Liver Pain

The Causes And Symptoms Of Enlarged Spleen And Liver Disease Conditions Most individuals know what an enlarged liver is. There are probably a lesser number of people who know what an enlarged spleen is. Fewer still probably know about a disorder in which both of these medical challenges take place at the same time.

An enlarged liver is called hepatomegaly by doctors. Enlarged spleens are known as splenomegaly. It’s not uncharacteristic for these two disorders to materialize at the same time, in which case the condition is called hepatosplenomegaly. Most people simply call the affliction enlarged liver and spleen disease.

It should be noted, though, that neither an enlarged liver nor an enlarged spleen are considered diseases themselves. Instead, they are a symptom of some other condition.

So, what are the causes of enlarged liver and spleen? And how dangerous can they be?

In general, an enlarged liver is the result of an infection. It might also be due to toxins like dangerous drugs, alcohol, or harmful substances in your environment. Often liver enlargement is triggered by some other medical affliction. It may also be due to a metabolic problem.

An enlarged spleen, on the other hand, occurs because of conditions or diseases that cause destruction of red blood cells in the spleen.

Hepatosplenomegaly, the combination of enlarged liver and spleen, is ordinarily caused by a disease or disorder concerning the kidneys, liver or red blood cells. These would include viral infections, such as chronic hepatitis C, cirrhosis, typhoid, kidney and liver infections and blood diseases. If an individual has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma for example, the liver and spleen grow in size as the cancer progresses. This can result in extreme discomfort in the liver area. A few genetic disorders as sickle cell anemia also precipitate spleen and liver enlargement.

Enlarged liver and spleen can be complex for doctors to detect because there aren’t many signs and symptoms. But there are some clues that can help your medical care provider achieve a diagnosis. The most apparent of these is trouble digesting large meals and liver pain. Your may possibly need to undergo a variety of tests to get a definite diagnosis.

As mentioned above, symptoms of enlarged liver and spleen are typically not pronounced, so in many cases, you will not even know the enlargement is taking place. Mild pain when you touch or put pressure on the area around the liver may be one of the first appreciable symptoms.

If you’ve been experiencing some liver pain lately, make sure to talk about it with your physician. treatment will deviate from one person to another, depending on the cause. Your doctor will focus on relieving the pain by decreasing the swelling. He or she may perhaps prescribe antibiotics, but they’re not the right course of action in every case.

In most cases, you don’t have to be concerned about a ruptured spleen. But a rupture can take place, and when it does, a sizable blood loss usually follows. It can sometimes be life-threatening. For this reason, enlarged liver and spleen should be immediately treated by a medical professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

    liver pain?
    i have pain in my right middle upper body, i consulted a organs diagram and I believe it is my liver…what should i do?? what could it be???(other than go to doctor..I am planning on going very soon)

    • ANSWER:
      Unlikely to be your liver. The liver is known as “the uncomplaining organ,” simply because few liver problems cause pain.

      More likely, you might be having pain from your gallbladder. Especially if the pain intensifies after eating, and is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. These are frequent symptoms of gallstones, or a gallbladder infection.

    Liver pain?
    Liver pain?
    Over the past day or so I have had an increasing pain in my right side…in the area where my liver is. A few months ago during an ultrasound it was discovered I had Hemangiomas on my Liver but the doctor said they were nothing to worry about and are usually left untreated but im worried about the pain…has any one else ever dealt with Hemangiomas?
    14 minutes ago – 3 days left to answer.

    • ANSWER:
      its noncancerous.
      did they perscribe any medicines?

      dont try dietary supplements.

      try this site too

    Liver Pain?
    I’m experiencing pain in my lower left back and especially around my liver. What could this mean? It’s very painful and I intuitively feel as though sonmething is wrong.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you recently had dental work? The Anastasia they use is quit harsh on the liver. Even a healthy liver can hurt. Always take charcoal tablets prior to dental work.

    What’s the difference between liver pain and right chest pain?
    I feel pain around my right chest. Would that be liver pain? What’s the different or major difference between liver pain and chest pain?

    • ANSWER:
      If the pain comes after eating, I’d say it’s more likely a gallbladder issue and not a liver issue. This is definitely something to speak to your PCP about or a gastroenterologist if you have one already.

      A HIDA scan w/ CCK was the ONLY test that showed the disease and they ran several on me (including a gallbladder ultrasound w/ cck)

      Good luck!


      Gallstones – Symptoms

      The most common symptom of gallstones is pain in the stomach area or in the upper right part of the belly, under the ribs.

      The pain may:

      * Develop suddenly in the center of the upper belly (epigastric area) and spread to the right upper back or shoulder blade area. It is usually hard to get comfortable; moving around does not make the pain go away.
      * Prevent you from taking normal or deep breaths.
      * Last 15 minutes to 24 hours. Continuous pain for 1 to 5 hours is common.
      * Begin at night and be severe enough to wake you.
      * Occur after meals.

