Enlarged Liver Go Back To Normal

A lot of times, we forget about the liver until a medical condition brings it to our attention. We can’t deny the important role it plays in our health. For many centuries, traditional medicines have looked at the liver, even more so than the heart, as the center for physical and emotional health. The liver processes everything that we eat, drink, or absorb through the skin, therefore, playing a vital role in the body’s detoxification process which requires it to be constantly exposed to harmful substances. These substances come from toxins in food, alcohol, outside (drugs and environmental pollutants), internally-produced substances (hormones), and waste left over form protein use. The liver converts these toxins and wastes into less harmful substances so that they can be eliminated by the body. This process is divided into two steps, Phase I and Phase II, each requiring different nutrients. Phase I uses oxidation to break down toxins, requiring antioxidants and milk thistle to ensure this stage runs smoothly and prevents damaged cells. Phase II occurs when the liver adds substances to a toxin to make it less harmful. Glutathione and calcium d-glucarate are extremely important in this process. However, antioxidants are important here also because they continue to neutralize the free radicals generated by the first phase. The liver also turns fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble material in phase II.

The liver is responsible for many actions. It produces the compounds that keep the blood from abnormal clotting and removes fructose and galactose from the carbohydrates, converting them into glucose which can be used for energy. It also synthesizes proteins and cholesterol and converts carbohydrates and proteins into fats, to be stored for later use. Furthermore, it makes blood protein and enzymes that are needed for bodily functions and produces urea that is eventually excreted by the kidneys. Also, it stores trace elements such as iron, copper, and vitamins A, D, and B12. Its most important job is producing bile, which helps to break down fats and fat-soluble vitamins. This fluid transports toxins from the liver to the intestines, so that they can be excreted.

A liver cleanse helps to prevent and repair damages to the liver. It supports the liver’s health and Phase I and phase II of detoxification. It also increases bile production and flow along with gallbladder response. Additionally, it prevents re-absorption by adding fiber to absorb bile and toxins and it transports bile and toxins out of the body. There are specific herbs that enhance bile production and flow known as choleretic ingredients. One of these herbs, milk thistle, has been recognized as a remedy for liver problems since the days of ancient Rome. Milk thistle, which contains silymarin, is thought to be responsible for protecting the health of the specialized liver cells that remove bacteria, old bloods cells, and other toxins form the liver’s blood supply. It also acts as an antioxidant as it scavenges free radicals that are produced during Phase I detoxification. Milk thistle also fights against long-term poisoning by displacing toxins that try to bind to the liver and neutralizing those that have already penetrated the cells. Turmeric has also been recently investigated for its ability to stimulate bile flow and support the gastric system. Scientists suspect that it may even help prevent the condition known as “fatty liver disease.” Calcium D-glucarate, which is found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, is very important in phase II detoxification because it helps excrete harmful estrogen. Additionally, many common herbs have a long history of supporting the liver and healthy bile production of flow including dandelion root extract, which helps to reduce fluid retention, burdock, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and an antioxidant and helps to reverse of at least stop damage done to the liver cells by alcohol. Artichoke helps keep lipids from accumulating in the liver and stimulates bile flow into the intestines. It is also used to reduce the symptoms of many digestive disorders. Boldo supports the liver by helping it to maintain proper enzyme levels and provide protection against toxins.

When looking for a liver cleanse, one should make sure that fiber is included. Fiber gently scrubs the intestines on its way through the colon, picking up LDL cholesterol, bile-bound toxins, and estrogen ready for excretion. It also helps the liver to recover faster from fatty liver disease and aids in the rebuilding of liver tissue. However, some types of fiber are better than others. Although all fiber can be beneficial, not all fiber is equally beneficial. Some are great at helping the body to excrete cholesterol, but not so great when it comes to cleaning out toxins. Oat beta-glucan is well known for its health benefits, being a staple of natural LDL cholesterol reduction for many years. Research has shown that it also does an excellent job at increasing bile excretion, which helps to further detoxify the body. Because it is a soluble fiber, it increases the binding of bile acids in the intestines, preventing the bile from returning to the liver and taking the toxins along as well. Glucomannan, another fiber, has a great ability to lower LDL cholesterol and enhance bile excretion and balance glucose levels. When the two fibers are combined, research has shown that they have stronger bile-binding effects than other soluble fibers on their own or combined with guar gum.

The best liver cleanse should only last about two weeks. Many cleanse programs don’t include fiber as part of their product. Therefore, the only way to ensure liver cleanse effectiveness is to make sure that fiber is included as part of the program. Detoxification programs are very safe for most people. However, those who are pregnant or nursing should not use detoxification products. Also, those who have known or suspected gallstone concerns should avoid liver cleanses as they activate the liver and gallbladder. Because detoxification puts a little additional stress on all the detoxification organs, any person with kidney disease or poor kidney function should consult their health care practitioner before trying any type of cleanse.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does a enlarged liver ever go back to normal?
    My fiancee has a drinking problem and was diagnoised with a enlarged liver a little less than a year ago. He has decreased his drinking a little but its still pretty bad the other night he went to the ER and he said they told him his liver went back to its normal size but I dont believe him. Is that even possible if he is still drinking pretty heavy?

    • ANSWER:
      It is extremely urgent that he stop drinking. My brother in law was a heavy drinker and he almost died from it. He stopped drinking 2 years ago and his liver is back to normal. The liver is one of our organs that does heal itself (amazing) but it can’t if he doesn’t stop the drinking. Get him some help immediately. I heard there are pills that help one stop drinking if they can’t on their own. Check into it.

    do enlarged livers go back to normal size?
    I dont really know why my liver got enlarged..i guess from drinking but i was wondering does it go back to normal size? Or am i fucked for life? Can I still drink? if so how much??

    • ANSWER:
      Not good my dear! You can drink alright, just a different beverage: WATER!!! To flush all the toxins out of your system and help your poor enlarged liver process the waste you put in!!!

    My Dog’s enlarged liver is back to normal size overnight! Is this wonderful news or cause for alarm?
    Three and a half years ago my dog (Now 12 years old) was diagnosed with advanced liver disease from a misquito bite. Doc said the bite would have happened several years before onset of disease.

    Andre (my dog) was given a life expectantly of about a month.

    I did extensive research on non-traditional remedies and concluded that a regimine of liver pills and extra vitamins would be of most benefit. He has been recieving this therepy every day, with no significant change in detectable liver size. There has been no decline in his health, even a very slight improvement over time.

    Today his liver enlargement is absolutely gone! His eyes are bright and he is prancing about like a year-old pup. His nose is cold and wet. his stool and bladder functions are normal.

    We’re seeing the vet tomorrow!

    Any ideas tonight?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a 10 y/o male lab that had an enlarged liver. I put him on Milk Thistle and a multiple B vitamin. It took a couple months but he came back to normal. I can’t feel his liver anymore. It did stick out on both sides. He has all his energy back and his weight. He went from 80 to 59 lbs. when he was sick. He is back to 80.
      It’s amazing what the natural remedies will do.
      Get this book. “The Nature of Animal Healing” by Martin Goldstein, DVM. It covers holistic health for dogs/cats. A lot of good info.

    Can a pinched nerve be related to enlarged liver?
    I have been experiencing pain for about 3 weeks on my right side and left side. A little in my back and pelvic area. I did a cat scan without contrast and the radiologist said that the liver was enlarged. My doctor did a bloodtest and one of the liver enzymes were slightly elevated. He checked the liver and it was a normal size. He sent me for another cat scan with contrast because the other one got lost. That one came out normal. I went to the ER because no pain medicine was helping. They did a chest x-ray as well as an abdominal x-ray. Normal. Sonogram was taken and it showed the liver enlarged. Doctor in hospital called my GP. GP said that I should go for an MRI of the spine as it can be a pinched nerve. Can the 2 of them be related? If the cat scan came out normal then why did the sonogram show the liver enlarged? What does it mean liver enlarged? Can it be that that is my normal size liver? If it is a pinched nerve then do I worry about the liver? The liver tests showed normal

    • ANSWER:
      The pain in the area of the liver can be related to the pinched nerve. If the nerve to your liver is pinched, it’s like a garden hose that’s kinked–all the information that your nerves are trying to carry to and from your liver aren’t getting through. It bothers me that first the liver was enlarged then it wasnt and that doctors are losing your CT films. I’m in chiropractic college right now and I’ve been to one as a patient and worked for one for a while and have seen amazing things happen. My mom had a pinched nerve in her shoulder and the chiropractor that she goes to helped her with it. Check in your area for one. Different chiropractors use different adjusting technique, so just find one your are comfortable with (Activator is the most gentle method-it uses a small device to apply a low force to move the bones that might be the root of the pinched nerve and if your a ina lot of pain it will be the easiest for you). When you go take all your films (MRI, CT’s, xrays, etc). I’m truley sorry for your pain and hope that something/someone will be able to help you with this problem. Best of luck to you.

    I was told I have an enlarged liver!!!?
    I am 22 yrs old and have done some harmful things to my body. Besides drinking every once in a while I have also consumed oral steroids to build muscle mass. Every now and then I will also consume things like creatine or testosterone boosters to build a little muscle. Recently I went to get a physical to become a police officer and my doctor felt around the upper abdominal area and told me that my liver is enlarged. I was wondering if I take it easy on all this harmful crap for a while and stick with 30mg of milk thistle, do you think my liver would go back to normal????
    300mg of Milk thistle

    • ANSWER:
      If you stop taking all the harmful crap as you called it, yes your liver would go back to normal. But soon as you started taking the crap again, it would probably enlarge again. A lot of liver damage starts with the liver being inflamed and enlarged. I had cirrhosis from an autoimmune disease and that’s what usually happens at first. Then as damage continues, the liver will start to shrink instead of enlarging more. When it does this, it is really starting to slowly die. I took Milk Thistle for years and it did nothing for me, but my liver was already shot. Research has shown that Milk Thistle does do good things for the liver, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take it. My transplant surgeons always told me it was OK to take because even if it didn’t help me, it wouldn’t hurt me, so he didn’t care one way or the other. I was going to have to get a transplant no matter what I took.

      No matter what you do, I would suggest you keep an eye on your liver health if it is enlarged. Get some labwork done with your enzymes and see what is going on there. Good luck.

    Recovered mono patient with an enlarged liver; would hockey be okay?
    Long story short; I came down with mono on the 23rd of January and have my last hockey game of high school on the 29th of February. During January, my spleen and liver were enlarged so I was told not to play sports. However, my spleen has gone back to normal and my liver is still 18cm. I feel phenomenal and do not want to miss my final game of hockey; can I play if I wear rib pads, and what is the possibility my liver is ruptured?

