Liver Cancer Survival

Colon Cancer Survival Rate By Age
People with the classic form of FAP may begin to develop multiple benign polyps in the colon as early as their teenage years – hundreds or thousands of these growths is not uncommon in persons with FAP. Colon Cancer Survival Rate By Age Removal of at least part of the colon is necessary in such a circumstance, as these same polyps will eventually become malignant. If only a partial colectemy is performed, regular surveillance of the remaining portion of the colon is necessary as the individual still carries significant risk of developing colon cancer.

Why does a person with FAP require such close monitoring? The average age at which patients with FAP are diagnosed with colon cancer is thirty-nine. Without any treatment, a person with FAP will, with absolute certainty, eventually develop cancer.

Unfortunately, there is little to indicate the presence of FAP until the polyps develop. Often times, these polyps first make themselves known by bleeding and this blood is then found in the afflicted person’s stool. Another tell-tale sign is anemia, as the development of polyps leads to an iron deficiency. The best defense that a patient has is to be aware of her family history, as 75 to 80 percent of people with FAP have multiple family members who were diagnosed with polyps and/or colorectal cancer at age forty years or younger.

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There is one available preemptive measure that can be taken if FAP does run in your family. Genetic testing can be done as early as infancy to determine if the mutated gene is present. Parents who are considering this option for their children must be aware of a possible pitfall. If a child is tested and the results are positive, obtaining medical insurance becomes a difficult proposition. This consequence must be weighed against the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your child is free from the medical problems that FAP brings.

In Living to Tell About It, A Pursuit of Normalcy, Amy Martin shares her personal story as someone afflicted with familial adenomatous polyposis. Ms. Martin lost her mother to colon cancer at a relatively young age and she underwent first a partial, and then a full, colectomy to avoid the same fate. Upon reading the first page of Ms. Martin’s book, you realize that FAP is far from her only medical hurdle. The author also had a stroke as a college student, a severe car accident that required extensive rehabilitative therapy, Graves’ disease and gallbladder surgery. It’s an amazing story that provides hope for anyone struggling through life’s many challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the survival rate for liver cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      Stats were on page two…

      Five-year relative survival rates for liver cancer by race and sex were:

      7.4 percent for white men
      10.6 percent for white women
      5.5 percent for black men
      4.6 percent for black women.

      Liver Cancer Survival Rates Based on Stage
      The stage of liver cancer plays a role in the liver cancer survival rate as well. Based on historical data:

      31 percent of liver cancer cases are diagnosed while the cancer is still confined to the primary site (localized stage)
      26 percent are diagnosed after the cancer has spread to regional lymph nodes or directly beyond the primary site
      22 percent are diagnosed after the cancer has already metastasized (distant stage)
      In 22 percent of cases, the staging information was unknown.

      The corresponding five-year relative liver cancer survival rates were:

      19.0 percent for localized
      6.6 percent for regional
      3.4 percent for distant
      3.3 percent for unstaged.

      ***From personal experience though, and I’m going to be completely honest because I would want someone to be honest to me…

      My dad had colon cancer that spread to his liver. Once it was in his liver it was a death sentence. If the cancer originates in the liver a transplant is possible, but if that is secondary it’s only a matter of time. From diagnosis to death for my dad was around 18 months. But they found the cancer at stage 3 or 4, so it was already in its advanced stages.

      I hope that helps.

    What is the survival for liver cancer?
    A relative of mine was diagnosed with liver cancer recently and had been told that it was growing inside of him for about 6 months. for reassurance sake, could anybody please tell me the rate of survival ??
    He was also diagnosed with a rare form of it :(

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not sure if Casey understands the statistics.

      While liver cancer is not high on the list for cause of death, it has a high mortality rate for those diagnosed. Few patients survive more than 5 years.

      The statistics are improving, in the early 1970′s only about 5% of patients survived 5 years from diagnosis, now about 15% survive 5 years.

      Even at this improved statistic this is a poor prognosis.

    What is the survival rate of secondary liver cancer?
    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer about 5 years ago and has just been diagnosed with secondary liver cancer. The doctors have started her on a course of Chemotherapy. But honestly i really need to know the truth, how likely is it that this cancer will kill her?
    I really hope for honest answers, thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Good answer by “Stacey-Marie J”
      This would be stage IV metastatic breast carcinoma to the liver.
      You must realize that these cancer cells have been in the liver for at least five years already.
      Those breast cancer cells spread to the liver before the primary breast carcinoma was initially treated.
      We do not know what the stage was at presentation.
      We don’t know what adjuvant chemotherapy she may have received 5 years ago.
      We do not know the estrogen and progesterone receptors.
      We do not know the HER2/neu status>
      We don’t even know your mother’s age ! !
      Her doctors, who have all of this crucial personal information – are supposed to be explaining the prognosis for your mom and the family members who go with her for her medical oncology appointments.
      It is part of their job.
      Your job is to be with your mother when she has doctor visits – if at all possible.
      - – - -
      Here’s the general or average five year survival for stage IV breast adenocarcinomas – 20%

      But these statistics are very rough and include people with less life threatening metastases – such as bone metastases.
      - – - -
      The honest answer is that stage IV breast carcinoma with liver metastases is not considered to be a curable disease in 2009 medicine
      - though some people do much better than we would expect according to the statistics. People are not statistics. Every person is different. Each is special.

