Cyst On Liver

Know the Treatment of Liver Cancer
The liver is the largest organ in the body, and the main heat-producing organ. It is surrounded by a fibrous capsule and is divided into sections called lobes. It is in the upper part of the abdomen on the right-hand side of the body and is surrounded and protected from injury by the lower ribs.

The liver is an extremely important organ that has many functions. This includes producing proteins that circulate in the blood. Some of these help the blood to clot and prevent excessive bleeding, while others are essential for maintaining the balance of fluid in the body.

Radiofrequency ablation procedure, electric current in the radiofrequency range is used to destroy malignant cells. Using an ultrasound or CT scan as a guide, your surgeon inserts several thin needles into small incisions in your abdomen. When the needles reach the tumor, they’re heated with an electric current, destroying the malignant cells. Radiofrequency ablation is an option for people with small, unresectable hepatocellular tumors and for some types of metastatic liver cancers. Although the procedure has a somewhat higher risk of serious complications than alcohol injection does, it appears to provide better outcomes.
On the day of treatment, the patient is given a mild sedative and pain medication. The radiologist makes a tiny incision in the groinno larger than the tip of a pencilto gain access to the femoral artery. Using moving X-ray images (fluoroscopy) as a visual guide, the physician directs a thin, flexible tube (catheter) through the artery and into the main blood vessel feeding the liver tumor. The radioactive beads are injected and carried in the bloodstream up to the tumor, where they embed and slowly kill the cancerous cells.

Surgery is increasingly being used for patients with secondary liver cancer. This can sometimes involve removing a segment of liver. Alternatively, keyhole techniques can be used to apply extreme cold or heat to localized areas of the liver.

The presence of secondary cancer within the liver implies that the primary tumor has spread via the bloodstream and as a result other organs may be at risk.

Hepatocellular cancer is more likely to develop in people with chronic cirrhosis. Your specialist may suggest a liver transplant if you have cirrhosis of the liver because of previous liver disease, infection with a hepatitis virus or from drinking alcohol. You will only benefit from a liver transplant if you have a single liver tumour that is less than 5cm across, or up to 3 tumours all less than 3cm across. There is an added difficulty of having to wait for a suitable donor. This can take months. During this delay, the cancer will continue to grow and you have other treatment to try to control it.

Radiation Exposure can lead to liver sarcomas, sometimes as long as 5 decades after the exposure. The common thread to liver cancer risk factors is chronic irritation, which causes the liver cells to divide more quickly than they ordinarily would to repair perceived damage. The more often cells divide, the more the chance for a genetically abnormal one to arise, with the gene changes leading to its becoming cancerous.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What could cause a cyst in a cat’s liver?
    My 16 year old cat was diagnosed with either a tumor or cyst in his liver, as seen on an ultrasound. I’ve been reading it’s very rare for a cat to have a liver tumor unless cancer metastasizes there from another site. No other cancer is known in this cat though. If it’s a cyst, what would cause it in a cat? Can a liver cyst be caused by worms, as I heard could cause this in other animals? Or is it most likely something else?

    • ANSWER:
      A tumor and a cyst aren’t quite the same thing, particularly on the liver. Cysts on a cat’s liver are usually benign, and treatment frequently involves removal of the cysts. However, at 16, your vet may not think surgery is wise, or he may think the condition is not serious enough to warrant surgery. Who knows what causes liver cysts; some think there is a genetic predisposition or an old age condition that is only being recognized as cats are living longer. Diet could be an issue. Some parasitic conditions can cause liver issues and cysts, and as the cat has gotten older his immune system isn’t as strong as it used to be. 16 is getting up there so you need to be prepared for more age-related issues.

      Hopefully your cat has a good prognosis and will have many more wonderful years.

    What are liver cysts and how do they affect you ?
    I recently underwent gland removal looking for cancer in my lymphatic system while doing Mir scans and ct scans they found a number of cyst in my liver the surgeon told me not to worry they would keep a check on them once a year by ct scan. What are LIVER CYSTS?

    • ANSWER:
      liver cysts ,a cyst is a fluid filled space within a tissue lining ,liver cysts are derived into ,,,1)congenital 2)acquired ,,and the acquired could be due to many causes like infections ,e.histolytica,hydatid cysts ,trauma,of course the classification is wide and many varieties these are just some of them ,the importance of the cysts is their pressure effect on liver tissue,they can induce also blockage of bile secretions ,atrophy ,options are wait and see as long everything is fine like your case ,or surgical removal ,or drainage ..and therapy for related infections if any

    Is a 14mm hemangioma cyst on a liver a serious problem?
    I just found out my mother has one… I looked it up and it says it hurts estrogen and her estrogen levels are terrible… But is she going to make it through that? I told her im gonna fill her up with some whiskey to clean her livers out and kill all that shit… But do you know anyone with it?

    • ANSWER:
      I have multiple 3-cm (30-mm) hemangiomas scattered throughout my liver. They were discovered in 1995, and confirmed again about 5 years ago. They were found accidentally, during an ultrasound done to rule out gallbladder problems.

      Liver hemangiomas are usually harmless. The liver is a large organ and is actually capable of doing some regeneration (regrowth) if it is injured.

      I have never had issues from having hemangiomas, and my doctor said “these are harmless”.

      Your mother’s estrogen levels may not have anything to do with her liver hemangioma. If she’s an older lady, she may be nearing menopause, which can cause estrogen levels to fluctuate. My multiple hemangiomas never affected myhumanismlevels.

      Whiskey won’t clean out her liver. It probably wouldn’t even affect the hemangioma.

    Gallstones and liver cyst?
    I was recently diganosed with gallstones and a cyst on my liver. Are they connected and does everybody have gallstones?

    • ANSWER:
      Had mine taken out.
      good luck

    Please help Doc discovered Mom has liver cyst , Now being sent for chest scan…Is this the normal procedure?
    My mom had some a stomach scan and the nurse called today. she told my mom that they found a Liver cyst. She said that my mom’s doctor wants her to come back in and redo the scan and do a scan on her chest now.
    My question is how can they know it’s a cyst and not a tumor? Is this serious? Do they normally run a chest scan after finding a Liver Cyst?
    Thank you sheepdog ! yes it’s a ct scan of the chest and a repeat of the stomach ct scan. Can they tell the difference between a tumor and cyst with ct scan?