    • ANSWER:
      I would definitely not risk playing so soon after having mono, considering you only developed it in January. Rupture something and it will be life threatening. For your health’s sake, sit out. What’s missing one game compared to the rest of your life? Also ask your doctor, but I’m sure they will agree with me that it’s not safe. Please take care and do not risk this! Good Luck.

    was told last night my 9 yr olds liver and spleen are enlarged. her labs so with in normal limit?
    My 9 year old daughter has been suffering from right side abdominal pain. That radiates from right to left but continually stays on right side. We have an appointment with a GI doc thursday.. When she was an infant she was very sick..vomiting, seen GI dr in another city because she was so bad. They never had a 100% diagnosis..other then reflux and lactose intolerance. This new pain has been for the last 3 months. on and off. yesterday was the worse..it was continual pain, Went to 1 ER they sent her home with Zantac dismissed her pain she said it was a 10 they told her no way. I told them she has a Wicked pain tolerance she had broken her arm durning 10 am P.E. and never went to the nurse. She told us after school that she fell. with the words follow up with GI in 1 day it is important. Hello this was friday GI is closed saturday! 3 hours later she was throwing up bile, and miserable. I took her to a different ER that specializes in children. They ran more labs then her pediatrician ever did. 90% of them were with in normal limits. They seen her pain, and believed her. They did an abdominal ultra sound . *1st one* thank god. When the tech ran the doppler over her liver gallbladder area (Right upper stomach) she let out a yell and started crying. She said that hurt. not that the tech was hard but because that is where her pain was. Results came back that her liver and spleen were enlarged. and possibly her gallbladder. They want GI to follow up, but dismissed the enlargement because she is a “big girl” .9 yrs old 5’0 151lbs. They let her go home about 3 hours ago, with hydrocodone -apap 7.5/500, to take every 4-6 hrs, and zofran for nausea. Told me that she, should only go to school if she can tolerate it. These bout’s come and go with her. some days they last a couple hours this time it lasted 24+ hours. What could this all mean. I want to look informed when we see the specialist this week. I want more testing done..obviously this kid has been in pain.

    • ANSWER:
      Poor thing! Yep, sounds like gall bladder issues to me. Bile, a chemical that breaks down fat so we can digest it, is made in the liver and stored in the gall bladder. If there’s a blockage (stone) in the gall bladder duct, it can cause excruciating pain and infection. And whenever you have infection, the spleen starts cranking out immune stuff, and can get enlarged if it’s working overtime. But of course, I am not her doctor and haven’t seen her, so I can’t make a diagnosis. I think it’s a good idea to take her to the GI specialist who can examine her and who is a specialist in the field.

      As a nursing student, I’m really glad that second ER responded to her pain appropriately. We’re taught that, yeah, there are liars who try to get drugs out of us to feed their addiction, but better to give an addict a free buzz than to leave a legitimate client in pain. If a patient says they’re in pain, you believe them and treat it. Period. Let the addiction specialists sort it out later!

      Assuming it’s gall bladder pain, the best thing to do is try to get her to follow a low-fat diet and eat small frequent meals instead of large ones, at least until you can get her to the GI specialist. A large meal or one full of fat makes the gall bladder try to spit out a lot of bile at once, and if she’s got gallstones or a narrowing of her bile duct, that will hurt a lot. Encourage her to eat a bowl of cereal or oatmeal for breakfast. Midmorning, offer her an apple and then wait a couple of hours, then for lunch a small salad with chicken breast or tuna without mayo or creamy dressing (use lemon juice salt and pepper and a pinch of sugar instead)…those kinds of things. Lowfat, small and frequent food intake.

      You should be aware that hydrocodone/APAP can cause constipation. The best prevention for this is to encourage her to drink lots of water and not sugary drinks like pop or kool-aid, because sugar can also cause constipation. If she’s eating lowfat, she’ll probably be increasing her fiber intake, which will help as well. Dried plums (which our grandparents called “prunes”, but now we call ‘em dried plums…same thing), raisins and dried apricots can also help keep things moving. If that doesn’t do it, ask her doctor if she can take Colace, which is a stool softener available without a prescription.

      For her pain, make sure you give her the painkillers she needs, and give them soon enough that she’s not getting pain between doses. Obviously, follow the orders and don’t give it before 4 hours, but don’t try to stretch it to 6 if she’s in pain. Because of the way our nerves work, it’s a lot easier to keep pain away than it is to get rid of it. Don’t worry about addiction; if she’s in pain, she needs painkillers, and won’t get addicted to them. She won’t get “high”, she’ll just feel normal again.

      Consider non-drug forms of pain relief as well. Soothing music, dimmed lights, massage, deep breathing and aromatherapy are all good ways to relieve anxiety and use the body’s natural painkillers to relieve pain. They may not eliminate the need for drugs, but they can maybe help control the pain so she doesn’t need the pills so often.

    I have an enlarged liver and spleen?
    I have no idea why I am going through this, I don’t have HEP or any other illnesses… just constant stomach and back pain. I scheduled an appt with my GI in two days, what kind of procedure will she want to do? I have already had two endonoscopies, a biopsy and a colonoscopy.. they all came back normal. What more can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      those questions are best left to your doctor, as none of us can read her mind. Even if you got advice here, it wouldn’t be reliable advice as you wouldn’t have any idea of the person giving it or their medical expertise.

    slightly enlarged liver, gallbladder polyp and an enlarged spleen! help! what is it?
    about a month ago i started having fatty stools, along with mucus.. also, had a weird taste in my mouth, almost like it was toxic and i have had bubbles in my urine..

    ok so my spleen is on the upper limits size wise on whats considered normal; my liver is slightly enlarged and my gallbladder has a polyp on it, 4mm in size.. still having the fatty stools. i also have a dull ache/pain on my left side that’s closer to the pelvic bone on the front and wraps around to a higher spot on my side and on my back..

    as far as the bubbles in my urine go, urinalysis turned up nothing out of the ordinary.. my urologist said my prostate was good also and my kidneys are in good condition.. i’m assuming the bubbles in my urine are a byproduct of whats going on with my digestive tract..

    my liver enzyme tests have come back good.. blood flow into the liver is good.. no obvious blockage of the bile ducts inside or outside the liver.. pancreas seems to be in good shape size wise and the enzyme tests for that are also normal..

    so what am i dealing with? is the gallbladder likely the cause of whats ailing me? or are these symptoms of an underlying cause? also, if you have an enlarged spleen is this something that can be managed or undone..

    thank you in advance for your responses!

    • ANSWER:
      Enlarged spleen is usually a sign of infection, so that may be the cause. (As the spleen is a major part of the lymphatic/immune system)

      Bile should be breaking down the fat, and if you are having fatty stools, clearly the bile is not being released.

      As for the pain, from the description you’ve given, it sounds like intestinal blockage or adhesion may be the cause. Possibly kidney? I can’t really tell from the description. (Your liver and gallbladder are on the right side of the body) Are you noticing the pain getting worse in relation to your eating or defecating? Is there anything that relieves this pain? Like a heating pad or lying down, etc.?

      There is definitely something going on, and I would suggest your doctors do a thorough exam on you. Fatty stools are of serious concern.

      As for the bubbly urine….sometimes in the early morning or after a night of drinking my friend had the same issue. Sometimes it just happens, and they wouldn’t dissolve either. He thought it was the strangest thing. It only happened a couple of times, and he didn’t really pay it much concern.

      Best of luck in your health!

    Should I avoid Alcohol if my Liver is enlarged from Diabetes?
    So, I’m 20, never drank any beer, for a while my diabetes was pretty bad, but my new doctor really helped. So my liver is enlarged from the bad diabetes control, now that I started controling my diabets, by liver is going back to normal, but still not much better. It was 11cm, now it’s 10cm. Anyway, for my 21st birthday, I wanna drink one beer (maybe half,)
    so I know this might cause a hypo because I’m diabetic, but that’s not my question, I’m asking, will it harm my liver any more?
    I can’t ask my doctor because I don’t have an appointment until after my bday, and I can’t reshedual.

    • ANSWER:
      A can of beer is not going to hurt your liver. It takes a lot more than that. Your liver is able to handle the alcohol content in one can without a problem.

    9 yr old with enlarged liver and spleen please read?
    My 9 year old daughter has been suffering from right side abdominal pain. That radiates from right to left but continually stays on right side. We have an appointment with a GI doc thursday.. When she was an infant she was very sick..vomiting, seen GI dr in another city because she was so bad. They never had a 100% diagnosis..other then reflux and lactose intolerance. This new pain has been for the last 3 months. on and off. yesterday was the worse..it was continual pain, Went to 1 ER they sent her home with Zantac dismissed her pain she said it was a 10 they told her no way. I told them she has a Wicked pain tolerance she had broken her arm durning 10 am P.E. and never went to the nurse. She told us after school that she fell. with the words follow up with GI in 1 day it is important. Hello this was friday GI is closed saturday! 3 hours later she was throwing up bile, and miserable. I took her to a different ER that specializes in children. They ran more labs then her pediatrician ever did. 90% of them were with in normal limits. They seen her pain, and believed her. They did an abdominal ultra sound . *1st one* thank god. When the tech ran the doppler over her liver gallbladder area (Right upper stomach) she let out a yell and started crying. She said that hurt. not that the tech was hard but because that is where her pain was. Results came back that her liver and spleen were enlarged. and possibly her gallbladder. They want GI to follow up, but dismissed the enlargement because she is a “big girl” .9 yrs old 5’0 151lbs. They let her go home about 3 hours ago, with hydrocodone -apap 7.5/500, to take every 4-6 hrs, and zofran for nausea. Told me that she, should only go to school if she can tolerate it. These bout’s come and go with her. some days they last a couple hours this time it lasted 24+ hours. What could this all mean. I want to look informed when we see the specialist this week. I want more testing done..obviously this kid has been in pain.
    I had my gallbladder removed when i was 11 because it was infected. could it be herridity?

    • ANSWER:
      The juvenile form of Gaucher’s disease, known as Type 3, is the most prominent cause of enlarged spleen and liver in children. Read more on enlarged spleen in children.

    Can a pinched nerve from the spine go down the waist and leg?
    For about 2 months now I have been having pain on the right side by the waist area and back. It started off on the right side by the waist and the back and then now it is on my right leg. I did 2 abdominal cat scans. One showed liver enlgarged and the other (done with contrast) showed normal. At first one of the liver enzymes were slightly elevated but then a couple of weeks later they were not. However the sonogram showed liver enlarged. A few doctors said that the pain can be from a pinched nerve from the back but the MRI showed normal. Can it still be a pinched nerve from th spine even the the MRI was normal? I went to a neurologist and they said I should do an EMG to find out if it is a nerve pain or not. They also said that it can be from the epidural I took when I was in labor for my 4 months old son. The GI said that the enlarged liver can be from the pregnancy. Is this true? I am confused about all this. IF anyone has any suggestions let me know. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      The pain you are having sounds like referred pain. The pain may originate one place, like the pinched nerve in your spine, and then be felt down your leg. This is not uncommon but does need to be pursued to determine the cause. I think you should stick with the neurologist or consider going to a pain management specialist. They are really great with back pain and try to avoid surgery whenever possible.

    Liver enlarged plz help me?
    my son had sever pnumonia in his lungs,at the same time he had a virus called entameobis hystelytica (i think this is the name:S),they did for him a ct for his abdomen they saw that his liver is enlarged…now he is cured from pnemonia yesterday he went out of the hospital,today the dr.saw him he had a little bit high temprature (38.1 C) he told me that his liver is still enlarged..it is a little bit smaller but still enlarged he gave him atibiotic and asked me to bring him after 1 week,the liver must come back to its original siza by then.he said that this is happening due to the antibiotic he took in the hospital or due to the infection,i am so afraid ,the liver is an important organ in the body ,is what happening is normal plz help me

    • ANSWER:
      Often no signs or symptoms
      An enlarged liver often causes no signs or symptoms.

      Possible signs and symptoms

      Tenderness. If the liver enlarges quickly, it may be tender to the touch.
      Pain. A markedly enlarged liver may cause abdominal pain or fullness.
      Jaundice. If the cause of enlargement affects liver function, it may lead to yellowing of the skin (jaundice).


    Do you think I have the flu or is it something wrong with my liver?
    UGH. I just want to vent for a second. I feel like complete garbage. I’ve made an appointment with the doctors, but it’s not until June and again, the walk-in clinic was a 5 hour + wait tonight… love our healthcare system.