    Has anyone survived or knows a person who survived liver cancer?
    I need a good survival story about a person who has survived Liver cancer for a science project. does anyone know or knows a website with liver cancer survival stories?

    • ANSWER:
      Liver Cancer Treatment – Know The Facts
      On the day of treatment, the patient is given a mild sedative and pain medication. The radiologist makes a tiny incision in the groinno larger than the tip of a pencilto gain access to the femoral artery. Using moving X-ray images (fluoroscopy) as a visual guide, the physician directs a thin, flexible tube (catheter) through the artery and into the main blood vessel feeding the liver tumor. The radioactive beads are injected and carried in the bloodstream up to the tumor, where they embed and slowly kill the cancerous cells.

      Hepatocellular cancer is more likely to develop in people with chronic cirrhosis. Your specialist may suggest a liver transplant if you have cirrhosis of the liver because of previous liver disease, infection with a hepatitis virus or from drinking alcohol. You will only benefit from a liver transplant if you have a single liver tumour that is less than 5cm across, or up to 3 tumours all less than 3cm across. There is an added difficulty of having to wait for a suitable donor. This can take months. During this delay, the cancer will continue to grow and you have other treatment to try to control it.

      Radiofrequency ablation procedure, electric current in the radiofrequency range is used to destroy malignant cells. Using an ultrasound or CT scan as a guide, your surgeon inserts several thin needles into small incisions in your abdomen. When the needles reach the tumor, they’re heated with an electric current, destroying the malignant cells. Radiofrequency ablation is an option for people with small, unresectable hepatocellular tumors and for some types of metastatic liver cancers. Although the procedure has a somewhat higher risk of serious complications than alcohol injection does, it appears to provide better outcomes.

      A natural home remedy is one way to help you heal. It is a form of self-help. This is what the focus of my site is. First let me congratulate you on taking control of your own health. Not an easy task for some considering all the focus on modern medicine and the negative information on natural health.

      Treatment of liver cancer may involve surgery, interventional radiological procedures, and chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Individual treatment depends largely on the type and extent of disease.

      Alcohol injection. In this procedure, pure alcohol is injected directly into tumors, either through the skin or during an operation. Alcohol dries out the cells of the tumor and eventually the cells die. Each treatment consists of one injection, although you may need a series of injections for the best results. Alcohol injection has been shown to improve survival in people with small hepatocellular tumors. It may also be used to help reduce symptoms in cases of metastatic liver cancer. The most common side effect is leaking of alcohol onto the liver or into the abdominal cavity.

      Surgery is increasingly being used for patients with secondary liver cancer. This can sometimes involve removing a segment of liver. Alternatively, keyhole techniques can be used to apply extreme cold or heat to localized areas of the liver.
      By: User name – Peter Hutch
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      Transarterial chemoembolization as liver cancer treatment

    Secondary Liver Cancer Survival ?
    My father has secondary liver cancer, it spread from his bowel – he was diagnosed with bowel cancer 5 years ago. He had 70% of his liver removed 3 years ago. He has had so many chemo treatments. Now he has been told that the tumours have grown and the cancer has now spread to his lungs. He is in his 70′s and I am so surprised at how well he has coped with his illness.
    He does not think he wants to go through another 3 months of chemo.
    Does anyone have any idea of how long he may survive without chemo, or I guess even with it now it has spread further.
    Many thanks

    • ANSWER:
      From what you describe – you are looking at months rather than years – whether further chemotherapy is tried or not. Of course no one knows this for certain. I don’t know the tumor burden that he has in his remaining liver and his lungs. I can only relate my experience from 20 years as a cancer specialist doctor. I saw well over a hundred people in this situation – - but your father will be different from any one that I saw. Every person is different. I can only give you a rough idea what you might prepare for. The oncologist caring for your dad can make better guesses than we can from this distance.

    Does any one know if a liver transplant is possible if you have liver cancer and what the survival rates are.?
    Bladder cancer cells that chemo does not work as well orther cells and that have travelled to the liver and turned in to secondary liver cancer. How successful is chemo on these cells and how long can it increase survival.

    • ANSWER:
      It all depends on the extent of the disease. If the cancer is a primary liver cancer which hasn’t spread to regional lymp nodes or distant site (metastases – commonly lung/brain/bone) then it is possible to resect the tumour which can lead to good survival provided the resection margins are clear. This doesn’t involve a whole transplant just the removal of the affected area and is usually accompanied by chemotherapy.

      If the liver tumour is a metastases itself – most commonly from bowel cancer, again it is possible to resect up to 80% of liver tissue and still have good function and survuval is approx 33% at 5 years – this is provided the original bowel cancer has been proven to be cured and there are no metastases elsewhere in the body.

      As for a whole liver transplant for a whole organ infected with cancer… The chance of this occuring in isolation is actually rare, the cancer would have to be extremeally advanced to have affected the whole liver whilst not having been detected at an earlier stage when a selective resection could take place. If the cancer was this advanced then the chances of NOT having cancer spread to the lungs/brain/bone whould be tiny and so you wouldn’t be able to remove the liver as it would be a futile procedure.