    • ANSWER:
      The chest scan (presumably a CT) may be to check her lungs for cancer. Lung cancer can metastasize (spread) to the liver, causing tumors with the appearance of “cysts.”

      Don’t worry too much, though, because liver cysts are usually benign (no big deal).


      The CT can’t really determine what a mass (something that shouldn’t be there) is made of. If the mass is in the liver, an ultrasound should be able to determine whether it is solid (made up of some kind of tissue) or cystic (filled with fluid) or complex (mix of solid and cystic parts).

      Cysts are usually not a big deal. Solid masses are more worrisome, especially if ultrasound shows a lot of blood flow going to it.

      But to really determine what the mass is, the doctors will have to perform a biopsy–a procedure where they stick a needle into the thing, scrape some cells off of it, and examine them under a microscope. This should tell them if a mass is benign or malignant.

    Liver cyst that is growing at a fast rate?
    I’m a 23 year old female with no health problems besides a liver cyst. In the summer 2008, I was having pains in my stomach and my doctor did an ultrasound which found a 2.3cm in the right hepatic lobe of my liver. I seen a liver specialist who done a few more tests and said it was something that I was born with and that it was nothing to ever worry about. About 5 months ago, my right side started hurting and I went back to my family doctor, who done an ultrasound which revealed that my cyst was growing. I went back to my liver specialist, who said that my liver cyst was now on the right hepatic lobe and is 28 cm (yes, that’s right 28cm!). He is doing an MRI and has done blood work. Can liver cysts grow that big? Could that be cancerous? I’m really scared.

    • ANSWER:
      Cysts can be filled with fluid and expand . . so, yes it is possible for them to grow this large. Fluid filled cysts can be present at birth and as long as they don’t cause any problems can be left alone. Yours, however, has changed . . and although this could be just a continuation of a fluid filled cyst it also may be a symptom of liver cancer (or other types of liver disease). You may want to ask about having a biopsy. But, as for your question . . yes, liver cancer at this point cannot be ruled out, but neither can other types of liver disease. You will need to allow your doctor to continue investigation in order to reach a ‘diagnosis’ . . don’t let this go . . you need treatment for something this size inside your liver.

    Liver cyst that is growing fast?
    I’m a 23 year old female with no health problems besides a liver cyst. In the summer 2008, I was having pains in my stomach and my doctor did an ultrasound which found a 2.3cm in the right hepatic lobe of my liver. I seen a liver specialist who done a few more tests and said it was something that I was born with and that it was nothing to ever worry about. About 5 months ago, my right side started hurting and I went back to my family doctor, who done an ultrasound which revealed that my cyst was growing. I went back to my liver specialist, who said that my liver cyst was now on the right hepatic lobe and is 28 cm (yes, that’s right 28cm!). He is doing an MRI and has done blood work. Can liver cysts grow that big? Could that be cancerous? Also, with bloodwork could they tell if I had cancer? I just had a complete WBC test done the other day that came back good. I’m really scared.

    • ANSWER:

    Liver cyst that is growing?
    A few years ago a cyst was found on my liver (a size of 2.3 cm on my left hepatic lobe) and after testing the doctors said that it was something I was born with. A few months ago I started getting abdominal pains so I went back to the doctor who sent me back to the liver specialist. The new results revealed that I have a 28cm cyst on my right hepatic lobe and that’s got me scared. They are doing more testing but I won’t find out anything for 6 weeks. Could a 28cm cyst really be a tumor? I’m a 23yr old female with no other health problems. I only get sharp liver pains once in a blue moon and other than that I’m fine. Also, what will they do with a cyst that large?

    No, I meant 28cm. That’s what the second findings concluded. I thought that was quiet large myself, but upon palpation from my doctor, he claimed he didn’t feel anything. I couldn’t quiet understand what he was saying (using big words). I just want to know if cysts can grow to that size, and the likelihood that it could be a tumor?

    Thank you so much.

    • ANSWER:
      You must mean a 2.8 cm cyst.
      28 cm would be huge and should cause much more than a “once in a blue moon” pain. 28 cm is 11 inches in diameter – somewhere between a volley ball and a basket ball in size. No doctor could or should miss palpating that on an examination.
      - – -
      Primary hepatic carcinoma is unlikely in a 23 year old woman.
      Whatever testing modality / imaging study you had,
      radiologists can usually discern a solid tumor mass from a cyst.
      You are paying you doctors for these answers.
      It is your right to get these answers from the doctors involved in your case.
      They have all the details of your medical history and can look at whatever scans you have had.
      We cannot see the imaging studies here.

    Liver cyst found after ultra sound?
    I had a physical on the Monday before Thanksgiving and I had all the usual blood work done. My liver enzymes were high so my doctor re-ordered the blood work and an ultrasound on my pancreas-gallbladder. The liver came back and showed 1 cyst on the liver on the right lobe. Now he wants me to go for a ct scan tomorrow. I am very scared about this cause I never was expecting this and I don’t know what to think. Can anyone give me some advice about this or if anyone has had this before?

    • ANSWER:
      Cysts can be fluid filled, complex( meaning they have something
      other than fluid inside of them, or cancerous (very rarely).

      They may try to be deciding what type of cyst this really is.
      The most common is the fluid filled one. They normally will
      not do much as long as the cyst stays small, in this case.
      They will wait and do an ultrasound or Ct scan again in the
      future. However, if the cysts starts to enlarge in size…
      they will watch it more closely. You see, as the cyst
      enlarges in size it can place pressure on the healthy
      cells around it and cause damage to them. It depends
      on how big it may get. They can go in and remove one
      the the walls of the cyst, so that the fluid can drain out
      into the body and be absorbed. They don’t normally
      just poke a needle in this can heal up and start
      to form more fluid in it.

      This is more of a wait and see. Many people develop
      cysts in their bodies as they grow older.

      It is unlikely to be cancer…but if it is and it is just in the
      right lobe of the liver and hasn’t gone to another place in
      the body or come from another place in the body…they
      can do what is known as a resection, and remove that
      part of the liver. The part of the liver that remains,
      will grow back to normal size again as it regenerates
      new cells. (that depends on where it is located in the
      right lobe).