    Back in February my fiance felt a weird lump in my abdomen. Long story short, I’ve had 2 ultrasounds which showed a mildly enlarged liver. The 2nd ultrasound said the liver was going down in size. All my blood work came back normal, so the doctor said I was probably born with a mildly enlarged liver, as I had no other symptoms like yellow, pain etc. The doctor said it was fine and didn’t think anything more of it.

    Anyway, Sunday night I begin to feel really nauseated. About an hour later I vomit… a lot. Accompanied by fun stuff from the other end. I’m in the bathroom on the toilet with a bucket (sorry for the TMI) from 12 am – 5 am. The vomiting stopped monday morning at 5am, and the diarrhoea stopped at last night. I had a fever which is now gone.

    Today I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I have little appetite, I’m paler than a ghost and I don’t want to move.

    My worry is that when I cough or sneeze, I get a cramping pain in my right side and back – near my liver. My fiance thinks it’s from all of the vomitting, but I’m worried all of these flu – like symptoms are actually a problem with my liver.

    SO – after this long-winded message – my question is: do your remeber getting muscle pains from vomiting? Not sure if I’m making sense, but I’m talking aobut pain from muscle contractions all night long from vomitting.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds a lot like you may have appendicitis. I suggest that you see a doctor pronto. Don’t wait until June. By then it may have become peritonitis and you’ll be on your way to join the celestial choir.

    How long does it takes for acute hepatitis due to mononucleosis to go away?
    2 months ago I was diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis and with acute hepatitis (the later caused by the first) I was told both, the mono and the enlarged liver, would get better without need for medication. A month ago I went back to the doc for a follow up and I was told my liver enzymes were much lower (a good thing!) but I still feel incredibly tired and I can feel pain in my liver. I feel my liver to still be as enlarged as 2 months ago although it is healing good. How long would it take for my liver to be back to normal?
    The hepatitis is not caused by virus a b or c. It is an inflamation of the liver caused by the mono. I cannot transmit it to others through sex or blood, at all. This is not something I will live with. I know is temporary, I just want to know how many months because I can’t engage in physical activities due to the inflamation.

    • ANSWER:

    9 yr olds liver and spleen enlarged what question do i need to ask GI? please read?
    My 9 year old daughter has been suffering from right side abdominal pain. That radiates from right to left but continually stays on right side. We have an appointment with a GI doc thursday.. When she was an infant she was very sick..vomiting, seen GI dr in another city because she was so bad. They never had a 100% diagnosis..other then reflux and lactose intolerance. This new pain has been for the last 3 months. on and off. yesterday was the worse..it was continual pain, Went to 1 ER they sent her home with Zantac dismissed her pain she said it was a 10 they told her no way. I told them she has a Wicked pain tolerance she had broken her arm durning 10 am P.E. and never went to the nurse. She told us after school that she fell. with the words follow up with GI in 1 day it is important. Hello this was friday GI is closed saturday! 3 hours later she was throwing up bile, and miserable. I took her to a different ER that specializes in children. They ran more labs then her pediatrician ever did. 90% of them were with in normal limits. They seen her pain, and believed her. They did an abdominal ultra sound . *1st one* thank god. When the tech ran the doppler over her liver gallbladder area (Right upper stomach) she let out a yell and started crying. She said that hurt. not that the tech was hard but because that is where her pain was. Results came back that her liver and spleen were enlarged. and possibly her gallbladder. They want GI to follow up, but dismissed the enlargement because she is a “big girl” .9 yrs old 5’0 151lbs. They let her go home about 3 hours ago, with hydrocodone -apap 7.5/500, to take every 4-6 hrs, and zofran for nausea. Told me that she, should only go to school if she can tolerate it. These bout’s come and go with her. some days they last a couple hours this time it lasted 24+ hours. What could this all mean. I want to look informed when we see the specialist this week. I want more testing done..obviously this kid has been in pain.

    • ANSWER:
      You definitely need her to see a specialist.
      Either a gastroenterologist or hepatologist.
      I would request that all films be taken with you
      to this specialist and any tests results that have
      been written down.

      Does she have Mono? How were her white
      cell counts? Mono would cause an enlargement
      in both her liver and spleen.

      Could she have contacted a virus: Hepatitis A,B, or C?
      When a virus enters the body, it will use the liver
      cells to replicate itself.


      Is there anyone else with a history of liver problems
      in your family?…some liver problems can be hereditary:
      Hemochromatosis: the body holds onto too much
      iron. …..Wilson disease: the body holds onto too much
      copper. …..Alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency. ….
      Glycogen storage disease. ….cysitic fibrosis and others.

      Babies can be born where the bile ducts are absent or
      injured (biliary atresia).

      Young children can also develop Fatty liver disease:



      If she does go to school, I would definitely write a
      note that she is to remain free from an activity. With
      her spleen enlarged, it could easily become more
      damaged. { Personally, I would keep her home.}

      When the liver is enlarged, it could signify that the
      liver cells have become damaged. The cause of
      this damage has to be found. If the liver cells
      are damaged, the immune system of the body would
      respond to this can cause the inflammation that caused
      the liver to enlarge in size. This can be painful.
      Once the doctor determines the cause, they can treat
      her and the liver cells may heal. If this cannot be
      treated, the liver cells may start to die off and lead
      to Cirrhosis of the liver.

      The spleen being enlarged could be that she has
      mono…but it could also be that the blood isn’t flowing
      well through the liver and backing up into the spleen
      causing it to enlarge in size.

      I hope you find out the true cause of her problem.
      Best wishes to you and your child.

    What would cause this in a dog..?
    I asked a few questions about this previously, and after traveling to 4 more veterinary hospitals numerous times, I still have no answers. Every vet is confused, and it seems like there’s no way to find out what’s going on. First, read my other question..


    Since then, we’ve had more x-rays and bloodwork done, as well as an ultrasound. The first x-ray showed that he had an enlarged liver, an enlarged heart, and fluid on his lungs. The second x-ray showed that he had a slightly enlarged liver, a normal-sized heart (high end of normal), and no fluid on his lungs. The ultrasound showed that he had a normal liver, a healthy abdomen, a normal heart (aside from his left ventricle being slightly smaller than the right ventricle), and a small nodule on his adrenal gland (this made me worried, so I asked the ultrasonographer about it, and he said that it was nothing to worry about; that it was just a benign growth. This still makes me skeptical, so I’m requesting further testing on it.) His bloodwork came back pretty abnormal the first time, yet it came back normal the second time. The ultrasonographer, and the third vet told us that he may have had a pre-existing tracheal disorder, and now something’s irritating it (the same thing that attacked our cats). They said that this is not extremely likely, but they’re not checking anything off until it’s been tested. I have him scheduled for a tracheoscopy, to see if that’s what this is. One of my biggest concerns is that he may have leptospirosis, or something similar to it. One of my other dogs is incontinent, and she takes medication for it. Sometimes, she’ll have an accident, and it will be cleaned up right away, but I’m afraid that the bacterial spores in her urine transfer to the air or something. I’ve collected a urine sample from the incontinent dog, and I’ll drop it off at my regular vet tomorrow to test for ammonia levels and everything.

    The environmentalist came to our house and checked it out, but now I have to wait two weeks for some air & water test results to come back in (mainly for things like radon). We’re hiring a bacterial toxins specialist, but I don’t know if they’ll know anything more.

    I’m trying to find similar experiences, but I’m at a loss. Help?

    • ANSWER:

    how long does it take to resolve problems with liver function?
    i was told by a doctor that my liver isn’t functioning properly. currently my liver is enlarged and about 16cm below my ribcage.i look pregnant but apart from that i feel okay most of the times.i am currently on lasix to help reduce abdominal fluid but about 2month ago it stopped reducing the fluid.my doctor says its because most of the swelling left is due to the enlarged liver. i would like to know if my abdominal size would ever go back to normal and if so how long would it take. does anyone know any drugs that helps liver function? pls help!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      It really depends on what is causing your liver dysfuntion. Some causes are reversible and some are permanent.
      Ask your doctor for your exact diagnosis and the prognosis.
      No drugs help improve liver function. The underlying cause needs to be treated.

    could this symptoms be a serious heart problem?
    Hello, I have hepatitis b and other symptoms that I am trying to understand. Doctors think that I have something else besides hep. B – here I go:
    Blood test: ast 48, alt 85, cholesterol 256, triglycerides 211, vldl cholesterol 42, ldl 171, hdl 43, cholesterol/hdl ratio 6.0.
    CT -mosaic attenuation pattern, other CT mosaic perfusion, X-Ray – possible pulmonary venous pressure, ultrasound enlarged liver, ekg – normal, stress test – normal.

    I have chest and back pain (mid), lower back pain, swollen abdomen with constant pain that is always followed by chest pain, breathing normal but feel lack of breathing, tiredness, depression, bitter mouth, nausea.

    Anything I do with the body it increase the abdominal pain is if I am stretching the skin and inside organ

    please give me your opinion

    • ANSWER:
      most likely due to the hepatitis you have to remeber when 1 organ is not working properly especially the liver (it filters your blood and produces enzymes to aid in digestion) it can effect the body as a whole.

    Accutane.High liver enzymes. Mono with enlarged spleen. Am I goint to be alright?
    Hey! Thanks for readin’ this good stuff. lol.

    I have mono and a incredibly enlarged spleen because of it… my liver enzymes are very high, and very much so above normal and have been for it least a month and a half. I’m getting concerned. I have been off the accutane for a month. (and plan on going back on in less than a month to finish out my treatment.)

    My dermatologist seemed to have feared it could have been the medicine, but my doctor wanted to believe it was the mono. but is now questioning that theory because I have ran my course, but my liver inzymes are getting worse.

    What do you think? Is it the mono? Or the medication?

    Is this dangerous? What does increased liver enzymes really mean? Is it serious or very common? Should I be concerned or passive?

    Thank you so much. <3 I haven't only been on it for a month. I only have a month left and have halted due to the news of the whole mono deal. I have been on it for about 5 months.

    • ANSWER:
      I think you should stop taking the accutane until you get better from the mono. Accutane is a very powerful and can be super dangerous to your body. Better safe than sorry.

      I cannot say for sure what the real problem is derived from but you should be cautious.

      I do know much about mono but when I was on accutane I had to get my liver monitored every month to make sure it was okay.
      I don’t think you have too much to worry about right now since you’ve only been on it for a month, but stop taking it until you get better from the mono…your immune system is taking a toll.

      Hope everything works out alright. best of luck

    could that be a tumor/cancer/or cirrhosis. please your opinion?
    I have sever left side pain (upper abdomen, chest and mid back radiating towards lower back)
    I have hepatitis b and other symptoms that I am trying to understand. Doctors think that I have something else besides hep. B – here I go:
    Blood test: ast 48, alt 85, cholesterol 256, triglycerides 211, VLDL cholesterol 42, LDL171, HDL 43, cholesterol/hdl ratio 6.0.
    CT -mosaic attenuation pattern, other CT mosaic perfusion, X-Ray – possible pulmonary venous pressure, ultrasound enlarged liver, ekg – normal, stress test – normal, blood pressure -normal.

    constant chest and back pain (mid), lower back pain, swollen abdomen with constant pain that is always followed by chest pain, breathing normal but feel lack of breathing, tiredness, depression, bitter mouth, nausea, sleeping over 10 hours a day (it is not because I want)

    Anything I do with the body it increase the abdominal pain is if I am stretching the skin and inside organ

    please give me your opinion

    • ANSWER:
      It is my opinion that you are exhibiting the symptoms of chronic active hepatitis. Begin treatment now so that you do not develop hepatocellular carcinoma in the future.