      Also liver transplants are difficult and bloody operations involving the blood vessels that drain and supply the liver itself. During the operation liver cells can leak into the blood stream. If the liver was riddled with cancer these cells would simply travel elsewhere and therefore negate the benefit of the procedure in the first instance. (because the cancer would not have been completely removed)

      I’m not sure on the stats for chemo though – sorry

    My mom has stage 4 liver cancer shes 72 years old. she start treatment next week.What is the survival rate?
    She first was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2 years ago and was successful with surgery and treatment.Now its 4th stage liver and a small spot on the abdomen. How should I prepare myself and my family? Thanks Concern Daughter

    • ANSWER:
      Very sorry to read and say stage 4 liver cancer is the terminal stage.
      All treatment options(Very limited) are just palliative and prognosis is poor.
      You and your family must develop mental strength to face inevitable outcome.
      In such cases Hospice care is highly recommended.

    can a liver transplant be an opion to help the survival chance of a person with liver cancer?

    can a liver transplan be an option to help the survival chances of a person whos liver has been attack by both sides with cancer that started in the colon?

    • ANSWER:
      If they had a localized liver cancer then yes it would be an option. However, from what you are saying they do not have liver cancer they have colon cancer, so in this case no it would not be an option as the cancer has metastasized.

    Survival rate for liver cancer?
    I just found out that a friend of mine has a liver cancer. which happen to grow on her liver within the pass 6 month. Doc stated that they are not sure if they will treated her with chemo theraphy, medication for surgery. Yet, no exact info given until he speak with the cancer doctor. I’m stress out very bad and was wondering what could possibly happen? Can it be cure?

    • ANSWER:
      Survival rates for liver cancer are very difficult to predict. Physicians tend to be very cautious about making prediction. Those people who have a “will to live” seem to defy the odds. The treatment makes a difference too.

      Generally, physicians have had very little training in nutrition and they tend to poo poo anything that is outside their area of experience and training. The chemo specialist tends to recommend chemo and the surgeon will tend to recommend surgery. You are pretty much on your own when it comes to nutrition, but most people don’t give this enough consideration. I suggest you read up on cancer and nutrition for yourself and perhaps for the benefit of your friend. Please note that there may be some interaction between chemo treatments and diet, so tread carefully here. Meat may help neutralize some of the toxic effects of chemo, although generally, animal proteins promote the growth of cancers.

      The most solid research about nutrition and liver cancer has been done by a Professor at Cornell University. Over a period of 30 years, he has found strong correlations between cancer and casein (cow milk protein). Animal proteins tend to promote the growth of cancers.

    what is the survival rate for metastatic liver cancer? Is there any better treatments available?

    • ANSWER:
      The survival rate depends on what kind of cancer the person has, if there are multiple liver mets and if there are mets anywhere else.
      Any better treatments than what? If we don’t know what treatment they have had how do we know if there are better ones?

    When triple negative breast cancer spreads to the liver what are the chances of survival?
    My friend was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer that spread to her liver, after a year of chemo (not consistent, she has low blood platelets so they had to get a grip on that first) she went for a body scan..the tumor in her liver grew 2 cm and they found two more small spots in her stomach. I am in denial I know, but what are her chances of actually beating this? I am researching, but I really can’t find ANY hopeful news. Is there any?

    • ANSWER:
      Metastatic breast cancer is not curable even if it is not a triple negative. However, breasts cancers that are hormone receptor positive are much better managed. The median survival for your friend’s cancer is 2-3 years. I’m very sorry.

    How is 3rd stage liver cancer treated?? What r the chances of survival??

    • ANSWER:
      and chimio

      its not easy to handle
      painful sometimes
      location makes it difficult for radiotherapy
      but with médecine developpement
      its easier to handle
      for there are lots of other important organs that we cannot irradiate much

      Chimio makes you feel tired
      can be either pills or IVs

      chances of survival varey from one person to another

      hope in ur case
      he/she lasts as long as possible

    my father is sufferng frm colon cancer and had 15 cycle of cemo. Right now he is having trouble to pass urine. The urinary bladder havng cancer germ. My questn is can his kidney and liver be saved and how? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      This case requires complete evaluation to see any other distant metastasis.and to decide whether bladder cancer is secondary or new growth.
      Treatment has to be planed judiciously by Onco surgeon,Radiotherapist and chemo therapist.
      Can not talk about survival unless know full Profile.

    Survival Rate? Colon Cancer, also 3 shadows on Liver, to be looked into later!?
    Colon Cancer: Surgery 9 days ago, removed 1 tumour @ 6 inches of colon/rectum and 25 lymph nodes, 15 found to containn cancer. Stage 3-C, Recovery within 2 days. Removed from IV in 3 days, removed catheter in 3 days, walking in 2 days, Released in 4 days.
    Pulse 128/68. constant, Temp 98* constant, heart rate 75 beats p/m. Great shape, healthy except for this.
    Morphine stopped on second day, aspirin only afterwards.
    Platelets at 56 – 67. 5 units of plasma and Vit. K injections. Received whole blood during operation.
    History, HCV for 35 years, Renal carcenomia 10 years ago, Pancreatitious 1 year ago, Family history, Father & grandfather died of Liver Cancer at age of 65 and 40 respectivally. Sister with Ovarian cancer.

    • ANSWER:

    what is the survival rate of colon cancer patients with metastases to the liver?

    • ANSWER:
      1-5% 5 year survival

    about my uncle…what is the chances of survival when you have colon cancer then it spreads to your liver and?
    if my uncle had colon cancer and it spread to his liver, and now to his kidneys…they were doing keemo therapy for him but they stopped because they said it’s not working. what will happen to him?