      I hope this information has been of some help to you.
      Best wishes
      A link to click on:

    Simple Liver Cyst Problem?
    Hi all I am a 19 year old Male from Wales in the UK, I posted on this forum back in June 2008 when I was experiencing some terrible abdominal problems. In light of these problems the doctor arranged for me to have a US scan where they found a leision of 1.2cm on my liver.

    This worried me to death at first as he said that he couldn’t make out what it was but it could be cancerous. He therefore ordered me to have a contrast MRI, the results of this were ambigous and he said it turned out that they could see it better on the US.

    He wanted it monitored, so he arranged for another US in November 2008 which I had, this revealed that the “leision” had grown 0.1cm which isn’t much but he said growth meant that he would need to do another scan a year later in order to keep an eye on it.

    I had this scan as planned in November 2009 and much to my relief it had not changed a single bit in about a year which was a massive weight off my shoulders. The doctor was happy with the way everything had been and was convinced by the growth rate that it was nothing nasty. He therefore said he didn’t want to see me again. I asked if it was an hemangioma and he said “they normally appear bright so if it is then it’s not a typical one”,

    However recently I have been getting some right side pain, I think it could mean that I have a simple cyst that is causing this and I may need to have it drained, is this a plausible explanation if not is it possible that the leision really was malignant after all and I need emergency attention.

    I had some fantastic advice on here in 2008.

    Thanks all

    • ANSWER:
      If this had been cancer, it would have gotten larger
      in size. Cysts can be fluid filled, complex (meaning
      they have a different content than fluid) or rarely,
      it can be cancer.
      Cysts are usually only watched to see if they may
      grow in size. It they start to grow in size where
      they are causing damage to the liver cells around
      them…then they can be surgically operated on
      to remove a portion of the cyst wall…the
      reason for this is because just sticking it with
      a needle to drain the fluid, the fluid may build up
      again. Most people don’t know they have a cyst
      in the liver. Pain in that portion of the abdomen
      should be checked out for probable cause….
      Usually, the pain is caused by the liver enlarging
      in size from inflammation due to liver cell damage.
      I think I would request a second opinion to be
      sure this is a liver cyst problem. Only the specialist
      doctors could tell you for sure what this is…no
      one here can do that.

      I hope this information is of some help. Best wishes

    What is a hypodense liver cyst?
    My friend had really bad abdominal pain and went to the ER. She had a CT scan and just received a letter stating that they found a 4mm hypodense cyst on her liver. She was instructed to contact an OB-GYN. But she saw an OB-GYN right after the CT scan and was cleared of any issues. Can you tell me what this kind of cyst means, any treatment that will likely follow, etc. It is Sunday and all of the offices are closed and she is really upset. Thanks!
    Also, what causes liver cysts?

    • ANSWER:
      Cysts can be fluid filled, (complex) filled with other things, or
      rarely can be cancerous. 4mm is less than 1/4 of a inch.
      If this cyst is in the liver, they should of referred her to a
      gastroenterologist not an OB-GYN
      They usually do not do anything about liver cysts,
      unless they start to enlarge in size. They will keep a close
      eye on it to see if it does. If it does enlarge, it may push on
      surrounding liver cells and damage them. If they believe
      this is taking place, they will operate and remove the wall
      of the cyst and let the fluid drain and be absorbed by the body.
      They won’t just poke a needle in it, as this can heal up and fill
      up with something again.

      Here is a link about this:

      Another link to click on:

      Best wishes

    Liver Cyst Removal??
    A relative of mine, had been suffering from abdominal pain, and was diagnosed with liver cysts..
    What is the procedure to deal with it?
    Surgery – If so, what goes on and how long is the recovery time?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • ANSWER:
      Typically cysts on the liver are caused by something. The treatment should be for the cause not the symptoms. If the cause can be cured then the pain should go away unless the person is to the point that the liver can’t recover.

    My cat had surgery to remove a cyst on his liver. he’s ok but still has a little fever? What could be going on
    The vet thinks that the cyst is non-cancerous. He is active and livley just a day after surgery. The only thing is he’s running a temperature of 103.5-8 when a normal temp is closer to 102.5. They say he could still be dehydrated. He’s been on 2 kinds of broad spectrum antibiotics for 2 days now. Is there anything else that could be causing his temperature to be that high?
    Thanks, Jeff

    • ANSWER:
      The most common causes of fever in these period are

      1) A natural inflammatory response to the stress of surgery
      2) Manipulation of a source of infection eg. Liver cyst in your cat’s case.

      These are NOT dangerous and should resolve in time.

      Other causes of fever that you should be worried about generally only kick in at least 3 to 5 days after the surgery. Considering that the surgery was only a day ago and that the fever is mild, I’d say you probably do not have to be too worried.

      I suggest that you continue the antibiotics as prescribed and watch the fever for now. If the fever persists beyond tomorrow and if your cat becomes increasingly drowsy and unlike its usual self then bring him to your vet to have a look.

    Found to have cyst in the liver. Please give me an advise on this.?
    I was found to have a cyst in the liver about 4 mm in diameter. Can someone educate me on this? Perhaps site where I can have full information? And please can you please refer me a site where I can get a cure by natural healing.

    • ANSWER:
      Cysts are usually fluid filled sacs. However, they can also have particles inside
      of them and are then known as complex cysts….or they could be cancerous, which is
      rare. Most cysts are benign.
      Usually, they do not do anything about them…but keep an eye on them.
      They don’t want to remove the fluid in them because the fluid tends to build
      up fast again….and it may become infected by the procedure. They will
      usually do something if they notice that it continually enlarges because
      the cyst will put pressure on the cells around them and the cells could become
      damaged. If it enlarges too much, they may remove a portion of the cyst wall
      and let it drain. The body will absorb the solution.

      I do not know of any sites that can cure them by natural healing.
      For someone who has alot of cysts in the liver, known as polycystic liver disease…they have a special diet. You can find that here.

      Hope this information will help you.

    can a liver cyst cause a swelling or mass in ur upper abdomen?
    i have a soft mass on the upper right of my abdomen does any one know what this is its soft and like pokes out but kinda round and hurts if i sit awhile

    • ANSWER:
      Could be a hernia. At any rate you should have it checked out as it certainly doesn’t sound normal.

    I have found out from my doctor that I have possible cyst on my liver what would cause this?
    I also have an enlarged heart but I am ok because my doctor said that I do not suffer with high blood pressure or high cholestrol

    • ANSWER:
      normally found in some individuals.

