you don’t have cancer.
      Now, wanna get cancer? Keep smoking (you’ll need to smoke about 10 or 20 years more to increase your rate of cancer)
      Wanna be healthy? Quit, but be aware, no one can quit if not entirely convinced to do so.
      I suggest reading
      The site has a poor design but its contents is very reach.

    Could I have IBD/Crohn’s Disease?
    I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 16 after a horrible bout of chronic diarrhea and pain. 10 years later my problems have gotten from worse to severe. Last summer I was hospitalized with gastritis, and had it off and on for the past year. I recently read that gastritis inflammation can be a indication of IBD. Since then my intestinal pain gets so bad that I can’t walk and feel faint. I have had periods of violent vomiting attacks, incontinence and unexplained abdominal pain. A month ago I noticed I was having UTI symptoms and right rib pain, pain in lower right abdomen, nausea, vomiting, chills, loss of appetite, weight loss, night sweats, and fever along with the worst intestinal pain ever. I was treated for a kidney infection, but the symptoms continued without infection. It started to feel like more was going on in my intestinal tract. I found lots of information about IBD causing UTIs and rib pan. I also have irritation and inflammation around my anus that bleeds when i’m having a bad attack. I’m starting to think that my IBS is total BS, and I may be having complications from inflammatory bowel disease. I think it might run in my family, which might explain why my family has problems with kidney stones, gall stones and liver problems along with chronic diarrhea. I got a CT scan today, and it looked like my large intestine was pushed over a little and slightly enlarged on the right, but then I don’t really know what it should look like. Does this sound like possible IBD?

    • ANSWER:

    I’ve been getting really sick for about a week now, but ONLY at night. Help me figure it out!?
    For the past week I’ve been having an upset stomach: nausea, diarrhea, horrible stomach cramps, and vomiting yellow/clear bile. The thing is, it only happens at night, between midnight and 4 am. I’m also abnormally tired during the day. I recently began having light brown vaginal discharge, and while it may just be breakthrough bleeding (I use birth control to skip my periods a lot), it does worry me because it hasn’t happened before, and I’ve been on this pill a few months now.

    I was hospitalized a couple months ago (just before I started the pill) with uncontrollable vomiting, extreme abdominal pain, fever/chills, and fatigue/feeling like I was going to faint. At first the doctors thought it was appendicitis, but then when they found out I was on my period, they decided it was “period pain” and sent me home with some Motrin. (Wtf.)

    Anyway, since then I’ve had less serious and painful but still extremely similar bouts of that, which I’ve been researching. Dysmenorrhea (extremely painful periods that often make you sick) sounds like the problem, especially if this discharge IS “breaktthrough bleeding.” If that’s the case, I’m not worried; nothing new birth control won’t solve.

    HOWEVER…my roommate’s mom had a shot of appendicitis when she was my age, it went away, she experienced slight symptoms now and then, like I am now, and then suddenly, years and years down the line, her appendix ruptured. Apparently that can be very gradual, and you can feel symptoms beginning years ahead of time.

    There’s also a possibility I could be pregnant. Slight, but still a possibility. I took one test a while ago and it was negative, but it was really early. I’m worried the discharge’s color could actually be implantation bleeding, and as for the getting sick and fatigue and whatnot, some women experience those symptoms just DAYS after conceiving.

    My other thought would be food poisoning, but why only at night, and why for an entire week?

    So my possibilities, to my knowledge, are dysmenorrhea, appendicitis, or pregnancy.

    Additional information: I’m 19, almost 20. I’m on Apri, a generic for Desogen 28. I take vitamins, including 1200 to 1800 mg of n-acetyl cysteine, a sulfuric amino acid that, in this current dosage, is supposed to help with compulsive hairpulling, which I also have. I’ve heard that this dosage can cause kidney stones or liver problems if you don’t supplement it with enough Vitamin C, so even though I’ve tried balancing the two, maybe I could have problems there too? Also I was born 3 months premature and have an unrelated heart condition (I know, I sound like such a winner having all this crap wrong with me hahaha).

    PLEASE let me know if you’ve experience any of these symptoms and what your outcome was!

    • ANSWER:
      i had the same problem they thought i had dysmenorrhea but i wasen’t on my period and they sent me home with apo-naproxen, but it didn’t work, my doctor thought it was appendicitis or ovarian cysts, but they didn’t see anything on the x-ray and ultrasound than i had a bloodtest where they checked for chron’s disease in a blood test, but still no luck.

      i don’t take any medication, but i have these horrible pains also in my chest, breasts and sides it feels like a stabbing pain, but they only started coming 3 months after the pain started
      -they just dismissed me and told me to take advil, talk to your doctor about something that may cause those symptoms that doesn’t involve any of the organs in your abdomen

      -i know a lot of people who have had the same problem, and did the same things, but the doctors just sent them home cuz they couldn’t figure it out..

    A Medical Puzzle… can anyone piece it together?
    Long rant for context (ie: we’ve tried everything… probably *literally* everything)…

    I have a 16 year old dog, Norwegian Elkhound mix (though recent things suggest some direct wolf-lineage)… For over a month now, he’s had varying degrees of diarrhea, vomiting, etc… It started with the vet just saying to put him on a bland diet. Worked for a few days then got worse. Then a canned bland diet… same thing. Tried metronidazole, but that caused a rather atypical reaction of absolutely no bladder control. He was wetting the bed, several accidents in the house (which he’s never done before), etc… Took him off metronidazole and that went away in a couple days. The vet said it could be an age related issue (bladder muscles no longer what they were), but considering that went away, I highly doubt it. In the meantime, I had them run a blood test… everything came back perfect for a dog half his age, no kidney, liver, thyroid, etc… problems, except slightly high cholesterol which has been an issue for some time now, but just at the very high end of normal). I finally got pissed off at his regular vet so started taking him into the ER vet as a regular practice for a week (started because he couldn’t eat anything without vomiting and the vet said, “oh, bring him in in 3 days”… not acceptable for a 16 year old dog who had been having related ongoing problems). In the 4 times I took him in over a week, they ran an abdominal x-ray, ultrasound, standard fecal test (no parasites), diarrhea panel, gave him fluid injections, prescribed various medications (antacids, an onsite kaopectate dose, and on and on), etc… Every diagnostic came back fine, no indication of a problem whatsoever (except the x-ray appearing gassy), no tumors, etc… The ER vet even said “if there’s a dog to clone, he’s the one!” (given his age and not even slight issues). However, the vomiting stopped (though it only lasted 1 day throughout all of this), but the diarrhea continued – actually got worse, the point of being pure liquid. This past Monday, I took him in to see a specialist who ran a chest x-ray (came back fine, no sign of anything) and ran various other tests (vitamin deficiencies, full pancreatic test, etc…), as well as looking over the other x-rays, ultrasound, tests, etc… He found that my dog has a slight B12 deficiency, but extremely slight and way less than he’d expect of a dog who’s had diarrhea for a month. But otherwise, again, everything looks perfect (no problems with his pancreas, no indication of intestinal lymphoma, no chest tumors or other issues, etc…). He put him on enrofloxacin (Baytril) as a best guess (and gave him a B vitamin injection, and a supplement of Metamucil) – the reasoning being it’s gone on too long and some definitive treatment needs to be attempted, so hoping this was the right one. So far, so good. He went a day without pooping, and now his stool is firming up. No problems with urination. But we’ll see how that works in the long run. The one issue is that he selectively threw up the Metamucil, so we’ve stopped that… supposedly selective vomiting is common in wolves, but not believed to exist in domestic dogs (hence the new genetic mystery).

    In the meantime, my girlfriend’s dog (a miniature poodle.. we all live together, so easy exposure) suddenly, this past Tuesday, had HORRIBLE diarrhea… extremely bloody, pure liquid, but no other symptoms. We got her into the vet and they put her on metronidazole and ran a fecal test (the fact that she wasn’t showing any other symptoms, is about 3 years old, and we live somewhere where parvo is extremely uncommon made them confident it wasn’t that, which I’d certainly agree with). She had no temperature, was only slightly dehydrated, and had quite the appetite and as bouncy/hyper as always. The fecal test came back today negative for any parasites.

    However, here’s the kicker… the metronidazole, while it’s stopped the diarrhea, is also causing her to pee a lot! Not as bad as my dog (she hasn’t had any accidents), but she has to go out for a walk every couple hours. I’ve asked the vet she went to to switch her over to Baytril, and am having my dog’s records faxed over to show them precedent for why… But at this point, it’s entirely symptomatic. There is no concrete reason *why* they’d both appear to be healthy yet have diarrhea, and respond to metronidazole in the same very atypical way. It seems there should be a link, but I certainly can’t figure it out and no vets can either.

    Does anyone have experience with an extremely rare bacteria/virus/whatever that’s not detected in tests and causes increased urination when treated with metronidazole?

    Sorry that’s so long, but at this point it’s puzzling me, my girlfriend, 3 ER vets, 2 regular practice vets, and a renowned internal medic
    They’ve gotten no table scraps, and that wouldn’t explain why both have the same weird reaction to the same medication (Elkhound vs poodle… not likely to respond to things that similarly for no reason) and that far apart, nor why it’s gone on so long. And I’d say if 6 vets (actually 7, as there were 2 who saw my dog at the regular practice) are all stumped, I think it’s less an issue of the vet and more an issue of something extremely odd. I appreciate input, so I mean no disrespect, but I’m largely looking for people who have had experience with something that would cause this, or have heard about it before.
    My dog’s not at the end of his life (and I honestly don’t appreciate such a patronizing remark)… every single diagnostic confirmed otherwise. And, hypothetically, if he were, how would simple old-age be contagious to a 3 year old poodle?

    Again, we’ve had every diagnostic under the sun. A 16 year old and 3 year old of very different breeds are having the same symptoms. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, as I appreciate responses, but both responses so far are overlooking countless big details.
    Sorry for editing so much, but I’d also like to add that no one dies of “old age”… Old age leads to a reduction in the ability of one of body’s systems which results in death, but “old age” (simply chronological age) doesn’t cause someone to die (heart failure, liver failure, cancer, etc… caused by a slowing of hormone process, body’s synthesis of nutrients, etc… causes death, and none of which apply to him according to every test by various vets). Based on every blood test, x-ray, ultrasound, etc… my dog would be extremely healthy for a dog half his age. He enjoys walks, playing, cuddling, etc… and I think it’s very irresponsible and patronizing the imply someone should have their otherwise healthy dog put to sleep just because of age. Again, his only medical problem is diarrhea, which a 3 year poodle now has with the same symptoms/medication reactions, and every test indicates he’s freakishly healthy.

    Again, I’ve outlined every variable… I would REALLY appreciate seri
    ous responses (I’d be so grateful), but please read what I wrote.

    Pamela: No, apparently I can’t. Even with a long rant with every variable outlined, people still apparently won’t read it/ignore 90% of what was said. : I can only imagine how people would skew it if I tried to leave details out (ie: said I was at several vets, someone says to find a new vet… said diagnostics show my dog is healthy and a 3 year old dog is having the same, someone suggests my dog is dying of old age and I should kill him… wtf?!)

    • ANSWER:
      Look up Canine Enteritis it sounds a lot like what your dog is doing. It is also contagious which would explain why the other dog has gotten symptoms (While your dog is getting treatment for enteritis, you should monitor its condition closely. You should try to keep your dog away from other pet animals and children. This is because enteritis in dogs is contagious and spreads fast through physical contact) it is also helped to be cured by antibiotics which would say why the metronidazole is helping but not curing it. I hope this helps. I found your question to hit home a little bit so took a little more time on this one. we went through a similar situation with a cough that would not clear up or go away. I can’t even imagine the money you have into this up to this point. We spent at least 00.00 trying to figure out what was wrong with our dog. It is very frustrating. Sometimes it helps to just scan the internet and research different symptoms and meds that your vet has put him on. We also ended up taking our dog to a State University hospital. That’s who actually figured out what was wrong with him after almost a year! In case your wondering it was E-Coli. But also did you try taking out fatty foods from his diet at least until you figure this out. My dog has a sensitive stomach and can only eat lamb, deer, salmon things like that. No beef , pork, chicken ect. Hopefully this helps I wish you the best of luck. But really think about taking him to a State University. We had very good luck there! So sorry this is happening to you and your dog. Hope he gets better:)I’m also sorry this is so long but I hope it helps:) Good Luck

      Also the only side effects of metronidazole that is really mentioned repeatedly is the bad taste which leads me to think maybe they are trying to get the taste out of there mouth and drinking a lot more. I did however find that frequent urination in humans using it is a common side effect, not sure if it would be the same for canines though? If I do find more info I will let you know:) Cushings and Addisons is not contagious either which would not explain why the other dog has the same symptoms.

    my 11 year old tom cat wont stop eating???
    I took him to the vets last week they did a blood test to check for a thyroid problem but the results came back negative, The vet now says he could have kidney/liver failure. His symptoms are eating constantly and after every meal crying for more food, trying to climb onto the table to eat our food aswel, he doesnt seem to be losing or gaining any weight at all, but he used to be a hunting cat always out and about but now he seems to just want to eat and sleep all day, hes not washing himself as much either. any ideas???
    He doesnt seem to have worms as i gave him a worming tablet about 3 weeks ago and he is black so worms would be easily noticed, also he doesnt drink much at all but he never has iv had him 11 years and probably seen him drink about 10 times
    I have had him tested for thyroid problems but the blood test results came back negative as stated above.
    he eats normally 2 sachets of cat meat a day but now thats not good enough for him he will cry until he gets more so i am giving him 1 or 2 extra a day which i shouldnt but what else can i do? he doesnt show any signs of yellowing either.

    • ANSWER:
      If he is not losing weight not drinking a lot I do not believe you are looking at kiney failure diabetes or thyroid problems. The vet should have done a full blood panel
      By you not seeing him drinking I assume you are feeding canned foods which is great. Is there any yellowing of the skin or gums? that would give clues about liver problems.
      How much exactly are you feeding? What are you feeding?

    Antidepressants…I don’t want to gain weight?!?
    I have been suffering from extreme fatigue in the past 2 months and they have checked everything (from anemia, glucose levels, mono, thyroid issues, liver + kidney problems…) and each time everything has come back fine. They think I may be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which may be a symptom of me suffering from a mild case of depression and not even realize it. My doctor wants me to go onto a very low dosage of antidepressants and I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor to discuss this.

    I was just talking with my mom and she said “Well if you get on antidepressants you will need a crazy workout plan – you gain weight on them.” — Now this is a HUGE fear of mine… in the past (about 2 years ago) I suffered from anorexia and bulimia… I never saw a counselor but I battled with it for about a year or so. I don’t believe I’ve ever fully recovered but I eat properly now…I just NEVER want to be fat again.

    Are there antidepressants I can mention to my doctor that don’t make me gain weight… that is a huge fear of mine… I just want my energy back… ?

    • ANSWER:
      When I was depressed, I ate everything in sight. Everyone reacts differently to depression.
      About 2-3 weeks after starting taking the zoloft I was perscribed, I realized I had stopped the constant grazing and I actually lost weight.
      You need to talk to your doctor about this. You just said you suffered from anorexia and bulimia and never want to be fat again. If you suffered from these eating disorders, you were most likely not fat to begin with.
      you may need some therapy as well as medication and mention this fear to your doctor. He/she will kno what side effects are common with which antidepressent.

    Question about my speech?
    What do you think of my speech? Could you edit it or tell me where to add or take out things??

    Napoleon Bonaparte, Babe Ruth, Hitler, Idi Amin, Al Capone & King Henry VIII. I wonder how many of you could tell me what these people had in common. Today, I will be discussing the STD, Syphilis.

    Syphilis is a bacterial disease that is highly infectious and can be passed through blood. A child in the womb can be exposed or if direct contact with syphilis sore is made, the disease can be contracted.

    Syphilis sores occur mainly on the external genitals, but some cases have been reported on other areas of the body like in the mouth or on the back.

    Syphilis progresses in three distinct stages. The Primary phase is the beginning of the disease. It starts with a sore, known as a shanker; these appear mainly on the genitals. But any part of the body is at risk.

    Any contact with the sore can transmit the disease. The sore will grow bigger in 3-4 days and after 1 week it will disappear, but this does not mean that the disease is gone.

    The secondary phase develops 4 to 10 weeks after the shanker appears. This is when the majority of symptoms begin to appear such as fever, joint pain, muscle aches, sore throat, rash, headache, decreased appetite, patchy hair loss and swollen lymph nodes.

    People often mistake this for the flu because these are all flu symptoms. This phase can go away without treatment, but then the third phase will commence.

    The third phase is known as the ‘latent phase’. In the early stages of this phase, first one to two years, the disease has some of the same symptoms as the second stage.

    More than 2 years after the beginning of this phase there may be no symptoms and sores are normally no longer infectious. But pregnant woman can still pass them on to baby foetus through the womb.

    The third phase is known as the ‘latent phase’. In the first one to two years of this phase, the disease has some of the same symptoms as the second stage. More than 2 years after the beginning of this phase there may be no symptoms and sores are normally no longer infectious.

    But pregnant woman can still pass the disease to their foetus through the womb. This stage is a very dangerous one as it can appear that the infection has gone, but without treatment it will not. In severe cases this phase can cause, gradual blindness, numbness and even dementia.

    There is one more rather uncommon phase known as the Tertiary Phase. This phase is rarely seen in modern times because of the aid of penicillin. But the unlucky people who develop this phase are faced with heart, skin, bone and brain problems.

    Many of these symptoms I have listed sound like symptoms to other diseases, such as influenza, that is why syphilis can be referred to as ‘The Great Pretender’, as it mimics other diseases.

    Another form of syphilis that isn’t mentioned a lot is ‘congenital syphilis’. This is the occurrence after a foetus has been infected in a womb.

    The form of syphilis can cause many abnormalities in the child such abnormalities as, teeth, bone problems, liver/spleen/kidney enlargement, brain infection, skin rashes and more.

    Syphilis is an equal opportunity disease! Anyone who has sex can contract it. Therefore the only way to completely avoid it is through avoiding sexual contact. The highest occurrence is found in women aged 20-24, and men aged 35-39.

    Newborns with congenital syphilis increased from 2005 to 2006, with 339 new reported cases in 2005 compared to 349 cases reported in 2006. Doctors believe this is because people are NOT having safe sex and are NOT aware of all the risks taken by having irresponsible sexual activity.

    Between 2005 and 2006, the number of reported syphilis cases increased by 11.8%. Rates have increased in males each year between 2000 and 2006 from 2.6 to 5.7. In 2006, 64% of the reported syphilis cases were with men who have sex with men. It is also reported that men are more vulnerable in contracting syphilis.

    Syphilis is now treated by the use of penicillin, doctors do advise that while being treated you avoid all sexual contact. And every 6-12 months an annual check up is required.

    Some interesting, yet alarming, facts I unfolded whilst studying syphilis are – The infamous Tuskegee experiments in the US were experiments in which black men with syphilis were intentionally denied treatment so that the effects of untreated syphilis could be studied.

    None of them were deliberately infected, however; they were “merely” permitted to get sicker and were misled as to the true nature of their condition. Another is that for centuries the treatment of choice for syphilis was mercury, which was painted onto the sore. This had the unfortunate side effect of causing a slow death by mercury poisoning.

    I hope that through my speech you have learnt more about the STD syphilis and know what to do if it comes your way.
    Syphilis – An “oldie” but not a “goodie”
    I am in Yr. 9

    • ANSWER:
      I just skimmed through, but I noticed you did not cite your sources, and that is a must!!! for college. I also have a college informative speech guide that my professor gave me that I could scan over to you if you wanted it.

    Help with speech!!????????
    Can you please edit my speech or help me put in more personal opinions and interesting facts?? THANK YOU! To make it more fun to listen to.


    Napoleon Bonaparte, Babe Ruth, Hitler, Idi Amin, Al Capone & King Henry VIII. I wonder how many of you could tell me what these people had in common. It might surprise you that they all had, at some stage, syphilis. So, today, I will be discussing the perimeters of a specific STD, Syphilis. The disease was discovered in 1905 by Fritz Schauddin & Erich Hoffman.

    Syphilis is a bacterial disease that is highly infectious and can be passed on through blood transferring, child in womb can be exposed or direct contact with the syphilis sore. Syphilis sores occur mainly on the external genitals, but some cases have been reported otherwise.

    Syphilis progresses in three distinct stages and one not so common anymore. Primary phase; this is the beginning of the disease. It starts with a sore, known as a shanker; these appear mainly on the genitals. But any part of the body is at risk. Any contact with the sore can transmit the disease. The sore will grow bigger in 3-4 days, after 1 week it will disappear, but the disease will not.

    The secondary phase includes many more symptoms. It may build up 4-10 weeks after the shanker appears. The common symptoms are: fevers, joint pains, muscle aches, sore throats, flu-like symptoms, rashes, headaches, decreased appetites, patchy hair loss and swollen lymph nodes. This phase can go away without treatment, but the third phase will commence. The third phase is known as the ‘latent phase’. In the early stages of this phase, first one to two years, the disease has some of the same symptoms as the second stage. More than 2 years after the beginning of this phase there may be no symptoms and sores are normally no longer infectious. But pregnant woman can still pass them on to baby foetus through the womb.