    • ANSWER:
      you should discuss this with your doctor he wont mind explaining it to you and you will get a truthful straightforward answer

    Cancer Survival Rate Question?
    My husband has stage 4 lung/liver cancer. I dont have the technical name but basically its lung cancer living inside his liver(along with two other types they couldnt identify or at least thats what they said). They could not be sure exactly where the origin was even tho the main cancer they found in his liver identifies as lung.

    He was told around 2 years with treatment. However, the chemo he was on his marrow couldnt tolerate so we had to stop. They had no other chemo meds they thought would be helpful or the like. So right now he is not being treated as they dont have a game plan really.

    Does anyone have a good website about survival rates for this type of cancer. He was told 2 yrs with treatment but that shifted to 1-2 yrs and now noones talking and since he cant do chemo and he
    was hit and miss with it as is once his platelets started dropping and not wanting to come back up…where does this leave us?

    I just want an idea for my own mental knowledge. Thank you for any help given!
    SUZE~because they dont know the origin radiology was out of the question. As for oral drugs they want to start him on something called Tarceva but he is very weary about taking it because of the side effects especially the bleeding part cuz his spleen is very enlarged.

    The original diagnosis was undefined small cell carcinoma. However, on the screen in the doctors office Ive seen the word A—carcinoma(word reminded me of arachnicarcinoma, cant recall the exact spelling)with unknown origin.
    Those are the only things I know about the specific name. During his sporatic chemo session and two sets of scans done there has been no real growth nor shrinkage. Its basically stayed the same with the exception of his spleen that keeps growing.

    • ANSWER:
      I am so sorry, but small cell lung cancer are aggressive and without treatment I would not expect him to survive more than 9 months or so.
      Please talk to his doctor about hospice he may not need it right now, but when he does you will not have to think about. They are great about answering your questions and managing pain. The time has come where you need to concentrate on the quality of the life he has left not the number of months.
      Best wishes.

      If he has 2 cancers the other one is probably adenocarcinoma.

    survival rate when lung cancer has spread to bones liver and brain?

    • ANSWER:
      My dear mother passed away June 4th of lung cancer. She found out on her birthday in February. It had spread to the brain, stomach, lymph nodes. As someone else stated, once it gets to the brain, it can go farly quickly. She had three weeks of radiation on the brain. It didn’t shrink it, but it didn’t get bigger. But it still spread in the brain the doctor said. The brain controls their hunger and she just wouldn’t even eat enough to keep a bird alive. We tried everything. The feeding tube was not even an option. All she wanted to do was sleep. She also had 2 rounds of chemo. If it hadn’t been to the brain, she would still be with us for longer. She didn’t have it in the liver.

    what are survival rates when colon cancer matasticizing in the liver?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately,this has a bad prognosis.Since the cancer has spread to the liver,it would be a stage 4.The 5 yr survival rate is less than 3%.Once again,everybody is different and this is just a statistic.

    what is the survival (rate) for pancreatic cancer with metastasis to liver?

    • ANSWER:
      doesn’t sound good. unfortunately the survival rate for pancreatic cancer is very low especially if it is getting to the liver.

    Liver transplant donor survival rate?
    A relative has liver cancer, looking for a transplant….what is the survival rate for the donor.?

    Half a liver….

    • ANSWER:
      I cannot give any statistics but the survival rate is excellent. The donor must go through a very thorough medical evaluation and be in excellent health in order to become a donor. I had my transplant done at one of the biggest transplant centers in the world and I remember asking the transplant surgeon this question when I was considering allowing a family member to donate. I was told they had no donors that ever died. Even so, I still decided to wait on a cadaver liver for myself since I decided not to put any family members through that serious surgery. It is quite a sacrifice for anyone to make since liver transplants is the most serious and complex of all single organ transplants.

    Survival rate for cancer that has spread to a part of liver?
    My brother was operated for Bile duct cancer in Jan 09″ and his Bile duct, duodenum was removed. there was a Biopsy done after the operation and the area was found to be clean. My brother visited the doctor’s office every month for regular checkup and he seemed to be recovering fast (the doctor did not order any further tests surprisingly). In october, he complained about pain in his upper abdomen and seemed to be losing wait. The doctor nowordered tests and found that there was metastatis in parts of the lever and pancreas. The doctor has recommended six chemo sessions. My brother is just 30 years old. I spoke to him very recently over phone and he seemd to be in the best of spirits and said that he has no sign of any discomfort except for some fleeting pain in upper abdomen. Please, let me know of any cases similar to this , what are chances of his survival?

    • ANSWER:
      If it was not cured on surgery it isn’t curable. Patient’s with liver invasion have a median survival of 1-3 years.

    How deadly is stage four colon cancer? What is chance of survival?
    I have a friend who was last week diagnosed with stage four cancer, that started in her colon and spread to her ovaries, liver and parts of her stomach. She is a 23 year old young beautiful girl! How does this happen to such a young person? Cancer really is a silent killer – she had no idea until she collapsed in an airport last week. I would like to know what the survival chances are for stage 4 cancer victims?? =(

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately, when it is detected at later stages (when distant metastases are present) it is less likely to be curable. Distant metastases means it has spread to the liver, stomach etc.