    I was just wondering if anyone had insight on liver cysts and their correlation with medication?
    I had 5 epidurals in 2 yrs, skelaxin, flexeril, celebrex, lidoderm patches and trigger point injections for a car accident. My 2004 MRi’s didn’t show anything. Now that I have been taking these Rxs for 2 yrs I have 5 or more liver cysts… I think the Rxs must be inter-related. I rarely drink, and don’t take much other meds except for the occasional advil.
    If anyone has any experience with this or can directly me to a website, advice, supplements or books on the subject would be greatly appreciated. I need to prove the Rxs are the cause of these cysts since I have never taken any of these drugs prior to the accident or had liver problems previously. Thanks any info would be helpful.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, there is a site that has really good natural product’s for your liver. I will let you check out the site and read the valuable information.

    What kind of surgeon I should take my mom to review scan that found cyst on liver/ right kidney?
    Recently, my mom had a CT Scan in Puerto Rico and they found a cyst in her liver and right kidney. She was told to have the scan done in 6 months to check and see if it’s grown. I want to take her to a general surgeon in the states and have them review the results. I am not sure what type of surgeon she needs to see or if a general is ok. She doesn’t have health insurance so it’s not like she can just go to different doctors. Any help would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      Many people as they grow older develop cysts.
      Some of them are just fluid filled…yet, some
      are more complex. The doctors usually check
      with films to make sure that they don’t grow
      in size and press on anything that can cause
      damage. If they stay the same size then they
      “may “not do anything but observe her with
      these kinds of tests. These tests should show
      if there is a problem of the type of cyst.

      There are different doctors:
      A gastroenterologist (someone who deals
      with the entire digestive system) usually does not do surgery. Yet, they can give you an opinion on whether they believe she will need one. If you
      want a real specialist…then choose a
      hepatologist…they are liver specialists.

      Usually, these doctors will turn a patient over
      to a general surgeon for surgery unless they
      would need a liver transplant…then it is
      a transplant surgeon at a Transplant Center.

      With the kidney, doctors usually send
      their patients to a Urologist…many of them
      are also surgeons themselves. Urologist
      deal with the whole urinary system.
      A Nephrologist is one who specializes in
      the kidney.

      Hope this information is of some help to you.

    If you are told that you have a cyst on your liver, what if anything should you do?
    took biopsies, and acted like things were normal and cyst was fluid only.

    • ANSWER:
      Hepatic cysts–fluid-filled cavities in the liver–usually cause no signs and are incidentally detected during tests such as ultrasound or CAT scans. Since your biopsy was normal, there is nothing you can–or should–do. These cysts are seldom treated unless they grow large enough to cause discomfort or become infected. It is likely that you have had this cyst since birth. There can be other, more serious causes, of liver cysts, but it sounds like your physician has ruled out these causes.

      I have benign liver hemangiomas–hepatic cysts that are made of marble-sized balls of blood vessels–and have been given the same advice that you were given. I have 6-7 of these cysts. Unless your doctor is alarmed, you should not be alarmed either!

    Why is it that when you have a blood test for Hydatid cysts on the liver and the result is positive on 2 occas
    2 cysts on liver , possible Hydatid. Blood tests positive, told they can be false positive and to wait 1 year to see if they grow.. I am very worried. I work in a veterinary clinic.

    • ANSWER:
      hydatid cyst of d liver is a parasitic infestation.the cyst is a intermediate stage in d life cycle of dog tape worm…..yes u must have got it from one of ur patients. there can be false positives but a scan showing a cyst with casoni’s test positive(dat is d test u underwent) is highly suggestive of hydatid cyst…..the treatment is usually surgical removal but it is necessary only if d cyst is causing any problems. As long as d cyst does not give any complications der is no need for any treatment jus visit ur doctor once in a year n get a scan done.there is a good chance dat d cyst might disappear on its own….so dont worry jus wait n watch.

    dr foiund cyst on liver, how serious is this? im so scared. er dr said it wasnt anything 2 worry about?

    • ANSWER:
      Your doctor told you true. Actually, cysts on the liver are common…especially as we age. They are truly insignificant so please don’t worry about it.

    Cyst on liver and spleen?
    Doctors tells me this not uncommon, no need for concern. Would you worry???

    • ANSWER:
      In most cases, liver cysts are asymptomatic (without symptoms) and are not cause for concern. They’re monitored. Liver cysts are one of most common forms of cysts and are found in more than 5% of world’s population. Now splenic cysts (cysts on the spleen) are uncommon and there is more than one type but I wouldn’t know what yours is. The fact that you have posted this question leads me to believe you may have doubts about your doctor’s expertise and knowledge. If that’s the case, find out exactly what type of cysts you have and get a second opinion. Without trust & confidence, what do you have?

    I have a large cyst on my liver and?
    i have a large cyst in,on my liver.twelve inches across.How will doc get rid of it? It has been painful.

    • ANSWER:
      Dumplingmuffin has a good point, however your liver is the only internal organ which will grow back if bits of it are removed. It’s going to be a big op but ultimately worth it. I wish you a speedy recovery.


    • ANSWER:
      Its best to remove the cysts, however, it may prove to be a tough surgery. Try not to indulge yourself in straneous activities, for if one raptures, it may prove to be painful.

      A cyst on the liver may be a symptom of PLD (Polycystic Liver Disease). A rather rare genetic disease.

      Cysts are a combination of various fluids enclosed by a membrane sac. They are not like pimples with pus.

    I was told by my doctor that I have a cyst on my liver. Should I be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      A cyst is the medical term used to describe a space of roundish or saclike shape in some part of the body. It may be empty or contain watery or mucus types of fluid.
      It is not uncommon to find one or several small cysts in the liver when a patient has an ultrasound scan or CAT scan of the abdomen for some reason. The vast majority of these cysts are found by chance as they do not produce any symptoms.

      These “simple cysts” usually arise because a small area of liver cells die or degenerate. The most common cause is advancing years and poor diet and lifestyle. Sometimes these cysts can be full of “fatty material” in those with a fatty liver. These cysts do not represent liver disease because the liver, being such a huge organ, has plenty of other areas containing healthy cells to enable liver function to remain normal.

    i have a cyst on my liver can liver cleanser help?
    get it off my liver

    • ANSWER:
      There’s no such thing as a “liver cleanser”. Anything that claims to be such a product is nothing but a waste of your money.