    The one, not so common, phase now is the ‘tertiary phase’. This isn’t seen much anymore because of the aid of penicillin. But for the unlucky people who contract this phase they are normally faced with heart, skin, bone and brain problems.
    Many of these symptoms I have listed sound like symptoms to other diseases, that is why syphilis can be referred to as ‘The Great Pretender’, because it mimics other diseases.

    Another form of syphilis that isn’t mentioned a lot is ‘congenital syphilis’. This is the occurrence after a foetus has been infected in a womb. The form of syphilis can cause many abnormalities in the child such abnormalities as, teeth, bone problems, liver/spleen/kidney enlargement, brain infection, skin rashes and more.

    Syphilis can be exposed to anyone who has sex, but the highest occurrence is found in women aged 20-24, and men aged 35-39. Newborns with congenital syphilis increased from 2005 to 2006, with 339 new reported cases in 2005 compared to 349 cases reported in 2006.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not researching for you but here are some corrections so the piece will flow more smoothly. Also, there are some notes on where you need more research to complete the piece. Hope this helps –

      TITLE: The Great Pretender

      Napoleon Bonaparte, Babe Ruth, Hitler, Idi Amin, Al Capone & King Henry VIII. Can you tell me what these people had in common? Syphilis. Today, I will be discussing the STD, Syphilis. All of you have heard of it but do you really know anything about it?

      The disease was discovered in 1905 by Fritz Schauddin & Erich Hoffman. (How? Why? What kind of research was being performed that led to this discovery?) Syphilis is a bacterial disease that is highly infectious and can be passed through blood. A child in the womb can be exposed or if direct contact with a syphilis sore is made, the disease can be contracted. Syphilis sores occur mainly on the external genitals, but some cases have been reported on other areas of the body. (WHERE ON THE BODY? BE SPECIFIC.)

      Syphilis progresses in three distinct stages. The Primary phase is the beginning of the disease. It starts with a sore, known as a shanker; these appear mainly on the genitals. But any part of the body is at risk. Any contact with the sore can transmit the disease. The sore will grow bigger in 3-4 days and after 1 week it will disappear, but this does not mean that the disease is gone.

      The secondary phase develops 4 to 10 weeks after the shanker appears. This is when the majority of symptoms begin to appear such as fever, joint pain, muscle aches, sore throat, rash, headache, decreased appetite, patchy hair loss and swollen lymph nodes. People often mistake this for the flu because these are all flu symptoms. This phase can go away without treatment, but then the third phase will commence.

      The third phase is known as the ‘latent phase’. In the first one to two years of this phase, the disease has some of the same symptoms as the second stage. More than 2 years after the beginning of this phase there may be no symptoms and sores are normally no longer infectious. But pregnant woman can still pass the disease to their fetus through the womb. (This paragraph needs more detail and makes little sense. Are people outwardly ill during this phase? Are they contagious? If so, how? Through sexual contact? Blood contact? Contact of mucous membranes? This area needs more research).

      There is one more rather uncommon phase known as the Tertiary Phase. This phase is rarely seen in modern times because of the aid of penicillin. But the unlucky people who develop this phase are faced with heart, skin, bone and brain problems. (Like what? Cancers? Heart disease? Does their skin fall off? Does their brain die?? What happens to them?)
      Many of these symptoms I have listed sound like symptoms to other diseases, that is why syphilis has been referred to as ‘The Great Pretender’, because it mimics other diseases.

      Another form of syphilis that isn’t mentioned often is ‘congenital syphilis’. This is Syphilis that occurs when a fetus has been infected in the womb. This form of syphilis can cause many birth abnormalities in the child such as, teeth, bone problems, liver/spleen/kidney enlargement, brain infection and skin rashes.

      Syphilis is an equal opportunity disease! Anyone who has sex can contract it. Therefore the only way to completely avoid it is through avoiding sexual contact. The highest occurrence is found in women aged 20-24, and men aged 35-39. Newborns with congenital syphilis increased from 2005 to 2006, with 339 new reported cases in 2005 compared to 349 cases reported in 2006. (Are there any reasons why doctors think this is happening? Do YOU have any idea’s on this?)

      **You need a closing statement. Your speech needs to have a point – did you simply want your peers to know about the disease? Do you want them to avoid it? Are you concerned that the number of cases in infants has increased? Do you think more research needs to be done on it? There needs to be a logical end to this – a statement that closes the discussion**

    Tightness in arms and hands, more in left than right.?
    I have several major things going on medically. I have Type 2 Diabetes, glucose has been running from 140 to 185 the last month. Hypertension which is being well controlled with medication. I am in Stage 3 Kidney failure, with only one remaining kidney. I lost one to Cancer in 2006. I am having liver problems due to infiltration. I have Degenerative Arthritis in my lower spine and left knee, so my mobility is limited by pain. I am overweight, but following a 1200 calorie Diabetic and low Potassium diet, but I am still gaining weight, specifically in my abdomen and the top part of my thighs. I believe it is fluid or swelling. I do not think the weight gain is due to diet. My Nephrologist does not feel that the swelling is from the kidney problem, although my lab results show that my Creatinine level has increased again. He said if it was from the kidney that both of my legs would be completely numb. This didn’t make much sense to me. But, he ordered test to check for Congestive Heart Failure, and told me to stop taking my Naproxen for the Arthritis.

    This was all done last Monday and since then I have begun experiencing a severe tightness in my forearms and hands that becomes painful when trying to perform any tasks with my hands. It is worse in the left arm and hand, maybe because I am left handed.

    Is this a symptom of Congestive Heart Failure, or from the Kidney failure? Any suggestions for relief would be most appreciated. I am finding it increasingly more difficult to perform simple tasks such as preparing meals or even showering. The pain gets unbearable and I get winded very easily. I have to sit and not use my hands for almost an hour or more until the pain eases enough to go back and try to finish what I was working on.

    Any ideas from a medical perspective about what might be going on would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      An ultrasound scan of the abdomen will be able to see whether there is fluid collection there. Some pain is expected when you withdraw analgesics. It will be wise to get some other suitable remedy from your doctor.

    Please Help Diagnose Me?
    Two years ago I was told after a routine blood test, that I had a B12 defienciency and that my white blood cells were enlarged. The doc said this is usually something seen in alcoholics, but since I’m not an alcoholic he just told me to take some B12 supplements and sent me on my way.

    For at least a year I’ve been starting to notice a pattern of pain that arises in my left side just beneath the rib after I drink any alcohol, even just one beer can make the pain excruciating.

    For the past three or four months I’ve been having abdominal and pelvic pains and even some quite noticeable abdominal bloating.

    I have been to the doctor about the more recent symptoms of abdominal problems, but it didn’t occur to me at that point that those other symptoms could be related also. Now I’m wondering if I need to go back to my general practitioner or wait to see my gyno (which is who i was referred to for the abdominal issues). If all of these things are related, then maybe it’s not a reproductive problem, but something else like kidney, liver or pancreas?

    I feel like I’m just going to be looked at as some hypochondriac if I keep going to the doctor… I’m so very frustrated in feeling like they will never find a diagnosis for me.

    If anyone knows anything about any of this ramble…. I sure do appreciate your time. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Just have your B12 checked again. While you are getting the B12 checked, a liver enzyme test wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I am thinking gallstones. An abnormal liver enzyme test would be consistent, however the best test for gallstones is a simple ultrasound of the gallbladder.

    My dog has been drinking more water than normal, and now is experiencing loss of vision.?
    My 7 year old Dachsund has been drinking more water than normal which prompted a visit to the vet. They did a blood and urine test looking for diabetes, liver and kidney problems which all came back normal. They gave him a anti-biotic shot 1 week ago today and said to keep an eye on him. I have noticed in the past 3 days he is experiencing a loss of vision? They say this has nothing to do with the shot, but I have spent alot of money in the last week with all the tests they have run, and they can only suggest bringing him back in for more tests. Does anyone think these symptoms are related? If so any ideas what may be causing these symptoms, and why all the tests are coming back negative?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe you should take the dog to a different vet for second opinion. Do you know that vet well? Increase in drinking and loss of vision, my first thought was diabetes. I had a dachshund also, and she was diabetic, and those were the symptoms, so go and get a second opinion. Good luck.

Is There A Cure For Fatty Liver

Herbal cure was the only option available for treating many infections in the last century.. Since conventional medicines were practically non existent at that time there was not much to choose from. This was true for uterine fibroid cure also. Women largely depended upon herbs and such other natural cure for uterine fibroid treatment.

During the last few decades modern medicine has made tremendous progress and identified reliable medicines for curing many diseases. However fibroid is one condition for which even conventional treatment does not offer a permanent solution. With the exception of hysterectomy which is the surgical removal of the womb all other methods of treatment for uterine fibroids offer only a temporary cure. This is because conventional treatment does not address the root cause of fibroids. It merely helps in getting rid of the symptoms. Since the cause of the disease is not eliminated from the body after some time the fibroids simply re grow.

Since there is no permanent conventional fibroid cure, herbal and such other natural remedies continue to be popular in treatment for uterine fibroids.

In this article I am going to share details of four herbs which are extremely useful in fibroid cure. It is best if you make use of these under the guidance and supervision of a qualified herbal medicine practitioner

1. Evening Primrose oil

This oil is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds called essential fatty acids. These compounds help in uterine fibroid treatment by alleviating the inflammation and pain caused by fibroids.

2. Horsetail

This herb is useful in liver detoxification. Liver is the main organ responsible for breaking down the excess estrogen in our body. Hence liver detox is usually recommended by most naturopaths as an integral part of treatment for uterine fibroids.

3. Goldenseal

This is yet another age old remedy used to treat fibroids. A biological component of this herb called alkaloid berberine is effective in reversing and preventing the formation of fibroids in the uterine wall.

4. Red Clover

Red clover is rich in phytoestrogens, which are beneficial in the treatment of fibroids. Phytoestrogegns are basically plant compounds which have similar chemical structure as estrogen.

These four herbs are very useful in treatment for uterine fibroids. In addition while undergoing fibroid treatment you must stick to a low fat diet largely comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay away from meat, coffee and alcohol. Relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga are also effective in relieving the discomfort and tension caused by fibroids.

Needless to say by worrying about your fibroids you will only be worsening your condition. Fibroids is a condition which is rarely life threatening. Instead of spending sleepless nights over it learn to fight fibroids naturally. With the help of simple dietary changes and herbal uterine fibroid treatment you should be able to overcome fibroids easily and naturally.

Do you want to get rid of Uterine Fibroids permanently? There is a proven fibroids treatment that will produce results in the next few weeks. This may seem impossible, but is 100% true. If you are serious about getting rid of fibroids naturally, discover the excellent insider secrets by clicking – Uterine Finroid Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a herbal remedy for Fatty Liver disease?
    I have a very enlarged liver because of Non alcoholic fatty liver disease.I don’t drink alcohol but I do take a lot of medications and have for many years.The medications are essential.I know I can’t cure my liver but there must be something I could take to help my liver work and last longer.I am a 61 yr. old gal with lots of other health problems.Takeing another med for my liver seems to just add to the work it has to do.Is there something that is good for it and it would apppreciate a little help.I am not overweight and try to stay active but sometimes my abdomen is very sore and bloated to the point that I can’t where anything around my middle so I were dresses all the time.Unfortunately my tummy looks like I am 7 months pregnant.I just got this diagnosis from a recent ultra sound which also revealed many large fibroids in my uterus.I can get those taken care of surgically but a liver transplant is something I what to avoid as long as possible.Any sugesstions would be appreciated and I will consult a doctor before trying anything.I just feel I should do a little research on my own..Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      well, your liver is what makes fat for your body. if you have a lazy liver, then instead of moving that fat out of your liver and into your butt or legs, your liver deposits the fat within itself. so, its a lazy liver.

      since this may be your problem, think of your liver like an extra butt. the best way to lose weight from your butt is to excerise, eat healthy, and SLOWLY lose weight. if you lose weight slowly, the weight (or fat) will come off your liver. if you lose weight rapidly, you actually end up making the matter worse as the liver does the opposite of what you want.

      i know that what ive said is bizarre. you need to see a hepatologist (or GI physician if in the U.S.) and have this explained to you in a matter that may make more sense….as i dont know your preferred learning style.

      basically, eat healthy and exercise in order to lose weight. that should help your fatty liver out!

      best wishes.

    Once you have Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, is it for life or is there a cure or reversal?

    Does it continue to progress over time eventually causing liver failure?

    • ANSWER:
      There are different stages of Non Alcoholic
      Fatty Liver disease. Some times people can
      have fat around the outside of the liver and
      it does not affect the function of the liver at
      all. Others have fat that builds up in between
      and in the cells of the liver and this causes a
      problem. Some people are placed on a diet,
      and this decreases the fat inside the liver and
      it can reverse and the liver can heal.
      Let me explain this clearer: The extra fat pushes
      on the insides of the cells and places them
      under stress. It is like going into a small room.
      You have plenty of room while you are in their
      yourself. Then others start to come in and as
      they continue to come it…you are backed up
      against the corner of it. Soon you are not able
      to move around, your cannot get nourishment,
      oxygen you need, and you will die unless you
      can get through…which is now almost
      impossible. That is what happens in the
      liver cell. The fat blocks the things the cell
      itself needs to exist and it also pushes the
      nucleus of the cell out of position. The cell
      becomes stressed, it can no longer function
      the way it once did and it can die. What makes
      it even worse on the cell…is when the cells
      are damaged, it signals the immune system
      to respond and that causes inflammation to
      develop in the liver also and even more, faster
      damage can happen then.

      Follow closely anything the doctor may tell
      you to do for your condition. Whether it
      be losing weight or taking medication for
      any inflammation that may develop or whatever
      causes the liver to be this way.
      If the condition can be reversed, he will see
      this on future blood work you may have done.
      Once the liver reaches the point that inflammation has progressed to the point that
      the cells of the liver die off…this can lead
      to an incurable disease known as cirrhosis
      of the liver. It is best to catch this early on
      so it can be reversed before getting to this
      point. Cirrhosis is scar tissue that forms in
      the liver because the cells start to die off.
      This scar tissue can block nourishment and
      oxygen from getting to the healthy cells and
      they can die also.

      So the answer to your question is that sometimes it can be completely reversed and
      other times it may progress onward depending
      on whether it is treated in time.

      Here is a very good link to learn more about
      this disease

    Is a disease called “fatty liver” dangerous?
    My friend whos about 48yrs is suffering from a disease called FATTY LIVER is this dangerous? Is there any cure for this condition?

    • ANSWER:
      There are two types of fatty liver disease,
      those called non-alcoholic fatty liver (NASH) and
      alcoholic fatty liver. Both can become
      dangerous if the cause of the disease is not
      stopped and reversed. Some people develop
      this because of high triglycerides, fats in
      the liver. This can come from the food they
      eat or be a hereditary condition, and these
      people are usually overweight. The other
      one is caused because the alcohol, they
      consume, interferes with the metabolism of
      the fats. Going on a special diet or stopping
      the drinking of alcohol can reverse the
      disease and the liver can heal.

      If they do not follow the instructions they
      are given, like those above, and they continue
      to eat wrong or drink alcohol, it could lead
      to a very dangerous situation for them.
      The cells of the liver will start to die, this
      is known as cirrhosis. Once they start to
      die, there is no reversing this disease.
      The reason is because where the cells die
      they form scar tissue inside the liver. This
      scar tissue prevents the other healthy liver
      cells from obtaining nourishment and oxygen
      they need to function and they die also.
      It is a continual cycle after that. The only
      thing that can be done is to try to slow the
      cirrhosis down until the patient has a liver
      transplant. It is much better for the patient to
      follow the doctors instructions and do what
      ever is necessary to heal the liver from the
      inflammation that develops than to face that.
      A liver transplant can cost anywhere from
      0,000 and higher. Then the patient is
      also forced to be with medical doctors the
      rest of their life. This surgery isn’t just
      performed on anyone…there is a shortage of
      organs and the patient has to go through an
      evaluation process to be placed on a very long
      waiting list and wait until an organ becomes
      available for them or they can die while on
      the list if the cirrhosis keeps progressing or they
      become too sick to withstand a 7 to 14 hour

      Here is a site that explains about fatty liver:

      If you read this article, you will see other
      causes of fatty liver disease and how they
      treat it. I mentioned the main ones in this post.

    I have NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease). What are my chances of getting Cirrhosis?
    I went to the the ER the other day because I have had chronic diarrhea, dizziness, and abdominal pain for more than 3 months now. The Dr. found that I had NAFLD and said that I should be seeing a Dr. for this condition and said that I need MANY tests done to see what is causing it. She also said that I have to be on a vegan diet (I am not overweight) to see if it can reverse the Disease. My questions are: Is there a cure for this & What are the chances of it forming into Cirrhosis?

    • ANSWER:
      You should be seeing either a gastroenterlogist
      or hepatologist now.
      Fatty liver disease can be caused by many
      different things: alcohol consumption, certain
      medications like steriods, weight gain, hereditary conditions,
      diabetes, insulin resistance, high cholesterol/triglyceride levels
      and more.

      The cause needs to be determined.
      There are different stages of this disease….
      Simple fatty liver doesn’t usually cause a
      problem and can be easily reversed by
      stopping the cause. Alot of people are very
      thin and can still have this problem.

      The fat pushes on the liver cells and can
      even push the nucleus of the liver cell out of
      place. That is why it has to be treated immediately
      ….so the fat will disappear and not harm the cells.
      The liver is surrounded by a membrane capsule and
      the fat only adds to the pressure inside the liver.
      If the cells of the liver become damaged, it signals
      the immune system of the body to respond to
      this. The immune system then causes inflammation
      to develop inside the liver, also. This will cause the
      liver to enlarge in size. It then goes from simple
      fatty liver to steatohepatitis. Steato means fat,
      hepat means liver and itis means inflammation.
      This becomes more serious…the inflammation adds
      to more pressure inside the liver and the cells can
      more easily start to die off. When the cells die off,
      it becomes a progressive disease known as
      Cirrhosis of the liver. What happens now, it the
      cells die off and form scar tissue inside the liver
      that blocks the flow of blood through the liver on
      its way back to the heart and may also block
      the flow of blood to the other liver cells and they
      will continually die off.

      If the patient follows the doctor instructions and
      is treated for any inflammation that may have
      developed…then it may never go to the point of
      becoming Cirrhosis of the liver.

      Here are some links to help you learn more about
      this, that you can click on:

      I hope this information has been of some help to you.

    Please help my cat, i don’t know what to do!?
    ok its a long story but please read it. my cat is 11 years old.

    my cat was throwing up yellow liquid every day for a week and kept making an awful yelping noise before he would vomit. we took him to the vet and they said there were crystals in his kidney that were small enough to be dissolved by a special type of food, which he ate and seemed to like. they also prescribed an antibiotic and an anti vomiting pill for him to take (cerenia?). he seemed better for about a day or two, but then he refused to eat his food and threw up a few times over the course of 4 days and sometimes the vomit was like white foam; other times it was yellow liquid. We took him to the vet after he refused to eat for 4 days. the vet made a chiropractic adjustment on his back (((also made one one week prior, because he had hip/back problems before and his back was sort of swayed near his butt. the vet thought that it may have been pressing on his kidneys and causing a gag reflex. his back was better but he still vomited afterward))) and this time his back seemed better but this did not cure his illness. he prescribed a higher dosage of cerenia (anti vomit/anti nausea), and said to stop giving our cat the antibiotic, which he felt may have been ruining his appetite. also, because our cat was not eating at all for 4 days, he said to feed him wet food through a syringe. we took him home today after he went to the vet yesterday and gave him his second anti-vomit/nausea pill (cerenia) and fed him a few times with the syringe. (((the vet also suggested that the cat may have developed a aversion to the special food for his kidney because he got more sick while eating it, so we tried to give him his old dry food today. he seemed interested in the food and ate a few pieces but mostly just pushed it around the bowl.))) after we gave him the cerenia pill, he sat near the wall in a ball (he’d been doing this since we noticed him getting sick and he also hid in new places; idk if this means anything. throughout all of this, he has seemed more lethargic, tired, and overall weak than we have ever seen him.) and i walked over to see what he was doing. i noticed a few drops of water/drool? were coming out of his mouth. now i’m not sure if he just drank, but i don’t think he did. he dripped a few times like a faucet that’s barely left on. on sunday hes going back to the vet to have a urinalysis completed because he had blood in his urine in the last examination. i don’t know what’s going on, and it seems as if the vet is just as perplexed (he basically said it could be any number of things and i remember him saying pancreaitis and other things like if he doesn’t eat he will get fatty liver disease.) so i’m just really confused and am looking for anyone who has experienced the same thing or has any suggestions.

    sorry it is so long….but i’m getting desperate now.

    • ANSWER:
      I am not a doctor or anything, but here is what I would do, based on my experience.

      Immediately discontinue cerenia. It sounds like your cat is having a reaction to it. Cerenia is not approved for use in cats and there are some concerns with its use. Besides, the bile is not the problem with the cat – it is a symptom. The cause of the illness should be investigated. A cat who is not feeling well will often hide and sleep excessively.

