Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis C Treatment – Benefits and Disadvantages
Hepatitis C is a severe disease caused by a virus that affects the liver. The virus is transmitted by blood to blood contact and contrary to what some people believe, you can’t get the virus by touching or kissing an infected person. You can get it by getting an injection with the same needle that was used on someone with the virus or by having sexual intercourse with a person that suffers from hepatitis C.

The disease can be acute or chronic, in the first 6 month from the infection it is acute and it rarely presents any symptoms. In 20% of the cases the virus is eliminated from the body in these first 6 month. If it is not eliminated then the hepatitis becomes chronic and the virus starts to affect the liver. It does serious damage to the liver and it must be treated as much as possible.
The purpose of the hepatitis C treatment is to try to stop the virus from causing more damage to the liver and to try to eliminate it from the body.

If a patient has a mild acute hepatitis C than they probably don’t know that they have it because there are no symptoms, but if they know that they have been infected then the treatment to prevent the hepatitis from becoming chronic must be started. This treatment is not hard and it is successful in most cases.
If a chronic hepatitis was just diagnosed than treatment must begin soon. The patient’s life changes when he/she fins out that he/she has chronic hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is treated with the help of drugs> Most doctors recommend a combination of interferon with ribavirin. These two drugs help the body figt the hepatitis C virus and try to stop it from inflammating the liver.
The treatment period depends on the patient and on the type of hepatitis genotype the patient has. Genotype 2 and 3 need 6 months of treatment and genotype 1 usually takes one year to treat.
The hepatitis C treatment may or may not work. Some people are cured and at some people the drugs have no effect. If the doctors see that 3 months have passed without any result then the treatment is ceased. A recent study has shown that the hepatitis treatment work for half the patients.

The bad part about the treatment is that the drugs are very expensive and they also have serious side effects. The most common side effects are headaches, fever, fatigue and weakness, depression and more.

Some people do not even start the hepatitis C treatment because of its cost, chance of success and side effects. You need to consult your doctor and make a decision on what treatment you would like to choose.

If you want to find out more resources about hepatitis c treatment or even about causes of hepatitis c you should visit this website http://www.hepatitis-guide.com

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is difference between Alyssa and PCR in context of Hepatitis C treatment?
    A person was diagnosed Hepatitis C by using Alyssa method blood test. A physician told him that he can cure the disease if he don’t have this in PCR. Please tell me what is the difference in this, & whether it can be cured without being suffered from side effects which are very common in the words of general public?

    • ANSWER:
      ELISA and Hepatitis C Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) are tests used to detect antibodies (ELISA) and viral RNA (PCR), respectively. Most physicians will screen blood samples of at-risk patients for antibodies to HCV. If reactive, the sample is then tested by PCR, both qualitative (is HCV RNA present in the sample) and quantitative (how much virus is present).

      Studies on asymptomatic volunteer blood donors who confirmed positive for HCV have shown that approximately 40% or more appear to have cleared the virus, and could be considered cured. This is a much higher virus-free rate than expected.

      60% or more HCV patients become chronically infected. However, current antiviral therapy is fairly effective in decreasing and/or clearing the viral load. It is best to speak to an Infectious Disease or Gastroenterologist Specialist for specific therapy regimens.

    Can I continue studying while under Hepatitis C treatment?

    My name is Rubaiya. I am 29. I have recently been diagnosed with Hep C Genotype 2. I am in the chronic stage and there is not a lot of damage yet. I am starting treatment on peg. interferon and ribavirin from middle of February. I live in Tokyo and I am a Masters student. I am really worried about the side effects and whether I should continue my studies or stop for some time. It would really help if someone with experience of treatment gave me some suggestions.

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Is it Hepatitis C or Iron Toxicity? i’ve had this diagnosis for decades. i’ve never had any problems with it. but, i’ve always had a problem with my iron stores. and today i read on
      dr. mercola’s website about the connection for hep c and iron. i recently had a blood test and my iron stores are very high.

      also, you should read what Nicholas Regush has to say about hep c.

      and this man on mercola’s site said:

      “I tested positive for HCV in 2001 when I used the services of a medical van that catered primarily to drug addicts and the very poor. I also tested positive shortly after when I was tested by a doctor in a homeless shelter. A few years later, I tested negative. I haven’t been tested since, but I should get tested because I am curious. My liver function tests are normal and sonogram results are normal. I haven’t had a liver biopsy. My viral load is low.”
      Is it Hepatitis C or Iron Toxicity?
      Hepatitis C Reconsidered

    How does obesity effect Hepatitis C treatment?
    Or does it? I recently had someone tell me the Drs wouldnt allow him to do the interferon and ribavirin because he was over weight. Does obesity hasten the disease? Prevent treatment from working?

    • ANSWER:
      obesity is very dangerous anyway…..obese people need more dose of drugs to get desired action
      reduce ur weight anyway and parallel treatment for hep c can be taken

    Hepatitis C and Getting Pregnant After Treatment ?
    If you take the Hepatitis C Treatments before you get Pregnant how long after doing the Treatments is it best to wait to get Pregnant ?

