Fatty Liver With Cysts

Hence, jaundice is a disease of the liver. It can occur when there is an obstruction in the bile duct, or if there is destruction of the red blood corpuscles. When a person has jaundice, their skin becomes yellow in color. This characteristic yellowness is seen even in the eyes and the fingernails. Stools and urine also get colored. The yellow color is an indication that the circulation of bile is in excess.

Juice of the green leaves of radish should be pounded and extracted with the help of cloth. If the patient is adult, daily 00004000 half liter of the juice should be taken. It also ensured complete cure in some cases by regular doing this up to at least 8-10 days. Bowel is properly evacuated and healthy appetite is induced and the trouble is gradually decreased.

Jaundice is caused by an increasing amount of bilirubin in the blood. When red blood cells break down, the heme in their hemoglobin is converted to bilirubin. The bilirubin is processed by the liver where it is eliminated in bile. The hemoglobin is in the red cells of the blood that carries oxygen in your cells. As red blood cells die your body builds new cells to replace them and the old ones are processed by the liver.

Jaundice is characterized by yellowing of the skin and the sclera or whites of the eyes. It is not a disease but only a sign to many other different diseases. Jaundice is caused by the high level of chemical bilirubin in the blood. Depending on the level of the chemical, the yellow pigmentation of the skin and the sclera may vary. When it is too high, it could appear as brown and not yellow.
Jaundice occurs as a result of the breakdown of extra red blood cells associated with the transition form your fetus receiving oxygen from your placenta to supplying her/his own oxygen. Bilirubin is a by-product of this breakdown process, and when it is reabsorbed and circulates it tints the skin and eyes yellow.

Jaundice is a yellow discoloration of the skin, the mucous membrane and the white of the eyes. All newborns have a certain degree of this condition. Jaundice is due to excessive serum bilirubin in the blood. Once he is born, a newborn baby starts to use his lungs to breathe.

If for some reason the fat soluble bilirubin is not converted, it will attach itself to fatty tissues that it comes into contact with, mainly in the skin and brain. If too much bilirubin attaches itself to fatty tissues in the brain it may cause brain damage.

Physiological jaundice is due to the above process and is the most common. It usually appears on the 3rd day and disappears by 7th day. It is not dangerous as long as the bilirubin level does not go up too high.

The liver is the master organ of the body, and most people consider the liver to be more important in the normal functioning of the body than even the brain and the heart. If there is any damage to the liver, then there could be serious complications, such as constipation, chronic gastritis, morning sickness, etc. Problems with the liver could be jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis and hepatomegaly (enlargement of the liver), all of which are life-threatening conditions. Hence it is very important to take proper care of the liver.

Jaundice is a disease of the liver that is characterized by yellowing of the skin and the sclera. It is caused by the high amount of bilirubin in the blood. Depending on the level of the bilirubin, the yellow pigmentation of the skin and the sclera may vary. This yellowness is seen even in the fingernails, stools and urine. The yellowness is an indication that the circulation of bile is in excess.

What exactly can Gilbert’s syndrome do to the body? Gilbert’s disease produces an elevated level of unconjugated bilirubin in the bloodstream but normally has no serious or damaging consequence. Mild jaundice may appear under conditions of exertion, stress, fasting, and infections, but the condition is otherwise asymptomatic.

Frequently Asked Questions

    could this be more than just osteoarthritis?
    I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knees and spine and I do not doubt that may be part of the problem but I have so many more symptoms. I have muscle weakness in right arm, along with tingling of right hand and sometimes left hand. leg muscles ache and are weak, I stay extremely tired all the time. I have brain fog and memory problems a lot of times. I have also been diagnosed with IBS, spleen cyst, fatty liver, ovarian cyst. I am just not sure ostoarthritis is all there is to it and just wondered if anyone else has any insight?

    • ANSWER:
      problems from diabetes? Avoid sugary food, soda and fruit juice.
      Get tested.

    how do you treat a fatty deposit with a cyst growing into the liver?

    • ANSWER:
      doctor for surgery to remove cyst.

    Feeling very anxious, stressed, have ovarian cysts and acid reflux, husband alcoholic….?
    Can I put anything else in the subject line….. :)

    I feel like I have everything wrong with me at the moment and I am making myself ill I think!!

    Basically my husband is an alcoholic, which he is getting help for, but over the last few months he has been a complete nightmare and has left me in a bit of a state really. He was verbally and mentally abusing me to the point where I was hiding in my own home as he wasn’t letting me sleep, which is very silly!!! He has now seen the light and has apologised for things and is trying to get help, but because of his behaviour he has caused me to be very stressed and very very anxious all of the time, I can not seem to calm down. I am shaking typing this.

    Also, I was diagnosed with acid reflux about 2 months ago, and am now on lansoprozol tablets twice a day. They were helping me, but now they don’t seem to be, I don’t know if its because I am stressed and anxious that my stomach does feel worse. My stomach feels very tender, If I press it, It makes me feel a bit nausious for a second then goes away. I have not actually been sick at all. I was also diagnosed with a fatty liver, which is just down to diet and exercise as they did a scan of my liver, gallbladder and pancreas and all came back clear apart from the liver part. But this area sometimes feels awkward to. When I first apoke to the doctor he said that these feelings are completely normal and in time they will go away (This was before I started being anxious etc though) I have not been back to the docs since. I do feel bloated most of the time. I have lost almost 2 1/2 stone over all of this, which is great as I needed to!!!

    Another stress is I have ovarian cysts, I have suffered with these for the 14 years now, they dont cause any pain though, but I just want everything to go away now and for me to feel better.

    I want to stop feeling anxious and I am constantly shaking on the inside not on the outside if that makes sence. I feel very on edge all the time and feel better when I walk around etc!!

    I also now have a pain in my right calf that I am now starting to worry about. My lower left side also feels quite tender.

    Can I add anything else to this????

    Does anyone have any advice on this other than go to my GP? Does anyone else have the same kind of thing going on. I am just really worried and thinking that other things are wrong with me.

    Thank you for reading this boring message :)

    • ANSWER:
      First, I’m guessing that you’re from the UK. If that’s true, then I’ll apologize in advance if any of my advice doesn’t help since I’m from the USA and might not realize some areas where our countries are different. I’ll do my best though, so please bear with me.

      Second, is there any way you can get out of the home for a while? Go visit relatives, take a vacation, etc? I won’t bother telling you to leave your husband since I don’t think you will anyway, but I do think you two need a break from each other and you need to go somewhere where you can rest, relax and get yourself together. It might also help your husband if he got away somewhere too….alone. I don’t know how other countries do it, but here we have rehab clinics where patients can check in and get 24 hour help and constant monitoring. If he could go to one of those and you could go to a spa and get some therapy, it might go a long way towards helping you both through this. I know that some of this might be expensive…I couldn’t afford to go to a spa, but if you’ve got the income for it, then take advantage of the help that can be given to you.

      As for the physical problems, honestly, go to a doctor and at least get a pregnancy test. Make sure you’re not pregnant and if you’re not, then ask for some birth control pills. I get ovarian cysts a lot and have all my life. For some reason, the pills help shrink cysts and keep them from being such a pain.