      Just ask your doctor what you should do about the cyst, then do it.

    What Are cyst in the liver?
    Are there any danger on them?

    • ANSWER:
      Cysts are little lumps (like the size of a pea, or larger) that are made out of something different from the rest of the liver. As long as your blood tests show normal liver and kidney function, and you are not having pain or fever, then there is unlikely ever to be a danger from them.

      If your blood tests show problems with kidney or liver function (kidney problems can cause cysts in the liver) then there can be a problem.

      If you don’t have pain, and don’t have fever, and your blood tests are good, then you do not need to worry.

    What does it mean to have a benign cyst?
    My mom just found out she has three benign cysts on her liver. What exactly does this mean? Could they turn malignant? What can she do about the pain that these cysts are causing her? She won’t give me details because she’s afraid to worry me, but I really want to know how bad this could get. Does anyone out there have experience with this? Any help would be very much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Benign cysts are just that. Benign, as in friendly. They are not malignant, not cancerous. This is good news. They are unlikely to become malignant. There are several types of hepatic cysts and neoplastic cysts are rare. As far as her pain, she can request an analgesic from her doctor if she doesn’t already have a prescription for one. A treatment approach depends entirely on the type of cysts she has.

      Sit her down and tell her you’re already worried. She needs to share this with you instead of keeping you in the dark about it. That causes more worry. I realize she’s trying to protect you but you sound to me like you can take it. Tell her that and tell her you love her and want to help in any way you can.

    Has anyone had a cyst on their liver? Should I be worried?
    I have recently been having horrible pain throughout my upper right side underneath my breast all the way around to my back. After several trips to the ER, they finally did x-rays, ultrasound, & CT scan. I was told that I had a 27x21mm (2.7cm) mass (cyst) in segment 7 of my liver. They told me that it was most likely benign but they didn’t think it was causing my pain. They didn’t find anything else. I am supposed to go see a family Dr. after the beginning of the year. Has anyone ever had a mass (cyst) on their liver?If so, what happened? Did you have to get it taken out? A man my husband works with had one and had to have major surgery to get it out. I am 26 and a mother of 2 small boys and am very scared. Please help! Thanks!!!

    • ANSWER:

    Lesion in spleen, possibly cyst,1 in liver and large complex cyst on overy from ct. what does all this mean?
    I had a ct done and the results say I have a small lesion possibly a cyst in my spleen and in my liver but the most bothersome is the large complex cyst on my overy. I have been in MAJOR pain, fever, vommiting and have had blood in my urine for 2 months now. I have an apt ue with the obg but am just worried.

    • ANSWER:

    how do u get a cyst on the liver and what causes it?

    • ANSWER:
      Check out this article for extensive and detailed info on hepatic cysts.

    went to er and they found a cyst on my liver, Should i be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      Cysts can be fluid filled, complex (having something other
      than fluid inside of them), or cancerous (rarely).

      Many people have cysts. The doctor will normally just
      watch this cyst by doing ultrasounds or Ct scans.
      If the cyst enlarges too much in size, then they may
      have to go in and remove the wall of the cyst, so the
      fluid will drain out and be absorbed by the body.
      This is because a cyst that is too large can damage
      the cells around them. They do not usually use a
      needle to remove the fluid because the hole can
      heal up and fill back up with the fluid.

      I hope this is of some help to you.
      Best wishes

    Has anyone been diagnosed with a mass or cyst in your liver?
    I had an mri from my neck down to knees and I never heard much back from it. I went to another doc for another problem. Se was on the computer so I asked if she could run off the report from the mri for me. Well, she started looking at it and said well there are many things but, then she said I think you need to contact your reg internest / family dr as I see a notation that you have a very large mass / cyst on your liver and it needs to be CT’d /determined. She could not give anymore info. I have heard people having a form of cancer with masses on their liver or kidney? Has anyone had this happen to them or someone they know? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not sure why the Dr that ordered the MRI would not talk to you about the cyst/mass they found on the MRI or give you a copy of the radiologist’s summary. You have a right to a copy of the summary of findings from the MRI.

      Liver cysts are relatively common and are usually benign. Hopefully that is what you have going on. Here is an article where you can read up on the subject. Unless you are having symptoms of liver cancer (unexplained weight loss and fevers) I would not worry too much until you get a chance to speak to your family Dr. There is a good chance you have a benign liver cyst and that nothing bad will come from this.
      good luck

    pancreatic cyst or metastatic pancreatic cancer?
    Can you get pancreatic cysts and spots on the liver? or is this an indication of stage 4 metastatic pancreatic cancer? Or are cysts and liver spots a common thing?

    • ANSWER:
      You can develop cysts anywhere in your body. They are only fluid filled sacs and are not cancer. Liver spots, show on the skin but I know what you’re saying. Usually if they find bumps on the liver, it’s an indication of cirrhosis of the liver, brought on either by heavy alcohol use, drugs use etc. Neither is an indication of pancreatic cancer nor liver cancer. I wouldn’t call cysts or bumps or spots on the liver common. It’s can be a warning sign that something is wrong so get it looked at, but it’s definitely not a sign that cancer especially stage 4, is there. These cancers have better ways of manifesting themselves. For pancreatic cancer, sadly, when this one is found, it’s usually in the late stages because that’s when patients will start to feel it. Unless regular testing is done to check for pancreatic cancer, it’s usually to late. Blessings..

    Can liver cysts grow at a rate of 1cm in a little over a month?
    I have growth on my liver and it is growing. In March 2009 it was 7mm and they thought it was a cyst. In November 2009 it was 2cm (20mm) and one hospital thought it was a tumor. Between November and January it is now 3cm(30mm). It was presented at a tumor board meeting and the board seems to think it could be a cyst rather than a tumor. I went to another doctor to discuss having a colonoscopy done again and he says cysts don’t grow that fast.
    Does anyone have any experiences with liver cysts and/or has anyone had any experiences with cysts or tumors they can share?
    I am going in next week for a biopsy and am going to tell my doctor I just want it out to prevent any seeding from an FNA. My colon doctor agrees that if it’s growing like it is, just take the damn thing out, why even chance seeding if it needs to come out anyway?
    thank yo y

    • ANSWER:
      Cysts are either fluid filled (a portion of the cyst
      can be removed so that the contents will drain),
      complex (where there is something else in the cysts
      that has to be determined what it is), or
      cancerous. Is the cyst on the liver or in the inside of
      the liver? Cysts that enlarge in size can damage the
      liver cells around it.