    I don’t think getting Pregnant and letting the Treatments go till after a child is born would be a very sensible thing to do. My Friend has to make a choice and has ask my opinion. I’m not ready to give my response fully yet, but am I right to feel the Treatments should come first ? Anyone with an opinion on this please respond. Thank You .

    • ANSWER:
      The doctors usually recommend that you wait 6-9 months after treatment (especially for men) before trying to get pregnant to avoid birth defects fromt he Ribivirin medication component of the combination therapy.

      Personally (and this is only my opinion) is to get pregnant after the treatment especially if she only has to do the 6 month treatment. Now if she is over 36, then I would say the opposite since the window for conceiving begins to drop more quickly at this point.

      Most of the time the baby is protected somehow from the virus while in utero, but the actual birth is pretty messy and the delicate skin of the baby can be easily cut thereby increasing the chance of exposure if she decided not to be treated for Hep C.

      The treatment is not that bad as you read about in most stories. Ultimately the decision is up to her. I don’t think she is making the wrong choice either way…I’m just a big fan of reducing risk, and a birth scenario where the baby does not get wounded would be optimal even if she still did have Hep C. It’s harder for babies to fight off the virus because their immune system is not as strong as an adult’s is and liver damage could come much earlier.

    How much does hepatitis C treatment cost and how much do HMOs usually pay?

    • ANSWER:
      Shots run close to ,000.00 dollars EACH. Depending on length of treatment, type of treatment.
      Oral meds, (antiviral) and those meds to help with sides can run 400 bucks a month.
      Doctors visits and testing on a monthly schedule is additional money.
      Your looking at up to a 90,000.00 dollar treatment for 48 weeks.

      As for HMO’s, I’ve no idea, but you might need to call them and ask.

      Good luck.

    How can I get treatment for Hepatitis C without insurance?
    I need to get interferon treatment for Hepatitis C. I got via a blood transfusion in Mexico after a car accident. (Thats what we figure anyway)
    Thank you for the info>>> Have a great day…

    • ANSWER:
      Ask your doctor about a study trial. The makers of the medications needed for treatment are expensive, so there is a program for those medications if you enlist or are a good candadite for treatment.

      ASK the doctor- he or she should know how to go about getting you approved for antiviral chemotherapy. :O)

      www.scheringplough.com (genotypes known to treat easier)

      www.infergen.com (harder to treat genotypes)

    In which country or hospital there is free treatment for hepatitis C?Who can help me with information or else?
    I have hepatitis C for five years.In Bulgaria I can’t get treatment.So tell me please in which country there is a treatment program with interferon and/or ribaflavin?

    • ANSWER:
      Pharmaceutical companies often have study trials. (like Schering Plough for an example)
      You would have to be tested to see if you qualify, and, if you qualify, your liver doctor can enlist you and treatment is free.

      good luck

    i am getting ready to start hepatitis c treatment and I am a diebetic?
    I am looking for suggestions

    • ANSWER:

    what are the risk if i get pregnant when my husband is under treatment for hepatitis c?
    my husband has been under treatment for 5 month for the hepatitis c and I get pregnant like a month ago i would like to know the risk that the baby could bring?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, you’re at risk for contracting hep C from your husband with unprotected sex. If you are positive, your OB needs to be aware, since the risk of the baby contracting the virus from you is highest during delivery.

    Stem cell treatment for Hepatitis C in the US?
    Recently, my father got diagnosed with Hepatitis C Virus. I’ve heard scientists progress in stem cell therapy research, but can’t find any information about the treatment for HCV in Illinois or any state in the US. If you have any information that might help us, please shear! Thanks a lot.

    • ANSWER:
      Stem cell therapy for Hepatitis C??

      Why would you do that? Stem cell therapy is not going to fix a hepatitis c infection. It will help his liver, but if you don’t get rid of the virus, then there is no point in fixing the liver because the virus will just continue to destroy the new liver cells produced by the stem cell therapy.

      He needs to at least try the Pegylated Interferon/Ribivirin therapy – then if that works and his liver is too far gone that is where the stem cell therapy will help regenerate his liver. But if his liver isn’t too damaged, it will regrow itself just like a lizard’s tail grows back if chopped off. The key is to stopping the infection so that the liver can do its job again.

    Wondering what options are available for treating Hepatitis C and how successful the treatment(s) are?
    What are the latest treatments for Hepatitis C?

    • ANSWER:
      Hep C is treated with interferon and ribavirin. Length of treatment, and Success of treatment, depend on the strain (genotype) of hep C that someone has. Some strains are easier to treat than others.

    I need to know how and where my sister Can get treatment for hepatitis c, She has no insurance and needs help?
    My sister needs medical assistance and has no insurance. Is there a site or something I can go to to get her some help, What is the best treatment for hepatitis c and what kind of effects does the treatment have on a person? PLEASE IF SOMEONE CAN HELP ME HELP MY SISTER I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT LISA

    • ANSWER:
      Pegasys is the Hep c medication made by Roche pharmaceutical corp. They have a patient assistance program which provides the medication to people who don’t have insurance. Your sister will need a doctor first. The doctor needs to determine if she is a candidate for treatment, then he can prescribe the medication. There is an 800 number for the program, and when she calls, they will pre-screen her to see if she may qualify to get the free meds. Then they will need to see some income information, such as last year’s income taxes. When she sends that in, and gets the doctors signature on the form, then they will set her up to have the medication delivered to the home. The first shot will be given in the doctor’s office, there they will show her how to give herself the injections.
      I cleared hep c on the treatment seven years ago and feel I have been given a new life. Best wishes to your sister.