      A second thing you’ll want to do is start getting out of the house and reconnecting with the outside world in a new way. Take walks, go to a wooded area or park and collect leaves or study botany or something that interests you. The point is, you need to do something that helps you get rid of stress and being in nature will go a long way towards helping you do that. With it getting warmer, this might be the perfect time to try that. If nature doesn’t work for you, then get out and do something else that does interest you. Whatever works for you will be fine and begin to help.

      Third, can you get to a psychologist? There are medications that you can take to help you relax and calm down. I don’t really like them myself, but if your stress levels are this high that it’s causing you physical illness, you might really need at little something for a short time…just until things calm down a little. It also wouldn’t hurt you and your husband to go to one for counseling. He’s got an addiction and you’re the one who has to suffer the consequences. It could help a lot if you could get him to go with you.

      As for the pain in your calf, just in case its something serious, have a doctor check it specifically. I know many doctors like to tell you that there’s nothing wrong and send you out the door, but seriously, if you’re worried, you need to insist that he check you out. You should also be on medication for the reflux. It can do a lot of damage over time and you need to take care of your stomach and esophagus now before the damage becomes too great.

      The pain in your side can be from the cysts and/or it can be from PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). I’ve had that too and it seems that women who get cysts are more prone to getting PID sometimes. A good antibiotic cures that up, though, so there’s really no need to worry about that too much. Just get the meds you need.

      Another thing to do is change your diet. I don’t know what a fatty liver does to the body, but if you put in more fruits and whole grains in your diet, you’ll start feeling 100% better in about 2 weeks to a month. Grains and fruits (and veggies) help flush fat out of your system and boosts your energy levels. If you’re also taking walks or doing other exercise, it’ll produce endorphins in your body and you’ll feel less depressed/anxious and/or worried.

      In essence, a lot of this is stuff that you have total control over. Other things, you don’t have a lot of control over, but there are things you can do. Start thinking about what’s good for you and go after it…make yourself happy and healthy and you’ll start feeling a bit better every day. If your husband doesn’t get the help he needs and doesn’t stop making you feel like you’re on edge every second of your life, then please think about leaving him for good. I know that will be hard, but he’s not putting you first, so you’ve got to do it for yourself.

      One other thing…take a self defense course. Maybe you’ll never need it to save your life…maybe you will. One thing it will do is get you into better shape and it will give you the confidence that if someone does attack you, that you will be able to defend yourself and survive such an encounter. Self confidence will go a long way towards getting rid of your fear and anxiety.

      Anyway, that’s all I can think of for now. I hope something I said here helps you and I wish you the best.

      Take care.

    Feeling very anxious and have acid reflux, ovarian cysts, and stressed…..?
    Can I put anything else in the subject line….. :)

    I feel like I have everything wrong with me at the moment and I am making myself ill I think!!

    Basically my husband is an alcoholic, which he is getting help for, but over the last few months he has been a complete nightmare and has left me in a bit of a state really. He was verbally and mentally abusing me to the point where I was hiding in my own home as he wasn’t letting me sleep, which is very silly!!! He has now seen the light and has apologised for things and is trying to get help, but because of his behaviour he has caused me to be very stressed and very very anxious all of the time, I can not seem to calm down. I am shaking typing this.

    Also, I was diagnosed with acid reflux about 2 months ago, and am now on lansoprozol tablets twice a day. They were helping me, but now they don’t seem to be, I don’t know if its because I am stressed and anxious that my stomach does feel worse. My stomach feels very tender, If I press it, It makes me feel a bit nausious for a second then goes away. I have not actually been sick at all. I was also diagnosed with a fatty liver, which is just down to diet and exercise as they did a scan of my liver, gallbladder and pancreas and all came back clear apart from the liver part. But this area sometimes feels awkward to. When I first apoke to the doctor he said that these feelings are completely normal and in time they will go away (This was before I started being anxious etc though) I have not been back to the docs since. I do feel bloated most of the time. I have lost almost 2 1/2 stone over all of this, which is great as I needed to!!!

    Another stress is I have ovarian cysts, I have suffered with these for the 14 years now, they dont cause any pain though, but I just want everything to go away now and for me to feel better.

    I want to stop feeling anxious and I am constantly shaking on the inside not on the outside if that makes sence. I feel very on edge all the time and feel better when I walk around etc!!

    I also now have a pain in my right calf that I am now starting to worry about. My lower left side also feels quite tender.

    Can I add anything else to this????

    Does anyone have any advice on this other than go to my GP? Does anyone else have the same kind of thing going on. I am just really worried and thinking that other things are wrong with me.

    Thank you for reading this boring message :)

    • ANSWER:
      The reason you have these problems is down purely to stress get rid of that and your health problems will disappear. Drink more water and get your system moving again.

    Im 15 . Help me please ?
    Im 15 amd i have to type this really quick so stuff may be mispelled , i have a dr appt on tuesday with my speacialist for my fatty liver and 12cm kidney cyst . To help solve this problem im supposed to use portion control , excersie and heAlthy eating . So i go to this dr every 6 months , i get into solving it with these things thE first 4-6 weeks , then i see no result or help and i stop because i feel like it doesnt work , how do i tell my dr , please and thanks .

    • ANSWER:
      It’s not that hard. Just let your doctor know that his/her recommendation for you isn’t working. Ask him/her if there’s any other recommendations for you. Let him/her know you see no improvements so you lose motivation to continue to exercise, eat healthy, and use portion control. Your doctor won’t be offended

    My son has been tested for fatty infiltration of the liver. He is also having a small simple cystl.?
    My son was suffering from depression since last six months. It started with an accident. He was going to gym for exersise during exercise he got his leg enjured and one of his testis got swelloed to some extent. since then he started thinking and gone in deep depression which continues for six months. He was consulted to differenct doctors and was told that that there is no urological problem and there is no operation required. He also complains that he do not feel urine pressure. He is taking treatment for depression also. The urine pressure as told by doctor is not so important. He used to masterbait since the age of twelve. He is getting erection also. Now when he insisted for operation of the testis I consulted another urologist who suggested certain tests and scanning. scanning showed that h e is having fatty infiltration of the liver. Liver is normal in size , contour, and shows generalised increase in echopattern..As per the Doppler report of scrotum he is also haivng simple cyst in right epidydimus. BIlateral testis are normal. The urologist has written medicines for treatment. Can any body explain what is the actual problem. My son is 22 years old and he is not alcohalic. He has put weight now but six month back he was too lean. He sleeps very much . we require to struggle to wake him up in the morning. He gets tired too fast. Kindly advise me what diet he should take to correct these problems. How can he get energy to work actively. In this age he should have been too active. He is engineering student. His studies suffered a lot.