      If this is cancerous…if the tumor is only in one part
      of the liver..they may try to remove the area that
      it is in. However, if the cancer is in more than
      one area, if it has gone to other organs, or if
      it has come from another organ…then it becomes
      more difficult to treat and the prognosis isn’t as
      good. If it is cancer and it is just in the liver…the
      patient can be evaluated for placement on the
      transplant list. If it isn’t, then this option is not

      The biopsy should tell them exactly what they
      are dealing with. If this should be cancer,
      they have certain things that they can do to
      try and stop the cancer and shrink the growth
      of it:





      MICROWAVE Microwave destroy cancer tumors of the liver

      SIR-SPHERES: Selective Internal Radiation Therapy:
      A non surgical therapy that uses radioactive microspheres to deliver radiation directly to the site of the liver tumors. It gives
      up to 40 times more radiation to the liver tumors than conventional radiotherapy. Theraspheres which uses microscopic glass beads
      to deliver radiation to the liver tumors. It shrinks the cancer but is not a cure…it is usually used combined with chemotherapy.

      I hoping that this is just a fluid filled cyst. If not, this
      informations may be of value to you. Best wishes.

    There is a Cyst on my liver?
    What can I do? We are in the process of researching it with the doctors. Had a CT scan yesterday. I may have had it since I was born 45 years ago. But they suspect it of causing severe abdominal pain that we though was in the stomach or digestive tract. It isn’t, but it feels like it. I haven’t had the pain for 18 years and then BLAM. Last year I had an attack and again yesterday. Got to find out what it was like to ride in an abulance though. I also feel like a used pin cushion.
    Just found out the ct scan also indicated a tiny kidney stone. They are now thinking that was the cause of the pain instead of the liver thingy. I’m going to drink a large glass of water now.

    • ANSWER:
      Since liver cysts are normally benign, treatment is generally not indicated. However, in some cases it is necessary to treat the underlying cause. Other diseases can sometimes look like liver cysts, so it is necessary to get a CT Scan & have a biopsy done if needed in order to rule out more problematic diseases.

      A biopsy can be performed and/or a sample of the cyst’s fluid can be removed for analysis. Liver cysts can be surgically removed if they create problems or discomfort. Since your cyst has grown large enough to cause you pain, the doctor will most likely opt for one of the above solutions.

      The exact cause of simple liver cysts is unknown. Some experts say they may be present at birth, while others speculate that certain other conditions could be the cause:

      Caroli’s disease – associated with recurrent bacterial inflammation of the bile duct, stone formation, and dilatation of the intrahepatic bile ducts

      Congenital (at birth) hepatic fibrosis – a rare hereditary disorder characterized by scar tissue with irregularly shaped bile ducts, and associated with an impairment of renal functions

      Choledochal cysts – congenital (at birth) abnormalities of the bile ducts

      In very rare cases, liver cysts may indicate a serious, underlying condition such as polycystic liver disease (an inherited disorder associated with multiple cysts of varying size), echinococcosis (parasitic infection), or liver cancer.

      Glad this was caught. It’s usually a very easy to treat condition. You will feel much better after the cyst is removed or drained. Hope this helps. Good luck!

    I have a cyst the size of a softball on my liver?
    what should i do? when the doctor found it he acted very concerned but said come back in 6 months and we will look at it again. should i go to another doctor and see what he thinks? im just scared it could be cancerous.

    • ANSWER:
      that would be cause for a second opinion

    What is hypoechoic density in liver?
    I recently went to the emergency room for pain in both my lower right pelvic area and right abdominal. I also had lower back pain. The pain even went down into my right thigh at times. I also had a little discomfort on my left abdomen. They did a CT scan and found that I had a cyst on my right ovary and that was probably the reason for the pain. They said that sometimes after ovulation a cyst doesn’t go away. But they also told me I had a cyst in my kidney and one in my liver. I followed up with my doctor and was sent for both pelvic and abdominal ultrasounds. Now with those results, I have now been told that I have to see my gynecologist for the ovarian cyst, a urologist for the kidney cyst and a GI specialist for the liver cyst. They also told me that I had a Hypoechoic Density in my liver.

    The doctor at the emergency room told me that these cysts (kidney & liver) were common and not usually found until they scan for something else. Everything I have read so far supports that. But it’s still all a bit scary. Would the density be the cyst or a region of the liver? Also, my sister had ovarian cancer and hepatitis. She is fine now. My mother’s history in that area is unclear. Any thoughts? I have not see the specialists yet.

    • ANSWER:

    Enlarged liver – what does this mean?
    Before I begin my little story here’s some info about me
    22 y/o female, moderate drinker on the weekends, diagnosed as hypoglycemic at 17 (no explanation as to why), meds: birth control and paxil, 20 mg

    On Wednesday I was admitted to the ER with severe stomach cramps. The cramps were worse on Tuesday night but I promised my bf I’d get it checked out the next day if I still felt crampy. Long story short, the nurses at my college didn’t think it was anything severe but the pain in my lower right abdominal area couldn’t be ignored. They wanted to make sure I didn’t have appendicits. A CT scan of my abdomen showed a possible liver cyst, so they sent me in for a ultrasound to check it out. That turned up a small cyst on my right kidney (not surprising since I had nasty recurrent UTIs) and a slightly enlarged right lobe of my liver (normal = 15-17 cm, mine = 18.6 cm).
    My questions for any medical professionals out there is … what in the world does this mean? I have a follow up with a physician at my school for some bloodwork. My original bloodwork at the ER turned up normal, although my urinalysis showed some ketones (80). The kidney cyst should clear up but I have no idea what would cause a slightly enlarged liver (although I’ve heard Paxil can be deterimental). Any ideas??
    Also, my stomach pain has cleared up and I have no other symptoms (no swelling, fever, jaundice, etc).

    • ANSWER:
      kidney problems from diabetes? Avoid sugar. get the a1c test.