    Hepatitis C treatment/shot?
    Is anyone familiar with the IV Shot treatment for Hepatitis C? I know someone who has hepatitis C, whom is also known to have abused drugs in the past. That is how the person became infected with Hepatitis C in the first place – through dirty IV needles.

    Well, this person claims to be “clean” now, but this person goes through “drug dealers” to obtain the so called “treatment” for hepatitis C. I was under the impression that this treatment was something you receive once a month or so, but she injects herself with it every day. I’ve never heard of an every day injection for treatment of hepatitis C.

    When asked why she doesn’t go through an actual physician for this alleged treatment, she claims she doesn’t have medical insurance, so she can’t afford yet, yet she pays street peddlers for the alleged “treatment” every day, at around -50 per injection.

    Does this sound like she’s legitimately using an actual treatment for hepatitis C, or does this sound like a cover up, and that she’s actually using some other illegal drug while pretending to be using hepatitis treatment? (Which I’ve never heard of an every day treatment)

    • ANSWER:
      thers such thing as everyday treatment

      its through a hepatologist/gastroenterologist

      your friend is just buying heroin,,,,stay away from her dude, HEP C is a serious disease and can cost shit loads to treat.

    How to handle Hepatitis C treatment is it painful?

    • ANSWER:
      No it’s not painful – your joints may be sore every once in a while (like you just worked out) but other than that…you’ll probably just feel tired if you don’t try to get some light exercise.

      Like Stepahie said…drink a ton of water and you should feel okay most of the time. It will keep the headaches at bay…these are caused by dehydration.

      Good luck!

    Hepatitis C treatment Petiveria alliacea (anamu) a bovine anti-viral is supposed to knock out the virus?
    with little or no side effects. Has anyone had any experience with this treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      From experience with family and friends with Hep-C, the treatments are often as bad as the disease itself reducing your quality of life. I’ve never heard of anything “knocking out” Hep-C and I’m sure if there were a cure, it would be available to everyone who has it. I suppose the best thing to do is to call a liver specialist (hepatic) and ask about the treatment. To date, there is no ‘cure’ for Hep-C. Godloveya for asking a very informative question to help others.

    Hepatitis C treatment side effects and support?
    Does anyone know side effects of being treated for Hepatitis C? I heard it drops your seratonin levels and causes you to be depressed, some even to the point of suicide?

    What are some side effects of being treated for Hep. C, and how can I comfort a loved one who is being treated for it?

    • ANSWER:
      The meds do cause depression. I did treatment and cleared the virus..I also was on anti-depressants during treatment..

      You MUST be honest with your doctor so they can keep you or your friend ‘level’ while on treatment.

      yes you can so depressed you may contemplate suicide..you must be mentally stable..do not let your friend not tell the docs if she is feeling too depressed..for almost every side effect from treatment there is something available to fix it

      ‘the combo guide’ link its a bit out dated, being it was written during the 3x a week therapy, but the side effects are the same pretty much..its a very helpful tool

    New Hepatitis C (HCV) treatment and new medicine – when will apear and efficiency for curing ?
    As Interferone is not a complete cure for Hepatitis C , there are many resarches for new treatment and some new medicines are going to appear in the market for treatment – When will it appear and will it is really a final cure for HCV ?

    • ANSWER:
      Thus far, HCV is a virus, therefor, there is always the possibility it can come back if a person responds to treatment.
      However, more than 75% who have done treatment (with anyform of interferon) have remained sustained post one year after treatment, meaning the virus is no longer active or capable of making one sick, furthermore, the liver damage is cut in half on treatment and remains as such as long as a person is sustained. This is why doctors are now calling it a cure for some of us.
      Just like EBV for instance- it can cause chicken pox, herpes, mono….it harbors in spinal fluid and can re-activate under the right circumstances. Chicken pox can come back as shingles.

      The latest treatment has a much higher success rate for non-responders. Infergen is a non-time released medication. A person injects once a day. They also take antiviral medications by mouth.

      The reason for the higher success rate is due to the medication being injected daily, vs the time released form which “tapers off” before the next weekly injection. So basically it is similar to the very first treatments with inteferon, however, the dosages, treatment plan is much more aggressive. Amazingly, this treatment is easier to tolerate in those who previously failed time released interferon. (Talk about a case study!)