      Pray for her and her family and be strong for her. I hope that she is right with God, because he will ease her pain.

      God Bless, and prayers for you all.

    what are the chances for survival of someone who has cancer cells in the lungs, bones, liver and lymph nodes?

    • ANSWER:
      very rare, but it depends on the stage i would assume stage 4 and that means not long just keep comfortable. God bless whomever it is.

    my dad has liver cancer and he has tumors and absesses in his liver and what are chance of surivval and he is?
    at Duke university hospital and he is a diabetic and high blood pressure any ideas to what he should do and his chances of survival???

    • ANSWER:
      No one can say for sure how things will turn out.It all depends on what stage it is in and if any of the steps taken are showing signs of improvement.

    Testicular cancer spread to lungs and liver?
    What happens if testicular cancer spreads to lungs and liver?
    Whats the treatment if any?
    Chance of survival?
    For a 17 year old boy.

    • ANSWER:
      hope a good specialist in the field is looking after the boy.

      Since it has spread to distant organs treatment has to be fast and intensive with a multi-pronged approach of drugs, radiotherapy and surgery as well.

      u pl get pronto to the best specialist u can get and and do not delay treatment.
      survival depends on the type of cancer, extent of spread and response to treatment.

      wish the boy all the best.

    what is ther survival rate for pancreatic cancer patients that have had the cancer spread to kidneys and liver?
    my nan who is in her 80′s has just been diagonised with pancreatic cancer yesterday has spread i think it may have also spread to the brain. any info would be great.

    i seen her today she is not dead but i would like to know has she only got afew days i love my nan and sont get to see her very often.
    she has given up and i feel the end is near so does she unfortuantly she was upset when the doc said to her that she does not have long left the cancer is very large and u can feel it she has lost a maasive amount of weight wont eat or anything. it is very sad time for us all.

    • ANSWER:
      My mom (83 years old) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer too. Hers had already spread as well. She was told she had 3 months to live, but made it to 4 months. Even the Dr’s don’t know how long she has left. Several times we were told the end was near, and the next day mom would be up and about. We found with my mom that she got weaker and weaker, until she kept falling trying to get out of bed. When this happened, she just gave up and died a couple of days later.

      Just spend as much time as possible with her. My mom really enjoyed looking at old pictures.

      Edit. I am so sorry. My mom weighed less than 50 pounds when she passed. When the eating and drinking stop the end is near.

    what is her chances of surviving primary liver cancer?
    its my mum shes only just been diagnosed. shes 50 and in hospital because she is in pain without morphine. what is most people of that age’s chance of survival?????

    • ANSWER:
      Her age has little significance on her chances of survival. What predicts survival is the number, size and location of the liver lesions, if there is portal of hepatic vein involvement and how well her liver functions. Without the answers to these questions it is impossible to even guess at her chances of survival. In general, the rates range from 2 months to 15 years.

    is there any treatment for liver cancer in india in any therapy or anyother alternative?
    one of my nearest has been detected liver cancer recently. please advise me if anyone knows its permanent treatment and advise me whether it is curable. If not what is the maximum survival rate of such patient

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on the amount the cancer has spread. It also depends on the availablity on a possible donor who might be able to donate part of their liver. The liver is one of those organs that a person does not have to be dead to donate. A portion of a liver can be implanted and the patient and the donor will both regrow what is missing.
      Unfortunately, the liver is tied into many parts of the body such as the lymphatic system. This gives the cancer a lot of opportunity to spread. The first order of business would be a round of chemotherapy to reduce the size of the cancer and attempt to kill off any possible spread of the cancer. There comes a balance though between treating the cancer and staying healthy enough for a transplant. If the patient becomes too weak from the chemo then operating is not an option until they become stronger. There are treatments that increase the red blood cell count that can make a patient stronger though that you can use during chemo to keep them healthy enough for surgery.
      Discuss all options with your doctors.
      If at all possible, the best cancer treatment center I know of is in the United States in Houston, Texas. MD Anderson specializes in creating ‘cancer survivors’.

    My mother has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Is there any hope (just found out yesterday).?
    Does anyone know the chances of survival after treatment? What is treatment? Removal? Can a family member give part of theirs? What family members most likely match?

    What do I need to do legally? Power of Attorney someone mentioned? Or a living will?

    Please any advice is appreciated in this matter.

    I need to know what I should do or expect. Thanks…

    • ANSWER:
      You are getting way ahead of yourself. You just found out and probably do not have enough information yet to assess the situation and you are not giving any here. We need to know if her liver is cirrhotic, the size and number of her lesion(s) and if there is hepatic vein or vena caval involvement. They have to determine if she has resectable disease to know her prognosis or if she is even a candidate for transplant. After that is done, and if it is possible, the doctors will discuss transplant with you and your family. For a live donor the following requirements must be meet:

      Be in good health
      Have a blood type that matches or is compatible with the recipient’s
      Be between 18 and 60 years old
      Be of similar or bigger size than the recipient
      Before one becomes a living donor, the donor has to undergo testing to ensure that the individual is physically fit. CTs or MRIs are done. In most cases, the work up is done in 2-3 weeks.

    what are the chances of survival when cancer reaches the vital organs?
    my wife has breast cancer..we just learned that it spread to the liver

