Fat Build Up Around Liver

While Kettleballs have been around for nearly 100 years in countries such as Russia, their use was not widespread until recent years. In America, kettleball training is just exploding, thanks to some very unique benefits that you can achieve with kettleballs. For anyone looking for muscle weight gain, kettleballs make an attractive addition to your conditioning routine.

Kettleballs look like small bowling balls with large, thick handles. They come in varying weights from around 4 pounds to 70 pounds, but the heavier weights aren’t used often, as kettleball training focuses more on conditioning, explosive strength, and movement, rather than brute force.

The beauty of kettleball training is their versatility. In one short workout you can accomplish a number of goals. Some of the many benefits you’ll gain from kettleball training include:

  • Strength improvement
  • Explosive power improvements
  • Increase in your level of conditioning
  • Improved joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Anaerobic condition
  • Core strength gains
  • Balance and stabilization improvements

And I’ve saved the best for last: kettleball training can boost your metabolism for quite some time after a workout is over, making them ideal candidates for both muscle building and fat loss.

Kettleballs do have drawbacks, however, but they can be worked around. The one cited most frequently is that kettleballs only work for upper body and core conditioning, and not your lower body, so you’ll need to be sure to supplement your kettleball routine with a good lower body routine, maybe even a quick high intensity intervals training (HIIT) session.

Keep in mind that ketteballs are considered most effective in interval-based workouts, so traditional strength training routines aren’t the best fit. However, if your goal is to build muscle mass and you pay attention in advances in exercise science, you’re likely already aware that traditional strength training exercises aren’t the most appropriate option.

With the many advantages that kettleballs offer, they should be added to your workout routine, provided that your routine emphasizes recent advancements in exercise science and is a good fit for your body type and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Need help getting sick cat to eat food?
    Symptoms: drinking a lot, not eating, lost 5 pounds suddenly (fat cat), weak/tired, skin started turning yellow.
    Background (you probably don’t have to read all of it): We took him to one vet who said he probably had a weak immune system, then we took him to a vet who gave what seems to be a more accurate diagnosis. He said that the cat was dehydrated and that he had stopped eating causing him to develop fatty liver disease where the body uses fat from the obese cat when he stops eating, and the fat builds up around the liver (which was causing his skin to turn yellow). So they hydrated him and told us to force feed him with a syringe which would help reverse the fatty liver disease until he would start eating on his own.
    Currently: We’re trying to get him to eat by himself, but he only eats in very tiny portions so we continue to feed him with the syringe. I noticed when the syringe food was in his mouth that he made a weird crunching noise while chewing, but the food is like a very soft formula. Then I tried feeding him some dry and wet cat food and he ate some of it but he still made that crunching/grinding noise. I’m wondering if he has misaligned teeth or a sore tooth or something. Has anyone had any experience like this or have any idea as to what might be going on? I just tried feeding him his favorite dry food and I shook up the bag before pouring it out, and he let out a big meow like he was hungry and wanted to eat, but then he couldn’t. I’m gonna see if I can take him to the vet tomorrow to check it out, but in the mean time thanks to those who answer and give their opinions! :)

    • ANSWER:
      Continue frequent syringe feeding in spite of the strange sound. It is important to get plenty of calories into the cat.

      The crunching sound you mention. Do you actually mean crunching such as the sound of something hard ( like a human eating cereal or potato chips) fragmenting or do you mean a strange wet/soft sound. If the later, that sound is the cat gagging, his esophagus closing, and means you have put more food in his mouth than he can swallow.

      If this is the case, introduce only about 1 cc of food per squirt waiting until he swallows before the next. Squirt it between his side teeth, not through the front of his mouth.

      If what you are hearing is a hard/brittle sound the only thing I can think of is some sort of dental malocclusion. Perhaps a tooth came loose and is grinding against another. I think your guess is probably correct.

      When you bring him to the vet tomorrow explain everything that you have here and ask that the vet give him a dental examination.

      Until you can get him there and find out whether it is a dental issue or not, get as much food into him as you can. The equivalent of 6 ounces of canned food (before it is mixed with water) or more if possible.

      Hope he is okay.

    What are the benefits of coconut oil and virgin coconut oil? ?
    Hi! I’m Racquel. BSE student.These are some of the information in my research.