    I was just diagnosed with Hepatitis C, what are my treatment options? What should I know about it?
    Okay so I am 19 years old and just found out I have Hepatitis C. My doctor said that it showed up pretty prominently in my blood work and that it looks like I will need to go through Radiation, that is somewhat similar to Chemotherapy. I am scared, Can you tell me about this treatment form? He said we will do a series of more tests this week, but will most likely start radiation in 3 weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok I think he may have it wrong. I am 56 years old and had a HIGH viral count in 1999. I decided to take Interferon/riboviron treatment of the time,and I have been clear for over 10 years. Now I hear there is better treatment which does not mention in radiation in anyway..I would get a secound opinion if I were you.

    how long does it take for the antibodies to leave your system after you received the treatment for hepatitis c?
    i was diagnosed with hepatitis c version 2 b. i went threw a prescribed 6 months of medication and the Doctor says. in another 6 months i need to go back to get checked once again. in applying for a job it was discovered that i still show positive for the antibodies. how long does it take to clear that out of my system.

    • ANSWER:
      Your plasma will always contain HCV antibodies, produced by your immune system in response to exposure to the virus. Your infectious disease physician is monitoring you for HCV RNA, the actual viral genetic material. If treatment is successful, viral loads may drop below detectable levels. We can’t be certain, however, if all viral particles have been removed.

    Can you still spread Hepatitis C after “treatment”?
    My sister just found out she has Hepatitis C. She got it from injecting heroin with an unclean needle. She says her doctor mentioned treatment.

    1- What is the treatments for Hepatitis C?

    2- During or After treatment, is she still contagious?

    • ANSWER:
      Hep C is a virus, that is gotten through blood coming into contact with your blood stream ONLY! Not through saliva, not through semen/vaginal secretions, not through tears or sweat. It attacks the liver and uses liver cells to replicate itself causing inflammation (that is what hepatitis means – inflammation) Most of the time it becomes chronic and can cause cirrhosis or in some cases liver cancer.

      During treatment she still could be infectious if the treatment is not working for her. After treatment, you won’t know if she is still contagious until after 2 years post treatment…to make sure that it worked, in some cases it does come back, but 98% of the time you will know if it came back within 2 years post treatment. The doctor will usually do a test at the end of treatment, one 6 months after treatment and then a final one 2 years later.

      As for the first poster – get your facts right, Pam Anderson chose not to do treatment because she wants to wait for something that isn’t as “difficult” and has chosen the continuation of her wild lifestyle over getting better.

      If you need to know anything else – please contact me directly via my profile. I will be more than happy to help any way I can.

      I answered one of your other questions, but to recap…I am still virus free 5 years post treatment. So it can be “cured”.

    What is the best treatment for Hepatitis C, if one is above 60 and unable to afford liver transplant pl. help?
    I am in desperate need to help my ailing elder suffering from this problem I cannot afford Liver transplant. The doctor is prescribing medicine Siliver (silymayrin) and Risek(Omeprazole), I know this is not permanent treatment. What should I do?
    Please help

    • ANSWER:
      The treatment would be to keep the viral load down as low as possible and preferably have it become undetectable to prevent damage to the liver as much as possible. The meds will work on some people while it seems nothing will stop the disease from progressing in others.

      Once the liver damage is severe enough and cirrhosis has developed to the later stage, then nothing is going to help other than a transplant. There are no other options left when the liver is going into advanced failure. Cirrhosis is a progressive disease that is permanent damage. Scar tissue replaces the healthy tissue in the liver. The more scar tissue that is present, the less the liver is able to do its job.

      If your elderly family member needs a transplant and cannot afford it, then I suggest they go to the nearest transplant center and talk to them about it. Most insurances will cover it if needed, and the transplant center will do everything possible to help them get insurance coverage and help to cover costs. If the person is living on a low income without a lot of assets, they could even qualify for state aid. Keep in mind that cirrhosis is a very slow disease that can take many years to reach the final stage. It may be quite awhile before they need an actual transplant. Even when my liver was 90% destroyed, the doctors still gave me 5 years before it would reach total failure. I didn’t have hep C though. I had primary biliary cirrhosis. A lot depends on how aggressively the virus is attacking the liver.

    What is the % to transmit Hepatitis C after the treatment/cure?
    Interferon and Ribavirin treatment what is the % of passing to it on to others. I am very curious about this cuz im dating a girl that has hep c and has had treatment and she tells me its a very low risk to transmitt to otherS after treatment. so im wondering what type of % am i looking at to get hep C from her? also how exactly can i get it from here kissing ect.

    • ANSWER:
      If she did the treatment and it worked for her, then your risk is 0%…especially if it has not returned via her follow up checkup 2 years after treatment.

      Hepatitis C requires blood to blood contact ONLY!! This mean’s (if she does still have the virus) then you don’t share shaving razors or toothbrushes, and of course don’t share drug needles, if you are into that kind of thing. You only need to take care that the infected person’s blood not enter any open wounds on your body.

      This is the only way you can acquire it through sexual activity. Sex during menstration is okay as long as you do not have any cuts or open wounds on your genitalia.

      It CANNOT be transferred via saliva, semen, mucus or sweat, unless there is blood mixed in…and even if there is…again, you must have an open wound on your body for that blood to enter your system.

      So try not to give her a hard time, you will be fine, especially if she already beat the virus…

    Hepatitis C, after treatment, are you cured?
    I’d like to ask ppl who are hepatitis C positive and received the treatment already, did you completely get rid of the disease?