      Gallstone pain can cause vomiting, which may relieve some of the belly (abdominal) pain and pressure. Pain that occurs with a fever, nausea, and vomiting or loss of appetite may be a sign of inflammation or infection of the gallbladder (acute cholecystitis). Symptoms that may mean that a gallstone is blocking the common bile duct include:

      * Yellowing of the skin and the white part of the eyes (jaundice).
      * Dark urine.
      * Light-colored stools.
      * A fever and chills.

      There are many other conditions that cause similar symptoms, including heartburn, pain caused by a heart attack, and liver problems. Stomach flu (gastroenteritis) and food poisoning also can cause symptoms similar to gallstones. Diarrhea and vomiting occur with the flu and food poisoning, but the pain tends to come and go rather than be constant. Also, pain with these conditions may be felt all over the belly, rather than in one spot.

      Belly pain that comes and goes (rather than being constant) and that occurs with nausea and vomiting and possibly a mild fever is more likely to be caused by stomach flu or food poisoning than by gallstones. This is especially true if others around you are sick with similar symptoms.

    What can cause liver pain after overeating?
    My mother, who has a fatty liver, told me that she occasionally gets liver pain/pain in the liver area of her body after she overeats.

    What can cause this? Does overeating cause the liver to swell at all? Is it because she has a fatty liver? Is it perhaps not even her liver, but perhaps another organ pushing against her liver to cause the sensation of pain, like her stomach?

    • ANSWER:
      Liver is painless.

    How do you differentiate between gallbladder and liver pain?
    I have pain in the upper right quadrant which lasts for hours at a time. I have ruled out everything except for gallbladder and liver and as they are s close in proximity it is hard to determine which it is. Are they different types of pain? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Gallbladder pain is associated with a intake of fatty food and can last several hours following ingestion, it will generally be associated with nausea and vomiting. The pain can be where the rib cage joins together in the center, called the epigastric region, it generally radiates or travels to the right upper part of the abdomen and right shoulder blade or back area. It is aggravated with deep breathing. Some might even describe a sense of difficulty breathing, this is from phrenic nerve irritation.

      The liver is not known for causing much pain, you may just experience jaundice or a yellowing of the skin or eyes secondary to hepatitis or tumors/masses, or persistent nausea, weight loss or abdominal bloating, distention.

      Gallbladder pain is associated with gallstones and biliary colic or spasms of the gallbladder. The liver produces bile which is needed for fat breakdown the liver makes the bile and it is stored in the gallbladder. When you eat foods high in fat the gallbladder goes to work and contracts and releases bile to aid in digestion. If stones (cholelithiasis) is present some will experience spasm/colic upon contraction of the gallbladder. With gallstones the gallbladder is at risk for infection (cholecystitis) as well; secondary to sludge and wall thickening, fever is present in addition to pain and nausea and vomiting with elevated white blood cell counts. The treatment for symptomatic gallstones is #1 low fat diet. Surgery is eventually necessary to prevent continued bouts of colic and minimize risks of infection, however some people who are not medically stable for surgery are managed by diet and pain medication as needed.

      A sonogram is needed for diagnosis of gallbladder disease.

    What can I do to ease my excruciating liver pain?
    I had my gallbladder removed on the 8th and also got a liver biopsy done. Since the 12th my liver has really been hurting, last night I could barely sleep because I was in such pain. Now this morning I could hardly get out of bed without crying out.

    I’m really scared, this is the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      4 words: See A Doctor ASAP

    Is there a way to ease or stop liver pain without Rx medication?
    I had a liver biopsy (and my gallbladder removed) on the 8th. Currently and as of 2 days ago, my liver has been in excruciating pain. My doctor won’t give me any pain medication until I get a bile duct scan, which isn’t until the 27th.

    I am in SO much agony. This is the worst pain I have ever experienced. Please, someone tell me if there is anything I can do to ease this horrific pain?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like there could be a gallstone still there causing a problem. My mother had her gallbladder removed and had a gallstone block a bile duct 3 years later. Couldn’t believe a person can still get a gallstone even though the gallbladder was removed, but it does happen sometimes. A liver biopsy would not cause this kind of pain. Liver biopsy should only cause minor discomfort for a day or two at the worst. I’ve had 3 liver biopsies and never felt any pain from any of them. I think your doctor is wrong in doing nothing to help your pain. I would call and tell him he has to do something now or you are going to the emergency room. No one should have to live with that kind of pain since there are many medications that can help get you through this until you get the scan. Also make sure you are not running a fever. If you are, then that could indicate a possible infection or something else that needs immediate attention. If you do go to the ER, they would probably be able to do a scan on you right away. I certainly would not wait and live in this kind of pain until the 27th. Your doctor might not be aware of just how miserable you are. I would make him/her very aware that I could not stand it anymore and need something NOW. Good luck to you.