    CVD question? please your opinion?
    Hello, I have hepatitis b and other symptoms that I am trying to understand. Doctors think that I have something else besides hep. B – here I go:
    Blood test: ast 48, alt 85, cholesterol 256, triglycerides 211, vldl cholesterol 42, ldl 171, hdl 43, cholesterol/hdl ratio 6.0.
    CT -mosaic attenuation pattern, other CT mosaic perfusion, X-Ray – possible pulmonary venous pressure, ultrasound enlarged liver, ekg – normal, stress test – normal.

    I have chest and back pain (mid), lower back pain, swollen abdomen with constant pain that is always followed by chest pain, breathing normal but feel lack of breathing, tiredness, depression, bitter mouth, nausea.

    what do you think that could be (your opinion please). I don’t drink or use drugs, I have normal family life.

    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      you need total detoxification of your body i had an remidy contact me on 09810802670 ashish

    How do I get a Doctor to listen to me?
    I have been sick since 10/2010. It started out with a sender feeling under the ribs. Since then the pain has gotten worse. They have done CT Scan and Ultra Sounds. I have Polysplenia with Abnormal inferior vena cava.

    They say the pain has nothing to do with the polysplenia, but they never measured any of the 3-4 spleens I have to see if they have changed in size. I also have an enlarged liver. At one point before I got sick I had high enzymes and they thought I had Hepatitis. I did not have it, or anything like that. But they did find I was not immunized and I had to get the series of shots.

    Now I have had another ultra sound and they have measured the largest spleen to compare to 12/2010 CT Scan.

    My pain has now spread across the bottom of both my breasts, in my left flank, I feel high when I have taken no pain killers or anything intoxicating. I have night sweets now this is a recent thing. I am extremely hot all the time with no fevers. I sleep with ice packs. It may be so hot outside but I am shivering and need to take a hot shower. I shiver so bad I hide under the covers. Recently my bones have started to really hurt, and I can barley walk because my legs also hurt so badly. I have also had weird tingling in my hands and have to take some kind of nerve medicine to make it go away. They have done blood tests and all blood tests come back normal, they say my liver is just fatty because I am over weight and have diabetes (my A1C is 6.4 though, which is really good, and it has been like that for over a year since I started meds). No one really even wants to look at my spleen.

    Has anyone out there had these symptoms and it took a while to get an answer? Did your blood tests come back normal, and then all of the sudden they found out what was wrong? What tests did they finally do? Did they have to do Ultra Sound tests and CT Scans over and over? Please someone please help. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Anyone that has an enlarged spleen and an enlarged liver plus their liver enzymes are elevated and they are obese and have a fatty liver points to there possibly being liver damage or liver failure. There is a condition called NASH in which a fatty liver progresses to becoming cirrhosis which is when healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue. All hepatitis means is that the liver has active inflammation happening. If your liver and spleen are enlarged, then most likely there is inflammation happening. When you say you don’t have hepatitis, you are probably referring to the viral hepatitis A, B, C, and D that people can get. This is only one type of hepatitis, the viral kind. Your results when tested were negative, but that is just for the viral kind of hepatitis.

      There are many other conditions that can cause hepatitis and liver damage such as biliary disease, fatty liver that progresses to NASH, too much iron in the body, autoimmune disease, medications that affect the liver, alcohol and drug abuse to name the most common reasons.

      I had cirrhosis and a liver transplant. My liver failure was caused by an autoimmune disease in which my body attacks the small bile ducts in my liver which led to cirrhosis. After many years of inflammation, it will cause the liver to enlarge and the spleen will enlarge also since the liver is not functioning like it should. This enlarged spleen will then trap platelets which has to do with your blood clotting properly. This causes your platelet count to be low. If your platelets are lower than normal and your enzymes remain high, I think your doctor should revisit that there could be a liver problem after all. I’m not saying this is the problem, but just a suggestion of things to check. I don’t know why they are focusing so much on this enlarged spleen when they should be doing a biopsy of your liver first in my opinion That is the most definitive test you can have. There is a reason it is enlarged and the job it does is so much more important than the spleen. The liver has about 500 functions.

    LDL, VLDL, HDL, ASD – What could that indicate?
    Hello, I have hepatitis b and other symptoms that I am trying to understand. Doctors think that I have something else besides hep. B – here I go:
    Blood test: ast 48, alt 85, cholesterol 256, triglycerides 211, vldl cholesterol 42, ldl 171, hdl 43, cholesterol/hdl ratio 6.0.
    CT -mosaic attenuation pattern, other CT mosaic perfusion, X-Ray – possible pulmonary venous pressure, ultrasound enlarged liver, ekg – normal, stress test – normal, blood pressure -normal.

    I have constant chest and back pain (mid), lower back pain, swollen abdomen with constant pain that is always followed by chest pain, breathing normal but feel lack of breathing, tiredness, depression, bitter mouth, nausea.

    Anything I do with the body it increase the abdominal pain is if I am stretching the skin and inside organ

    please give me your opinion

    • ANSWER:
      your risk ratio is 6 it should be 4.5 you need to treat your cholesterol with lipitor..with periodic check of liver functions since u suffer hepatitis b…u need to follow with good doctor

    How can it be high last month and normal this? Urinobiliogen?
    Ok so I am in school for Medical Assisting and we were doing Urinalysis last month and my urinobiliogen was HIGH ….Its supposed to be neg. but I went to the Dr’s and he said it could be many different things but since i have a rare disease that causes tumors to grow and spread (benign thank GOD) that it may have made my liver become enlarged since it did that to my Spleen in 05. SO I have been scared ..I have no Health insurance anymore so they wont give me ct scans (it sucks) but Does anyone know if its normal to have your Urinobiliogen be hig and then drop back to normal again? I just want medical advice. Thanks :)
    thanks to all whos looking online. I have looked online too. I know what it indicates and normal levels. I just dont know if its supposed to go high like a 8 one day and back to 0 a month later?…..Its confusing and i dont have $ for a million tests.

    • ANSWER:
      I Googled this for you it may help but you will see that it says that it is not normal for a negative result:

      Normal urobilinogen range in urine
      less than 17 umol/l (< 1mg/dl) Urobilinogen measuring range 0 - 8 mg/dl Levels of urobilinogen in the urine In the intestines bacteria form urobilinogen from bilirubin. This is then absorbed and passes to the liver and urine. Abnormal urobilinogen values may indicative of Increased value overburdening of the liver increased urobilinogen production re-absorption - a large hematoma restricted liver function hepatic infection poisoning liver cirrhosis Low values failure of bile production obstruction of bile passage Further action required if low or high urobilinogen values are found in urine Investigate further to determine the possible cause. Our urobilinogen urine test strip The test uses an aminobenzaldehyde which strongly reacts with urobilinogen under acidic conditions to produce a range of pink colors. All colors indicating less than 17 umol/l (1mg/dl) urobilinogen should be interpreted as normal. A negative result at any time does not preclude the absence of urobilinogen. In addition, the test cannot be used to detect porphobilinogen. High concentrations of p-aminosalicylic acid and sulphonamides may obscure test patch color. Nitrite, isonicotinic acid (INH) and indole have little or no effect on the test. Detection range: 3 umol/l urobilinogen Active reagent: aminobenzaldehyde (0,17% w/w); sulfosalicylic acid (40,0% w/w).

    Can you still have cancer if your CBC tests results are normal?
    I have had an enlarged spleen, high bilirubin count, liver function tests have doubled in 6 days. AST was 50; today it is 101; ALT was 54; today it is 121. My platelets were a little low, I have a cyst on my ovary and an enlarged gut. I am so fatigued all the time, I am using the bathroom a whole lot more, but been constipated as well (prob more info than you care to read – sorry) However, a different dr took a whole new round of cbc tests and those came back normal. Does anyone have any insight as to what is going on? I can’t sleep b/c I am worried about what is going on in my body and I feel like I am about to lose my mind.

    • ANSWER:
      A CBC is not a cancer screening test. It only indicates organ functionality based on the levels of various chemicals in the blood.

      Many cancers, particularly in their early stages, will have absolutely no direct or indirect impact on CBC results.

    Back ache and aches that move, for over a month (long read)?
    This all started 5 weeks ago, I had just finished a night of heavy drinking and had an ibuprofen. The next day I woke up, felt ok.. but later in the day my left side started to ache. It wasn’t that bad at all, but I noticed it. Well, I had a wedding to go to so I ended up drinking again that night (I usually don’t drink this much, didn’t really feel up to it either.) Well the next day, I woke up to my vein in my left testicle that was completely enlarged. Also when I tried bend over to try to pick something up there would be a slight ache in my left side. 4 days had passed and it wouldn’t go away, so I went to the er. They did a ct scan and “think” they found a 2mm kidney stone, but also thought it might be a “calcium deposit.” Well, I started drinking a lot of water, and over the course of a few weeks the pain started to change. A large muscle began to bulge out on the left side of my back, closest to my spine.. also if I would press deep inside my left flank area, I could feel a sore tenderness. My left rib has started to become sore underneath, and just last week I started to feel a sensation of nausea coming from the left side, sometimes right (intermittent, every few days). What suprised me was my kidney ultrasound yesterday came back normal, no stone.. yet the strange aches persist and I have not passed a stone in my urine. Also, many veins have been appearing in my scrotum (purple and red small veins.) the urologist says these are normal, but I definitely did not have these before the incident. I’ve been drinking a lot of water, no alcohol. I did have a blood test that showed slightly elevated liver ALT enzyme of 71, but the doctor says its not that bad and shouldn’t be causing my symptoms. A few days ago after massaging the slight bulge in my left back (most doctors think its a muscle) the ache spread to the right side (for about a day) but then disappeared. I can only describe the side pain as a sort of nausea, and uncomfortable feeling under my rib. It is almost impossible to find anything that matches all of these symptoms. I am having an h pylori test, and possibly an upper edoscopy next week. Does any have any ideas of what could be causing this, I am only 27 and have next been sick for this long?
    note, they found a small vericocele in my left testicle.. not really having problems “down there” lately. Mostly just side pain and back pain.

    • ANSWER:
      If ur dr cant figure it out then u should seriously try accupuncture. Good luck

    Liver problems, any ideas?
    I will try to keep this short. For 6 weeks or more I have had pain in my legs that
    gets worse when walking. At night I cannot get comfortable and try laying various
    ways to get to sleep until finally I just fall to sleep. I went to the Dr. and she
    said maybe bursitis, gave me 100 mg of Ultram ER. Which isn’t doing anything
    that I can see. I requested bloodwork as I was
    having symptoms of liver problems again (I had fatty liver a few years ago), They
    call the very next day and tell my husband that my liver function test was elevated
    again for some reason. I am scheduled for a liver/abdomanal scan this coming
    Friday. I have gained weight recently and am “swollen” “bloated” which started
    at christmas. I never found out why my liver was fatty back then they never
    diagnosed me and I am afraid that they never will. I hurt in the upper
    abdominal area after I eat and at times I can feel my “liver” which I think
    is enlarged again. It is difficult wearing my normal clothes. I am having
    night sweats waking up feeling like I am in an oven. I had a hysterectomy in the
    late 90′s. Also I have had some tarry stools. Does anyone have any suggestions
    where I can go to get some advice or where a good hepatologist is in Virginia?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      hmmm to be honest im a medical student and all your symptoms are those of a failing liver… as regards to why your liver was fatty well the most common cause is heavy drinking… are you a drinker?? the thing that caught my attention was that you said AT TIMES u feel ur liver… well a liver doesnt enlarge then shrink again in short periods… if it is enlarged it will stay that was until the cauative agent is removed… i dont believe your hysterectomy has anything to deal with your symptoms… tarry stools are a result of poor liver functions… Finally I dont live in Virginia so i cant really help u there…
      Hope you get well soon!!