    • ANSWER:
      Yes she may survive my mother had cancer which spread to a few vital organs and she lives now perfectly healthy and cured. GOOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

    metastatic colon cancer to liver- does anyone know growth rates if unresectable?
    I have liver cancer that may be inoperable and have read about new drugs which might shrink the tumor but I wonder what the growth rate might be if just left alone ie how much time do I have. Any ideas or general answers would help me get a feel for whether i need to spend big bucks trying to shrink but with no real chance of increasing survival rate or just leave alone

    • ANSWER:
      The first answer is right. The growth rate depends on several things, including how well differentiated your cancer cells are. The more poorly differentiated, the faster the cancer spreads, usually. In general, cancer in your liver seems to spread rapidly because the liver is a very vascular organ. However, chemotherapy can curb this. Listen, there are a couple different chemotherapy regimens for colon cancer with minimal side effects. Don’t you think it’s worth a shot? you only live once. If you hate it, you can quit.

    What is the survival rate for someone with stage 4 ovarian cancer which has spread to the brain, she is 84?
    my gran has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which has spread to liver, lung and brain, she is not been given any treatment and is being kept comfortable. Could anyone advise on what we can expect, i really don’t want her to suffer.

    • ANSWER:
      I am so sorry. It is so difficult to watch and wait while someone you love goes through this.

      Each case is different, so no one can say for sure “how long”. My sister made it 6 weeks after the cancer was found to have spread to her brain. She slept a lot and didn’t eat much. At first, when she was awake she was quite alert, but toward the end, she was out of it most of the time.

      The medication that my sister was given for pain must have been quite effective, because she didn’t complain of discomfort nor were there any indications that she was in any distress. She finally simply went to sleep and didn’t wake up.

      God bless you and your family…

    Why are some cancer so deadly and others so easy to treat ?
    Why is liver cancer , stomach cancer ,kidney cancer ,skin cancer so much easer to treat than pancratic cancer ,lung cancer and brain cancer that is very deadly and little survival rate.

    • ANSWER:
      It all depends on how much tissue from organs you can sacrifice. In the brain for example, you can sacrifice very little.

    Any info for liver cancer?
    My father in law has a tumour,i think it’s on the tube leading from the liver,if they tried to remove it there’s a 50% chance he wouldn’t survive the op. The docs given him 12 months. I have read liver cancer is the most fatal,with least chance of survival. If anyone has been through this,please can you give me some advice with what to expect. My husband is still hopeful,but i want to be well informed of the outcome so i can help,thanks.
    I think they said inoperable,so i guess they are saying there’s no point putting him through an operation he may not survive.

    • ANSWER:
      i am really sorry about your father in law honey, we have just lost a very close friend of the family to liver cancer, there may still be hope for your much loved father in law has he had chemo to try and shrink the tumour? this sometimes works, our friend was sent home at christmas and told he would not make the new year, he passed away in july so he proved them wrong, i really hope things work out for your father in law, but if it can not be cured then i will try to tell you what we saw when our friend died, it really was not as bad as some cancers ( we have a family history of cancers so i have seen a few people die with different sorts of cancer) all was not to bad untill the last few week there was minimal pain and the pain he did have was controled by morphine, the first sign we saw was as the tumour grew so did his stomach he looked like he was pregnant, the main thing we found was as his liver became infected with the tumour he did become confussed so we had to take over his medicine, he also developed an intolarence to salt so we had to make sure all his food was cooked from fresh so there was no salt added, the confussion we were told was because of the toxins that are usually sorted out by the liver were building up in his body and affecting his brain causing him to be confussed, he also had problems with his legs and walking became difficult, he also got tired very easily, the last 4 days he had left he was hevily sedated so he didn’t feel any pain the only down side is we were told he would not know who was there but it was a bonus as he slipped away peacfully in his sleep, the hardest part was watching someone we loved becoming so confussed, he did have occasions when he would fall out of bed and wet or soil himself, it all sounds scary but it really is not as bad as it sounds, liver cancer can be one of the most fatal of cancers but please do not give up hope, we were lucky we had the suport of the macmillian nurses and we found acting normally and keeping our sense of humour really helped, i pray with all my heart that you don’t have to go through this, but if you do stay strong, be there for your father in law, but just be reasured that if the end does come it will be peacefull and your father in law will not suffer. best of luck honey your all in my thoughts you can all get through this, it will amaze you how strong you can be. good luck to you and your family.

    any long time survival from stage 4 breast cancer ?
    My Mom has a stage 4 breast cancer mets to lungs, liver and bones but still she’s doing better she’s is very positive and doing lot of work and she has a strong feeling to beat cancer ,MY question is , is it possible to beat cancer from positive thinking.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes there are long term survivors (10 years or so), but no one “beats cancer” with positive thinking.
      Her best hope is that while her cancer is being managed we come up with other ways to extended her life or cure the disease.