    Why am I having extreme liver pain whenever I breathe?
    I got a liver biopsy a week ago, and ever since then, every time I take a breath I feel extreme pain in the area of my liver. This pain has been non-stop for a week now and nothing I do alleviates the sharp stabbing pain I’m having. Is this normal?

    • ANSWER:
      This is definitely a question for your doctor. You may simply be healing from the biopsy, but you could at least potentially have an infection. Give him/her a call.

    Can Ibuprofen cause kidney of liver pain?
    I was prescribed Ibuprofen for a strained achilles tendon and I am feeling some pain in the kidney or liver area. Is this a common or known problem with Ibuprofen? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Ibuprofen is metabolized by your liver, and excreted by your kidneys — via urine. Since, it is metabolized by the human liver, it causes the liver enzymes to get elevated — liver function tests: SGOT, SGPT.

      Where does it hurt specifically? Does it hurt on your entire abdomen? Upper right quadrant (liver area), or Upper left quadrant and epigastric (upper middle area of the abdomen) = stomach area.

      The usual side effect of Ibuprofen is gastrointestinal in nature — gastric irritation, ABDOMINAL PAIN, usually epigastric.

      If you experience flunk pain (kidney area), it could be something else — it could be urinary tract infection, kidney problem/damage etc. It’s best that you consult your doctor for further assessment.

      You need to drink water in order for you to excrete the “metabolites” of Ibuprofen. High doses of Ibuprofen can cause liver and kidney damage — Greater than 3200mg per day in an adult (under strict medical supervision). The usual adult dose is 1200mg per day in 3 or 6 divided doses.–> 400mg every 8 hours or 200mg every 4 hours.

      High doses of Ibuprofen is pretty stressful to the kidneys and liver. It increases the workload of these organs. Ibuprofen is considered “hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic”.

    Fatty liver pain? should i see my doctor again or just ride out the pain?
    I’m 24 and have been diagnosed with a fatty liver. I had previously experienced pain in my right side right under my rib cage but it went away after a while. It has come back again and I was wondering if I should see my doctor again or just ride it out?

    • ANSWER:
      Fatty liver does not cause pain. The liver has no nerve endings to cause pain. I had liver failure and a transplant and my liver never caused me pain from the liver disease. You should see your doctor so you can get a correct diagnosis and treatment for whatever is causing your problem.

    What pain relievers should I take if I have a bad liver?
    I have a bad liver and I know aspirin and other pain killers are hard on the liver. What pain relievers should I look for? Headache and muscle.

    • ANSWER:
      I have Hep -C, very low numbers and no ill effects or symptoms, thank you. When I asked my Hep Doctor what I should avoid he said not to drink alcohol and not to take Tylenol. No other changes to my diet or habits. I take Advil for pain or inflammation and my numbers are so low that if Hep-C was not on my record no one would know that I have it, so aspirin and aspirin derived pain killers, like Advil, seem to be ok for me.

      Good luck. Don’t drink and stay away from Tylenol.

    What does liver pain feel like?
    How would liver pain be described? Is it dull, sharp, unbearable, annoying? How would a person know if it is liver pain or something else?

    Serious answers only pls.

    • ANSWER:
      since our liver is a vascular organ, i think you will feel something like piercing pain or stabbing pain in your upper right abdomen.

    how many radiation sessions does it take to lessen liver met pain?
    my onc said that rad to my liver will shrink the mets and lessen pain. just wondering how long/how many sessions this would take.

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on the size of the liver damage & swelling. Usually the radiation helps within 2-3 sessions, but talk to your doctor if you have any problems, If you’re having a lot of pain, please tell him or her. There are so many drugs available for you to take to ease your pain now you should be more comfortable with them.See if he will order palliative support for you. Good luck.

    Any way to help dull liver pain due to chicken pox?
    I have the chicken pox and my dr warned that my liver may hurt but not to worry unless my eyes/skin turn yellow. Nothing has turned yellow but my liver aches, is there anything that will make it feel better?

    • ANSWER:
      chicken pox does not affect the liver.

    Could a steroid cause extreme liver pain?
    I was diagnosed with tonsillitis and prescribed prednisone to reduce swelling about a week ago. Since I started taking the medicine I have been experiencing extreme pain on the right side of my chest below the rib cage. Could the medicine be affecting my liver?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be gallbladder pains. I’d go to the doctor to get it checked out.

    How to Abate Fatty Liver Disease Pain?
    My sister has been diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease. She cannot eat or she has crippling abdomen pain. She has been living on soda crackers for a week. Are there any home remedies we can do so she can eat again? She has an important dinner coming up.

    • ANSWER:
      milk thistle

    When I drink liquor ( twice a month) I get liver pain and have trouble breathing and severe pain for about ten?
    minutes. Why does this happen? and Does that automatically mean I cannot tolerate alcohol? or have something wrong with my liver? Any advice will help thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Some people have reactions to drugs.
      Alcohol is considered a drug. Where some
      people drink alcohol all their lives and never
      have any problem with the liver…to some,
      it only takes drinking a few times…if they
      are sensitive to it…to cause effects.