    How can I stop progression of my Liver cirrhosis?
    Hi Friends,

    I was suffering HCV Genotype 3.
    my hematologist made some diagnosis to identify the viral infection while i don’t had any complains or complication.

    Unfortunately he never made any liver biopsy before therapy.

    Before starting therapy my Pathological report was below:

    S.Bilirubin: .9mg/dl
    Prothombine:INR 1.13
    HCV Genotype:3
    CBC:was normal range.
    ULTRA SOUND: Liver Slightly Enlarged with Coarse
    & Mild splenomegaly

    After they started Pegasys+Rivabirin my SGPT,SGOP was raised till 292,Some times platelet count was decreasing up to 60×10

    during the lower platelet count my hepatologist decreases the dose to 135mcq(pegasys)

    My ALT level was decreasing gradually.
    After finish my treatment I went aboard & failed to follow up.
    That time I was taking NSSRI Anti depressants CIPRALEX
    Around one year came back to home & went to the hospital for check up.
    Doctor made some tests followed

    ULTRA SOUND: Portal fibrosis, Scarred Tissues & Mild splenomegaly
    ALT(SGPT):73 U/L
    S.Bilirubin:1.0 mg/dl
    Prothombine: 1.13 INR
    Anti HCV:Positive
    HCV Quantitive: Less than detectable limits
    Andoscopy: Grade ii-iii Oesophaegal Varix
    Moderate Degree of portal hypertensive gastropathy
    Duodenal Ulcer
    CBC & Blood Film: are normal except lower platelet count 108×10

    After that they Made EVL
    From the day the made EVL I can’t eat very well,Its paining.
    Doctor gave me some 3rd generation antibiotic
    After that he made
    SGOT=100 U/L
    SGPT=125 U/L
    Serum Total protein: 85gm/l (63-84gm/l)
    Serum Albumin:38.00gm/l( – )
    Anti –HBs:<3.0mIU/ml Anti-HAV IgM:Non Reactive Total Cholesterol:167.0mg/dl H.D.L:51.0 mg/dl LDL:102.0 mg/dl Triglycerides:70.0 mg/dl Chest P/A View:Normal Now I am Taking medicine: 1.Leganon 75mg (Sylimarin)2x3 times daily 2.Losartan Potassium 25mg 2 times daily 3.Amino Acid 2 times (Hepa-Merz) daily. 4. Vitamin E 400 mg 5. Vitamin C 500 mg Now my Hepatologists advised me to made another HCV Quantetive from different pathology centre. Readers & Specialists physicians please advice me how can I stop progression of my Liver cirrhosis?

    • ANSWER:
      am a med student. but will still try to answer it.
      i think you were put on a pretty good regimen. standard treatment of antibiotics and antihypertensives. and some antioxidants. good diet and healthy hygiene is essential for quick recovery. the great thing about liver is that it regenerates completely unless it progress to grade 4.
      so keep up with your regimen and hope for the best

    Will a hepatitis test by my doctor show any kind of hep, including alcoholic hep?
    I have been seeing my doctor for a year and a half now, with various symptoms ranging from dizziness, major fatigue, convulsions as I fall asleep, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, mental changes and almost constant flu like symptoms. I had endoscopy a couple of months ago as I was being sick every day for about a month. I cannot tolerate alcohol any more. The pain in my abdomen has now settled to below the ribs on the right and also under the right ribs and my right side. All are over the liver and my doc did LFT bloods which came back normal. I haven’t been tested for hepatitis yet, but i’m fairly sure I will be soon. My concern is that I was a previously fit and healthy individual and these symptoms started really suddenly one day after a drinking session the night before. (about 3/4 btl of vodka.)

    I also have reactions to almost al meds i’ve been given, like my liver cannot process them. Sorry for the long story. Basically I would like to know if a hepatitis test will show all types of hp, or are there different tests for each type of hep.

    My other concern is that I also get lower right abdo pain and think that if it’s not my liver, could it be my gall bladder or appendix.

    the doctors have been pretty much stumped by my symptoms and it seems that if you don’t have a lump or obvious illness, then they haven’t got a clue. The doctors were not concerned about my symptoms but one night I felt so ill i ended up at A&E who ccouldn’t believe that the doctors hadn’t given me any meds or referred me for more tests. Thankfully I am now going to be seen at hospital, but not for another month.

    I should also say that I have lost a lot of weight, so suddenly that the doctor told me to weigh myself every day and go back if I lost any more. When she said this, I had lost 4 pounds in 7 days but had not altered my diet in any way.

    I should point out that I AM NOT an alcoholic and am not a heavy drinker. The concern about alcohlic hep is because I had drunk 3/4 btl of vodka the night before the sudden onset of symptoms. This was over a year and a half ago and i’ve gotten nowhere with the doctors. I admit I used to drink fairly heavily on a night out, which was only at weekend. I very rarely drink at all now. I think there have been 4 or 5 occassions this year that I have had a couple of drinks. (new year, birthdays) and I do mean a couple. But on my birthday I had a pint of cider and then spent the next hour being sick, bringing the cider back up. That is why I am concerned about my liver.

    One other thing I would like to add is that I took Roaccutane when I was a teenager, for acne. I was on it for 6 months. I know now that it has been well documented for causing liver damage which is another worry for me.

    I also don’t think I have had any alcohol now since May. I don’t have a problem with alcohol, it doesn’t bother me if I drink or not. But I would like to have a beer now and again, it just seems like I can’t tolerate it.

    Over the year and a half, I have had 4 LFTs, all normal. I have also had all other standard blood work done, an endoscopy, an ultrasound (which was normal and my liver was NOT enlarged). I have also had an ECG for my heart, a chest X-ray, been to ENT about the dizziness and also had a head and neck MRI, and my eyesight tested(for the dzziness), had a blood test and a sample taken during biopsy for H-pylori and a muscle enzyme blood testAll tests came back completely NORMAL, and the doctors really do not know what is causing my symptoms. Also my blood prssure, blood sugar etc is all fine.
    I also have pain in my lower back and in my back over my kidneys

    • ANSWER:

    Will I be ok after drinking last night and recently having mono?
    I was diagnosed with mono 3 weeks ago, and had symptoms for about a week leading up to that. After a week of being diagnosed, I went to the doctor and got a liver spot test, which came back showing that I had no inflammation in my liver. A week ago I went for another check up, and my doctor checked me out and did abdominal palpitations in order to check for an enlarged spleen or an enlarged liver, but both were normal size and in the right place in my abdomen. There was no inflammation. He even told me I could go back to weight lifting and heavy exercise and do normal things again, just not any contact sports just to be on the completely safe side. I’ve actually been feeling well/normal for over a week and half/ two weeks now. Last night, I had about 5 to 6 alcoholic drinks over the course of 3 hours. I’m 6’3″ and weight about 182 pounds. Was this insanely stupid? I have been feeling good for two weeks now and don’t even have any symptoms of mono any more. Will this cause any short term/ long term adverse effects on my body? Should I do anything about it, other than not drink for awhile? I know I should not have and won’t be drinking again for a long time.

    • ANSWER:

    Does this sound like IBS to you? *tmi*?
    It all started in the later part of last summer.
    I would go #2, and find mucous in my stool. Sometimes white, sometimes yellow. A lot of gas too.
    For the most part, I am constipated, and sometimes I will go 3 days with out a bowel movement. About once, every week or 2, when I go, my stool will come really small (like a pebble), and it will be stark white.
    I am also having this tight feeling under my right rib, and below it. Feels like there is something stuck in there.
    I approached my doctor on this back in beginning of the winter, and she ordered a stool sample, that came back normal.
    Stool sample checked for parasites (ew) and, blood.

    My doctor never mentioned anything about IBS, she just said the tests came back fine.

    Both my mother, and my sister have IBS.
    I was told 2 years ago, that my liver is slightly enlarged, but again, since the liver function tests came back 100%, my doctor was not concerned.

    What are your IBS symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      You should be seeing a gastroenterologist or
      hepatologist. Let me explain why.
      Our bodies make a substance, known as bilirubin.
      It is made from our dead red blood cells by the liver and
      spleen. The liver takes this substance, which is known
      as a pigment because it colors other things (it is
      a greenish/brownish fluid) and convert it into a soluble
      form to flow as part of the bile (which the liver makes)
      through tube like structures, known as ducts, to the
      gallbladder to be stored and then released when we
      eat. When it is released from the gallbladder, it goes
      back into these ducts and flows down to the intestines
      to help emulsify and digest the fats we eat.
      Anything that blocks the flow of this bile in the ducts,
      whether it is a stone that formed in the gallbladder and
      moved into the ducts, or there is a growth of some sort
      in the ducts, or the ducts become twisted or malformed,
      or even an infection…can cause this bile to back up
      into the liver and cause liver cell damage…of which, it
      can cause the immune system to respond and cause
      inflammation inside the liver which causes the liver to
      enlarge in size. I hope you were able to follow this.

      Since the bilirubin isn’t reaching the intestines, it can
      cause the stools to take on a lighter appearance, even
      turn a grayish white color.

      You need an ultrasound or CT scan to check the liver,
      the entire biliary area. You may need a colonoscopy to
      check your intestinal area to see if inflammation has
      developed there. This may be just an infection of
      the intestinal area or IBS, or the starting of something
      more serious like crohns or ulcerative colitis.

      I’m going to give you a site about gallstones first:


      Now, I’m going to give you a sites that has
      patient pamphlets that explain about
      these different intestinal problems like IBS,
      Crohns, Ulcerative colitis and about the



      Just click on these links to go to them.
      No one blood testing is 100% accurate.

      I hope this information has been of some help to you.
      Best wishes

    How to get rid of ascites?
    My fiance has a majority of problems, but the doctor said he is very lucky that he has a second chance to live! He had a serious alcohol problem, and got sick with jaundice looking skin and eyes. We went to the hospital and they told us he had an enlarged liver. They said it would take 2-3 months for it to get back to normal again. He also has hepatitis from drinking which caused ascites( which is fluid around the liver and other organs) They said his ascites sacs were very small and would be hard to “tap” So after 13 days in the hospital he was realeased. He is on a salt restriction diet and doesnt have over 1,000 mg. of salt. And he has two directics pills which he has been taking for the past 2 days. It has gotten better because he was always having adominal pain… but his stomach is so bloated and he looks pregnant because of the fluid. I dont know if the directics are exactly working…. he should be peeing more. He will take the pill in the morning and wont pee till 2 hrs later… Is this normal? Does it take a while for the pills to go in his sytem and work? Im so confused. Please help

    • ANSWER:

    I need a doctor or someone who knows what could be wrong with me please! im sick all the time?
    About me: Im 17, a senior this year and suppose to be graduating(im missing so much school tho because of this), im 4’11, and im a girl

    What my problem is: Im nauseous allllll the time no matter what, i never feel great or how im suppose to, not extremely nauseous all the time but its always there, when i eat it gets worse, and other triggers such as my period or some of the tests ive been threw with stuff you have to drink or getting a stomach virus will put me in the hospital because i throw up and cant stop till i am given drugs. I also get pain where my liver is.. about 2 and a half months ago i weighed 102 lbs, i have dropped 12 lbs for no reason and i now look anorexic ( I am not anorexic by the way). I have gained 3 lbs back and currently don’t seem to be losing weight right now. If i start losing weight again, theres not much more i can lose. Those are my biggest issues tho…

    My Symptoms:

    weight loss
    pain where my liver is
    my heart has moments where it races occasionally
    sometimes i get hot for no reason(and my heart will speed up)
    occasionally get light headed
    back hurts
    sometimes neck and right shoulder hurt
    feel run down

    History/What I have had done:
    Last year in October I had my gallbladder out because I would get the same nausea, run down tired feeling I have now and get pain close to the area I have pain now. When they took it out it made me feel much better! they said i had no gall stones, and the only problem they found was that my gallbladder had worked so hard it had tightened up so much and toughened because it worked so hard. So i felt good for about 8 or 9 mnths an now this has started.