    • ANSWER:
      According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 20-30% of people with chronic Hepatitis C will eventually face life-threatening symptoms.

    I need to know how expensive the treatment for Hepatitis C is ?
    I have family who will be needing this treatment and I would like to know if there is anyone who will help with the costs. WE know all about the meds that will be used, but need some financial help.
    To the 1st poster, I have no reason to lie. You don’t know who I am, so what does it matter. I am very distraught about this and people like you are very rude and mean.

    • ANSWER:
      Ask your doctor about a study trial! All treatment is free.
      I am not sure what the expense would be now days because there are two new medication treatments available through study trials, but, I can tell you treatment with Alpha Interferon, Amantadine and Ribavirin, plus pre-testing, testing during treatment, doctors visits combined was about 90,000.00 7 years ago.

      You should never raise money until you have utilized all options.
      Schering Plough has study trials as do other pharmicutical companies. As your doctor and if he feels a person is a good one to enlist in the study, if all testing is favorable (what the study is looking for) you can get treatment for FREE.

      Remember, start with asking your doctor about pharmacutical trials for those with HCV.

      Good luck and thanks for your support! Not everyone understands those with HCV (usually due to HCV itself!). I applaud you!


    Side effects from hepatitis C treatment.?
    My husband started treatment for the Hepatitis C. How to ease the sideeffects? Any help from people who experienced that would be appriciated.

    • ANSWER:
      what side effects is he having? There is something for every side effect..most importantly is that he drink 1/2 his weight in water a day to flush out the poison
      check this link


    can i continue breastfeeding along with hepatitis c treatment ?

    • ANSWER:

    Hepatitis C treatment?
    So my husband is on Hepatitis C treatment for Genome 2 and had 3 million virus count. He has a shot once and week and 6 pills a day. He has been on for 4 weeks, just had his test results and they said his viral count is undetectable :D

    Although that is amazing news, the doctor said he should continue the treatment for another 5 months *horrid side affects btw* to make sure.
    What does he mean make sure? His viral load is undetectable. And he said he can call himself Hepatitis C free. So why continue treatment that makes him irritated and ill? Should we seek a second opinion? Any doctors out there?

    • ANSWER:

    Does everyone who undergoes treatment for Hepatitis C have side affects?
    I just got approved by Roche for my medication (they’re gonna pay for all of it, awesome), and I’ll be starting the treatment probably the start of next week. I’m taking 180mg of the peginferion(sp?). Does everyone get sick?

    • ANSWER:
      I had an easy time with the (Roche) Pegasys treatment (48 weeks) it really didn’t give me any side effects until week 29 of my treatment.

      Drink a ton of water and get your excercise if you can. This will help tremendously.

    Has anyone in here gone through the Hepatitis C treatment {Pegasys & Rebetol}? Please share experiences.?
    I’d like to know about how you felt, if you completed treatment and, if so, was the virus eradicated. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C infection {genotype 3} in 2003 but have been postponing treatment. I’ve heard horror stories about the side effects of treatment. The vast majority of those whom I’ve asked stopped the treatment due to the side effects. A few ones completed it but were not cured {they are all genotype 1}. Any honest answers will be welcome.
    I’m interested mostly on first-hand accounts. All answers are welcome, though.
    I’m genotype 3a; my HCV PCR quantitative came back at 378,000 two weeks ago.

    • ANSWER:
      I did the Pegasys & Rebetol treatment in 2003 – fortunately for you, you only have to do the 24 week tx, I had to do the 48 (I was genotype 1b). It wasn’t bad like you read in most people’s stories.

      Do what Stephanie said about drinking lots of water and get an antidepressant. Also I would like to add that you make an effort to get into shape by walking or running a mile a day before starting treatment and keep the exercise going as long as you can while on treatment. I did this and hardly had any of the side effects mentioned by many people on the treatment.

      Still clear of the virus five years later. You should do fine…

    what is the treatment of hepatitis c in india ,whether it can be treated in india or not ?
    give me suggetion as early as possible as no more time is left in my hand.

    what we have to paid to cure these disease( chronic hepatitis c )

    • ANSWER:

    Can you have children after treatment for Hepatitis C, and if yes is there risks?
    Will there be any lingering side effects? What would be the best option?

    • ANSWER:

    Can you smoke weed while on the pegasys treatment for hepatitis C?
    I am going to go on it soon and will be taking three ribavirin pills twice daily and a shot of interferon once a week. I have heard that some people take it for the nausea

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, although I don’t recommend doing illegal drugs (but for what its worth I believe there are medicinal qualities related to marijuana that should make it legal). There have been studies which have shown marijuana to help HCV patients with the nausea associated with treatment so yes its safe but remember also illegal…LOL

    Is it any connections between hepatitis C and sore throat, coughing, ear infections?
    I read an article about Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. He had a throat surgery last spring and hepatitis C treatment. What kind of throat surgery it may be?

    • ANSWER:
      While hep c does affect organs other than your liver, it is unlikely that the sore throat, coughing, etc are from hep c.