      Also, your cat must eat! Cats are poor fasters and fatty liver disease is a real possibility for cats who go without eating for a couple of days. Never wait for 4 days. If you must, assist feed the cat. Make a slurry of canned food mixed with water and slowly feed the cat using a syringe. Never squirt directly into the throat, but gently ease it into the side of the mouth and allow the cat to swallow on its own.

      Seek a second opinion from another vet if your cat is not getting better.

    9 Months of Hell (is it my gallbladder?)?
    I need to know I’m not alone out here; I am a 21 year old female and I believe I need my gallbladder removed.

    I cannot eat a thing without throwing up (also heave bile id I don’t eat at all), I experience constant searing pain in my right side a little under my rib that only eases occasionally but never goes away (can sometimes feel it in my shoulder blade; can be described as a throbbing, someone pudiarrhoeaeir elbow in or a knife has been stuck in and twisted). I also experience constant cramping, gas and diarrhea.

    Reason to believe:
    I have a family history of this and my hormone levels have recently elevated due to the discovery of my hypothyroid; I take tricyclin and levo-thyroxide.

    I have tried many medications and adjusted my diet (even to B.R.A.T) but nothing helps to even ease the vomiting. There is 100% no chance of pregnancy. I have been seeing doctors for months trying to find out why this is happening but feel I have been getting the runaround. I will try to leave out my dissatification with them but this is progression of my situation:

    October 23rd 2009: I begin vomiting at least once a day. I figured I had the flu.
    Novemeber 18th 2009: I am diagnosed with Bronchitis and banned from work (apparently I am not eligable for EI or anything else so my folks help cover my bills).
    December 25th 2009: Discover my mother, grandmother and grandaunt all had to have their gallbladders removed for the same symptoms. Vomiting and breathing have worsened with addition of muscle pains (visited the ER several times but was sent home.)
    January 21st 2010: Have an Ultrasound (only a fatty liver found). The procedure was excruciatingly painful as they preformed the procedure (I literally tore up the sheet on the bed). From this date I begin experiencing the seering pain in my right side (hasn’t left since).
    March 2010: Diagnosed with a bad allergy to dustmites and will begin immunization when I can afford it (to this date have not made enough money to cover my bills/food/rent until I am cured of my other problems.)
    April 6th 2010: I have an Upper Endoscopy with nothing found. Doctor tells me to take Nexium (which my family doctor already told me not to take because it was making a lump in my throat.)
    April 30th 2010: Must return to work (parents can no longer support me.)
    July 20th 2010: After occasional check ups my Doctor finally arranges catscan while informing me my iron levels are very low.
    August 9th 2010: I have my Catscan.
    August 12th: I recieve a phone call from my doctor saying the scan showed Diverticulosis (which is good to know) but doesn’t explain the vomiting and pain. My gallbladder was not shown; an appointment is set for the 16th to discuss my results. After researching it, I will be asking my doctor for several tests such as an MRI for my gallbladder.

    My symptoms continue. I have lost 40 pounds (with a hypothyroid), my hair is literally going grey from vomiting and I have to take tylenol every 4 hours in order to function. I continue to get low hours at work due to my illness. I have told my doctors at EVERY appointment about how much Tylenol I have to take, and their response is if I am in that much pain I should go to ER, but I have been to the ER several times and they always tell me there’s a problem but it’s not immediate enough to fix so they send me home. I’m scared that my liver is being seriously damaged and I am constantly having fits of crying. I don’t remeber what it’s like to NOT be sore.

    I find it surprizing that after research their are tons of other people out there who are treated the same way on this subject. Am I so wrong to believe that my gallbladder is the cause?
    I had my appointment yesterday; my doctor is going to try and arrange a Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) but not an HIDA or MRI. He also said I shouldn’t worry about the amount of Tylenol I’m taking because a person can take 3000mg a day and I’m only taking 2500-3000mg a day. The Catscan said it found nothing remarkable but Sigmoid Diverticulosis (which wont be treated). Does this mean my gallbladder is not the issue?

    • ANSWER:

    I was having abdomen pain?
    my pain in the stomach started in oct 2010 from then i am using medicines for acdity RAZO – 20 mg for 6 months recently the pain is more ….., I went gastroenterologist , he has done various test and concluded that i have gastric problem and the ultra sound scanning has found that “there is MILD FATTY INFILTRATION OF LIVER , NO FOCAL LESION ” the tablets which he gave are “RAZO -D , and SOMASPAS” for 2 months he asked me to meet after 1 month …….what does that my scanning reports mean .is this a serious one ……does those medicines cure my problem basically what causes that problem , are there any other conventional methods to solve these problem i am ready to do any thing for my well being …….i don’t eat ant non – veg food (some some times egg i eat ) , i mostly eat rice , dal , sambar , chapathi , alu curry , dosa , idly in fruits bananas i am not eating any thing out of this since my problem existed …..please some help me with necessary information …i will be thank ful to you …..I am reallly afarid of my situation
    can any one give more elaborate description

    • ANSWER:
      You would be suffering from stomach infection or stone problem

    Which yahoo rule did i break to get my answer deleted?
    There was a question about how to get over a hangover: and my reply is underneath: I guess some of people could find it insulting maybe? I just think telling someone not to drink when they want a hangover cure is a bit like if someone asks how to cure a broken leg…”don’t break it”

    Is my reply rude?

    “The answer you gave on Yahoo! Answers was reported by the Answers community:

    “HAHAHAHAHA i can’t believe how many people are saying things like “prevention is the cure”…thats a fat lot of good after the fact! Ideally- when you go to sleep put a pint of water next to you, try to drink some before you sleep but having it to hand when you wake up is always good. Alka selzter is good, but if youre looking for a drug free cure: you lose water and vitamins when you drink, so you need to replace both. 1 glass orange juice – gentle sugar boost and vit c 1 tablespoon marmite (or something with b vitamins) lots of water/gatorade…ooh or if you have those rehydration sachets for diarrhea treatment theyll help a lot something gentle to eat…chicken soup etc apparently fatty foods just strain the liver more sleep hair of the dog is supposed to be pretty bad for you – and personally i cant face alcohol when hungover!”

    • ANSWER:
      I found no issues with your answer. Therefore appeal the decision.

      The answers team said it is “okay” for one to be conversational in their answers as long as there is an attempt to answer the question asked, which you clearly did.

      I see no problem with your answer,and it is definitely not chatty.

      Appeal it is my advice.

    hey lucky hope this helps?
    Psoriasis Treatments include:
    1) Dead Sea Salts This traditional treatment to healing naturally has been used in the Middle East for thousands of years. We have a 6 week program designed to use in your home.

    2) “Psoriasis Spot Free in 30 Days”, A special diet book written by a former sufferer of the itching and flaking skin condition. The author is a registered nurse who used food to reverse the signs and symptoms of her condition.

    3) Homeopathic treatment that helps to target the source of the problem with no damaging side effects.

    4) Herbal extractions like Oregon Grape Root Extract and Herbal Detox Tea combinations that gently cleanse your body of toxins and help optimize your liver function. Herbs have historically been used for treatment of skin conditions.

    5) Gentle herbal scalp creams and shampoos that contain FDA approved ingredients to combine nature with science.

    6) Dietary supplements to improve your defense systems, Omega Fortified Flax (recommended for children and adults) and Alkyrol Shark Liver Oil for maximum Omega 3 fatty acids.

    Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet can improve general health and have a positive impact on psoriasis.

    The Natural Products Center is proud to be a central location for exploring alternative health products and carries a line of Vestalcare and LupiCare products. You can also find special discounted treatment programs of Mineral Care Dead Sea Salts. Our special packages put together FDA recognized approaches for psoriasis with diet and nutritional supplements to give you a multi-pronged approach to dealing with your skin condition.

    We encourage you to become informed about psoriasis and the natural products that can have a positive impact your skin..

    What is psoriasis and how it can be controlled are just some of the questions explored on this web site. Is there a cure? NO. But you can effectively keep the itching skin, scaling, and red lesions at bay without injections, caustic pharmaceuticals, or cancer causing therapies. Natural approaches do work.

    We searched the world over to bring you unique and effective choices for psoriasis. We hope you find the lost treasures you were seeking. Our nautical theme invokes a spirit of adventure and discovery. There are items here that are not from the sea, but herbal, homeopathic, and from land. We tried to combine old knowledge with new technology, common sense approaches, and alternative medicines to help make your trip to the Natural Products Center rewarding.

    Questions? You can reach the Natural Products Center at 1-800-301-3337.

    Natural Products Center
    P.O. Box 450748
    Westlake, OH 44145

    • ANSWER:
      very informative but what is your question?

    Do you think that Black Seed Oil can be used as a treatment for HIV/AIDS?

    I am currently doing research about Black Seeds. It is also known as Black Coriander or Black Caraway seeds. It is know that Black Seeds can cure/treat many medical ailments.

    Well in my Biology class, we were learning about adaptation, and an example is the AIDS virus. When ever this one perosn took the medication, it seemed that somehow the virus would adapt to it. Well since I have heard of Black Seed, and I have done some research, I was wondering if it can treat HIV/AIDS. I know that it may not completley cure it, or that you need to take this for a while to see results, i was just wondering about the possibilities.

    Based on this info, what do you think? Any comments will be accepted. It would help me if you cite your information (if you can).

    -Black seed unquestionably has a positive and stabilizing effect on the human immune system which . Moreover, since diseases are the result of defective immune systems, it is fair to assume that the beneficial effects go beyond skin disorders and allergies. Since the immune system has a direct or indirect effect on all the systems of the body, when you are infected by any disease, the power of the immunity system affects the cure of this disease.

    -Black seed is a safe and effective herb that can be used by almost anyone. No irritations or side effects are caused when the right dose is correctly applied. Its benefits are obtained through consistent use,the effects are medium to long term. Diabetes is useful in the treatment of diabetes mellitus or diabetes caused by an allergy. However it is recommended that the treatment be supervises because Black seed does lower blood sugar levels. Black seed should not be taken by pregnant women if their wombs are sensitive

    -Mahfouz and El-Dakhakhny, prominent Egyptian researchers isolated the active principle nigellone from Black Seed’s essential oil in 1959. There are over 100 different chemical components in the seed.

    Nigella and melatin are two ingredients in Black Seed that contribute greatly to its highly diversified powers. These substances work together to provide the digestive benefits that have been revered in Black Seed. They also promote cleansing and assist with overall eliminating action.

    Two of the most volatile oils found in Black seed are nigellone and thymoquinone which were fist discovered in the herb in 1985. Nigellone offers both anti-spasmodic and bronchodilating properties which contribute to Black Seed’s potency against respiratory ailments. It also acts as an antihistamine which helps to reduce the negative symptoms of allergy sufferers. Thymoquinone contains excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is also a strong anti-oxidant and helps cleanse the body of toxins. Both nigellone and thymoquinone work in conjunction with one another to enhance Black Seed’s action against respiratory ailments. It also provides a healthy alternative to the more commonly prescribed cortisone based therapies used by allergy sufferers.

    Black seed provides a rich supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These ingredients play a key role in daily health and wellness. They help to regulate the metabolism, carry toxins to the skin’s surface for elimination, balance insulin levels, regulate cholesterol, improve body circulation, and promote healthy liver function. A deficiency in polyunsaturated fatty acids can lead to a wide number of health problems including nervous system disorders, uninhibited growths, and skin diseases.

    Black seed contains over 100 valuable nutrients. It is comprised of approximately 21% protein, 38% carbohydrates, and 35% plant fats and oils. The active ingredients of black seed are nigellone, thymoquinone, and fixed oils. Black seed also contains significant proportions of protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. Other ingredients include linoleic acid, oleic acid, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, niacin, and vitamin C.

    A 1994 study conducted in London by King’s College revealed that Black Seed has properties that inhibit certain enzymes, which also inhibit the production of certain prostaglandins. This is more proof that the rich and complex combination of elements found in Black Seed work together for a total effect.

    Black Seed has over 1400 years history of use. Many ancient books and text suggest the following traditional uses for Black Seed. But please note, that these should not be understood as cures or treatments for any disease or illness.
    Now this is only some of the research that I have done. I have not actually done some testing or anything, I am just in High School. Right now, I am in the stage of gathering information.

    • ANSWER:
      What’s the active ingredient?
      Can it be synthesized or purified on a large scale?
      What’s the target?
      What’s the mechanism of action?
      What’s the effectiveness compared to current treatments?

      These are the questions that must be answered before it can be used to treat anything.

      There’s a reason medicine doesn’t just use things like this. Until you know what molecule is doing what you don’t know about any possible cross-reactions, toxicity issues, and most importantly you can’t quantify everything since the amount of active ingredient isn’t controlled.

    Did anybody cured from non alcoholic steatohepatitis- please reply-thanks?
    I am 32 and was on a general medical check including LFT. On the medical (LFT) report they found some abnormal readings and recommended for an UT scan. While doing the scan doctor was asking me many questions about my living style and she finally said my liver is ‘quit fatty’ and the other doctor give me report saying non alcoholic steatohepatitis NASH. Unfortunately the doctors was not communicating pretty even they didn’t say about my condition, what is NASH is etc etc.. he just told me to do more exercise and go on low fat and carbohydrate food. I found from internet

    Actually I am not obese, (166 cm and 71 kg) non alcoholic no diabetic.

    My question is there anybody in this world who cured from this NASH? If yes please explain me..

    Thanks a lot for your time

    • ANSWER:
      Boom. Hit you like a ton of bricks, didn’t it?
      I have not been diagnosed, but I had an event two weeks ago that pointed to NASH.
      I did a lot of research on the internet, and it is true. There is no cure for NASH. Frankly, I do not think it is a good clinical definition for a disease because it is such a catch all. I suspect your doctor is trying to tell you this:

      We do not know what is wrong with your liver, but something is wrong. We think it is fat in your liver, and um… have a nice day. Next patient please.

      So yeah. There is no cure because it is not a real disease. No virus. No toxic cause. It is a cheesy disease that is being diagnosed more and more. Nobody cares because there is no need for medication or any kind of intervention.

      Here is what I can tell you. Make your liver your new best friend and you will live a long time. Get as much fat out and things will get better. Stay away from fast food.

      Here are some other things that you might check. The Wikipedia page on HEPATITIS is great. You will be amazed at how many things might be affecting your liver that the doctors did not check. In my case, something whacked my liver badly and sent my blood numbers all over the board. I suspect it was a cytomegalovirus or some other virus. I turned orange. But now I am basically ok. My numbers are great, and yeah, I have a fatty liver, but not crazily so. I am negative for all kinds of stuff. I asked my doctor if it is NASH. She winked at me and we both laughed real hard.

    Tiny black particles in sputum?
    My husband is 30 years. He is suffereing from something like Allergic Bronchitis for the past 1 and a half years. He is getting tiny black particles in his sputum during any part of the day. His father was a severe COPD (heavy smoking) patient who passed away three months back. My husband doesn’t smoke neither has heavy alcohols. He was having a good athlete body, used to swim daily. I am surprised to see his illness. He has undergone CT chest, both with and without contrast. The report says “LEFT HILUM IS BULKY? VASCULAR PROMINANCE? ADENOPATHY, NO PLEURAL EFFUSION/PLEURAL THICKENING IS SEEN, DIFFUSE FATTY CHANGES IN THE LIVER, FIBROTIC LESIONS ARE SEEN IN THE LUNG APEX ON BOTH SIDES, NO OTHER SIGNIFICANT ABNORMALITY IS SEEN. He is under medication of some medicines and sprays. Doctor is saying there is no need to panic and will be fine soon. If required we shall go for Endoscope. But his health is not getting cured. The problem persists because of which his concentration in work is lost, get tired and irritated soon because of constant spitting. Please advise how to proceed further?
    Hello Doctor,
    My husband is 30 years, working in IT in India. He is getting tiny black particles in his sputum.His father was a severe COPD (heavy smoking) patient who passed away three months back. My husband doesn’t smoke neither has heavy alcohols. He was having a good athlete body, used to swim daily. I am surprised to see his illness. He has undergone CT chest, both with and without contrast under supervision of a good cardiologist. The report says “LEFT HILUM IS BULKY? VASCULAR PROMINANCE? ADENOPATHY, NO PLEURAL EFFUSION/PLEURAL THICKENING IS SEEN, DIFFUSE FATTY CHANGES IN THE LIVER, FIBROTIC LESIONS ARE SEEN IN THE LUNG APEX ON BOTH SIDES, NO OTHER SIGNIFICANT ABNORMALITY IS SEEN. He is under medication of some medicines and sprays. Doctor is saying there is no need to panic and will be fine soon. If required we shall go for Endoscope. But his health is not getting cured. The problem persists which is affecting his quality of life.Please advise.

    • ANSWER:

    Type 2 diabetes – anyone leading what they consider a normal life?
    Here’s my tale and my life bears no relationship to the active life I used to have. I live in England uk.
    I am male, 53 yrs old and have been diagnosed as type 2 diabetic since my mid thirties.
    my height is 6ft and my weight is 20 stone.

    As a young man my mother provided an excellent balanced diet and I was extremely athletic and fit as a fiddle. At 18yrs I married, left home, stopped sport and indulged my sweet tooth – my weight ballooned from 11.5 stone to 15 stone at the age 30, eventually reaching 21stone by my mid 30s resulting in my subsequent diagnosis as diabetic. At that time my blood pressure was measured at 159/36 the GP said it was borderline and said possibly “white coat effect” might be responsible.

    I have never drank or smoked at all.

    My work has always been sedentary – desk bound or driving – I have owned and driven my taxi for the last 12 years.

    Originally I was given metformin tablets to be taken 3 times a day after each meal – my weight reduced slightly from circa 20 stone to 18 stone over the first few years during which consultations were handed over to the diabetic sister at the GP practice.

    She put me on a variety of Blood pressure drugs, saying – “prevention better than cure”- I have tried various exercise regimes including gym membership, and made efforts with my diet but only getting to 17 stone as my lowest weight, but for the majority of the time I’ve fluctuated around the 19stone mark

    My diabetic controls monitored by the practice have remained reasonable – typically blood sugars between 5 and 6.5, cholesterol at 3.2, Blood pressure circa 128/72, but since inclusion of the blood pressure control medication I have continually felt washed out – if you speak to an ME sufferer the experience seems identical.

    I left it for 2 years to see if things might improve because I still ate unsuitable foods and thought that I wasn’t giving the drugs a fair chance. If anything the lethargy, dizziness, general stupor got worse with the inevitable eating of more unsuitable foods to feel better with the usual weight increase.

    During an annual consultation I relayed my thoughts to the nurse, particularly about being unable to walk or raise my head for any length of time but because my blood test results were ok I got the impression aything else is superfluous so nothing was done. A year later I spoke with another nurse about it and she said I must make another appointment and insist upon a reduction in medication. 2 weeks later the Diabetic Nurse called me in and in between searching for her holiday tickets (honestly) she took all of 30 secs to withdraw one of the drugs and within 24 hrs the improvement was fantastic.

    I can’t remember what the drug was but this episode plus another of my tablets being replaced because of newspaper revelations about it’s side effects have left me sceptical of “by the numbers treatment” ever since.

    I’ve tentatively raised the issue with the senior doctor there, who clearly irritated, replied “well, come off the drugs – but they’re keeping you alive” and another at the practice was more direct saying “why don’t you lose some weight, then we’ll see about taking you off some of the tablets”.

    I’ve included a list of what I’m taking, it’s been pretty consistent for about 10yrs.

    During my last assesment my weight had risen to over 21stone, in my opinion I know when and why I eat sugary, fatty foods and a good part of it is dealing with the dreadful effects of these tablets – is there no other way?

    Below is a list of medication.

    on wake up:
    Lercanidipine 10mg

    after breakfast:
    atenolol 50mg
    Competact 15mg/850mg onetablet
    ramopril 10mg

    After evening meal:
    Competact 15mg/850mg onetablet
    aspirin 75mg
    cod liver oil capsule 550mg (not on prescription)

    Before bed:
    simvastatin 40

    • ANSWER:
      The short answer to your main question is that, yes, it is entirely possible to have Type 2 diabetes and lead a normal life. You can even lead a fantastic life. And you can be rich and famous too. Did you know that two of the most famous Type 2 diabetics in the world are Olympic gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave, and the Hollywood actress Halle Berry?

      Medication is supposed to improve your life. If it doesn’t, you shouldn’t be taking it. And you shouldn’t be asking for advice on this on an anonymous forum. You should discuss this with your GP. There are many different meds out there, and each has different side effects. It is a matter of balancing the effect of the medication against the side-effect.

      It could also be the case that what you are feeling is not a side-effect of the meds, but clinical depression. Depression can make people feel awful, listless, tired etc. Again, this is something you need to discuss with your GP.

      You also need to know that your medical conditions are not necessarily weight-related. There are lots of thin, active people who have hypertension or diabetes or both. Being of normal weight did not help them prevent either condition, and losing weight isn’t going to help them. You don’t know if it will help you either. Although that doesn’t need to stop you exercising/eating healthy/losing weight for other reasons. I’m just saying that losing weight is not a panacea. I can offer my own experience in this: diagnosed with hypertension at overweight BMI, told it might possibly go away if I lost weight, gained weight to obese BMI with no change in hypertension, then lost weight to normal BMI with no change in hypertension. Basically my blood pressure stayed the same whether I was normal or obese BMI. Finally, diagnosed with diabetes at normal BMI.