    I also get the worst! periods, im not sexually active because i have chosen to wait till im older, and have never been checked down there, i am however on birth control, that keeps me out of the hospital every month because i get it so bad. I thought many girls have this problem tho and are also having to take it for the same reason. I do plan on getting checked but could that really have something to do with me being sick?

    Anyways in the past month Ive had an
    ct scan
    mre(the new mri to look at my organs)
    stool test
    bloodtests for ciliac, and other things
    Im having more blood tests tomorrow to check for much much more

    Its all embarrassing really but i gotta find out wats wrong and i tried to make it so my information was easy to read, i hope it worked

    Please if you are going through the same thing, or your a doctor, or you know what this could be at all please let me know anything, all my results for everything have come back normal, could my liver be the problem? thats where my pain is but its not enflamed or enlarged according to my tests, nothing shows up. I just wana feel good and i dont know what to do. anythings appreciated. thank you

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think doctors have time to come on Y/A, so I don’t think you will get any replies from them. My goodness with all of the tests you have already had, no one one here could possibly tell you what is wrong if the doctors can’t figure it out. Have you thought about seeing a psychiatrist or someone like that. You really need help. Hope you find something out soon and I hope it is good news and you can get fixed up soon. Hang in there.

    Can my dog recover from liver damage?
    Yesterday morning me and my husband were awakened by my 3 year old male doberman peeing in the bedroom floor. My husband got up to rush him outside and he collapsed right before he got him to the back door. I then tried to get him to go outside and he pooped on himself. I looked at his gums and they were really white. I freaked out and then called the emergency vet and they told me to get him there as quickly as possible. This is about a 30 min drive and on the way there I sat with him in the backseat while my husband drove. When we got to the vets office he was fine. He was wagging his tail his gums had a little more color in them. They couldn’t find anything wrong. This vet proceeded to tell me that he had an irregular heart beat and that he may have a heart problem. I then took him to my regular vet when they opened and the run some tests on him and said everything seemded to be normal except that he had an enlarged prostate. He is not fixed due to him only having one testicle that has dropped and it was going to cost 0 to get him fixed. I know he needs to be fixed and I will take care of that later

    The test results come back today and he said something about the liver reading being in the 900′s and the normal is supposed to be 120
    He asked if he could have gotten ahold of anything like tylenol or anything like that. He said he has never seen it this high. After I got off then phone with him I remebered that a pack of stackers with one pill in it had fell from a shelf in the kitchen the other day and i picked it up and put on the kitchen counter. When i went to look for it it wasn’t there. I have searched the whole house, in between couch cushions, under furniture everywhere and can not find the wrapper or anything close to it.
    Could this be what had happened to my dog? Will his liver recover from that?
    Also my dog is acting normal since he arrived at the first vets office yeaterday morning at 5 am. He has been eating normally and drinking plenty of water. He has been acting like himself.
    The vet had me bring him in again to run some more blood work to double check the numbers because they were so high. I can’t afford paying outrageous vet bills and I am hoping someone knows more then what the vet is telling me or if another vet can give another opinion. I would really appreciate it to hear responses from vets.
    I also wanted to know if his liver readings were that high if he would have any symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately, I am very familiar with liver disease in dogs. A couple of years ago one of my dogs was diagnosed with it.
      Vets will tell you it can be either genetic, because it common in some breeds. You can search online to see if liver disease is common in Doberman’s.
      Another cause for liver damage or disease is from meds, age and the environment. If your dog ate the 1 Tylenol pill, it would have caused your dog’s liver enzyme levels to be very elevated.
      Other symptoms of liver disease is if your dog loses his balance and walks kind pf wobbly. Almost like he’s drunk. If he does not eat as much, drinks a lot of water, some hair loss, and if his foot pads become crusty and scaly. When these symptoms occur, usually the liver disease is advanced and not good.
      If the bloodwork was the only symptom, that could be a good sign. There are treatments and a diet you can do to help your dog live a good life and flush the toxins out of his body.
      Ask your vet if there are any vet specialists in your area. Your dog needs a liver specialist(endocronology, oncology, internal medicine). If your vet or you can’t find a specialty vet group, check nearby colleges. If money or ask your vet to call specialists and get info. on an IV treatment for liver disease. Basically, the vet just flushes your dogs system with amino acids/fluids.the treatment lasts just 1 day at a time. If the symptoms go away, then you can just do the treatments as needed.
      There is a great diet I found by researching online. Dogs with liver disease need a high protein/low fat diet. I gave my dog a low protein dry dog food. Then, every day, twics/day or however many times a day you feed your dog, feed him a small diet of chopped boiled or scrambled egg(give him mainly the egg whites), cottage cheese(a couple tablespoons or so), steamed veggies, fruit, cooked rice or potatoes and boiled chicken breast. This diet gives your dog the protein it loses from the liver not functioning properly. It also boosts amino acids that your dog needs and helps him feel better.
      Have your vet redo the bloodwork in about 2-3 weeks. If the levels are back to normal, that is great. If they are still high then ask your vet to recommend a specialist or have him call one to give him some suggestions and mention the IV amino acid/fluids treatment.
      I hope things work out for your dog. I’m not trying to scare you with my advice and such, it’s just that liver disease in dogs is serious and the sooner you help him the better it is for him.
      Best of luck to your dog. Hope I helped.

    what could be wrong with me? Went to 5 doctors and they all can not figure it out…..?
    First diagnosed with SVT and arrhythmia, then i got this horrible pain in my throat for 2 days could not eat or swallow, then i had rapid weight loss, hair started falling out and no period for 7 months. Then got blood work done and liver enzymes came back extremely elevated. hair continues to fall out i have rapid weight gain and sever swelling. My stomach is always cramping, same as my legs keep getting horrible pains and cramps. difficulty breathing and rapid heart beat (svt) Now i got more blood work done and my cholesterol is high and they said i have epteinn bar. But it doesn’t cause hair loss and no period. My blood work said no problem with thyroid and fsh (womens hormones are all normal) .. I also have been extremely tired and constipated recently. I went and got a sonogram of the thyroid and levels came back normal but they said the right lobe looked slightly enlarged.??? please someone help me out.. Im only in my 20s and all the doctors and specialist i have seen are bewildered.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t give up. Instead of wasting time and money seeing 50 different doctors, I highly recommend you see a psychiatrist. (Not because you’re crazy! That’s just an old stigma.) They are the smartest doctors. They go to school an extra 4 years, and they know how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.
      I know what I’m talking about, so please don’t blow me off!
      Bless you and good luck soon. :)

    Does nausea go along with mono?
    Basically the story is I’ve been sick ever since eighth grade and now I’m a senior. I’m sure you don’t want to read the whole story so here is what I’m dealing with now. I have recently been diagnosed with mononucleosis along with an enlarged spleen. I have a wonderful medical team here that has been helping, but even they are puzzled. I’m in terrible pain under my ribs on both sides. Abdominal ultrasound showed everything normal except a slightly enlarged spleen. Blood work showed that my liver is fine. There is no bleeding or tear in my spleen my main doctor says. He doesn’t understand why I’m in so much pain. I also have lower abdominal cramps. Last year, I started getting acid reflux and severe nausea after I got a bad case of the flu. Now that’s all back, terribly. I take Prevacid and Carafate (high doses) and still get heartburn. I take Maalox and it eventually goes away. As far as the nausea goes, it feels like I have to vomit so bad. I run to the bathroom and cough and gag. Nothing ever comes up except thick saliva. I take Zofran but that doesn’t even help much. I do have delayed gastric emptying, B12 deficiency, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. These are all under control with medication. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the terrible reflux and nausea? I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy a few months ago and it was fine. I even was on a milk protein and dairy free diet, that didn’t help. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink caffeine. Don’t eat big meals (eat 5 small meals). Am tall but my weight is fine. I’m so frustrated.

    • ANSWER:

    is something wrong with my liver? am i gonna die?
    idk what is going on i just don’t feel well at all lately. like i am really tired all the time, even though i sleep plenty. i have a headache like all the time and i have circles under my eyes. i have severe depression and i can’t concentrate and i am irritable.
    I was recovering from anorexia and i need to see the doctor every few months. recently i have lost a lil weight unintentionally due to sports and he said my pulse and blood pressure were low and he felt my liver and said it was slightly enlarged. then he had a blood test done on me for hypoglycemia cuz i hav been feeling very hungry like right after i eat and stuff and it came back negative and my blood levels were normal except for estrogen which was low.
    but lately i am feeling even worse and im afraid this means im gonna die. i checked here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liver_disease and i have some of the symptoms of a diseased liver. so does this mean im dying. im only 16 and i dont want to die. what should i do?
    i said my blood tests came back normal so the doctor didnt do anything. but i still feel like im dying so idk.
    oh and i made some comment about how i couldnt be forced to see a doctor when im 18 and the doctor was like that is if you live to be 18.

    • ANSWER:
      Caaaalm down! *huggles*
      It otay! You won’t die, I’m sure. Don’t think that way, even if you might have a liver disease. At least you went to a doctor. I’m sure he would tell you and your parents something if you had a disease! Don’t worry! calm down, everything will be okay.
      You can’t win, if you keep telling yourself you’ll die!!
      I’m sorry, I’m not so sure what to tell you! My sister was 16 when the doctor said she had a tumor (NOT trying to scare you!!!) and she had an enlarged liver. DON’T worry! My family has all sorts of health problems. =/
      But, I really don’t think this is my place to tell what the medical situation is, although I wanna be a doctor.
      If you feel pain, then keep asking your mom to take you to the doctor, especially if you start losing ALOT of wieght!

      (Hopefully, there are good answers on here. =/)
      I’m REALLY sorry for the bad answer!

      Edit: What kind of doctor would say that? O.o

    Is this normal?
    It seems like my fiance always says he is sick when I am for attention. Like back in May I got strep throat which we later found out was mono, and my liver and spleen were enlarged so I had to rest as much as possible. My left side hurt a lot when I would do too much so I would have to stop to keep my spleen from rupturing. About 3-4 days later he starts talking bout how bad his side hurts..his doc does a mono test it comes back neg. The next day while he’s supposed to be working he calls me from the ER saying he called an ambulance cuz his side hurt so bad. They did tons of tests, he was perfectly healthy.

    A couple weeks ago I had a bad case of the stomach flu. I was throwing up three times every thirty minutes. The next week he says he feels really sick, goes to the nurse (he works at a school) to have his temp taken, its normal and he stops complaining after that.

    There are more but I’m outta room. Does it sound like hes exaggerating? Is anyone else dating somebody like this?

    • ANSWER:
      He may really believe that he’s sick. Monkey see, monkey do.