    Interferon Treatment in children with Hepatitis C?
    I have read that Interferon and Peg-Interferon treatment is most effective in patients with Hepatitis C. However, I have been told my some sources that it is not recommended in children under age 18. Other sources do not specify. Does anyone have any insight on this? Thanks.
    Edited to add that he is out of treatment options and has been given 6 months to live. (He is not a U.S. citizen and is trying to get a medical visa to come here for treatment.

    • ANSWER:
      This would be a horrible thing to put a child through. My husband is receiving treatment right now. So far he has depression, thinning hair, a rash all over him that itches all the time, nausea, vomiting, headaches, fever and last week he had to get a blood transfusion of 2 pints of blood because the ribivarin has made him so anemic. His red blood count is still at 8.2. (it was 7.4…normal is 14 to 18) He may have to have another blood transfusion. A child could not handle all of this well. Besides, a person with Hep C does not HAVE to have treatment. It is not a cure…. all it does is help the liver to heal and hopefully bring the viral load down to 0. As long as you take care of your self by not drinking or doing hard drugs, you are taking care of the liver and it may not develop severe damage.A person with this disease can live an otherwise long and healthy life. The Hepatitis C virus stays in the body forever….you always have it and are capable of passing it with your blood. Even with a liver transplant, Hep C is not cured. With liver transplant it will reappear in several years. Even with treatment and having the viral load being reduced to 0, the disease can reappear if you have severe stress or serious illness. My husband has been in treatment since Feb, and his viral load is at 0 right now, but still has to continue the treatment for a total of 48 weeks. If he were to stop now, the viral load would rise again.

    Is Cyklokapron a form of Hepatitis C treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      The drug Cyklokapron is used for the treatment of Hemophilia C that is uncontrollable bleeding – an hereditary condition where the blood does not clot.


      If you have Hepatitis C I would consult your local GP.

      Good Luck!!!

    treatment hepatitis C?
    In which countries I can get treatment for hepatitis C.For example in Germany if a university/college student pay health insurance,so he or she can get treatment for hepatitis C for free.Where can I get treatment and which are the conditions?

    • ANSWER:
      Watch for the Snakeoil salesmen, first of all. The recognized treatment for Hep C (HCV) is interferon & ribavirin. The two largest drug companies involved in providing these are: Roche Labs and Plough Scherring. These companies have programs to provide lowered cost or even free medicines to those in need. You need to have a Dr. to monitor your treatment, but the drugs are provided. Check their websites for further info. Pegasys & Copeg is one brand name. My insurance covered the cost but I know the program exists here in the U.S. Good Luck.

    Has anyone or a love one been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, I have a question on treatment?
    I know someone who has recently been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. This person was told by a Doctor at this time no medication is needed due to “it wasn’t that bad.”

    This doesn’t make any medical sense to me! I was researching this illness, and from what I was reading it claimed YES, you should be treating this immediately.

    If it goes untreated because “it’s not that bad” will it stay the same or will it escalate due to no treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes the body is able to clear the infection without treatment. Treatment is not always started at the time of diagnosis, so it is possible that your friend does not need treatment yet. After diagnosis, additional testing is done to determine if the person does have Hep C, and which genotype. Testing is also done periodically to determine how much damage has been done. Length of treatment, and the chance of success, depends partly on the genotype. It is important that your friend see a Hep C specialist and follow his or her advice. Among other things, that advice would include no alcohol use, since drinking alcohol damages the liver, and no drug use other than medications prescribed by a doctor, taken exactly as the doctor prescribes.

    Is it possible spontaneous convalescence from hepatitis C without any treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      Some people are exposed to the virus, so they have the antibodies, but they never actually get infected with the virus. Once someone has the hep C virus, treatment in some cases can cause the viral load to become undetectable, but it never completely disappears. However, in some cases, viral load does not become undetectable, and the person develops chronic hep C.

    does hepatitis c treatment affects joints?
    i have taken the treatmetn of Hepatitis C but it affects my all body. mostly my joints. There is a lot of falaktuation in my all joints mostly in knee joints.plz tell me answer

    • ANSWER:
      i am not quite sure what “falaktuation” is, but it sounds pretty painful.

      Yes, the treatment of HCV can affect your joints. Specifically, the interferon that you’re given can cause arthralgias (pain in the joints) and myalgias (pain in the muscles) and generalized total-body aches.

      Good luck with the treatment

    hepatitis c pegetron treatment?
    My freind started his hep c treatment of pegetron. He was supposed to take 3 pills in morning plus injection and 3 in the afternoon. Instead he took 6 pills all at once and injection all at same time. He is feeling shitty and his hands and feet are going numb. He is in hospital right now anybody know about the side affects of this.

    • ANSWER:
      That was dumb to take the pills at the same time like that – they put instructions on the bottle for a reason. Anyway – that numbness could be from either the shot or the pills. Probably from the shot, some people don’t react well to the shot mostly because they are somewhat unhealthy going into treatment and their body freaks out with the extra interferon in the system. All humas make interferon already, this treatment boosts the amount 100 fold.