      A final word to your diet. I don’t know what you have been told about a diabetic diet but in truth there is no such thing. You can eat anything you want, as long as your blood sugar remains within target afterwards. That’s a big ‘if’. There are no forbidden foods, it is all about portion control, though you might find you can only tolerate a minuscule portion, e.g. not the entire slice of cake, but two teaspoons.

      A true diabetes-friendly diet is low in carbohydrate, not just sugar. ALL carbohydrate turns to sugar in the blood. But there is no reason why you need to limit fatty foods as fat as no impact on blood sugar. The killer combination is high fat high carb (which I suspect is what you are referring to, e.g. chips, cakes, doughnuts, biscuits) which will spike your blood sugar for hours and hours. But high fat low carb (e.g. bacon, avocadoes, olives, nuts) is all perfectly fine and very healthy from a blood sugar management point of view.

    I was having abdomen pain?
    my pain in the stomach started in oct 2010 from then i am using medicines for acdity RAZO – 20 mg for 6 months recently the pain is more ….., I went gastroenterologist , he has done various test and concluded that i have gastric problem and the ultra sound scanning has found that “there is MILD FATTY INFILTRATION OF LIVER , NO FOCAL LESION ” the tablets which he gave are “RAZO -D , and SOMASPAS” for 2 months he asked me to meet after 1 month …….what does that my scanning reports mean .is this a serious one ……does those medicines cure my problem basically what causes that problem , are there any other conventional methods to solve these problem i am ready to do any thing for my well being …….i don’t eat ant non – veg food (some some times egg i eat ) , i mostly eat rice , dal , sambar , chapathi , alu curry , dosa , idly in fruits bananas i am not eating any thing out of this since my problem existed …..please some help me with necessary information …i will be thank ful to you …..I am reallly afarid of my situation ……
    @ RAHUL – the information which you gave was really help ful ………
    in my entire life i smoked for 3 times but many sticks at a time and consumed alcohol around 10 times that too in a period of one year (from jan 2009 to some feb 2010 ) after that i never ever went to such things ……..can we consider this things as cause of my problem ……….
    i had under went some medical tests like “ULTRA SOUND FOR ABDOMEN , ENDOSCOPY , COLONOSCOPY , BLOOD , URINE AND STOOL TEST ” all the reports were normal expect that scanning reports which stated “MILD FATTY INFILTRATION IN LIVER ” …..can you give any analysis of this reports ….it will be help ful for me…..

    • ANSWER:
      get your doubts clear by consulting a Specialist / Physician. But please don’t look for any medical advice in this forum.

      Good Luck…!!!

Inflamed Liver Symptoms Liver Disease

I. Definition
Liver qi stagnation is a health condition of which the liver can no longer move qi smoothly in the liver channels and blood in the blood vessels, due to prolonged liver qi deficiency or liver damage as a result of overwhelming toxin accumulated in the body.

II. Symptoms of liver qi stagnation
1. Depression
2. Anger disorders
3. Mood swing
4. Premenstrual disorders – PMS,
5. Abnormal abdomen cramps and pain
6. Abnormal cells growth including endometriosis and cysts
7. High blood pressure
8. Nervous tension including headaches and migraine

III. Causes
1. Toxin accumulation
Prolonged intake of caffeine, artificial ingradients, hormone injecttion products and drugs can interfere with liver function as they are accumulated in the body, leading to abnormal liver function.

2. Spleen qi deficiency
Spleen is vital to distribute food qi and essence to the other body’s organs, if for what ever reason, or due to intake of raw and cold foods or oily and greasy food for a prolonged period of time, they can diminish the spleen in qi distribution that affects the function of liver qi in moving qi in its channels and blood in blood vessels.

3. Lung qi deficiency
If lung is no longer function normally due to damage or the inability of spleen to transfer food qi to the lung for a prolonged period of time, it can interfere with liver qi qi, leading to qi stagnation.
4. Sluggish liver
Liver qi stagnation caused be caused by sluggish liver for some women during menstruation phrase.

5. Intake of alcohol
Alcohol is toxin to the liver, prolonged and excessive intake of alcohol can cause damage to liver.

IV. Treatments
A. With herbs
1. Xiang Fu (nut grass rhizome)

It is one the herbs helped to regulate the qi flow by smoothing the liver and congestion of Spleen qi caused by excessive yin or yang, thus reducing qi stagnation caused by disharmonization of liver and Spleen causes of abdominal cramps and pain. It is said that xiang fu also has a function impromoting regular menstruation.

2. Zhi Ke (ripe fruit of zhi shi)
Zhi ke promote healthy liver, it promotes a strong liver qi function, thereby, increasing its function in blood formation and transportation to the heart for circulation.

3. Wu Yao (lindera root)
Wu yao is one the warm with the main function of warming the kidney caused by kidney yang defieciency. It is only used for patient with evidence of liver qi stagnation caused by prolong intake of cold foods or working in a cold environment. Since its function is to restore the liver qi flow due to cold constraint, it reduces the blood stagnation causes of menstrual pain.

4. Cinnamin bark (rou gui)
Cinnamin bark is qi tonic herb and hot in nature, besides helping the liver in maintaining the smoothing qi flow to the entire body, it also promotes the kidney yang qi circulation and healthy adrenal gland.

5. Etc.

B. With acupuncture
1. LV 3 (Taichong)
2. LI (Hegu)
3. BL18 (Gan shu)
4. CV12 (zhongwan)
5. CV17 (Shan zhong)
6. SP4 (Gong sun)
7. ST36 (Zu san li)
5. Etc.

C. With foods
1. Garlic
2. Cherry
3. Chicken
4. Tofu
5. Sweet potato
6. Red and black date
7. Rice
8. Mushroom
9. Etc

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Frequently Asked Questions

    please help want to feel better about possible liver disease?
    My boyfriend just got his blood results back and they said his liver count is low and his liver is inflamed. He has shown no symptoms but IBS, flatulence and bloating. No yellow eyes or skin so at least that’s good. I’m just worried it may very well be Hepatitis A, B or C. Can someone give me some legit information about all types of liver disease? Oh yeah and we are sexually active.

    • ANSWER:
      There are many things that can cause liver cell damage
      and lead to inflammation inside the liver:
      alcohol consumption
      medications toxification
      chemical exposure (like carbon tetrachloride)
      mushroom poisoning
      fatty liver disease
      auto immune disease
      hereditary conditions(too much iron or copper in the body)
      metabolic disorders
      cardiac/vascular problems
      metabolic disorders
      viral infections (like hep A,B,C,etc)
      parasite infections
      biliary obstruction/malformation/infection
      and others

      The cause has to be found and stopped so the liver
      cells can heal. However, at times, this cannot be done.
      The inflammation can keep increasing in the liver
      until the liver cells start to die off and form scar
      tissue inside the liver…this is then known as
      Cirrhosis of the liver (irreversible and progressive)

      If you boyfriend is diagnosed with a Hepatitis virus, it is
      best to get tested yourself. Certain kinds of this virus
      can be passed to you if you did not use protection or
      if the mucosal barrier has been broken.

      Keep in mind that an enlarge liver can occur if someone
      has mononucleuosis (kissing disease).

      I hope this information has been of some help to you.
      Best wishes

    What possible diseases/problems could somebody have from an inflamed liver?
    My girlfriend has recently been told she might have leukemia again, its not certain but she said she has an inflamed liver and this might be a symptom of it. But i was wondering if it turns out not to be this (i hope not!) then what else could it be?

    • ANSWER:
      Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver cells.
      This is usually caused when the liver cells become
      damaged and the immune system of the body
      responds to it.
      The causes of a problem with the liver becoming
      damaged are: alcohol consumption, medication
      toxification, chemical exposure, hereditary condition,
      biliary obstruction/malformation/infection,
      viral infections like hepatitis A-B-C, parasite
      infections, Mononucleuosis, cardiac/vascular problems,
      mushroom poisoning, auto immune disease,
      fatty liver disease, cancer/tumors/growth/cysts,
      and there are others.

      The inflammation inside the liver will cause the
      liver to enlarge
      in size. This can be seen on an ultrasound or
      Ct scan.
      Many times this can be treated and if the
      cause can be removed, the liver cells can heal
      and the problem reversed.
      A liver biopsy is the best test done to determine
      whether or not the inflammation has lead to a
      disease, known as Cirrhosis of the liver which
      is when the liver cells die off and form scar tissue
      inside the liver that blocks the flow of blood.

      I hope this information has been of some help
      to you. Best wishes

    Misdiagnosis nightmare. What can I do? No hope left?
    My insurance expired months ago. Right when it did I got sick. Thinking it was the common flu I waited a little more over than a week – sleeping all the time because of the extreme pain I was in. It eventually got so bad I went to the urgent care. In urgent care the physician found a “throat infection”. It was not looked into any further. He said, ” it looks like you are dehydrated and have a throat infection”. I was prescribed antibiotics, the antibiotics did not work. (I’ve done some research myself since I cannot get any help from these doctors and suspect (could be wrong) I am one of those adults who may have chronic mono) a disease that is apparently virtually incurable, can be controlled by steroids, and has a habit of coming up negative on tests even if you do have it .

    Eventually – I got so sick I was sent to the ER. The doctor could not find anything wrong but mentioned how the steroid he gave me seemed to calm me down. I think he attributed this to a general anxiety problem because this DOUCHEBAG of a doctor cursed my medical records with a diagnosis of “altered mental state”. I suspect it’s because he saw my medical history of getting treated for major depression back in 04. Does he believe that just because he couldn’t find anything – there’s really nothing wrong? This jerk has condemned me to a life of hell. Yes, I made one mistake of immediately not picking up my insurance within a week. But I know alot of people who have done that. Every doctor I visit in the future will not take me seriously. Nobody will insure someone with a diagnosis of “altered mental state”. And the worst part of it is, I’ve literally been able to feel physical symptoms indicating an inflamed liver and spleen. My GP mocked me after leaving the emergency room when the doctor told me he was going to give me a spinal tap. He says to “stay still or else you will be paralyzed” I vehemently refused because it was pretty obvious to me that I was going to be paralyzed since I was experiencing uncontrollable muscle spasms that had nothing to do with my mental state.

    This is hopeless. So now its basically choosing between being potentially homeless and drowning in medical bills or to lay at home and die?

    • ANSWER:

    Symptoms for 7 months, no diagnosis. Excessive hair loss, muscle pain, swollen nodes.?

    I`m a 19 year old female who`s been experiencing a series of symptoms for the past 7 months that doctors have been unable to diagnose.

    Firstly, my hair has been falling out and as you can imagine, this has been very emotionally stressful. Since about 7 months ago, I`ve lost more then 75% of hair from all over my head. The hair loss is not patchy, but has been thinning all over. I used to have long, extremely thick and beautiful hair, and now its almost gone. The hair loss is not localized to my head as I’ve even noticed that the hair on my legs and in my pubic area have barely been growing back after shaving. I did see a dermatologist and he said that I must have an underlying autoiumme disease that’s causing the hair loss. He suspects lupus or a related disease, but as of yet, blood tests have shown no irregularities.

    Since around the same time my hair has been falling out, Ive noticed that the lymph nodes in my neck have been swollen. Sometimes they are red and sensitive (especially after drinking alcohol or smoking) but usually they’re painless. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of joint/muscle pain and stiffness. Some days it gets really bad and I can barely move, even typing/writing is difficult because the muscles in my hands are so stiff. I feel like every muscle and joint in my body is inflamed. I’m only 19 and I’m having as hard of a time moving around as my 55 year old mother with MS.

    Lastly, (and I’m not sure if this is related at all) my skin has been really dry and especially itchy. I’m not sure if I’ve noticed any rashes, but I have noticed some redness (light red spots) randomly on my skin.

    My family doctor did a thorough blood analysis and everything came back normal. There is no sign of vitamin deficiency, my thyriod was normal, no diabetes, my blood cell count was normal, kidney/liver function was normal, and I’m clean for STD’s/STI’s. I really don’t know where to go from here and im terrified that if I don’t find out whats wrong, I’m going to go bald.

    Does anyone know what these symptoms indicate? Any advice as to what I should get tested for/where I should go from here would be great.

    Thank you in advance for the help!

    • ANSWER:
      my endocrinolgist , said i had sluggish thyroid normal levels, my VIT D was dangerously low my vit b 12 was low i have hypo thyroid symptoms normal thyroid I HAVE goitors never knew it until i choked and had ENT do a nasal scope, so follow my advice my endocrinologist put me on synthyroid , 37.5 mcg works for me VIT D and VIt B 12 also AVOID wheat products you could be celiac syndrome try eatting oatmeal rice potatoes NO wheat pasta buy rice and corn pasta drink V* 8 splash change your diet

    does anyone know anything about allergiclear, all natural allergy relief. Or anything about supplements in it?
    AllergiClear contains the following natural ingredients:

    Quercitin is a well known flavonoid, usually found mostly in onions and apples and is considered to be a ‘building block’ for other flavonoids. Flavonoids are important and powerful anti-oxidants found in fruits, vegetables and herbs and can also reduce inflammation, boost immunity, strengthen blood vessels and improve circulation. Quercitin is known for its ability to block the release of histamine, thereby preventing allergy symptoms like swollen nasal passages, congestion, sneezing, watery eyes and itchiness in eyes and nose. Other benefits include reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and cataracts, anticancer properties and the ability to promote stable blood sugar levels.

    Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright) has been used since the Middle Ages to reduce eye inflammations. It may be used topically, but is very beneficial taken internally to reduce watery, painful and itchy eyes caused by colds and allergies. Other benefits include the maintenance of good vision and eye health.

    Arsen Alb. C15 – a proven homeopathic remedy for a variety of conditions, including inflamed and stinging eyes, sneezing and hayfever. other benefits include improvement in eczema, headaches and general restlessness.

    Nat. Mur. D6 – a biochemic tissue salt which has an excellent effect in reducing and preventing runny nose, hayfever and other conditions linked to inflamed and watery mucus membranes. Other benefits include promoting feelings of well being and reducing anger and irritability.

    Kali Mur. D6 – a biochemic tissue salt with a wonderful soothing decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect, helping to prevent the secondary infections of allergic rhinitis (sinusitis, bronchitis and other respiratory tract infections). Regular use of Kali Mur is also beneficial in improving liver functioning, as a glandular tonic and to strengthen blood and nerve tissue.

    • ANSWER:
      I have tried several natural relief pills, sublinguals, teas , herbs, etc…. does not work!!!
      some herbs may help your immune system and make you feel good for a bit but the reaction of the allergens in your body are way too strong to stop with natural things.
      Unfortunately I need zyrtec or allegra to feel better when the allergies attack…..but somehow this year my allergies are milder than last year and I have been able to avoid medication and I only get some when I really need it
      Be careful because you do not know how your body will react to the herbal effects!

    What can we do to help my Dad get well?
    I don’t know how to help him! He is wasting away before our eyes and we don’t know what to do about it. We’ve gone to tons of doctors and all they do is give him more drugs and he doesn’t get better.

    This might get long, there is a lot of history.

    My Dad is 50 and he acts like he’s 90. He has degenerative spine disease, IBS and just recently, Gastritis. He is addicted to pain medicine because of his back and is at that limit for the amount he can take of Hydrocodone, so he’s been cutting back on that to get morphine patches. But he’s still in pain most of the time. Recently in the last 6 months he’s hardly able to work (worse than the last 2 years, where he’s had issues but he was able to work 3 of the 4 weeks in a month at least! now he works maybe 2 days in a month if at all!). Now he stays in bed all day and we can hardly get him on the phone (this worries us the most, since my Mom is busy working 3 jobs (two of her’s and she is able to pick up his work as well) so she can’t be home with him to take care of him and watch over him. They live out in the country so it’s hard to get someone to be able to check on him when we can’t get in touch.

    So as for his symptoms, there’s a few years here that should be mentioned. He’s had a weird fungus infection on his hand that lasted a year or so and was ‘cured’ with steroids though it comes back sometimes. It’s very painful on his hands, but he was still able to bear it and work. Then his weight keeps fluctuating, partly because of the prednisone and partly because of his diet. He will not eat anything for days besides icecream or a tuna sandwich.
    Then just recently in the last 3 months he’s been puking for weeks everything he eats and he’s barely able to keep any food down. He was diagnosed with gastritis 3 weeks ago and he’s on medicine. He still pukes and they can’t do tests on him to check his esophagus because of him being sick (they’ve put off the test 3 times). We don’t know what to do, who we can talk to. We’ve been seeing a stomach doctor, a gastroenterologist?, and his GP. We even took him to the hospital two weeks ago because he was severely dehydrated and they didn’t want to admit him! He’s tiny, he looks sick and dogged, I’ve never seen my Dad like this ever. He’s always been a strong man and now he looks so frail. Would depression do this? They have a lot of money troubles due to the medical expenses and cut in pay (my mom was laid off last year and his business wasn’t doing well then, it is even worse now and my mom still has a K pay cut even with her two jobs). I try to help them but I can’t be working my job to pay their bills. He’s a worrier and I know he must have depression from all this and for a while too. He’s been tested for his liver, it’s fine, they’ve scanned him for cancer, none. Nothing abnormal in any of his x-rays. Just an inflamed stomach and at one time about 2 years ago, an enlarged liver. I don’t know much more, I don’t know how much they don’t tell me.

    Any ideas?! How can we make sure he gets help? What else can we do? We feel so helpless!
    What surgery would be done for the spine disease? I don’t remember any mention of surgery about this, it seemed like it was just something he was going to live with. I might ask about it and find out, that’s a good question.

    Also, surgery might be a no because pain management is a problem. He had a herniated disk a few years ago that he put off for a year before getting surgery and it was horrible afterwards because they couldn’t manage his pain since he has such a high tolerance.

    • ANSWER:
      OK- what he needs is a referral to a specialist pain clinic. I will add to this when I get home and can check with a friend who is an expert in this field: we are in the UK, but she may well be able to advise as she has contacts globally, and may at least be able to come up with some names for you. His insurance should pay out as a decent pain specialist has a much better chance of getting someone back into work etc that standard medics.

      I would be amazed if he wasn’t depressed, and depression has a massive effect on everything.

    What else can we do to get help for my Dad who is wasting away!?
    I don’t know how to help him! He is wasting away before our eyes and we don’t know what to do about it. We’ve gone to tons of doctors and all they do is give him more drugs and he doesn’t get better.

    This might get long, there is a lot of history.

    My Dad is 50 and he acts like he’s 90. He has degenerative spine disease, IBS and just recently, Gastritis. He is addicted to pain medicine because of his back and is at that limit for the amount he can take of Hydrocodone, so he’s been cutting back on that to get morphine patches. But he’s still in pain most of the time. Recently in the last 6 months he’s hardly able to work (worse than the last 2 years, where he’s had issues but he was able to work 3 of the 4 weeks in a month at least! now he works maybe 2 days in a month if at all!). Now he stays in bed all day and we can hardly get him on the phone (this worries us the most, since my Mom is busy working 3 jobs (two of her’s and she is able to pick up his work as well) so she can’t be home with him to take care of him and watch over him. They live out in the country so it’s hard to get someone to be able to check on him when we can’t get in touch.

    So as for his symptoms, there’s a few years here that should be mentioned. He’s had a weird fungus infection on his hand that lasted a year or so and was ‘cured’ with steroids though it comes back sometimes. It’s very painful on his hands, but he was still able to bear it and work. Then his weight keeps fluctuating, partly because of the prednisone and partly because of his diet. He will not eat anything for days besides icecream or a tuna sandwich.
    Then just recently in the last 3 months he’s been puking for weeks everything he eats and he’s barely able to keep any food down. He was diagnosed with gastritis 3 weeks ago and he’s on medicine. He still pukes and they can’t do tests on him to check his esophagus because of him being sick (they’ve put off the test 3 times). We don’t know what to do, who we can talk to. We’ve been seeing a stomach doctor, a gastroenterologist?, and his GP. We even took him to the hospital two weeks ago because he was severely dehydrated and they didn’t want to admit him! He’s tiny, he looks sick and dogged, I’ve never seen my Dad like this ever. He’s always been a strong man and now he looks so frail. Would depression do this? They have a lot of money troubles due to the medical expenses and cut in pay (my mom was laid off last year and his business wasn’t doing well then, it is even worse now and my mom still has a K pay cut even with her two jobs). I try to help them but I can’t be working my job to pay their bills. He’s a worrier and I know he must have depression from all this and for a while too. He’s been tested for his liver, it’s fine, they’ve scanned him for cancer, none. Nothing abnormal in any of his x-rays. Just an inflamed stomach and at one time about 2 years ago, an enlarged liver. I don’t know much more, I don’t know how much they don’t tell me.

    Any ideas?! How can we make sure he gets help? What else can we do? We feel so helpless!

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sorry to hear about your father. I hope I can help.

      All too often, when doctors prescribe a drug for one thing it causes side effects, so they prescribe another drug for the side effect. This goes on and on until the patient is taking handfuls of drugs but just keeps getting sicker. Natural cures have always worked very well for me and when I tell friends and family to look for natural things, it usually works for them too.