    Liver cancer in horses?
    In 2006 one 3 year old colt who was a racehorse was euthanized because they found out he has liver cancer. Cancer weight was around 30 kg. Horse came from Newmarket and owners paid 100.000 euros for him. I want to know more about it, and I had to ask here because I found nothing on the internet. How do horses get liver cancer and how rare is it? Also, what are survival chances? Thanks in advance. x <3

    • ANSWER:
      I have never personally heard of a horse getting liver cancer. I’d guess it’s pretty rare. I have heard of horses (especially old horses) having liver failure.

    symptoms of liver cancer?
    we think someone has liver cancer and i want to just check symptoms etc. The results are coming tomorow so we have been to a doctor but was just wodnering. The symptoms she has is yellowish skin, vomiting (given tablets to stop), pain near liver, loss of apetitie and a constant stomach ache. Also what are the survival rates .. she is around 65. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Pain near liver usually not happens in cancer .it favors liver infection or inflammation (hepatitis) .complete tests and sonography can decide if is cancerous or not .Cancer of liver carries poor prognosis

    What are the survival rates of small cell lung cancer?
    My grandmother was just diagnosed and it has spread to her liver and her adrenal glands. Is this considered stage 4?

    • ANSWER:
      First off, I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother.

      Well, when it comes to small cell lung cancer, staging is a little different, its either limited stage or extensive stage, ie, just in the lungs, or has spread elsewhere.

      So, from what you said, she has extensive stage small cell, and the survival rate is probably around 1%. She would have to discuss her options with her oncologist, but with cancers with such a low survival rate, her best chance may be medications that are in clinical trials, though that would have to be a decision she would have to make, as some people dont want to be “guinea pigs” per say.

    Breat Cancer Survival Rate?
    I know absolutley nothing about the type, the size, the stage, if its matasticized, etc. etc. etc.

    All I know is my mother is 44, stressed all the time, in otherwise good health other than being VERY SLIGHTLY overweight [she's got a big bum and thighs, thats it], works in retail, and half of her brothers and sisters have had cancer [9 siblings], both her parents had cancer, all different types as well> Cervical, lung, throat, breast, liver, skin. She doesn’t drink other than at christmas with her sisters, she smokes regularly, she only has one kid [me], she is divorced and not dating, at all, she sleeps a lot, has chronic bronchitis [I cannot spell at the moment for some reason], barely eats, has small breasts, uhm….

    I have no clue what is relevant so I’m just including anything that could POSSIBLY help.

    Has trouble sleeping and takes sleeping pills regularly, hasn’t gone to a gynecologist or had a mamogram since I was born [18 years ago], and she didn’t notice the lump until our cat jumped on it and it started hurting a lot.

    So yea… If you guys could please give me some information on survival rates. I already know that because she is over 40, her chances are a lot better.

    I don’t want to know any specifics about the Tumour sizes and palpable nodes and etc. etc. etc.

    If you could just tell me what her chances are, and how anything that I’ve told you could affect her chances.

    Thank you all so much in advance, this means a lot to me.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sorry DIS.AR.RAY I know you are worried about your mom and I am not trying to give you a hard time, but this is like asking if a car you are interested in is a good car and all you tell us is that it has four tires, two doors and it is blue. It is impossible to give you a meaningful answer.

      None of the things you mentioned, other than her age, is relevant to answering you. However, the things you do not want to know are. To give you a meaningful answer we need to know the stage, grade and her hormone receptor status. These things determine her treatment and her prognosis.

      About the only thing I can tell you is that you are correct that it is good she is over 40 rather than under 40, but it would be better if she were over 50. We have come a very long way in being able to manage breast cancer, so even if she has a later stage cancer the chances are very good that she will be around for quite awhile.

    Is there hope for survival of my mother having metastasis breast cancer alongwith ulcerated growth in breast?
    my mother was detected breast cancer 4 years ago, she was taking ayurvedic medicines and living a healthy life,but just 4months back she got an ulcerated growth in breast which is now open and doctors say its a metastasis stage cancer has spread to liver, bones,brain.She is HER-2 positive, but still doctors say we cannot give any treatment to her.Shud we keep watching her die like this or can we do something please help me to save my mother.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes she can still be treated. What kind of doctor is she going to?!
      I don’t know why she did not get treatment 4 years ago and of course this is why the disease has progressed to the point it is no longer curable, but she can still survive many years with proper treatment.

    Does anyone know of a great cancer treatment center?
    My uncle was recently diagnosed with colon cancer stage four, liver cancer, pancreas cancer and brain cancer. He also has diabetes. Doctors say he has probably had this for about eight years, but was never diagnosed. He is given only two months to live. Anyone know of any centers, treatments or survival stories that apply?

    • ANSWER:
      Your uncle needs a center of excellence for colon cancer. You can use this map in the box below to find a center close to you. Then you need to find out if the ones near you have good experts in colorectal cancer.

      Try to get on a clinical trial if possible as, apart from very strange alternative therapies, it is probably his only chance at surviving this.

    Cancer survival chances….?
    My grandma has possibly been diagnosed with cancer in the pancreas, lungs, liver, and kidney. She only has one kidney. If she does have cancer, what are her chances? Please be blunt. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Jack, well, if your grandma is positively diagnosed with cancer in all those areas, that pretty much constitutes all her major organs. I’m sorry to say that she probably will not live very long as it has spread everywhere. Especially when cancer travels to the kidneys and liver, that is the body’s filtering system, without it, your body poisons itself. My three brothers, one nephew, one cousin and one uncle all died of cancer, so I know how you are feeling. The best advice I can give you is for you to be real loving to your gram and spend as much time as you can with her. Make sure she knows you love her and that she is not alone. I’m real sorry Jack.

    My friend had breast cancer it has spread to the liver, the doctors say it is at stage 4.?
    My friend is in and out of consciousness in the hospital. The doctors are actually working on fluids on her lungs. However, the cancer is not being treated. Why is that? What are the survival chances? Is there hope for them to leave the hospital,go home and get home care? Will they walk around normaly again. The mass is huge….what does this all mean?