    Right abdominal pain, CT scan and ultrasound on liver and everything else.?
    Woke up one morning with severe right abdominal pain below the rib cage. okay maybe I pulled something. 17 days later still dull aching pain there but very severe when I cough or sneeze. Otherwise its so to speak “there” throughout the day. I go in to the Dr. and tell him my symptoms. He goes through the routine examine, pushes here pushes there. I get blood drawn and urine sample. Calls me back later I have blood urine and liver enzymes are a bit high. Schedules me for Ct scan. Scan comes back normal. Schedules me for a ultra sound and some nuclear dye for my gallbladder to make it do funny things. I deny that but okay with the ultrasound. Go to ultrasound. Ultrasound tech opens mouth and tells me I have a liver cyst. I say uhmmmm ok? Later the Dr’s nurse calls me back and tells me looks like ultrasound came back great and asks me “are you still in pain?” I tell her yes. So I ask her thats it nothing else? Nothing found? She says no. So I decide to tell her about liver cyst found on ultra sound? She says she does’nt know anything about that and will consult with the DR. Well after reading on the internet cause Im curious I see that people do get them and 95% of paitents do not experience pain. But 5% do and it needs to be addressed. Well here I am still in pain since June 26. If I strain like having a bowel movement, sneeze, cough or even bend a certain messed up way it hurts. Anyone heard of this? Is this why I had a blood in my urine? Do they bleed? Im kinda dissapointed in my Dr that they wouldnt relay the info that was found and I had to open my mouth up about the tech showing me the cyst. I dont know what to do I feel kinda helpless here. Waiting on Md to call me monday.

    • ANSWER:
      When a cyst is found in an individual, that person should submit themself to medical testing to rule out any serious diseases or conditions that may be the root cause. Hepatic cysts are symptoms of a variety of serious diseases that can lead to renal failure.

      Read more: Causes of Liver Cysts |

      They can also be caused by parasite larvae.

    Manageing Multiple liver cysts?
    i have been diagnosed with multiple liver cysts which are causing immense pain. the surgeon doesntnwant to operate because he says they may return again(some are very large in size). The pain management consultant has me on morphine which neither relieves the pain and makes me very ill. I am on the verge of loosing my job because of the amount of sick leave i have. PLEASE HELP. Some days i cant move at all because of the pain. I am desperate

    • ANSWER:
      You should be with a gastroenterologist or hepatotologist.

      Liver cysts can be three things: fluid filled, complex (meaning
      they have another substance in them, or cancer.

      Normally, liver cysts are watched to see how much they
      enlarge in size…if the doctor think it is one of the first two things
      I mentioned. If they become too large, they can damage the
      cells around them. If this takes place, the immune system of
      the body will respond to the damage and cause
      inflammation inside the liver which causes the liver to enlarge
      in size. When this is done, the doctor has an option to remove
      the cysts. However, it is a surgery. The doctor has to go in
      and take out the wall of the cyst, not just a puncture of it so
      the fluid will drain. Removing the wall helps prevent the cyst
      from healing and filling with fluid once again. Considering
      you have multiple cysts…only the largest ones would probably
      be removed and others there would be left to grow larger.
      It depends on where the cysts are located.

      I would get a second opinion. I would request a copy of
      any ultrasound, Ct scan, etc to take to another doctor. The
      pain you are having has to be addressed.

      Best wishes to you…hope this is of some help.

    cyst or mass found on interior vena cava, also possible lesion on liver any clue on what this is?
    my 27 year old sister had an endoscopy and they found a cyst or mass on her IVC (interior vena cava) vein that is bilobal and a possible scalloping lesion on her liver. Anyone know what this means? She is a non drinker and smoker and has had 2 children if that helps any.

    • ANSWER:
      Well the fact that there is a mass on her IVC is not a good thing. It could be an aneurysm, it could be calcification. An MRI/CT Scan will be more definitive. The fact that there’s a lesion on her liver could mean that it’s cancer and has already started to spread or it could be nothing. She really needs to have that looked further into.

    I have a friend with a cyst located on lung,liver & spleen.Do we know what would cause this?
    She has been in the hospital for about a week with no answers.They have not performed an autopsy which really confuses me.They do have her on antibiotics.Just trying to find out what is really going on.She has a problem with lying but she has been a friend for a long time.We as friends need to know if it is serious or just happens to be cysts that can be taking care of by antibiotics and she is making more of it than it is for the sympathy part of it.If you knew her you would know what I meant.we have accepted her for who she is but we are worried about her and need to know.Is it possible a std is the cause of the cyst.
    No.She does not have cancer if she did it would not stop her from telling us.She is the type that looks for the attention and makes it worse than it is.Not to be mean but it is a part of her that you wouldn’t understand unless you’ve known her for 12 years like we have.She had a bad child hood and is sadly a pathalogical liar.It would be something she is somewhat ashamed of but doesn’t realize us as friends would understand and help her with.(example of lies is she told a guy she owned a house and would sell it to buy him a house.Which by the way she rents the house with our other friend who is also concerned by the way the guy found out she lied and was destroyed because he thought his life was improving for the better)

    • ANSWER:
      Well any Good Homeopathic physician can help him recover from that.The most sure fire way of curing such ailments is Homeopathy(Smart Medicine).
      Please feel free to email me I will help as far as I can in Homeopathic Medicines !

    liver cysts?
    does anyone have info on multiple cysts on the liver? cat scan showed them to be filled with clear stuff.

    • ANSWER:
      My girlfriend had this …she cleaned jewelry at her work. I guess the stuff they used to clean , was toxic and absorbed in her skin causing damage to her liver. She is slowly recovering and has to watch what she takes(medication) and no alcohol.

    During the CT scan for ovarian cyst, they found my liver to be slightly enlarged.?
    I need your help; I have not told the doctors this yet, but I have been on prescription Adderal XL, 10mg, Wellbrutrin SR 100mg, and Paxil, 5mg. Here’s the worst part: I’ve been drinking at least 3 glasses of wine every night for a long time. I know I have to quit all this shit, but I don’t even know how. I lied to my psychiatrist about my alcohol consumption, or she would have never prescribed these meds for my ADD and depression. What can I do? I am scared to death. Can I just stop all this stuff cold turkey?

    • ANSWER:
      An enlarged liver is a sign of early liver damage. You need to see a gastroenterologist and tell him the whole truth. The liver damage is caused by those 3+ glasses of wine every night for a long time. The drugs didn’t cause it, but they didn’t help either. You need to quit drinking.