      Many illnesses are caused by a lack of nutrition. Vitamin and mineral supplements (natural ones, of course) may help and definitely won’t hurt. Two sites that I would recommend are: and I have no connection with either of these companies. I have been buying from herbal healer and taking their advise for about seven years now. I haven’t even had as much as a cold in years!

      I hope this helps. There’s a saying; “you are your own best doctor” (or something like that), and I believe that is very true, especially after seeing doctors many years ago that never helped anything.

    Elevated LFTS with an unknown cause? Help!?
    My friend Beka has been sick for many many months. She has been going for testing and the Doctors cannot find a reason as yet to what is causing her issues. We are concerned that there is a hidden disease that is being masked by smaller aliments that are a symptom rather than the cause itself. If anyone has experienced the following issues or know of anything to test for please let us know. We’ve tried and other such sites but we can’t point to the origin yet so we don’t know what to search under. Here’s a time-line.

    Oct. 2010 (7 months ago)
    First symptoms:
    -Developed Singles, given antibiotics (acyclovir and ciproflaxen) which cause C-Diff. Have had intermittent rectal bleeding since.

    Feb 2011 (3 months ago)
    -developed Pneumonia, was given the antibiotic Z-Pak.

    All during this time line she had experienced abdominal cramps (bad cramps), frequent vomiting, night sweats, general weakness, anemia, dizziness. She has also experiences around 3 times, both hands suddenly turning smurf blue for several minutes and then returning to normal.

    She was referred to a gastroenterologist in feb, and the doctor has ordered multiple tests and here are the results
    First Tests
    Blood test and EGD, stool:
    Results were severely elevated ALTS and LFTS, and the EGD found erosion of the esophagus, a hiatal hernia [moderate]. And stomach was very inflamed- Doctor took a biopsy of the stomach. Confirmed H.Pylori.
    Was Prescribed amoxicillin and vancymyocene(?). Initial blood test did not show the infection from H. Pylori and neither did a stool test.

    Start of March
    Colonoscopy, blood:
    ALTS and LFTS were still elevated
    Colonoscopy showed internal hemorrhoids (small).

    Hemorrhoids are now moderate (increased in less than 2 weeks), Hiatal Hernia increased in size as well to just under sever.

    gallbladder was functioning at a slow but normal rate (40% were 35% is considered normal)

    Between the Colonoscopy and the Sigmoidoscopy (2 week time frame) she lost 8 pounds, and when the hemorrhoids and hernia increased in size as well.

    Patient History
    Beka is Rh(neg) and has had 3 children. She has also has bacterial Pneumonia that has left her lungs with scarring but has not affected her life style, weighs 125 currently, is 33 yo, and does not smoke or drink. deadly allergic to bees. She was diagnosed with ovarian cysts in early 2010 when one ruptured while she was at work and had to be taken to the hospital. Her urine is really dark (almost orange) all the time.

    Family History-
    father died of leukemia before she was born.
    Grandfather on maternal side- died of prostate cancer.
    Paternal Grandfather died of throat cancer.
    Maternal Uncle currently has colon cancer

    Beka’s sister in law is an OBGYN, her Doctors, and all of us think there is some underlying disease or issue that caused the Shingles to appear. She is scheduled for an upcoming Liver Biopsy and MRCP.

    Right now her Doctors are at a loss and the bloods tests are not pointing to anything. They are concerned about moving to fast with her, but me and her sister in law think they need to get more aggressive. They have ruled out hepatitis.
    If anyone has known anyone with similar experiences or know of other diagnostic testing that might pinpoint an issue please reply! The Doctors just aren’t finding anything and I’m afraid where we’re in a small rural community that they might be missing something that is not common here or isn’t seen as much due to small populations! We’ve checked the Liver, gallbladder, colon, small bowel, stomach, esophagus and haven’t found anything!

    I am also concerned about the validity of the results of these tests since the H.Pylori was only found due to the stomach biopsy, if some infection or something could be hidden and the blood, stool tests just missing them completely.

    Not to borrow trouble but if it is something serious we want to find out now and fight it before it becomes life threatening. Any help is greatly appreciated. If anyone needs more info please just ask.
    thank you for the response what do you mean it is not standard i was given 2 different antiobiotics to take for 10 days and have to go have a breath test done to confirm if the h plori is gone and i believe the other prescribtion was clarithmicin… i still have the nausea and the abdominal cramps, my liver is still highly elevated .. again i am not a doctor but i do not seem to be finding the answers …. and what is crohns ? by the way this is beka speaking

    • ANSWER:
      Have you considered Li-Fraumeni Syndrome? Read my explanation and you’ll see why I though about this…

      When I saw the family history, Li-Faumeni is the first thing that came to my mind. Li-Fraumeni is an autosomal dominant cancer syndrome (1 person in every generation has it) that involves a mutation in the tumor suppressor gene p53. p53 is known as a “guardian of the genome” because it’s the major inducer of cell cycle (growth) arrest and apoptosis. This is the gene that prevents the inappropriate growth of cells ALL over the body.

      When a person with Li-Fraumeni is born, every single cell in there body has two sets of p53 genes per cell. One of those genes is mutated (non-functional), and the other is normal. This is fine because our cells only need 1 functioning p53 gene for it to suppress the over growth of cells. Many cells in our body undergo DNA mutations all the time and if it’s a threatening mutation, p53 is responsible for triggering cell death. However what if that mutation occured TO the p53 gene in a person who already has one of those genes mutated… then you have nothing telling the cell to stop growing… So then you get the growth of a tumor since p53 isnt there to inhibit it and other mutations will usually occur causing abnormal morphology of the cell, etc.

      My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    I need a diagnosis – severe body pain, low grade fevers, sore stomach, etc.?
    I need help! My doctor can’t diagnose me and I’m in so much pain I don’t know what to do. Starting about a month ago I’ve been getting low grade fevers on and off. It happened a month ago for two days and came with body aches that started in my neck and spread throughout my body. It lasted for two days with no other symptoms and went away completely. A month later I started getting mild to moderate body aches mostly in my arms and legs. It lasted for about a week with low grade fevers again (around 99.7). Now, starting two days ago, I’ve had such severe body aches I can barely move and walk. My neck, back, knees, legs, feet, arms, hands, even my fingers and toes are unbearably sore. I can’t even sit comfortably. It hurts even just typing this.

    This is the main problem (the severe pain) but I also have a sore stomach. Not nausea, not “sick” just sore. Like, it’s sore to the touch, I can’t even push on it. Today for example I was lying on my back and put a book down on my stomach. The pressure from a small, light book was so excruciating I actually gasped and had to take it off. I really think my organs must be inflamed!

    Last but not least I’ve been experiencing Raynaud’s Syndrome. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it’s when your fingers and toes go completely white and numb, usually from cold. I haven’t been cold but it happens to me whenever I apply pressure to my fingers – like writing with a pen, using silverware, etc. This has never ever happened to me in my entire life and now it happens 10+ times a day and it all started at the same time as my other symptoms so I think they may be related.

    Here’s what I DONT have (I just got some bloodwork done):
    No autoimmune diseases, no HIV, no vitamin deficiencies

    The only thing that was abnormal on my entire bloodwork is that my liver enzymes are high. My doctor thinks this may be due to long-term use of Minocycline (an antibiotic I’ve been taking for 3 months to clear up my skin). A lot of my symptoms seem like they could be an adverse reaction to minocycline but it just feels like it all came on so suddenly and so aggressively that I don’t know if this can be right and I want some other ideas.

    Can anyone help?? I’m in so much pain I don’t know what to do! And I can’t even take painkillers because of the liver issue (I’m getting an ultrasound of my liver soon).

    Thank you for any help you can give!!!
    Thanks, unfortunately it can’t be any of those things… my doctor tested me for all auto-immune diseases and I have none of them…

    Any other ideas anyone?

    • ANSWER:
      This does actually sound like an auto immune disease. Raynaud’s phenomenon is commonly associated with auto immune diseases. Connective tissue disorders are an immune system response attacking your own connective tissue and causing inflammation that damages your collagen and elastin. There are other conditions associated with Raynaud’s phenomenon as listed below. :)

      Connective tissue disorders:

      Other conditions associated with Raynaud’s phenomenon:

Inflammation Of The Liver

Hepatitis B – a group of inflammatory diseases of the liver infection (eg, viral hepatitis) or noninfectious (eg poisoning) origin. Disorders of liver function in acute hepatitis is often accompanied by jaundice. Chronic hepatitis can lead to cirrhosis.

The causes of the disease. The appearance of the body of a large quantity of harmful substances (for example, chronic disorder of the digestive process in alcoholism, etc.), contributes to dysfunction of the liver. Chronic hepatitis may also be the result of acute effects on the liver or other damaging factors (infection, intoxication).

The manifestations of hepatitis. In chronic hepatitis observed dull pain in right hypochondrium, nausea, flatulence, violation of appetite, intolerance to fat, muscle weakness, irritability, and sometimes jaundice. Viral hepatitis begins with the appearance of weakness, fatigue, appetite loss, feelings of bitterness in the mouth. Appear belching, heartburn, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting may occur. Sometimes the first signs of viral hepatitis are cough, runny nose, headache, pain in muscles and joints, fever, dark urine, gray-white color of feces. In jaundice the skin and sclera eyes are painted in yellow.

Folk remedies for treatment of hepatitis B:

* If discomfort in the area of the liver very well shake up and drink 2 chicken yolk. After 5 minutes – a glass of warm mineral water, and then 2:00 to lie in bed, tucked under his right side a warm heating pad and hidden with a blanket.
* The stagnation in the liver associated with receiving abundant fatty write, should take decoction of anise with mint. 1 / 2 teaspoon crushed anise seeds and 1 / 2 teaspoon peppermint pour 300 ml boiling water. Insist half an hour. It is recommended to drink warm broth in small sips. If your liver is permanently unable to cope with a fatty meal, it is better to drink this decoction in advance, before a meal. Seeds of anise can be replaced Rosemarine or cumin. They have similar medicinal properties.
* 2 tablespoons of the leaves or 1 tablespoon of buds of birch pour 500 ml boiling water, add to the tip of a knife baking soda, insist 1 hour and filtered. Drink 1 / 2 cup 4 times a day before meals.
* To improve liver function brew 15 g nettle leaves 1 cup boiling water, to insist, wrapped, 1 hour. At the same time prepare the decoction of the roots of nettles: Pour 15 g of root 1 cup of boiling water, boil on low heat for 10 minutes, to insist 30 minutes, drain. Infusion broth and mix, add to taste honey or sugars. Take 1 / 2 cup 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
* 2 tablespoons dried birch leaves, pour a glass of boiled water, leave on low heat to evaporate half the liquid volume, cooled and filtered. Take 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day for 1 hour before meals. The course of treatment – 3 months. You can also use this recipe: 1 tablespoon of raw material is poured a glass of boiled water, boil for 20 minutes, insisting 1 hour and filter. Drink morning and evening for 1 glass of broth for 30 minutes before eating. * When liver disease is recommended to drink the juice extract and horseradish usual. And the leaves of horseradish can be used for poultices for its hardening. Another good tool: Grate horseradish and blend 4 tablespoons with a glass of milk. A mixture of high heat, but do not boil. Let sit on stove for 5 minutes, then strain and drink slowly. Carry this medication for several days.
* Pain relief and soothing effect for liver and gall bladder has a peppermint. Pour 20 grams of crushed mint leaves 0,5 L of boiling water and leave for day. Strain and drink throughout the day in 3 divided doses. The pain should gradually let go.
* In an enamel saucepan pour 0.5 liters of cold boiled water, dissolve it in 100 grams of Carlsbad salt, then gradually pour in the pan 500 grams of lemon juice and stir with a wooden spoon for 20-30 minutes. Add 100 g glycerol medical, continuing to stir. Mixture stored in the refrigerator before use, the contents well shake. Take 1 – 2 tablespoons 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
* Giardia infecting the liver and gallbladder, vanish, if you regularly drink 1 / 2 cup sauerkraut brine 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
* When lamblia in liver homogenates prepared from 25 g garlic, 25 g of pulp horseradish and 0,5 l of vodka to insist in a dark place for 10 days, occasionally shaking the contents. Strain and press pulp remnants. Take tincture to 1 tablespoon, drinking sips of water, 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
* The pain in the liver to prepare infusion following collection: 4 tablespoons of the mixture of equal parts tarragon, sage, Juniper brew 1 liter of boiled water, to insist, to filter. Drink 1 glass 3 times a day.
* In the initial stage of viral hepatitis is recommended to drink plenty of fluids (juices, mineral water), tinctures rosehips, watermelon seeds crushed (20 g per 200 ml of boiling water, to insist in a thermos for 12 hours, drink 50 ml 3 times a day). And one more effective recipe: 20 g barberry, birch leaves, fruits, juniper, sage, yarrow (1 teaspoon collection insist 30 minutes per 200 ml of boiling water, drink a glass of morning and evening).
* In chronic hepatitis B: by 20 g of St. John’s wort, flowers Helichrysum arenarium and buckthorn bark brew in 1 liter of boiling water, to insist 1-2 hours and drink during the day in 5 receptions. The course of treatment – 25 days.
* Get equally chicory root of the ordinary, herbs yarrow, horsetail grass field grass and hypericum perforatum. Two full teaspoons collection pour a glass of boiled water, to insist, to filter. Drink 2 times a day, morning and evening, 1 glass of infusion.
* Fruits of fennel, caraway fruit, bark buckthorn olhovidnoy, peppermint leaves, grass, yarrow, grass Centaury take equally. Spoon collection pour a glass of boiled water, to insist, to filter. Drink during the day in divided doses to maintain regular chair hepatitis.
* Field Horsetail (herb), nettle (root), pines (buds) – 1 part, centaury (herb) – 4 parts, Comfrey (root) – 8 pieces. Two tablespoons of the mixture pour 2 cups water, boil 10 minutes. Take 1 / 4 cup 4 times a day with Botkin’s disease.
* 10 grams of hop cones brew 1 cup of boiling water, press 7 – 8 hours, drain. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day with infectious hepatitis.
* 10 g of dried inflorescence of H. arenarium brew 1 cup of boiling water, to insist, to filter. Allow 3 weeks to 2 tablespoons 3 times a day for half an hour before a meal as a choleretic.
* Mint Inventory (leaves), chamomile (inflorescences), yarrow (herb), Buckthorn (bark) to combine in equal proportions. Tablespoon of mixture pour 1 cup boiling water. Infuse for 30 minutes. Drinking on an empty stomach in the morning and at night for 0.5 cups.
* Tablespoon fennel fruit vegetable brew a cup of boiling water, to insist to cooling. Take 1 / 2 cup 2-3 times a day with bile.
* Peppermint leaf, trifoliate leaves and watch the grass wormwood mix evenly. Three to five tablespoons of the mixture to fill a glass of water and heat for 30 minutes. Drink morning and evening for 30 minutes before eating a glass of broth.
* Tablespoon of dry grass Hypericum perforatum pour 200 ml of water, boil for 15 minutes on low heat and strain. Drink 50 ml 3 times a day as a choleretic and anti-inflammatory agent.
* Flowers Helichrysum arenarium, chicory root of the ordinary, dandelion root connect equally. Tablespoon of mixture to fill a glass of water, boil 5 minutes, for 20 minutes and strain. Drink 3 times as cholagogue.
* Tablespoon of corn stacks with stigmas brew cup of boiling water as tea. Take a spoonful of every 3 hours.
* If pain in the liver helps broth Sage. Pour a tablespoon of raw materials 1.5 cups of boiling water, add 1 tablespoon of light honey, insist 1 hour and drink on an empty stomach.

Diet. In viral hepatitis requires timely hospitalization, strict bed rest and respect doctor’s prescriptions, including nutrition. After being discharged from the hospital for 6-12 months to a diet completely excluding drinks, beer, canned, smoked, marinated, fried food, chocolate. It is recommended that mo-dairy-vegetarian diet, low-fat meats and fish. It is useful to use raw pumpkin in grated form (up to 0,5 kg per day) or drink pumpkin juice. Failure diet possible complications, up to cirrhosis.

Harpy long it struck terror into people until he met with the Argonauts – Greek heroes, sailing on the ship “Argo” to the shores of Colchis the golden fleece. Argonauts during his wanderings came to Thrace, where the rules Elder Phineas. Once angry at him god of the sea Poseidon, blinded Finea and afflicted him Harpy. Every day, when the king lay the table, appeared terrible poluzhenschiny-poluptitsy and stole food. So sorry Heroes feeble old man, and next time, as soon as the monster appeared, two of the Argonauts, the winged sons of Boreas the north, pursued Harpy. One of them, unable to bear the chase, jumped into the river, which has since called Garpis. Others flew away and never appeared.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the the inflammation of the liver causes pain in your stomach?
    I went to the doctor and he did me an ultra sound. When he got the results he told me I had liver inflammation. For several years I’ve been having some strange and painful stomachaches is this the cause of my inflammation of liver? I would like to know so I can know what to do for it.

    • ANSWER:
      No, liver inflammation causes no pain. The liver itself has no nerve endings, therefore, no pain. That’s why people can have cirrhosis of the liver and not even know it. I had no idea anything was wrong with me until my liver was already 90% destroyed due to many many years of constant inflammation caused by an autoimmune disease. The only way I knew something was wrong was because I suddenly swelled up with a lot of fluid. I had liver failure and a liver transplant and never experienced any liver pain. Now there is a sac around the liver that can cause some pain, but it never gave me any problems. People are just not aware when their liver is inflamed because they have no symptoms. By the time any physical symptoms of liver failure appears, the failure is often far advanced.

      What can you do about it? Find out the real reason your stomach hurts. What can you do about liver inflammation? It depends on what is causing it to inflame in the first place. If you can get rid of whatever is irritating it, then the inflammation will go away. Example: If alcohol abuse is causing it, then stop drinking and it should go away as long as no permenent liver damage has been done yet such as cirrhosis. Example: My liver inflammation was caused by an autoimmune disease in which there is nothing I can do to stop it. It depends on the cause and whether or not you can get rid of the irritant.

      You need to discuss this with your doctor and find out what your options are for treating both problems such as your stomach and inflamed liver. I’m no doctor, but in my opinion they are going to be two separate problems in which both need addressed. You should not have to go for years with stomach pain and not know what is causing it. Hopefully, you can get the help you need by following up with your doctor and demanding some answers. If this doctor cannot help you, then find one who will.

    what are the top causes of liver inflammation?
    got my test results today and the doctor said i have a slight liver inflammation.

    • ANSWER:
      Liver Inflammation in other words termed as Hepatitis. It is characterised by the destruction of a number of liver cells and the presence of inflammatory cells in the liver tissue.

      Hepatitis can be caused by diseases that primarily attack the liver cells. It can also arise as a result of a disease such as mononucleosis. Hepatitis can be divided into two subgroups according to its duration:

      -Acute hepatitis has a number of possible causes.
      -Infectious viral hepatitis such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D and hepatitis E.
      -Other viral diseases such as: mononucleosis and cytomegalovirus.
      -Severe bacterial infections.
      -Amoebic infections.
      -Medicines, eg paracetamol poisoning and halothane (an anaesthetic).
      -Toxins: alcohol and fungal toxins, eg toadstool poisoning.

      How do you get hepatitis -

      A person can develop hepatitis if they contract one of the viruses that can cause liver inflammation, or as a result of exposure to substances that can cause hepatitis – alcohol, fungal toxins and certain medicines.

      There are two ways in which medicines can lead to hepatitis: it can either occur as a result of medicine poisoning through overdoses of a medicine (eg paracetamol), or it can occur as a result of an abnormal reaction of the liver to a normal dose (eg halothane, the anaesthetic). Fortunately, the latter type of hepatitis is rare.-

    What can be the cause of liver inflammation where Hepatitis is negetive?

    • ANSWER:
      I am assuming you mean the standard viral hepatitis panels were done and came back negative (Hep A, B, and C).

      Technically, all liver inflammation is “hepatitis” as hepa=liver, itis=inflammation.

      There are other viral and non-viral causes of hepatitis (herpes simplex (HSV-1), cytomegalovirus (CMV), Epstein-Barr (EBV), yellow fever virus, adenoviruses and the non-viral — toxoplasma, Leptospira, Q fever, rocky mountain spotted fever.