      I would suggest that you have blood work
      done at your doctor office. With the blood
      test, the doctors can tell, by the liver
      enzymes, if the cells of the liver are damaged.
      With liver function blood testing, he can
      tell how well the cells of the liver are
      functioning. Considering you have been
      having this difficulty…it is best to check
      to see the results…to be sure your liver
      is okay. That is the only way to be sure
      of the condition of your liver or to catch
      it early on to be treated before it can
      turn into something more serious, like
      Cirrhosis of the liver.

      Simple blood testing will ease your mind.

      I hope this information has been of help
      to you. It does sound like you are
      having a reaction to the alcohol, like
      other people have reactions to drugs
      they are allergic to or causes symptoms from.

    Are back pain and liver failure related?
    My aunt overdosed on acetominophen, and has the symptoms of liver failure. However, she is complaining that she has terrible stabbing back pain in her middle back as well. She is going to the emergency room, but does anyone know if these two things are related?

    • ANSWER:
      Guess your Aunt was taking the Acetaminophen for the back pain and it has upset her liver? I do not think they are related outside of being in pain and taking too many drugs. Best of Luck

    What’s the longest time you’ve had liver pain after binge drinking?
    and weren’t diagnosed with a liver disease?

    • ANSWER:
      You probably have an inflammation and should see a doctor. Although most will tell you that since the liver is an organ, you can’t feel pain from it. But if it’s enlarged you might feel something – the Dr. will be able to determine this by examination.

    What is happening? Heartburn all day and liver pain ?
    I haven’t eaten anything for almost an entire day, but I’ve had heartburn all day too

    And this pain in what I think is my liver (onside my upper back..)

    I’m 23 I don’t drink or smoke but I’m really sore

    • ANSWER:
      Okay lets see instead of asking a bunch of people who are probably going to go on the internet and look it up for you and probably scare you, you should probably go to a doctor if it continues.

      Plus not eating all day makes it so there is more acid in your stomach. Try eating something bland so that the acid can start to go away.

    Is my pain related to my liver?
    After seeing 5 doctors and 3 trips to the hospital, it turns out that I have mono. My spleen is slightly enlarged and 7 days ago my liver enzymes were higher than usual. When I was diagnosed with mono, my liver enzymes seemed to be okay. I keep having a pain in my back on my right mid-upper side. Is this liver pain? Should the pain be in the front or back of my body?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like gall bladder to me, but the liver and the gall bladder work closely togther. I had a liver biopsy today, and experienced pain in my upper right side of the back from the biopsy. Sounds like you need to have it checked out with a doctor and he might recommend an ultrasound which checks the right kidney, gall bladder, pancreas, and liver.

    Is it ok to have liver pain everytime you fart?
    This is a little gross I understand but I would like advise.

    • ANSWER:
      you are not having liver pain. your intestinal track has flatus (gas) trapped and needs to be relieved. Try some anti gas medication that has symethacone in it

    Does the the inflammation of the liver causes pain in your stomach?
    I went to the doctor and he did me an ultra sound. When he got the results he told me I had liver inflammation. For several years I’ve been having some strange and painful stomachaches is this the cause of my inflammation of liver? I would like to know so I can know what to do for it.

    • ANSWER:
      No, liver inflammation causes no pain. The liver itself has no nerve endings, therefore, no pain. That’s why people can have cirrhosis of the liver and not even know it. I had no idea anything was wrong with me until my liver was already 90% destroyed due to many many years of constant inflammation caused by an autoimmune disease. The only way I knew something was wrong was because I suddenly swelled up with a lot of fluid. I had liver failure and a liver transplant and never experienced any liver pain. Now there is a sac around the liver that can cause some pain, but it never gave me any problems. People are just not aware when their liver is inflamed because they have no symptoms. By the time any physical symptoms of liver failure appears, the failure is often far advanced.

      What can you do about it? Find out the real reason your stomach hurts. What can you do about liver inflammation? It depends on what is causing it to inflame in the first place. If you can get rid of whatever is irritating it, then the inflammation will go away. Example: If alcohol abuse is causing it, then stop drinking and it should go away as long as no permenent liver damage has been done yet such as cirrhosis. Example: My liver inflammation was caused by an autoimmune disease in which there is nothing I can do to stop it. It depends on the cause and whether or not you can get rid of the irritant.

      You need to discuss this with your doctor and find out what your options are for treating both problems such as your stomach and inflamed liver. I’m no doctor, but in my opinion they are going to be two separate problems in which both need addressed. You should not have to go for years with stomach pain and not know what is causing it. Hopefully, you can get the help you need by following up with your doctor and demanding some answers. If this doctor cannot help you, then find one who will.