      Tell him to cut out all caffine – this will make his side effects bad.

      Drink a ton of water, this will help aleviate many of the side effects altogether. A good rule of thumb is to drink 16 oz (the amount in a normal bottled water bottle) of water every hour for 7 hours in a row throughout the day.

      Exercise if he can. At least go for a mile walk to get the blood pumping each day. Numb hands and feet are from poor circulation to the nerve cells, the extreme dose of pills may have caused his body to react by constricting his blood vessels. Counteract this with some type of non-strenuous cardio each day and this won’t happen that often if at all. It would have been best if he started doing this before treatment, but what better time to get healthy than the present right?

      These three simple things will make a HUGE difference. Now if he had other ailments before doing treatment, this will complicate things.

    After completing interferon treatment for Hepatitis C (successfully), can light alcohol consumption resume?
    Assuming my friend’s treatment is successful, can he have a few drinks once in a while if his levels go back to normal after the treatment? He does not have a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

    • ANSWER:
      To determine if his treatment is successful, he will need to wait at least six months, because that is the time frame it takes to find out if his viral load will still be undetectable. If it is still undetectable six months post treatment, then he is considered to be a sustained responder. So, if he is indeed a sustained responder, and he truly does not have any alcohol dependency issues, then an occasional drink most likely wouldn’t hurt him. That’s as long as every Friday and Saturday night isn’t considered an occasion! And being on the interferon treatment for six months to a year can give the liver some relief from the damage (fibrosis). Research shows that the liver can have some histologic improvement after interferon treatment.
      The question your friend will need to think about is after going through the rigors of the chemotherapy like treatment, does he really want to put any hepatotoxic anything into his liver? Best wishes to your friend.

    How likely is Hep C to return after successful treatment?
    Once a person has successfully undergone Hepatitis C treatment with interferon, how likely is it that the Hep C will return again? My girlfriend has been on treatment for almost a year now and her viral count is down to zero. Is it likely to stay at zero once she stops taking the injections and, if so, how long will it take to know whether or not the viral count will start rising again? Does this treatment usually suppress it permantantly or does it often return over time? This is her second time to undergo this treatment. After the first time, it came back as soon as she stopped the injections. She only stayed on it for 5 months the first time, but is going a full year this time.

    • ANSWER:
      Once again a lot of bad information.
      One of the factors that effects the probability of clearing the virus through treatment depends on what genotype of hep c she has. Genotype 1 is most prevalent in the US and less responsive to the medication- but not impossible to treat. Therefore, if you have genotype 1, the treatment is done for one year. Genotype 1 has a 50-57% chance of responding. Genotype 2 has the best chance of clearing; about 80%, and usually only requires a 6 month treatment. Geno 3 responds well, too (80%), and also requires a 6 month treatment, but some physicians are beginning to treat geno 3′s for a year due to them relapsing.
      While on treatment, most people will maintain an undetectable viral load. The proof of the pudding is one year after stopping treatment. If the viral load is undetectable after one year post treatment, then there is a less than 2% chance of it returning.
      Since your girlfriend has stayed on the treatment for the full year, she has a better chance of clearing By the way, Hep C is rarely spread through sexual contact; it is spread from blood to blood only. If there is blood exchanged in sex, then it may be spread that way. Also,FYI- hospitals and blood banks have been testing the blood supply for Hep c since 1992. Best wishes to you and your GF.

    Has anybody had annemia from hepatitis c treatment,please relate?

    • ANSWER:
      I have not personally been treated with Pegylated IFN and Ribavirin, but anemia is common with Ribavirin treatment. It is the leading reason Ribavirin doses are decreased during treatment for Hepatitis C. Hopefully you doctor is comfortable using Epogen or Procrit to allow you to maintain the highest possible dose of Ribavirin during your therapy. Using “growth factors” or agents such as Epogen (or “epo”) or Procrit to boost red blood cells and keeping the dose of Ribavirin as high as possible will increase the liklihood of clearing the virus and achieving an SVR.

      Best wishes and good luck!

    Is there a better treatment for Hepatitis C than Ribavirin?
    I have some info about this japanese drug called Stronger Neo-Minophagen C, not sure which is better. My loved on is sick :-(

    • ANSWER:
      I just completed treatment with Ribavirin and Pegasys. I was on them for one year and now the virus is undetectable!!!
      If there were better medications, the doctor would certainly be using them. I treat at the Mayo clinic with one of the leading Hepatitis Specialists. He has done and continues to do numerous studies and discussed the available meds with me before I started treatment. The only meds available are interferon types like Pegasys and Infergen.
      There have been specials on news shows about fake drugs coming out of Asia, I would be very cautious about ANY meds from there, they and others e.g. Mexico even duplicate our current medications with benign ingredients, some of them even had harmful ingredients such as lead!
      When you are dealing with health issues, be careful!
      Good Luck and Smiles, Fairy

    HEPATITIS C. Alternative treatment vs. Regular?
    my husband was diagnosied with hepatitis C.
    People, who have it, please advice about alternative treatment for it.
    I heard that usual treatment is very tough, so we’ll be looking for alternative medicine. Thanks..