      Alcohol intake can cause acute hepatitis (short term) or prolonged use can cause chronic hepatitis
      Toxins: amanita (in some mushrooms), carbon tetrachloride
      Drugs: Tylenol (overdose), some anti-tuberculosis meds,
      Pregnancy can induce a form of hepatitis
      Auto-immune conditions (eg. Systemic Lupus E.)
      Metabolic diseases (eg. Wilson’s disease)

      There are many causes of inflammation of the liver!

    my sister is in stage 2 of liver inflammation. any idea of how serious this is, or what it may be? ?
    she is seeing a dr for this and taking alot of blood tests. my sister may know more than she is telling me. but she is accepted at minneapolis for treatments to bring the inflammation down. she is a diabetic.
    i would appreciate input on this. thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Usually, when there is a problem with the
      liver, it starts out as inflammation of the liver
      cells. This causes the liver to enlarge in
      size. There are many causes of this
      inflammation: alcohol consumption,
      medication toxification, chemical exposure,
      viral infections such as Hep A,B,C,etc,
      biliary obstruction or mal formation, fatty
      liver disease, and others.
      If the inflammation is treated and the
      cause is removed…then the condition can
      reverse and the cells of the liver can heal.
      However, if this cannot be done or isn’t
      done…then it can progress to a disease
      known as cirrhosis of the liver. This is
      where the cells of the liver die off slowly and
      are replaced by scar tissue. It is a progressive
      disease that the doctors can only try to slow
      down then.
      Here is a link to learn more about it:

      It is very important that your sister follow any
      advice the doctor may give her.
      The doctor will keep doing blood tests on
      her to see how she is doing. These tests:
      the “liver enzymes” show if there may be
      damage to the liver cells; the “liver function
      tests” show how the cells are functioning
      in order to keep the body healthy: and
      a “viral” test to see if a virus may be the cause
      of the inflammation. She will need to be
      under doctor care. She should be
      with either a gastroenterologist or a
      hepatologist now.

      I hope this information is of help to you.

    Medical experts Plz ans: My dad is suffering from ulcer and liver inflammation with pain?
    1.What r the do/don’t ?
    2.What r all the foods he should eat/not eat?
    3.Natural food
    4.He is suffering daily , plz prescribe a complete database of food habits and steps to protect and lead a painless healthy life?
    *************Full points will be awarded***********************************

    • ANSWER:
      If it is not in advanced stage ,ulcer can be cured by food only. but if it is advanced better to consult qualified Doctor.

      regarding food preferences, you can think as under.

      1- do take alkaline fruits, avoid citrus fruits do not take fried foods, take sprouted beans, do not take curd, butter milk butter, cheese, pickles spicy tea coffee.. take milk , cold milk.

      Take papaya in any form.. this is the enemy of acidity and ulcer. it is the King of good health. starting from digestion to defecation.

      acidity is also the result of anxiety , irregular sleep, too much TV.
      if he can do some exercises and is in good health otherwise , I have some tips to get into right order.

      modern age is demanding too much mental activity, at work you do with computer only. at home too you do mental activity like watching TV, internet surfing. movies and talking etc.

      Lot of junk is filled in mind.
      now there could be many issues like anger, hate, rage, fear, all this make mind brain worked up so you need release out of this .
      We live in world where all our expectations will not be fulfilled. In the today’s world, we get more chances to get angry, due to completion, injustice, betrayal, criticisms at work, home and by friends, and there are endless reasons which makes us angry. Anger arises when the other does not behave the way we expect, or other wants us to behave the way s/he wants us to behave and we are not able to / interested to / wish to / contrary to our respect
      It is a common wisdom given to us from childhood, never be angry, do not show anger, to be angry is not good.
      The anger is hurting us first and then hurts the person who is target of our anger.
      If we are strong we hurt other very deeply and also carry the wound within. But if we are weak, we get hurt. And we fear to express anger, still the wound within is there. So Anger expressed also hurts and anger suppressed also hurts.
      The negative effect of anger on us is multifold, Physical Violence, Anatomically we get acidity ulcer and indigestion. Emotionally we get upset, concentration goes, blood pressure increase/decreases, get depressed,
      Thus we are affected from all the angles, we can not afford to express or suppress . Best way is to Transform the powerful emotion in creative way. Anger is our Emotion and it is really great force, those who do not get angry are cold. Those get angry get cold after loosing the energy in anger…
      Now Anger will arise and arise every day, then what to do with it…how to get rid of it…

      There is a Dynamic way to do it…. every day get up early morning… or when you have some time for one hour for this only…
      This exercise is divided in four parts, and has three level
      Primary, 20 minutes
      Secondary 40 minutes
      Final 60 minutes

      We start with Primary level
      First part is dealing with activation of system, dormant emotions are waken up, system is charged,
      Second part is expressing the gathered stuff out,
      Third part is again charging the body
      Fourth part is just silent.

      First part you choose a silent room, exclusive to you only, wear loose clothing, stand relaxed, both hand by side of waist. Legs one foot apart, knees slightly bent, relaxed,
      Room should not be too airy or too cold/hot,

      Start breathing out with force from nose, keep mouth shut,
      And continue for five minutes, in breath will be automatic, you concentrate on out breath.

      Continuing up to five minutes, then come to second part

      second part is just expressing ACCUMULATED EMOTIONS, NOT ONLY ANGER BUT ALL, cry, shout, weep, shake body out violently and wildly… with all emotions released. In beginning it may not be feeling easy or you may feel shy or afraid of family or neighbors but know that THIS IS LIFE AND YOU ARE SUFFERING, not family, or neighbor. If they are disturbed by sounds, you ensure that shouts are not heard to them, sound and voice are expressed without Sound, and just wild expressions… continue expressing for five minutes… you will have hell of time, but you have to dare and start, life is at stake.

      Third part, you jump with soles coming down heavily on floor and you make the sound of hoo, hoo, hoo, from navel, such that it too is not heard by others if they feel disturbed…
      Thus navel will get strong and purged of negativity, weaknesses…
      Jumping up down may feel painful but continue,

      Then fourth part,
      Be silent, stop all jumping shouting, remain standing statue, in silence. Just feel rushing blood, heavy breathing, heart beats, and aching body, but do not move be a statue…

      These twenty minutes will be an ordeal for you, it will be a total blast for you and system will be cleaned.
      This will be a challenge to Will power to Challenge self.

      If you continue for a month, and feel the difference, how you feel anger, how you react and how you feel afterwards…
      Now during the day time when anger arises let it arise, but you be alert of

    medical experts plz ans: My dad is suffering from ulcer and liver inflammation with pain?
    1.What r the do/don’t ?
    2.What r all the foods he should eat/not eat?
    3.Natural food
    4.He is suffering daily , plz prescribe a complete database of food habits and steps to protect and lead a painless healthy life?
    *************Full points will be awarded*********************************

    • ANSWER:
      You must know that an answer to your question is impossible without the facility of a fully appointed clinic and the opportunity for a full physical and blood appraisal.

      Why are you asking this question here and not of your father’s doctor? The doctor will have a history of your father’s condition and will advise you on diet and lifestyle changes.

      Please have a talk to your father’s doctor. He is the person you need to trust.

    Is it safe to take 1000 mg of Vitamin C & 400 UI of Vitamin E at the same time? Do they help the liver & skin?
    Do they help reduce liver inflammation since they are antioxidants?
    How long does it take to see noticable improvements in your skin ?

    • ANSWER:
      It is safe to take both at the same time and at those dosages.

      As mentioned earlier there are some other options for a healthy liver and skin. You can increase your dosage of Vitamin C to higher amounts if you wish. Many people take 3,000 to 5,000mg a day with no ill effects. Vitamin C also increases the liver’s ability to reverse the fatty build-up. [1]

      Selenium is an important mineral that is known to help the liver. [2] Milk thistle is a famous herb that has shown the ability to help and support the liver. [3] Schizandra and Tumeric are two more herbs that help support a healthy liver. [3] Tumeric in particular is a potent herb and one that is helpful for almost all people.

      What nutrients are good for the skin? Fish oil is one of the most well known supplements that helps your skin. Borage oil and Flax Oil are 2 other good fats that are great for keeping your skin healthy. [4] There are many different vitamins that are important so a good multi-vitamin besides Vitamin C & E is essential. Bioactive Silicon is another great supplement for skin. [5] One last supplement for your skin is Pycnogenol. [6] It is also a potent antioxidant that can help regenate other antioxidants like C & E for example. Taking all 3 together would produce a potent antioxidant combination.

      How long is a tricky question to answer. It depends on your overall health and what your diet is like, but you should give yourself at least 2 months to see results. That would go for both your liver and for your skin.

    liver inflammation? any help is good…?
    last week i started to get pains on the right side of my stomach just under my rib cage and had a fever the pain started to go down the right side of my stomach and got worse i went to my dr and he sent me to the emergency department at first they thought i had a appendicitis but done blood tests and ultra sound and all they could find was that my liver was inflamed i spent 2 nights in hospital because they wanted to make sure that it was nothing more serious. well its been a week later and still have the pain still feel nauseous and dont feel right my dr said that it could just be a viral infection that will go away but im not feeling any better and the pain is moving to the left side of my stomach every now and then does anyone know anything about liver inflammation what causes it or waht else it might be….??

    • ANSWER:

    my non-alcoholic fatty liver inflammation…? would like some insight thank you?
    so my doctor says because of my elevated ALT and ultrasound showing of fatty liver he says I probably have mild inflmmation due to the extensive fat around my liver and from high triglycerides/cholesterol

    To treat this, I have lost weight to my ideal as well as eating more healthy and basically avoiding junk food. Exercising 5-6 days a week for 40 minutes. I will get another blood test later on.

    My question is: by doing this have I improved my liver condition? I hear it can be reversible I wonder if I have done so. Have I helped treat this inflammation by trying to reduce fat around my liver? Can I still have a normal life span? I hope this condition won’t shorten my lifespan I’m only 26

    • ANSWER:
      Fatty liver disease or NAFLD is thought to be because of excessive fat deposition in liver. It is partially genetic and partly from environmental factors including diet. By losing weight and excersing you have certainly helped your condition. By doing these measures, you will have reduced the amount of fat in the liver and likely decreased the associated inflammation. You should have a normal life span. You still need periodic liver function tests to monitor the ALT. If ALT remains consistently elevated, then may need liver biopsy at some point to rule out NASH (non alcoholic steatohepatitis), which can very rarely (<5%)progress to cirrhosis (liver scarring). At this point, I would continue what you are doing, and not worry about it too much.

    Have I been cured of NASH (fatty liver+inflammation)?
    3 months ago I was diagnosed with NASH (fatty liver with inflammation) through an ultrasound and elevated liver enzymes. They say a possible cause is through elevated cholesterol/triglycerides which I had. 3 months later after eating healthy and exercising, my liver enzymes have gone back to normal but high normal and my cholesterol is normal. Is it safe to say that I do not have NASH anymore? Or do I still have it and have to maintain a healthy lifestyle so I don’t get it again. What are some foods that are good for the liver?

    • ANSWER:
      i studied NASH deeply and i can say that you are lucky since untreated not only affect liver but also make you diabetic or even hypertensive in the next 5 years as you might saw that you were lazy tired obese specially the abdominal part and the doctor prescribe you actos and glucophage and ursodiol and lipanthyl well now you can enjoy life BUT stick to that the sport the healthy food no junk no fast food no fatty meals no salt or XS carb and the most important keep your weight as normal as you can and test the liver enzyme every 6 month

    One of my class mates had liver inflammation ?
    one of my class mates had inflammation in her kidney, i know it’s inflammation in the kidney but i can’t remember the name it’s self, it has an H and a P and a T and she had an operation and she says she’s fine now
    at the beginning of the school year she was absent for 4 weeks
    she now sits beside and she never says anything to anyone to to use her personal stuff but people say that liver cancer can be like moved (i dunna how to write this but i mean she can make who are around her sick like her) from her saliva so i can’t kiss her or borrow something like a pencil (coz she sometimes lick her pencils) help me plz i’m so afraid
    is it dangerous to sit beside her?
    we sit too close that we nearly having the same breath but they say it’s not about breath plz heeelp i m freaked out
    one of my class mates had inflammation in her liver, i know it’s inflammation in the liver but i can’t remember the name it’s self, it has an H and a P and a T and she had an operation and she says she’s fine now
    at the beginning of the school year she was absent for 4 weeks
    she now sits beside and she never says anything to anyone to to use her personal stuff but people say that liver cancer can be like moved (i dunna how to write this but i mean she can make who are around her sick like her) from her saliva so i can’t kiss her or borrow something like a pencil (coz she sometimes lick her pencils) help me plz i’m so afraid
    is it dangerous to sit beside her?
    we sit too close that we nearly having the same breath but they say it’s not about breath plz heeelp i m freaked out
    oh so sry everyone
    it’s liver not kidney

    • ANSWER:
      Please edit your question to be clear– are you talking about kidney or liver inflammation? You said liver in title and kidney in first few sentences.

      She probably had Hepatitis– perhaps Hepatitis A. The primary method of transmission is fecal-oral (e.g., finger in mouth after using toilet without washing hands in between). As long as you wash your hands and just be careful, you will be fine. People do usually recover completely from Hep A.

    liver inflammation after 3 years of heavy drinking?
    i been drinking about 15 to 30 beers everday for the last 3 years and on an off since i was about 15 went to the e.r. last night because i couldnt breath very good and my pressure was up so i was wondering if the inflamed liver was a big deal they said i wouldnt live to see 25 and im 23 now if i didnt quit drinking now.and he also said something about cirrhosis but i was wondering if this is a big deal or not…
    no the doctor said he would write a # down for a place that wouldnt cost anything but he never did and all the other places i called i have to have medical insurance

    • ANSWER:
      I tend to think that dying from a self-inflicted disease i.e., cirrhosis from excessive alcohol consumption, is sort of a big deal. Do you have any information on how to get help for alcoholism?

    Can we feel if our liver is inflammation?
    I have burning little down of my chest. If i press just below my chest bone, i feel a hard thing like infammation. I am facing shortness of breath. What can this be? How we will comw to know if ones liver is enlarged. What are the symptoms.

    • ANSWER:
      All guesses here! I am sure if your liver is inflamed you would be in a lot of pain and would need to seek immediately attention. You should go to your doctor and have a physical.

    What is the inflammation of the liver caused by one of six viruses which attack and destroy lever cells?

    • ANSWER:

    Inflammation of the liver that is caused by alcohol is called alcoholic?
    this is part of one of my tests and i have to fill in the blank after alcoholic help thanxx

    • ANSWER:
      cirrhosis is the word you’re looking for.

    Is it okay to take reductil pills if you have hepatitis B which is inflammation of the liver?

    • ANSWER:

    My vet said the blood test results show inflammation?
    My dog wasn’t acting like himself, starting two days ago. He had no interest in food or water (I managed to get him to lick some drops of water from my finger but not a lot) and was acting lethargic and sad. My mom took him to the vet for me (I work evenings so I wasn’t able to go with them) and they did blood tests. We bought a liquid diet from the vet and my dog really likes it, and I can manage to get him to eat some wet dog food (but only from my finger again, he won’t eat off the plate or a spoon).

    I called for the test results today and the vet that is there doesn’t speak english well (I like the other vet). All he said to me is that his results show inflammation which means he has an infection and needs antibiotics.

    I’m not sure I trust this. I tried asking what kind of inflammation, what part of the test showed it but he didn’t understand.

    Does anyone know what he might mean? I have to work again so my mom is going in the pick up the antibiotics and I asked her to see if they’d give her a photocopy of the results so I can see for myself.

    I googled and liver inflammation seems to fit his symptoms but symptoms in pets can also be so vague. But for liver inflammation, antibiotics won’t work, will they?

    • ANSWER:
      Elevated white blood cell count. It could be any type of infection but if the vet said it needs antibiotics it is most likely some type of bacterial infection.

    what is inflammation of the liver?
    my husband was told that he has inflammation of the liver.he does not drink alcohol. so what can be causing this. i am so worried. he has blood work he has to get done to see what the cause is. but i need some answers. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      When your liver spontaniously combusts.

    IS drinking ok after liver got ****ed?
    I use to party alot and get drunk all the time. However about 8 month ago, i felt really tired for like awhile, then the doctor said i liver inflammation which is hepatitis. However it was not virus a b or c and its not contagious, so the doctor suspected it was either i drank too much or have been taking some medication. My sgot, and sgpt went up to 160 which the normal range is 40. Now i recovered for about 6 month now everything is normal. So i have been thinking if i shud start to party and drink again. So is it ok to drink in this kind of situation, or it is still too risky.
    Its really hard to party without drinking -0-

    • ANSWER:
      For you, drinking can be and has been dangerous. But if you are so inclined to start drinking again, you should also be willing to have your SGOT and SGPT checked regularly to make sure that your liver is not having an adverse reaction. Liver disease seems to cause a very horrible death and spare parts are not readily available in this country without a long wait.

    Medical mystery – swelling of left calf for over 12 months and intermittent leg pain?
    Hi there,
    I am not sure if anyone can help me but I have symptoms that have baffled a lot of medical professionals.I have had a swelling in my left calf since May 2010 – previous to this I never had any swelling,however from my late teens I did get an awful pain every once in a while in my leg, around my knee & downwards during the night and it actually brought me to tears, the only thing to get rid of it was strong painkillers. Thankfully, I worked within the health service in research and a senior consultant had a look at my leg and told me to go straight to the out of hours doctor which I did after work.The doctor told me to go to the hospital the next day which I did, they carried out a D-dimer test to rule out a blood clot and they confirmed that I thankfully did not have one, however they where a bit confused and sent me for an x-ray to see if I had somehow maybe chipped the bone, it came back clear. I was then referred back to my GP and she referred me to a consultant rheumatologist – after waiting over 6months for the appointment with him last November he suggested I had a bakers cyst and suggested an mri, I then decided to avail of my private medical cover through work given the 6month at least, waiting list for the mri. I was then referred to a private rheumatologist and sent for an mri of the left tib and fib that week – the mri came back and it wasn’t good news – I had a lot of fluid and there was also evidence of intramuscular oedema in the calf muscle and peripheral oedema in the deeper soleus muscles, digitorum and peroneus muscles, the consultant radiologist suggested possibly fascilitis and myositis (both very rare muscle disorders). The day I had the MRI, I was also sent for a chest x-ray which came back clear.My consultant then told me I had to have a biopsy as soon as possible (this was now christmas week) and I had the appointment at the very beginning of this year with the plastic surgeon, by that stage the consultant had told me that I was to have two biopsies at the same time. I had the operation successfully and they took a biopsy of my calf muscle and the fasicia around the muscle – these both came back clear thankfully and the surgeon informed me post operation that my muscle looked normal when he was preforming the operation however the mri ‘lit up like a beacon’ . I was then sent for a battery of blood tests including bloods to look for evidence of fascilitis, myositis, systemic inflammation,liver, thyroid and kideny disease as well as my plasma proteins and immunoglobulins and all came back normal. After the operation I was unable to walk unsupported for a month. My consultant was at a lost and suggested I tried a sports massage to help relieve the swelling and tightness of the calf. I went for my sports massage and he suggest that I had shin splints and told me that it was no point me going back to him as all he could do was relieve the swelling on a temporary basis and suggested I go to see a sports injury doctor. My consultant then referred me to one of the top sports injury consultants in N. Ireland and he examined me and was dumb struck and informed me that he had never in his entire career seen an MRI like mine and in sports medicine he would referred a lot of patients for MRI’s. He then consulted his text books and also consulted his colleague who was a consultant orthopedic surgeon – he stated that he had also never seen a case like mine and said it was definitely not bone related. The consultant then informed me that he could not treat me simply because it was not a sports injury and he did not know what it could be. He followed up in the hospital with his colleagues the following weeks after my appointment with him and he informed me that nobody else knew what it could have been. I returned to my GP & was referred for a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound which came back clear & she informed me that I may just have to live with it
    It has been nearly 15 months now of having a swelling in my calf everyday now and I get pain in it at least 3times a week and have to take painkillers.I am only in my mid-20′s, I have a perfect BMI, I am a normal size 10 girl and 5ft 2inches, I don’t smoke and never have, I have the odd drink every now and again when socialising,my only other alignments would really just include tiredness. In the past three months I have also been experience a sharp pain at the front lef side of my head & a dull ache behind my left eye but I have been putting this down to work stress.

    I have never used Yahoo answers before,but I feel that I have reached the end of the road & although I do appreciate all the wonderful & thorough work my consultants and GP have done over the past number of months,I cannot accept that a young girl of my age gets a clear and obvious swelling in a limb and pain for simply no apparent reason.If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. As one consultant has stated already I am a “medical conund
    ooh it cut off there – he referred to my case as a “medical conundrum” sorry!
    Hi thanks for your suggestion – I had mentioned to the consultants etc that I do have cold feet and hands which they did take into account and they did do so many blood tests and I would think that it would include a test looking at my circulation and they did state that they felt that it wasn’t a circulation issue. So I am still none the wiser unfortunately. Thank u for the well wishes as well! :)
    Hi thank you for you suggestions – I had a look at those links, the doctors have already ruled out DVT and from looking at the PMR sight, I don’t feel that the pain would be as bad as what they are describing, my pain is a constant ache but it is not deblitating, I can still walk etc but my leg just aches and feels so heavy due to fluid. I have had night sweats and they are aware of this, I had one this week but I am not drenched with sweat to the extent I need to change my bed sheets. They did mention Hodgkins to me, which I am aware of as I had an uncle who passed away with it a number of years ago, but this is not genetic and they did the pelvic and abdominal ultrasound to check for inflammed lymphnodes and also did a physical examination of my underarms, neck and stomach area. They did not feel anything obvious. Thank you for your suggestion though!