    If you drink too much can your liver be in pain?
    One night I drank way too much, and threw up. But even a week later is seems that when I drink even a certain amount of beer I can feel a dull pain on my lower right side. Is that where the Liver is located? And can I no longer drink again? I have’nt been drinking long, maybe only the last year or 2.

    • ANSWER:
      you know it is better to stop.alchole is a severe damage for kidnys ,liver. i am just advice you to is better than renal transplant right?

    Can a fatty liver from drinking too much alcohol cause some slight pain?
    I have some pain in my liver area not much but it’s discomforting, I do have an alcohol problem but haven’t had drink in 3 days can it be fatty liver or something worse?
    I am going cold turkey no more booze for me I don’t want to damage my liver even more if it is damaged right now.

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to do, right now, is to go to the doctors and
      ask that liver enzymes and liver function blood tests be done to
      check your liver. The doctor can tell from these tests how bad
      your liver cells have become damaged and how well the liver
      cells are still able to do the necessary functions to keep the
      body well. He can also tell if this is a liver or biliary problem
      depending on which blood tests are high.

      Alcohol can damage the liver in different ways. The liver
      takes toxins from the blood and converts them to non toxic
      forms that the body can easily dispose of.
      Over consuming alcohol in a short time period doesn’t
      allow the liver time to convert the alcohol to acetaldehyde,
      acetate, and then to carbon dioxide and water. Not
      converted completely can cause it to be toxic to the liver
      cells. Consuming alcohol over long times periods can
      lead to a fat build up inside the liver. This usually starts
      out as simple fatty liver and as it continues to build up,
      it leads to Steatohepatitis. Steato is fat, hepat is liver,
      and itis is inflammation. This inflammation inside the
      liver causes the liver to enlarge in size. Another way
      it can cause damage is if the person is more sensitive to
      alcohol than others are or are allergic to it…they are
      more prone to liver disease than others are, if this is
      the case. One more way is to take alcohol with
      medications which can cause an interaction that will
      immediately damage the liver cells.

      If the inflammation has develop in the liver because of
      the alcohol itself, or fat build up in the liver…and it causes
      the liver to enlarge in size…then it can lead to where the
      liver cells die off and form scar tissue inside the liver
      that can block the flow of blood. This is then an
      irreversible, progressive disease known as Cirrhosis of
      the liver.

      Stopping alcohol is the best to do. Finding out how much
      the liver is damaged from this is necessary if you want to
      be sure it hasn’t reached the point of the liver cells dying.
      It depends on how much liver cell damage there is, how
      long it will take you to completely recover from it…as
      long as the liver cells haven’t reach the point of dying off.
      Stopping the alcohol, even if it has passed this point will
      slow down, considerably, cirrhosis advancing.

      You should be under doctor care when coming off the alcohol.
      The side effects of doing so can be reduced by the medications
      the doctor can provide. He can also monitor you to be sure
      that your body is able to adjust and handle what is taking place.
      It can be dangerous if this isn’t done.

      Best wishes to you. It is hard to come off the alcohol and you
      seemed strong willed enough to do it.
      I hope this information has been of help to you.

    Can an enlarged liver cause pain ?
    Pain in the right buttock , can this be caused by an enlarged liver , especially at night ?

    • ANSWER:
      It would be very unlikely that an enlarged liver would cause pain in your buttock. The liver is pretty high up and really nowhere near. I had an enlarged liver and it never caused me any pain. After it was enlarged for years, then it started shrinking as it was dying. I had to get a liver transplant. I never had any pain from it the entire time whether it was big or small. Liver disease also can cause an enlarged spleen. Mine was very large, but it never hurt me either.

    Chronic Liver pain when drinking alcohol?
    I’ve had liver pain for the last year or so when I drink. I drink maybe 1 every week or 2. But I can take in a lot. I’ve been doing this for like 10 years. Every blood test i’ve done has said that by all accounts my liver is fine. What could this be? Is there something else I could do?

    I want to get to the bottom of this….

    • ANSWER:

    Pain Right Where The Liver Is And A Little Bit Above?
    I’m 13 and I have this cramp-like pain by the liver and above. You know how you get cramps in your legs that, well this feels like that but by my liver and above.
    I also have the flu right now but I think I’ve I gotten this pain before.

    • ANSWER:

    What can I take to relieve pain if I have liver damage?
    I just got my blood workup results letter from my doctor, it says that my liver function tests were significantly elevated. It also says to avoid alcohol (I don’t drink anyway), tylenol, advil, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medicines. What can I take to relieve pain?

    • ANSWER:
      Narcotics in a reduced amount. Call your doctor and ask what specifically you can take for pain and see if you can get a prescription for that medication. Different medications are metabolized in different parts of the body; liver and kidneys, mostly. Your doc can help find a medication that is eliminated in your kidneys, rather than liver.
      You might also want to try different forms of treatment depending on what kind of pain you are having; acupuncture, TENS unit, steroid injections, massage, physical therapy, Reiki, among others. Since you weren’t specific about where your pain is, it’s hard to say what will help you.