    • ANSWER:
      check his blood sugar.

    trying to conceive and need advice?
    I am due to start my period again on 7th July, we have been trying now for over 3 years, I am 23 years old and my husband is 26 years. I have endromrios and PCOS, I also have irreguarl periods as well. I have been given by my consultant clomid tablets and they never worked, I was on 50mg, I took them for 2 cycles, but I got took off them when I got rushed into hospital with server stomah pains, but they have now ruled out that it wasn’t caused by the clomid tablets which they first thought it might have been. I have a fatty liver, enlarged spleen and liver, englarged ovarie and cyst on it. I am seeing 2 different consultabnts for the problems I am having. we are desperate for a baby, and we are trying almost everything and I am running out of ideas on what to do next. I don’t drink, only the odd glass on special occasions, eat healthly, go for a long walking every other day, or general walk to the local shop, I am not stressed and I have warm baths to help me relax. I am not sure when I ovolate or if I do as I also have irregualr periods. I have also been taking folic acid which don’t seem to work. any advice and tips and advice would be grearfully recieved thanks. Baby dust to you all.

    • ANSWER:

    abnormal liver ultrasound?
    My mum (who is 63) has been feeling unwell for months. Was diagnosed with pernicious aneamia and atrophic gastritis in March. But her vitamin b12 injections (for the PA) werent helping and now shes had an ultrasound which showed her liver not only is fatty and has a cyst but there are ‘shadows’, two ‘hypoechoic’ patches. The GP didnt say much except that it could be cancer, although possibly isnt as she hasnt been losing weight . Now we have to wait til Tuesday to see the gastroentorologist. Has anyone had this type of ultrasound result before, or has medical knowledge about this? Could it be something else aside from a tumour? I know it coul.d still be a benign tumour but im still pretty scared.

    • ANSWER:
      The ‘shadows’ are also probably cystic.

      Make sure she doesn’t require Folate replacement in addition to B12 injections.

    my dad has cortical cyst 1.8 *1.7cms in left kidney…tell me about the case?
    he also features fatty liver grade 2 with problems in urine and back problem

    • ANSWER:
      Cysts can be fluid filled, filled with something else (cortical cyst) or can rarely
      be cancer. The doctors usually keep an eye on these cysts and how much
      they enlarge in size. Also, if they are causing any damage to the kidney
      itself and where they are located…around the outside or inside the kidney.
      Ultrasounds and Ct scans can give them an idea of whether or not they
      may be removed in the future…it is a wait and see.

      Fatty liver disease usually starts out with fat building up inside the liver.
      At first, it may not cause any problems at all…however, if it continues
      to build up…it can damage the liver cells. The liver is surrounded
      by a tight membrane capsule and the fat causes pressure.
      When this takes place, it is no longer Simple fatty liver, it is Steatohepatitis.
      (steato means fat, hepat means liver, and itis means inflammation). When
      the liver cells become damaged, the immune system of the body responds to
      this can causes inflammation inside the liver. This will cause the liver
      to enlarge in size.

      Fatty liver can be causes by weight gain, obesity, fast weight loss,
      malnourishment, diabeties, insulin resistance, high cholesterol/triglyceride
      levels, metabolic disorders, hereditary conditions, alcohol consumption,and others.
      If the cause can be found and stopped…this can sometimes reverse the conditions
      where the liver cells can heal. However, if the liver cells die off…it can lead
      to an irreversible disease known as Cirrhosis of the liver.
      Here are some links to learn more about it:






      The kidneys are located in the lower back just under the
      rib cage on either side of the spinal column. They can cause
      back pain if there is a problem with the kidneys or a stone
      occurs (that blocks the ducts)or there is an infection
      or difficulty with fluid being removed from the kidney through the ducts.

      I hope this information is of some help to you. Your Dad should
      be seeing an gastroenterologist and urologist/nephrologist.
      Best wishes

    upper abdomen ultra sound results?
    My upper abdmn utrra sound shows as following

    1) liver fatty changes seen in liver .no focal massseen. intraheptatic bilary duct not dilated. No free fluid seen around the liver.

    right kidney measuring 11.9×5.4cm .E.Normal in size and ouitline. A ortical cyst ssen at the upper right pole.measuring 3.9×2.8cm previously in 2002 the suize oif cyst was 2.6×2.1
    What does my liver report shows .i am non alcholic have been treated with mercury capsule in 1973 for suspecte sypllis. i am now usng the following medicines
    concor 5mg
    glucpphage 500
    epival 500 mg
    ascard 75mg
    silver centrum
    does these medicines have affacted my liver although my SGPT s always in the range of 45 to 48 .It is now 47 all other liver tests are ok what is the possible reason of fatty liver and is it curable at this stage.
    What are the reasons of increase in size of cyst in right kidney
    Iam over weight 53 years of age. Suffering from blood pressure and border linev high sugar

    • ANSWER:
      These result should be discussed and explained to you by your doctor. He is the only one that knows you history and the problems and symptoms you have. You may find some answers at Webmd.com or MayoClinic.com.

    Advice about abdomen pain.?
    I have been having sharp pains in my abdomen.. mostly on my right side but sometimes also on my left. I have already been to the ER and I am cleared of appendicitis, cysts, etc anything that is urgent. IBS isn’t likely, I don’t think, because the ONLY symptoms I have are pain, nausea, and vomiting. Pregnancy and STDS have also been ruled out. I was thinking possible endometriosis.. which scares me, but everyone is saying it would not make me nauseous. Do any women out there have any advice? I have to wait 2 weeks before I can get further tested.. that’s when I will obtain real health insurance (My current insurance is maxed out & sucks- I’m a recent college graduate ;/ )

    Oh yeah, and I’m a 23 year old thin female, with only a history of slightly elevated liver enzymes & possible a fatty liver. But my liver is currently fine, according to last week’s cat scan.

    The waiting game is just stressing me out.. and I’d like some advice.

    Thank you ladies!

    • ANSWER:
      It could be IBS, the only way to know is to see a gasroenterologist. (I probably spelled that wrong lol) But I had a similar problem, the ER kept saying “nothing is wrong” I finally saw a gastro. and was tested for celiac’s disease, but it turned out to be IBS. (IBS is stress induced also, so they say)

    My doctor said I have PCOS but I don’t agree! [please help]?
    My doctor thinks I have PCOS.
    But I looked up the symptoms and I don’t have alot of them, but I do have some.
    I also seen that they say the ovaries are larger then normal and there are groups of follicles on/in the ovary. The doctor that diagnosed me with PCOS has never seen what my ovaries look like… I think he just automatically assumed I have PCOS due to my high levels of testosterone. I’ve had an ultrasound done of my ovaries/uterus many times (by another doctor) and they’ve never said anything about PCOS. They’ve never even said they are larger then normal. I do however have a cyst on one of my ovaries that comes and goes.