    Read the facts below to discover why the Coconut Oil is now referred
    to as the “Healthiest Oil in the World” because of its unique health-
    giving properties. Studies demonstrate that of all fats and oils,
    coconut oil is not only nutritious, but has the most health benefits.

    FACT No.1: Coconut oil is the best and richest natural source of the
    immune-boosting lauric acid among all the vegetable oils.

    Among the vegetable oils traded in the world, coconut oil is
    the best and richest natural source of lauric acid which makes up
    about 50 percent of its healthy fat content. All other vegetable oils
    are completely deficient in this. Lauric Acid, an important component
    of breast milkis also the primary saturated fatty acid found in
    coconut oil.

    Lauric Acid is the most important essential fatty acid in
    building and maintaining the body’s immune system and has a powerful
    antimicrobial effect that can kill a wide variety of infectious
    organisms. Among the saturated fatty acids, lauric acid has the
    maximum anti-viral activity.

    Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA), which has
    the additional beneficial function of being formed into monolaurin
    in the body. Monolaurin is the anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-
    protozoal monogllyceride used by humans or animals to destroy lipid
    coated viruses, such as HIV, herpes, influenza and pathogenic

    FACT No.2: Coconut oil is rich in plant-based, healthy type of good
    saturated fats which is very different from the animal-based
    saturated fats. Coconut oil has no cholesterol.

    Coconut oil is rich in plant-based, healthy type of
    saturated fats. It is 92 percent highly saturatedfat. Not all
    saturated fats are created equal. Just like polyunsaturated fats
    which are sub classified into omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, saturated
    fats are also sub-classified into short chain, medium chain and long
    chain. The dramatic differnce is with the fatty acid composition and
    is fully documented by years of scientific research. In contrast with
    animal fats (long chain fatty acids-LCFA) which contain cholesterol,
    coconut oil, which is from the plant-based source has no cholesterol.
    The fatty acids of coconut oil (medium chain fatty acids-MCFA) are
    easily assimilated – they are not stored in tha body like animal

    There are good fats and bad fats. Our diet needs to include
    the good tyoe of fats such as the saturated fats from coconut oil as
    they play an important role in our body chemistry. Sixty percent
    (60%) to eighty percent (80%) of our brain tissue and our nervous
    system are made of very rich complex of fats. we can live without the
    bad fats from red meat or animals, but good fats, such as the fats
    from plant-based coconut oil and fats from fishes like salmon and
    sardines are essentilaal for good health. We dont necessarily need a
    low fat diet. we need a good fat diet.

    Goods saturated fats, such as from the plant-based coconuts,
    enhance the immune system. The fats around the heart muscle is
    highly saturated. The heart draws on this reserve of fat ion times of
    stress. Saturated fats also protect the liver from toxic effect of
    alcohol and drugs. Fifty percent (50%) of cell membranes also
    constitue saturated fatty acids. It gives our cells necessary
    firmness and integrity. Saturated fats also play a vital role in the
    health of bones. At least 50 percent of dietary fats need to be
    saturated for calcium to be effectively incorporated in the skeletal

    FACT No.3: Coconut oil is composed predominantly of the health-
    boosting Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA).

    Coconut Oil is unique. It is unlike most other dietary
    oils. The secret behind coconut oil is that it is composed
    predominantly of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) or Medium chain
    triglycerides (MCT). It is the MCFA’s which give it its remarkable
    nutritional and medicinal properties. Coconut oil has the most or
    largest concentration of MCFA’s (64%) compared with the other oils
    and fats.

    The majority of the fats in our diet, whether they are
    saturated or unsaturated comes from the plant or animal, are composed
    of long-chain fatty acids (LCFA’s). Soybean oil, corn oil,canola oil,
    olive oil lard, and chicen fat as well as most all other fats and
    oils in our diet, are composed entirely of LCFA’s. Some 98 to 100
    percent of the fat you eat each day consists of LCFA’s. Long chain
    fats take longer to digest and will tend to to be stored as stubborn
    fat you can’t get rid of . The medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA’s) from
    coconut ol have completely different effect on us than do the long -
    chain fatty acids that are more commonly found in our food.

    • ANSWER:
      Coconut oil is the best oil to cook with, even better than olive oil, because the fatty acids don’t turn to trans fat when heated.

      It also contains Caprylic Acid which is great for killing candida, the pesky yeast that causes yeast infections and thrush.