    My 17 year old girlfriend is experiencing random liver pain and jaundice…Why?
    I know all about what a liver feels like when it hurt, and where it is…I see that her skin is yellowish and her eyes have yellow in whites…The pain she describes is exactly what I expected…I have experienced liver problems. Please, knowing that I’m not just being paranoid, tell me why someone would develop jaundice and liver pain for no reason.

    • ANSWER:
      Bilirubin is made from our dead red blood cells, by the Spleen.
      It is a greenish, yellowish, brownish substance…a pigment…meaning it colors other things.

      This bilirubin is picked up by the liver and is converted into a soluble form to flow with the bile, through the tube like structures (known as ducts) to go to the intestines to help emulsify the fats we eat so they can be digested.

      Bilirubin levels can be higher in the blood because of a persons body making too many red blood cells or the blood cells start to die off too fast. It can also come from the liver not able to convert the bilirubin fast enough or not able to convert it, if there is liver cell damage. If the ducts become blocked, say from a stone moving from the gallbladder into the ducts, a growth blocking the ducts, or the bile ducts are malformed…then this will also cause a rise in the blood work and a patient can appear Jaundice.

      If you had not mentioned Pain…it could be possible that she would have Gilberts disease which is higher levels of bilirubin in the blood with no liver problems involved.

      Hope this information is of some help to you. An ultrasound or Ct scan would show if there is a liver or biliary problem.

    Any one with liver pain after gall bladder surgery?
    I had my gall bladder out 7 months ago and still get extreme pain in the liver area. Dr.s say everything is fine. Anyone else with the same problem?

    • ANSWER:
      I had my gall bladder out almost 5 years ago and every since I have had pain around my liver area. I though I was the only one.

    I have an enlarged liver, constant pain back and abdomen, why is this happening?
    I need painkillers all the time, waiting for a liver biopsy, seems to be taking forever. I’m scared.

    • ANSWER:
      Well you can’t do a lot until liver biopsy is done and reasons established . All sorts of possibilities ,.. Pain will transfer from liver to back and abdomen .. Doc will need to supply strongest painkillers in the meantime . Ask him to gee up the hospital and consultant if he can ..

    Liver aching pain day after drinking. What could be causing it?
    Hi. I’m an 18 year old university student suffering from a small problem. Whenever I drink alcohol, the day after I experience a small aching pain on my right side by my rib cage (Around the liver region). I usually only drink once every few weeks and only drink around 15 units. Im pretty tall and heavily built and I was wondering what could be causing this aching pain?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Js…

      There is no way anyone here can help you in determining the discomfort you’re having. It could be hundreds of things causing it, some serious. Don’t take chances.
      My son had a similar pain last month. Before going to the doctor, I searched all through medical websites and literally there are hundreds of thousands of people with stomach ailments and temporary relief suggestions. Even when you see the doctor, he’s playing the guessing game, you see. Luckily, my old fashioned remedy worked for him. What I’m saying is, I did what I thought was best just to relieve the pain and discomfort, prior him going to the doctor. The good thing is that when he awoke, his pain had banished. Your pain and discomfort may be a minimal and not so serious thing, but just to be safe, see a doctor…soon. You will be relieved in just knowing you did the right thing. Knowledge is having peace in your mind.


    Pain around the liver area and bitter taste in my mouth?
    recently i have been feeling a pain around my liver (feels kind of like a sponge sticking to something or sucking it in) and a foul taste in my mouth every once in a while. i also am having some back pain.
    i had this a year ago but it only lasted a week but now its been going on for almost 3 weeks
    does anyone know what it is?

    • ANSWER:
      You will need some medical tests done to find out what is really happening in your body. Sounds like it could possibly be your gallbladder if you still have one. Back pain and a foul taste are both symptoms of it. But don’t assume I know the answer because I don’t. It’s just a wild guess at best.

    I am having middle to lower back pain and nausea. Can my liver be causing this?
    I take allot of over the counter Tylenol and ibuprofen,for various pain issues and head aches.I am now suffering for sometime now with middle and lower back pain and nausea.Can this be caused by liver problems?

    • ANSWER:
      Your liver is on your right side, right under your ribs. Lower back pain would more likely indicate that there’s something wrong with your kidneys. Then again, if something’s wrong, it sometimes shows up with a symptom in a different place (blocked sinuses can cause toothaches, an inflamed appendix can cause your hair to fall out, etc.). Go see your doctor about it.

    Could liver pain be fasley interpreted as back pain?
    Can you feel your liver in your back?

    • ANSWER:
      Liver pain can be referred to beneath your right shoulderblade “Referred pain” is pain that occurs elsewhere in the body from the pathology.

      Since we don’t know exactly where your back is hurting, we can’t be more specific. Back pain is the #1 complaint that causes Americans to see a physician and has literally hundreds of causes.