    Can you figure out what’s wrong with me?
    I have this rare illness that keeps coming back. I’ve had it more then a year now maybe as long as 4 or five! starts with a fever( as high as 104.2) accompanied by huge swollen glands in my neck. Shortly after my fever is gone I get a huge skin rash, like big hives ( target shaped, red itchy and raised) they only are on my arms and legs, never on torso, face or back.( like most allergic reactions) they last about 2+ weeks then go away. I also have horrible bone aches mostly in my ankles and knees that almost disable me from time to time THATS not normal for a 19yr old girl. And I get these episodes about once a month. I’ve seen many doctors with lots of different ideas but know one knows. I have had tons of blood work done and everything is normal other then a mildly enlarged liver. Please help! It’s ruining my life!!!! If you have had anything similar or ideas of what it could be please tell me!!

    • ANSWER:
      i think you would do better to go to an herb shop and show the lady.
      they are well versed in things like this…..
      if you dont have an herb shop where you are
      call shelly………….at= pilgrims herb shop…………… in Coeur d’ alene , Idaho

      she knows everything about herbs and what they are good for.
      dont suffer anymore……get some herbs and get rid of this
      visit your local herb shop….and get some relief


    Get answers from millions of real people.?
    I am 62, male. In the last 6 months I would sometimes have a slight stiffening sensation in my left leg which would stay for a very short time (less than a minute ) , I went to the physician who made all tests and checks thoroughly and dismissed it as a non event .

    Then 3 weeks back I had a choking sensation with funny throbbing in the throat . An ENT specialist did the throat exam , all clear there .
    A barium swallow test also showed clear food pipe . Thereafter I went for the ECG , there it was ! I was missing heart beats @ 1 in 20 ( one in twenty ) . My physician again dismissed the palpitations as nothing serious and prescribed only Aspirin .

    Nonetheless I went to see a cardiologist who examined me , had detailed blood tests done and did Angiography and EKG . Ultimately he also gave a clean chit to my heart saying my missing pulse rate would be corrected in the course and has prescribed a doze of 50 mg of Metaprotol tartarate daily.
    My symptoms are continuing though less frequently , I get tired after a little activity , I have choking sensations with palpitations and missing heart beats . My thyroid tests are normal , my cholesterol is 206 , LDL is 48.6 and triglycerides are 243 .

    Stomach ultrasound shows organs more or less normal, there is a small biliary sludge in gall bladder. Liver is normal but has a slightly enlarged echogenecity.

    Other liver tests results are : AST / SGOT (20) , ALT / SGPT ( 39) , Bilirubin ( total ) 2.39 . My kidneys are normal with only mild BPH .
    Other organs are normal .

    What more is required to be done ?
    What do I have ?
    Is the diagonosis correct ?
    Am I due for a heart Attack ?

    These are the questions in my mind, please advise.

    • ANSWER:
      sometimes a specialist only looks at the area of their specialty. To me it sounds like you need to find a good primary care that will take all results and look at the big picture. Sometimes a little here and a little there adds up to a whole lot somewhere else. I grew up with a girl whose father was sick, went to mult specialists for various symptoms and it took the pathologist (coroner) to put it all together. If you keep feeling bad then keep insisting on tests, you have the right to a diagnosis. If the Dr.s don’t want to listen, than move to the next one. Good luck.

    My cat lost weight he eats well but is still so thin?

    My cat is 16 years old an recently lost a lot of weight. He eats normally, drinks normally, is not vomiting and goes to toilet normally. Wormed him and it made no difference.

    Took him to the vet who said his gums were infected, (he did have smelly breath) gave us Antirobe tablets and he no longer has smelly breath. But they want £200 -£400 to do dental work.

    They also said his liver was enlarged and want £40 referral and £500 to scan his liver, or £160 to open him up and look.

    They did bloods for Thyroid testing as well other tests and a urine test and it all came back negative.

    As he is so thin 3Kg, we don’t think he will survive the anesetic for the teeth the scan or the operation to look.

    He is not interested in going out any more and virtually lives in my room, he purs all the time and loves to lick my nose or sleep on my head and other than being so thin and a bit wobbly occasionally on his back legs he appears his normal self.

    I have been feeding him chicken, ham and senior and kitten sachet food, he likes the ones in gravy.

    So after all of that finally the question is am I killing him by not doing anything about his enlarged liver, how do I know he has a liver problem and how do I get some weight back on him?

    Would appreciate any ideas, thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s not worms.
      If your cat has a large amount of tartar build up on his teeth, your vet can do what is called ‘hand scaling’ of the teeth. This is just breaking the tartar off without anesthesia. It won’t do anything for the dental disease but it may make him more comfortable when he eats so he’ll eat more.
      If your vet objects, saying that it won’t do anything for the dental disease; tell him you know that and want it done anyway. It is possible that your cat has a bad or fractured tooth, which is very painful. In that case you should have the dental done to get him pain free and remove the bad tooth. You can observe how he eats to tell if it is his mouth bothering him. If he chews on only one side or if he manipulates the food in his mouth before starting to chew, he may have a bad tooth (teeth).

      As to the enlarged liver, this can be many things. I don’t advocate surgery in a cat this age for a ‘look-see’. An Ultrasound (Sonogram) of the abdomen is non invasive and can be done without sedation. The cat’s abdomen just needs to be shaved. The cat will be laid on his back in a special cushioned table to keep him comfortable and in the proper position for the procedure. Most cats tolerate this without sedation. The Ultrasound will give a better look at the liver and other organs than x-rays can.

      Ultimately it is your choice how you want to proceed with diagnostics. If you don’t want to go further, that is fine. He’s your cat and you have that choice. It’s always difficult to deal with end of life – in people as well as pets. Just love your boy in the time he has left.
      Take care.

    Tonsils and lymphoma?
    In late October of 2009, I was experiencing a lot of fatigue and pain coming from my lower left ribs. I also noticed a lymph node on the right side of my neck was significantly harder and larger than the other side.

    I went to my primary care physician who ordered a basic blood test and sonogram of my upper abdomen. The sonogram showed mild hepatasplenomegaly (slightly enlarged liver and spleen) but the bloodwork was all normal. After seeing a gastro specialist, a more in-depth bloodwork (15 viles and nearly 30 tests total) was normal, but I am still having pain in my upper abdomen, especially around the spleen. Doctor suggested it was just a bug.

    However, my tonsil on the right side is significantly larger than the other and is incredibly painful and colored with dark spots. The pain radiates from my lower neck all the way to my head causing headaches on the right side. This is also the side of my hard lymph node. The other tonsil seems totally unaffected.

    About one month ago I started having night sweats as well. Not every night, but in the last 3 weeks I have had about 3 episodes and they have never happened before. In general I feel OK, but the pain in my neck and abdomen is becoming outrageous and the night sweats are awful.

    I will need to go back to square one it seems, but I keep coming across lymphoma as a cause for all of these symptoms. Has anyone experience lymphoma with these symptoms combined with one particular tonsil very enlarged?

    I am a 22 year-old male and I do not smoke and drink socially perhaps once a week or every 2 weeks, not excessively. Other symptoms I’ve had through this whole ordeal is nonstop itching of my forearms, lower legs, and the back of my neck and head but with no rash.

    Please help! I am just trying to graduate from college this semester and get this problem out of my way!
    Forgot to elaborate: my right tonsil only became swollen and painful in the last week, just after my last visit to the gastro specialist.
    In response to iceman: Yes, I would say they are definitely night sweats. I wake up in the middle of the night and my hair is soaking wet and my shirt is damp or wet. I have never looked at my sheets but I would imagine they are wet; pillowcases are definitely wet and I usually grab another one if I wake up sweaty. I also tend to sleep in colder temperatures, so I ruled out having too much heat on.

    • ANSWER:

    Air Force taking forever?
    Mainly for the Air Force folks out there. I just recently applied for the Air Force and went thru with MEPS and everything. Unfortunately, the physcian said that apparently I had a “enlarged liver.” Anyways they told me to get a consultation and I did. Got a ultra sound and blood work. And everything came back negative. Literally everything is pretty much normal, no issues, everything cool. I brought back my paperwork and everything to the recruiter who told me that he faxed my things over to MEPS. Now he told me that if the paperwork stays at MEPS, it would take about a week to hear anything back. Then he said if it goes to the Surgeon General, then it could take a month and a half. Now I’m through and I’m ready to go. I’m not an impatient person, but its already been 2 weeks and I’m trying to figure out what else they would need. If the official paper work says everything is perfectly fine. So I was hoping for some insight from former and current Airmen or military personnel. Should I stay on top of my recruiter? Call MEPS and find out the status?

    • ANSWER:
      Stop being in such a hurry,

      You will more than likely end up being in Air Force DEP for 6 months anyway.

      The Air Force has never been a service where you ship to Basic quickly.

      Calling MEPS is not gonna help, they don’t have the paperwork anymore.

      They are waiting the same as you are, for the determination to be made.

    I have a couple ?’s about my husbands health?
    For the last week he has been having stomach pain, originating on the left bottom part of the stomach..vomiting and diarrhea come and go, more diarrhea, then vomiting..we spent the whole night in the ER the other night where he received fluids and a CT scan and some lab work. They told us that everything came back normal. But in his CT scan it showed that that he has a mild fatty liver, and that he had several “BORDERLINE” enlarged lymph nodes in his mesentery. I have been googling all this information and I am scared to death that my husband has lymphoma or leukemia.. The Dr’s keep teling us it is just a stomach virus..tomorrow will be the 7th day of this, I didnt think a stomach virus lasted this long. He is doing some better but still has pain if he over eat’s or if he does somthing strenous… the only thing on his lab work that I didn’t understand was his lymphocites count was 32.2..is that a normal range? I am a nervous wreck! Please help ease my mind!

    • ANSWER:
      A little knowledge can be dangerous. WebMD and the like is a wonderful thing but they cause a lot of fear because it must be written to a vast audience of lay people with varying intelligence and reading competency. You have seen a Dr and I congratulate you for that. So many here are looking for answers when they need a Dr’s advice. SO….. Your guy has been tested and diagnosed with the stomach bug by a licensed (most likely board certified) doctor. There is your answer. Viruses can last weeks. You just have to wait it out. Stop spending that time second guessing a guy that spent 8 years in college and years of peer review when all you have to argue with is internet information and you lack of formal medical education. I work in health care and yes a fraction of people are misdiagnosed but no doctor with even a piece of competency can mistake cancer with the flu. The lymph system has a role in immunity and his count may be reflecting that he has the stomach flu.

    right abdominal pain?
    I’ve had a dull ache in my upper right quadrant of my abdominal for a few weeks now. I went to the doctor but he said my liver is not enlarged. I had blood tests done and everything came out normal. I’ve been binge drinking on most weekends for the past 3 years (I’m trying to cut back now). Any ideas? I also would like to know how to give a self test for an enlarged liver.

    • ANSWER:
      If this ache continues, ask to be referred to a gastroenterologist.
      No one blood testing is 100% accurate. They will usually do
      more than one set in a certain time period and then compare them.
      Enlargement of the liver can not always be felt. It is easier felt
      in thin people. The doctor usually has an ultrasound done to
      check the liver, gallbladder, and biliary area. (could be a gallstone
      or infection of the bile ducts)

      The doctor can only feel the very lowest part of the liver during
      examination, if it is enlarged. Patients are unable to do this.
      Doctors place their hand in the right upper quadrant of the
      abdomen and push up under the rib cage.

      If you do have a liver problem…all liver patients are told, “no alcohol”.

    Steroid induced Cushing’s disease in dogs? Spinal cancer?
    I realize that this is very long, but I just wanted to be as thorough as possible as our dog is very sick right now.