    • ANSWER:
      Stage 4 breast cancer is not curable, but it is often managed well and women can survive with it for 10 years or more. You are not giving any information needed to assess the situation, but if she is in and out of consciousness with liver and possible lung mets it is very possible additional treatment will not help and it has been decided to treat her palliatively.

    What are the chances of her survival?
    Recently, this girl I graduated high school with was diagnosed with liver cancer and she is like only 18 or 19 years old. I am pretty sure the cancer is advanced but I don’t know how treatable it is. Do you think she will be okay?
    she went in for surgery the other day but it didn’t turn out well and she is suppose to start chemo as soon as possible.

    • ANSWER:
      Her chances of survival are poor. It generally is with advanced liver cancer and because of her age her chances are worse.

    liver and lung cancer?
    Somebody close to me has been diagnosed with Liver and lung cancer. As yet I do not know which is the secondary cancer or much about it. I do feel I have to know the survival rate. can anybody give me information on the survival rate please .This has come about in a matter of weeks. We thought he had a bad bout of flu.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello there.. how sad.. I know what you are going through… My mother has just been diagnosed with advanced stage 4 lung cancer which has spread to the lining of the Lungs and Lymph nodes and now Liver. The Dr wouldnt confirm life expectancy as they said they don’t know as it is different for evvery patient. But we later saw the Cancer specialist and she confirmed 6-12 months with Chemo. As the Cancer has metastisised (spread) she couldnt have radiotherapy just Chemo and the chemo just provides pain relief and tests have show that it also prolongs life. it was a massive shock and is still very difficult but some people go out to work and never come home! at least we have this special time to show our mother how much we love her and to spoil and look after her. Life is never going to be the same for us again and I am sad when I think of the time when she will no longer be here. I have even taped her voice so that I can play it when she is no longer here! I am going to miss her greatly. Good luck. XX

    Lung cancer, Brain Cancer, Liver Cancer, Bone cancer?
    whats the survival rate on that after chemo and radiation? plaese let me know…
    stage 4 cancer….

    • ANSWER:
      Survival rates are based on the stage of the disease not the treatment. So you need to say what stage these cancers are.

    I am a kiddney cancer survival,?
    they took out my right kiddny at july 2006 , every thing got normal after that , they found yetsrday a small spot on the LIVER ,, what do u think that would be ??
    they found the spot using CT Scan ,so they schedule for me an MRI next mondy ..

    • ANSWER:
      A spot on the liver doesnt sound good from my experiences. You where a lucky one to have your kidney removed my Mum was not so lucky. Mum was diagnosed with a 5cm mass on her right kidney in may this year. There first thoughts was to remove the kidney that was before they had discovered it had already spread to her liver and lung. It was VERY aggressive she pasted away sept 7 after a 4 month battle aged 60. I do know the liver is one of the first places kidney cancer will spread to. However, a lot of time has pasted since your kidney has been removed so it may be un related. Mum had 3 small spots in her liver when she was diagnosed (about 3 cm each) What other info have they told you?? contact me if you would like so info or support.

    Liver Cancer Institutes – I need information regarding institutes which provide treatment for Liver Cancer?
    I stay at Hyderabad. I was told that the treatment would cost nearly 75 lacs.

    The person is a male, aged about 40. The doctors here have lost hopes of survival and have advised to go home. 2 months time is given. Firstly I need information where I can treat this person. Secondly I need information regarding Missionary institutes where the cost of treatment is affordable.

    • ANSWER:

    Treatments for stage 4 liver cancer with unknown primary, suspect lung or colon and has metasized to bone?
    My mother has this and they’ve said chemo will not change her prognosis. If she gets the chemo, there is a 4 out of 5 chance it won’t work, if she gets it there is a 1 out of 5 chance it will. It will most likely make her sick while she is on it, and if it does work it will only extend her life about 3 to 8 months if it goes into hybernation, but it will eventually return. her life expectancy is less than 6 months, chemo may only extend it a few months. If she gets radiation to the bones where she is in a lot of pain, she will feel better in a few doses, and with her pain meds she will feel pretty well for a while with almost no side effects, except fatique, but it will not extend life and she could have less than 3 months of survival. She doesn’t really want the chemo, and neither does my Dad, for them quality of life is more important then length, and she doesn’t want people to see her go through the chemo. Does anyone have info on this what would u do? we have second opinion friday

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry for your situation. The doctors are right with what they are saying if they cant locate the primary cancer they wont know what type of chemo to give your mum so it will be trial and error which i def dont recommend. Stage four cancer is incurable and almost certainly terminal. once cancer has reached the liver the life expectancy is less than a year, this happened to my Mum. Mum was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last may. It was in her liver lung and kidney they couldn’t find the primary cancer either. they eventually did and it was diagnosed ads kidney cancer, Mum pasted away 4 months from first diagnosis aged 60. i agree with your mum and dad if chemo is only going to extend her life a few months i wouldn’t go thru the pain and trauma it will make her sicker than the cancer itself and will make her bed ridden. Mum went on a trail drug for 2 weeks and it was the worst thing we could have done she lost all dignity and control of her bodily functions it was terrible. definitely get your second opinion. contact me if you need support or info. xx