    I put beside the list of symptoms which ones I have:

    Multiple ovarian cysts (No, just one.)
    Irregular or absent menses (Yes my period is irregular but I get it ever month)
    Infertility (Yes, but I’ve been pregnant twice – both miscarriages.)
    Acne (No, but I do sometimes get spurts of pimples here and there)
    Obesity or inability to lose weight (No, I’m under-weight)
    Excessive body or facial hair (Some what. But I am italian.)
    Insulin resistance and possibly diabetes (No.)
    Thinning of scalp hair (Yes, but due to Alopecia Areata)
    Velvety, hyperpigmented skin folds (No.)
    High blood pressure (No.)
    Polycystic ovaries that are 2-5 times larger than healthy ovaries. (No.)
    Multiple hormone imbalances, commonly including:
    Androgens testosterone (Yes.)
    Cortisol (No.)
    Estrogens (No.)
    FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) (No.)
    Insulin. (No.)
    LH (luteinizing hormone) (No.)
    progesterone (No.)
    Prolactin. (No.)
    Thyroid hormones. (No.)
    Impaired lung function. (No.)
    Sleep apnea. (No.)
    Fatty liver degeneration (No.)

    Do you think I could still have PCOS or did he just diagnose me with that due to my high levels of testosterone?

    Also, what else could be causing my high levels of testosterone if I dont have PCOS???

    • ANSWER:
      I think the doctor, as you suspected, was probably looking for the easy answer and did not dig at all below the surface.

      High testosterone can come come many reasons and the diagnosis of PCOS should come after other diseases are firmly ruled in or out – so just looking at one test is pretty useless.

      I would find another doctor and get more testing. Just for your information, testosterone can be effected mainly by cortisol, LH, FSH, thyroid, DHEA sulfate, estradiol and SHBH. Testosterone can come from estrogen and from DHEA so the other hormones must be tested.

      The fact that you have alopecia means that you likely do have some sort of hormonal imbalance. I would see an endocrinologist.

    what could this be? abnormal vaginal bleeding?
    im 19, not sexually active, never have been. don’t plan on until i’m in a really serious relationship.

    height 5”6
    weight: 260

    I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, fatty liver disease, and sleep apnea.

    My problem is this:

    From july 2008 – may 4th 2011 i hadn’t gotten a period, and from may 4th-july 5th i was having abnormal vaginal bleeding everyday,lots of clotting, and i would have to change my tampon AND pad every 45 minuets ( it was light at the begining, and coming into july, it got so bad)

    I went to my doctor, and she said its just because of the ovarian cysts that i’m having all of this bleeding, anyways she put me on the birth control called try-ceclyn lo?? (spelling..)
    and i was taking it for about a week, nothing had stopped, so then i went to the ER, (my doctor doesn’t really do anything..)
    they sent me to a gynocologist,he put me on these hormone pills called : PROMETRIUM 100MG

    so i took those for about 2 weeks, and had really really bad night terrors, so stopped.

    Went back to my doctor, and she put me on these birth control pills called:MARVELON

    So i started taking those 28 days ago, it stopped the bleeding for about 1 week, but then i started slowly spotting everyday again.. and ive never had it this bad before! i went to USA for the weekend, and its so embarrasing, i had to go to the bathroom to change my tampon like every 45 minuets, or else i would soak through.

    (i know im being graphic.. sorry..)

    over night is the worst, i would wear a Big Tenna pad, plus a tampon (super plus)
    and i would wake up in the hotel room, and my shorts were soaked with blood!

    i also have these unbareable pains in my lower abdominal area.
    its not a ruptured cyst..
    but i don’t think that this bleeding is normal what soever. its affecting me socially, and physcially.

    what could be a treatment,and causes of this?

    i plan on calling my gynecologist ASAP tomorrow morning, i just wanted to know if anyone else has had problems like this, or knows anything about it.

    thanks very much,


    • ANSWER:
      They definitely should be doing blood testing on you to be sure of
      your Red blood cells, iron levels, and also your hormone levels.

      People who have liver disease and those who have polycystic
      ovarian disease can develop problems with their hormones.

      I would ask to be referred to a More advanced Hospital in your
      area or outside that area, that deals more on the Specialist side
      of Gynecology. You need a second opinion with someone who
      understands more about these problems together.

      I do know that a woman who is overweight tend to produce more
      estrogen. That blood tests can show if your ovulating, and have
      a hormone imbalance. A D&C can sometimes stop someone
      from bleeding much if the lining of the uterus is thick.

      Wish I could be of more help.
      Losing alot of blood for long periods of time is not good at all and
      is causing your bone marrow to do what it can to replace the cells.
      You are a good candidate for becoming anemic.

      Write down all your questions, take any doctors records and films
      with you, and be bold about telling the doctors your symptoms, pains,
      etc. Make sure you don’t leave there with an explanation that you
      don’t understand or a reason why this is all taking place and how the
      drug, you are given to take, is suppose to work to stop this flow.

    vomiting almost everyday looks like chewing tabaco?
    also tired all the time and lower back hurts 30 years old went to hospital in july found cyst on spleen fatty substance on liver and 5mm nodule on right lung base what do you think could be going on with me

    • ANSWER:

    Binge drinking Friday, now I feel odd, why?
    I normally drink about 1-2 beers or glasses of wine a day at home with my family over dinner and afterwards. I took a week off of drinking or so. Then last week I had 2 martinis on Thursday and on Friday I had 5 beers (microbrew) after dinner in addition to 2 weak choladas before dinner (half beer, half Margarita mix).

    Well I didn’t even feel that tipsy on Friday after my first 4 beers so I had a fifth beer, but as I chugged that one down, all of the sudden I went from feeling very lightly tipsy to just plain sick. I am confused. I never felt drunk, just went from a tiny bit tipsy to sick on that last beer. To make it worse it was a dark beer so it just sat there on my stomach like a ton of bricks and I got sick because of it.

    I slept for 5 hours, then had sips of water the next day but I was worried, even though I was probably dehydrated, that I would upset my stomach with too much water.

    Later on, I felt I had abdominal pain just below my belly button on my left hand side. I felt my left abdomen was throbbing! The odd thing was, I think it WAS throbbing because I set the remote on it, and it would lift up and down, showing me that I was indeed correct about throbbing in that region.

    My past medical history includes dehydration due to stress which has led to chronic UTI. These have been treated and dealt with. I also am on an IUD and have had a prior condition with ovulation cysts on the ovaries (benign but they swell very large when I ovulate). I also am on medication for mood disorder (divalproic acid, and lorazepam).

    Anyway, my question is why does my lower left abdomen feel so odd? It is throbbing, and I have also had some shooting pains also in my abdomen when I twist around in bed. I am naturally concerned it’s fatty liver but I wonder if those shooting pains sound like something associated with that. Or maybe it was just indigestion from all those dark ales I drank.
    It is my impression that 1-2 drinks a night isn’t alcoholism. The sensation I am describing came after the 5 beer Friday I mentioned.

    • ANSWER:
      With all those prior medical issues (especially mood disorders) you might want to cut back on the alcohol a bit. Just because you don’t feel drunk doesn’t mean you aren’t an drinking I excess is a bad idea. Te liver takes a ridiculous time to process alcohol and overwhelming it with so much in a single day is not good. Suffering these symptoms my first point of call, especially if my stomach was visably throbbing, wouldn’t be yahoo answers, go see a doctor or a&e.