      I know a few people that have lost weight using coconut oil, the medium chain fats can speed up your metabolism. Which is why it is recommended for hypothyroidism.

    I think my mother in law should file a medical malpractice suit.?
    I will try to stick to the facts that I know.About 5 years ago they seen some scarring on her liver, and did nothing about it.She was diagnosed with hep c around the same time.She was put on interferon, she was on this for 3 years.She was in her doctors office one day and heard the assistant yelling at the doctor saying she can’t be on this medicine any longer and he has to do something different.Within 5 minutes of her hearing that, the doctor came in and said she was in remisiion and did not need any more interferon shots, this was about 2 years ago.She has had problems since, pitting edema, swollen spleen, swolen liver..etc. Last year she had memory loss and confusion from the ammonia build up in the liver, she was put on medication to flush it out.In the last few weeks she was diagnosed with water in her belly and again the confusion was setting in,she was sent to the hospital, the hospital kept her for 5 days and sent her home saying she was just fat, she gained 30 lbs in a month and can not fit into her shoes.She can’t even eat because of the swollen spleen, how can this be normal weight gain? Since she was released her liver doctor called her and told her she was never in remission and now has cirrohsis stage 4.Besides trying to get her well, which from what I read is not going to happen, is there any chance of a lawsuit here? She has never gotten a straight answer out of any of her doctors as to what is going on.
    I am not sure about the tort reform for NYC, but I can tell you that 0,000 will be plenty for her. I am doubtful of anything coming of this, I am just trying to seek out some options for her and some sort of compensation. She has been thru so much, and my 6 year old daughter loves her to no end, that alone will make me go to the end of the earth and back for her.I want her better first off, if there is a compensation for her, then that is a big plus.Thank you. By the way,CHF was ruled out by her heart doctor.She is seeing a new liver doctor now.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a lawsuit to me. Consult one of those medical malpractice lawyers and if you have a winnable case they will take the case with no money up front and take a percentage of the winnings. Remember no amount of money can replace good health . For what your mother n law has and is still suffering through she deserves to be compensated.

    A.S.A.P., Anyone got a good idea for a conclusion on my Biology paper? I need help, fast? ^^;;?
    If anyone could help me, I would be SO thankful. This is due tomorrow morning, so please, any help would be wonderful.
    Tips, conclusions, conclusion ideas, pointers, suggestions, please, HELP!

    Thanks SO much for you time <3 Red blood cells Cells make up our body. Heart cells, muscle cells, fat cells, even things like liver cells or stomach cells are placed together abundantly to make up our organs, blood, water, and just about everything else inside of us. How it works: many cells together form tissues. Tissues combine to build an organ, and organs compose an overall system. One of the most important systems in your body is the circulatory system, which describes its function: the circulation of blood, and red blood cells, alternatively named Erythrocytes, exchanging things like oxygen for carbon dioxide, and transporting other organic molecules from cell to cell to keep your body swiftly moving and functioning. But how does this process work? Red blood cells, also called RBCs, are very different from most of the other types of cells. Firstly, Red blood cells are one of the few cells not produced by Mitosis, but produced instead in a bone’s marrow. They are originally composed of a jellylike substance, among other things like, fat, blood, and special cells that turn into the various kinds of blood cells, such as white, red, or platelets. As these all come from the same kind of stem cell, which has the potential to turn into any kind of blood cell, blood cells are called Pluripotential hematopoietic stem cells. Children’s bodies can normally produce these cells from the marrow of most of their bones. Meanwhile, Adult’s bodies are only able to produce blood cells from very particular bones, such as the spine, ribs, and pelvis. When a person ages, and their bones no longer make blood cells, the bone marrow is called, “yellow marrow”. On the other hand, bones that actively produce cells are called, “Red marrow”. Another major reason RBCs are so different from other cells, is that, once Red blood cells mature, they are released from the marrow with no nucleus. This is because, as the RBCs were developing in the marrow, a cell called a normoblast was produced to help continue manufacturing hemoglobin. Then, the normoblast ejected the RBC’s nucleus out of the cell. Cytoplasm in the cell then continues to make hemoglobin, even without a nucleus, because the instructions from the nucleus are still in the cytoplasm, despite the nucleus now being gone. Without a nucleus, red blood cells are allowed more room for hemoglobin, so that they can hold more oxygen to carry. Also, it allows them flexibility. That way, they can easily shimmy their way through blood vessels. Unfortunately, no cell without a nucleus can last forever, and the average lifespan of a single red blood cell is roughly 120 days in the bloodstream. But, within those 120 days, a red blood cell would have traveled through your body an impressively 75,000 times! That must have been a lot of oxygen carried. Then again, there’s a lot of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the hardworking carrier of Oxygen. It is an iron-rich protein that can transports oxygen as well as enzymes, minerals, and sugar, which gives energy and structure to the blood cell. Hemoglobin is found in the cytoplasm of red blood cells. In the lungs, molecules of hemoglobin loosely bind with oxygen to form a compound containing four iron atoms. Each of these atoms can bind with one molecule of oxygen, allowing each hemoglobin molecule to carry four molecules of oxygen. This compound is called oxyhemoglobin. This carries oxygen around the body in the blood, and releases it wherever it is needed. Blood in arteries contains lots of oxyhemoglobin, which makes it look bright red. Blood in veins contains much less, and looks darker. On average, a grown adult has around 4.9 liters, but can get to roughly 6 pints of this colorful fluid. And out of that, there are normally around 4.5 - 5.5 billion red blood cells PER CUBIC CENTIMETER of blood! That’s MILLIONS of cells in just a single drop of blood, and more than 99 percent of this is red blood cells themselves. Added up, blood turns up to be around 7-8% body weight. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not sure that you really want to say any more than what you’ve already said in this rather well done article.