    My sister’s pekingese, Titan, has had back problems for a long time now. Earlier this year we took him to the vet because he was moaning when picked up. The doctor realigned his spine with a gun-shaped instrument. Then a couple of months ago we took him back with the same problem. The vet told us that realigning his spine at that time could cause damage and instead put him on prednisone to control the inflammation in the area and had us make sure he wasn’t climbing stairs/jumping up and down. We followed her orders and he did okay while on the meds. As he came off of them, however, we noticed that he was walking a little awkwardly but attributed it to his back issues and just kept him from running around.
    A couple of days went by like this until my sister came home late one night and found him sleeping up against her door. Usually he would move out of the way, but for some reason this time he couldn’t. She pushed the door open and found him with absolutely no ability to use his back legs. He dragged them along behind him to make his way around the room.
    We called the emergency number for our vet and were told to bring him in before they opened that morning. She told us that he was suffering from Invertebral Disc Disease, looked him over and found that he had deep tissue pain, giving us hope that he would walk again. She put him on rounds of dexamethasone and had us cage-rest him.
    He completed two weeks on the full dosage and one week of a daily half dosage and was supposed to move on to a half dosage every other day. While on the full dosage he had bloody jelly-like diarrhea. Our vet had us change him over from dog food to boiled ground beef and rice, which ended that. After a few days, he regained the use of his legs, but was/is still extremely wobbly to the point that we have to hold him up when we take him to potty outside or he will usually fall.
    Thursday was the last day of his daily half-dosage of the dexamethasone, but over the past week we’d noticed some changes in him and decided to bring him back to the vet. His bones had become prominent and his belly felt full like a water balloon even though he’d always been on the skinny side. The vet said that he didn’t look good and kept him overnight to run some blood work, get x-rays and do an ultrasound. She called us the next morning and told us that his liver looked enlarged, he was severely anemic, and that his tummy was full of fluid. She said the only way she could wrap it up in a “neat little package” would be cancer of the spine, that the steroids might have helped fight the cancer but that after a while they wouldn’t be effective. She said that she was new to the ultrasound equipment, however, and referred us to another vet in the area who would be able to get more thorough results.
    The new vet, Dr. W, did an ultrasound on him and showed us everything that was going on inside. Titan’s liver was enlarged and bright, spleen enlarged, had pockets of fluid in his abdomen/tummy, and a thickening of the wall of the gallbladder. He said that there could be a number of things that would cause this: pancreatitis, hemio-something, a reaction to the dexamethasone, and said that cancer was a small possibility, but that he didn’t think that his back issues really had anything to do with it. He recommended we get him a blood transfusion to deal with the anemia right away and sent us back to our normal vet, who would do aftercare for a few days. They did the transfusion last night and are doing another one today. He has been eating and some of the fluid in his tummy seems to have gone down.
    After we dropped Titan off at our vet for the transfusion last night we came home and did some research based on his symptoms and history. One of the things we found out about was Cushing’s Syndrome brought on by steroids (Iatrogenic), which could explain all of his symptoms. I also read that it is common in dachsunds, which made sense to me as they are commonly diagnosed with Invertebral Disk Disease and have it treated the same way Titan’s was.
    I spoke to the vet this morning and asked her if she thought this could possibly be what is wrong with him. She told me that it wouldn’t explain his boniness, which is completely opposite of what every site I’ve read on Cushing’s has said, and that she still wasn’t ruling out cancer.
    She also told me that they had given him a higher dose of dexamethasone today in case he had problems with inflammation. She had never told us that this would be done, and it was done in spite of the fact that he was now only supposed to have a half dosage of the dex. every other day until it tapered off completely according to her original prescription. He had had none yesterday. She had also given him antibiotics in case he had an infection anywhere.
    Once I corrected her about the inability of Cushing’s to cause the boniness
    Sorry Y!A keeps cutting off my question as it’s too long. I’ll try to shorten it & resubmit.
    Also just wanted to point out that my dog has seen a second vet but he is unavailable to consult with again until Monday & as my dog is receiving the blood transfusions from our regular vet, he has to stay in their facility for at least a few more days before we can take him anywhere else for another opinion.

    • ANSWER:
      Dogs with Cushing’s develop a skull like appearance. My 5 year old pomeranian has it. There is a specific test, to confirm Cushing’s.. an experienced vet knows to send blood panels to the University of Tennessee. Dr. Oliver. I would seek out an experienced vet. Try asking your Humane Society. Or join Yahoos Cushing Syndrome group. They have a list of vets by area. Alot of vets know about Cushing’s or treat it. Without being educated in new meds, etc.

    if you belive in prayer..and healing…and if you belive there is hope…please read!?
    hi my name is ashley……
    my mom was dianosed with canser about 3yrs ago is was breast canser stage 4..

    one day she came home with tears in her eyes, me my brothers and sister ran up to her in a hurry to see what was wrong…her replied to us IM DIEING …a doctor had told her it was in gods hands now and that her chances of living were not likley….after many surgeries and chemo she was anounced canser free….

    i would never forget that year she was my hero she was going throw chemo and still finding the time to take care of her family and go out and work on the yard (somthing she loved to do) ….she went to church every chance she could get to worship our father and prayed…she was so strong ….

    it was about a year later or 2 months ago..that she started feeling pain near her stomac…she thought the the swolling was from her past surgeries but a trip to the doctor had let her know that it was from an enlarged liver causing her pain…soon to find out that it was her canser that came back also in her lympatic system and bone and in her lungs….
    ofcourse we said she could get through this because she is so strong and she would tell all of us that she knows she will be okay..but she started looking so sick….she even went on strick diets but things just look worst and last week she went to the doctor for a normal visit and they told her that she had paceriseidus and that they couldnt treat it so she was transferd to a nether hospatil….they gave her meds to treat it but it didnt work as planned…today i found out that it caused both of her kidneys to stop working…. tomorro there going to hook her up to a machine in hope that her kidneys well start working again…

    so please pray for my mom , i need her with me in my life i dont know what ill do with out her….she is my everything…and i love her so much i would give anything in the world for her to get better…she has 5 kids me ashley im 17 my sister nikki she is going to be 16 on the 30th ..my little brother joseph he is 15 my younger brother samuel who is 7 and my baby brother deloyd who she calls baby is 5yrs old…..please find anyone you can to pray for her…her name is cynthia and all i want for her is to come back home and for things to be like they used to be she is only 39 she has so much time she sopose to live and i dont think my dad could take it…..they have been together since she was 18 and they worked so hard and to rasie us and we have a nice home she loves and everything was so perfect until now and we all need her in our lives…there is nobody that could ever replace her……..we all love her so much so please pray for her… she is such a good person and does not deserve this one bit………thannk you for taking the time to read this……..please help pray how ever much you can…….

    • ANSWER:
      i will pray for you and your mother.

    What’s going on with my animals, please help?
    I don’t even know where to begin, I guess I should break this into segments.

    4 weeks ago, my 14 year old cat was diagnosed with lung cancer, and liver enlargement. There was nothing that could be done, which sadly resulted in euthanasia.

    2 weeks ago, my 7 year old cat started showing the same symptoms as the cat that had passed away 2 weeks prior. After a week and a half of traveling to major veterinary hospitals to find out what was wrong, they found a mass in her lungs which wasn’t treatable yet again, and also resulted in euthanasia.

    The major vet that we traveled to told us that these two incidents weren’t correlated; they were just freak-accidents.

    Two days ago, my 4 year old dog (Bichon Frise) started breathing faster than usual, and panted continuously. He would run around, or even walk around, and get tired out easily. He’s eating and drinking, but his breathing is still rapid. We rushed him to our regular vet yesterday, where they took these x-rays (they made a copy for us).

    His (abnormal) bloodwork came back as this:


    WBC – 18.83 K/μL (normal levels: 5.50 – 16.90) HIGH
    NEU – 14.77 K/μL (normal levels: 2.00 – 12.00) HIGH


    HCO3(ven) – 16.6 mmol/L (normal levels: 20.0 – 29.0) LOW
    PCO2(ven) – 30.0 mmHg (normal levels: 32.0 – 49.0) LOW
    tCO2(ven) – 17.5 mmol/L (normal levels: 21.0 – 31.0) LOW

    Catalyst Dx:

    ALT – 147 U/L (normal levels: 10 – 100) HIGH
    ALKP – 216 U/L (normal levels: 23 – 212) HIGH
    LIPA – 4253 U/L (normal levels: 200 – 1800) HIGH
    GLU – 160 mg/dL (normal levels: 74 – 143) HIGH

    Our vet didn’t know what was wrong. He saw that his liver was enlarged, and that he had slight fluid on the edges of his lungs. He said that the fluid was nothing major, but he was worried about his liver. We traveled to the major veterinary hospital today (as we did with our cats) and they seemed to think he was healthy; that we were crazy for thinking that the same illness that killed our cats is now plaguing him. Apparently, they cannot see that he’s breathing shallowly and panting after taking two steps, which is exactly how this starts. They said that his x-ray was clear, and basically told us that our vet was ignorant for thinking otherwise (he clearly has an enlarged liver, yet they disagree with this). They told us that our 7 year old cat was fine too, but 5 days later, her disease progressed, and I’m not allowing that to happen again. We requested Internal Medicine admittance and they said that he was completely fine; that it would be pointless to run any tests. After being told that, we asked for a simple ultrasound just to make sure. Once again, they said that he’s not sick, and that the ultrasound would show nothing anyway. They also advised us to stop the medications given to us by our trusted vet. After my vet was faxed a copy of the report, he was appalled by the fact that they not only disagreed with the blatant evidence of a disease spreading via toxicities in our house, or transmittance from the other animals, but he was also extremely angry that they told us to stop the meds. I’m taking him to another vet for a second opinion tomorrow, and if they can’t figure out what’s wrong with him, I’ll travel back to the major vet and demand diagnostic tools. As for what’s causing this, I’m petrified at the thought. We’re getting an environmentalist to run some tests, and check out our house for toxicities within a few days. But until then, I just wanted to ask for others opinions/experiences, as I need to find out what’s causing this before it progresses to the point of no return.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you’re doing everything you possibly can and more. It’s a good idea that you have an environmentalist coming to check your house in a few days because if it is something in your home, like the water or something, then it can also start to affect you and your family as well. If the tests come back negative, though, then I hate to say this, but someone might be poisoning your animals. It’s just too coincidental that your animals all had and have the same condition. It can’t be the food, either, since your cats ate cat food and your dog eats dog food, right?

    Ive been drinking for near on 30 years.?
    I started drinking when I was 16 and for 30 years I have had to have a drink to see the day threw. If I know I have to go out I panic so have to drink. I dont get the shakes in the morning and dont get a hang over I just get panic attacks and think that im going to have a heart attack. I dring 2 half bottles of vodka with coke and this takes me about 7-8 hours to drink. I have an enlarged liver so I was told 2 yrs ago. When I do stop I panic for about 3 days then start feeling ok, untill something comes up and then BANG I have to have a drink, I have tryed going out without a drink but I start sweating, get palpertations and have to get out the way of people or get back home otherwise I panic badly. But with a drink I meet people, chat and do things that normal people do with no problem. I did give up for 6 weeks but the same thing happened, I panic and turn to drink when I had to go out.

    • ANSWER:
      were all in same boat, youd be suprised your not the only one, im quite shocked you dont get the shakes, but the rest of the syptoms are classic withdrawls, t stop drinking you will need medical supervision that being done in a detox, and ide recommend you go into a rehab strate after, in there u will be able t stay of the alchol and work threw your problems, thats wat i had t do, i wernt drinking for 30yrs, but a 11 yrs drinking around 300 to 400 units a week, it is very hard i havnt drank now 4 18 months and some days are very hard but medication of the doctor, and ongoing counciling always help, and have som1 u can talk t.