    I have Colitis and an Ovarian Cyst..?
    I was in the ER and they told me I have these.. A couple months ago I had Fatty Liver and it was enlarged. This is the 3rd day on Cipro and Metronidazole and I still have diarrhea (no blood, but did have some when I went into the hospital). I am also now very dizzy and feel a little sore in my abdomen. I have been dealing with this diarrhea for about 8 months now. I dont have insurance to see a dr, so when I feel bad I go to the ER. I was wondering if it’s normal to continue to have diarrhea when on these meds and if the dizziness is normal? What could this be coming from? My white cells are low and I have a bacterial infection.. When should I go back to the ER? I did have mucus and blood before going into the ER and STRONG abdominal cramping..

    • ANSWER:
      The ovaries are part of what is called the “pituitary axis” that includes 4 glands, the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, ovaries, and pituitary gland. Anytime you have a problem with any one of these glands, it affects them all in a negative way. Dizziness is generally due to the lowering of your blood pressure and the adrenal glands can have a profound effect on you getting dizzy. A simple test for this is to sit in a chair for a few minutes until you are in a rest state then stand up quickly. If you get dizzy, it is a strong indication that our adrenal glands are weak and most likely exhausted.

      Fatty liver is another way of telling you that you have intrahepatic gallstones in your liver that do not show up in x-rays or scans because these stones have few minerals, just thickened and hardened bile in the liver that just looks like bile on these diagnostic tests. Your liver can function even when you have lost about 60% of its capability. A healthy person will produce about 1.5 quarts of bile per day and one of the jobs of bile is to sanitize the colon. When you get this liver clogging called fatty liver, you have greatly reduced your body’s ability to do it’s normal functions. Taking drugs should only be done in a life threatening situation because drugs damage the liver and exacerbate this problem. Further complicating this is taking antibiotics. Antibiotics work by turning the “B” cells of the humoral immunity on and this turns OFF the “T” cells because they are reciprocal. The “T” cells protect the body from cancer cells and infections.

      Colitis is generally a result of dysbiosis of the intestines creating a feeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and PARASITES. Most colitis is from parasites. Typical medical diagnosis used to find parasites is not good and in many cases do not find the bad guys.

      Organs develop cysts typically as a way to compensate for nutritional deficiencies and in many cases as a result of interference fields from scars or traumas.

      The medical solution to all this will be drugs. That is “MAKE BELIEVE HEALTH” and not a long term health solution because your body is in trouble nutritionally and loaded with toxins. Drugs will not address those issues, just simply treat the symptoms while you deteriorate as a result of the toxins and deficiencies. In fact, the antibiotics have destroyed 3/4 of your immune system by killing the intestinal flora in your intestines.

      From all indications of these problems, you have been following some very bad nutritional advice or just eating typical American toxins some call food. Eating bad fats and low fat diets set you up for a fatty liver situation and if you drink or take drugs, you cannot escape the liver clogging problem.

      The problem is that you need to detox your liver & gallbladder, but if you do that before getting better, you will overload your body with toxins and it will make you sicker. The first step should be getting your digestion working correctly, then up regulate your cellular energy. You can get rid of the parasites causing the colitis, but then you need to clean up that colon so you can get rid of that colitis issue. If you do have ovarian cysts, there is a protocol using glandulars that will help with that by supporting the health of the ovaries. You will also have to re-establish the intestinal flora, but that will take some time by changing your diet, etc. A healthy person will have about 3 pounds of intestinal flora. That takes time to establish.

      The liver & gallbladder cleansing takes some time and education on what to do. Along with taking some good herbs that support the liver, it works very well and will leave you with a good working liver and contribute to putting you on the road to real health.

      A Certified Nutritional Therapist can help you with all this.

      good luck to you

    I woke up last Thurs. vomiting. Ended up at the hospital where they did a utrasound and CT scan with ?
    contrast. Findings so far are that I have a ovarian cyst 2.6 cm (I think, it wouldn’t be in. would it?) and fatty liver. Seen my doc. today and she ordered a MRI. I asked her if it could e cancer and she said she needed to rule it out. And something about the 2 being connected? Right now, my stomach is so distended and hurts. Even under my ribs. It feels like Im hungry and it needs to growl. It burns and it also hurts in my middle of my back. Feels like MAJOR gas. Been going on for about 1 wk.now. With symptoms getting worse. I feel just a bit of pain where ovary is. Already had on removed because of a cyst. I also have graves and take 150 mcg synthroid. and some sort of arthritis. Not sure if its Fibro, RA and psoatic (?) The bloating and burning is not just the rt. side now. The woe upper belly. Into my ribs. Does this I noticed after I eat. Im just scared. Im a widow with 5 kids and Im only 36. What luck eh? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I am so sorry you are going through this hun BUT it may well not be cancer at all. Docs will always need to rule out other things such as cancer etc.
      I am sure once the cyst is removed you will start to feel better again. I would imagine your abdominal distention is due to the cyst as some can be huge.
      I wish you well xx

    Could there be a link between all of my medical diagnosis?
    I am only 24, but over the past 4 years I have been diagnosed with a multitude of problems to cover the vast majority of the symptoms I have. I will first tell you a little about my health, and then list what I have been diagnosed with. If you have any suggestions as to how to find out if there is a link (such as something online) that would be great. I am not looking for an online symptom diagnosis.

    I am 24, 5’1” and weigh 170lbs (I am overweight). I had my first period in grade 8, and ever since have had irregular periods (occasion 2 in a month, often going 8 or 9 months without one.). I began having chest pain that came and went in my late teens, which followed with sensitivity to my sternum, which over the years have spread to my ribs, forearms, back, and lower neck. For this I have been diagnosed with


    During an echo cardiogram it was also evident that I have

    -Mitro Valve Prolasp (very minor, nothing that will need surgery)

    My diagnosis have continued to grow, and now include.

    -Keratosis Pilaris – Over production of Keritin in skin, causes bumps on arms and thighs
    -Gallstones = Galbladder Removed due to blockage of bile duct
    -Ganglion Cyst Removal (most likely caused by injury to my rist)
    -Hemangiomas (notice many of them on my arms a couple months ago)
    -Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    -Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Syndrome
    -Low estrogen
    -Low iron
    -Low vitamin D
    -Eczema (recently been given this diagnosis to answer why I have a patch of skin on my back that feels tingly from time to time. I think there is a chance that it’s a misdiagnosis.)

    I feel I have so many problems to cover my symptoms. I am hoping there is something more simple or a solution to some of these problems.

    • ANSWER:
      I wonder if poly cystic ovary syndrome is the cause of the weight, period irregular low hormone levels and the skin problems?

      The Mitral valve prolapse and can be something that your were born with, and it can cause fatigue in some people, if its bad enough. But thankfully as you said yours very minor and wont need surgery. (I have mitral valve prolapse, but I need medication)

      Its not unusual for people with fibromyalgia to have CFS too, however some people with fibromyalgia & CFS can have low vitamin D levels, but once they start treatment many of the fibro/cfs symptoms disappear and some may only have a mild improvement of fibro/cfs symptoms.