    • ANSWER:
      DVT or PMR


    what does this mean (recipe for my mom, im kinda confused)?
    ok so my mom has liver inflammation
    and i found a drink that will help her out with it
    so here are the ingredients

    a whole lemon
    8 ounces of water
    1 tablespoon of olive oil

    then it says that i have to strain the concoction
    what does that mean?
    to strain the concoction?
    oh! thank you for answering :)

    • ANSWER:
      just to get the pulp from the lemon out of the liquid, that’s all

    seeking a nutritionist to treat my fatty liver that has mild inflammation?
    according to an ultrasound and blood tests, my doctor believes I have fatty liver with mild inflammation. I also have high bad cholesterol and triglycerides so the only treatment possible is to lose weight ,eat healthy, and exercise which I have been doing. I was once 190 but now 175lbs over the course of a month and a half from my lifestyle change. However, I feel that my gastroentereologists are giving me mixed information which is angering me mostly due to the fact that I think they don’t really know much about fatty liver with inflammation since it’s new. I believe by eating right I can treat and heal my liver and can avoid doing unnecessary procedures like a liver biopsy. How effective are nutritionists? Do you think they are of much help in terms of lowering my cholesterol/triglycerides and reversing my fatty liver with inflammation?
    It turns out that my condition is prevalent within my own ethnicity (asians) I figured seeking an asian nutritionist who has had experience treating ppl with my condition would be beneficial since they would understand our physiology much better than say someone who was non-asian and probably only seen people with this conition who are extremely obese
    lee – was your liver inflammed as well? A liver can have fat in it but if its inflammed from the fat that’s a different story. My liver ended up having A LOT of fat in it so I’m working on reducing it.

    • ANSWER:
      I had a little bit of fat in my liver about 6 years ago. The doctor just told me to lose some weight and that the body normally burns fat in the liver first. It’s a pretty common condition and I’d be surprised if your doctors didn’t understand it more. It has nothing to do with being fat, it’s just a freak thing that happens. I wouldn’t see a nutritionist. I would just exercise and eat healthy (don’t starve yourself) and get tested every once in a while. I also had the biopsy. It was no big deal. Your abs hurt for a couple days. Good luck.

    inflammation of the liver caused by alcohol toxins is what?

    • ANSWER:

    Can I file a suit against a hospital?
    Recently, my father was complaining about abdominal pain he went to the hospital and was sent home with the diagnosis that he had liver inflammation due to alcohol, and he should make an appointment with his doctor. He was sent home with some prescriptions. Again the next day he was complaining of the pain and decided to go back to the hospital it turnes out the previous diagnosis was wrong and his appendix burst open and was spreading toxic into him, he was immediately rushed into surgery. They told him that had he not shown up he could have died. Thankfully, he is doing good and recovering at the moment.
    So my question is can i file a suit against the hospital?

    • ANSWER:
      Possibly. It would take a medical malpractice attorney to look over all the medical records to give you a good answer.

      It is a good idea for him to request copies of the medical records from both visits himself (they are legally required to give him them). Then make an appointment with an attorney and take in the records.

    diseases where the symptoms are inflammation in various part of the body?
    liver, soaz muscles, ligament around pelvic bone. I have developed all these symptoms in the last 8 year along with chronic fatigue and other issues. i was diagnosed with AIH (auto immune disease)and have been on steroids to reduce inflammation in the liver. But as the inflammations seem to be “spreading” Im wondering if I was misdiagnosed. I do plan on speaking to my doc.

    • ANSWER:
      Autoimmune disease means your body is attacking itself. It can attack any system and possibly every system depending on which autoimmune disease you have.

      Your nervous system, various organs, your blood, your joints, your muscles – all could be attacked, which means inflammation in any or all of those.

      Your diagnosis seems very accurate, your doctor will just have to keep an eye on your symptoms and the blood tests to pinpoint which autoimmune disease it is you have.

      But autoimmune diseases cause fatigue, inflammation, fever, swelling, weight issues, etc. You should study up on the basics about them so you can be better informed of what to expect. Also ask your doctor. Make sure you are seeing a good rheumatologist.

      I too have an autoimmune disease and it seems like everything is breaking down by the time you get diagnosed. But once you are seeking treatment, it may take a few years to get it under control, but once it is, you’ll feel more normal.

      Below are some sites that will help you learn more about what you are dealing with and how to work through it.

    inflammation of the liver please help?
    i have been to the drs today i have had pain around the rib cage right side for a short while sharp pains or when i bend down also, i admitt i have drank quite a bit for 4 years now and what i have looked up on the internet has really worried me my dr has asked for a blood test then a scan after that apparently i asked what i should do all he said was cut down and start to take care of myself im only 37 this month and my god what a wake up call what can i do now is this the end or do i have a second chance has anyone been or in the same situation please tell me what to do im past myself all he said at the time was he thought i had an inflamed liver normally you cant feel it

    • ANSWER:
      The first thing they tell liver patients, is to stop
      drinking alcohol. This is alot easier said than
      done. The second thing is to not take any
      medication that is not “approved” by your
      doctor, this includes herbal medications
      or over the counter medications.
      Mixing some medication with alcohol
      can cause extreme liver damage that is irreversible.
      Please don’t take any medication with grapefruit or
      grapefruit juice. Grapefruit can cause the
      level of the drug in your body to go into a
      toxic range even hours upon hours after it
      is drunk. Most medication is process through
      the liver and now your liver needs to rest and
      heal, so the doctor knows which drug will
      benefit you and at what dosage to prevent
      further damage.
      When your body needs to heal in any manner, it is
      best to eat a well balanced diet with natural garden type foods that are fresh and other foods that will provide the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. Many liver patients end up mal-nutritioned because they don’t feel much like eatting. They are harming themselves
      by doing this cause they are making the
      body weaker in the process. (stay away from
      fast foods and processed things and things
      with “high”sodium (salt contents).
      I would ask the doctor what vitamins you might need to take and ask him to write them down. Alcohol depletes the body of certain vitamins, but…with the doctor having your blood test results, he knows best what you might need to have..because taking too much can also cause damage as not all vitamins move through the body fast enough and can build up to toxic levels.
      Rest any time you feel tired or run down. Drink fluids but don’t overdue this cause, depending on how your kidneys are doing, it could overwhelm them by drinking “too” much.
      People who are in advanced stages of liver
      disease can build up fluid in their body and
      because the liver doesn’t function well to
      eliminate the toxins like it once did, the kidneys
      have to try and take care of this.
      Try and stay away from people who are sick
      or have been around others who are sick, this
      will give your body more of a chance to heal.
      Stay away from chemical substances like
      pesticides, carbon tetrachloride and any
      other substance that can penetrate the skin
      or you can breathe in.
      Inflammation of the liver can be controlled
      with medication to cause the liver to heal and
      the inflammation to leave.
      Stopping the use of a substance that may be
      causing the problem can also help it to heal
      because it isn’t being abused any longer.
      Inflammation of the cells is not the same
      as the cells dying. However, inflammation
      that isn’t controlled can lead to the cells of
      the liver dying and scars forming which is
      known as cirrhosis. Once the cells die,
      there isn’t much you can do to prevent it
      from progressing.
      Liver patients have a shock when they find
      out they have a disease. What you are going
      through and the uncertainty of it all is
      completely normal. The fact that you want
      to be healed is great, so many deny there is
      anything wrong with them and are unwilling
      to do what needs to be done. The wait for
      the tests can really get to a person…but it
      the only way to be sure exactly what is taking
      place. When the liver is inflammed, it usually
      enlarges in size and sometimes the doctor
      can feel this enlargement. The liver is
      soft and pliable. Once the liver advances
      toward the cirrhosis, death of the cells, stage
      it decreases in size, feels nodular and harder
      as the cells die. Usually, the first signs of the
      disease advancing is the whites of the eyes and
      the skin color turning yellow. If you look for
      this, do it outside in clear light of day for true
      lighting as inside lighting can make it appear
      Liver disease can appear from many different
      causes and not just alcohol consumption.
      It can be hereditary, it can be caused by
      excess iron or copper, it can be cause by
      a malformation of or blockage of the bile ducts,
      by being overweight, by toxic levels of drug
      or chemicals in the body, etc.
      These are just some suggestions of what
      you may do. You may have gall bladder stones
      which can be painful. The gallbladder is located
      just under the liver and it stores the bile that
      the liver forms and releases it into the first
      part of the small intestines. If it is blocking
      the bile from going to the intestines, then it
      also can cause pain. Depending on what
      tests you have done, it will tell what is really
      wrong. You are taking the appropriate steps
      and I wish you well.

    Could hives be a result of liver damage?
    I read somewhere that hives can be caused by inflammation of the liver.

    • ANSWER:
      Liver damage can result in itchy skin. A really messed up liver will cause all kinds of problems.

    Inflammation of the liver? What can cause this? Has anyone had this?

    No I don’t drink ANY alcohol.

    • ANSWER:
      have you been checked for hepatitis? if not you should do so.

    Decreased liver function due to inflammation of of pancreas and gallbladder.?
    Can anyone explain how the inflammation causes this decrease in liver function and what causes inflammation of the pancreas?
    My father in law might have to have surgery because of this. He is a diabetic and i know that affects the pancreas.

    • ANSWER:
      I will try and explain this:
      Inside the liver are tube like structures, known as
      ducts. These carry bile which the liver makes.
      These ducts proceed and then combine into
      larger ducts coming out of the liver. Then they
      connect into one and the gallbladder, located
      under the liver, it ducts connects to the main
      bile duct. As you proceed down from there,
      the pancreatic duct also connects to the main
      bile duct right before it reaches the intestines.

      The bile, the liver makes, flows from the liver
      to the gallbladder to be stored there and
      concentrated. It is released when we eat
      fatty foods…the gallbladder contracts and
      forces a certain amount of the bile back into
      the ducts where it flows to the intestines to
      help digest this fat.

      Anything that blocks the flow of bile is a problem.
      Sometimes a gallstone moving into the bile duct
      will do this and can also be down where it also
      blocks the pancreatic duct. It can also be a
      disease like Primary Biliary Cirrhosis or
      Sclerosing Cholangitis that can do this by
      causing a mal formation of the bile ducts,
      having them twist or become strictured.

      Bile, that is blocked, can back up into the liver and
      cause cell damage. It is very easy for this
      area to become infected then when this happens.
      The doctor can try to treat this with medication to
      stop the inflammation of the liver and pancreas.
      If he believes it is gallstones, the gallbladder
      may be removed. The can also do a procedure,
      known as a ERCP, where they can go in and remove a stone if that is what is happening.

      I hope this information helps you to understand
      better how all this is connected.

    Can Nash be reversed? and what i have to take instead of Avandia?
    During a regualr blood test 4 years ago, my ALT and AST and GGT were found to be double than normal. When doctor checked the ultra sound he told me i have a fatty liver with inflammation and he said it is NASH.
    As my weight was 120 kg and hight is 180 cm, he asked me to lose weight and do some regular daily sport.
    After doing more detailed tests, he ommitted the other posiblities of having any kind of virus or immune reasons and stayed with the reasons related to obesity and said i am suffering from an insulin resistance case.

    My All other blood figures where good, triglycérides is 85 only , HDL 65, LDL 150 , and all other related tests were very good including fasting sugar ” below 100 ”

    My questions are:

    1- I read that NASH is linked to High triglycérides / low HDL / and High LDL levels. Totally contrary to my case! can i still consider it that i have NASH with such results!!?? or what?? knowing that the inflammation in liver is clear in Ultra Sound.
    My ALT & AST were about 50 and 75 and GGT was about 110 in the same tests.

    2- Doctor asked me to take Avandia 4mg on dailt basis to improve insulin resistance and take off some pressure off the liver. After a month of treatment, liver functions figures went back to normal. all below 40.
    But also after 4 months, they increased again to previous level but he told me to keep taking Avandia and lose the 5 kg i gained in these 4 months, maybe because of the drug itself. This was 18 months ago and after this i continued avandia but did not do any test. I still feel some pain in the upper right just below my rips.

    Was Avandia the correct solution?? and what to take instead now after it is removed from the market in my country?? what is the best replacement if any?

    3- Can Nash ” if i have Nash ” be reversed and how?? is there any new efective drug that solve the problem of liver inflammation and higher figures of enzimes ??

    I can not go back to my doctor now koz he left the country and i have to start again with another one.

    Hope to receive good news.

    Thx A lot.


    • ANSWER:
      If you are talking about nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) that is a liver inflammation caused by a buildup of fat in the liver, doctors are not sure what causes it. Some have suggested it is due to drinking, but that’s not a well accepted view.

      John Hopkins researchers did a lot of work on the liver and in particular, the fatty liver issue. Since doctors know so little about nutrition and detoxing of the body, NASH becomes a difficult issue for them. They manage illness and relieve symptoms with drugs and surgery so this problem is not something they are good at helping you with. Looking at the enzyme elevation just gives you an indication of the problem, not the cause. If you focus on lowering enzymes, you will just be treating a symptom, not solving the problem. By the same token, cholesterol is NOT a problem for most people, but doctors seem to think by lowering cholesterol far below what is normal for people that have good longevity, they are doing the person a favor. If these guys understood nutrition and how the body works, they would be putting drug companies on notice and stop this lunacy. Giving you Avandia just puts you at risk for many side effects and if that is the doctor’s only solution, you need to get a new doctor.

      The fatty liver is due to “Intrahepatic gallstones” that is old bile that has hardened. Typical blood tests will not show this, and scans and other diagnostic tools will not show this. Eating foods high in cholesterol will not cause this. What does cause this problem is eating bad fats and bad digestion. Taking drugs will NOT solve this problem, but will contribute to the problem.

      There are three important steps needed to solve this problem. You need to change what you are doing nutritionally and then detox that liver. The first thing is to get your blood sugar in a level state and to do this you need to go on a blood sugar handling diet for 2 weeks. The next thing is to prepare your body for detoxing the liver by taking herbs to prepare the elimination organs, etc. and then do a liver & gallbladder flush to remove the stones. The liver stones have virtually no minerals so they are different than gallbladder stones and you will also get gallbladder stones as part of this flush. Typically a person has to do about 6 to 8 months (one per month) of these flushes to clean the liver & gallbladder. While you are doing this, your diet has to change so that you are greatly reducing the reason you got into this mess.

      You need to reduce your carb intake to 75 grams maximum per day. Eliminate ALL of the BAD FATS from your diet and those are: ALL Soybean, Canola, Cottonseed, and Corn oils. All trans fats, fried foods, hydrogenated anything, and ALL margarines (no matter what their marketing hype tells you).

      The good fats should be in this quantity: 60% monounsaturated (olive oil); 30% saturated (coconut oil, real RAW butter from raw cream of grass fed cows); 10% polyunsaturated oils (from nuts and seeds). You also need to eliminate completely from your diet, ALL GRAINS, SUGAR, and CORNSTARCH.

      You didn’t say, but I am suspecting you have acid indigestion issues also and need to address the low hydrochloric acid and digestive enzyme deficiencies from your pancreas to reduce to toxic load you are putting on the liver from the food you have been consuming. I strongly suggest you see a Certified Nutritional Therapist that can help you through this.

      good luck to you

    nutrition question , plz help?
    Karen Bauman is a 27 year old employed in the cosmetic and fashion industry. Lately, she has reported feeling fatigued. But, she feels her long hours and hectic schedule are the main contributors. Her past medical history includes type I diabetes. She returns to her doctor due to abnormal lab results from her last physical.

    1. Karen is surprised to be diagnosed with fatty liver disease. Which laboratory values would you expect to be elevated?

    a. Potassium b. Triglycerides c. albumin d. essential fatty acids

    2. Her doctors explains that she will need to:

    a. Control her blood glucose b. Have gastric bypass surgery

    c. Increase alcohol intake d. Start TPN

    3. If she does not follow her physician’s recommendation, all of the following may result except:

    a. cirrhosis b. cancer c. hepatitis d. ascites

    4. Which of the following statements is true?

    a. Rapid weight loss is encouraged to treat fatty liver disease

    b. Elevated liver enzymes are a good indicator for liver disease

    c. Metabolic syndrome is not a risk for liver disease

    d. Hepatomegaly includes liver inflammation

    5. To improve her health status, Karen will need to:

    a. Adjust her diet and exercise regimen

    b. Adjust her medications

    c. Change her job

    d. A and B

    e. B and C

    thanks :)

    • ANSWER:

    am i pregnant? got LMP on 14 jan..did hpt twice which wer negative…hav nausea n lot of dizziness..plz help!!?
    had sme liver inflammation in jan n was on antibiotics..cud dat b d coz of delayed periodz..fell sleept the whole day..n light headness…also sme sort is discomfort in d stomach with mild pain..

    • ANSWER:

    Would it be safe for me to give a small dose of Garlic (2mg) to a Young Adult Cat?
    Hi, As the question states: “Would it be safe for me to give a small dose of Garlic (2mg) to a Young Adult Cat?” At the moment one my cat’s blood tests shows that he has Thrombocytosis. After noticing this I decided to give my cat 18¾mg of Aspirin every other day. After the next few blood blood tests, my vet was surprised for the reason why the platelet count has moderately come down since seeing last time. Before all this, the reason why I went the cat to the vets in the first place as my cat had a Liver inflammation which causes him to vomit. My other well led ‘aged’ cat died from an unknown liver problem which was not cured in time until he was put to sleep and it deeply upset me and rest of the family. Therefore, I do not wish for this to EVER happen again with my current cat. After firstly have a blood test from the vet to diagnose a liver infection, the vet prescribed my cat with Nisamox 50mg and Prednisolone 5mg. The next set of blood showed that his liver problem has worsened. As a result, I panicked and got annoyed with being ripped of from unhelpful vets; I bought a tub 60 of 50mg Milk Thistle from eBay and gave my cat 50mg of Milk Thistle a day until the next blood test. Guess what! My cats liver problem (enzymes) dramatically improved which the vets were in shock %-)! Therefore, the vet decided to wean my cat off the Antibiotics and Steroids. Now after all the blabbing, would you think is would be wise to give my cat a 2mg Garlic supplement (the one’s from ASDSA) instead of the Aspirin, as I know from being Diabetic, that Garlic has anti-platelet properties aswell but also I know that Garlic is a bit toxic to cats? Please help me! Thanks You. P.S. I am in high admiration for Herbal Medication as the do, from personal experience and from above, believe that they work far better than 99.9% of drugs/prescription medications.

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with Renee – garlic and onions are toxic to cats livers and can lead to fatal anemias. Don’t give it to your cats!

      I am glad you found out about the milk thistle as it is very beneficial with liver problems as you have proved with your treating them with it.

    Stupid acne gel caused erythema.?
    This is great!! Just 2 more weeks until my first year of high school, and even better!, tomorrow’s my cousin’s wedding. I just looked at the side affects for using Stievamicyn and i found ‘erythema’ which is a disorder that reddens your skin. I already discontinued the stupid acne gel product 2 days ago and it appears that it has gotten better. Forget the wedding tomorrow, but do you think it’ll heal in time in 2 weeks for high school. What types of things can I do at home to speed up the heeling process and I looked at possible future complications and this is what i found.
    Permanent skin damage and scarring
    Occasionally, lesions on internal organs causing:
    Pneumonitis (lung inflammation)
    Myocarditis (heart inflammation)
    Nephritis (kidney inflammation)
    Hepatitis (liver inflammation)
    Secondary skin infection (cellulitis)
    Systemic infection, sepsis
    Loss of body fluids, shock

    Can this possibly happen just because of a medication, or will it heal after i discontinued it. Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I reckon some of those side effects are a bit far fetched. The vehicle that the antibiotic in Stiemycin is dissolved in is alcololic based so it probably irritates your skin although Acnes itself reddens skin.
      In all honesty benzyol peroxide, topical antibiotic lotions etc are a waste of money…you’re better off with minocycline antibiotic or go for the cure= accutane (Roaccutane)
      I went for Roaccutane at 30 years of age! In the waiting room we all talked about our acne and it was the same ruined our lives, we were all single and we wished e’d tried roaccutane in our 20′s

    I’ve cleared Hep B but stomach is still a little sensitive. Is this normal or not?
    I’m sorry this is a little detailed, but just have some general questions. I’m a 40 yr old white male, and at the end of November ’08, I contracted acute Hepatitis B. I completely cleared the virus at the end of January 2009, after nearly two months. Throughout this period, I was also tested for Hep A, C and HIV several times, all coming back negative each time.

    However, my stomach is still a little sensitive since clearing the virus, and I occasionally have slightly above average number of bowel movements during the day (around 3 usually all before NOON). I have very, very mild and very slight, intermittent abdominal pain on both sides of my stomach that’s very fleeting. (Sometimes it’s on the right, sometimes on the left.) It’s not bothersome and I’m fine 98% of the time. No other hep symptoms -no diarrhea, constipation, no loss of appetite, stools and urine are fine, no fever, no jaundice, no liver inflammation, no nausea or vomiting or malaise or other flu-like symptoms. Again, it doesnt occur enough to be bothersome and doesn’t come at any particular times and can eat/function normally, just very fleeting.

    I’ve read some conflicting things on the internet, and was just wondering before I schedule any more doctor appointments. I read that it sometimes takes a few months for normal liver function again, and was wondering if my stomach “sensitivity” was normal as my liver returns to normal functioning, or if it might be Hep A or C. I know it can’t be B since I cleared it and know there is still a risk of getting those and am sorta worried it might be either Hep A or C, even though those earlier tests have come back negative. From what I’ve read, these symptoms seem like Hep C which have worried me, a little.