    • ANSWER:
      There is some promise with IV ozone therapy.
      IV Vitamin C absolutely has shown promise to speed recovery for patients with Hep B and Hep A… but both Hep A and Hep B most often resolve on their own without significant events, even without treatment. It’s really rare for Hep A to progress to fulminant hepatitis.

      Hep C is a very different story. The difficulty with this virus centers on the fact that it cannot be cleared by the human immune system. As a result, Hep C causes significantly increased risk for cirrhosis and liver cancer. Even with conventional treatment, patients see long term remission… but there is no “cure.” However, risk of cancer is reduced dramatically with treatment and most people with Hep C now live long, healthy, productive lives.

      My suggestion would be that your husband seek supportive treatment to maintain his best health while/after he completes the conventional treatment. (Ixxidan has given good info there.)

      But please seek help from a qualified professional. To find a naturopathic doctor near you, consult www.cand.ca in Canada or www.naturopathic.org in the US.

      Also… this must be a really scary, difficult time for you as well. Please don’t forget to take care of yourself! Make time for yourself. Nourish yourself, too, body and soul. And ask for help if you need it.

    About how long would a person live with hepatitis c if they did not get any treatment at all?
    A close family member of mine found out they have hepatitis c about 12 months ago and as far as i know they have had no treatment from a doctor and to make it worse they have an addiction to pain pills. I try to talk about things with them but it basically goes in one ear and out the other. I am just so worried and don’t know what to do. So if anyone has an answer to my question i would love to hear it.

    • ANSWER:
      It all depends on how fast the hepatitis disease progresses. There are 4 stages of Hep C. Progression depends on the person and if he’s willing to stop the initial beginning of the hep c. such as drinking or drug involvement.

    hepatitis c treatment?
    i got my mom ultrasound report in which it is written that an echogenic mass lesion with posterior shadowing measuring 1.9 by 1.5 cm seen in right lobe of liver it most probably represents a benign lesion and multiple calculi seen in gallbladder with gallbladder thickness of 1.3 mm and a polyp measuring 2.3 mm seen in gall bladder with normal common bile duct

    she is suffering from hep c for about 15 years without interferon treatment

    my question is that

    in which stage is she?
    is gall stone n polyp complication of hep c?
    this benign lesion is cirohsis or some thing else?
    what is the treatment of gallstone n polyp in hep c?
    will interferon treatment suit her?

    please guide me i m in tension …

    • ANSWER:
      I’m inserting a link for you to follow and view in hopes your Search may Help in some way.


      Possibly Somewhere in your Search, it may put you a little more at ease.

      Best of luck to you and Your Mother.

    Have you heard of these herbs to treat Hepatitis C?
    Have you heard anything about the effectiveness of these alternative medicines in Hepatitis C treatment:
    Bing Gan Tang Plus
    Salba Seeds or Oil
    Ultra Milk Thistle

    If so, where they be purchased? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not quite sure about those herbs’ effectiveness (although I do believe they are helpful to your liver), but I can tell you I’ve seen at least a few of them around. You can find them at gnc, vitamin shoppe, places like walgreens have many vitamins, and definitely online (just make sure it’s a safe and trusted company).

    Hepatitis c treatment and pregnancy?
    my boyfriend recently started pegasys+ribivirin treatment for hep c. this Thursday he gets his 5th shot out of his 48 week treatment. but the other day I found the pegasys website and was reading about all the side effects and stuff and it said that, male or female, you shouldn’t get pregnant or try to for all of the treatment and for 6 months after…
    well what I want to know is how high of a risk would it be for me to get pregnant during his treatment, or the 6 months after ?

    we’ve already decided we aren’t going to try during that time, but we want to know just in case because were only using condoms. (its to difficult to go back on the pill and then get off it again)

    • ANSWER:
      There is a good chance that the baby would be born with severe birth defects, specifically missing or severely deformed limbs. That’s why people are encouraged to use 2 forms of birth control during the treatment, to be sure that pregnancy does not occur.

    I would like to know what treatment is available for Hepatitis C? Is it fatal?
    I have a friend who suspects he might have Hepatitis C after the doctor found lesions on his liver. He is awaiting additinal tests.

    • ANSWER:
      How is it treated?

      Chronic HCV infection may be treated with medications that fight viral infections. The current standard treatment combines two antiviral medications: peginterferon and ribavirin. However, this treatment is not an option for everyone because of its significant side effects or because of continuing problems with substance abuse, psychological conditions (such as schizophrenia) that interfere with the ability to take scheduled medications, or financial constraints (the medications are expensive).

      A new form of interferon, called peginterferon, combined with ribavirin stops the virus more effectively than standard interferon and ribavirin. 2 As a result, the combination of peginterferon and ribavirin has become the new standard of treatment. 3

      Your response to treatment depends in part on which of the six hepatitis genotypes you haveā€”and you may be infected with more than one genotype. Genotype 1 does not respond as well to treatment as the less-common genotypes 2 and 3. Other factors, such as the amount of virus in your system (viral load) and whether your liver has been scarred or damaged, may also affect how well you respond to treatment.