      It is very thrusting to have all these problems, and not have a good reason as to why. I would ask the doctor about the PCOS, especially if your periods are very irregular, the weight gain etc.

      Join a CFS & Fibromyalgia support group, they can offer a lot of support and friendship, from people who have similar problems as you.

      I have cfs, fibro, Raynaud’s disease, IBS, Mitral valve prolapse, multiple food & chemical allergies, severe asthmatic and hey fever sufferer (related to the food & chemical allergies) and rashes, low iron, hormone and thyroid levels (medication has not helped with the CFS & fibro). I have had to have my gall bladder removed and had a hysterectomy. MRI test for MS was inconclusive so have to have another one, my ANA blood test is very high but not high enough, but I have been told I definitely have a auto immune disease.

    Should my gallbladder be removed?
    I am 17, almost 18, and I have had low abdominal pain before which was an ovarian cyst this past June. Now being 8 months later, I have abdominal pain once again. (Lower right side). I was nauseous, vomiting, had diarrhea, but no fever (I never get fevers). I went to the ER and had an ultrasound, MRI, and a HIDA scan done. My appendix is fine, but i have a fatty liver. But, with the HIDA scan my doctor said my gallbladder is abnormally slow. They don’t want to do surgery on it, but I don’t want to go home with pain. It hurts after I eat, while I’m drinking, and when I walk. It is also very tender to touch. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!
    I’m also very bloated and i feel that my lover right abdomen is pulsing.
    Also, the pain comes and goes. At times it’s unbearable.

    • ANSWER:

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome questions?
    I’ve gone for my bloodwork and ultrasounds and the doctor confirmed that it was PCOS, as well as fatty deposits in my liver, and im borderline diabetic. I have daily pain in my upper abdomen, just underneath my ribcage. What exactly does PCOS do to my body? I’m losing alot of hair, so much so lately that i have tiny bald spots, and i have to wear a bun all the time bc its starting to get into my food. I have chronic mood swings, and get upset at my family. I have very irregular periods. Is this a bad thing to have and is it cureable? I have a followup with the doc in two weeks what can i expect? Also have a gyno appt to see if this cyst has to be ‘cut off’ or if it can be left in…im scared. whys my body so out of tune? im only 23! ((i know its alot of questions, but i wanted to get it all in one shot))

    • ANSWER:
      PCOS (yes I have it as well) is a hormone disorder. If your primary care dr was the one that diagnosed it but isn’t sure how to deal with it he may send you to an endocrinologist.

      Medications can be used to help treat it so that it is manageable as there is no cure at this time. Sometimes dietary changes help b/c weight can be an issue for some who have PCOS.

      You mentioned that you have pain in your abdomen on a daily basis and that could be coming from the cyst or something else so that’s good that you are going to see a gynecologist, pls make sure to let them know about the abdominal pain so that they can help you try to figure out what’s going on if it isn’t related to the cyst.

      I was 25 when I was diagnosed with PCOS and 2 weeks shy of my 26th b-day when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. And at that time I didn’t figure I would need a gyn til I was 30. I was off by 5 years. I am now 35.

      To learn more about PCOS pls check out the following site: http://www.pcosupport.org

    trying to get pregnant and have tryed clomid from my consultant at the hospital?
    I am 23 years old, marryed and trying to get pregnant, I have endrotrmois and pcos, I have been given clomid I was on 50 grams, I was on it for 2 cycles then I got took of it partly cause it didn’t work but I also got rushed into hospital and they thought it was down to the clomid tablets, I have had MIR scan which shows I have enlarged spleen, enlarged liver, which is fatty and relising musc, enlarged ovari which has a cyst on it, I have had a pelvic scan which showed that I have pcos, I had key hole surgery last year which showed that I have endromtiros. I am desperate for a baby, and I would love to fall pregnant, I have irregualr periods as well which can be a night mare, I have tired almost everything, by getting advice from my GP, reading books about it, losing abit of weight even though I aint that big any way, but I thought it would help never did. I am on verage of giving up and I don’t want it put a strain on my marraige with trying to get pregnant and then getting let down when nothing happens. We have been told we can go for IVF but I want to give it ago and get pregnant natural until we can have IVF. We both a baby, but nothing is happening. any help or advice will be greatfully recieved.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, when I was younger 19 to be exact. My husband & I tried also. My Dr discovered that I was not ovulating monthly. & I had irregular periods. So we did 2 cycles of the clomid (50mg). I got pregnant with the 2nd cycle. When my daughter was 3 we wanted to try again. This time we did 3 cycles with an increase in each one. 50mg 1st cycle, 100mg 2nd cycle, & 150mg 3rd cycle(3 pills). & still nothing. It didn’t work like it did the 1st time. So we tried IUI which didn’t work. After years of trying we finally tried IVF as a last resort. It worked the 1st time we tried it. My daughter was 9 when I had my son. After that pregnancy came easy for me. My son was a few months old when I found out I was pregnant again. So for 8 days in Dec they are the same age until his birthday. We figured it was just luck. Then in 2008 I found out I was pregnant again. Then we decided on birth control which I have never needed in the past. I have heard of this happening a lot, women getting pregnant easily after IVF. This may be your best option if you are starting to give up on trying as we were. But be careful afterwards, you may be able to get pregnant easily as I have been able to. It is also expensive depending on the medication you need. Hope this helps you. By the way I am 34 yrs old now, my husband is 37. We have 4 children ages 13, 4, 3, & 1

    I got my CT Scan Results, can anyone help interpret this?
    I finally was able to get a CT scan as a follow up for a liposarcoma that I had in 2000. Here is the radiology report:

    CT chest, abdomen and pelvis
    Findings: Lungs are clear. Scattered thin walled lucent cysts in the lung bilaterally. No pleural or pericardial fluid or mediastinal abnormality.
    The liver is prominent and mildly fatty with caudal edge of the liver extending below the lower pole of the right kidney and transverse dimension of the liver from right to left measuring about 28 cm. Several scattered small hypo densities are noted in the liver which are too small to characterize including one on image #160 in the left lobe and one in the posterior right lobe on image #158 and another at age image#155 and also image #150. These are probably preexisting benign lesions or cysts.
    The spleen, pancreas, adrenal glands and kidneys are unremarkable.
    There is no intraabdominal mass or evidence of recurrent fatty tumor. Normal appendix. There is a small enhancing nodule in the right fundus of the uterus consistent with a fibroid. No pelvic mass or cyst. No ascites.

    I don’t understand something… How can someone look at a picture and know right away that something is a cyst?
    My problem with this is because I was misdiagnosed for 7 years before they finally removed the tumor that ended up being a liposarcoma. I know that liposarcomas like to go to the lungs, so the fact that there are “cysts” there really bugs me…
    Any opinion would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      A contrast enhanced CT scan is quite good at telling the difference between a fluid filled item, a solid item that has the equivalent density and blood flow as fat, and a solid item that has lots of blood flow.