      You also need to have an honest talk with your psychiatrist. Whatever you do, don’t stop the medications cold turkey. You could have some very bad adverse effects. Talk to the psychiatrist before you stop any of the medications, but please, no more drinking until you talk to her. I would also advise you to do some online research regarding cirrhosis. You are right to be scared.

    Liver Cysts, Cancer, and Tylenol?
    Just out of pure curiosity:

    It’s obvious Tylenol can cause liver damage, due to the fact it has acetaminophen. However, can long term (but not overdose amounts) use (and I mean 40 years and such) of the medication, especially on a frequent basis for ailments such as severe migraines, pain, etc cause liver CYSTS or CANCER. Quite clearly, it can cause liver DAMAGE, but specifically, what does that damage encompass?

    As well, can cysts be a warning sign of liver trouble, and possible liver cancer in the future?

    • ANSWER:
      If one has to take acetaminophen for long term say 40 years , he should also prepare his mind to handle such a case
      Also ,for migraine ,one need not depend on that for 40 years, you can also try to adopt the alternative methods to reduce the frequency of migraine ,thus you can reduce the dose of medicine

    What are my liver cysts from?. Prognosis?
    I am a 52 year old male recently diagnosed with Bacterimia /Septicemia. After 8 days in the hospital I was released and I am still taking Cipro and Flagel. During my stay in the hospital I received a triple thoracic CT scan a Gallium scan. It was determined that I have over 100 small cysts spread through out my liver and a small polyp in my bile duct. They also mentioned an abcsess in the Liver lateral to the gallbladder and “uptake” into both lungs. There was no mention or concern of cysts in the Kidneys or any where else. The diagnosis at that time was that the cysts resulted from the infection. After a months treatment of antibiotics I had a MRI of the Liver. The Liver MRI shows no sign of change in the number of cysts or size. My doctors now believe that the cysts were not caused by my infection and another pathology may be present.

    I am going to see my doctor for more consultations and lots more tests but it will be almost two weeks before I get the results from the next round of tests. I know that they want to look at my entire gastrointestinal tract. Recent colonoscopy and endoscopy showed no problems I have a slightly enlarged prostate and three cases of prostatitus in the last 7 years.

    What I would like to know is what tests may be indicated and what possible diagnoses and treatments I may expect. I know I can’t be diagnosed on line but want to prepare myself for whatever is coming.

    Please help.
    Thanks for your time..
    Blood tests for my liver are normal. Parasitic infections have been ruled out.
    Thank you for your answer. Shortly after I got your answer I received an MRI report that has the same diagnosis on it. If you are willing I would love to communicate with you to get a better idea of what I could expect and what resources are available. May God bless you and the person under your care.

    • ANSWER:
      You have a polycystic liver. Poly means many.
      Cysts can be fluid filled or complex. Fluid
      filled doesn’t usually cause a problem…the
      complex ones can mean they have particules
      in them or even, rarely, cancer.

      It is good that they are not increasing in size.
      If they do start to increase, they could cause
      damage to the surrounding cells in the liver.
      If this takes place, it would be best to
      discuss with the doctor about being
      evaluated for placement on the transplant
      The abscess in the liver can be drained by
      placing a tubing that comes from the abscess
      to the outside skin and then to a bag, on the
      outside of the body, to collect the contents.

      It would be very important to notify the
      doctor immediately if you develop even
      a mind fever.

      If the cells become damaged in the liver,
      the immune system will respond to this
      and cause inflammation to develop inside
      the liver, also. This usually causes the
      liver to enlarge in size. An ultrasound or
      Ct scan would show this enlargement.

      I do know that people can inherit polycystic
      kidney disease, but I’m not sure about
      the liver having this. You may want to
      talk to others in your family about whether
      they had liver problems of any sort.

      They sometimes do a liver biopsy in
      people who have cell damage…but I’m
      not sure they would do it to someone that
      has cysts there or not…I think more likely

      Wish I could be of more help…this is
      about all I can give you on this.
      Best wishes

    Liver cysts cancerous?
    My mum has been told she had several cysts on her liver, she is waiting for scan results and someone who is qualified to tell her what the situation is, but she said judging by the severity of the doctors faces and the time spend being scanned she knows there’s something wrong.
    I was just wondering, do cysts mean cancer?

    she’s recently just been diagnosed in remission from breast cancer, and had a breast reconstruction using skin from her stomach.
    could the cysts be cancerous as a result of already having cancer ? (if that makes sense) or could be an infection, as she did have complications ?

    she cant feel her stomach at all, so whether there is pain there or not, she wouldn’t know, though she says when she lays down it feels like something is in there moving, and she also has quite a sold lump on the side of her stomach which doesnt feels a bit like a muscle popping out but it isnt’t.

    i was just wondering if you or any family members or friends have experiences something similar, or experience liver cysts, if you could tell her what happened and if you know the liklihood of what it could be

    as i just want to be prepared for the worst.

    thanks very much

    • ANSWER:
      Cysts do not normally represent cancer. They are only fluid filled sacs. Yes, they will cause pain because like everything else that doesn’t belong in these spaces, they grow, put pressure on the organ or whatever area they’re in and cause pain. On the whole, if these are only cysts, they are not cancerous. Breast cancer can certainly show up somewhere else down the line, but that usually happens if not caught in time or it began to metastasize, (spread) before the Oncologist knew it. Don’t worry, until all tests are in there doesn’t seem to be any worry and by the way, all doctors have that “look” on their faces when they don’t know for sure what it is. That’s why more tests are being ordered. Hope your mom does well. God bless

    I have gained 60 pounds in past 10 months. I am eating less than ever and exercising. What can be wrong?
    I have stretch marks. Doctor tested for Cushings prior to my developing these stretch marks and said it was negative. I also have upper right abdominal pain. I had ct scans which showed pouch in kidney, cyst on liver, and cysts in ovaries. I am barely eating anything but look like I am. Strangers ask me all the time when I am due. Please help.

    • ANSWER:

    Why do you get sick every year?
    What’s going on with you?! Every year, you get sick from a different disease! Couple years ago, you had liver cysts. And now this! Unbelievable!

    • ANSWER:
      Says who?

      I’m rarely sick. I think you have me confused with somebody else! ;)