    I have pain where my liver is located. What could be wrong?
    I’ve had pain in my right side for a long time. It’s sharp pain. I looked it up, and it’s exactly where my liver is. I overdosed on meds when I was 14 and never got it checked out, and that completely messed up everything. A while later is when the pain started. What could be wrong?
    But it’s in my right side.

    • ANSWER:
      Honey go to the emergency room! It’s probably your appendix! I had mine out 2 years ago and that’s exactly what it was like. A sharp, stabbing pain in my lower left side. Seriously, don’t wait, if it ruptures it will release bacteria into your body ad you could die! Hope this helps, but seriously, I’m almost positive it’s your appendix.

    I have a severe pain in my liver, how can i make it stop?
    Today i drank a 1.5 litter bottle of green tea, now i have this really sharp pain between my ribs, which i believe is my liver. Should i do to the hospital, or will it go away on its own? what is wrong with it?

    • ANSWER:

    Gallbladder & liver Pain: What can I eat?
    I’m suffering from gallbladder & liver inflammation pains. Apparently I gotta watch what I eat now. So what can I buy from the grocery store that actually taste good? Suggestions please, thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      This is what has worked for me:

      1) Leave all animal fats alone. That means replacing all red meat with skinless chicken and fish.

      2) Eggs and most diary can be really irritating. Stick to skim milk and healthy margarine ( I found avocado a great substitute for margarine.

      3) You still need the good fats in moderation so eat plenty of fish or take omega3 oil capsules (but dont overdo it) A little peanut butter at breakfast was ok for me even though eating whole nuts weren’t.

      4) Beetroot is a wonderful thing if you’re suffering Gallstones. It keeps the bile thin and fluid. As is Apple Cider Vinegar and most other vinegars. Try getting into the habbit of having a large salad with betroot and a vinegar dressing every lunch
      5) Apples and Apple Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar are great. Eat apples as much as you can and when your’e not, drink Apple juice (diluted if sugar is a concern).

      6) Replace all high GI starchy foods for low GI alternatives (swap white bread for Multigrain bread, replace some of the white potatoes with sweet potatoes for mashes and roasts) Im not sure how this works but I think its because High GI foods cause such a rush of insulin that it makes it hard for the liver/gallbladder to cope with fats.

      7) Only buy house-hold items from the grocery store and buy all your food at the greengrocer, deli, fish market, etc. Dont buy snack foods, make them yourself (invest in a few good recipe books) or simply choose healthier alternatives (eg, hommus and rice crackers instead of chips and dips)

      Good Luck :-)

    would I feel pain in my liver if my liver panels were high?
    I was at a doctor in February and my blood test revealed that my panels were high. However, I did have a hard meal with mayonnaise on the morning of the test and also had a lot of wine could this be why they were high or are they high for real? If my panels were high wouldn’t my liver hurt? would I feel pain?

    • ANSWER:





    pain in shoulder and liver area pain, very light colour feces?
    Could this be a gallstone? I’ve had awful pain in that area for the last few days, can’t eat without a bowel movement straight after, feeling nauseous, and tired, and this evening I had a bowel movement that looked almost white.

    What could this be?

    • ANSWER:

    Will any lesion in the liver cause pain in the back? or stiffness?
    A friend of mine has backache since last two years.he has pain or stiffness on the right back above the pelvic region or near the mid rib? Is t due to lesion/ fatty infiltration of the liver.

    • ANSWER:
      fatty infiltration of liver would not cause pain. Unless there is some swelling of the liver capsule. And there would be some other symptoms than the pain in the back. Usually more symptoms in the front. what is his age? also kidney and urinary tract is another organ system that causes symptoms in that region. and more commonly a para-spinal spasm which would subside with rest and pain killers. Get his back examined by a good clinician. If there is muscle spasm, it is usually a local issue. Also a clinical exam would direct what next step needs to be taken

    What is wrong if having pressure on the leftside Liver area and pain on the rightside by liver area also?
    This has been happening for quit a few months I told my doctor and she just pushed around the areas asking what levels of pain from 1 to 10. then nothing more was done and I stopped going to the quaks office. so what could this be? what test should I ask them to run for better care?

    • ANSWER:

    Anyone else have enexplained liver pain?
    I have chronic liver pain that i have had for 2+years. I have had tons of ultrasounds that show nothing to be concerned with, and have slightly elevated liver enzymes. they have done MRI and cat scans, and still no answers to why i would be having PAIN. the only diagnoses they can give me is that i have “fatty liver disease” which is normally something someone would get if they were morbidly obese, or an alcoholic. Neither of which i am, not even close. I had my gallbladder removed 3 years ago, but i still feel like i am having gallbladder attacks, thats what the pain feels like: sharp, crampy, like someone is squeezing my organs and stabbing them. Its horrible and the pain can last anywhere from 20 min.-2 hours. Anyone know of anything that could cause this?