      One of the simplest ways to tell the difference between the characteristics of various findings on a CT scan is to compare them to tissue or material of a known character. If, for example, a mass is found inside the abdomen, and it has about the same density or gray shade as the fat under the skin, then it’s probably a fatty mass. If it’s a brighter gray and looks more like the shade of the abdominal muscles, then it has a lot more blood flow and tissue density than fat… it’s more like muscle.

      This is a very simplistic explanation, but it’s the first thing one notices about an unknown mass on a CT scan.

      A more sophisticated way to make the determination is to actually read the “Hounsfield units” measurement at that given position. HU measures the density of an object based on how much it stops the x-rays used in the CT scanner. The result is obtained with nothing more than a couple of “point and click” choices on the computer.

      Often, when CT scans are done, we actually get TWO or MORE scans in rapid succession. Sometimes we get one set of images, inject the contrast, and then get another set of images, and then sometimes we wait and get even more sets of images! These serial imagings are useful to detect the variation of blood flow in different tissues. Certain types of tumors have characteristic patterns of enhancement with IV contrast over time.

      However, liposarcoma isn’t one of them. You probably had a single CT series obtained with IV contrast, and probably oral contrast as well.

      A large portion of radiology expertise is really familiarity and pattern recognition. Having seen metastatic sarcoma to the lung, the radiologist just knows what it looks like. Cysts have a different appearance.

      Cysts are generally fluid filled sacs with a wall that is made of living tissue. The living tissue has blood flow and shows up with enhancment on the CT scan. The fluid inside has a density basically equivalent to water and has no enhancement. If the radiologist saw something like that, they’d call it a cyst.

      Radiologists are generally scared to “under-read”. If the radiologist is aware that you had a history of liposarcoma (and the report suggests that they ARE), they know that you have a risk of metastatic recurrences that could occur at the original site, in the lung or even in bone. They’d LOOK for that. If they saw anything that was questionable, they’d put the onus of responsibility back on the surgeon to make a genuine determination.

      They’d use terminology such as “masses observed in the lung cannot be fully characterized, biopsy recommended”, or “lesions of unknown significance found in the lung fields, clinical correlation required.” These would be signals to the surgeon that the radiologist is not willing to be responsible for non-intervention.

      In your case, the fact that the radiologist is being clear in their CT diagnosis is very reassuring.

      Sarcomas are best characterized in terms of “grade”. They will be referred to as “high grade” or “low grade” depending on the microscopic evaluation. This helps predict their behavior over time. Sarcomas tend to recur at the original site because it’s often difficult to get the whole thing. Less commonly, they crop up in distant sites, but when they do, it’s often because they are high grade, aggressive cancers.

      You appear to have been cancer free for over 7 years. You’re doing really well! Congratulations on kicking butt on some bad disease. :)


      I was going to refer you to a recent liposarcoma question I answered for some further info, but…


      I guess this is the internet equivalent of “continuity of care” !

    I need a Dr. to interpret my CT Report. I had an ULQ CT done. I have left upper, and lower quadrant pain.?
    I had an ULQ CT done. I have left upper, and lower quadrant pain. H. Pylori Positive.
    this is a brief detail on my report:
    1. diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver, with an area of focal fatty infiltration adjacent to the falciform ligament.
    2. Low attenuation 2.1 cm splenic mass, most likely a simple splenic cyst or a lymphangioma. Clinical correlation recommeded.
    3. Minimal umbilical hernia, containing only fat.
    The liver is of diffusely diminished attenuation consistent with diffuse fatty infiltration. minimal area of focal hypodensity adjacent to the falciform ligament consistent with an area of focal fatty infiltration.
    The Spleen is not enlarged, but demonstrates a hypodense, near water density of +18HU (mass 2.1 cm size) posterosuperiorly in a subcapsular location. There is no asociated calcification or fill in on the delayed images. This is most likely represents a simple splenc cyst or lymphangioma.
    Please hlp what does this all mean?

    • ANSWER:
      It says that you have a fatty liver. There are many causes of fatty liver, the most common being alcoholism and obesity. This condition occurs when the liver is not metabolizing fat effectively. I found a Wikipedia article that lists some of the causes; see the first link. The condition is reversible if the cause can be treated.

      The radiologist feels that he cyst on the spleen is not a concern. “Lymphangioma” is an abnormal collection of lymph vessels that is present from birth, not anything to be concerned about.

      The umbilical hernia is small. Such hernias are not a concern unless there are associated symptoms. Nothing to worry about.

      It is not common for fatty liver to cause pain, except that some people feel a dull LUQ pain. Since you also have lower quadrant pain, further testing may be necessary to find the cause.

      The positive H. pylori is probably meaningless, unless you have an ulcer. About half the population carries it.

      I have found a bunch of links for you if you want more detail.

    What does my CT Scan results mean, I am very worried?
    It says:


    HISTORY: Abdominal pain.

    FINDINGS: The lung bases are clear.

    There is diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver.

    A 4 mm hypodensity in the posterior cortex of the right kidney is likely a benign cyst. Remaining intraabdominal organs have a normal appearance. There is no free fluid or lymphadenopathy.

    There is a persistent 2.2 cm segment of decreased patency of the sigmoid colon. This is likely due to anatomical variation. There is no proximal dilatation of colonic lumen that would suggest true stricture. Inflammatory or neoplastic mucosal-based lesion is felt to, therefore, be unlikely. Further evaluation could be obtained with barium enema or colonoscopy, if felt to be clinically indicated.


    1.No acute intraabdominal/pelvic pathology.

    2.2.2 cm segment of lack of normal luminal distention of sigmoid colon, likely representing developmental variant and/or spasm, rather than true persistent stricture. No dilatation of proximal bowel or other evidence to suggest bowel obstruction.
    I am 55 years old, overweight, T2 Diabetic, Don’t smoke or drink.
    Thanks Liza. I am still wondering why I am still having some Abdominal discomfort mostly in my lower left side.
    Since the CT results don’t sound real bad. I don’t see the Dr. again until the 21st.

    • ANSWER:
      Basically, this scan is done as your doc was suspecting some part of your intestine is blocked.

      The lung bases are clear – means no sign of infection in your lungs.

      There is diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver – There are a lot of fats growing at your liver. Obviously, you better admit you are eating a lot of junk food, most likely KFC.

      A 4 mm hypodensity in the posterior cortex of the right kidney is likely a benign cyst – means, at the back of your right kidney, there is a small grow of 4mm. However, the growth contains fluid. So it’s most likely to be a cyst and very unlikely to be cancer.

      Remaining intraabdominal organs have a normal appearance. There is no free fluid or lymphadenopathy – means – the rest of the organs inside the territory of tummy, are normal. No free fluid means no serious illness in the tummy eg cancer. No lymph nodes are found there also. That means you are unlikely to be having lymphoma, a type of cancer.

      There is a persistent 2.2 cm segment of decreased patency of the sigmoid colon. – at the large intestine (sigmoid colon), about 30cm from your anus, a part of the intestine of length 2.2cm is not flowing well, the flow is slightly slower as compared to the rest of other parts of the intestine.

      This is likely due to anatomical variation. means – this is likely to be normal due to the position of your body.