    What is his deal – please read, I am so confused by him.?
    Talked to a guy for 6 months before meeting in person. for 6 months, we literally talked everyday for 1-2 hours. Got to know his very well in this way. We met in person, it went very well. We get together for date 2, it went very well. And then his calls become less frequent, etc. He was blowing me off completely after a month. The reason? Job problems. He was about to and finally did get fired at around our second date. He needed to focus on him at that time, hence him lowing me off.

    Several months later his life was back in order and he starts calling me again, asking me out all the time. I talk to him, but I”m not ready to date him because I’m still hurt from being blown off. Honestly, I was wondering if he thought I was ugly, fat, etc I had to build up my self esteem again. But finally, after a year, we agree to meet out again.

    This time around, it again went very well. He called me the next day and we were both absolutely giddy. He called me a few hours later and said he has been thinking about me the entire day without any breaks. A couple days later he went to his doctor and found out he has early stages of cirrhosis, caused by a disease that spits iron into his liver. and that his drinking days are over….

    he has cut me off again, he needs time to himself, isn’t boyfriend material, etc.

    Dammit. I don’t care about his job, how much money he has or doesn’t have, or how sick he becomes. I want to date him, that is all I want.

    Should I just move on? Why is he like this?

    • ANSWER:

    Why is my appetite suddenly increased?
    Hi, im a 6ft 5 male, i started weight lifting about 2 months ago, i currently weigh about 185lbs and eat on average 3000 calories a day (lift 4 days a week), for some reason in the last week or 2 my daily calories have been up around 3500-4500 and im constantly hungry/thinking about eating. I supplement with a mass gainer shake, glutamine, testostorone booster, GABA, Multi Vit, Liver Tonic and A Pre Workout Called NO Xplode. Is this too many calories to build mostly lean muscle or am i just going to get fat. Ive been on holidays for the last week so apart from still going to the gym 2hours a day 3-5 days a week im not doing alot else, what can i do to reduce my appetite?

    • ANSWER:
      That is a good weight for 6’5″ The tonic may be increasing your appetite. Nitric oxide producing mixtures also produce a lot of free radicals that can do some harm. Why the GABA? Testosterone – (the real hormone) is illegal, you know, and can also do some harm. How many calories do you estimate you burn during a workout? Has your routine changed? Be careful with the body-building “supplements”. Short term gains, long term damage. Don’t overdo.

    Ladies please help a girl in need!?
    Okay. I am a 7th grader. I really want to find a boyfriend. Someone to actually love me.. a guy.. I mean never in a million years I would turn bi. I want to go by the Lord’s rules. I want to wait until marrage to loose my virginity.