    • ANSWER:
      The liver itself doesn’t have nerves so most doctors don’t believe patients that complain of “liver pain.” However, my wife got Hep C from a blood transfusion at birth. Before she was diagnosed, she would complain of “liver pain”, not a severe as your description, but similar.
      You can only get Hep C from blood to blood contact. Maybe bring it up to a doctor next time. I don’t know if this is an answer to your question, but it’s good information at least.

    Is there anything that can be done while taking pain medicine to help kidney and liver health?
    My dad has been taking pain medicine daily for years. He’s looking around for supplements he can take for his liver and kidneys to help reduce some of the damage painkillers do. He has to take his medicine,he’s not going to just quit.
    He already takes a multivitamin every day for years,magnesium/zinc/calcium,B-Complex and 2 1000mg’s of Fish Oils.


    • ANSWER:
      * Along with diet and exercise, AVANDIA works alone or in combination with other type 2 diabetes medicines to improve blood sugar control*
      * AVANDIA helps the body use its own natural insulin better—for improved blood sugar control*
      * A long-term study of recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients showed AVANDIA improved blood sugar for up to five years*
      * No other type 2 diabetes pill was proven to improve blood sugar control longer than AVANDIA, up to five years *
      * AVANDIA is not right for everyone. Only your doctor can decide whether AVANDIA is right for you. Taking AVANDIA with insulin or nitrates is not recommended

    did my mum die in pain from liver failure?
    i found my mum dead last week in bed . she has been an alcoholic for many years, and i just want to know the honest answer if she died in pain. the coroner put liver failure, alcoholic disease and cardiac arrest but im only 23 and i dont really understand what happened to her in the end.can someone help put my mind at rest.

    • ANSWER:
      Your mother probably died while sleeping more of a massive heart attack complicated by her liver. Alcoholics can have multiple organ failure and pass away. Her liver would not have suddenly hurt, if she was not hurting before she passed away no. I am truly sorry for your loss but do take comfort in that she probably did not suffer. Someone I was with who was an alcoholic had a heart attack and died suddenly, they didn’t have any pain, their heart just stopped. It was very shocking but not painful for them. Your mom was probably the same way. I will pray for your comfort.

    Which pain reliever is the most gentle on the liver?
    I recently had a physical and my liver function results were very high (ALT and AST). I’ve recently been taking 3-4 tablets of ibuprofen a day, for about two weeks, due to headache and fever. I believe the high liver test results are due to the ibuprofen. What pain relievers (acetaminophen, aspirin, naproxen, etc.) are easier on the liver?

    • ANSWER:

      Please, ignore Zarnigors’s spam.

      I know that acetaminophen is the worst for the liver and I believe that ibuprofen is a close second. It is my understanding that aspirin is the most gentle on the liver, but can be hard on the stomach.

      In any case, if you have been suffering from a headache for that long, you should really get professional advice to find out what is causing the headache and rid yourself of the headaches.

      Having said all of that… I will tell you that when I get a headache that doesn’t seem to want to go away a dose or two of Excedrin for Migraines (or one of the off brand equivalents) usually knocks it out for me. It is a combination of acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine.

      However, I do believe that all of the over the counter meds do recommend seeing a Doctor if your symptoms last as long as yours have.

      Wishing you well!

    How can you not feel pain when cancers are eatting up your liver?
    My 50 years old cousin got sick last week… because he couldn’t eat much… cause of the cancer is blocking his colon.
    Yes he got colon cancer and doctor said his liver is nearly Gone and Doctor told him today that he only got 2 months to live. Because he is at the Advanced Stage.

    He didn’t feel any pain when the Cancer was eating up his Liver. How can that be possible?

    • ANSWER:
      When cancer meds started destroying my liver, there was no pain, but there were side effects worse than pain. The liver damage caused bile acid to flood my system and I started feeling like I was bitten by a million mosquitoes. I was itching day and night. There was no relief and my skin started getting scratchy bumps everywhere, face, arms, body, and groin. I could not sleep because of the itching. Then I started getting yellow eyes and fatigue like I never had before. I started getting nausea and could not eat, and wanted it all to go away. At one point, I wanted to die.

      I was fortunate enough to recover from the liver damage in about 2 months, but I really feel for people who are having liver failure.

      I hope your doctor knows how to comfort your cousin during this time with the right medications. I later learned that there are mediations to help control the bile acid that causes the itching. There are also medications to help with the nausea. Unfortunately, I was not well informed and I suffered a lot because of lack of knowledge. I hope to pass this along so nobody else suffers like I did.

    How can you tell the difference between pain in the liver, gall bladder or appendix?
    I have pain in the right side of my chest/belly started almost like a spasm. It’s at the bottom area of my ribcage, under my right breast. It has settled down some, but it feels like I was sucker-punched. It hurt most when I would bend down or reach up. I can lay down without extra pain.

    • ANSWER:
      Could even be a broken rib. See a doctor to make sure of what it is.