      There is no proximal dilatation of colonic lumen that would suggest true stricture. Means – (normally, after the section of blockage eg slow flow, the lower part of the intestine will be bigger.) the intestine after the block is not bigger, means it’s not block. Just slower flow.

      Inflammatory or neoplastic mucosal-based lesion is felt to, therefore, be unlikely. means – based on the above findings on the scan, you are unlikely to be having cancer in your intestine. Your intestine is not inflammed also.

      Further evaluation could be obtained with barium enema or colonoscopy, if felt to be clinically indicated. means – if need to be 100% sure what is happening at the slow flow section, will need to be find out by a scope going into your intestine from your anus. Or do a barium enema, whereby a milky radio opague fluid is push into your intestine from anus.

      No acute intraabdominal/pelvic pathology. means – no serious abnormalities found in this region.

      I am 55 years old, overweight, T2 Diabetic, Don’t smoke or drink – does not have any effects on the scan.

    why have i got acne when im really healthy?
    well iv had acne for 3-4 years. It started slowly but gradually got worse!
    Then at the end of year 3 it calmed down almost completely but since the last 4-5 months my acne is probably at its peak in the 4 years. recent spots have left scars and i know that these will too.

    Things i do :
    I eat very healthy – maybe fatty food once a month
    Exercise regularly
    drink 2-3 liters of water a day
    steam my face regularly
    exfoliate regularly
    get good sleep
    take supplements eg zinc, iron , cod fish liver oil etc

    basically i do more than just the basics of being healthy but i just cant figure out why my acne is so severe

    i have a mixture of cysts, papules, pustules all over my cheeks,forehead and around my eyebrows.
    i have tried benzoyl peroxide, creams everything even the lymecycle iv been given 2 months ago but my acne is just cureless.

    Im going to be put on roaccutane and hopefully i wish my acne goes away. Acne has hurt me mentally and physically by not being able to go asleep because of the pain , not being able to have a relationship, regular questions of “what happened to you” “holy crap what happened” by every relative every friend, just everyone.

    Recently acne has stopped me from going to mosque for my Friday prayers and trust me iv never missed them for acne. Its so severe nw that sometimes tears appear in my eyes.

    To end it off, i just want to say the can someone plz tell me whats wrong with me , I’m like one of the healthiest person in my year but i have been chosen to carry this disease.
    yeh i do have oily skin with some blackheads but i try my best to keep my skin clean.
    My dad did have a little bit of acne during his early 30′s but myn is so severe i cant see it curable.
    i change my pillows and bed cloths every week and 9 out of 10 times when i wake up there is blood marks or puss marks which never stop.
    My spots take ages to heal and the pores just keep letting out puss and blood for 1 week.
    iv been told not to pop my spots but when i don’t they just pop in school or when im in a place with others around and its really embarrassing.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry to hear your acne has gotten so bad! That’s great, however, that you’re taking such good care of yourself. I used to suffer from many of the same things – white heads, black heads, pustules, and cysts. Making sure you wash your face one or twice a day and making sure you don’t touch your face often will definitely help (just be sure to use a light, oil-free moisturizer – leaving your skin dry will only increase oil production).

      However, acne isn’t just about being clean and healthy. A lot of it has to do with normal bacteria in the body and with hormone levels. A doctor may be able to prescribe a light antibiotic (I used to be on minocycline) which may help with those red, infected-looking zits. As for cysts, those are so deep in the skin that there’s not much that can be done. I’ve heard for the very severe cysts a doctor can inject you with a steroid to decrease swelling, but otherwise you just have to leave it alone. I had bad acne for about 10 years when I was a teenager through early 20s….I too cleaned my face regularly and was very healthy, but it was something I just had to grow out of. It’s gotten a lot better, though I still have some blemishes and the occasional cyst. I used to be on Retin-A, but it made me so sun-sensitive that I got the worst sunburn of my life even after religiously using sunblock. I would recommend you go see a dermatologist and see what they can do for you. Let them know how much it affects your daily life and hopefully they can find some way to help!

    How do I get a diagnosis? I am desperate.?
    I’m so desperate, I’m asking an internet forum.
    I have been sick for six months. This illness continues to get more painful and more debilitating. I have seen multiple doctors, to no avail. Is there ANYONE out there with advice? My doctors are seeming to get sick of me. My life is non-existent. I can’t leave my house. I can’t function. I am constantly in pain, all over my body.

    I am a 20 year old female. I have had digestive symptoms for months.
    I have frequent bowel movements (7+ times per day), most of which are diarrhea or extremely loose. Anti-diarrheal medications do not work; the only thing that “works” to solidify my stool is Vicodin, but this constipates me, which doesn’t help either.
    My stool contains a great deal of undigested food – vegetables (lettuce, tomato, etc), meat, grain (rice cereal, etc.).
    I have severe abdominal distension.
    I have sharp pains throughout my abdomen constantly.
    My stool is usually extremely fatty, foamy, and foul-smelling.
    Nearly every bowel movement is painful.
    I am nauseous daily. I never know if I will be able to keep down food. Accompanying food with milk seems to ease the nausea.
    My weight fluctuates extremely. My typical weight is 140 (I am 5’11″) and it drops down to 125 and back up within a week or two.
    This is accompanied by many other symptoms – joint pain, extreme fatigue, chest pain, heart palpitations, inability to control body temperature (alternating quickly between sweating and shaking with cold chills), muscle weakness, hand tremors, hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, blurred/distorted vision, memory loss, confusion, frequent urination, near-daily low-grade fevers, constant headache.

    I have seen an internist, a gastroenterologist, and a gynecologist.
    In May, I went in for surgery to remove a ruptured ovarian cyst, at which point they also noticed appendicitis and removed my appendix. The biopsy of my appendix returned somewhat normal, except they had found multiple stones and stool within the appendix, but said it seemed normal.

    During a follow-up gynecologic exam, my doctor did an ultrasound due to my abdominal distension, and saw that my large intestine was in between my uterus and my bladder.

    I have since had a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, a great deal of bloodwork (vitamin levels, ANA, CSR, RA,H.pylori, liver and kidney panels, CBC) an EKG, and a stool study to test for bacteria and parasites.

    All of these tests have come back clean/negative.

    What do I do next? My doctors are literally guessing. I’m currently taking meclizine, in the off chance that I may have an inner ear infection that they can’t see? The medicine is not helping.
    They have not given me any more medicine.
    I am completely lost, and constantly miserable. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sorry to hear all that you are going through. I don’t know if your gastroenterologist or other docs checked you out for this (doesn’t sound like they did) but I’d have a GES (gastric emptying scan) done to rule out Gastroparesis. Most of the symptoms you’ve listed are the same ones I deal with and I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis. Also, have your hormone levels checked too. If your estrogen levels are off it can cause some of the symptoms too. A possibility with your bowels is that you probably have IBS-D (irritable bowel syndrome – diarrhea dominant). I’d ask your gastroenterologist about that. I hope this info helps.

      Praying you get a diagnosis soon and feel much better soon.