    Otherwise, I feel fine and things have returned to normal. I’m now abstinent, definitely no risky behavior (no drugs, don’t smoke or drink) and I do exercise/run quite a bit. I also take some Vit B and Lysine supplements, which I know could also affect the digestive system. No problems with going to the doctor and more tests, but just wondering if someone could help before I do, I’ve searched the net and can’t seem to find much for your condition post-clearance. Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:

    Blood test shows high SGOT levels?
    My yearly blood test revealed elevated SGOT levels, which the form indicates may be indicative of liver inflammation. My SGOT was 122 IU/L while my SGPT was 46 IU/L. In 2006 and 2007 my SGOT was 14 and 18, respectively. My SGPT was 29 and 41, respectively.

    From reading on the internet, it appears SGOT is not only found in the liver but other muscles. I’ve recently started heavy exercise again so my muscles have been very sore. Can this be a possible cause for the elevated SGOT levels?

    Obviously I will consult my physician but am hoping someone out there might be knowledgable on the subject. Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Disease like stones in gallbladder or the bile duct may cause an elevation of SGOT.Besides hepatitis,alcoholism and certain medicines like cholesterol lowering agents,antibiotics or anti fungal agents,anti hypertensive medication,seizure medication,paracetamol or anti inflammatory agents if taken regularly can raise raise SGOT and SGPT.

    Is 100mg of niacin over a long period of time bad?
    I added a vitamin b complex to my daily supplement arsenal about 5 days ago, and in it is 100 mg of niacin. I understand that it is not a very large figure, but it is also time released, and I read in a few places some references to a study that linked daily, large doses of niacin to liver inflammation and damage. Even though the amount in my complex undershoots the breadth of niacin implemented in this study, could it still potentially cause problems for my liver in the long haul?

    • ANSWER:
      I take 20x your amount. Liver problems are rare and none at your dose.

    Can I have a glass of wine with…?
    I had a very, very mild case of mono. I didn’t even have any cold like symptoms or sore throat– I found out when I had a routine blood test at a physical. I did have liver inflammation, but the doctor told me that my liver functions are almost back to normal now. And, I had swollen lymph nodes, but they have severely went down. I am going out to dinner tonight and was wondering if I would be able to have just one glass of wine with dinner? Will it affect me getting over mono?

    • ANSWER:

    I had jaundice…Now please, please, please resolve my confusion…I would be greatly thankful…Do answer. it?
    A month ago, I had very low appetite, I could not walk a lot because it felt like putting strain on my abdomen, I wanted to drink lots of water and the reports said my bilirubin was 1.59, But I didn’t have any yellowing of any bodypart. Doctor gave me some syrup, said I had liver inflammation with jaundice and within 3-4 days the above symptoms were gone. Since then, I haven’t had the kind of stool I used to have, now, the stool is not that hard and is like toothpaste without ANY hardness. If i eat something wrong then It gets even softer. I wanna know is this normal? Also, I wanna ask if I can eat the following things.:-
    Bananas, Tomatoes, Carrots, Citrus fruits, Bottlegourd, Chicken, Eggs, Rice, Apple and noodles?
    Please, try to answer my question and I would really appreciate any information which I can recieve…Please, do answer this question…Thanks in advance…!

    • ANSWER:
      Go back to your doctor….
      You had low appetite, abdominal strain and obviously a blood test with the result of 1.59 for bilirubin. Have you had any other investigation, such as taking a look at you pancreas or gallbladder? Worth asking about. Changes in stool that lasts for more than a couple of days is worth mentioning to a doctor as well. Any change, colour, consistency, frequency, odour even. Make a doctors appointment and until you see your doctor keep a dairy of what you eat, drink and bowel movements.
      Have a great day, and remember what you put into your body is what makes your body work or not work.

    I have mono, could this be jaundice?
    About a week ago I was feeling very ill, I went to the doctor and told him about my sore throat. He originally thought it was strep throat, but then I told him that my urine was orange. He then got me to take a urine and blood test. Two days later the results were in and he told me I had mono and that my urine was orange due to liver inflammation and bile. By Sunday I was feeling completely better, I’m back at work and school. But I just started to notice my skin is looking kinda orangey… I know that jaundice could be a complication of mono and that leads to yellowing of the skin, but could it explain why I’m kinda orangey? I have to see him again in a few weeks, should I call him and ask to see him sooner?

    • ANSWER:
      yep, the liver enzymes get messed up when u get mono. yep its jaundice (temporary as well ). ur liver is also inflammed.,

    Uninsured? tough luck you alcoholic pigs?
    (CNN) – Dick Armey, the former House majority leader whose leadership of FreedomWorks has proved vital to organizing opposition to Democrats’ health care reform efforts

    “”Now [the government] comes along and says, ‘Irrespective of the fact they’ve gone 20, 30, 40 years of their adult life without ever having bought insurance prior to getting a liver inflammation due to their excessive drinking habits or diabetes because they eat like a pig, you must now insure them,’” Armey said.”

    Clearly uninsured children and others made a choice not to buy health insurance because they wanted to spend all their money getting drunk and stuffing their faces with double cheeseburgers and twinkies.

    People without insurance are clearly bad people that don’t deserve medical treatment.

    I’m all for intelligent debate, but how can people support this contemptuous and elitist attitude toward others?
    *points up to the last sentence*
    Well, a couple of people actually got the point of it.

    Armey was clearly trying to argue that the uninsured that require medical attention are primarily in their 30s, 40s & 50s, have abused themselves, and made a choice not to purchase health insurance. Of course he didn’t mention children; he’s too much of a politician to be that stupid. It’s about making people without insurance less worthy of medical care – devaluing them.

    There are uninsured and underinsured children though and twenty-somethings represent the highest percentage of the uninsured. They haven’t been boozing it up for 20-30-40 years.

    His statement was disgusting.

    He was completely contemptuous of the multitude of people in this country that have no health insurance because they can’t afford it – not because they’ve made a choice to spend their money on booze and fast food.

    • ANSWER:
      I guess he hasn’t heard that the great majority of uninsured or under insured are the working poor who have lost their jobs due to unemployment, or illness. Every week 14,000 Americans lose health insurance, my son being one of those people. Also quite often insurance companies will not cover preexisting conditions. BTW I recently found out that domestic violence is sometimes considered a preexisting condition. Medical insurance companies say they make 5 or 6% profits, but what they don’t tell you that they have 25 to 30% overheads. Medicare on the other hand has a 3% overhead. But then Medicare is not spending over ,000,000 per day on lobbyists and junkets.

    can cirrhosis of the liver be avoided/prevented from this condition?
    i have a mild inflammation of the liver due to fatty liver (non-alcoholic type, NOT obese but overweight) I’ve been losing weight and eating right to try to burn the fat off my liver. Question is: I know this condition is chronic (but is said to be reversible) and CAN lead to cirrhosis, but say I change my lifestyle completely and keep a healthy body, can I prevent myself from ever getting cirrhosis in my entire life? They say fatty liver with inflammation can be reversible, does that mean I can get rid of the inflammation through healthy lifestyle choices?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, change your lifestyle, and it can repair, good luck x

    I’ve been diagnosed with a serious but potentially reversible liver disease can you help?
    I was diagnosed by a doctor for having fatty liver with inflammation (caused of liver enzymes elevation) due to being overweight (not obese) with high cholesterol (not a drinker). I had an ultrasound done but my liver size was normal but incredibly fatty at the time which was at my worst condition. Does that usually mean minimal-moderate inflammation because I have elevated liver enyzmes? They say RIGOROUS exercise or rapid weight loss can make the disease worst but safe exercise can reverse the disease. What can I eat and what’s a good workout that is safe and helpful in healing my liver? Any nutritional and exercise advice would be great…would like to heal my liver the safe way. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      This is a problem that is becoming almost epidemic in the U.S. It is due to diet, drug use, and in many cases chemical exposure. The liver is an incredible organ, but you must take care of it, or it will NOT take care of you.

      Low fat, high carb, no red meat diets are creating many of these problems. The liver is responsible for making bile that breaks fats and oils down into digestible parts. The liver gathers up bile that is left over from this process and also used bile and reconstitutes it to be used again. If you are eating bad fats and oils, or not good fats that feed and nourish the body, the liver will suffer greatly because it is trying to do it’s job, but you are not giving it what it needs.

      The liver also prioritizes it’s functions. When the body is put under stress for any reason, the liver goes into protection mode and sets aside other functions. Early man had few “fight or flight” stimulations, but when he did, his organs went into action to protect the body. We have only changed about 1% genetically from early man. The same body response happens when you put the body under stress. The endocrine system is like an orchestra, but if one instrument gets out of whack, the whole system is effected.

      To fix the problem you are having and continuing the life style and diet you are eating is not going to be easy. My suggestion is to eliminate the garbage in your diet that is causing the issues and work on reducing the stress. You will find that eating better will go hand in hand with stress reduction.

      You can actually induce a stress response in the body by causing the adrenal glands to fire. A cup of coffee or any caffeine will do this. When this happens, the liver and other endocrine organs go into protection mode and now your liver is not working on the other functions it should be because it is prioritizing to protect the body.

      If you are not digesting your food well, you will be emitting lots of toxins that your liver is going to have to filter. Not enough water in your body is going to greatly affect the way the liver functions.

      From your description of being over weight, high cholesterol, and liver issue, I would say you have a serious fat digestion issue. This can be corrected through diet. When you eat very little fat, your body cannot sustain energy well, many functions of the liver are compromised, and the gall bladder will suffer greatly. The high carb diet will put a strain on the liver as well, especially when you are eating lots of simple sugars. The inflammation you mentioned is typically caused by this same fat digestion issue.

      The liver is responsible for making cholesterol that is an essential element required by the body for healthy arteries and cell membranes. Inflammation of tissue is the body’s normal response to assist it in getting more blood flow to an area to bring nutrients to keep it healthy. If the nutrients are not there, the inflammation keeps going and can create other issues that are not good.

      I suggest the following: Go to the web site: (not .com) and purchase the following products:

      Heart Nano Detox — This will help with your cholesterol issue.
      Liver Detox — This will cleanse the liver
      Gall Bladder Detox — This will cleanse the gall bladder

      I also suggest you do some intestinal cleansing. Buy the Colon Cleanse and take 5 in the morning and 5 at night for 3 months. This will assist your liver greatly. Additionally, after about 1 or 2 weeks on the Cleanse, I suggest you get coffee enemas 2 times per week for the 3 month program. This will help greatly in detoxing the liver. You can get the information from the healthline company listed above on the coffee enemas.

      Additionally, order the following for better digestion:

      Betaine HCL — Take 2 to 4 capsules after each meal
      Activator — Take 1 to 2 capsules after each meal.
      Quantum Digest — Take 1 to 2 of these during the meal.
      Probiotic — Take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

      The above items will help your body to address the unhealthy liver, but you need to fix the diet as well for the long term.

      I suggest you buy a book called: “Life without Bread, by Christian Allan, pH.D.” This book will give you a great understanding of why people gain weight and be sure to look at page 140. This shows a man weighing 250 pounds and in 2 years, he was in perfect shape and health, just by changing his diet.

      The food industry in the U.S. has progressively destroyed most of the food value in real food and is promoting more and more ways to make food distribution, farming techniques, and cheaper food costs, at the expense of our health. It is truly amazing that this is happening in America.

      Your fat content in your diet should comprise about 30% to be healthy and broken down as: 10% polyunsaturated fats like omega 3 and omega 6 in balance 1:1, 30% saturated fats from animals fed on Grass and free range (no feed lot, grain fed animals like Angus Beef you buy in local stores), and 60% monounsaturated fats like Olive Oil that contains lots of omega 9 fatty acids and oleic acid.

      Stay completely away from VEGETABLE OILS, like Canola, Soybean, Cottonseed, and Corn Oils. These are terrible oils for you, contrary to what is being preached by the “hired guns” of the food industry. These oils arrive on grocers shelves most of the time, rancid. When these oils are heated, even slightly, they polymerize and the “cis” configuration of the bonds more to the “trans” position and form trans fats. They are very high in omega 6 fatty acids and this throws off your omega 3 to omega 6 balance. The omega 6 fatty acids are INFLAMMATORY omega’s. Eliminate anything with hydrogenated oils in it. Even small amounts of this will create huge problems for the liver and fat digestion.

      I suggest you also eat lots and lots of real butter made from raw cream. This is loaded with butyric acid and nourishes the large intestinal cells. Also, eat lots of coconut oil. This is a saturated fat that is very good for you and contains about 50% lauric acid and your thyroid gland will love you for this. Both of these items do not require bile to break them down. When you eat them, they become a great energy source for the body.

      Your doctor is not the person to ask about diet. The AMA has precluded doctors from prescribing nutrition to cure a disease. Doctors are required by law to first diagnose a problem and then ONLY prescribe drugs or surgery to fix the problem. Their knowledge of how the body works and how nutrition relates to that is close to none, thanks to the AMA and drug companies that fund doctors educations and government organizations designed to regulate them like the AMA and the FDA.

      There are many other things you can be doing to improve your diet. I would strongly suggest you seek out a Certified Nutritional Therapist to run some tests and determine where your nutritional deficiencies are exactly and also help you with your diet.

      good luck to you

    Echogenic changes in ducts of the liver? Liver problems?
    What does this term mean?

    I did get some test results today, and I fully understand no one here is a doctor, but I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a few terms written in my findings.
    My doctor did not explain these to me very well at all, hence my desperation in seeking help from forum dwellers. (Also, it is 11 pm here, it’s unlikely I can call another doctor just to find out what these mean)

    My results show that there were prominent echogenic changes in the ducts of my liver.
    I went to the ER in pain, with nausea and a fever, they are saying these findings are completely accidental..and that none of my symptoms relate to these findings.

    The ultrasound conclusion was that there was echogenic changes possibly due to Parynchemal liver disease, inflammation or Cholongitis. Again nothing was explained to me.

    Can anyone help me out?
    Even if it is just a link from google I don’t mind…as long as it’s a good one. MY ‘reasearch’ hasn’t really gotten me anywhere.
    I’m not using the internet to diagnose me…but it concerns me that my doctor did not seem keen to do further testing, although those three possible outcomes should require further testing and or hospitalization. I still feel lousy, but the doctor put my episode down to Period pain! I dispute this…but I’m no doctor.

    • ANSWER:
      I would ask to be referred to a gastroenterologist.

      The liver makes a substance known as bile.
      This bile flows through tube like structures,
      known as ducts, from the inside of the liver to
      the gallbladder located outside the liver.
      The bile is then concentrated and stored in
      the gallbladder.
      When we eat, the food moves from our esophagus
      and into the stomach…when it starts through the first
      part of the intestines, known as the duodenum…
      hormones are released to cause the gallbladder to
      contract. This forces the bile back into other bile
      ducts to flow down to the intestines to help emulsify
      fats, we eat, so they can be digested.

      They are talking about the bile ducts..this could be
      inside the liver or outside the liver.

      They think they are seeing inflammation developing in them.
      Cholang means bile ducts and itis means inflammation.
      This could be treated with antibiotics.
      It is not definite,” just an idea”, that they maybe seeing cell
      changes to the bile ducts themselves.
      This is just one test, without more testing they cannot
      confirm it.

      If the bile doesn’t flow well through the ducts because of
      an obstruction, like a stone, or inflammation in them or
      if the bile ducts have cell changes to the point of them
      becoming malformed…it can cause fevers.

      I hope this information has helped you make a decision
      about your care. This is just info and not a diagnosis.

    Can you use these words in a sentence for me please?
    I need to use the words hepatitis, dermatitis, and append in sentences.
    Hepatitis- inflammation of the liver
    Dermatitis- inflammation of the skin
    Append- to attach

    • ANSWER:
      After drinking from a contaminated water fountain, the entire football team came down with hepatitis.

      A dermatologist can prescribe something that will relieve your severe case of dermatitis.

      The baby carrier, in effect, appends my baby to me throughout the day.

      (An online dictionary may give you sentence examples.)

    i feel so negative – like only bad things can happen to me now…?
    i don’t know where to start – i’ve always been a bright student thru school, a fact that made quite a few people jealous of me.
    then we had a tragedy in our family – my father was very sick for many years, and the year i finished school, he passed away.
    our relatives are so ”nice” that they’ll be happiest if i and my mother die.
    in college, my grades have been pathetic. firstly, i got severe jaundice, then thrice i got liver inflammations after that.i get tired easily.

    ever since i started doing my graduation, i’ve been afraid of failing in my exams (never felt this way in school). right now, i’m doing my post-graduation, but still, everytime i give any exams, i keep on feeling that i will fail. (although i’ve NEVER failed in any exam).

    also, i have a strange problem –
    i’m basically a loner, have only a few friends – may be 1 or 2.
    but, my friends don’t last long.
    just as i begin to think i’ve found a nice friend, that person leaves me (not due to quarrels or anything, but fate just makes them leave me).
    my drawback is that, i get easily involved in people. so, when i lose a friend, i keep on feeling depressed for many days.

    all this makes me think that only bad things can happen to me now. even if something nice happens, it doesn’t last. something bad comes out of it.

    i’m a person who cannot easily talk to others.(most people in my class avoid me).

    my mother thinks this is because i lost my father so early.
    if i feel sad, i keep it to myself, don’t tell her, because then she gets nervous, and that makes me even more sad.

    i’m developing a more and more negative attitude towards life each day.
    what is wrong with me?? how do i come out of this??
    i really want to be happy, but i’m not being able to do so…something bad keeps on happening, and every time, it makes me more and more depressed
    please help me…

    • ANSWER:
      You can start by at least not listening to this wingnut, “Mo”, giving out obviously retarded advice. She’s got her own mess of problems, be glad you aren’t her.

      If you want professional advice, go to someone locally and get this sorted out.

      Or, do it my way, and know that life only lasts a short time and be thankful for what you do have. Take a couple bong rips, and calm the fudge down. We’re all going to be dead someday we might as well enjoy every day we have here before we’re gone.

    Can anxiety/stress really cause pins and needles and other very odd symptoms?
    I went to see my Dr yesterday who has said she is 99% convinced my health situation is anxiety! I have been ill for 7 weeks, it started with a flu type virus along with abdominal pain, noticiable nodes in my groin area, odd cold running water sensations in my limbs, pins and needles, pressure feelings under my arms, very cold hands and feet, areas of my feet underneath sometimes feel numb. Even though my flu type symptoms have gone I have symptoms left e.g. pins and needles in my hands/arms/feet and legs almost constantly which feel numbish. Constant lightheadedness and the feeling of not being real, reactions to lights either bright or dim. I have been terrified that I am seriously ill with either some sort of cancer or MS!and have started thinking about how I will feel when I am told I have something and how I will manage to cope with it! My doc has done blood tests, CBC, kidney, liver functions, inflammation, diabetes, throid etc and is now sending me to a GP at the hosp!Anxiety?

    • ANSWER:
      You are descibing the classic physical symptoms of anxiety. That does not mean that you are making these symptoms up, they are a very real effect of a very real problem. Wether or not you have anything more serious you need to work on your anxiety levels if you want to be as healthy as you can. Try something like a Yoga class or Tai Chi.

    How do I overcome bad breath?
    I have done everything possible including frequent and careful dental care, gums maintenance and mouth wash. I have been told that inflammation of the liver could be one of the possible causes.

    • ANSWER:
      Of course, anything is possible, however, for most people the major cause of bad breath comes from bacteria that are on the top of the tongue. You can see this bacteria as “white stuff”, especially on the back of the tongue. Mints, gum, mouthwash, toothpaste will cover up bad breath for a short time but these products do not cure bad breath. Using mouthwash to cure bad breath is like using perfume to cure body odor. To cure body odor you need to shower. To cure bad breath you need to clean the tongue. I use OraBrush tongue cleaner because it is both a brush and a scraper. I have used it for 5 months with excellent results.

    positive ana titer, negative for lupus?
    My 16 yr old daughter has had 3 positive ana test results 1:320, both speckled and homogeneous (different tests). She has had recurring upper abdominal pain over the past year and red streaks under her eyes on her upper cheeks. She was hospitalized once for hepatitis (viral, inflammation of liver). Blood tests, biopsies, ct scans all negative for lupus, ibd, Very frustrated and don’t know what to do next.

    • ANSWER:

    what causes inflammation, high protein in urine and elevated liver?
    Went to doctor and had blood urine test and this is what the nurse said. I also have lupus so I was wondering if this could just be because of that.

    • ANSWER:
      This is a direct result of your Lupus. Three of the major symptoms of SLE are what you have placed in your question. Protein in the urine suggests that your kidney’s are being attacked by the Lupus. Elevated liver enzymes could be because of the medications you’re taking (if you’re on any) and/or as a result of the Lupus attacking the liver as well. Additionally, inflammation is often the chief complaint of people with Lupus, this is why their joints ache.

      Have you been educated about your Lupus? It sounds like you have not as the questions you’re asking are pretty simplistic for someone with a diagnosis. I’m not trying to be uppity but I think you really need to revisit the diagnosis with your doctor and have them explain to you exactly what Lupus is (an auto immune disease) so that you can become informed as to what is going on with your body.

      These new symptoms are major problems indicating that your Lupus is flaring. It is time to get with your doctor and figure out what course of action needs to be taken.