    But there is 1 little thing that’s bugging me.. I’m roughly 206 pounds 5’8.. and ugly.. I mean like.. nobody wants a fat girl.. Nobody wants to kiss a big blubbery mouth full of saliva. : it’s been bugging me this whole time. I have an online boyfriend. But I don’t want to date online. I want to have someone to cuddle with. Someone who can kiss me, and not feel icky about it. I’m Pre-Diabetic.

    But It’s not my fault. You see I was raised by my grandparents. There’s a disease that goes around in my Grandfathers side that my Mother didn’t get. But it skipped a generation. There isn’t a name for it. But my liver dosen’t work right.. It makes all the sugars build up in my tummy. and it makes me feel more hungry. Sometimes on days when im bored. i eat about every hour. I try to stop. But it just keeps going. They have me on a Medacation for diabetics. It’s called Metformin. It will help me they say.

    I do roughly 50-100 situps in 2 hours or so. every night. and I haven’t seen any results.

    So here are my questions.

    1. Do you think the medacation will help?
    2. Is it good that i am doing situps?
    3. Can you give me any advice about boys?

    I’m scared to talk to my mother about this, because she’s always on my back. and it makes mee feel like a presioner.

    Please help..


    • ANSWER:
      1. It’s hard to say how well any medication will work until you try it. The important thing is to take it when you’re supposed to, and talk to your doctor about your concerns. If it looks like the medicine isn’t working, then he can change it. But I wouldn’t worry about it until you give the medicine a chance. But make sure you talk to your doctor about how it’s working.

      2. There’s nothing wrong with sit-ups, but make sure it isn’t to punish yourself. A lot of people who are worried about their weight will exercise aggressively, sort of in an angry way. Don’t do that. You’re sure to burn out and get upset. Instead, find a form of exercise that you enjoy, just because it’s fun. Don’t worry about how many calories it burns or how intense it looks. Walking is just as good of exercise as running, if not better. Do you like biking? Tennis? Rock-climbing? Swimming? Sit-ups can be fun, but I’m pretty sure there’s something you enjoy better out there. When you find something you enjoy, you’ll be motivated by how fun it is, not whether or not you see “results”. And guess what? The results will come anyway.

      Also, there’s nothing wrong with frequent meals. It’s more important what you’re eating. Don’t deprive yourself of food you enjoy. Instead, just try to sneak healthy food into your life. If you really want some candy or something, eat it, but sneak in an apple or a handful of baby carrots first. And again, find something you enjoy. Make it a challenge. I’m often surprised at how energized and happy I feel after eating healthy. It makes you feel secretly proud of yourself, and sometimes you want to do it again.

      3. Ask yourself why you want a boyfriend. It’s natural to crave physical contact and emotional closeness; humans are very social creatures. But are you looking to validate your self worth? A lot of girls like the idea of having a boyfriend because it makes them feel valuable, pretty, etc, but a lot of times, that only makes things more complicated. You might have a boyfriend, but now you worry that he’s going to find someone better. Don’t look to someone else to complete you. If you’re not happy with yourself, the way you are, then you never will be.

      BUT, assuming you’ve heard all that before, I still wouldn’t worry about finding a boyfriend. I remember what it’s like to be in middle school worrying about that, and I remember it was agonizing. The thing is, girls tend to mature a lot sooner emotionally than boys. You feel ready to love and be loved, but in 7th grade, guys don’t really know how to do this yet. (A lot of kids at this age are very shallow, and try to date the hottest people to impress their friends and cover up their insecurity. It has little to do with actually liking the other person for their personality). Boys your age are still developing mentally, and they change a LOT in the next 10 or 15 years, as will you. This is why a lot of people don’t recommend dating as a teenager. You’re still learning about yourself, and when you throw another person into the mix, you start focusing on their happiness instead of your own, and you never really figure out what’s important to you.

      I’ve had friends and sisters that have dated since a young age, and even though they’re older now, they literally don’t know how to live without a guy. It’s sad when someone you care about is that easily controlled by someone who doesn’t even care about her.

      I know it’s not what you want to hear, you want to find someone now, but remember, you don’t need anyone. You’re awesome the way you are, and I think being single is a lot more fun than dating. Don’t worry about finding someone right now, or someone finding you. Boys aren’t worth that much stress, I promise. God will lead you to the right person when you’re ready for each other.

      Anyway, this was sort of a long response, but I hope it helps =)